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Relax About The Editing Of Last Night’s Episode


After checking the world of bigbrothertwitter today, I see there is a little uproar over the editing of last night’s episode on CBS.  A major complaint is the way they ‘edited out’ the behavior from Paul and The Pound (new name!) toward Jessica and Cody.

The problem is, they didn’t edit it out. The episode was a fairly accurate depiction of the day or two after nominations, including the horribly boring showmance drama they used to fill the episode with.  I understand showmances will happen, but wow does CBS love editing episodes to look like soap operas.

Back to the drama (aka bullying) that they didn’t show. What people don’t remember is a large majority of the actions from The Pound ™ happened after the PoV meeting which didn’t even take place yet in the land of CBS-only viewers. Cody getting in Paul’s face after nominations did happen and I’m glad they showed it because Monday made me forget all about that. It did help put a little weight into the way the house describes Cody when they talk about him behind his back (which is all day long). Sure when you hear someone like Raven talk about how mean Cody is, I tend to roll my eyes because he really hasn’t been mean to her at all, but when the feeds came back from nominations the other day, I wasn’t alone when I thought Cody was going to fight Paul.


I will be curious to see how they continue with the editing tonight when they’re expected to show the veto meeting – and post meeting reaction – as a way to fill in an episode that shouldn’t have anyone leave the house as Jessica is expected to use the hex.  That is when the house flipped back on Cody, and that is when Paul and The Pound took their turn acting like asses.


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    Helen (5241 comments)

    I am sick of the Jody storyline…..I don’t even watch the CBS show anymore because 75% of it is about Jody. The feeds are getting just as bad ,half the time they have all 4 feeds on them. The only reason I have not gotten rid of feeds is because of Kevin …….favorite time of day to watch is the morning walk with Kool Papa and Cowboy…….

  2. LindsayB

    I love the sound of logic amidst emotional uproar. Thank you Steve!!

  3. Avatar

    so I was watching hairspray the other night, and one of the lines I thought was very fitting of raven.
    “so, you two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comic’ at you from a never-ending parade of stupid” except in this case raven is the only one

  4. ingodog

    I thought last night’s was boring. It’s time for the Cody and Jessica saga to end!

  5. Avatar

    Did I miss hear Elena say she is getting too skinny on the show, now that’s delusional, ‘Elena lose 50lbs then you will be skinny’

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    I was actually surprised after reading about the Cody Paiul verbal war, and the Mark Josh fight that never was, how not what was portrayed they both were….. first Cody and Paul….I never thought Cody was gonna fight Paul, but Cody said he didn’t want to go up there Jess told him to so he did….then he’s walking out and Paul is yapping at him and he responds back….walks out again and Paul follows him all the way down the stairs….he’s right Paul is just a character on a TV show…..

    As for Mark and Josh, I really don’t care if Josh has been banging pots all week…..he was aggressive in his approach following his verbal lashing towards Mark, Mark had enough and took the pans from him that was it….Mark got portrayed as a terrible person

    Elena’s response to that instead of sticking up for Mark she drops him because we live in a world where you can’t defend yourself and have to let people walk all over you (paraphrasing her comments about the outside world (maybe a little added meaning there lol)) Elena and Jessica on the show and game wise are screwed if they drop Cody and Mark and Jess knows that, Elena on the other hand…..she’s gonna pay for it and I for one outside the house will laugh more at her game over dropping Mark than I ever would have for getting involved in the first place.

    • Avatar

      Before I get jumped all over, let me clarify one thing, I am not absolving Cody of any wrong doing, Cody is a bit of a hot head and as a hot head sometimes myself and a fellow vet I feel I understand him, however in my opinion Codys biggest downfall is his inability to recognize that he made a mistake, he does do a good job as we will see tonight of avoiding things and keeping himself calm when he knows it’s coming, but when he’s engaged he can’t seem to resist not responding.

    • stevebeans

      I don’t really agree about Mark being portrayed poorly. Granted they could have edited in the pots and pans longer to really show him snapping, but they did show him sitting there being verbally abused by Josh for longer than I expected.

      • Avatar

        I should probably have worded that better I was referring to the house not the editing….specifically Elena her response and portrayal of Mark bothers me, cause Mark might be the best guy in the house as a person

      • Avatar

        Agreed. I’m a CBS only watcher and I don’t think they portrayed Mark as anything negative. He’s been taking Josh’s ridiculous personality quite well. I would’ve snapped on Josh a long time ago.

        Plus, Mark in the tutu during the exchange made it so much better.


    • Seattle Kari

      I’m glad Mark grab the pots out of his hands and I wish he’d done it more than once, or at least someone else would have. I don’t blame him a bit for doing that.

  7. John

    As an active duty guy the comments about Cody’s service and dog tags angered me for sure. I am in the Air Force, have been for 9+ years, his dog tags are taped (probably because production made him) because they have your social security number on them for identification purposes. I am growing to hate Paul, and most of the house for it’s weak following of Paul. I voted for Jessica for the temptation, not because I like her, but because I knew she would be the only one to go after Paul. She keeps shooting herself in the foot though…. Her last week as HOH was so dumb, she knew it was going to happen and didn’t correct.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree John….

