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Post Eviction Thread

Could these two be in trouble?
Could these two be in trouble?

I was going to wait a little bit to start this thread, but when the feeds came back on, there was a lot going on. Let me recap a little bit here.. Apparently Paulie said something to Michelle about working with Corey/Nicole to go after Victor and Paul and James, and there was worry that Nicole and James were working together. It seems that Nicole told James, “if there’s an elimination round, put up Paul and Michelle next to each other.” That didn’t set well with Paul so he is now chatting with Natalie about the situation to which he said the five of them need to stick together to get Nicole/Corey out. They keep mentioning how someone spilled the beans about “the plan” (which plan??), and it sounds like Natalie said something to Paulie before he left about how her and Bridgette were the ones who got the group against him. Nicole and Corey are chatting about how they were worried, but Corey thinks they’re safe because of a conversation he had with Natalie. Nicole thinks it’ll be the slippery slope comp. Natalie is also upset about the “Venezuelan Princess” comment that Paulie made.


I’m as confused as all of you probably are, but I’m sure this will all explain itself eventually. There’s a thousand different things being talked about currently. Let’s jump into the feeds..


  • 7:38pm – Paul is telling James that Paulie told Michelle that she needed to work with James to get Paul/Victor out. Those two and Natalie are trying to figure out what’s going on
    • Victor and Michelle are chatting in the kitchen, sounds like they’re reviewing days of evictions and who was up and stuff
    • James is saying he doesn’t know if he can trust anyone. Paul says what about me, Nat, and Vic? James says well yeah
    • Sounds like they’re worried about Nicole pulling James to their side
    • James says they have to go out and win HOH before they decide anything.. Good idea
    • Michelle says they’re still hammering outside.. Will HOH be tonight?
    • James and Natalie are talking up on the skybridge. They think that Paul threw them under the bus to Nicole/Corey. Nat says she only trusts James
    • Victor says that revenge feels so good
    • Nat and James are talking about taking Victor to the final 3, saying they never really trusted Paul, and that James wants to call out Victor to find out who’s side he’s on
    • It really sounds like paranoia is running rampant through the house right now. Looks like Paulie stirred the pot pretty good before he left
  • 8:00pm – Nicole is whining to Corey in the Tokyo room about how she’s Paul’s target this week
    • Nat says she wants to put Paul up and that Nicole is going to tell her the whole story later. Umm you gotta win HOH first
    • There’s quite a bit of he said/she said happening right now
    • Natalie is talking to Corey/Nicole now
    • Nicole and Corey want James to win HOH

Check back for the overnight recap in the morning. I’m confident that Pamela will do a great job reporting what goes on tonight!


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  1. Avatar
    Jatalie Fan (12 comments)

    Can’t believe how paranoid everyone is. Nicole is delusional about her game play and what she thinks about her and Corey. I would like to see her go before Corey (she’s very irritating). She thinks that by just sleeping, bad mouthing everyone in the house(except Corey) is good game play, then she must be playing another game.
    I like how Paul questions James loyalty to the group and Natalie is standing behind James saying that she trusts him. He has always done things with Natalie in mind and she knows that.

  2. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    Glad to see Pauli go and that he didn’t have the round trip ticket? Now that we for sure know there’s going to be a jury buy back I’m assuming it’ll be like its been before. Where the jury plays with the house in the HOH comp. Whoever wins that’s still in the house is HOH unless someone from the jury wins or the winner from the jurists comes back in the house. Whichever way it goes I don’t want Pauli back. I knew all of Pauli’s behavior with the crying and whatnot wasn’t true. Guy wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him. I would like to see Corey or Nicole go next. Tired of them too. I’m also still wondering about this advantage that was whispered about after the carnival. Whatever it is BB is keeping it under wraps. I’ve just heard the word advantage from when they’ve talked about the carnival. Also please don’t screw up my BBAD tonight CBS with the HOH comp. Play it after BBAD or tomorrow.

    • Mel

      Hope this group doesn’t turn on each other yet. (But it looks like they’ve already started) If they don’t get out Nicole or Cory and Paulie comes back next week, it will be like this week didn’t even happen. Starting over but w/out knowing who hoh is.

