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Post Non-Eviction Episode Feed Updates


So, what did you think of the episode tonight?

Here are a couple of thoughts

  • A luck competition for arguably the biggest HoH comp of the season to this point is dumb.  Production fail
  • Despite what people think, Paul’s edit was probably like 85% accurate. They really didn’t leave a lot out other than maybe the house explaining how he was the main shit stirrer that day
  • That is the genius of Paul’s game. He is playing puppet master and allowing his minions to do most of the dirty work.

Ok, I don’t have time to ramble because the feeds are already back and things are already going down….

  • 7:09 pm – Alex calls out Mark for being happy when Cody hit his high score
    • Alex pulls Mark aside and asks what side he is on. Mark has no clue what he is talking about
    • Josh comes in and tries to clear up the situation. He says “You’re happy because I am getting a letter from home and you’re happy for me, right?”
    • Alex asks if Mark wants her out. He says no but he has an issue with her
    • Alex says Mark hanging out with Cody makes her very nervous
    • Josh keeps trying to defuse the situation, but Alex keeps saying Mark has a problem with her
    • Alex points out how Mark and Cody got their batteries together in the morning.  Big crime
  • The talk continues
    • Alex is asking why Mark voted for Christmas over Jillian.  Oh boy
    • They go back and forth for awhile
  • Jess comes in, Alex tells her it’s fine.
    • Jess gets in bed under covers
    • Alex has Mark leave the room and tells him that she does have a problem with her (Jess) when she listens in on conversations
  • 7:40 pm – The two continue to clear things up – BORING!
  • 8:20 pm – Elena is in the storage room doing damage control from her early season with Josh
    • Elena is rambling on about why she should be safe
    • Josh jumps in and compliments her eyes and says she is so pretty when she’s mad.  Okay
    • A few minutes later and has a weird smile and says ohhh I guess it’s the lighting (about how pretty she looks) then comes in for a hug. Jesus, Josh
  • 8:35 pm – The talk is done and Elena is now reporting it to her new boss, Paul
  • 10:30 pm – The crew is in the HoH room to see Josh’s stuff.
    • Christmas doesn’t seem too thrilled
  • 10:50 pm – The group has broken up and now Paul, Alex, and Christmas are all pretending to act what Josh wants to do while telling him what to do

Check back for updates


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  1. Painter1

    Yat dadadada da da da ,yat dadadada da da da,wtg Josh lol.

  2. strwar1

    Mark is literally having bad day for himself just like Jody.Alex is literally acting badass! Go Alex!

    • Avatar

      how is she being a badass exactly? ever since she became a minion, she seemed to see her badassness. on tv they just showed us the #catfight she’s not being a badass by finding out which “side” mark is on. Mark doesn’t even know where he’s at right now

      • Avatar

        She wants to talk about aggressive. She was aggressively. And was funny watching her fact check mark. When she can’t even get her days right. Anyone else sick of her saying the actual date. It’s BB Alex you don’t need to know the date just the days in the house. That’s going to come back and confuse the hell out of her and jason

    • Avatar

      Literally Alex is the second most annoying player this year…..obviously Raven being the first…..

      • Avatar

        THe editing was not inRavens favor last night. Last episode with her I remember the whole stomach story with birds chirping fast forward to both hands up flipping the middle finger. Classic. My 9 yr old said mom, raven has gone crazy!

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        DMW hasn’t gone crazy; she is crazy!

  3. kneeless

    Who died & left Alex in charge? She talks about Mark being aggressive.

  4. Alda

    Josh says Production better get out the earplugs,it’s going to be a LOUD week!

  5. Avatar

    I’m getting ready to throw out a #AlexSTFU!

  6. danmtruth

    early prediction Elena starts flirting big time with Josh #RavenSTFU will be up Josh pushing him into Elenas spread thighs
    Elena already flash her vajaja at Paul with the help of her NEW best friend Raven

  7. danmtruth

    Mindyboo you know it #ALEXSTFU

  8. Avatar

    Put the yappy dog outside I am off to bed. Good night all!

  9. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Did it annoy anybody else how Julie kept rushing the HGs during the HoH comp?

  10. Avatar

    Ugh, I can’t stand Josh. He has zero strategy and just does whatever Paul tells him. I don’t want Paul to win but he at least has strategies and game plays. Josh is so loud and annoying! I really wanted Kevin or Jason to win. I hate that this hoh comp was a total crapshoot and zero skill was required. Not cool big bro.

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  12. Avatar

    I HATE everyone in that house except for Jessica, Cody, Mark and Kevin. Paul is a bully and everyone scatters to him like his minions. Also, Alex is NOT a badass. Are you even watching this season people?!?! She’s a minion, nothing more. Everyone is useless. The world would be better without Josh.

  13. Avatar

    Talk about bullying…god…josh and paul need to goooooo

  14. Avatar

    Cat ears… really?!? That’s like arguing who wore converse first! I went back to episode 1 and Alex is wearing them when she got the key for BB… I always thought Alex was first so let’s put this to rest… ALEX was shown with them first!! Jessica should be more worried about how awful her extensions look and should have brought more hats into the house! Those ridiculous bandannas aren’t helping girlfriend 😉

  15. Avatar

    Another week of CBS sanctioned bullying to come from Paul and his “cult of minions” who don’t want to win the game… instead they’d rather drool over “Paul the hypocrite” for a season.

  16. Tiare

    This is going to be another Paul HOH unless Josh wakes up and thinks for himself. Josh sometimes makes a lot of sense when he talks. Please #wakeupJosh

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Josh is not woke.

    • kneeless

      Josh can really have some good insights & talk some great strategy but he is so impressionable & is so punch drunk on the Paulade.

      • Avatar

        I never thought I’d say this, but poor Josh. Paul is using him so bad and Josh prob just wants Paul to like him and accept him. Not just Paul, but everyone. He keeps saying ‘your boy ‘ when hes in the diary room, just like Paul said last season. Hes getting bad coaching and life lessons from Paul. I would rather see raven win than Paul. Thumbs down the hell out of me for that.

    • Sassy

      Definitely going to be a week of Paul but Josh will be soaking up all the attention he is given and it may put a fire under him to win again.

  17. Avatar

    Why didnt paul have to put up 2 new ppl and evict 1 of them…they failed on that 1

  18. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Honestly, everybody keeps throwing around the word bullying, which only minimizes actual bullying and victims of bullying.

    When your elementary school aged child is physically assaulted, shoved into walls, pushed down, and called derogatory names, that’s bullying.

    What the HGs are doing is immature, but it doesn’t seem to be actual bullying.

  19. Avatar

    I hate Paul and his minions. Can’t the others combine forces to gather just one single brain cell? Did anyone in the house watch last season? Paul has NO loyalty to anyone. For the first time in any season, I don’t have a favorite. I thought it would be Alex but she is horrible suck up to Paul. And Josh is HoH? He may be the dumbest houseguest ever.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hi Brash and Welcome Aboard! 🙂

      “Paul has NO loyalty to anyone.”
      None of them really do Brash. It’s just that the house is to full right now. As the numbers dwindle down, it will turn into dog eat dog.

