Good evening, everyone! The first veto competition is in the books, and your boy Jason has been able to survive the wrath of Monte’s HoH reign. He pulled out the veto win today which shakes up the plans for the week as all targets were set squarely on everyone’s favorite outdoor smoking statue.

Now, it’s time for Monte to figure out who he is going to replace Jason with, and right now it’s between Kryssie and Shelby.


I’ll jump right into the evening feeds now..


  • 3:30pm – Monte is talking to Alex in the HOH room. He is telling her that Kryssie is most likely going to be the replacement nom because she’s one of the few guarantees to go home over Corny and Danielle
    • Monte tells her that if Jason wins, he is going to go after The Plastics most likely
  • 3:56pm – Whitney asks if those are pizzas on the bottom of Shelby’s socks.  She says no, they’re giraffes.
    • Then goes “Mooooo”  “Moooooo”  (I think you have the wrong animal, Shelby)
    • shelby-moo
  • 4:15pm – Shelby has moved downstairs and is hanging with Alex, Justin and Scott in the workout room. They’re all waiting for the backyard to open. I don’t know how long it takes to remove that safe and fence
  • 7:00pm – Time for the recap.  I really hope they make this free so I can share it. It’s worth a watch
    • Cornbread to DR: America knows about the stuff I’ve been doing… yup.
    • Not a bad recap. Covered nominations and veto selection
  • 7:20pm – Back to live, and Monte is still wearing that key around his neck
  • 7:25pm – Sister meeting…
    • alex-morgan-talking
    • Alex is telling Morgan not to trust Monte. She says Monte is arrogant and thinks he’s gods gift to man (she’s right)
    • Morgan defends Monte a little
    • Alex tells Morgan coming into the house, she didn’t want to work together, but she’s the only one she can trust
    • Alex keeps reminding Morgan that Monte is all about the guys. She doesn’t want to be the group of girls to get pegged off by the alpha male
  • 7:30pm – Morgan leaves, and as Alex is hanging out in the bedroom, Scott comes in to talk
    • Scott is telling her that he and Shelby had a really good talk. Shelby is concerned she is going home this week
    • Alex is telling Scott about the gut feeling she has that more is going on. She’s basically going against everything she lectured Morgan about. She’s trusting someone other than her sister
    • scott-walmart
    • Alex says that Jason has been talking a lot of shit about Shelby, so he wonders what shit is Jason is saying about them
    • Shane comes in and Scott does a pretty crappy job changing subjects, but I don’t think Shane realizes
    • Shelby joins and the talk turns to Scott and his gold bond cream
    • Shane tells the group that he’s dyslexic. I guess that explains his trouble reading the cards – and now I feel bad
  • 7:50pm – Skipped live. Jason is now in teh bedroom chatting with Alex, Shane, and Scott in the bedroom.  They’re talking about injuries.
    • Shelby is outside talking to Kryssie, CB, and Whitney

Check back for updates