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This doesn't mean he won. Just an image because, why not?

Power Of Veto Winner; Live Feed Updates

This doesn't mean he won. Just an image because, why not?
This doesn’t mean he won. Just an image because, why not?

Seeing as I spent the better part of yesterday staring at the Big Brother fish tank, I thought I’d try something new today and actually step away from my computer. I figured the entire day inside the house would be them sitting around waiting for the veto competition to begin, and that’s pretty much how it went.  Moving forward, I may do that for the next few weeks, and by that I mean taking Saturday afternoons off (with the exception of probably a weekly roundup post) while the veto competition is underway.  Do you guys care about my personal life?  No. But, I just wanted you to know so you don’t spend the day wondering when my live update thread will begin.


With that out of the way, as of the time writing this (5:00pm pst), they are still playing the veto competition. However, the reality is that it almost doesn’t matter who wins today, and that is because Da’Vonne and Zaki were selected to be the other two players to play. This means the only ways Victor does not get evicted this week is if he suddenly gains a personality and intelligence, or if Tiffany wins the veto, and refuses to trust people in the house. The latter is far more likely to happen, but both are longs shots at best. For drama purposes, I am hoping Tiffany wins the veto simply because I want to see some sort of craziness over the next few days, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’ll post feed updates every hour or so until the feeds return and we see which person will likely be removed from the block in exchange for Victor (blogging is real difficult when the house is predictable!)

  • 5:15pm – Feeds down
  • 6:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:30pm – Feeds back… Paulie won the PoV. Day is worked up because it was a spelling comp and Tiffany counted Day’s letters, went back and got a few more and beat her by 1. She doesn’t know why she did that if she was really trying to throw it.
    • People are chatting a little about the comp. Vic is still clueless based on his random laughter from the kitchen (that you can hear a mile away). Others are cleaning up, it was a messy one
  • 6:54pm – Natalie and Bronte are in the kitchen whispering about what Paulie may do. Nat wants to try to get Bronte off, just to be safe.
    • Victor enjoying his last few days in the house
      Victor enjoying his last few days in the house
    • Random Tiffany quote – “Does anyone else feel like they’re coughing up blood after comps”.  Better get that looked at
    • Random Paul quote – “The last thing you want hanging out in your eyes is cow shit”
    • Paulie is making rounds letting everyone know he’s taking one for the team. He is going to put it on himself this week to just have Victor mad at him. He is going to say it’s a personal decision due to last week
  • 7:25pm – Whoever is running the feeds tonight is obsessed with Victor. He’s pretty much been on at least one of the cameras since they returned. They are sure to be sad this Thursday
  • 7:42pm – Frank and Paulie make a brief mention of who will come down. Sounds like they’re going to take Paul down. I guess it makes sense seeing as he is havenot this week
    • And they’re eating nacho chips, while taking about Cool Ranch Doritoes. Now I want some chips
    • Van2.0 and Day are talking end game in the HN room. Both agree there is no way they can sit next to Frank, and they have to plan on getting him out sooner rather than later.  Not before the noobs, but he’ll probably be a big target once jury rolls around.
    • Meanwhile, James and Nicole are working on scaring each other. She was hiding behind the trash for a little while, but he never came in
    • She found him and they played around for a bit.
    • James was tossing a ball at Michelle and finally got a “James… Stop Thank” over the speakers.  Party poopers.
    • Flour battle in the house
      michelle-james-flour james-michelle-flour2nicole-flour
  • 8:30pm – People are chilled out in the HoH room now, while Paul and Bridgette are chatting in the kitchen.  Slow night
  • 10:00pm – Took an Xbox break. Doing a little backtracking on the feeds.  Frank and James are chatting in the pantry. Frank mentions how Tiffany has to go sooner than later. Ironic since she thinks the same thing.  Sounds like a faceoff soon.
    • Frank wants to get out Bronte, Tiffany and Paul over the next few targets. James says they’re both doing a great job, but this will be a big scene if they find out Tiffany is plotting against them
  • 11:00pm – Most of the house is hanging out in the bathroom (those awake) while Zaki has spent a lot of time cleaning the kitchen
  • 11:30pm – James, Natalie, Bronte and Van2.0 are hanging out in the bedroom chatting. The guys are in the living room, while Zakiyah is still cleaning. Hey guys, help her maybe?
    • Nicole is in the HoH room saying how she needs a break from some people. She is hiding away right now
    • Not surprisingly, she was talking mostly about Vic. She said if he comes up, she’s leaving
      Victor hanging around with all the people who like him
      Victor hanging around with all the people who like him
  • 11:45pm – Victor is sitting alone doing some camera talk (and he couldn’t even stare into the right cam). He thinks he’s safe, but he never knows. He wants Tiffany to go home.
    • Corey comes down to go to bed, and Victor pulls him in. He (Vic) drank tonight and is now drinking two big things of water so he doesn’t wake up with a headache. He pulls Corey in to keep him company.
    • Nicole comes down to go to bed, and Victor tries to pull her in as well, but she hesitates. Corey takes one for the team and tells her to go to bed and he’ll keep Victor company.
  • 12:05pm – Michelle is chatting with James and Nat, and she mentions she’s worried about a pre-jury buyback (person returning). She asks what will happen, and he jokes either she or Natalie will be coming back in

Ok, this day is in the books. Overnight in the morning!


