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Post Veto Monday Night Feeds – Big Brother Over The Top



Good evening, everyone! The first veto competition is in the books, and your boy Jason has been able to survive the wrath of Monte’s HoH reign. He pulled out the veto win today which shakes up the plans for the week as all targets were set squarely on everyone’s favorite outdoor smoking statue.

Now, it’s time for Monte to figure out who he is going to replace Jason with, and right now it’s between Kryssie and Shelby.

I’ll jump right into the evening feeds now..



  • 3:30pm – Monte is talking to Alex in the HOH room. He is telling her that Kryssie is most likely going to be the replacement nom because she’s one of the few guarantees to go home over Corny and Danielle
    • Monte tells her that if Jason wins, he is going to go after The Plastics most likely
  • 3:56pm – Whitney asks if those are pizzas on the bottom of Shelby’s socks.  She says no, they’re giraffes.
    • Then goes “Mooooo”  “Moooooo”  (I think you have the wrong animal, Shelby)
    • shelby-moo
  • 4:15pm – Shelby has moved downstairs and is hanging with Alex, Justin and Scott in the workout room. They’re all waiting for the backyard to open. I don’t know how long it takes to remove that safe and fence
  • 7:00pm – Time for the recap.  I really hope they make this free so I can share it. It’s worth a watch
    • Cornbread to DR: America knows about the stuff I’ve been doing… yup.
    • Not a bad recap. Covered nominations and veto selection
  • 7:20pm – Back to live, and Monte is still wearing that key around his neck
  • 7:25pm – Sister meeting…
    • alex-morgan-talking
    • Alex is telling Morgan not to trust Monte. She says Monte is arrogant and thinks he’s gods gift to man (she’s right)
    • Morgan defends Monte a little
    • Alex tells Morgan coming into the house, she didn’t want to work together, but she’s the only one she can trust
    • Alex keeps reminding Morgan that Monte is all about the guys. She doesn’t want to be the group of girls to get pegged off by the alpha male
  • 7:30pm – Morgan leaves, and as Alex is hanging out in the bedroom, Scott comes in to talk
    • Scott is telling her that he and Shelby had a really good talk. Shelby is concerned she is going home this week
    • Alex is telling Scott about the gut feeling she has that more is going on. She’s basically going against everything she lectured Morgan about. She’s trusting someone other than her sister
    • scott-walmart
    • Alex says that Jason has been talking a lot of shit about Shelby, so he wonders what shit is Jason is saying about them
    • Shane comes in and Scott does a pretty crappy job changing subjects, but I don’t think Shane realizes
    • Shelby joins and the talk turns to Scott and his gold bond cream
    • Shane tells the group that he’s dyslexic. I guess that explains his trouble reading the cards – and now I feel bad
  • 7:50pm – Skipped live. Jason is now in teh bedroom chatting with Alex, Shane, and Scott in the bedroom.  They’re talking about injuries.
    • Shelby is outside talking to Kryssie, CB, and Whitney

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  1. caRyn

    I think at least 3 hg will vote to evict Cornbread if Kryssie is OTB – Justin, Jason and Neeley.

  2. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    So,that being said,who do most people want to see gone? Our voting to evict will open tomorrow at 5 pm. I sure don’t want to waste my vote on a lost cause!!

    • Mel

      I’m hoping for cornbread to leave but I want to wait until they all gossip tonight and see what they’re thinking. I don’t really think it will matter anyway. Krissi will probably leave with 6 votes, CB will have 3 (4 with America) and Danielle 0. That’s my prediction anyway. Scott and Shelby would need to vote CB out for him to leave. Scott won’t I don’t think and Shelby doesn’t like either of them. Monte would break the tie even if she did.

      • Helen
        Helen (5578 comments)

        There will be 9 HG votes….Justin Jason and Neely will probably vote cornbread
        Scott Shane Morgan and Whitney will vote krissy
        I am not sure what Alex will do or Shelby either because Alex isn’t dumb and is not liking that Monte thinks he is king of the castle. I just don’t know if Alex and Shelby are ready and willing to make a big move this early on but as I have seen so many times you gotta take them when the chance is there. May never come again.

      • Mel

        I hope they do but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • Bonnie
      Bonnie (316 comments)

      I tend to lean toward Cornbread too.

      Normally I would like to see the “older” HG stay in and really thought CB would bring some fun. However, he is like a mean girl. Grow up man!!!!

      I would have been all set to say goodbye to Danielle because I hate the thought of another season with a grossmance but CB is not a nice guy. Or he’s acting this way to stay in good with the cool kids…either way yuck.

    • caRyn

      I would like Cornbread to go. The plastics are talking about voting Danielle out.

      • Mel

        I can live with Danielle leaving. I would rather Monte lose a number with CB but at least we would lose a shomance. It would be better than nothing I guess.

  3. Mel

    If Krissi leaves and Justin and Jason have no one on their side, maybe we can evict America and not let us have a vote anymore. CB was NOT a good game move to help the backyard crew.
    This week should expose Shelby to one side or the other this week. She’s really been in the middle but assuming they can count, she’ll have to pick a side. That could be interesting.