      “And Josh is HoH? He may be the dumbest houseguest ever.”
      Nope, that would be that guy (Marcellus ?), who believed he had some sort of special powers to get back into the house so he let them vote him out.

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow your memory of past shows amazes me!
        Ohhh lawd have mercy I forgot about Marcellus!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        His name was LaWon, and I completely agree that LaWon was the dumbest HG of all time. Marcellas made a really dumb error, but he wasn’t dumb– he was arrogant and melodramatic as hell and Danielle Reyes’ knew that and moved in for the kill. Ultimately Marcellas was just a drama queen that became one of many victims of Danielle’s phenomenal gameplay.

      • Avatar

        Lol oh yeah I forgot about that guy. Did you even have the time to have a crazy Nick name for Marcellus.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks G, I couldn’t remember his name, but that’s the one I was talking about 🙂

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Marcellis was the one that was on the block, won the POV, but didn’t remove himself from the block, so he was voted. I would agree that he’s one of the dumbest BB players ever.

    • Avatar

      I concur! I refuse to watch the Paul show. Maybe next summer BB will be back.

    • Sassy

      I have watched every season and this is the first season I do not have a favorite. I have to wait to see who is left after Paul leaves and how they act in his absence. I dislike him SOOO much that I can only root for him to lose… For now, I settle for being #TeamanyonebutPaul

  20. kneeless

    Why is Alex so big on sending gift baskets to 14 of the hg’s. Maybe she better wait until the end to see if that # changes.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Maybe her next job is as a gift basket salesperson?

      • Yael Sara

        @magicalmorgana Currently Big Brother Contestant is one of her longest standing positions on LinkedIn so maybe gift baskets will be her calling.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m wondering if the girl really has a job at all. On the show it says her title is an Eco Friendly Marketing Rep, but when the group was talking one night last week, she said she works with rape victims. Why would she say that and which one is the truth?

      • Yael Sara

        @nkogneetow Doing some fun internet searching to see what I find. While I am 10 years older, we are from the same hometown.

      • Sassy

        I do hope she would not lie about working with rape victims. There are a million things you could lie about doing, but that would be unnecessary…

      • Avatar

        I don’t know what her actual job is either because I’ve heard her mention owning a clothing line along with some other jobs too. But in regards to working with rape victims, I thought I heard her say she volunteers with an agency (I don’t remember what she said the name was) that helps rape victims. Maybe I misunderstood but I didn’t get the impression that was her job, rather something she does as volunteer work.

  21. Avatar

    If Josh really wants to increase his chances of winning. Get out Paul now! They’re all so focused on Jess/Cody that Paul will continue to get his way week after week and start eliminating the threats he sits fit. Paul is one damn person, people need to wake up. If Jess/Cody manage to somehow survive this week. I’ll laugh hysterically at their haters.

  22. kneeless

    I am as tired of Matt’s laugh as I am his shirts!

  23. danmtruth

    Josh is now BS Elena about his time on the block Grilling her about voting him out Josh knew the plan to back door Jess and Ramses Now he is trying to make her feel shity Saying how he was crying all week thinking he was going home All the time knowing full well Elena and Mark were left in the dark

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sorry Dan, I give zero f*cks about Lips and WIR.

      • danmtruth

        than why is Josh pulling this game on her Why the BS it’s him against the house When she starts making seance he try’s to distract her with flattery He is just mining for info Fine all part of the game

      • LindsayB

        Why is Josh pulling this game? Ummmmm cuz he’s playing a game. We spend so much time bitching about people not playing them when they do play we bitch cuz they aren’t playing the way we think they should. Can we just, oh I don’t know, let them play?

      • ElaineB

        I agree. Josh is playing the game and now we can enjoy his well-thought out plans for his HOH. Personally, I am thrilled.

    • Sassy

      Good for him, a little game play that hopefully he came up with on his own (instead of Paul feeding it to him). These women have been ruthless teasing the men with their womanly charms, especially to Josh.

  24. Shivani33

    Paul told Josh what to do 18 minutes after tonight’s show ended. Then they had a fist-bump. Go Jaul and Posh. Sigh.

  25. Avatar

    I love that Josh won. I think it so fits the situation. Jessica told him numerous times he would go before her. So fitting if he gets her out. Everyone says they can’t stand Paul and his minions….but if you were in Paul’s position you would be loving it big time….why not, if they want to follow let them. Everybody has a choice in that house. It’s a game and people seem to forget that. I’m loving it even if I have to watch the mini porno of grossica…

    • Sassy

      I can’t stand Paul, but I do agree with you. The minions are the idiots for blindly following and all thinking they are his #1. If I was Paul, I would capitalize on it for as long as I could. He knows ALL of their secrets and will use them when the time comes. Wake up House PETS wake up!!!

      • LindsayB

        You’re only a follower if you let yourself be led. It’s not Paul’s fault they are weak people. They cast all types. Would it be better if they cast a bunch of alphas? Sure but that’s not how it is.

      • ElaineB

        Yes, Paul is in the house to win and he will. None of these other nimrods will get their ‘crap’ together and take him out.

      • Mel

        It’s not Paul’s fault at all but it sure as hell is boring game play to watch.

  26. kneeless

    If Cody & Jess are such fans of BB why don’t they stir the pot as long as they’re in the house & plant seeds. They can tell people once they are out, that’s great but the what? They should be talking about Paul being a gamer & using each & every person. Wake up Jody, there’s plenty of time to bone on the outside!

    • NKogNeeTow

      But they don’t want to bone on the outside. Because Messi knows on the outside, there will be no “them”….he doesn’t know it yet though.

      • ElaineB

        I agree NK since there will be no ‘them’ we have to be tortured through their ‘bad romance’ in the house. This was one of the worst (if not the worst) ‘battle back’ winners ever…..Cody has been a waste.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Sweet Holy Lord, PLEASE give me a decent cam to watch. I can’t take another minute of Lips trying to fast talk Josh about bullsh!t or The Bed Bugs. 🙁

  29. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Jessica put josh on the block. Told him the reason why was because she didn’t like him and he did not deserve to be in this game…..But yeah okay it’s all Paul’s fault that she will go back OTB……
    Cody and Jessica have treated him like crap for weeks,called him names,belittled him and made him cry …..I don’t think he needs Paul or anyone else to make that decision….will Paul support and encourage it? Hell yeah

    • Sassy

      I completely agree, he has every reason and right to put them up. They have not been nice to him. I think they would be his logical first choice without any influencing from Paul. But if one of them leaves, Paul will take all the credit…

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Not from me he won’t….this is all josh…he deserves it….Jessica told josh he would leave the game before her…well guess what bottle girl….he will make it at least to jury..maybe further..can’t say the future looks as promising for her

  30. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve now added #LIPSSTFU

    Forget Messi and Grody, the one Paul needs to watch out for this week is Xmas. Now THAT’S a snake! She’s as bad, if not worse, than Ram, when it comes to slithering through the house getting information. She usually uses Josh to get info about Paul. When he doesn’t want to say anything or give her info on him, she guilts him into it or uses a stern mama voice on him to get it. He falls for it every time.

