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Will Porsche Get New Sweat Pants In her Basket?

porsche won the hohAs you can see from the key around her neck, Porsche won the HoH and the biggest question is, will she be asking for new sweat pants in her basket?

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It’s a huge win for the sweat pants alliance tonight, and bad news for Rachel and Jordan who will likely be on the block together very soon.

How are they taking it?

So seriously, is Porsche being the sneaky best player in the house this season?  Cruised as a floater until the jury time now dominating with intelligence and competitions.  She is playing the game Daniele should have been playing, considering both had the golden keys.


The funny part, Adam is now finally a ‘newbie’ again.   The guy is super king floater.

9:42 BBT – Porsche and Adam did a chest bump, I’m surprised he didn’t get bounced back on his ass.

9:49 BBT – Rachel and Jordan are packing up Jeff’s stuff.  I was wondering how they were going to get that out.

It’s been a long day blogging, I’m going to hit the sack, I’ll post any juicy info tomorrow if anything happens overnight.  It should be interesting to see if Rachel/Jordan go up to see the HoH room.

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  1. Comments (7)

    I wanna punch Kalia in the back of her neck…. I miss Jeff in the house already! At least we know Porsche is good at one thing, moving a ball down an S shape piece of wood, that will get her far in life…. and Shelly, she has the worse smokers voice ever, and she walks like a dude… and Adam is a wuss… he has NO game…Zing!

  2. Comments (3)

    Shelly needs to be the next one to go has she has no class. Rachael shows more class then her. Shelly’s family should be ashamed of her and you need to go. You only go to the side of the house that is in the gravy seat. What a floater, at least Adam stays true to his friends in the house. see you later Shelly……

  3. Comments (216)

    If it comes down to Shelly, Kalia, Porsche, and Adam, I’m taking up reading. Or watching paint dry. As it is, I walked past a news rack today and was tempted to pick up the Economist.

    Big Brother really needs to mess with the format because the current formula, which pushes the “stars” out early and helps the floaters make it to the end, can’t be good for end-of-season ratings. Maybe they just assume people are too hooked by that point to quit. And maybe the numbers bear that out (I’m guessing the execs at CBS had looked at a bar graph or two). But I’m not watching next season. What’s the point?

  4. Comments (65)

    was not a fan of Shelly at all – UNTIL she helped get rid of Jeff – sorry first commentator , but Jeff needed to go – America’s sweethearts became nightmares with a huge sense of entitlement and destiny that everyone was there to assist in their winning – while he girlfriend cutely just sat there and did nothing. If anyone I do not have respect for it is Adam – he is the worst with no clue except to literally float back and forth. Go Kalia and Porcsche ! they deserve it

    • Comments (63)

      right on mike. jeff was a bully and jordan is dumb as a box of rocks. rachel is the poster child of poor sportsmanship and mental illness. adam has been jeff’s punk bitch so long he might as well move from new jersey. dani play a strong game alone for the most part taking risks and gettingher hands dirty. shelly has done well at feeding intel to the vets while keeping the newbies on her side then struck with tactical perscision to get jeff out. now the house is truely on a level playing ground with no more duos. porsche may have been doing the ali ropa dope until this week. good move.

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