    • Mel

      I finally heard. The advantage is for the hoh comp they think is tonight

  3. Avatar
    Ding Dong Paulie Gone (3 comments)

    Natalie, James, Victor and Paul need to keep it together (oh and Michelle too…forgot about her). Stick with the plan, people! Evict Corey and Nicole, then ya’ll can Hunger Games it out to the end. They shouldn’t even talk about it right now…just get those two OUT. So annoying with all the flip-flopping.

    I would pay so much to see what happens when Paulie walks into the jury house with Z, Brid and Day! haha! Hopefully, Day can keep Z from humping Paulie and embarrassing herself MORE.

  4. Mel

    I just heard them say the advantage was for the hoh comp. Nicole/Cory may be getting ready to save themselves. James doesn’t think Nicole lies and makes stuff up- he seems to be convincing Natalie. Natalie is upset with Paul and wants to put up Paul and a pawn to get rid of Paul- she seems to be convincing James.
    Nicole told Natalie some shad stuff Paul did- I think Nat believes her.
    James wants to tell Vic the stuff about Paul to see if he’s on board to get rid of Paul.
    Meech heard nicole tell james that if it’s an elimination comp to put up Paul and Michelle together.
    If James is trying to play the middle, maybe he should wait till hoh to see where to jump!
    Nat is sweet be she won’t shut up about stuff that doesn’t matter. She’s still going on and on about how bad paulie treated her, she works hard, bought her own boobs, etc. Every time they talk game, its like she’s having her own game conversation with herself…except it isn’t a plan….it’s always a recap.

    • Colby

      Everything will depend on HOH and the CP.
      Even Nicole/Corey and James/Nat won both it would be stupid to tell Vic stuff about Paul.
      It would also be stupid to put up Paul and a pawn (even if they are trying to back door Victor) because if Victor wins veto he would save Paul. They would have to put them up together to be sure to get rid of one of them.

      • Avatar
        kristine (207 comments)

        The only people who can win the care package are: Corey, Michelle, Vic, and Paul. Vic is outgoing HoH so it’s possible he’ll win the care package. If Corey, Michelle or Paul win HoH then they are not eligible for the care package.

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      Honestly, it WOULD benefit them to get Paul out because at this point, he’s probably the best player that’s still in the house. If Paul goes, they all have a better shot but I’d still bank on victor to win it in the event Paul leaves. As it is, I think Paul and Vic could easily be f2. I don’t see Paul leaving, though. Even if James won, I think he’d be too chicken.

  5. danmtruth

    Talk about bad luck The first 5 people out had a chance to get back in Now it is jury bye back . The only person evicted who has not had a chance to get back in the game has been Frank . That sucks

    • Mel

      Didn’t think of that. True

    • Jannie

      Wow, didn’t think of that. Wish Frank could play, I would rather have him back than any of the others in jury.

      • Mel

        I really like frank. I didn’t like him on season 14. It’s actually bugged me because I can’t remember why. I remember the season and the stuff that happened but I don’t have a clue why I didn’t like him before. I just know that I didnt.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        I can’t stand Frank but I do think it sucks that he’s the only evicted HG who didn’t get a second chance. I do kinda wish he had stayed longer though, I think he would’ve shaken things up quite a bit.

  6. Shivani33

    Rachel, while showing off her new baby girl, said that James and Nicole as vets should be allies, and maybe their mutual fears about Paul are starting to make this happen. It does surprise me that James and Natalie (so far) haven’t talked about their doubts with Paul personally. Nicole and Corey want some additions to their side of things. Of course Nicole worked to sway James when he came to ask her if Paul was after him. Corey sat there saying, ” no, I never heard Paul say that.” He changed his tune as soon as he noticed that Nicole was trying to work it to their advantage. Things will clarify somewhat when we find out who wins HoH, and soon we’ll hear more scheming.

    • Mel

      If Paul wins hoh, I bet Nicole trys to use that conversation with James against him too.

      • Shivani33

        Mell, you know she will. So far her game has mainly been talkin’ and almost no walk. And speaking of walking, BBAD is a lot of reruns of Paulie running his mouth. So I keep walking on by right on out to the patio, waiting on the live show. Impatient, too.

