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Have You Reached A Low Point In Big Brother When Victoria Bashes Your Game? PoV Recap


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This week had so much potential, it really did. It could have easily been the biggest week of the season, and quite possibly one of the more exciting backdoors of the last few seasons.  Caleb had all the power to do it, and he chickened out.. plain and simple.

Ever since returning to the Big Brother house from jury, Nicole has been the whipping girl. She’s been a havenot both weeks, constantly on the block and basically ignored by 3/4 of the house.  That said, tonight’s episode featured her third competition in which she could have saved herself since returning, and she failed yet again. It’s hard to feel completely sorry for her, but it is sad to see someone be treated as an outcast for so long.  Nicole’s only real friends since returning have been Derrick and Victoria, and even one of them quickly did a 180 on her when she gave him a compliment. As soon as Nicole compared Derrick to former winner Dan Gheesling, he had a panic attack and wasn’t as pushy about keeping Nicole as he intended on being.

Don’t let that fool you though. Despite editing to make it seem like Derrick had a larger role in the replacement nominee decision, he really didn’t. In most of the talks, he sat silently while Cody and Caleb weighed the pros and cons about putting Frankie up as a replacement.  I suppose pretending Derrick had more to do with it than Caleb fits better than the narrative that Caleb was too scared, but more on that later.

Before I talk much about who was the replacement nominee, and who dodged a huge bullet, let me talk about the veto competition.  There are a few competitions Big Brother has per season where I’d love to compete in, and this was definitely one of them.  The players had fake bombs and were given a memory test where a screen would flash wires in a certain order, and players had to cut the wire depending on the question at the end of the sequence.

(Side note – I’m sure you all played at home. How did you do?  Leave it in the comments.  I made it to about round 4 before my fake bomb blew up)

Cody did not survive the first round, which was pretty humiliating because it was quite easy.  I guess memory isn’t his thing, just like following through with threats he likes to make (inside joke if you read the blog regularly).  Victoria and Caleb followed fairly quickly which meant the veto would be won by Nicole, Christine or Derrick.  Channeling his inner Dan Gheesling, Derrick decided making it to the final 3 was good enough and threw the comp, but as he did, Nicole got her wire wrong at the same time and just like that – Christine won the power of veto.

Back to Caleb and his backdoor plan.  After the veto competition, there was a lot of Frankie discussion going on. The conversation went on for quite a long time and was supposed to continue into Monday afternoon before the ceremony (the talk didn’t happen of course because they slept all day).  Frankie is a huge threat, they all know it, and this was the last opportunity they had to officially backdoor him.  Next week and beyond, every player in the house will be competing in the veto, so Frankie could possibly win every single veto competition until he’s sitting in the final 3.  This is why the move had to be made this week, and the one to do it was the guy who was told by his brother in the HoH letter to ‘put his man pants on’.

Derrick approached Caleb before bed that night, and Caleb mentioned something that wasn’t shown on the episode.  He said “At least you don’t have to worry about being hated by millions of people”, and right there is when Derrick knew Victoria would be the replacement nominee. Caleb is scared of Frankie and/or Ariana’s fans and the backlash he’d receive, so he took the easy way out and the very hard road to the final 2.  Everyone in the house knew how awful of a move it was, including Victoria who often times we wonder knows what game she’s playing. Victoria sat in the diary room and called Caleb a wimp for not making a big move, and it’s sad to say, but she’s right.

This will easily go down as one of the biggest non-moves in the history of the show, and should Frankie win the game, you can point to this nomination ceremony as the reason.  If Frankie wins and Caleb isn’t sitting next to him for the guaranteed $50k runner-up prize, well that will make it even more embarrassing.

The double eviction is tomorrow and it’s just about time players started turning on each other.  Sadly, there is still one more ‘easy target’ to go (Victoria), so we very well may see Victoria and Nicole leave the house tomorrow night, but it’s also quite possible Victoria falls through the cracks during the double and someone bigger goes home.  Make sure to tune in and watch!

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  1. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, hope things are going better with your parents.
    Any news that you can share??

    • Comments (405)

      Thanks for asking. My father doesn’t go see his doctor until the 8th and my mother is scheduled for surgery on the 29th. Nothing like taking their sweet time.. it’s not like a life threatening disease or anything. 🙁

      To be fair, my father is going to the VA (served in Vietnam), so he’s lucky his appt isn’t Sept 8th, 2015

      • Comments (328)

        Wishing the best for your Mom’s surgery and that is pretty good on the VA having an appointment available for your Dad earlier than pushed out 60-90 days. It would be nice if former military from back then could be apart of Tricare today. We have just moved over to Tricare Prime Retired, but hubby has to see VA from time to time for his disability upkeep. It is a whole new world moving from 24 years of active duty to retired. Well I am rambling on, Best of luck with your folks!!

