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Nicole is already sulking over Corey being gone

Post Eviction Feeds

Nicole is already sulking over Corey being gone
Nicole is already sulking over Corey being gone

I am going to say it now, if Big Brother does not have a side feed option for the jury house in the future, they’re doing themselves an injustice. While I know the jury house is probably boring 99% of the time, I’d still rather sit there and watch Michelle paint a SNicole (snake Nicole) than listen to the same conversations by the same 3-4 people.  The jury was electric tonight. Da’Vonne calling Paulie short, so he takes a shot at her parenting, she freaks out and knocks Bridgette out of the way to get in his face. Gold.  Then the fight switches to Da’ and Z with people you thought you were forgotten houseguests (poor Glenn) stepping in to break them up. The only thing missing was for Michelle to come out of nowhere and elbow drop Paulie in the back.


But… here we are. No jury house. Just watching Nicole, Paul, and James talk.  Worst part of the season.  They need to go from the final 6 to a winner in a week.

There is probably going to be a competition tonight.  I am not sure if we’ll be able to actually watch it on the feeds, but I’ll keep them running just to see. If the HoH comp does play out live, I will be sure to tweet it out, so be sure your’e following me

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  • 6:30pm – The three are sitting around talking about being in the final 3.
  • 7:00pm – James is going to try to get a quick nap.  I am going to go watch American Horror Story
  • 8:15pm – Back from the show. Nothing yet about the HoH competition.  I wonder if they’re having it at all tonight. They need to do it soon if they’re going to air nominations on Friday night
    • As far as AHS, midway through I was expecting an ad for the Blair Witch to pop up.
  • 8:25pm – Feeds are back to Jeff loops, perhaps the HoH comp is going on.  We’ll see in 10-20 minutes if it will actually air on the feeds
  • 8:50pm – Feeds still down. Looks like we won’t be seeing the comp play out.  Either way, we should get to find out who won round 1 in a few hours.
  • 9:50pm – Still going….
  • 10:35pm – Zzzzzzz
  • 10:40pm – Round 1 is over…
    • nicole-hohround1
    • Nicole is a hot mess, meanwhile, Paul is shadowboxing in the living room
    • paul-boxing
    • Paul won round 1 – He is guaranteed to face James or Nicole in the final competition next Wednesday night!
    • Seeing as James is terrible in comps, we are almost guaranteed to see Nicole vs Paul next Wed night.  Who can win that comp is anyone’s guess because they’re both smart

And that’s it for me tonight. They are cleaning up and will eat, then do nothing until the next comp (Friday?). Congrats to Paul for the big round 1 win. It doesn’t guarantee him final 2, but it gives him a 50/50 chance at it now (unless James pulls off a miracle win in round 2, then Paul’s chances shoot up dramatically)


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  1. Avatar

    He should have evicted Nicole…she is smarter and can win an endurance comp over Corey.

  2. Avatar

    Soooo agree!!! Even if it is just 1/2 hour after show on tv or just a feed, CBS is crazy for not showing more Jury..of course, they would probably have to pay more to the jury house members and that might be a reason they don’t show more

  3. g8trgrl4life

    I think after it comes down to the final 3 they should focus on both the BB house and the jury house. So much more interesting.

    • Mell

      That would be so much better! They would also be showing where more people are anyway. I would like to see the shifting of views over time with people. I really wish some after dark time would cover it at least.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Hell, why wait for Final 3? Seems like by the time we got down to the Final 5 or 6 things were much more interesting in the Jury House than the BB House. I concur with Steve that it’s surprising after all these years that BB hasn’t taken advantage of the gold mine they have in the Jury.

      • caRyn

        I can understand why they wouldn’t (as I believe it was Colby that mentioned before on another update) with the cost of the cameras and crew. I was thinking maybe the jury house could have DR sessions (possibly on live feeds) as an option. Then it would be one camera and a camera person. I love DR sessions and it would give us an insight on the day to day thoughts of the jury members.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s a great idea @caryn, I’d be very happy with anything at this point. In the words of Day, I feel like we’re missing out on all kinds of “tea” lol.

      • caRyn

        Yes! And it would be cool to hear as each evicted hg joins the jury how the jury hg thoughts change as they hear new/additional information.

  4. Helen

    Funny. James was talking about the last season when Steve won and when he was describing Steve’s jury speech and Liz is sounded almost identical to his gameplay this season…lol. Steve won

  5. Avatar

    Paulie enjoys pushing people till they break. It creeps me out watching how excited he gets in those situations. I hope Meech directs all her bitchy comments his way tonight.

    • caRyn

      Michelle did – She told Paulie to cook the burgers.
      When Michelle was on the couch and Da’Vonne replied to Paulie, Michelle was sitting there nodding her head up and down in agreeance with Da’Vonne.

      • Mell

        She got it going too I think. She’s the one who made the comment about him not using the veto on Z that started it all. She needs to use her venom for good instead of evil so good for her.

    • Painter1

      Paulie is just a PUNK !!!! gets off all big in front of women his short butt would be on the floor if he talked to a girl like that in front of me. Being a bouncer for four years you see all types and these Napoleon complex type are always the worst, got to show everybody up like a Chihuahua vs a Great Dane.

      • caRyn

        Now that you say you were a bouncer the thought of Paulie drinking entered my head. Would drinking calm him down or would he want to fight? He is a DJ and is around that crowd. His temper is bad enough sober.

      • Jannie

        Speaking of drinking…
        Am I the only one who missed them not having a bottle of wine or a few beers?
        Didn’t have bbad this year…did they ever give them any alcoholic beverages this season?
        And no smokers outside on the couch, that place was usually good for conversation, but not this year.

        I miss the booze and cigarette house guests.

      • Mell

        They got alcohol but not as often as usual. No one smoked this year. Also, great question Caryn. I wonder if he’s alot worse drinking.

      • Colby

        They did a few times but not very often.
        Remember the whole blow up about Z taking and hiding a bottle of wine and Frank (I think) snapping at Tiff over her saying he just counted wrong when he brought them out of the SR.
        I can’t remember who, but one of them did smoke early on, but I guess not much. I think it was Paul, and Frank would occasionally smoke with him.
        Does anyone else remember?

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ryn: Like I said before, standing in an alley playing a radio real loud, does NOT make you a DJ 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Jannie: They gave the F3 a bottle of champagne at the end of the show tonight.

      • Jenny M

        hey now!! Don’t go insulting Chihuahuas!

      • caRyn

        NkogNeeTow – In an alley playing for rats. Omg. How funny.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Kay: I was SO hoping Meech would jump in. She would have really riled TGF up. She would have cried afterward, but she would have shaken him a bit with her nasty sarcasm. Oh well, at least we got to see him get jumped on by a “girl”!

    • Avatar

      What about DA. Her jealousy because Z is still kicking with Paulie is just ridiculous. Her sassy attitude towards him is crazy in deed, getting all loud and offensive, physically getting up and all up in his space, after she moved Bridgette and sat next to him. She is strong and opinionated and so is he, but how is that Paulie is the one who pushes buttons and is such an evil guy? Bridgette can’t stand Paulie and she expresses her opinion without getting up in his space and hating on anybody else who isn’t on board the Crap on Paulie express?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trust me, NOBODY is jealous of Z. She’s such a idiot. Every time I see her, I think of Mr.T….”I pity the fool…”

      • Jenny M

        I was glad to see Da admitting she was disappointed in herself for blowing up like that. We all agree Paulie’s a gigantic a-hole but Da escalated it by getting in his face. I like her but not her temper.

      • caRyn

        Paulie gets off on it. Da’Vonne has regrets afterwards but Paulie does not have regrets and he seeks for the next opportunity to poke the bear – any bear. He has bad intent with wanting to initiate. And Paulie will has no limits. Point, blank and the period.