  7. Jannie

    So I’m thinking that the buy back will be an endurance comp. Day won’t last and I think Zzzzis happy to be out, so it will be between TGF and Gidget. Fingers crossed for Gidget.
    I also heard tonight that there are only two more care packages. I hope they are done with the twists after that so we can actually see them play the game without any advantages.
    Although I am starting to like Vic and Bunyan, James and Nat would be smart to go with Nicorey moving forward. If either one made it to the final two, I think it would be easier to beat Nicorey for the money. Vic and Bunyan played pretty good social games, and Vic got TGF out of the house. That’s hard to beat.

    • Colby

      I think possibly the buy back will be combined with HOH and be the wall. Last jury member out comes back, but also could win HOH.
      I think I remember that the wall is easier for smaller people, so it may be harder for Corey and Vic.

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      some seasons the jury buy back was it’s own competition especially if this upcoming HOH is an endurance comp as it usually is around this time. Considering tonight’s show starts the HOH comp more than likely to end the episode it will most likely be an endurance comp. They haven’t done the egg one yet(pretty standard around this timing) and could fit very well to a county fair theme. they usually don’t do 2 consective endurance comps.

  8. Avatar
    quincy (11 comments)

    When I tune into big brother I want entertainment. Paulie was a magnet for hot topic discussion (pouting, being a sore loser, using Z to further his game, throwing dirt at Natalie like she did to him). Would he lose it this week, would he have the round trip ticket and come back in as public enemy #1 to some of the house guests, would he get his swag and arrogance back and wreak havoc all while winning an HOH and shaking things up, that’s entertainment to me.

    Many did not like the legendary Evel Dick during his season (vulgarity to the max, banging pots and pans in the middle of the night) but what a game player. As much as Rachel annoyed with her dramatics (floaters better get a life vest itches), she was entertainment in her two seasons of nobody comes between me and my man.

    What is the alternative, watching Nicole and Corey go on back to back weeks? Watching James continue to take shots to his manhood by being so obviously friend zoned by Natalie. Putting Meech on the block so she can just cry her way to the Jury house (Bridgette isn’t there to scheme anymore). Which by default leaves Victor and Paul to basically work together, who else can they final 2 with? Public enemy #1’s, house guests who are arrogant, defiant, and yet can win at comps, who are not afraid to shake the game up often to ensure what they want, who are so blinded and one-sided by what they want allows us to root for or against them. For me Paulie is this year’s controversial entertainment and I need him back in the game.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2785 comments)

      That’s a fair point, but the main reason most of us wanted Paulie out (aside from the fact that he is DISGUSTING in every way) is that up until a week ago the season had been extremely boring because of Paulie. He was in complete control and nobody was even questioning or challenging that until Bridgette and Michelle had their discussion by the pool. So while I agree with you about the need for controversy in the game to keep things interesting, I wouldn’t go as far as to say Paulie was this season’s Evel Dick. Paulie only became controversial and (and therefore somewhat interesting) on his way out the door.

      • Avatar
        Morgan (86 comments)

        Couldn’t agree more, Gerardo. I understand the entertainment value of people like that, but Paulie was not really entertaining. He was sickening to watch, and I got no enjoyment out of watching him… Until this week, as you said, because he was a sinking ship that I couldn’t look away from. It was hilarious. But any other week, nope. Couldn’t stand to watch him.

      • caRyn

        Paulie and also Dan (previous season) got under my skin. I wanted them evicted because I did not want them to win both the money and privilege to say they won. I watch for entertainment purposes only. It is rare if am team anyone.

    • Avatar
      Whatswrongwithpeople (6 comments)

      Paulie was an extremely boring player up until he lost the power during Z’s eviction. He used the cancer thing and to me that’s not a legendary heel move like evel dick getting in people heads but more like a cry baby spoiled brat whos upset people dont love everything about him. If he or Nicorey got the power the house would immediately return to the boring shit show it was while he and the sleepy squad repeated themselves 6 million times a week beating to death a dead horse eviction like a Bronte and talking about it as if she was some giant threat like Vic or Paulie are. Paulie returning to the games only value to me would be watching him evicted a 2nd time.