      • Comments (492)

        Wishing you and your family the best.

      • Comments (722)

        Prayers for your mom and dad..

    • Comments (722)

      Hey Franko. Hope you are doing well yourself. ..

      • Comments (692)

        Thanks Willie.
        I’m having a very tough time right now and it’s really beginning to worry me because I just keep keep getting weaker.
        I appreciate your asking!

      • Comments (383)

        Franko, I’ve said it before but can’t say it enough… hang in there, take care of yourself, and know that all of us are wishing you a brighter future. <3

  2. Comments (12)

    I did read thst Frankies net worth is 1.5 million wtf is he doing on this show. Just saying.

    • Comments (59)

      And I’m sure the Christmas presents from his sister are more than most of us make in a year. lol. As it’s been speculated, the purpose of him being on the show was to gain a wider audience for his sister. I’m not sure I totally buy into that – that would be a pretty narrow goal for the show. Who knows though. I think they just thought he was outgoing and would be entertaining to watch.

      • Comments (224)

        His purpose probably was to gain a wider audience, but for himself instead of his sister. I don’t think CBS would consider net worth in casting decisions.

    • Comments (29)

      He’s on the show for CBS to up their ratings. Plain and simple. They believed they could increase their viewership by getting Arianna and Frankie’s fans to watch the show.

    • Comments (1443)

      Where did u read that cause I don’t believe it. Maybe his family is worth that but not him he’s on bb to make money and try and get acting or dancing or some kind of show biz jib.

      • Comments (722)

        His family is worth millions.. from grandpa on down..

        Mango is the famIly failure at a paltry 1.5 mil…

      • Comments (1443)

        Looked online last night and can’t find out anything about family income his mother is CEO of her alarm (I think) company. Sure there is some money there. Mother married at least twice to Frankie’s dad and Ariana’s dad. Ariana has nothing to do with her dad. Couldn’t find out why. Frankie’s dad last name marchone or something like that. Can’t find any info on him at all strange that neither Frankie nor Ariana have their fathers last names. And has Frankie ever mentioned his father? Don’t think so. Grandfather that died I think was father figure. Don’t know if alarm company was his or not. Almost everything I read is recent stuff cause it all mentioned BB. and almost everything was about Ariana and then mentions Frankie. Frankie’s bio was done by Frankie. It talks about him volunteering dance/ theater in so Africa but does not say anything about him donating money. Saw place where they asked for donations. If Frankie had the money some think he has there is no way he’d be on BB. he I’d there for exposure for himself to get recognition and big job in theater. Everything I read looks like he’s hanger on to his sister. Says he got triple major in college and made all As. Never heard of college he went to but must be liberal arts cause major was dance theater and biology. I was going to look up college but forgot name of it now. I have a feeling money from grandfather and company mother is CEO of might have been his. That’s a guess. Would now belong to grandmother I guess. Thinking last name of grande is grandfathers. Guess mother took back her maiden name after all her marriages. Don’t find that all that odd but find it very odd that both children also use that last name. And that neither child seem to have anything to do with their fathers. If anybody has anymore info please send me link. Just curious or nosy I guess. Just trying to figure this weirdo out

  3. Comments (59)

    Is this the first we’ve heard about Derrick having a photographic memory? I wouldn’t have done well in that POV comp.

    • Comments (1437)

      I think tonight’s episode showed just how great of a game Derrick is playing.
      Jeez, the guy can manipulate it one way, change his mind and flip it back again.

      I will say again, though, that he doesn’t have to play as dirty as he has been lately.

      But on shear game play and making the evictees( that he had evicted) love him before he sends them to jury, is pure genius.

      The guy covers every base and does it well.

    • Comments (1443)

      No photographic memory. He appears to have problems with mental and physical comps.

      • Comments (59)

        well, that’s what he said in the DR shown on tonight’s episode.

      • Comments (1443)

        I guess I missed that. Have to say really did not pay that much attention to show as I already knew everything and it’s so boring now. If Derrick gets his way there will be another safe eviction in de tonight biggest move in house was when Nichole put up Frankie if Derrick had photographic memory he would not have to study at all for the memory comps. I don’t believe he’s been throwing comps. I don’t believe anything he says

      • Comments (224)

        He’s also been throwing a lot of comps.