      • Avatar

        I most certainly would’ve jumped up in that assholes face for bringing my child into that situation. I guess my temper is a hell of a lot over the top than Da’s cause I would’ve went in swinging on his ass. Paul is a sorry excuse for a man, he made Z’s stupid ass look like a major fool on national tv, talked about her like a $2 whore & she just let him. Him talked down to her like she was a child, chastised her & obviously didnt give a fat rats ass about her. Z has serious low self esteem problem & is desperate for a man no matter how shitty her treats her. Paulie is gonna run quick fast & in a hurry as far away from Z as soon as the show is over leaving her looking like the FOOL that she is. What an example for a teacher to set for her students.

      • Avatar

        I agree with your assessment. Davonne really isn’t being a good example for her daughter either. She starts crap, talks about people, and being loud is not a good look for anyone. Calling Paulie short was uncalled for, and you think he was wrong for lashing back at her? Hardly. She’s in the right house because had that been me, and she kept at me like she does Paulie, she would have been slapped a long time ago. It’s okay not to like a person, but she just keeps digging and digging with insults towards him for no reason. And let’s not forget how she wants everyone to believe what a good “Christian” she is, not a good representation for them either Davonne.

      • Avatar

        Day only got up in his face when he talked about her daughter. You don’t stoop to talking about anyone’s kids because you are losing an argument. Paulie is a punk and thought he was big and bad because he was in a house full of women and thought he could talk to a woman any kind of way and they would go off crying. He got lucky that production came in when they did. I would have laid his butt out. He is a true punk.

      • Avatar

        Wow, does Z know what Paulie said about her?? I am embarrassed for her

  6. Mell

    Paulie made a point to say the reason he was surprised to see Natalie was because she was a “non threat.” That non threat played the largest role other than Victor in getting him evicted. He will never acknowledge that women beat him. Michelle, Natalie and Bridgette were his downfall. Vic was the tool that was used to get him otb because his fall began when Z was evicted. Once they got James on board, then they separately got Paul too. Vic was still going to nom 2 girls but Paul got him to go after Paulie and keep the momentum going after Z left and the DE. A big part of Paul and Vic doing that was Natalie and Michelle reassuring them that it was the right move. James was there but well, he was pretty much, just there.

  7. Colby

    Wait! What?
    Did you just say the people in the other room were past players, not BB crew? And it was Glen that pulled her away from Paulie?
    If so, I completely missed that.
    I’m going to have to go watch it again.

  8. Avatar

    Did anybody else notice Nicole when wink at James and grin when it was eviction time. She already knew she wasn’t going home.
    I want to know what an earlier comment was about Glenn stepping in during the fight at the jury house too. I didn’t see Glenn. I just erased tonight’s episode, Dang it. Wish I’d waited a little while.
    OT, I’m house/dog sitting for my nephew and his wife. The air went out yesterday. I’m dying here!! At the moment it’s 20° cooler outside than inside the house. My nephew is frantically trying to find someone who can come work on the air. The outside unit comes on but NO FAN inside kicks in. Not sure how long I can handle this. Those of you who know me know I’m not in good health, have heart problems, lung problems. Just wish it would rain to cool things off.

    • Mell

      Franko, The earlier comment is the only place I’ve seen that about Glen. I have no idea either. I missed that wink with Nicole to James. Hang in there with the air cond. This sounds stupid but if you dampen a dish towel or hand towel in really cold water, it can help a little by putting it around your neck area. My grandma used to say sitting with your feet in cold water cooled you off faster too. Anything to get by till its fixed.

      • Colby

        Steve said:
        ‘Then the fight switches to Da’ and Z with people you thought you were forgotten houseguests (poor Glenn) stepping in to break them up.’
        Did I interpret that wrong?

      • Jannie

        “Then the fight switches to Da’ and Z with people you thought you were forgotten houseguests (poor Glenn) stepping in to break them up. The only thing missing was for Michelle to come out of nowhere and elbow drop Paulie in the back.”

        Ok, everyone, no Glenn in the house. Settle down. Read it a few times, pretty sure he is referring to Glenn as the best example of a forgotten houseguest. And then the other jurors getting extra airtime because they were getting between Day and Paulie.

        That’s the way I interpreted it…I have it on DVR, will watch that part again..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Your assessment was right Jannie. That’s the way I understood it too….forgotten Glenn…

    • Colby

      Franko, if it’s cooler outside open the windows to get a cross breeze going, at least until you go to bed.

      • Avatar

        I’ve got windows open and the only fan they have in front of one of them. I’m out in the country outside Memphis and it’s very safe to leave the windows open all night. If they had screen doors, I’d leave them open. The dog would wake me if anybody even came down their long driveway. He barks at every sound outside. This is a very safe area. I’m just hoping to be able to sleep tonight.

      • Jenny M

        Franko – hope by now you are cooled off, but if not, is there a Motel 6 or other motel nearby that allows pets? Super 8 and Quality Inn are also possibilities!

    • Colby

      Paul told them last night that Corey was going home, so yes, both he and Nicloe knew.

      • caRyn

        Paul did tell Nicole and Corey. Paul told Nicole (one on one) first and then Paul told Corey (one on one) just minutes later and Paul explained his decision. Paul felt Corey is his bigger threat.

    • Avatar

      Sending you some cooler Seattle air. Wish I could! Buy Dr. Bonners pure peppermint oil soap.. the liquid kind. You can either look at Target I’ve seen it there, and if you have a Trader Joe’s they have it as well. Take a tepid shower, use it, it works great

      Feel better!!

  9. Avatar

    Idk…But the Argument between Paulie & Day looked Scripted, Phony & Fake to me…

  10. Avatar

    I purposely did not read the spoilers tonight because I wanted to watch it. Just now watching some Corey evicted here in Seattle.

    I have not read all the other comments but I’m curious, does anybody feel he should be evicted Nicole instead of Corey?

  11. Jannie

    In the end, I think Corey was stronger. I was shocked by how good he was in the baseball “days” comp. He may actually be smart and just have an incredibly dull personality.
    And I think there is a comp coming up where they have to guess what their fellow HG’s said. Corey played a better social game, he might be good at that.

    • Mell

      It’s always a guess with jury but assuming he’s in final 2, I think James will lose to Corey by a wider margin than against Nicole. I don’t think he’s as worried about comps as Paul is because James probably wants to be taken and not the one doing the picking. I do wish I could tell what Paul is planning. He’s good and convincing in both conversations with James or Nicole. I honestly donet have a guess who he really want at 2 with him.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mell, I was hoping that Paul was just telling her that to string her along, then at the last minute, pick James for F2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it. I don’t want that girl anywhere near any kind of money. And before the Nurse RATchet lovers come after me….I don’t care if she played a good game or not. I like who I like and I DON’T LIKE HER!!!

        Speaking of Nurse RATchet lovers, anyone seen Trudy lately? Haven’t seen hide nor hair from her since she tried to brow beat us into believing Knickers Knick was a “decent” girl…..then was shown playing Tiddly Winks under the covers with Bambi. Just sayin…..

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Tonight we saw that Paul was very emotional about Vic leaving, and he vowed to get revenge on Corey AND Nicole for betraying them. So I’m just praying that Paul hasn’t changed his mind, and is just trying to cover his bases in case Nicole wins HOH.

        P.S. Is it a requirement to get cast on BB that you chew with your mouth open? Right now the feeds are on James annihilating a bag of chips and I just can’t deal with the crunch and smack.

      • Avatar

        I know people want a girl to win..but I want a strong girl to win..one that does not hide behind a man and whine and giggle like a 12yr old on her first date. I would have been interested to see how far Bronte could have gone..I would take Meech over Nicole any day..or Bridgette w/out Frank–though that was just a friendship to me..more Paul/Vic..not Nicorey

      • AIO_7

        NCog, I think Trudy is still lurking around here under the sock-puppetry of multiple accounts. Kind of “incognito”, if you get my drift. Many of the “thumbs down”to the comments that you see, I suspect, are generated by her.

      • caRyn

        There is no denying Corey and Nicole kissed now, but I am sure we are wrong again.

    • Avatar

      Did anyone/everyone notice how bad Corey’s eye movements were last night?? his eyes are so strange

  12. Avatar

    Can we please vote Glen as America’s Favorite?! Lol

  13. Jannie

    Does anyone else think that Lamsey boy has it made in the shade??