    • Sassy

      When the house finally flips on him, he will be shocked that Xmas crosses him. He believes he has charmed all the snakes (with the exception of Jess).

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yes and no. Paul, Kevin, Jason, Paul and Alex are on to Xmas and wants to send her packing but not until they’ve cleared out Messi/Grody and anyone associated with them.

  31. Seattle Kari

    Another Paul HOH. Oh, right, “Josh”.


  32. Avatar

    I am so annoyed w edit Christmas received. Only showed what Paul did to organize minions on Monday. At very least they should have showed her arguing with Matt. That would be good tv. Why is production trying to keep her imagine clean? Unless I missed part of show…

  33. ElaineB

    Since this season seems to be Paul’s to lose, I have now switched teams. I am now on the #Paulforthewin team. Congrats Josh and Paul….your HOH should be stellar!

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Somebody needs to throw cold water on those 2 in the Rose Room. Jus sayin….

  35. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Grossica grossing it up in the rose room…as usual. In between slurps they’re complaining about how unfair it is that they are so deserving but others who are less deserving will make it to the end…as usual. Glad to see America’s Sweethearts have decided to switch up their strategy a bit.

  36. kneeless

    Oh, dear God, Raven has the floor. What sweet Christmas memories, gag. #RavenSTFU

  37. danmtruth

    Cody trying to be sociable the only problem is he’s talking to Raven Where did Raven grow up because now she is talking about snow for Christmas #RavenSTFU !!!!

  38. Shivani33

    One thing is that Josh doesn’t like Raven, as he told Christmas last night. If something occurs that leads to him nominating her, say if Cody or Jess can get off the block, I’ll be cheering. But realistically, I don’t see Paul letting Raven become a replacement nom even if Josh wants it. Paul seems more set upon Mark and Elena as secondary targets.

    I’ m happy for Josh that he can enjoy a triumph. He and Paul’s wishes might coincide so far. Nevertheless, Paul is still the boss. He saved Josh from eviction by engineering the demise of Ramses. Plus, Cody and Jessica were nasty to Josh. Really Paul has Josh in the palm of his hand, though. Some independent thinking from Josh would be a Meatball milagro.

  39. NKogNeeTow


    Kitchen: DMW/MattRess/Grody

    Grody to DMW: “What was your favorite Christmas?”

    DMW: “It was the year I got a life size Barbie. Because the year before that, I asked Santa to let my Mom live”.

    DMW: “She’s had 49 surgeries and she’s still alive”.

    *I’d like to take this moment to hire myself out as a Hitman. Any takers?*

  40. LindsayB

    I’m just gonna say how entertaining it is to read all the haters’ bitterness right now because of Josh winning. Yes, that means it’s another week influenced by Paul. Why? Cuz he’s for everyone in the house under his thumb except for two people. That’s how it works when you’re outplaying everyone else in the house combined. This isn’t production. This is game play.

  41. Yael Sara


    • NKogNeeTow

      Yael, hush…lol

    • LindsayB

      That’s ok. It won’t deter him from winning.

    • Avatar

      Me too. At least he won’t get 1st place. He’s still losing because most of America dislikes him with a rare few…he’s at the bottom of the list. I can’t wait to die of laughter at his fans thinking he’s taking home the 500K

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        If you gotta die, death by laughter seems like a nice way to go.

        I am sorry you loathe Paul so much, but your blind hatred of him doesn’t allow you to see how many people he has under his control.

      • Avatar

        I hope you meant that figuratively, hmmm… I don’t hate anyone but I don’t like his gameplay or his ego in the game. Lastly, do I come for you with your HATRED for Jess/Cody?! I’ll wait….
        Paul’s is at the bottom of the well liked list… I wonder why that is? I don’t think it’s for immaculate game playing, dear.

      • LindsayB

        Cyn, the difference between you and me is that if a player I like goes home or ends up on the “wrong” side of the house I don’t start crying foul everywhere. I can recognize game play whether it’s from my favorite or my least favorite. You may not like Paul. Cool. Never cared. You being blinded by your disdain is what makes me die of laughter. You’re on #teamPettyAF

      • Avatar

        Who’s crying?? Delusional, much. I DON’T like PAUL or his bullying manipulative methods. Most of America doesn’t like his “get carried to the end” game approach. I know you see the blogs. Just because you like his style of playing, well Linds, my dear we don’t all have to agree with you. If I could recall this time last year…you bitched daily about not liking Da’vonna in every damn post!! It was nauseating after while. Even during the OTT season you threatened to discontinue the feeds if Jason side stayed in the lead. So don’t come for me on something you’ve done yourself. As for comparison…I never thought we had any similarities.

      • Avatar

        *dont come for me unless I send for you

      • LindsayB

        Your one liners are cute. Your recollection is horrible. Lots of people threatened to discontinue feeds or quit watching. I’m not one of them sweetie. Its just a game. Not something to get emotional about. It’s cute when you try to justify your pettiness tho so keep going!!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Lindsay and Cyn, I know you two disagree about Paul, but let’s see if we can find some common ground. Now can we all agree that Raven and Alex need to STFU??


      • Avatar

        Oh Linds, deflection doesn’t look good on you, sis. And I’m only petty toward your sarcasm. We good? Teehee…

      • LindsayB

        Oh. Was there something I didn’t address? Maybe you should read again. Sis. I’m always good. You’re the one that’s so easy to rile up.

      • Avatar

        @gerardo I agree 🙂 We’ll play nice

      • Avatar

        Linds, say it with me…Woosah, feel better?!

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        I willingly admit I hate Grossica. They are horrible prople. Their gameplay is equally horrible. Name one good game move they have done, one. I’ll wait.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        And please don’t call me “dear.” It’s condescending.

  42. danmtruth

    poor zingbot might overload with all the material

  43. Avatar

    It is production a little Lindsay. They gave him friendship bracelets in the beginning so he had the chance to interview all the houseguests. Then gave best hex week one w him as only vet w fans.

    • LindsayB

      He won something. With votes. There’s plenty of people who hate Paul. Who like Paul but hated the idea of a returning player. This production excuse is weak. As weak as Megan’s and Jillian’s gameplay combined.

  44. kneeless

    Cody chomping on that popcorn….ugh!

  45. kneeless

    Did everyone catch that pregnancy hint from Jess? They, Jody, were talking about God & Cody mentioned fornicating, Jess said something about them “doing it” & then Jess said “#is she or isn’t she

    • NKogNeeTow

      They were talking about that the other night on the hammock too. She told him that she hadn’t had a period since she’s been in the house and that she had gotten off birth control before she got there but went to the DR and asked for it and they gave it to her (*whew, that was the longest run on sentence I’ve ever typed*).