  9. Mel

    Am I overlooking something? I don’t see where the last care pkg is that big of a deal or even easy to prove if the houseguest has earned it.

    • Avatar
      kristine (207 comments)

      They have to open the care package in front of everybody. The upcoming care package(Voting for it ends at 1pm today) is the co-HoH; the person that receives it will be safe for the week and nominate one person for eviction alongside the HoH who is not eligible to receive the care package so if Corey wins HoH he can’t get the care package same goes for Paul or Michelle. James, Natalie and Nicole all have received care packages so they are not eligible to win it. I personally hope Vic wins the care package and either Paul or James or Natalie win HoH.

  10. Mello_One

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Nat Nat…But I saw Paulie’s comment in his Eviction Speech of calling Nat Nat a “Princess” as a Complement?! Idk…but maybe Nat Nat is being a little too sensitive, Princess doesn’t equate Spoiled Brat to me….hmmm?!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2785 comments)

      Yeah I think she’s being way too sensitive about that. He clearly meant that as a compliment.

      • Shivani33

        On the other hand, Natalie was poor as a kid and had to struggle, as did her family. She said tonight that in school, she was told that she could be pretty if only she dressed better, and her family couldn’t afford to dress better. So it’s understandable that she took the “Venezuelan princess” thing as a hit. To her, a princess implies someone who has always had it easy. She’s sensitive about it, but I cut her a whole lot of slack for it this time. Paulie was also too rough physically when he hugged her good-bye after his eviction. I saw her flinch. He knew about her neck and whammed her too hard. He’s an asshole.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        I can understand that, and I’d be willing to cut her some slack, but she’s going to have to toughen up a little bit. She can’t get up in arms about every little comment that someone makes. I’m rooting for Nat to win AFP, but if she keeps this up I think people are going to start turning on her soon.

        And yes, I definitely agree with you about how rough Paulie was with Nat and everyone on his way out. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I also didn’t really like that thing he did with picking up Julie. Say what you want about Julie, but she’s always maintained a very professional and dignified facade with the HGs. I just like picking her up was a little too familiar and inappropriate.

      • Painter1
        Painter1 (644 comments)

        K so someone degrades you with insults fir a week and than says they are complementing you on the way out ,maybe that’s why Nat is so guarded.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        @painter1 no one said that Nat should believe that his compliment was sincere. I actually think it was bull and he was trying to do “damage control” with the viewers as Colby said. But Nat wasn’t just complaining that his compliment was insincere, she was actually complaining that she was insulted by the word “princess”. Look I like Nat, and as I said I want her to win AFP (mainly because I don’t want one of the vets to win), but I think some people who previously supported her are starting to be turned off by what they perceive as hypersensitivity on her part. She has every right to be insulted by what he said about her last week, but the “princess” thing was clearly not meant to be an insult.

    • Colby

      I think calling her a Venezuelan Princess was meant to try to nullify calling her a Jersey Girl before. He was trying hard tonight to do damage control for his recent behavior.

    • Avatar
      Gracey (3 comments)

      I agree. I don’t like Paulie at all but I don’t think he meant it in a bad way. I think she is very sensitive and easily offended. Her body language during Zingbot was telling. She was literally cringing and bracing herself. I think she can’t handle being teased. Between her cringing and Paulie looking like he was about to burst into tears, zingbot was a little painful.

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  12. Shivani33

    The possible dramatic effect of the Care package is that the HOH and the Co-HOH could have opposing views and each could nominate someone who the other one doesn’t want on the block. As to who has done the most to deserve it, Victor and Paul have, from my perspective. Victor would benefit a lot since he can’t be HoH. It would be surprising if Paul gets the Care package. With some of the current babble in the house, he could really use this HOH.

  13. Mello_One

    PLEASE tell me that James, & Nat Nat are not going to fall for Nicole’s Bull! The one thing that Victor and Paul Stressed last week was that their Group had to stick together, and get Nicole, & Corey out, and they ALL Agreed! This is Nothing but a PLOY devised by Paulie going out the door, to break up the Alliance of Meech, Paul, Victor, James, & Nat Nat!