      • Comments (412)

        My husband said a few weeks ago that he thinks Derrick was throwing comps. And I think last night episode proved it. He wanted Christine to leave but he didn’t want to be the one to do it, so he threw the comp. He even prepared himself for the explosion. I think he’s been doing that for awhile. He plants ideas in people’s heads and gets them to do the dirty work. He’s skated by all season. Has never been on the block, and has drawn to play in like only 3 veto comps(correct me if I’m wrong). And I’m pretty certain he thrown thosecomps. He’s a manipulator. Telling Caleb that he’s(Caleb) has played the best game, that everyone could beat him(Derrick) in the end. It’s humorous watching him make everyone in the house look like a fool. I hope he makes it to the end just to show everyone how he has fooled them. It would be even better to see an angry jury house give the money to Victoria(Derrick’s f2) just to spite him. But that’s probably not going to happen.

      • Comments (1443)

        If he wanted Christine to go he needed to win that comp and leave things as they were. And then they all vote her off no one would expect him to use pov. Instead he assured Christine pov to take herself off. He was lying because he wanted Nichole gone. Winning pov would put no blood on his hands.

      • Comments (412)

        He literally had the red with black stripe in his hand. He sat it down picked up the red with white stripe, cut it and prepared himself for impact. He threw that comp. He wanted her gone but doesn’t want blood on his hands. He was thinking about a jury vote.

  4. Comments (29)

    I’m only being a Grammar Nazi because you mentioned being in English Comp II. It’s “compliment” not “complement” in your sentence 🙂

    Otherwise, I am very glad Derrick’s DR was on the show tonight to give a little insight to his extremely deliberate moves in the game. We all know he has a strategy, but it’s nice to see the moves as he explains them.

    At least we will finally have some unexpected turns tomorrow in the Double Eviction! I’m excited!

    • Comments (1443)

      I bet there are no surprises unless Christine wins hoh. Otherwise both girls go up. Christine should put up Frankie and Caleb or Derrick and if one wins pov the one not up goes up. That’s her only chance in game unfortunately the guys are going to put up the girls. Stupid stupid esp for Cody when he knows Christine has his vote and would never vote him off Cody needs to put up Frankie and Caleb and tell Caleb it’s to be sure Frankie goes home cause rest of them have Caleb’s back. But he won’t do that against his better judgement

      • Comments (1443)

        Christine has told Derrick I believe that if she wins hoh she will put up Vic and frank. That would not be smart on her part. Guys could vote Vic out. She needs to put up frank and Caleb/ Derrick. That doesn’t hurt her any cause they are coming after her next anyway and she knows it. If one wins pov she puts the other up. She has nothing to lose and Cody wants Frankie out also

  5. Comments (27)

    Is there a Luxury comp ? I would think big brother would want to shake things up by giving the nominees another chance at saving themselves.
    If they do, Nicole has to win to be in the next HoH comp

  6. Comments (1437)

    Poor Nicole…
    She just said a week ago that she needed to keep her mouth shut.
    And then she screws herself trying to give Derrick a compliment.

    • Comments (4)

      I know that Nicole doesn’t have the advantage of seeing what we did tonight, but if she would start talking about how well Derrick is playing this game (she could even bring up her comparison of Derrick to Dan), that might actually save her from being voted to jury. It could wake up Cody and Caleb to the reality that their just playing Derrick’s game. I know it didn’t happen and probably won’t but I really wish that Nicole would do just that.

      • Comments (412)

        Donny tried telling everyone Derrick was running the game and no one believed him, and look where Donny is at. They(Caleb, Frankie, and Cody) are all so delusional that they really believe that they are running the game. Nothing can change that, especially not reason.

      • Comments (1443)

        Nichole knew it also as Hayden and Donnie told her. She has even told Derrick that. But he’s the only one in house that’s had anything to do with her except Vic so she let her emotions take over her brain. Hope she gets straight in jury. She’s blowing smoke up all of them now anyway

      • Comments (69)

        I wish Nicole – who has nothing to lose anyway – would threaten someone like Derrick that she was going to sway the votes to someone else unless she was saved by him – I do not know why any of them have not used that play.

    • Comments (1443)

      It really didn’t matter he was still going to vote her out no way was he changing anyone else’s mind about that

  7. Comments (1437)

    And Mango saying he wanted an anvil to drop on Nicole’s head? Not the first time he has talked about violent imagery and women.
    Considering that he raves about his sister, Mom and grandma, it seems a bit strange that he hates women so much.

    • Comments (426)

      Because, very child like, he feels very inferior to them. He has to try to build himself up (like Caleb) by getting attention, as all people with inferiority complexes do.