      His eyes got as wide as saucers.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Wouldn’t that be something production would know and make her test? Participation in some of the challenges would put a pregnancy at risk.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Bedroom: WIR/Paul/Jason/Kevin/Josh/Elena/Alex

    They are ragging on Xmas, who is in the DR.
    Someone says she’s been in the DR a long time, what is she doing.
    Someone says “probably rambling”.
    Jason goes into a long funny list of things she’s saying (all disconnected subjects and rambling).
    They all laugh.

  47. danmtruth

    can Alex STOP trimming her splitends on the bed
    #RavenSTFU makes hot chocolate and you think she found a cure for cancer

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Wave Room: Messi/Grody

    They are having a convo about how clean her apartment is. They are having a good time. Production announces “Josh, please go to the Diary Room”. Both of their faces drop and they go silent.


    • LindsayB

      Yeah, the writing is on the wall for them. Sure, there’s the whatever extra comp and veto, but for them to both stay in the house this week they will have to work. I actually wouldn’t mind if that happened. Then Josh would have to put other people up and shit could get crazy.

      • Sassy

        He would put up Elena and Mark, not super crazy. Unless Elena gives him a lil some…

      • LindsayB

        Sassy, something tells me Elena would all of a sudden pivot and realize the reason she couldn’t fully commit to Mark was because of her undying love and attraction for Josh.

      • Sassy

        If she gives it up to Josh for game play, I might have to pivot to #teamanyonebutelena

        I’m pretty sure her initial attraction to Mark was because she “thought” he would be a strong player. Looks can be deceiving…

  49. danmtruth

    but LindsayB the J&C production fares will get them the safe temptation and POV so Josh can send Elena and Mark out

  50. danmtruth

    why two feeds on Raven Matt 2 feeds on J & C Why !!

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Is Xmas starting to get on anyone else’s nerves?

  52. NKogNeeTow


    Paul and Kevin laying on the bed having a private convo with everyone sitting in the room.
    Kevin leans over to Jason’s bed and whispers something to him.
    Xmas is sitting on Josh’s bed and sees them, but can’t hear what he said. She does NOT look pleased.

    Rose Room: WIR/Lips

    She is grilling the hell out of him.
    She is talking VERY fast (*I’ve never trusted anyone who talks that fast. It’s usually because they are saying something that they want you to miss*)

  53. Avatar

    I think I am ready for a triple eviction on Thursday Raven/Alex/Cody.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Lips/Paul/Xmas laying on the bed. Paul in the middle.

    Paul ask Lips to rub his back. She does

    Xmas does NOT look pleased.

  55. danmtruth

    better question is who hasn’t gotten on my nerves this year

  56. danmtruth

    oh wait Kevin hasnt gotten on my nerves

  57. Avatar

    How do you guys imagine Jess and Cody can flip the house socially?
    I personally think they can do more to show how much influence Paul has in the house. It’d be funny if they legit asked Paul for permission for everything. And suck up to him like over the top, King vs Peasant type scenario– completely bow before him, beg him.. say stuff like “give us one week Lord Paul. Please, I beg you”. The goal is to somewhat hold mirror the House, and maybe they’d be able to see.

    • LindsayB

      That would be hilarious. You know I’m #teamPaul and even I would LOVE to watch that.

    • Mel

      That would actually be hilarious. It’s also the only thing I’ve heard suggested that might have a chance in hell of working because they pointed it out and they’ve talked people. These people are far too deep in the well. They are literally bathing in the Kool-Aid. I don’t know if that would work either but it would be worth the attempt and would be funny to watch.

    • Sassy

      I would subscribe to BBAD if I heard that was happening.

  58. kneeless

    Raven sure is plowing through the snacks.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    They would sooner die.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Wow! They descended on Josh’s basket like vultures.

    Did anyone notice the look on Messi, Grody and WIR’s faces? (*evil grin*)

  61. Mimi Ryan

    Cat Ears, Bandanas, Cody Oh My!!!!! Someone here commented on the fact (true) that Alex is seen prior to entering the house with Cat Ears On. It’s official it’s an Alex thing. (Jess you either own your stuff or you do NOT)!!! Bandanas Josh is now wearing it, I’m good with that & especially seeing him WIN HOH!!!!! This might be fun. Oh Cody, Cody, Cody, perhaps getting REAL might help, but, it’s Cody & I seriously doubt it. Dud, Jess asked you (and you can’t remember $%^^), if her mother is watching this, will she be upset. So typical of people like him (far to compartmentalized and lacking a lot of social set) and just don’t remember how they treat people and then turn up as victims (sad really). Cody asked Raven (shout out to STFURaven), why is the whole house against him? REALLY??????????? Dude, you are a total duche bag, get into reality dude and get some life skills.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    You know who else isn’t as social as I thought? Xmas. She was fine as long as she felt she was in control. Now that she sees it slipping, she mainly sits around and looks withdrawn. Whenever she tries to take over a conversation, they just kind of give her a quick polite comment/response and move on. She’s been looking mighty unhappy lately.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Now all of a sudden WIR wants to start working out in the HOH Room. Like he thinks being in close proximity to Josh will save him…lol

  64. kneeless

    I am so sick of Jess sticking her fingers up everyone’s ass. Why is that fun?

  65. NKogNeeTow

    I wish Production would institute a new rule that NO ONE but the HOH can sleep in that room. I fully expect Xmas to worm her way up there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t try to out wait everyone in the room. Paul will almost have to handcuff himself to Josh to keep her from all but riding on his back piggyback style.

  66. Mel

    Is it strange that a part of me wants STFURaven to get an hoh so I can see what wierd shit he mom sends her?

  67. NKogNeeTow

    OH SNAP! WIR just admitted to Lips that he’s jealous of her and Paul.

    He said she goes from wearing his (WIR) hoodie to wearing Paul’s hat. (*Are you kidding me?…No, I’m not*)

    Of course she’s explaining it all and making him feel like a fool.

    *These are the saddest 2 a$$holes I’ve ever seen in my life*

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Josh just shut Xmas down….AHAAAA!

    Alex/Pau/Kevin/Jason/Xmas in the HOH.

    Xmas: “Josh, I think you should take this time to mend fences.”

    Josh: “F*ck that”. (yells)

    They all laugh at her. She does not look pleased.

  69. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    DMW is going to die of diarrhea of the mouth before she does her gastroparesis.


  70. NKogNeeTow

    The HOH Crew is talking about voting Messi out bur not telling WIR or Lips. I think this is a mistake. In order to keep them dangling, I’d still plan on getting rid of Messi, but wait until just before the vote or on that day, then tell WIR and Lips that they just decided to do it today. The two of them already felt betrayed when they did that the last time. It could get tricky and a bit old if they kept doing that to them, especially when you want them to vote your way either in the house or Jury.

