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Power Of Veto Results, Adam Doesn’t Use It

In one of the biggest surprises of the season, Adam won the power of veto, and he’s been reminded of it every minute since then.   Despite humoring Kalia and Porsche the last 48 or so hours, listening to whatever options they threw at him, the reality of it was that he was not going to use the veto today.  In fact, the only reason he didn’t throw the veto competition was because he’s been completely awful all season and is now trying to build a resume if he manages to get into the final 2.

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So that brings us to today, it was time for Adam to awkwardly stare at the memory wall for a bit and act like he’s making this huge decision when his mind has been made up for days, then call in the rest of the house for his dream crushing announcement.  

He has decided to not use the veto.

It was finally time for Adam to put on his big boy panties (is that a term?  it is now) and declare the side he’ll mount his horses to for the next week and a half.   Bad news for Kalia and Porsche, it’s not with them.

Adam sat down Kalia and tried to explain his logic saying he wants to prove he’s the best in the house by going up against the best – Rachel.  That’s a fine theory and very commendable, but this decision also likely gives him a 50% chance of going against the worst player in the house this season – Jordan.   That logic has been hammered home this season by the veterans, yet they’ve constantly contradicted themselves all year by carrying America’s Sweetheart.  Is it bad to carry Jordan?  No, she’s a loyal ally and a super sweet person.  Just don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.

The veterans remained together because they’re loyal, and they allowed Adam and Shelly to tag along because they were loyal.  If they really wanted to compete against the best, we’d see Daniele, Brendon, Jeff and Rachel in the final 4.. or at least most of those players.

Anyway, right now Rachel and Jordan are highly likely to vote out Kalia tomorrow, and unless a change of heart takes place, the final 4 will consist of three of the weakest players in the house this season.  I’m almost rooting for a finale of Porsche vs Adam just so I can see the reaction of the jury when they have to pick between one of the two.

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  1. Comments (4)

    SHOCK!!!!!!! LOL

  2. Comments (1)

    I don’t think these are the 4 “weakest players in the house this season,” Rachel has consistently proved what a strong competitor she truly is! She deserves to win she has made it through hell and back in this game, she has made friends, and enemies, and battled her ass off the entire game. She was underestimated when she is such a good competitor! Daniele was going after the competitors and it came back to bite her in the ass. Rachel made alliances and didn’t lie to anyone, and was always loyal, it’s just so easy for everyone to talk bad about her because of last season, but honestly she is one of the best competitors in the game and she has continuously proved that in these competitions! #teamRachel4life

    • Comments (407)

      I said three of the weakest 🙂 The strongest players all season have been Daniele, Jeff, Brendon and Rachel.

      • Comments (216)

        Define “strongest players.” There’s an argument that those who get to the final 4 are, by definition, the strongest 4. It’s results that count.

      • Comments (407)

        Strongest in competitions, but you are right in that regard. Being a strong social player can be factored in. I think Adam has actually done a pretty good job there. Sure, he has floated back and forth, but to be able to do that without pissing everyone off is impressive. Look at what happened when Shelly tried.

        So I guess I will say Adam is one of the stronger players. Definitely weak in competitions, but he’s played a solid social game.

      • Comments (16)

        That would be Survivor: Outwit…

    • Comments (178)

      And let’s not forget that Rachel was subjected to the obnoxious Jesse during her Pandora’s Box episode. I keep laughing when I think about Rachel’s comment (paraphrased) when Jesse piled her down with all his promotional merchandise, “Do I have to keep this stuff?”. Poor thing! I hope Rachel is this season’s winner of Big Brother.

      • Comments (1276)

        that was pretty funny. the funniest part to me is Jesse had to know that he was the punishment, and yet he still did it. oh well, at least he can laugh at himself. watching her the whole time was pretty good!

  3. Comments (7)

    Unpopular opinion, I think Porsche has been a better player than Adam. She probably won’t win no matter what, especially since she made it clear she came on the show to get exposure above all else. Not that it hasn’t been true of others, but she made the mistake of admitting it. Over and over.