    • Comments (1443)

      Nichole had the nerve to put him on block. First and only big move in house he has not forgiven her just as Andy turned on Elissa when she put him on block. Gays are vicious and vindictive. At least Andy and Frankie are

      • Comments (692)

        PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t judge all gay people by the ones on BB. We are not ALL like they are, especially feaky Frankie.
        Thank you, that’s my gay outburst for the moment. Lol

      • Comments (722)

        Not all gays are vicious and vindictive. . ONLY ON BB! !

      • Comments (692)

        Willie, I do know some gays who are vicious and vindictive but in the gay community it’s no different than in the straight community. in all walks of life no matter who you are, straight or gay, there will be good people and then there will be the ones that are not so good.

      • Comments (722)

        That makes sense.
        However, BB only picks the worst of all stereotypess..

        The angry meathead, the vicious gay, the dumb models, the cheating housewife..

      • Comments (692)

        that does seem to be what they do, doesn’t it?

      • Comments (383)

        Trudy, I can only assume you don’t have any openly gay friends or family. Saying something like that is both hateful and hurtful. Let’s give you the benefit of ignorance (which means unknowing, NOT stupid). Most of the gay people I know are just… people. Some gay men do prance around like Frankie but most don’t. Some gay women look and act like men, but most don’t. Frankie is a charicature. Assuming all gays are like him is like assuming everyone with blue eyes has anger issues. It makes no sense. Sexuality is just one facet of a person’s total personality. Thanks for reconsidering your statement. 🙂

    • Comments (1288)

      It’s called a “theme”. The whole comp had all sorts of Looney Toon imagery to it. The set had an anvil! When was the last time anyone had a blacksmith’s anvil actually dropped on their head? And the comment was not based on Nicole being a woman, it was about her being the target for eviction this week.

      • Comments (137)

        good point, I didnt pick up on that, but then again BB is so boring I barely even pay close attention to much of it anymore. I did like the comp and got the diary room episodes were connected to the comp as well.

      • Comments (383)

        yeah that does make it much less creepy. thanks!

    • Comments (69)

      But then Jannie – three minutes after making statements like that – he will go over and hug Nicole and they will be the bestest of friends.

    • Comments (152)

      That comment actually made me very upset. he is such a butt (putting it mildly). If they could only hear all the crap he talks about them.

    • Comments (1443)

      Anne did you notice how he was all over Nichole last night!! Couldn’t believe it looked like a guy trying to take advantage of a tipsy girl. She had to keep pushing him away. Cody acted that way a little also. She was having none of it. She was not as tipsy as she let them think she was. She was playing them all and flirting and they were all over that. She stroked their egos good. Too bad that could not have happened earlier in game.

  8. Comments (182)

    This is so much a big ‘non-move’ even Frankie maybe laughing inside still on this major and possibility fatal blunder by Caleb. There’s probably a hang-him-high noose waiting back home for Caleb, after a they cattle brand him ‘SISSY’

  9. Comments (1)

    Frankie uses his sisters fame. Without her he is NOTHING! and this whole act of kindness to donate is a sham, a ploy to get votes. Seriously the only charity he is donating to is his own pocket.

    Highly doubt he will donate a cent. The boy lives in his sisters shadow and she pays the bills. CBS is keeping Frankie safe and will continue to if he is up on the block, with his aclaimed popularity on you tube and his sisters fame that equals followers, equals veiwers which comes down to ratings.
    The writers need to come up with better material, BOB and team America what a joke. Let America vote to see who stays and who goes give the hg’s no chance to vote or something more exciting. Donny deserves america’s favorite, he needs to win so he can rub it in Frankie’s face. After the comments he made about Victoria’s virginity I do not what to hear anything else come out of his mouth, he is disgusting and should have been booted off just for that comment or called out on it during LIVE tv. But they won’t he is a Grande after all. By blood only, if it wasn’t for his sister NOBODY would know who he was.

    • Comments (1288)

      Perhaps you should report your suspicions to buildon.org who honored Frankie with their Global Impact Award just before this season began. How could an unknown, undeserving person have sneaked in on them?


      I am sure they will be surprised to have been so hoodwinked.

      • Comments (1276)

        I had seen that earlier this season. I have no doubt that he’s done some great charity work in the past. However, I personally don’t believe he’s playing for the charity. If it’s his net worth of 1.5 million or his families, he still already has the money to go towards the charity. I am sure, if he’s 1st or 2nd, part of the money will go towards buildon.org, I just have a hard time believing that all or even most of it will. Of course, I, and other could be wrong, he just hasn’t shown much strength of character, but it is a game, so he could be putting on this vile act as part of his game.