  71. NKogNeeTow

    WIR just asked Paul if Josh makes him (WIR) a HN, would he (Paul) volunteer to take his place.

    Paul tells him he can’t override the HOH but if WIR is picked, he’ll volunteer to take his place. (*Josh has already decided that WIR/Cody and Lips(?) will be HN and the rest of the house knows it*)

  72. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin is clearly not a fan of Kanye…lol

  73. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Kool papa is very disrespectful to his wife letting Christmas hang all over him….Christmas is just one of those women who just don’t care…

  74. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Paul/Kevin/Jason/WIR

    Kevin tells Jason to go get Josh so they can open the wine and have a drink.

    Paul says make sure Christmas Joy isn’t anywhere around. They all laugh.

    WIR says, no let her come up and watch them drink because she’s a HN on meds and can’t have it. They laugh.

  75. NKogNeeTow

    That goddamn Zombie has eaten almost half of Josh’s snacks. That b*tch has been eating since she saw the basket. *rolling eyes*

  76. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Kevin must really be an alcoholic.

    Paul opened the wine and Kevin is going crazy. He wants Josh to hurry up and take a drink.

    Josh wants glasses.

    Kevin says they don’t need to dirty up glasses and ask hasn’t he ever drank on the corner before? He says just take a swig and pass it around.

    Josh calls him a savage.

    Kevin is so eager, Josh just hands him the bottle and says to go ahead because he did promise him liquor.

    Kevin takes a swig then holds the bottle out.

    The Zombie Queen jumps up, grabs the bottle and takes a big swig. (*Now let me get this straight…she can’t eat meat, she can’t eat vegetables, she can’t eat seafood, but she can eat ice cream and drink alcohol…..What tha….*)

  77. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    If I were these idiots I would think twice about playing that temptation comp….1 person is gonna lose and go OTB….that means there could potentially be 3 OTB leaving only 8 votes to evict… way!! Unless I was convinced I might be a nom I’d risk not playing!

  78. Advertisement:
  79. Shivani33

    Jessica & Cody mostly talk about themselves. Everyone else mostly talks about Jessica & Cody, too. It’s getting a lot like that movie which repeats the same day over and over. Big Brother’s Groundhog Day, and man, I’m so ready for it to change.

  80. NKogNeeTow

    Rose Room: Messi/Lips

    Lips is telling Messi about a conversation she had with Alex and how Alex told Josh after the HOH Comp, that WIR and Lips weren’t happy for him when he won.

    She told Messi that after that, she pulled Josh aside to tell him how happy she was for him. (*Damage control from what Alex told Josh*)

    She’s telling Messi that she misses Ramses and still has dreams about him.

    She’s laying it on as thick to Messi as she did with Josh.

    She tells Messi how before she left the HOH, she went over and reinterated to Josh how happy she was that he won (*she did this to make sure Alex heard her*)

  81. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Please josh. Put Messi and Lips OTB. Pretty please

  82. NKogNeeTow

    Rose Room: Messi/Grody/Lips

    Lips is telling them that she prefers hanging out with them because they are much better people than anyone else in the house.

    Messi is fake laughing her ass off. It’s annoying.

    Lips leaves and Grody tries to get Messi to tell him what they were talking about.

    She says she can not tell him.

    She then tells him that Lips told her that Alex is going around telling everyone that Lips and WIR weren’t happy that Josh won.

    Grody says that when he passed through the bedroom that Kevin told him to stay strong.

    Grody tells Messi “Yeah, like the plan hasn’t changed” *he was being sarcastic

    Messi tells Grody is Alex is a twat and she wants to stick her neck between 2 doors and keep slamming it shut and that she wants to see Mark and Elena go far.

    Grody tells her that if she keeps talking to Lips, she is just going to put a target further on their (Lips/WIR) backs.

    They suddenly get quiet and just lay there staring off into space.

  83. NKogNeeTow

    Guess who’s back up in the HOH…..Lips….Surprise!

  84. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh/Paul/Lips

    She’s emphatically telling Josh how happy she is that he won and is telling him again how Alex was trying to throw her under the bus.

    Josh deflects by saying all of a sudden “Oh you look so beautiful right now”.

    This throws her off and she looks at Paul.

    Paul says “Why are you looking at me”?

    She tells Josh that because they live in the BB house, it doesn’t matter that much this week but it might come back later.

    She looks down at her boobs and Josh ask her “Why are you looking at your boobs? Do you want me to look at your boobs”?

    He then tells her that he looks at her as an individual.

    She says she doesn’t like Alex walking around and complimenting her then saying things behind her back.

    Paul says that if it’s squashed just leave it alone.

    She won’t leave it alone and ask why does Alex keep trashing her name. It’s very irritating.

    Josh ask her if he can have a hug. *He’s becoming very good at deflecting*

    She tells him that as long as he thinks she’s beautiful, he can tell her that as much as he wants, then gives him a hug.

  85. NKogNeeTow

    Josh goes to the money room to visit Kevin and Jason. Xmas is there.

    Xmas ask Josh who’s upstairs. He says Paul, Lips and DMW is taking a shower.

    Josh leaves to wash Kevin’s dishes.

    Xmas tells Kevin she’s going to make a shake because she’s still hungry and she’ll be back.

    She goes in the kitchen and stands next to Josh and whispers that they need to talk. She says she’ll be up to talk to him soon. *Not sure whether she knows Josh has asked Paul to stay up there with him because he’s use to being around people and he doesn’t like being alone*

    She hobbles upstairs as fast as she can.

  86. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Paul imitating Grody….funny as hell.

  87. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh/Paul/Lips/Xmas/MattRess/DMW

    Everyone starts to leave. MattRess and DMW leave first. Then Lips.

    Xmas lingers around.

    Paul goes to the bathroom and Xmas whispers to Josh to come downstairs.

    She looks to check to see where Paul is, then tells Josh “I love Paul but don’t do everything he says”.

    Josh doesn’t really say anything.

    She gives him this look of confirmation, but he changes the subject to eating.

    Paul comes out before she can say anything else.

    They start talking about Lips and WIR.

    Paul tells them how WIR asked him if he’s made a HN, if Paul could volunteer for him.

    Josh and Paul tell about how Lips kept saying that she was happy Josh won, but they saw how unhappy they looked when he won.

    Josh told them that every time Lips talks to him, she tries to get info out of him and he’s not telling her anything. *To bad he can’t see that Xmas is doing the same thing and in a more demanding manner*

    .*Let me insert take a minute and say that Xmas and Paul are in a power struggle for Josh. Paul just doesn’t know it yet.*

  88. NKogNeeTow

    Xmas is just like Herpes. You just can’t get rid of it.

  89. NKogNeeTow

    HN Room: Lips/WIR

    Same stupid ass argument about him being jealous of her and Paul. *This is SO exhausting*

    Now, somehow MattRess has been dragged into it. He’s not exactly jealous of him, but he’s not not jealous of him.

    He says he can’t control how he feels.