      • John

        Tim I’m going to assume you’re a vet? And you, like me, usually just come here and read the updates everyday but don’t usually comment?

      • Avatar

        Yes I am a Coast Guard vet…..I never deployed to combat, as the CG didn’t have many who did, I also didn’t join the CG to avoid deployment either, I literally joined the day before 9/11 and spent that day traveling to boot camp….I didn’t even know what happened until I landed in Philadelphia (CG boot is in New Jersey). I have the utmost respect and love for those who joined and deployed to the war…..I am disgusted by the attack of his military service…..more than a game move and a move that should be 100% off limits as an American…..I read these blogs a lot and I love watching Big Brother iv missed one season since it started cause I was building a house and didn’t have TV….turns out it was the worst racist bully season of all time so I guess I didn’t miss much……anyways that’s me in a nut shell, always thought about trying to get on the show but Kevin is in my roll….stay at home dad (going to college) with 8 kids…..would have been fun but idk maybe I would have punched someone….Cody wouldn’t be alone that’s for sure and I would be in Paul’s face everyday probably would be voted off early!

    • LindsayB

      John, we have to remember that the HGs Dont see what we see and know what we know. It’s very common for HGs to embellish or flat or lie about what they do in the real world. All they do is sit around over analyzing and coming up with conspiracy theories. The way Cody talks about killing people, etc is not typical of someone who has actually done that. I can see where the HGs would start to speculate. As far as the viewers go, yes I think it’s uncool to share in that speculation when we do have the ability to somewhat fact check.

      • John

        I come from a military family and I’ll say the older military (Vietnam, World Wars) don’t talk about their war time and killing because it was before PTSD and stuff. Today’s warfighters are taught to talk about it be more open, experts think that makes it easier to deal with… However I don’t agree with bragging about it, but my brother dealt with his own PTSD in this manner.

      • LindsayB

        Agreed. It’s really not up to any of us to judge how people deal with stuff like that. I’m just trying to help with some of the anger people have at his service being questioned by the HGs. Right or wrong, I could see how they could start to question it.

      • Avatar

        Question I have for you is how many people have you talked to who have killed people……everyone responds different and when you are a marine you are basically taught to embrace it and relish in it, and they have to or they would all go insane….it is portrayed a lot that it’s a troubling experience….iv been friends with many marines, and killing on the battlefield to many of them is just another day in the office…’s not pretty but it’s necessary. Matt has been the only member of the pound to recognize that…..if Cody really snapped it would be unairable and showending

      • danmtruth

        Everyone wants the hero edit on there life especially when they’re the ones saying the story Is their anyone in the hose who has not tried to make them selves seem more interesting or likable

      • LindsayB

        Tim I’ve spoken to a lot of people who’ve been thru that. It’s one thing to speak about those experiences with those who have shared similar experiences. It’s quite another to discuss it with civilians. While I appreciate your attempt to discredit my view on this I will politely ask you to not make assumptions or judgments on whether or not I have any grounds to speak on the subject.
        I personally wish it was more socially acceptable to talk about it because the amount of suicide, etc for veterans is something that breaks even my cold heart.
        Again, the point I am making is that all the HGs do is speculate. They can’t fact check. All they do all summer is lie to each other. It is not abnormal for them to question EVERYTHING.

    • Seattle Kari

      Thank you for sharing perspective as someone in the military. I absolutely agree with you a hundred percent. I don’t know why I didn’t think about the reasons that they would be taped up myself.

      Thank you for doing what you do for us!! *SALUTE!!* ❤

    • Mello_One

      I have the Deepest Respect for anyone who has Volunteered, because our Country has no Draft, and put on a United States Uniform to Serve & Defend our Country. Its Men & Women Like Cody that put their Lives on the Line for Us, by defending this Country, & keeping us Safe…

      Now I will get Off my Soap Box, and say that Cody’s Service to our Country, & his Game Play on BB are Apples & Oranges, in other words 2 Separate things.. So Attack him on his poor Game Play my Fellow BB Junkies, but not on his 10 year Military Service…Btw JMO!

    • Avatar

      The only thing inaccurate about that write up is that he’s portrayed as a villain. Really? Out of all the house guests and Cody is the villain. *eye roll*

    • John

      I like that this confirms he was in and went on deployments, but most military veterans will notice right away that these are what all military who have been deployed (whether in combat or not) have. Hell I’ve been to Afghanistan and many other places, have been shot at but never close enough to fire back and have the same medals. Mad respect for Marines though to them deployments are way harder and they work much harder for the same pay. My father is a Vietnam Marine vet so I have a lot of love for the Marines.

    • Avatar

      Who gave that article a thumbs down?? Wow

      • Seattle Kari

        There are a handful of people on here that do nothing but clicks and negative button no matter what is written.

        Just a bunch of immature twits. Ignore it.

      • Mello_One

        True, my Spouse is a Vietnam Vet, he was in during the worst part of that War…And I can’t tell how many times he has woken up in terror from the memories of that War. He won’t tell me about the things he saw, but it was horrific.