    Looks like, no matter what happens, he is going to the finals.

    I had to laugh, the dumba$$ spent so much time throwing comps this season that I don’t think he even knows how to compete anymore. He really embarrassed himself in the baseball veto tonight.
    Gee, stevebeans, maybe he is becoming the Victoria of the summer.
    : h

    • caRyn

      I don’t think James could do well in the mental comps even if he tried and he knows that. That is why in his last season he would buzz in even before Julie finished asking a question because there was a 50/50 chance that he would get it right. One mental comp he did well with just buzzing in and guessing the answer. He tried that this season also when possible. If he could win them, he would. He is proud of being able to win the endurance comps. He would be proud of the winning a mental comp if he could win one.
      After Natalie was evicted the hg knew James was in their pocket and he was no longer a threat. James didn’t need to win any comps after that and still doesn’t.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s because James is a mental midget. A disgusting one at that. After his bedroom convos with Vic and Paul the night before eviction, I have ZERO respect for him.

      • Avatar

        I’ve been on vacation the last few days without Internet and trying to play catch up, what in the world did I miss with the boys??

      • Clairebear

        Theoriginalmeech- he talked about having to fight off young girls at bars. He was trying to bond with the bros he ignored all summer in favor of sitting in Natalie’s lap. At one point, another guy goes “dude, but what if she used a fake id to get in?” To which James replies “hey man, that ain’t on me.” Also spoke in very lustful terms of women, how much skin showing, what size they are, etc. basically the exact opposite of his nice guy routine he tries to pull off.

        Assuming of course this is the specific conversation NKog is referring too. My timeline may be off, but I know this conversation happened at some point post Natalie leaving.

    • Mell

      He was lucky that Paul won rhat veto or he would have been gone.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep Jannie. That clown is in the catbird seat either way.

    • Avatar

      I do not believe James threw comps; he was just plain bad at them just he is bad at picking girls

    • Avatar

      James absolutely can’t win! He’s so annoying! This is my first year watching and he was such a losing weasel the entire season. When I heard he was most like last year, I almost fell over. Awful, awful! I want Victor to get most liked and Paul to win the whole thing. As far as the other two, they shouldn’t get anything. I guess I would want James to get the $50,000 over Nicolle because that girl does not have truthful bone in her body and although she cries every time she stand someone in the back, it’s always her idea first. She really crushed Victor and I don’t like that.

  14. Avatar

    You’re so obsessed with Baby B*tch Meech your updates suck!

  15. Shivani33

    Paul has won the comp! He and Nicole suspect James threw it. BBAD is back live.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Now Shi, who is not surprise that the Jellyfish would throw a comp. He figures he’s got it made either way. Did you hear him mumbling to himself when he came out of the shower? He said “Damn, that was my comp. I should have won that thing”. I don’t know. He might have tried though….just to make sure he would be in the F2.

      • Shivani33

        Yes, and I saw the evidence that I’ve been hoping to see, when Paul went into the storage room alone as said, “fuck ’em! Just fuck ’em.” He isn’t buying a word out of Nicole or Jamesey’s mouths!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I wasn’t paying attention to BBAD or the Feeds, but YEAAAA!

      • caRyn

        Shivani33, I look forward to watching BBAD. I haven’t yet. I am glad to hear Paul isn’t buying a word they say. About time! He got off track somehow but hopefully is back on track now.

  16. Avatar

    I am sick of hearing Paul and his filthy mouth Ugh!

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Nurse RATchet just told Paul that James is playing dirty “promising not to put people up then putting them up”. Isn’t that the case of the Snake calling the Jellyfish black?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      This is such an interesting scene to watch. If Paul is lying to Nicole right now, then he definitely deserves to win this game. He is giving a very convincing performance that he is disgusted by James, and wants nothing more than to be sitting with Nicole in the end.

      • Avatar

        I so hope he is acting..he has nobody to really confide to now so it is impossible to know what he is really thinking..I just don’t want him to think Nicole “deserves” anything..he needs to be selfish at this point..I would hate to see a Woo/Tony Survivor thing to happen!!!

  18. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    You know what, now I almost hope that Paul is serious about taking Nicole to Final 2. This jackass Lames is telling Nicole that he’s going to throw round 2 to her so that she can win the final round and take him to the finals. I’m so sick of this loser Lames sliding through this game by throwing comps and being all around pathetic. If he throws round 2 to Nicole, I would love to see that backfire in his face.

    • Avatar

      Isn’t it interesting how two loved players, James/Nicole, turned out to be just awful people..my advice to BB players..call it a day after 1 season

    • Helen

      Much as I hate to say it I have to agree …..Paul stands a better chance in final 2 with Nicole . The girls on the jury still very much dislike Nicole and I think if they can they will give the win to anyone except her.

    • caRyn

      James may not think he can honestly win the comp against Nicole. He always falls back on saying he is going to throw the comp. He isn’t going to come right out and say to Nicole that he doesn’t think he can win the comp against her. If Nicole took him to F2, Nicole would use that against him. For James to say he threw the comp sounds like he planned to throw it. His excuse to not win the comp when he actually maybe couldn’t even win if he wanted to.

      • NKogNeeTow

        If he wins, I hope EVERYBODY in America boycotts CBS to the point where they lose half if not most of the viewers they have for ALL of their programming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter. Just PISSSSSSSSSSSSED!!!….ROYALLY!!!!!!!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Like I said, NO respect for him. He’s such a lily-livered, THOT-chasing, pervert, pug nose, toe-sucking, scummy, backwoods, mud kicking, alcoholic, trash talking, stubby fingered, hillbilly, high-ass, short-legged, long haired, overfed, garden gnome…..to much???

  19. Avatar

    What exactly did Paulie do that was so evil that Da’vonne and Bridgette felt the need to personally attack him again??? Because he didn’t use the veto on Z? If she was able to get over it and talk to Paulie again why can’t they? Because they’re stubborn petty, and catty with terrible attitudes. Honestly they went so far as to turn their backs on Z as if they were still playing the game. Da is just bitter that Paulie got her out and Bridge is a closed minded feminist. I’m soooooo tired of all the women in this game trying to play the victim because everyone has dirt on their name in that house, no one is clean and innocent. I’m proud that Paulie didn’t get up and get in DA’s face when she did because I definitely would have, I’d never allow anyone to speak to me like that. Yea he’s made some terrible comments throughout the season but clearly their personal attacks are not even about that anymore

    • Avatar

      you obviously did not watch the feeds…..but in your case doubt if it would matter

    • Mell

      You’re right. Paulie didn’t get up when Da did. Instead he flipped her dress up and then laughed about it. He was sticking his face up in hers just as much. They didn’t turn their backs. It sounds like Z has isolated herself with Paulie just as she did during the game. They arnt going to “join in” and contribute to what Z looks like to the world. It isn’t catty to care when you see a woman being disrespected so badly and try to talk some sense into her. Da doesn’t seem to be bitter over the game at all. (towards anyone) If she is bitter, it’s because she can’t get Z to see her worth as a human being.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “What exactly did Paulie do that was so evil that Da’Vonne and Bridgette felt the need to personally attack him again?”

      They DIDN’T attack him. In his interview, he said he didn’t like the way Da and Bridgette were ignoring her and he was tired of them disrespecting her (this coming from the man who not only disrespected her whille she was in the house, but told the world that he screwed her in most of the rooms in the house, as soon as she left).

      In Da’s interview, she said that Z had gone back to Paulie so she and Bridgette decided to leave her alone and that they weren’t going to chase after her….cut to the couch. He said something to them about it and the argument ensued. If Z wanted to get back with him, she has that right. But they also have the right not to like it and distance themselves from it….which they did. If anyone had a “stubborn petty”, “terrible attitude”, it’s him. That’s been his MO since he lost control of the house AND his senses.