    *Lord give me strength*

  90. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Paul/Xmas : Title “A Battle of Wills”

    Paul ask her how long her Temptation last.

    She tells him she has to check.

    He says he has a plan.

    She ask what it is.

    He says that if Messi/Grody gets put up, to wait till Veto and see who gets pulled to play. If its not a strong player, she uses her Temptation to swap one of them out.

    She says why not just leave them both up and not use it.

    He says just in case a weaker player gets picked to play, they can switch out.

    She says she likes the plan but wait until Safety to see what happens.

    She says she can’t replace the HOH or one of the Noms.

    They are going back and forth as to which one is the better plan.

    He tells her to check and make sure how long it is in effect and then see what happened at Safety.

    She tells Josh he has to take his laundry down tonight in order to get it done by tomorrow. *This is to get him downstairs alone.*

    She leaves and he tells Paul he’s going to carry his laundry downstairs.

    Paul goes to bed.

    Josh goes downstairs behind Xmas.

    He goes in to mess with Kevin and Jason.

    Feeds cut to HN Room. Lips is reading the Bible to WIR.

    Feeds cut to nothing.

    Feeds go back to Rose Room.

    The Zombie Queen and MattRess are playing tittle winks under the covers and talking.

    HN Room:

    WIR is looking pissed that Lips is reading the Bible either out loud or to him. *not sure which*

    Cams never went back on Josh/Xmas.

    Josh just called to the DR. *Could they be trying to save him from what is surely a guilt trip?*

  91. NKogNeeTow

    Rose Room: MattRess/DMW

    Something funny is going on under the covers again.

    Money Room: Kevin/Jason

    The lights are off but they are wide awake and talking. *You can hear them in the Rose Room*

  92. NKogNeeTow

    Gerardo? Shi? Helen? Why hast thou forsaken me? …lol

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Sorry NK……had to bail on you last night….there is only so much I can take listening to some of these people……Christmas has always gotten on my nerves…although I started out liking her,her voice grates on my nerves…now that she is coming on so much to Kevin she really pushed me over the edge….
      Lips…..omg. I looked up phony and fake in the dictionary and who’s photo was there? Yup…she thinks she is the next Anna Nicole and Marilyn Monroe all rolled into one.
      Messi Jessie….what can I say? She is the stereotypical Hollyweird wannabe who will degrade herself and use her sexuality to try to be part of the “inner in crowd”. Girls like her are a dime a dozen…there will always be someone that is younger and better looking to take her place.
      Grody…..while I respect the fact that he served in the military I don’t think he deserves any more respect than I give to anyone who serves to protect us…police,fire fighters,emergency responders,nurses,doctors do that everyday……i don’t like Cody,the person.
      Raven……she is a scam artist and not a very good one at that….
      Matt…..does he ever leave his tongue in his mouth? When he changes his shirt it’s the talk of social media. Who knew he had a purple shirt? The smell that comes off his clothes must be unreal! Glad to know his legacy in BB will be the guy in the orange shirt who hooked up with the whacko scam artist.
      Mark……while sensitivity in a man is something most women appreciate,Mark takes it and turns it into a weakness. A man can be senti a woman’s needs without being a doormat…..
      Kevin……while he remains one of the few that I like in this game he is slowly losing me….he is crossing a line with Christmas that is showing me that behind the funny nice guy who wants to portray himself as a dedicated family man is a not so likeable philanderer who probably has put his wife through hell over the years.

  93. NKogNeeTow

    Bathroom: Alex/Xmas

    They are trashing Lips and WIR. *Whispering makes it hard to hear*

    Xmas ask Alex, depending on security, if she wants Lips first.

    Xmas says it all depends on what happens tomorrow (Safety).

    Xmas says Lips will be freaking out because she NEEDS Jury.

    Alex is telling Xmas that WIR and Lips are in the room laughing up a storm with Messi and Grody. (*they aren’t*)

    Xmas says she told Josh not to put all 4 of them as HN and that he should break them up by putting one of each set in there.

    Xmas tells Alex that she thinks MattRess/WIR and Lips are all throwing Comps and that she and Alex are doing a lot of the dirty work.

    Xmas tells Alex that they have to be careful and not let the others see them hanging out all the time.
    *Xmas is trying to but not trying to sound like DMW. Every chance she gets she brings up her injury.

    Xmas is telling Alex that she wants to help her (Alex) and Jason to get as far as possible, then they can cut her out she doesn’t care,” just get the rest of these f*ckers out of here first”. *She doesn’t mean it*

    She tells Alex that DMW will be gunning for HOH soon. She says personally she wants to take out WIR.

    • Avatar

      Xmas makes me sick always whining about her foot when she should not even be there imo and her out of control temper that is hidden by the tv edits. Nice to see Matt actually speak the way the game is edited i thought only paul did the talking, lol

  94. NKogNeeTow

    Bathroom: Alex/Xmas

    Xmas says she loves a military guy but there is something wrong with Grody. She ask Alex if she heard when Grody said he faked all of his military stuff.

    Alex said he was really cool in the real world but is acting really weird in the house.

    Alex says they have to be careful because they don’t want to scare WIR and Lips into an alliance with Grody and Messi.

    Xmas says that MattRess and DMW are playing lay low until later then they are going to play hard.

    Alex says the block is scary right now but not bad because they have the numbers.

  95. NKogNeeTow

    Bathroom: Xmas/Alex

    Xmas is saying that Lips, manipulates WIR, now she’s starting to do it to Josh and just started talking to Kevin this week.

    Xmas says Lips is a “shady f*ck”.

    Money Room: Kevin/Jason/Josh

    Kevin sends Josh to get Alex.

    He looks in the HN room then finds her in the bathroom with Xmas.

    Bathroom: Josh/Xmas/Alex

    Josh tells them again, how good he feels about his win.

    He tells them to make sure they win that Temptation tomorrow.

    Xmas tells him to make sure he comes down early tomorrow (so they can talk secretly).

    Josh and Alex leaves. Xmas stays behind to go to the bathroom.

    She comes out of the stall and Grody is standing there waiting to go in.

    She’s caught off guard, then washes her hands, leaves and goes to the Money Room and says goodnight.

    Alex is in the dark, crouched down in the Money Room, waiting to scare somebody.

    When Grody walks into the room, she lunges out, but he’s not afraid.

    He smiles and tells her she doesn’t know about sneaking up on him.

    Alex starts to tell Jason about her convo with Xmas.

    She starts to tell him something, then MattRess comes out, they Production tells them the lights must stay on.

    Alex tells Production that they are telling secrets.

    Alex tells him that when it gets down to her, Jason, Kevin, Paul, Josh, and Xmas, they should take out somebody (*couldn’t hear who they said….whispering*)

    Kevin returns and Production tells them that the lights must stay on. Production tells them twice.

    Cam switches to Josh getting ready for bed in the dark.

    HN Room: Alex/Xmas/WIR

    Small talk about spiders and the Comp tomorrow.

