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Programming Announcement

So the gf and I decided to take a nice Sunday night vacation to a hotel room to get some much needed alone time.  Time away from work, Big Brother, and Teen Mom (in her case).  Here I sit in a hotel room just after watching Big Brother blogging about it, and I think she’s doing the same about her show from her netbook.   I guess no matter how far you go, you’re always still at home… if that’s a real saying.

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Anyway, because I’m on my 1980 laptop, I don’t have photoshop or any good screenshot capture material, so I’ll post some old screenshots and you’ll have to pretend they’re new.

CBS tonight was a pretty bland episode, basically showing what I already went over in great detail last Thursday night with the bubble challenge.  Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that Jeff won, Adam took a digger, and Kalia and Porsche are on the block.  Whatever.  There were a few funny moments, mostly involving Jeff, but aside that I kind of wish I hit the hot tub sooner.  Oh well.

This is going to be a pretty short blog because I haven’t had a chance to watch the feeds yet, but I am going to take a guess what is happening.  Daniele is sitting somewhere with a scowl, Porsche has on her sweat suit, Kalia is sleeping, Adam is now officially the 2nd planet to orbit Jeff, after Jordan, and Shelly is doing her best to have a childish spat with Rachel, especially considering Shelly was the one really lying.

I busted out my bat phone, got on the wire, and called the President, but there is still no word on whether or not Daniele will replace (likely) Porsche.   The info will probably be available when I get home, so I’ll make a new post then, until then, keep following me on facebook, twitter, or buying those sweet live feeds for 3 days free so I can pay for this blog I’m apparently addicted to.


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    okay so jeff just backdoored dani, so she is walking out the door so you know. i can only hope that a pando’s box come for dani and it gives her special powers like to pull her self off the block on thursday and maybe a special powers which has never been givin in big brother ever the option to put up in her place even the hoh. but at last from what i am reading it sounds like everyone voted her out. as we all know big brother does not care what america wanted cause we all know america vote dom back and not brandon but brandon makes better tv and it is all about rateing with big brother. well knowing dani is out the door on thursday i figure thurday will be my last big brother i watch

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