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Purple Sweat Suit To The Nomination Chair

So the nominations are in, and I was wrong.. yes, I admit it, it happens once in awhile.  Even though I’ve been near perfect this season predicting the eviction votes, nominations have been a bit tricky, and this week is no exception.   I originally felt Kalia and Daniele would be on the block, and while I was fairly sure Kalia was going to be up, and I was right, her nomination partner is none other than purple sweats.

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Jeff apparently is playing it safe this week, unlike Daniele last week, he is taking the safe approach.  Nominate two people you want out, and simply re-nom the 3rd if one of them is vetoed out.  Of course, if Daniele is the one to veto the person, that leads to the pawn situation, which will probably lead Adam back on the block… again.

How are they taking it?  Well, Porsche not surprisingly seems completely indifferent, and to be honest I’m not even sure she realizes she’s nominated yet, and Kalia is also being very predictable, she’s sleeping!

This week will be a good one if Kalia goes because frankly she made the worst decision so far this season during her reign as HoH, and doesn’t even deserve to be part of the jury at his point.  The biggest question is, will Kalia somehow find a way to screw up her position on the jury?  All signs point to.. YES!

5:50 PM – Kalia told Jeff that someone was plotting against him for the past 3 weeks, and one of his guesses was Shelly.  I guess Kalia tried to stir up trouble by ratting out Rachel, but the process almost made Shelly doubt her alliance.  It quickly blew over when Jeff spoke with Shelly, also said he knew about Rachel.. “I’m not a fucking idiot”.  Very blunt, but accurate by Jeff.

During the same conversation, Shelly joked about Adam majorly kissing Jeff’s ass this week, even putting a ‘J’ on a pack of cigarettes after lock-down.

And again, all in the same few minutes, Jeff joked about how he can’t even really cuddle with Jordan in the house because of how mushy Brendon and Rachel were, he thinks it’ll make people sick.   My note, I think they’ve acted like an extreme grown-up couple this season, so the occasional snuggle time would probably be a good moment for people to see.

Jordan acting like Blind Melon girl

6:27 PM – Pretty slow right now.  Jordan and Rachel playing “go fish” outside, Shelly inside kissing Jeff’s ass about his cooking skills, and Porsche/Daniele still trying to find something to make with slop.

8:00 PM – PoV players picked, everyone but Rachel are going to play this week.

Adam mentions Hell’s Kitchen, and says that he knows a bunch of people are basically planted there who aren’t really cooks.. no shit.   This season alone, it’s very clear they keep people around for drama.

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    does that girl not realize how much she’s wearing that horrible sweatsuit? I think they should burn that thing ASAP, before any of us have to jump through the screen to do it ourselves. Sorry for the fashion rant, but good lord, change clothes already!!! grr lol

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    PS, I’m hoping Kalia goes this week. I still love Dani, even though this season she hasn’t been the same, but if her and J/J can keep a secret alliance,I think they could all go to the end. That is of course assuming that someone in that house could keep a secret!

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    I totally hope kalia leaves too. she mess up her chance as hoh. She could of a major player if she convinced everyone to vote rachl out and pitted her against brendon. Brendon would have purposely losy the challenge and rachel would been gone this week. Sti still love dani still wish dick was there

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