    Xmas says her name this summer is “Bitch Be Broken”.

    The 3 of them speculate what the Comp might be. They think it may have something to do with math.

    They then try to figure out how HN will be chosen.

    WIR says the thing Grody might volunteer because he asked WIR if he could have his bed.

    Alex says it might not be up to them to volunteer. If might be like that last time, the ones at the bottom of the Comp has to be a HN.

    WIR says he can’t be a HN again because he’s been one for 5 weeks. He says if he gets picked again, he’s going to try the key.

  96. NKogNeeTow

    HN Room:

    WIR and Lips are talking about the beds. WIR says that if Grody and Messi are in there, they will probably sleep in the same bed.

    Xmas is just sitting up in the bed looking at them and listening intently.

    Alex comes back into the room and cuts out the light and goes to bed.

    They talk about what they will eat when they come off slop tomorrow.

    Talks turns to their bathroom habits and farting (*crop dusting*)

    They say goodnight then start to talk about Xmas’s wound sticking to her cast.

  97. NKogNeeTow

    The Bed Bugs are up.

    She goes into the bathroom and sits on the sofa.

    He goes to the kitchen and stands at the counter in front of the microwave and eats pita chips and hummus, while watching her sit on the sofa.

    He rinses his mouth, goes to bed, they kiss, snuggle.

    MattRess starts to snore.

  98. NKogNeeTow

    Okay my little sleepy heads, the house has gone to bed and so am I.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow and see you tomorrow evening 🙂

  99. pkcable

    @stevebeans you summed it up perfectly with that last line….

    [quote]10:50 pm – The group has broken up and now Paul, Alex, and Christmas are all pretending to act what Josh wants to do while telling him what to do[/quote]

    Although it should be interesting to watch. Tonight I’ll watch last night’s BBAD from my DVR OR I can flash back. In any event it could be an interesting week watching them manipulate Josh and then watching his drama about it!

    I GUESS the move is to put up Jess and Cody again? Or do we go for the backdoor? lol

  100. Avatar

    Production Luv them some PAUL. Right off he gets Friendship bracelets to save people day ONE, Nice. Then he gets the 3 WEEKS of Protection WOW. He could still be HOH during the 3 weeks, no downside for him due to the insane protection talk about rigged. The other Temp were one time use while pauls was COMPLETE protection for 3 weeks…lol… Then they put in the Temptation Comp as soon as Jess won HOH to protect paul from a backdoor and put another target up, lol I bet Production wishes they could remove the Temp comp now Paul won uh i mean Josh won HOH….But im sure they will make it very difficult for Cody or Jess to win turning the odds against them with another chance type game.

    Then to have a Chance game for this HOH arguably the biggest of the season..why? Production was not going to let the most determined 2 in the house have the better odds. So Production did a chance game it was 8 against 2 so 80% chance the minions won.

    Ya see how nice the Paul and his Minions were when Jess used the Hex, their Faces, LOL. Then looked scared when Cody was first place in the HOH Then acted like dodos when Josh won. Production Luv Dem Some PAUL…Viva La Paul…just give him the 500K and save us all the hassle of watching how production manipulates the game.

    • pkcable

      Yea a small part of me, as much as I don’t like Cody, he’s got the personality of a rock, was rooting for him or Jess in the comp. More so him, she’s REALLY insufferable! lol At least it would have upped the drama level.

      I think with emotional Josh, as HoH should help the Drama level a bit BUT who knows? Paul and Xmas will certainly play him like a fiddle!

      • Avatar

        i dont know if he will act nutty this week as he is in charge and will just do what he is told by Paul…but if they suspect the comp is some kinda of thinking memory game Paul may put him up to his pots routine…

    • Avatar

      Let TeamPaul stans say otherwise. It was his perfected well thought out strategic game moves. Then his minions giving him the first HOH which was not earned on his own. At least be an actual competitor! He sucks and I can’t wait till he loses again by taking home the 50K!!! I’ll literally tag specific people because I’m TeamPetty as some have categorized me to remind them I was right.

      • Avatar

        i agree…it must be very frustrating to be in the game and know its stacked against you by Production so gotta hand it to Cody and Jess for not walking.

    • Avatar

      Thanks @monica21 for accurately summing up the season so far. Production is obviously a big fan of Paul but so are the dogs (Paul’s words) in the house who gave him the HOH by handing him the tickets to “not lose” that comp. Since he has an 80% chance to be safe every week there is no real pressure on him to do anything productive as a comp. competitor. Even the HOH that Jess won where they had to hold a stick on a stop light, Paul dropped out within the first minute possibly partly because he knew anyone who was put up against him would go home. As easy as it is to be annoyed at Paul for being the loudmouth, bully, narcissistic, entitled, spoiled, young punk that he appears to be, it’s even easier to be annoyed at the lazy, clueless, jury seeking, hypnotized hg’s who are so willing to hand him things. For productions sake, they better hope something happens in the next few weeks to make the show interesting or at least for something “unexpected” to happen so people will keep watching. As much as the feeds and BBAD are great for the show, the CBS show, I would imagine makes them more ratings and gets them more viewers. At this point the CBS edited program is boring to say the most. The slogan “expected the expected” doesn’t quite roll of the tongue.

    • LindsayB

      It’s a #teampettyAF rally!! Y’all are so cute!

    • Avatar

      Monica you’re so right. Production is going out of their way to give Paul the most air time and have everything swing his way. Walks in to a pile of crap and comes out smelling like a rose.

      It is in CBS best interest to keep the Cody vs Paul feud going as long as possible as it equals ratings. Bottom line for CBS is eyes on their product means more advertising dollars.

      I predict the next comp (Temptation) will be geared to favor Cody. He will be safe this week so Josh will put up Mark and Jessica. Some way some how Jessica will be saved by the Veto. Which means Mark is going home this week.

      Production and home viewers find him boring and uninteresting. Seems to cry a lot and for a big Guy not sure why he doesn’t stand up for himself. It is clear the Elena showmance train has left the station.

      I’m sure a double eviction is coming soon and we will see some more dead beats going home.

      But rest assured Production know where there bread is buttered and Cody and Paul are in the house for the long haul.

      • Avatar

        I think Paul vs Jessica would be more interesting, she’s a much better social player than Cody. She’s the only one who can give Paul a real run for the money and he knows t. I’m fine with WIR going, the poor guy looks miserable. Some one please tell me, who is DMW.

      • Renee

        @Khawk DMW stands for Dead Man Walkiing and is what everyone refers to Raven as since she is always saying she could die at any moment because of her illness.

  101. Mel

    Thanks for the overnight updating in Nk! I was a little bummed at knowing we’ll have a predictable week ahead so I checked out a bit early. I’m happy to have Josh as HOH but know he’ll only be a puppet. I think the only hope there is for something interesting will be to see if Elena and Alex have an issue this week or if Christmas and Paul continue to debate over her temptation.