      Da and Bridgette are HARDLY victims…far from it…and I’m no Bridgette lover. They might be the only 2 women in the house who don’t crumble under pressure and can stand up for themselves without making excuses for it. Why am I not surprised that you would have gotten up in her face? Judging by your comment, you sound like Paulie. Someone who can’t stand strong women because you can’t handle them. If standing up to a man for berating women makes you a “closed minded feminist”, then I’m proud of Bridgette…and again, I’m NOT a Bridgette fan.

  20. Helen

    Last year round 2 was a giant crossword puzzle on a wall if I remember correctly. No way James is going to even come close in that one. He does not even need to worry about “throwing” the comp. lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      That twerp can barely spell his own name. The little comp throwing…….

    • Avatar

      Throwing the comp is James-speak for I can’t win anything except for one wall endurance comp. Glad to read some other comments anti-James. I haven’t ever been a fan of his. Don’t see the appeal at all. It would be so disappointing if he ends up with even second place. I have to tell myself that the houseguests did it to themselves. If players don’t like floaters, in the future, get them out! Can’t wait to see James and Nat Nat wed, since she calls him her soulmate. lol

  21. Avatar

    My guess is that Paul will not pick James for F2 if given the choice because he would not want to be responsible for giving him any money. Paul seems to be able to distinguish between who he likes as a game-player vs who he likes as a person. He can’t stand James as a game player or a person. He sometimes likes Nicole as a person but does not approve of her showmance game play. His bitterness over Victor eviction could turn the tables though.
    The safe bet is to drag James along w you at the end.

  22. Mell

    After watching Paul alot last night, I think he is serious about a F2 with Nicole and he’s playing James. (If I’m wrong, who cares-that’s why most comments are just opinions) It’s very hard to tell with him. Paul has always had the ability to sound very passionate even when he’s lying. The week Frank left, he did the same thing.
    I hate to admit it but I think he should take Nicole. I said last week, I think he has an uphill battle either way. Many of us may think Paul is great but that doesn’t mean the jury does. We also never know from year to year what the jury is basing their votes on. It’s also crucial sometimes how that final juror leaves the house. James really likes Nicole. It’s easy to assume his vote would go to her especially if he had been evicted a week ago. Does he give her the vote if she wins the last HOH and evict him? I don’t know. He was willing to vote for Vanessa last year (if she had been an option) but he also had more time to get over being evicted.

    This is why I think he may be better with Nicole.

    Paul vs James-
    James-Natalie, Michelle, Paulie, DaVonne, Corey, Nicole
    ?-Z – guessing Paul since James got her evicted
    ?-Bridgette – guessing James with Her friendship with Natalie and she hangs on to stuff like what Paul called Michelle.
    *I know Corey and Nicole recently said they would vote for Paul but I don’t think they will. They like James more and Paul would be the reason Nicole was in jury.
    *Paulie mentioned James, Nicole and Corey in the running for his vote last night. He didn’t mention Paul.

    Paul vs Nicole-
    Paul-Vic, Michelle
    Nicole-Corey, Paulie, Z, James
    ?-Davonne – She is the one person who might be swayed by the F2 question/answer session. I 50/50 with her.
    ? – Natalie – She is the one juror who’s vote may be based on who evicts James. 50/50 otherwise.
    ? – Does she give it to the female or the newbee?
    *Michelle doesn’t like either but she may want to prove her point that if Paul makes it to F2, he will win. I also think she dislikes Nicole more than Paul.
    *Paul has more up for grabs votes with Nicole imo. He has confidence in his ability to debate and persuade people.

    If Nicole is making the decision, I think she does better if she takes James.
    I’m guessing Nicole-5 (Paul, Vic, Corey, Paulie, Z) and James-2 (Nat, Michelle) with 2 up for grabs. (Brid, Da)
    If she takes Paul, I think Nicole-3 (Corey, Paulie, Z)and Paul-2 (Vic, Michelle) with 4 up for grabs. (James, Nat, Brid, Da)
    *Paul has the potential to vote on game even if Nicole evicts him.

    Paul should take Nicole.
    Nicole should take James.
    James will never be final HOH and should hope his free ride comes from Paul rather than Nicole.

    • Colby

      I agree with one exception. I think Da will vote for Nicole, based on what she said on last nights show.

      • Shivani33

        @Colby I just don’t know how much of the jury house footage was production-driven, in terms of what was chosen to be shown. Da’Vonne could have given praise to Paul’s game too, and it could have been left on the cutting room floor. One thing for sure is that Nicole, James and Corey ( and even Paulie during his meltdowns) have been given very soft edits this Season. We get such a different impression from the people who only watch the CBS broadcast. As noted often in our comments, sometimes CBS BB conveys the very opposite of the truth. James would never get AFP without his edited presentation on the show. We might as well just stop saying reality tv and call it unreality tv.

      • Helen

        @ Shivani. This is the first year I have had live feeds and wow! What an eye opening experience that has been. To see what actually happened vs what they show to television viewers is nothing short of false advertising to promote Big Brother as “reality tv”. The truth is, it is a scripted series. Call it what it is! Do I still like the show? Yes……BUT it does make me angry at the same time because now it makes me question everything I see on tv!

      • Jenny M

        None of the “reality” shows are real. Everything is scripted and edited. Check out the show “Adam Ruins Everything” episode 13, “Adam Ruins Hollywood”.

      • Colby

        Maybe so, Shivani.
        I guess we will see.

      • Mell

        I think she may also. You could tell she was respecting Nicoles game even last week. I’m giving James more of a chance than Paul with her vote. I think she will vote for game reasons in a Paul/Nicole F2 but if it’s James/Nicole, I think personal feelings may play into it as well. That’s the only reason I think James could get her vote.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m with you. This is my first time with the Live Feeds too. It’s been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I’ve gotten to see what these people are REALLY like. I’ve found that what I had been seeing on the network show and even BBAD, was sometimes a long way from what was really going on. Amazing how the edits can make something seem completely different. A curse because after 3 hours of BBAD, I go straight to the Feeds and that keeps me up until they go to bed, which is between 6-7am for me (to nosey to go to bed..afraid I might miss something good. I wish the broadcast watchers could see and hear HALF of what we do on the Feeds. It would give them a whole new perspective. It would definitely make a difference in who they root for and AFP.

  23. Avatar

    I was so frustrated when the kicked Frank out! So, then I went to Paul. Who, ironically, I wanted out in the first week. But he grew on me and is now one of my favorite players of all time. It will be hard for him to beat either Nicole or Lames! I just want him to go to the F2! He has played a great game! So he has a potty mouth! So what! They have all said their fair share of bad words in the house.
    As for Nicole…She drives me crazy. She was being hateful because people were upset about being on the block, then she acted like a baby when she was up there!
    James…good grief. I think his sole purpose is to find a wife in the BB house! He played true to Nat the whole season and for what? What a lame player he has been. Anybody who gives as many comps away as he has DOES NOT deserve to win. I can understand taking one for the team every once in a while. But he just can’t play!
    I also agree the fight seemed almost rehearsed last night. I told my husband that as we were watching it! But the smirk on Paulies face pissed me off..PISSED! And Day just wouldn’t stop! The jury house is full of excitement this year! Such strong personalities. Maybe Vic can tone them down. He is pretty easy going where all the others have big personalities. Except Z, she is a wet rag!

  24. caRyn

    I am glad Corey and Paulie are not in the jury house together for long. Those two together would bond again and cause all kind of chaos. Corey would jump on the Paulie train and be disrespectful to the other jury members.

  25. caRyn

    BBAD last night – After the comp why is James standing in the bathroom watching Nicole shower the entire time? Couldn’t James wait somewhere else to shower next? There are only 3 hg in the BB house. I would say something to him if I were Nicole. I know there are cameras everywhere and you never are really alone, but to have a hg watch Nicole shower is whacked.

  26. kneeless

    IF Paul takes Nicole, I think Nicole will win. My thought is she will get the following votes: Corey, Paulie, DA, Z (she’ll continue to follow “her man,”& Bridgette (because she will vote a girl to win.