      • Comments (1443)

        If you go to his bio it talks about him volunteering his time going to teach dance/theater in so Africa. Doesn’t say anything about donating money. Even if he doesn’t donate money it’s good that he donates time. But he sure gets plenty of publicity out of it doesn’t he

    • Comments (383)

      You know what? I donate a lot of money to charity. I paid my neighbors’ mortgage for a few months so they wouldn’t lose their home when one of them had a health crisis and lost their job. But I did NOT post this information on Facebook, I didn’t get on TV to brag about how nice I am, I just did it because it was the right thing to do. If Frankie really cared about those schools he would have told the DR all about it and put it on his profile so BB fans could donate to the charity. He waited until he “confessed” his sister was famous and then tried to use his charity to win votes. Despicable.

  10. Comments (27)

    Caleb is gonna flip when hes out of the house and realizes people are calling him wimp mode cowboy and are even getting t-shirts made….how embarrassing for him……. vote Donny for AFP

    • Comments (14)

      Others are calling Caleb Chicken Sh*t Cowboy. That’s my favorite.

    • Comments (412)

      I call him BOAST mode cowboy.

      • Comments (412)

        talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.
        “Ted used to boast, “I manage ten people””
        synonyms: brag, crow, swagger, swank, gloat, show off; More
        (of a person, place, or thing) possess (a feature that is a source of pride).
        “the hotel boasts high standards of comfort”
        synonyms: possess, have, own, enjoy, pride oneself/itself on
        “the hotel boasts a fine restaurant”
        noun: boast; plural noun: boasts
        an act of talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction.
        “I said I would score, and it wasn’t an idle boast”
        synonyms: brag, self-praise; exaggeration, overstatement, grandiloquence, fanfaronade

    • Comments (383)

      I call him Dipwad Cowboy. Because it’s nicer than calling him Douchenozzle Cowboy. Or creepy-ass stalker cowboy.

  11. Comments (1437)

    Mad that Derrick threw the comp.
    He gets so paranoid whenever he thinks that someone has him figured out – well, Nicole does have his number.
    But he still was not her target. Christine, Cody and Mango are on her radar way more than Derrick.

    Derrick could have won and Christine would have been gone…damn you Derrick.

    • Comments (426)

      While I do think Derrick has thrown some comps, I’m not convinced he has thrown as many as he claims. I think he is playing us in the DR, just as he has done with many things.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick is well aware how much those outside of the game know about what is going on in the house. He has followed the game from outside before and is well aware he cannot get away with outright lies in his DR sessions – the viewers will know. He has been inaccurate in some of his comments but that is more from his obstructed view of the game by being on the inside this time around.

        The DR is the only time he can speak freely without his words influencing the outcome of the game, why lie? He is clearly playing for $500k, anything less will be failure. Now about 90% of what he has said to the other players in the house have been lies – those are what have gotten him to the position he is currently in. His comments are always crafted to the audience he is speaking to.

        Case in point, he told both Frankie and Caleb that Victoria said that Derrick and Frankie[Caleb] are the only two people who have always been nice to her. He actually recycled that lie. He then told Victoria to interact with both of them to help complete the scene, and set them up for carrying Victoria beyond the F5.

      • Comments (426)

        I disagree about him lying to us. He has done it several times. But it is ok for us all to have our own opinions of things, so we will just have to agree to disagree on that.

      • Comments (1443)

        I think he threw last comp only!!

    • Comments (1288)

      He also did a poor job throwing the comp. Anyone watching from the sidelines should have noticed the exaggerated cover he did on the cut that eliminated him. He barely flinched on most cuts but on the last he tucked his chin and covered his ‘nads with his hands like he was in a wall set to block a soccer free kick. He clearly knew the blast was coming.

  12. Comments (2)

    Derrick feeding Caleb’s ego and Caleb nodding in agreement to the whole thing was hilarious. What a dumbass

  13. Comments (182)

    We all know how good Sgt. Derrick is; tonight showed that Derrick also knows how good he is and his game moves are the best model for future students of BB.

    What a master strategist. If he wins it all, as he deserves, I say best HG ever to play this game with just his mind and speak. His low-key, leads from behind approach, letting other think his idea is theirs, allows him to pull strings unnoticed. He has the leadership skills of an Advance Dale Carnegie grad.

    • Comments (426)

      Yes, and they can continue to bore us to death with their predictable moves.

      • Comments (426)

        Hopefully every season won’t have all the weenies with no back bones. Otherwise BB will not get the ratings to continue much longer.

      • Comments (1288)

        Paraphrasing Dr Frank N Furter “he isn’t playing his game for you.” He is playing for himself and that $550k pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I find this game highly entertaining and cannot wait for the outcome. Will he make it? Or will unforeseen circumstances jump up and bite him in the ass?