    • Avatar

      For what it’s worth, I just read on Joker’s where Josh is telling Christmas he is NOT going to let Paul run his HOH!
      Christmas tells him she won’t try to run his HOH either but will be a sounding board for Josh.

      Josh wants Elena out before anyone else! Christmas is agreeing with him but tells him he needs to get the votes first before he puts her up on the block.
      Josh says he respects Paul but will not see his perspective. Said he doesn’t care who is up next to Elena but that he just wants her gone! Christmas told Josh he should have a talk with Jessica and let her know he has a bigger plan than getting Jody out.

      Also, apparently Paul told Josh to leave his own HOH room so he could talk to someone (I don’t know who) and Christmas tells Josh that is not okay and that he should ask Paul what they were talking about.

      Huh…so who knew that Josh would be the one to go against the grain?

  102. pkcable

    Perhaps the temptation comp could make it interesting if Cody, Jess, Elena or Mark win it, BUT not really as they still have the other 3 for noms and backdoors AND who knows any that enter COULD be an automatic 3rd nom too!

    Strategically speaking I don’t think any of “the pond” should enter the temptation comp, but that MAYBE Cody, Jess, Mark and Elena should. Again though does it really help them? It put one of them on the block for sure, and only keeps 1 of them safe!

    • LindsayB

      I would love if Elena won the temp comp, mark won veto, then took down Cody or Jess. It would be fun to see which of the minions would be the pawn. Nobody likes to be the pawn so it would create tension and let someone know who’s on the bottom. I’m always team Paul but even more team play the damn game.

    • Avatar

      I think Paul will have all of his barking dogs playing except obviously Xmas in the Temp Comp but we know for sure Cody Jess playing

    • Sassy

      I hope Paul loses the temp comp! If he gets put on the block and doesn’t get taken off with the veto, OH MY, it could be interesting!

  103. Avatar

    I will be interested to see if the Temptation Competition is an endurance one since the HOH was a useless luck of the putt comp. If it is anything physical Cody will win it keeping him safe this week. Josh will more than likely nominate Jessica and Mark in that case. Depending on the comp Josh has to pray that Cody or Jessica do not win it otherwise Mark is going home and he is putting up a pawn beside Mark.

    My gut tells me this is how it will all shake down. Cody wins Temptation Challenge. Jessica wins Veto. Mark goes home. Next HOH Cody wins HOH Paul and Alex go on the block. Paul wins Veto. Cody puts up Josh as a replacement. Alex goes home.

    And back and forth we go all season until we are left with a combination of Paul & Cody & ? in the end.

    At some point when Jessica or Cody are evicted from the house. The players will soon realize that taking Cody or Jessica whoever remains is the best move to win because they will not have the votes.

    I predict Paul wins the game this year to make up for him not winning last year.

    Paul and Cody are good for ratings and the producers will manipulate the game the best they can to ensure both stay in the house as long as possible.

    • ElaineB

      Cody has done nothing, outside of his ‘norm’, since winning the opportunity back in the house. I am so irritated that he made it back in, because it has been a waste. He got a second chance and he sucks! If there was ‘rigging’ for him to come back in the game, then Production Fail! Is it Thursday yet??!!

  104. Avatar

    The only saving grace for BB19 is to just go ahead get Jody out and let the dogs go crazy attacking each other while Paul sits back and watches. I think the next targets are Mark and Elaina but we shall see….

  105. Avatar

    That would make for some interesting television. I would imagine they would ask Jason to be the pawn. Even if Elena voted to save Jess (along with Mark and Cody) that would only be three votes so Jason would be safe but certainly, as you said, let them know who’s on the bottom. I still think that after Cody/Jess get separated they will go after the “couples or twosomes” and that includes Alex and Jason.

  106. Kayla88

    This has nothing to do with really anything but I’m so so sick of seeing these stupid cat ears :s

  107. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    For those who think Josh doesn’t have his own mind and won’t shake things up this week: he just shared with Xmas that Elena is his number one target this week and he plans to backdoor her. He feels Elena is playing both sides and is a much bigger threat to his game. If he gets rid of her, that leaves Grossica in the game as bigger targets than him, and he also knows Grossica will likely be gunning for Paul (instead of Josh).

    He knows Paul won’t agree with him so he’s not going to tell Paul until after one member of Grossica comes off the block and Elena is their replacement.


    • g8trgirl

      I hope he sticks with this plan just to shake things up a bit.

    • Avatar

      He can put Elena up as the replacement nominee but will he have the votes to send her home vs Cody/Jessica? I highly doubt it. Josh’s big problem is that he has no influence over votes like Paul does.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        True, but at least he’s willing to give it a shot. And who knows, maybe he could make it happen. Stranger things have happened in the BB house.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Big mistake….although I appreciate that he wants to shake things up,Jessica/Cody will never vote out Elana…nor will mark…josh is going to make some enemies this week if he goes with this ill advised idea…Jessica will tell him everything he wants to hear …..he is a fool….

    • LindsayB

      I like it. Having Josh of all people be the first to stand on his own two feet is ironic to say the least. I’ll be curious to see if he actually follows thru. He does like to talk “big” but not have any follow thru. What’s interesting is that at this point there’s not anyone in the house who doesn’t have at least one strong relationship (whether they be two sided or one sided) so there isn’t an easy nom besides Jess/Cody.

    • Avatar

      Ooooooo Gerardo, now that would be fun. Hopes he has the stones to do it.

    • Sassy

      I appreciate that he “wants” to do this and would love to see it happen, but I think however short the time, Paul will talk him out of it. He loves his harem and going against Paul will put Josh in a 3 way tie as enemy #1!

  108. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I can only hope that Jason does not go through with his plan to lose the temptation comp….

  109. Avatar

    Josh is only in the house because his alliance (and, more specifically, Paul) saved him. I think his best move is to lay low and do whatever Paul wants him to do. He’ll be safe in this game as long as he has Paul’s backing. He has probably already made a big mistake by telling Christmas his secret plan.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I know josh likes Christmas but when push comes to shove Christmas is probably not going to be able to compete in a comp to save his butt when he ends up making even more enemies by making this move…..he will not only have Jessica thinking he is disgusting and does not deserve to be in the game if elana stays he will have an enemy in her….plus turn Paul and his alliance with Alex against him….Christmas is an azzhat for using josh and just proves to me why she should have left the game on day 13 when she broke her foot….at the very least at this point in the game Paul and Alex will shield and save josh….Christmas can’t…too many people dislike her

  110. Alda

    Josh better be careful.I don’t know why he would want to keep Grody and Jess over Elena.Granted,she is playing both sides but she doesn’t hate Josh.Cody does!

  111. Avatar

    Why is Christmas an asshat for Using Josh but Paul isn’t one for using everyone else in the house for his own game? It’s basically out wi, out last, out play.

  112. Avatar

    Why would he do that?

  113. Avatar

    Sorry, that question was directed at @Helen about Jason throwing the comp.

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