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  1. Avatar

    If Tiffany last much longer as paranoid as she is, that girl is going to need some serious therapy after this. If she does get lucky enough to win POV its going to drive her absolutely nuts trying to decide if she should save herself or believe what her alliance is telling her & not use it on herself. Im sorry but if it was me on the block & I had the chance to save myself, im saving myself. I think I might even have been a little pissed off at them for asking me not to use the veto on myself because that game & those peoples minds change at the drop of a dime. How stupid would she feel if she saved somebody else & then she got voted off because she’s already tap dancing all over everybodys last nerve as it is. Will she pull a Marcellus?

    • danmtruth

      She would be everyone’s enemy The spy girls will hate her for being selfish and putting the target on Bronta for no reason The 8pact would be mad that Primping Pimp Paulie could not control her

      • Avatar

        At the same time there’s still that small chance that if she won that veto & didnt save herself, there would still be that possibility of her getting sent home anyway even if it wasnt the plan. The game changes constantly & the players change plans all the time. I guess im just chicken like that because I would save myself.

  2. danmtruth

    Looks like StickyBuns SlickVic is dead man walking As finaly Primping Pimp Paulie came thru and won the POV
    All did not go smooth Day is mad at Van2.0 as she feels she counted letters and beat Day Insted of throwing the comp to Day

  3. JD

    How will it work to back door Victor? Paul take down one of his own nominees?

  4. Shivani33

    Is Paulie taking Tiffany off the block and putting up Victor? This sounded like his plan, going by what he said to Tiffany.

  5. Colby

    The answer is ‘Yes” SteveBeans, many of us are interested in your personal life. Personally, I thought it was extremely rude when some people complained a couple of years ago.

      • JD

        I agree. Knowing about your personal life and learning about you makes your blog more enjoyable. Don’t stop. If they don’t like it they can move on. You got fans!
        On another note. I am logged in but still can’t thumbs up

    • Avatar

      Right….people complaining, screw them , go somewhere else if you can not understand , Steve has a life other than this blog, I know you will always make up for taking time for real life and come back with a kickass post. …anyways I got a new puter , could not remember my password , tried to retrieve, thru the email thingie …that didn’t work , made a new profile …I can post, but also like JD, can not thumbs up.when I try , says not logged in , tried to retrieve that email …not there….loving the funny girls are back…You know who you are!

  6. Shivani33

    Thanks, Colby. I’d forgotten that poor old Vic still has a little power. On another subject, who’s gonna clean the house when Victor leaves? He’s the only maid they’ve got.

  7. Avatar

    So now whats the plan? Will Paulie remove the Leprechaun from the block or Filthybeard Paul?? Paulie cant remove Coocoo bird cry baby Tif because then Slick Vic would get to pick the replacement nominee. Right???

  8. Shivani33

    My bet is that Paulie saves Paul and leaves Bronte on the block, then backdoors Victor and tries like hell to make sure that Victor goes. However, some of the guys might notice that there’s too much of an opening for a dominant female majority. With 8 women in the house, if Victor goes, there are 5 men left. Just a thought.

    • Elaine

      Michelle has been speaking up for the guys, saying a girl has to go soon…”too much estrogen”. I get the feeling Michelle is not going to be down with her “Fatal Five” girl group, unless she gets used to it.

  9. danmtruth

    Pawwleee has said he will put Vic up But wait before the veto ceremony he will tell Vic to ease the pain Also not to embarrass

    him All this because in the end Pawllee says he is a nice guy

    Steve thanks for all the work you put in Smart to bring in some help
    anybody else having problems hitting the thumbs up button ?

  10. Shivani33

    Thumbs up button doesn’t work for me either. Says “you must be logged in to blah, blah, blah.”

    Listening to late chat on Poptv and several women are gossiping about Tiffany getting axed. Meanwhile, Tiffany is cheerfully sashaying around with James and maybe Michelle all duded up in hats, etc. Bronte is seriously looking like a depressed chimpanzee who has gone all OCD blabbing about how everyone wants Tiffany gone. Victor is trying not to be grim while most everyone else just wants a Noah’s ark full of booze for the Fourth of July.

  11. Elaine

    James has arrested development at the stage where boys hit and play pranks on girls when they like them. Getting a bit tired of it second season in. His strategy doesn’t seem much different from the first time. He is disposable. By the way, I think Johnny Mac should have gotten fan favorite.

  12. Avatar

    If Paulie sends home Bronte, that will disband the Spy Girls. Natalie will float over to James and Frank. Bridgette will ride their coat tails, maybe til the end because bigger targets will keep Bridgette to the end. I find Bronte a much stronger overall competitor than both Paul and Vic. Plus she is extremely unlikeable.

  13. Avatar

    When Paul was describing his traditional Halloween parties and other parties at his mom’s house, I actually liked him.

  14. Avatar

    I’m confused – why did production tell James to stop when he was throwing around the ball? That seems like a weird rule to me

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