    I hope it isn’t Nicole & James sitting together, please no!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      It sounds like a lot of people don’t think Paul has a chance to win at all, which really sucks because Paul has definitely played a stronger game than the other two remaining HGs. I just hope that at least a few of the jury members can be mature (or pretend to be mature) long enough to actually vote for the person who deserves the win, not the person they like the best.

      • Mell

        I think he has a small chance with both but better odds with Nicole. I invest time every year at this point trying to guess and half the time they surprise me with their vote. Sometimes the players I am convinced will vote on game, vote for personal reasons and the reverse as well. With this crazy group, it’s even harder to guess.

    • Helen

      I don’t think Da will vote for Nicole in F2. She obviously hates the thought of having to vote her the money and Pauls gameplay will give her that much needed reason not to. I think Da will go with Paul and it is still going to irritate Da knowing that Nicole gets 50k.

  27. caRyn

    I believe what Paul is saying to Nicole to be true – F2. I do not believe what Nicole is saying to Paul – F2 deal. Nicole is telling Paul how it will be sweet revenge to evict James since James thinks he can’t float to the end and throw comps. Nicole even said to Paul she wants to see the look on James’ face when she takes Paul to F2.

  28. Helen

    Do you think maybe Nicole is a little “pissed” at James? I do think that both she and Corey were kinda banking on James winning that first endurance comp. That is one of the reasons why they kept Paul and sent Vic to jury,they thought Vic could probably beat James. Nicole knows Paul is super intelligent although that final comp really does not have much to do with book smarts. Paul has been a lot more social during this game than Nicole and probably knows people in jury and what they would say as opposed to Nicole who spent the entire summer under the sheets. Idk. At this point there is so much lying and scheming going on I don’t know that I believe anything any of them say. Thank goodness it’s almost over so I can stop driving myself crazy,although after the last few days I could probably walk and get there faster.

  29. Avatar

    This is finally one of the times James should throw the competition. If Nicole wins, she is bringing James along and she has a better chance at beating Paul in round 3.

  30. Avatar

    Completely agree Steve, would love to see more
    of the jury house and yes, let’s just wrap it up
    instead of this boring lull

  31. Avatar

    If Paul wins this season I will never watch Big Brother again.. Nicole and James got repermanded for talking about what they would do with the money if they win and had to apologies to their fellow housemates. But, Paul called Michelle the worst name a “man” could call a woman and on national t v and nothing was said or done. Guess that makes Paul production’s favorite. He should have been kicked off the show right then and there! What a low life.

    • Avatar

      Michelle should have kept her big mouth shut butting into a conversation that had nothing to do with her nor was Paul talking to her. He kept telling her he wasn’t talking to her & she started the name calling first. I think he just got mad & called her that name in the heat of the moment. She dished out a whole lot of crap but she couldn’t take it & as always she ran off crying like a big baby. I’ll bet you she’s been called a lot worse in her life being the hateful, nasty person that she is.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      You’re comparing apples to oranges. What Nicole and James did was against the rules, that’s why they got reprimanded. Although I don’t condone what Paul said to Michelle, there’s no rule that he broke in calling her that ugly name. That’s why production stepped in for one case and not the other.

      Also, Paul is NOT running away with the game. Out of the three remaining HGs, most people here agree that Paul is the least likely to make it to F3 and least likely to win (even though I personally think he’s played the much better game). This is why a lot of people like Paul in the first place. He’s been the underdog the entire season (he’s been on the block SIX times), and he’s played hard the entire time and kept himself alive even when he’s back has been constantly against the wall. You may not like his personality, but you have to give credit where credit is due. That guy has played a great game and that’s the kind of player I’d like to see take home the money.

    • caRyn

      I hate that you are not going to watch BB again because of one season. There have been many seasons that I didn’t care for the person that won, but I haven’t missed a season yet.
      It was aired on national TV because production put it on national TV. Maybe production put it on national TV to steer people away from liking Paul and towards liking the other hg. Idk. It didn’t air in Paul’s favor in that is indeed what you are implying. It could have just stayed on the feeds or BBAD.
      I hope you stay a BB viewer regardless the outcome, Mary.

  32. Shivani33

    It looks obvious that Paul will be the next one gone unless he wins that last comp. Regardless of what Nicole and James have been saying to Paul, each one would evict him if possible, just as Steve evicted Vanessa. Paul has won the last 3 comps in which he played. May the force be with him. To watch a Final Two with James and Nicole would be like breathing into a big garbage bin which sat too long at the curb – extremely unappetizing. JMO, but then, I’m not a dumpster diver.

  33. Avatar

    I hate that Paul is running away with it. He doesn’t deserve it or maybe I just see him as morally inept. But then, the person who really deserved it is sitting in the jury house for the third time. 🙁

    • Avatar

      I agree that Victor does deserve it but Paul has had to fight tooth & nail to keep himself in the game also. He’s been on the block what 5 or 6 times? He has had to talk his way out of some bad situations after Jozea got the newbies in that crazy mess. I’m hoping Paul wins it all.

    • caRyn

      Victor is a great BB player and I wished he stayed in the BB house and won. If not Paul, who do you want to win, Linda? My vote would be for Paul. It is a toss up between Nicole and James, for me, for second.

  34. Alda

    Franko,I hope you are feeling better today and got your air fixed.

  35. Mell

    I heard James told Nicole he threw the comp last night to Paul. Why in the hell would he tell her that, true or not? (Even for a James move, that was dumb) I don’t know what he thinks he would gain from that. It pissed off Nicole and Paul for different reasons. Does anyone know if this is true or was Nicole lying to Paul when she told him that?

    • Helen

      I don’t think James told her that. I think Nicole is telling Paul that to feed into his dislike for James “floating” through the game. Just in case Paul wins that last comp she wants to give him more ammo against James so Paul will take her.

      • Mell

        You’re right. I just went back and I can’t find where he said that. I’m not saying he wouldn’t do something that stupid. I just didn’t think he did this time!

      • caRyn

        When I was watching BBAD it went to a commercial break at that same time it would have been said so I have no idea if he did. It is possible, but I don’t know for fact. I know Nicole did say to Paul that James did say it but that is iffy coming from Nicole.

  36. Helen

    Right now Paul is playing both Nicole and James
    Nicole is playing Paul
    James is just being James and going along with both of them

  37. Mell

    I have to make a correction about a comment I made last night. I was either just furious or maybe blind. I said that after rewinding the jury fight several times, I could tell Paulie flipped DaVonnes dress up on purpose. I was convinced of it! Someone made fun of me today for thinking that so I watched it again today. I think Paulie is disgusting but I don’t think he meant to get his hand stuck in her dress. It was obviously a mishap of the close contact. I’m only bringing it up so maybe I will seem like less of an idiot today that I did yesterday. Haha (Wow, that’s what you call blinded by anger)

    • Avatar

      If her dress would’ve got taken off it would’ve been her own fault. She got in his face. She sat on the edge of the couch too. She’s not innocent just bc he’s a man and she’s a woman. They’ve been razing him since he got there and Davonte has a big mouth. She isn’t a classy mom and has proved that in the house dozens of times.
      It’s hysterical how she can call anyone out but he’s still the big asshole and he can’t do it bc he is an asshole already?? Over this whole blog. Block me please bc I don’t know how to unfollow it or unsubscribe !!
      Ps—I need concert tickets and a trip to disney too. Anyone paying my way if I blog for 24 hrs for REAL instead of using jokers as a catch up gimmick ? Lmao

      • Mell

        @Missyin74, I’m not sure what a trip to Disney has to do with me feeling the need to make fun of myself for a moment, but ok and alright then.
        I find it amusing when people who don’t like Steve blog not only read it, they stay on here long enough to get this far down the page in the comment section. I’m thinking someone was enjoying this blog after all. A lot of jokers could have been read during that time. Just sayin’

  38. Helen

    Why oh why is Paul helping Nicole with all this house objects count? I am so totally confused as to his objective?