    But Porsche has done well in competitions since being allowed to play. (yes she threw her first one, although it seemed to work out for her. But people forget for most of the first month she couldn’t compete.) She has won two of them, both of them in make it or break it situations, and not in challenges that were clearly designed to advance her. *cough*Rachel*cough*.

    She flipped once but only because Rachel pushed her away. And even after her alliance of Dani and Kalia were not in power she didn’t imedietly try to crawl back and forth up peoples asses. *cough*Adam*cough*. She has been loyal to her alliance since Rechel pushed her out of her old one for no real reason other that Brendon was threatened by Rachel having a friend and got her to turn on Porsche.

    I don’t think she will win but I think she has played the game. I am not going to say “she just started” playing because she didn’t compete in challenges with the golden key. Especially when her critics were the ones that wanted to give her the Golden Key, the criticized her for not doing anything for a month when they put her in a position where she couldn’t do anything.

    She has been less successful in the social game. Although she was a target by what seemed to be the majority alliance, but managed to get enough people wanting her to stay to get Keith gone, despite having multiple votes locked initially.

    Hell even her throwing her first veto comp is worth something. Since unlike Keith she correctly accessed the situation and saw she could.

    I think Porsche has been a good player this season. Her game has been flawed, but the reality is everyone this whole season has played a lousy game. And I do mean everyone.

    This has been a season of bad players, and considering it started with 5 vets, not counting Dick who left too soon to really say, that borders on pathetic. Rachel is arguably the best player left.

    But she is also the one who multiple times crawled in a corner crying it was hopeless and she was just plain giving up. It took a twist the producers pulled out of her ass to get her willing to do anything even at that point.

    What she has done since last week is moot to me, she was so defeatist and in such a bad spot had the producers not saved her she would not survive to do anything else. And besides the last two weeks BB helped hand to her she has NOT been playing well at all.

    • Comments (4)

      Dan your analization is ridiculous!! You need to have your A game. Only having a social game doesn’t make you a winner!! Obviously your’re not a competitor!! Without winning competions-HOH-POV-you will never have control of the house!! DUHH

      • Comments (216)

        Where is that written? To win, you have to do two things: (1) get to the final 2 and (2) get more votes than the other person who made it to the final 2.

        Jeff, Brendan, and Danielle were great at competitions; now they’re picking oranges together.

        Adam, on the other hand, will make the final 3.

  4. Comments (2)

    I would live to see Porsche snd Rachel in the final 2. Would like Porsche vote out Jordan or Adam if win HOH. If everyone wants to play against the best then Jordan has to go. I don’t think Adam deserves to win any more than Jordan. Rachel can compete so if Jordan doesn’t win HOH or Adam it will be up to Rschel to win veto and save her own butt. Won’t miss Kalua being in the house at all. I’m so tired of her mouth!

  5. Comments (4)

    Faust if you don’t win pov or hoh you don’t have control!If I’m wrong please inform me! I guess CBS have the competitions for nothing!!

    • Comments (216)

      Where does it say you have to have “control”? It obviously matters who wins those competitions, but victory is fleeting. At one time Jeff, Danielle, and Brendan all had control (Brendan through Rachel). But no one wins forever, and in fact, the game is set up to ensure that the balance of power constantly changes. Being HOH doesn’t do you much good if you just get voted out next (Danielle, Jeff).

      Whatever his strategy has been, Adam has ensured that there’s always a bigger target, and that’s gotten him way farther than winning an HOH competition or two would have. You don’t hae to win competitions, so long as the people who do win them always have bigger targets.

  6. Comments (1)

    I believe that we are stating who played the best game and deserve to win then I will have to say Rachel. She has done a complete 180. I don’t believe that Jordan should deserve to win, because she was protected by Jeff and now she is being protected by Rachel.

    I hope Adam wins the HOH just to see who it decides to put up, it will probably be Porshe and Rachel, unfortunately he probably does not have the balls to nominate Jordan.

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