      • Comments (383)

        ahhhh hahaahha not sure how many people will get the Rocky Horror reference but that was funny!

    • Comments (1443)

      He’s made no big move at all in the house he’s gone after the weak players. I don’t think his playing has been that good. He lucked into alliance and no one wanted to go against alliance. He has influenced others decisions but the decisions have not been big plays.

      • Comments (59)

        I agree Trudy. I think what makes a good player is someone who can get out of a tricky situation. I don’t see getting out 8-9 people who aren’t really playing the game as much of an accomplishment. But it’s just opinion – some think he’s great, some of us see him as doing okay in a weak house. Just the 8 person alliance…brought all these people this far. Now they’re all running around paranoid because they have no real game plan at this point. Derrick thinks he has a game plan but he is scrambling as much as everyone else. He didn’t “pull the string” to get Frankie out this week. He didn’t take control and win the veto he said he could have won to get Christine out. He’s not really in control at this point in my opinion. I think we’re getting like we do in sports…trying to rank players as the greatest of all time. Can’t really compare like that. Different situations, different eras, etc. But I do believe Derrick is putting in the most effort, so that may be what wins for him, his effort.

      • Comments (412)

        I think the best player is the player who never gets put in a sticky situation.

    • Comments (1443)

      We’ll he fooled his alliance and there are not many brains among them so that’s not saying much. But he has not fooled those outside his alliance. They just didn’t have numbers to do anything about it. And when Donny tried to tell alliance they were too stupid to believe. Bet Christine knows. So he’s not all that smart.

  14. Comments (692)

    Why do some comments disappear from the blog??

    • Comments (492)

      You must be a very good student
      A +

    • Comments (1276)

      I haven’t seen any disappear. Was it something that could be seen as “offensive”?

      • Comments (692)

        there was a comment on this blog earlier correcting someone’s grammar and then a response from that person and then I left a message which was meant to be funny and they’re all gone. I’ve noticed it a couple of times on previous blog

      • Comments (33)

        I normally go through each comment and let Steve know if there is anything out of line or that should be deleted (just in case he misses something). This season, I think I’ve only asked him to delete two comments that had crossed the line and they were both several weeks ago. If this happens again, please let us know either here or using the “contact” tab up top. Thanks. 🙂


  15. Comments (15)

    Derrick’s game is brilliant, he plants the seeds and sits back and watches everyone else water them. To work people like that, keep on everyone’s good side, off everyone’s radar, and keep it all straight in his head is what this game is about. People hating on him cracks me up, he has controlled this game since the beginning. Hats off to you, sir.

  16. Comments (10)

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that no one can:
    1. Think for themselves
    2. Afraid to make a move on their own
    3. Somebody please before it to late make a move and shake up the house!!!

  17. Comments (492)

    Franko, idk why? Good question? You are very observant

  18. Comments (492)

    I didn’t like that last night when things got blown up in their faces, yes , their eyes were protected, but being a mom,
    Stuff could have gotten up their noses and into their lungs.
    I didn’t like that.
    Poor kids.
    Not a good move big brother.
    Not healthy


  19. Comments (492)

    Ok, off to work, someone has to make the donuts!
    Tee, hee

  20. Comments (2)

    I would like to know why Frankie thinks he is so freakin special that he gets to spend his WHOLE BB life inside the HOH room. He sleeps in there, he uses that bathroom, he eats up there! Why is he ALWAYS in that room? I wish someone would get the nerve up to get him out of that house, he is arrogant, rude, obnoxious, offensive, prissy and just downright stupid. Why does the HOH not lock their doors anymore, last season and this season, nobody knocks or gives any kind of respect to the fact that the person in that room won a comp to get there and it’s not everybody’s right to be in there. I’m constantly amazed and irritated at how “deserving” they all think they are.
    I want Frankie to go home SOOOOOOOOOOOOON! 🙂

  21. Comments (12)

    Watching bbad and just saw Frankie swallow half a water bottle. He is so disgusting. They showdd him putting the bottle in his mouth snd the houseguests in amazement that he did it. He needs to go. His mother snd sister must be real proud of him. If I were gay I wouldnt let him near me eith a ten foot pole.

    • Comments (487)

      Saw last year’s winner Andy Herren on a BB podcast last night. Andy does not like Frankie’s actions at all. And as a gay man Andy is embarrassed by Frankie. Andy did say that he will reserve opinion about Frankie’s character until he meets him, but it sounded to me he was just trying to keep his true opinion to himself until the show BB16 is over.