    • Mell

      I think his objective is to really take Nicole to final 2 or maybe he’s afraid she won’t take him if she wins so he’s really selling it. Paul is saying convincing things to James but doesn’t he seem way more passionate when he’s talking to Nicole.

      • Helen

        Yes to the point of helping her! He certainly isn’t giving this info to James!
        Guess he will find out (for the FOURTH time) when Nicole goes to final 2 with her pre game alliance, James that she truely is a snake.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Well I think Paul is mostly trying to convince Nicole that he’s on her side, because he knows damn well James isn’t going to win the next round anyway since James is completely useless. Also, this information won’t be useful to her in round 3 (when Paul will face off with Nicole), since that’s usually the comp where they have to guess what the jury member said. So at this point, I think he’s figuring he might as well do everything he can to prove he’s loyal to Nic just in case it may make a difference. However, I’m sure he’s not banking on anything other than him winning HOH himself.

  39. Avatar

    I didn’t see Glenn breaking davonne and Paulie up. I saw a security person break them up. The security person had hair. Unless the show put a wig on him, I highly doubt that it was him. Paulie is just a pig and should be in a pig pin. I’ve dated guys like Paulie before. Arrogant pigheaded little jerks. I think Z is making a big mistake being with him, but that’s her mistake to make.

  40. Mell

    When I start to think Nicole can’t lose touch with reality any further, she says this:
    Nicole is talking to Paul about how she is sick of James. She has been saying that he is cocky, knows he doesn’t need to win, etc. She tells Paul that James has treated this like his own personal dating show and that he hasn’t done anything but chase Natalie around. She also tells Paul that James has played ruthless but says it’s even worse because he won’t admit it. She said a little earlier that Victoria played a better game than James. (ruthless or Victoria- can’t be both)
    She isn’t lying but isn’t she the last person on this cast who should use that as an arguement? Pot meet kettle.

    • Alda

      I saw that too.I think she had a little too much champagne! How about when she was crying because she is scared in the house without Corey?She should be scared of herself trying to keep her lies straight with these two guys.

    • Avatar

      That Snake just totally described herself.

    • NKogNeeTow

      She never ceases to amaze me with her projections. She accuses everyone of doing what she’s done. Then she crawls into bed and whines “But I’ve never done aaannnyyyttthhhiiinnngggg”. Every time she says that, I start throwing soft objects at the TV.

      • Mell

        I’m glad to hear they are soft. You’re hanging in there then! I feel you. I’ve been tempted to throw something hard a few times….might have if I had been watching on a really crappy tv.

  41. Alda

    If Paul ends up screwed by these two,who do you guys want to win?

  42. Helen

    How about a hung jury and nobody wins?

  43. Avatar

    I guess since nobody’s posted for the last 24 hours, I will just say that at 12:20 a.m. Pacific time on Thursday night, and I’m sitting here watching James eat cereal and play cards with Paul and Nicole talking to herself I think trying to memorize stuff for the comp.

    Someone shoot me please??

  44. Avatar

    Plenty more happened. Besides bbad giving them sushi to make, Paul and James ah e talked for near 2 hrs about random things in the Lindon room.
    Lots of convos tonight and it was fun.. What am I missing here ?? Is there another BB blog out ther that actually covers things ?? And one that doesn’t ask people to send them on vacations or for concert tickets ? This guy is going away again for a couple days and won’t be blogging so why are you people contributing money wise to this?? Pay the $5.99 a month and see feeds for yourself on your smart phone or laptops!! So much has been missed in here these last few wks.

  45. Avatar

    I’m sooooooo worried about Paul. I think paul deserves the $500k. He’s had such a hard time talking his way in & out of situations while sitting on the block 6 times. Paul started playing from day one & he still has to continue to play all the way to the end. I’m so worried for him. I want him to win.

  46. Alda

    I’m worried for Paul too.He has to win this third part.What scares me more is hearing the rumors from the beginning that Nicole will be the F2 with James before the season even started.

  47. Mell

    I better tell everyone that last night they couldn’t roll the sushi very well and the knife wouldn’t cut it so they had to eat it like a burrito. For the love of Pete, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss anything this crucial or potentially game changing.

    The last week is sooooo boring!
    *Nicole cried over Corey a little.
    *Nicole studied some.
    *Paul did more of the same convo with Nicole and Jame about a F2 with each.
    *James took a shower and said he shed like a poodle. (I have a poodle. They don’t shed)
    *Paul did a choking himself hand motion when James left the room after a chat.
    *Nicole said during a card game that she missed Corey but it’s not like she even knew him before a couple months ago.
    *James and Paul joked that she was a savage because of the comment. (behind her back)
    *They wer a little bummed that Vic had shown Corey how to play solitaire but they didn’t know how and wish they had learned too.
    *Nicole is still very annoyed with James for making everyone else do everything. (seems sincere and not just for Paul’s benefit)
    *Nicole mentioned to Paul that James used the game as his own dating show and said that he played ruthless. She said it was worse because he wouldn’t admit it. (sound like anyone else too?)
    * James and Paul had another convo about sleeping in clothes or naked. (they had this same convo before Vic left)
    *Nicole also shocked James has used the c word and been talking alot about girls (Corey’s sister for example) since Natalie left. She may be looking for reasons to not like James and cut him or she may just be working Paul.

    Nobody missed much….I’m off to work now! Have a great day everyone!

    • Mell

      Oops. One thing I forgot. The most amusing thing from last night was James and his insecurity with fans. (not Natalie, fans) He kept going to bed because he thought Paul was. When he realized Paul was up talking to feed watchers, he would get back up. You could tell James wanted to go to bed but it seemed like he couldn’t unless he knew Paul did. He did this several times. James ended up back in bed but with the lights back on and started his own convo with feeders. It was as if he was competing for attention. We all know James is obsessed with AFP. When the numbers in the house got low, he asked production if you could still get AFP if you were top 2. I remember a while back when he was first aware that Paul talked to feeders. James looked bothered by this. Sadly, he has put a lot more thought into this than game. I can only remember a few “real” game conversations he has had. I’m not counting the times he has spouted one liner bb verbiage that seems to be on repeat. That isn’t real game talk. He has however made comments as to why certain people may or may not get AFP to the camera and others. He was worried about Vic for a while but says fans won’t like his bragging. He has even been concerned about Natalie, especially when she got the care pkg. He had justified Natalie getting it because he said it would be because of his fans if she won it. Now he feels she won’t because she “threw him under the bus.” Corey had been mentioned but he isn’t overly concerned about him. James has always seen Paul as his main competition. (Prankster vs Obnoxious Guy-his words, not mine) I think that the real reason James looks for chances to make snotty comments to Paul. There is a real jealously there. I’m not really even making fun of James. That’s his claim to fame and possibly, to himself, his 1 major accomplishment in life. As a BB fan, I do find the situation interesting and sometimes amusing to watch. As a human, I just feel it’s very sad. You can tell he’s a guy who is always trying to fit in. He copies the other houseguests habits, lingo, etc. more than anyone in the house. He tries so hard to be a stereotype or character instead of a real person. He’s still a pervert. There is something very lonely and sad about James. That may be what drew people to him last year, more than his pranks. (I said he was a pervert last year too for the record) He was never a good player but he was still likable. Instead of ending up a dirty old man, I think he may just end up a sad dirty old man. Just an observation.

      • Avatar

        It was pretty obvious last night that they (Paul and James) don’t like each other.

      • Mell

        Mary K, It’s always been there but so you think we just notice it more now because of so few in the house?

      • caRyn

        AFP has always been the number one goal for James. That is something he knows he has a good chance at winning. James came into the BB house banking on AFP. Probably – literally. 🙂

    • caRyn

      I know that any negative comments James has said about Natalie now that she is no longer in the BB house are only said because he is hurt. That “relationship” was real to James. It is natural that he is going through this phase. He has said more than he should have if he did want to see where things go with Natalie after the game. I doubt Natalie will be friends with James after the show once she hears and sees what went on in the BB house after she left. If James makes F2, Natalie would vote for James. Something she may regret later.