  4. caRyn

    Neeley told Danielle that if she is HOH she is going to put Shelby OTB because she is too shady. Later when Scott and Shelby were talking, Shelby told Scott to look at how Neeley positions herself to watch everyone. Scott said he didn’t trust Neeley.

  5. caRyn

    When Monte was talking to Danielle he said he would never put Morgan OTB. Later he said two powerful showmances could run the BB house – Danielle & Shane/Monte & Morgan.

    • Helen
      Helen (5578 comments)

      Oh god please no!! I can’t take it again!! Send Danielle down the road girls. You got the numbers!!!!

      • caRyn

        Don’t you think the sisters will vote the same? I do. It would be crazy not to unless they were trying to fool the house one week and didn’t care who got evicted that week. I can’t see them ever wasting their votes though.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      See, THIS is exactly why I voted to nominate Shane this week and THIS is why I want Danielle out NOW. I already knew this was coming, and I just cannot deal with another season of showmances. Yes, CornPone is annoying and I’d love to see him gone soon too, but he’s not going to dominate this season: two “power” couples can. For the love of BB, please let’s split these couples up ASAP!!!

      • caRyn

        Monte said he didn’t see Cornbread lasting too much longer in the house. Telling Morgan that tells me Monte doesn’t fully have Cornbreads back. I do not want Kryssie leaving. I am fine with Danielle going because if she isn’t in a showmance with Shane she would be with Justin.

      • Mel

        Yes Gerardo! Alex, Morgan and Shelby may have voted out Shane but I don’t see them crossing Monte yet if Shane is still in the house too. CB can be used as a weapon in the have not room with a couple other people we arn’t liking. There wasn’t a reason to get rid of him yet and this group wasn’t going to vote him out anyway.

      • Helen
        Helen (5578 comments)

        You listen to the backyard convo between Shane a Danielle ? They are TROUBLE!! Someone better wise up before Wednesday is all I can say!!!

      • caRyn

        Shane & Danielle = Shanielle.

  6. caRyn

    Coreection – Cornbread’s back. I cannot believe I am talking about a person when I type Cornbread. Smh.

  7. Shivani33

    Well, I chose Shane to go because of the lovebird stuff, and the Snoring Man got more votes as a nom. However, there’s plenty of delight for me that Jason is off the block! I don’t see Cornholio as much of a competitor, and he could be gone sooner or later anyhow. The one who bothers me the most is that nosepicking, booger flicking weasel, Scott.

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Cornbread needs to go. i feel like i am talking about food. Danielle doesn’t even like Justin so that comment wasn’t warranted. Shane is not on the block.

  8. caRyn

    I am sooooo shocked that the hg are basically ignoring that America voted for Cornbread to go OTB. It was dismissed by the hg as if we were doing Jason (someone he can beat in the comp), Monte or Cornbread a favor.
    It is also odd that Justin isn’t loudly calling the sisters out. I know why Jason isn’t but Justin doesn’t seem to be tight lipped.

  9. Avatar
    expos81175 (13 comments)

    I don’t understand. I thought the recap episodes were suppose to be posted at 10pm EST during the week. Where do I find it?

    • Mel

      If you were watching the feeds at that time, it just appeared. If you missed it, the will have it up later as one of the clips and you can just catch it there.

      • Avatar
        expos81175 (13 comments)

        Ok, now I understand. I assumed they would just post it in the video section, since it is prerecorded. Thank you.

  10. Mel

    Monte told Danielle that the rules say he isn’t allowed to share his music or headphones with anyone. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t BS. I know things are different with the fall version but I think he’s making that up.
    I’ve noticed he keeps the door locked to the hoh room and the key around his neck. It seems more like BB old days. I don’t like Monte but I have to admit, I liked it when hanging out in the hoh really felt like a privilege and they were a little greedy with the space. This entire thing so far feels more like old BB. The meetings are looser and there arn’t lines and acting. The women arn’t all done up as if they’re heading to the club when they are in fact heading to the couches for a 5 minute ceremony or announcement from Julie. The lower budget makes it feel more like that vibe too. I’m really liking that part of it. I hope they do more comps that are sort of mind games too. I’ll think I’m back at the old BB house in the early seasons.
    Jason was talking about the cheaper comps too. He said they would have the dice game but instead of the big ones you stand in, they would just have regular dice to roll on the table. He was making fun of vets getting special treatment sarcastically. He said he wanted to see everyone faces when the veto comp was stacking grocery shelves. It was pretty funny. I think it was last night.

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  12. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Poor Shelby. She isn’t going to last in this game much longer I’m afraid….
    She will get my vote for care package if it’s anything that can save her

  13. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    I just listened to the most painful conversation between Monte and Neeley. In other words, I listened to Monte talk 90 percent of the time, then interrupt Neeley every time she began a sentence. This guy is becoming unbearable.

  14. Caryn
    Caryn (2995 comments)

    Is today swimsuit picture day?

  15. CaRyn
    CaRyn (2995 comments)

    Last night Scott mentioned to Alex and Shane that next week they should put Shelby and Jason OTB. They agreed. Later Shane told Danielle that they need to split up the plastics and Danielle agreed. Danielle said the two to put up would be Alex and Whitney.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I want Danielle gone tomorrow. Keep cornbread to put him in have not room as a punishment for two house pets we think deserve the slop and snoring!!!

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