    • danmtruth

      go back one thread Read poster’s Kevin take on the medals It is near the end of the thread All I will say is war has always been a battle of attrition we have more people than you have ways to kill us Hard sad way to look at it Thats why when the first draft came to America If you could find someone to take your place that was ok In the military it’s not who you are it’s just a body to count

      • John

        It’s not always about quantity… Look at Russia’s war history. They took crazy losses by just piling people on a battlefield. Technology, equipment, and training can change a battlefield.

      • John

        I went back and read the comment nothing I didn’t know there as I have all those medals myself. As Kevin said basically participation medals. I still will always have a military brothers back. He is a hot head though and makes the show more interesting I would hate to have to sit here and watch Paul’s merry gang and only Paul’s merry gang. Eventually it will just be Paul picking someone to leave and the house abandoning that person, like they did with Dom.

      • Avatar

        Best participation medals out there. If that’s what they’re going to be called…

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        John: I too will have a Vet’s back as well. I just get annoyed when people who don’t know anything about the military or serving in the military to render judgement on anything military. Take the TMZ article, it sensationalizes some medals that anyone in the military would more or less shrug their shoulders. This leads to ignorant speculation on behavior inside that frikin glass house of narcissistic people. No one but Cody knows what’s in his head. In this day and age of social media and digital records, it’s also unwise to boast about things that can be verified rather quickly.

        I have always had a gut feeling that Cody knew Meagan was military, and he didn’t want another alpha dog in the house. Some of her Tattoos clearly gave it away the she served. She could have easily called him on a lot of crap. She served in the middle east as well.

    • Seattle Kari

      Nice! Thank you for sharing that. That deadpan expression works perfectly in the uniform doesn’t it, LOL!!

  8. danmtruth

    lets start with people being tired of seeing Jess & Cody on the edit shows If the did not show them than who? The Pound© (props to steves trademark ) spends most of there time talking about them Out side of what to eat What the live feeds see What Paul did last year there is not much
    I am softening my feelings on Josh He has made a nice come back Now to see if he can be more than a shield and tool for Paul One thing I still cant follow is his logic or lack there of He said last night how he likes Mark now but can never forgive him or trust him ever Soon after he talks how he wants to talk to Cody so they can be friends outside of the house WTF??!!?? In what universe does that happen

    • Sassy

      Josh is special and he really believes he could be friends with all these people in the outside world (only in his dreams). I think ALL of them will blow him off when the show is over. He’s a man-child with a big heart that acts irrationally, on the outside they would all make fun of him (as they do behind his back in the house).

  9. Avatar

    Paul is a big brother icon and production is going to do everything in their power to protect his image.

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  11. Avatar

    They might as well rename this BB season as “Summer of Paul”

  12. Avatar

    It seems to me that Jessica and Cody have somehow decided that they don’t have to “play” until after the hex is used. Instead of laying some ground work now, they are just waiting. I sort of understand it because no one has anything to gain from switching sides at this point so I’m not sure how far they would get but that’s where the social game comes in. They don’t have to “ask” for anything right now – just be friendly and invest in someone other than themselves. And if they don’t want to be nice, at least they could be wreaking havoc. They’re doing nothing. So boring.

    Josh to me seems like he’ll benefit the most as a human coming out of this game. He’s had to grow quite a lot and has come further than I ever thought was humanly possible. I feel good about how he and Mark both have apologized when they thought they needed to and were willing to put egos aside to move past it. Paul has not and it’s killing his game. I know some people think it’s for the camera (their apologies) and it may be but it shows they have some perspective whereas none of the others seem to. The others have tried to validate their behavior to the cameras (and the other HGs) but those two are the only two who have legitimately carried that out in their actions.

    I can’t wait to see which way Mark actually throws his votes. He seems to be leaning towards Jody but Elena could work him over and keep that from happening. He seems to understand he’s expendable by Paul’s team but Elena is completely clueless that she is.

    All of them start to ask the right questions about Paul’s strategy but none of them have the confidence yet to act on it so it will be interesting to see how things go once (if) someone else wins HOH or POV or safety in the temptation comp.

    I hate this holding pattern and wish Jessica had just kept her mouth shut about having the Temptation Hex. It would have been so different this week if she had.

    • Avatar

      If there’s one thing Cody and Jessica have proven, it’s that the two of them are completely incapable of making a smart move in this game.

      • Avatar

        This is where I feel like having a previous player come back into the game (and only one probably more so than several) is a bad idea. Or maybe particularly so with this group. Everyone starts to think it through, come up with strategy and question things but then they stop short out of deference to Paul/Paul’s experience. No one can get past it. Everything for every single guest is centered around Paul. Even Paul can’t move past it.

      • Mello_One

        When you Recruit Players for the Game, this what you get. House Guest that don’t know the Game, or How to Play the Game…Imvho

  13. Avatar

    I think CBS knows they have only so much time left with the drama related to Jessica & Cody. What’s the season going to be like once they both leave?

    I hope we get still some good drama!

  14. Avatar

    Off subject question. When Paul was yelling to Cody after the conversation in the HOH room, he yelled about the age thing “26 or 32 or whatever you are” something along those lines. Did I miss that information being known and shared in the house? Who would Cody have told?

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