  48. Mell

    I tend to post alot in the daytime as I remember things. I’m seeing that I shouldn’t do it so early. I leave out alot until I’ve had all my coffee. When it’s too much, just please scroll past my comments and ignore them.

    Random tidbits from yesterday:
    between 4 pm – around midnight (mostly in order)
    *James has turkey, smells and asks if it’s bad. Paul says not really. Nicole says it’s rotten. (maybe Paul hoped he would get a little ill from it) James moves on to ham. Nicole goes to dr I think.
    *James tells Paul he thinks Nicole has checked out because she was upset.
    *James/Paul- back and forth convo about whether James can beat Nicole in comp
    *James tells Paul it will be great when Paul evicts Nicole and they can say “that’s for you nat & that’s for you vic.”
    *James says Nicole should go ahead and pick out her white eviction dress.
    *Paul is trying to talk some game to James but he’s more concerned if they are out of mayo-not really listening
    *Paul saying how he has low tolerance for alcohol and bad hang overs. James encouraging him to party it up with champagne. (maybe same thing Paul was trying with turkey?)
    *James alone telling camera he’s in a good spot-he’s in the middle-1000% Nicole & Paul won’t take each other.
    *Paul goes to bathroom-ni hand soap-he gets called out by BB for not washing his hands-James here’s from another room-gives Paul crap about it (Paul was in process of washing hands in kitchen when he got called out tho) -James says glad he was called out
    *Nicole back (from dr maybe) Paul/Nicole discussing how cocky James is now, how they are very aware he thinks he’s in the middle, etc.
    *Nicole tells Paul she has James convinced that she hates Paul and won’t take to F2.
    *Nicole tells Paul the reason she and Corey got in the arguement everyone knows they had was because Nicole did not want Vic and Paul otb. She says she has pushed for Corey to get James out for quite a long time. (neither is true- arguement was over Corey saying something about her true colors coming out)
    *Nicole goes to safari to study but then cries over Corey and says she is really mad because he deserves to still be in the house.
    *Paul reminds Nicole how Natalie is having 2 weeks to sell James to the jury and Vic and Corey won’t have that.
    * Paul tells Nicole about James wanting to say “this is for Nat” when Nicole leaves. Paul is making the point that James can’t say that if Paul is the one who does all the work.
    *They discover more ant issues while getting a snack.
    *All 3 play cards then next is mostly the stuff I covered earlier over coffee. Don’t worry, I won’t repeat.
    *Everyone goes to nap.
    *James goes to storage and that’s when he finds the sushi with card attached.
    *James gets up Nicole and Paul saying he has a card and announcement. He has read card but won’t just tell them. Nicole wanting to know why they chose James to give it to. (saying this to James)
    *Nicole wants to know what it says-he wont read until they are all in LR. (This is a James rule, not on card) Nicole leave to use bathroom.
    *Paul finally gets to LR (maybe he was sleeping naked and it took him a couple minutes-I don’t care, they had a convo about that earlier) James won’t tell Paul until Nicole comes back but tells Paul he will like it because he is from LA and is (boushie)
    *Nicole out of bathroom. James reads. They seem happy.
    *Nicole takes card and reads again. (She didn’t seem to trust what James was saying- The card only said BBAD had given them sushi to make-I’m assuming so they couldn’t go to bed at the beginning of BBAD.) Paul seems to agree with my opinion about this.
    * I already covered bad sushi skills.
    *Paul uses too much wasabi and wants to know if you can die from it. Nicole says no. Paul says if he dies, Nicole and James will be automatic final two.
    *Nicole still wanting to know why they picked James to announce it. (I think he’s just the first person to walk into storage after it was put there)
    *Everyone back to bed
    *Paul and James have convo about similarities in Armenian and southern hospitality.
    *Discuss partying with people’s parents and the kind of parents they want to be. (they are kind of saying the same thing about wanting to be well liked and be cool parents but with James it feels creepy) They are talking about when their kids are adults for the record. They arnt talking about partying with teenagers. It isn’t like that.
    *James tells a story about sleeping over at a girls parents because he had drank so much and they were cool about it. I got the feeling this was a young adult. I have an adult daughter who is 27 and staying over at my house is not a big deal. If she was 18 or 19, it would be very different. This is only my assumption as to why the parents were so “cool.”
    *James is telling Paul he wants to win next comp badly. He is trying to say that he wants to do his part with Paul to get to the end. It is coming out like he’s saying he wants it to help his case with the jury. (James has this problem often when communicating)
    *James tells Paul the story of how he found out he was a dad. That was all covered last year so I won’t go into detail.
    *James tells alot of personal info about his daughters mother. He isn’t doing in a bad way at all. He just doesn’t seem aware he is telling info that most women would not want discussed. I won’t go into that. She isn’t in the show so I would feel weird about it.

  49. Shivani33

    Anyone who saw Paul last night interacting with James, who simply wouldn’t be alone, could see that Paul has the patience of a saint! There was no escaping James, whose idea of conversation was often excruciating. Example: Uh, I don’t know, man. You know? Uh, it’s like, Jeez, like, ya know, uh. ( long pause) It, uh, you know. It’s like, I don’t know. I mean really. Ya know what I mean? Like it’s really, like, who knows?. Wow, know what I mean? Anyways, it’s uh (long pause) well, it’s like shit, man. I just, I mean like really, man, ya know? Uh you get what I’m sayin’ here? Uh I just want, like you know,(pause) I just wanna, for sure, absolutely. Like I know you know.

    Listening to this must have felt like having a mind full of bumblebees.Cut over to Nicole, bundled up in her bed. Talking to the ceiling.

  50. Mell

    Ever have one of those days when you’re alone but need someone to show up and give you one of those movie type slaps across the face? You need them to say “Snap out of it woman!! For the love of everything, please step away from big brother and the Internet and accomplish something today!!!” I’m having one of those days. I’ve blown my morning so I’m going to see if I can contribute to society somehow this afternoon.

    • Renee

      LOL, Mell, I have enjoyed your comments today and was thinking I was the only one on the site today. I read from work so it is always incognito, trying not to get caught by the boss. Rest assured, you were not alone today….

      • Mell

        Thanks Renee!

      • Avatar

        I’m right there with you – how about this, though … do you ever get that post-BB finale letdown feeling, where you actually miss all the goofballs you’ve grown sick of hearing and looking at, but you just can’t stop yourself? But then, a few weeks/months later, i can barely remember or care who won. I’m ready to be at that point now.

      • Mell

        Yes Texas Star. It’s some kind of wierd withdrawal to things that annoyed you in the first place. I feel that way about tonight show. I think this is the stupid one that doesn’t really cover anything new. All 3 of them have to read lines but pretend the things the say came up naturally so they have a lead in for the clip that will be shown. I always say I won’t watch it but then I cave because it’s at least a BB fix. Watching that episode reminds me of a smoker who realizes they ran out of cigarettes and the only thing in the house is a partial pack that 3 years old. They know it’s going to be terrible but hey, it’s a fix.

    • Avatar

      Hang in there Mell. I don’t have the access so I’m depending on people like you to let me know what’s happening.

      • Mell

        Did you get the air fixed?

      • Avatar

        Yes!! It got fixed yesterday just in time for a 98° day. It was a simple fix, too. There was just a wire had burned up in the fan unit. Good thing I was there since my nephew and his family was out of town. I had turned the unit off. It could have caused a fire.

      • Mell

        Yes, that could have burned the house down! Glad it’s fixed tho. I’m in Missouri and its been cooler here for a week or so. Still super humid!

    • Jenny M

      I thought you were talking about Zakiyah needing a slap to snap her out of Paulie’s spell…

      • Mell

        Haha. Well, she does actually. I was just talking about my own….for very different reasons tho. I wouldn’t have been with Paulie for that stupid ass haircut and saying “type thing” constantly. He wouldnt have had the chance to break out all his other issues!