    Now why are James & Nat Nat all of a sudden not Trusting Paul, & Victor??? And believing the Snake Nicole, who has been tight with Paulie All Last Week, and throughout the entire BB 18 Season??? This makes No mistake at all?! I believe Big Brother might be setting the Table for a return of Paulie with the Jury buy back. & therefore allowing him to win the Game. Since most of the current people in the Jury, Day, Zaki, & Bridgette have not won any Major Comps.

    • Colby

      Everyone is trying to win the game. I think they see that Victor and Paul will just walk away with it (like Paulie was) if they don’t do something.

      • Mello_One

        @ colby
        I agree with you to an extent… The Alliance of 5 had agreed to get Nicole & Corey out, that was their Main Objective for next week…They should all stick to the Plan. Currently Nicole & Corey are the Biggest threat to all of their games, especially if Paulie wins the Jury Buy Back. And Paulie stands a good chance currently to come back!

      • Colby

        True. But they probably won’t have the numbers if they wait.
        Actually, if Corey does go this week I don’t see Nicole by herself as a threat. She isn’t a comp threat, but could be a vote, and would be easy to vote out whenever.
        I am a Nicloe fan, but I have resigned myself to the fact that she isn’t going to win this game. In fact I’m not sure she deserves to. I don’t think she has done such terrible things like some seem to, but I think she would have made different (better) choices if she had been playing for herself instead of for both her and Corey.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2785 comments)

        Unless something drastic happens over the next few weeks, Nicole most definitely will not win this game. Of the 7 remaining HGs, I don’t think there’s a single person that Nicole could argue that she’s outplayed at this point. Everyone else can point to SOMETHING they’ve done that has made an impact on the game except Nicole. Maybe if she’s successful in leading the charge to get Paul and Vic out she’ll stand a chance, but other than that, she can kiss that grand prize goodbye.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2785 comments)

      James and Nat MUST have known that Nicole would try to turn them against Paul and Vic as soon as she got the chance. I’m not even sure I’m understanding exactly what Nat is supposedly getting upset with Paul about. I hope they’re not gullible enough to fall for that.

      But I think James and Nat are in a very good position right now– Paul and Vic are going after Nic/Corey and Nic/Corey are going after Paul and Vic. I think if I were in their shoes I would throw the HOH comp, see which side gets power, and that’s who I would align with. The only thing that could throw in a wrench in their game is the jury buyback.

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      Let’s be real, no one should trust Nicole. But if you think about it, Paul isn’t trustworthy either. He’s been playing innocent and playing both sides of the house this whole time, and he’s doing it well. Not only that, but he and Vic basically aligned with them and threw out Paulie because they knew it’d be much easier to win the game against James, Nat, mich, etc. than it would’ve been to win against Paulie. It would be in their best interest to get the two powerhouses (Paul and Vic) out now so they stand a better chance. I happen to be rooting for Vic at this point, but I still see the logic in then wanting to get him out along with Paul.

    • JD

      As with Paulie production could have given Nat leading questions and put doubt in her head. It’s going back to Paulie if Nat and James fall directly Nics lies. I thought Paul would be too smart to completely trust anybody but himself. If he drops out of comp for Nat or James I will be so disappointed in him.

  14. Mello_One

    Why was Paulie given at least a full minute and a half to give his Eviction Speech when other HG are “only” given 30 Seconds??? And not only that, Paulie was Supposed to make Apple Pies ALL WEEK LONG, did he??? All I saw was Paulie make was about 5 Pies, he received no Penalty Votes either guys! It seems like the rules of Big Brother didn’t apply to Paulie when he was losing, & was pissed off?!

    Paulie also got an Excellent Edit too this week when we all know that he played Dirty, and dogged Zaki out….I hope BB isn’t rigging this for Paulie

  15. Shivani33

    BBAD just ran the credits for the pre-recorded show. Maybe it’s ready to go live.

  16. Shivani33

    Paul has gone way up in his chances of winning America’s Care package as the votes have been pouring in more and more in his favor. Also, his return ticket had a bar code on it, and none of the other tickets had one. Even though the ticket expired, maybe that bar code means that he won some sort of advantage or prize.

  17. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1016 comments)

    Natalie won HOH.

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