      • Comments (1799)

        Yes Juarez did see that Very true Andy is trying to distance himself Also talking about how the edits are made As the other house guest talk about Frankie That’s when they show Mango primping putting on markup

        I am begging to change my mind on Derrick As he does well manipulating these easily led house guest So yes Gumby game play is great It’s his game plan I have question with He prides himself on never being on the block Not bad others have gone this far without being on the block Yet this I don’t want blood on my hands is getting tiresome Now we will start to see how good he is The fact he did not get Frankie when he had a chance could come back to bite him Lets see if his stated eviction order go as plan Christine,Victoria (doubt that just saying to appease his BRO’s) Frankie Finale 3 Him Cody, and Caleb

  22. Comments (37)

    Frankie is worth 1.5 m I read it in a a online article. just pull up Frankie worth. I looked it up when he was bragging about his money. and he was right that he didn’t lie about. if he guy has money I don’t hold that against him. but he a douc. last chance guys kick him in the double evic.

  23. Comments (16)

    I missed the rape comments by Frankie and gang exactly what was said

    • Comments (59)

      just do any google search about “frankie grande rape joke” and there are tons of articles about it. but just be warned it’s a disgusting discussion by all in that room. not worth repeating here.

    • Comments (1288)

      There were two separate incidents that have been combined and confused. The first was when Christine, Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Frankie were all together and they found out they were getting alcohol but the only three drinking would be Victoria, Caleb and Cody. Christine said something along the lines of “please don’t get drunk and have drunk sex with Victoria”. Frankie picked up the theme and suggested a drunken threesome where they take all of her virginities. Rape was not mentioned at that time, it was all about a drunken sex soiree. Derrick at first said “think about what her father thinks hearing this” but then added a joke about Victoria and ZingBot having sex – again nothing about rape. Rape is not a sex act, it is an act of violence and they were talking about sex – not violence.

      During a later conversation between Frankie and Cody the subject of the movie “Showgirls” came up and Frankie referenced the graphic rape scene as a must see. Cody said he didn’t think a rape scene was necessary in a movie.

  24. Comments (843)

    If these HG are truly BB fans, they should know the “we can get them out later” strategy seldom pays off. They want Frankie and Christine out–both very strong competitors both physically and mentally Caleb and Cody are both sissy pants and not that strong in mental comps. Victoria has been out to lunch/vacation time the entire season. Derrick may say he’s throwing comps—easy excuse when you lose. If Derrick was really smart, he would keep Nicole, who could help him in competitions and is a vote instead of Victoria who is only a vote.

  25. Comments (843)

    Reported on jokers: Caleb tells Nicole he is going to knock her in the head and picks up one of the kitchen chairs. He immediately got called to DR. Nothing else was reported. Anyone know anything about that?

  26. Comments (37)

    Big Brother contestant Frankie Grande has found himself in hot water over an offensive comment he made regarding a fellow contestant, in which he jokingly told two other male house guests that they should rape her. The comment was made on a recent episode of the CBS reality show.
    Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/08/frankie-grande-in-hot-water-for-rape-joke/#FlBi1lud283vegqA.99

  27. Comments (37)

    Grande suggested to the male house guests that they should team up with each other to take every aspect of female contestant Victoria’s virginity. Following the comment, the 31-year-old began to make various obscene gestures to illustrate the meaning of his comment. The family of the girl is furious, saying that jokes regarding forcing a woman to engage in intercourse are never funny, regardless of the intent. Victoria’s mother Lizabeth has given the statement that she feels Grande’s words have now made her daughter a possible target of rape, and that she is extremely worried for her safety. She also expressed her discontent that producers did nothing to stop the comment from being aired, nor did they discipline Grande in any way. Lizabeth and the rest of the family are asking for an apology not only from Grande’s parents, but also his sister Ariana. The mother went on to say that she feels the situation would be quite different in the contestant’s eyes if the comments were being made about his younger sister.

  28. Comments (37)

    Grande has stirred up quite a storm of controversy since his run on the show began. Just a few days ago, he voiced his opinion that lesbians choose their sexuality, and that no woman is born that way. He believes that women change their mind after dating multiple men and not being successful in the relationship, whereas men are born gay and can do nothing about their orientation from the start. At the end of July, the Florida native was ripped by both other contestants and the public for telling fellow contestant Joscasta that she should kill herself. The woman’s sister gave several statements detailing her fury at the comment, and expressing her disdain for Grande and what she felt was his astoundingly high level of immaturity

    • Comments (487)

      I just googled that comment that Frankie made about Jocasta. There are no words that I can type right now to adequately describe my disdain for this boy. Yes I said boy! Jocasta led a memorial service for the grandfathers of Frankie and Derrick. Then he makes that kind of statement. I hope members of both Jocasta’s and Victoria’s families get his little skinny butt in a corner and remind him that they care about their loved ones even if they aren’t famous and have a lot of money or fame. My 8 month old grandson is more man than Frankie will ever be.