  51. Helen

    You would think Paul would want to help James get this next comp so that in final comp Nicole would be out of the equation and he would have control over his own fate! Just my opinion

    • AIO_7

      Lames would be the easiest to beat. The final comp (phase 3) is the one where they are in the Balances and have to answer questions. SNacole would be tougher to beat.
      However, I still think if Paul wins Phase 3 he should take SNacole to F2.

    • Mell

      Very good point. I suppose even he he wants to take Nicole, he would be the one choosing. I’m also not as convinced that Nicole wants Paul as much as I think Paul wants to take Nicole.

      • Helen

        Yeah. That is what I think. I just still have the belief that Nicole and James have a F2 pre game agreement. For Paul to even be putting himself in the position of allowing someone like Nicole,who has “boned” both he and Victor, to have the potential to do it again,is just plain stupidity on his part. I think the right choice is to take Nicole to F2 but he needs to be able to control that decision.

      • caRyn

        Nicole won’t take Paul to F2. She knows what happened to Cody. Plus, Nicole told Corey she would be stupid not to take James to F2 and she is right.

  52. Avatar

    Isnt Paul automatically in F2 since he won the first part of three part final comps? Am I wrong?

  53. Shivani33

    A lot of us discussed it when Nicole said to Corey that she thought it would be easier for her to beat James than him in a Final Two. Then she asked him if he’d be mad if she took James instead of him. He replied that he’d never speak to her again and then said that it wasn’t time to talk about it, and he shut it down as a subject.

    He doesn’t want to talk about it now, either. In his post-eviction BB interview, Corey was asked how he felt about that moment with Nicole. He said that she never asked him that. Not ever. Hey, even if she was playacting from her self-generated script, which I doubt, Corey’s selective memory or revisionist history isn’t working. The words came out of her mouth. He didn’t like it. It’s on video. Corey seems to want to be the player and never the one who could’ve gotten played. Somebody call him an uber. I guess he’s done blowing himself.

    • AIO_7

      Shiv,. or maybe the ADDERALL is kicking in.

    • caRyn

      I remember the conversation between Corey and Nicole. It was after Paul told Corey he would be the one leaving the BB house. I don’t know that Corey was listening to Nicole or maybe just half listening. Corey’s reality of leaving the game just became real to him. I don’t know why Nicole was even asking him, at that time, what she should do regarding her game. Corey just took a big hit with that news. Corey wanted to know but it was still hard to hear.
      On BBAD, Paul said to James that Corey called his win BS. James agreed that is what Corey said.

      • Jenny M

        I think she also talked to him about it before Corey knew he was going home. On BBAD, the 2 of them cuddled up in bed in the Tokyo room (of course) and she asked if he would be mad if she took James to the F2, and explained to him why for her game she would have to. I think this was even before they were OTB together.

      • Jenny M

        She made a big deal about how she would obviously lose to Corey so her only choice would be to take James.

      • Mell

        They also said Corey complained to production during the entire comp about stuff. Maybe he was having button issues like they’ve had in the past. Nicole has had more than 1 convo with Corey about taking James. I thought she was doing it half joking, feeling him out about it. The last night they agreed she should take James but she was torn or she wouldn’t have asked him. She may not be sure still. I did think it was selfish that he just found out he was leaving but Nicole wanted him to help her figure out her issues.

    • Mell

      I read that today too. He was still standing by James surprising him also. He said he couldn’t beleive James did that. Wierd.

  54. Shivani33

    The second comp battle has happened on this Friday night often, and I think tonight’s the night we’ll get to hear about James malfunctioning through another battle. Ride ’em, cowboy! Remembering the previous 3 Part Two comps, Andy went against Spencer and won. Derrick beat Victoria in this comp, and Steve beat Liz. Consistently, it has been a combination of mental and physical, like when Steve and Liz had to keep scaling a wall to complete a puzzle, which was partially a crossword and part jigsaw-like caricatures. Sometimes the mental part is piecing together, in order, nominations and renoms from the entire Season, while again scaling a wall to place the correct pieces.

    Nicole and James will probably perform separately, making it take a long time to find out who won. I cannot fathom James being able to beat Nicole, even if he tries. He told Natalie that he’s dyslexic, so puzzles could be frustratingly difficult. Nicole is more flexible, both mentally and physically, and it’s redundant even to say so. It would be “loverly” if both could lose and limbo-rock back to their showmance purgatories.

    • Mell

      This may be a slaughter and not a comp. If it’s the puzzle, they think houseguests names will be the answers and that’s one of the things they’ve been studying. (James is anyway) Paul has given him the wrong spelling on 3 people’s names to screw him up even more. DaVonne, Josea, Zakiyah and someone else. James found Zakiyah’s name on something tho and corrected Paul.

  55. Helen

    Quite honestly they might as well skip the next comp…..we all know Nicole is going to be round 2 winner……what is the point?

  56. caRyn

    Where are all of the Nicole fans? Where are all of the James fans?

  57. Mell

    As Helen said earlier, you would think Paul would want to face off against James in the 3rd comp even if he wants to cut James. At least he would be the one deciding. It’s getting worse because Paul is giving Nicole tips today on how to stay calm under pressure for the next comp. I don’t know if they will help her but it’s as if he’s so focused on this one that he’s forgotten he will be competing against her again. Paul is a good player but he has always had a problem knowing when to shut up. I think he’s super confident Nicole will take him. Overconfidence has been one of his problems as well. I hope this doesn’t bite him in the ass.

    The only thing I’ve gotten from today so far is they are studying for the comp. Paul gave Nicole correct spelling for Davonne (which he actually got from James) because Paul and Nicole both thought it had a Y in it. Paul also told Nicole he kept James up talking till 1 last night so he would be tired and not study much today. (Truth) Nicole tells Paul she played feisty when Corey was there but now feels like timid Nicole from BB16. Paul says it’s because she had protection. There is more James bashing from the two of them. Nicole tells Paul that James isn’t good or sneaky. (yesterday she told Paul james was very sneaky) Nicole doesn’t like that America may think James is playing like Derrick. (Sorry, almost peed my pants on that one) She says there is only 1 Derrick and James is NOT Derrick. (It’s actually Nicole and Corey who have been saying that James is playing like Derrick-she told Paul that just yesterday) They have also counted votes again today. They know James has Nat and Meech. They agree he has Da if he’s against Nicole and he has Bridgette if he’s against Paul. (I may have said that backwards-can’t remember)
    James has been carrying around a stuffed owl since last night that came with the sushi. (Paul had a pelican-copycat)
    Paul was given a mini version of his pelican yesterday. He seemed excited. It isn’t a blow up, maybe foam? Oh well, I’m assuming no one really cares! Lol

  58. caRyn

    Paul said on BBAD that he just turned 23. He said he turned 23 in the BB house. I knew he was 23, but I didn’t know his actual birth date. What a great summer and birthday for him.

  59. Shivani33

    A few hours ago, there were 3 close contenders for AFP. James, Victor and Nicole. I’d love it if Slidell and the whole New Orleans area would make a gigantic batch of votes for Victor – and maybe they all are. It couldn’t happen to a better man to win that prize money. He was the best sport, great at the competitions and a real gentleman. I think of him often, and our family only has 120 votes a day to offer, with such high hopes for him. He’s a champion to our two liitle boys, even though they’re only allowed to watch the CBS show when it comes on at 8:00 pm. Our seven year old cried when Victor headed for the jury house. Good luck, Victor!!! And New Orleans, my God! How I love you. Always have, always will.

  60. Avatar

    If James makes it to the final two he will be tied for the most days spent in the Big Brother house at 177 days. The only other houseguest to spend that many days in the house was Janelle

  61. g8trgrl4life

    I’m watching the show and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person that didn’t cry in the DR this summer. Sheesh!

  62. caRyn

    Nicole Franzel – 29.9%
    James Huling – 27.7%
    Victor Arroyo – 20.6%
    Paul Abrahamian – 8.3%

  63. Helen

    Though for sure they would have the comp today but maybe not? Getting a little late for a puzzle type comp

  64. Avatar

    I haven’t been on here all day, y’all. I haven’t read the 200 something comments either. Where’s SteveBeans and why hasn’t he posted anything?

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