  29. Comments (37)

    The recent drop in popularity for the brother of pop princess Ariana came as a shock to many viewers, as it was just last month that the house members rallied around him in support, following the death of he and Ariana’s grandfather. Upon hearing the news, the man broke down completely and was consoled by his fellow contestants. His sister kept the news away from Grande for as long as she could, per the grandfather’s request. He reportedly did not want the news of his death to interrupt his grandson’s success on the show, and he enlisted Ariana to keep the news away from her brother as long as possible. Contestants are not allowed any contact with anyone outside of the show, nor are they allowed to access the internet or social media websites, but there are the occasional instances of slip-ups or conduct breaching. A decision was eventually reached to inform contestant Frankie Grande of the news, of which he was told a few days later.

    • Comments (843)

      Frankie may have loved his grandfather, but he certainly used the sympathy in his favor. HG didn’t want to put him up because of his loss. He also used the fact that Ariana was his sister when he found himself in trouble the next time. He also keeps pushing the fact that he is ‘playing’ for children in Africa.

    • Comments (248)

      And how did he take it?

      • Comments (248)

        Please disregard the last statement. I was talking and typing at the same time. That was what I had said to my son. Sorry.

    • Comments (211)

      I’m sure a lot of whatever sympathy viewers had for Frankie about his loss went away real fast after he made some hateful comment about Jacosta (he wished her dead or something??) after she was thoughtful enough to have a memorial service for his grandfather. Guy’s a real winner…

  30. Comments (37)

    Frankie Grande has yet to give a statement regarding the offensive rape joke he made on a recent episode of Big Brother. The other contestant’s relatives, however, are still insisting that they receive an apology from his family.

    • Comments (211)

      I’m guessing it’s because BB hasn’t approached him about it. If that’s the case, I’m doubting we will hear anything from him about it, because he thought it was all a joke. As long as they’re still in the house, he and the other HGs have no idea of the effect that remark had on Vic’s family and those watching the show.

      I’m, personally, surprised that they haven’t addressed the situation with Frankie, but then again, they’ve let him go on doing his touchy/feely thing with the other male HGs without saying a word either, so who knows where BB’s “boundaries” lie…

      • Comments (248)

        Shouldn’t the other HGs set some of their own buondaries. They are all grown ups. You would think that most people would have said something by now if it bothered them. Maybe it doesn’t bother them? Just thinking out loud.

      • Comments (487)

        Sarah you are so right. We teach our children to not let someone touch them inappropriately.

    • Comments (843)

      Frankie has no empathy for others. He won’t care how the families are feeling.

  31. Comments (487)

    Price is Right is searching for its next male model. I found a job for Caleb where all he has to do is look good and not talk. Do you think he could do a decent Vanna White impression to show off a car or a refrigerator? LOL

  32. Comments (1799)

    Does Derick understand how much Caleb thinks Mango is his ticket to stardom This is where Derrick and Frankie game play clash While Derrick has played dumb harmless non threat Frankie has been up on the block and has fought to save himself Granted he had gotten help by production but he has won comp to save himself This now will come down to who each player thinks they have the best chance of beetling in F2

    • Comments (1443)

      When Frankie was on block playing bob with Caleb and Caleb sat down and Frankie started winning Caleb was going to get up and mess it up and production would not let him. That was not right that’s why Frankie still there but when Christine did not help Donny with bones that was her choice to throw comp. but when she was handing bones to other side that went beyond unfair. What’s the difference in that and Caleb getting up to take his part in comp with Frankie in order to throw it?? Christine was cheating and they let her do it. Caleb would not have been cheating but the didn’t let him in to throw that comp

  33. Comments (487)

    If Frankie is in F2 he could lose to whoever is sitting next to him. Derrick has a better chance. It’s the likeability factor.

  34. Comments (487)

    There is one word I haven’t seen used often about this cast, but Victoria used it last night…Cowards. They hear inappropriate things said about other people and they just sit there and listen or laugh. Frankie and Christine are rubbing their hands all over the guys and no one calls them out on it. I don’t get it. But Caleb gets called to the DR because of something he says to Nicole. Frankie has broken so many social, moral and game rules but production and the other HGs have allowed him to continue his behavior without any reprimand of any kind. They are all COWARDS.

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