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Round 2 Complete – Bring On Wednesday



3 hour drive and a nap later, and I’m ready to go. Finally home, and finally catching up on Big Brother.  It appears I was wrong about the comp being held today rather than yesterday, but whatever, I’m allowed to be wrong once, right? 🙂

Last night they had the competition, and to the surprise of nobody, Nicole won. Heck, even my cat looked at me with a sarcastic look when I told him she won… like ‘no kidding, bro. Now feed me, bitch’, and I was like ‘woah, is that anyway to speak to me after I’ve been away for 2 nights?’.  Shit, I’m sitting here writing about how I talk to my cat.

Moving on….


Yes, Nicole won round 2 which means she is set to square off against Paul on Wednesday night. It is unknown if he threw the comp, but James has allowed his fate to be sealed by one of the other two people in the house. That puts a nice bowtie around the absolute pathetic thing that can hardly be described as a season of Big Brother for him. It was more like summer camp, even with the crush on the girl who clearly ran out of options but didn’t want to spend the summer alone. He mostly spent the entire summer trying to repeat as America’s Favorite, and that was pretty clear throughout the season. It was actually extremely annoying as whenever he spoke about himself, he almost always had to throw that in. I believe he told Natalie a bunch of times “look on the bright side, you’re a bigger threat than America’s Favorite” (something to that extent).

Please let Victor win this season because I don’t think Texas is big enough to contain James’ head if he repeats.

Now, the question of the week is who will actually be in the final 2. Paul, Nicole, and James have this weird thing going where all 3 of them will apparently be in the final 2. They have all basically told each other in private that they’re working together, so the big question will be who is telling the truth….

  1. James – doesn’t matter. He can’t pick now
  2. Paul – I honestly believe he is telling Nicole the truth whenever he talks to her about the final 2. I think he really likes her and also knows he has a legitimate chance of beating her. Taking James would be foolish because of the people Paul has pissed off in jury. He knows Nicole has her own pile of people she has shit on, so odds are better.
  3. Nicole – This is the tough one. It is honestly hard to get a read on her because she has flipped on everyone not named Corey this season. If you were her ally this season, you were probably also backstabbed by her at one point.  She knows that James is more liked by the jury, but is also aware enough to know that people aren’t typically fans of floaters (something Paul isn’t as aware of due to not being as big of a fan). Nicole has watched enough to know that even if there are bitter jury members, Dr. Will does a pretty good job at slapping them with some reality that it’s a game, and playing it is exactly what Nicole did, and James didn’t do. Floating is a weak strategy reserved for people who genuinely suck at the game.  Nicole probably has a better chance against James, so it wouldn’t shock me at all if she flipped one last time and took him to the final 2

Now, I know some are going to read my comments on James and think I’m referring to the ‘laying low’ strategy that was done by players like Ian, Steve, and Dan in recent seasons. That’s not floating, it’s a legit strategy that you basically sit out the first half of the season while you allow the loudmouths to pick each other off. When they’re all gone, you step in and control the game.  Those guys did that, James didn’t come close to that. Nicole did, however. Showmance aside, she played the game how a veteran should, and I really won’t mind if she wins. Paul is pretty set for money anyway, it seems.  The guy has a business going, lives in a big house in LA, and has connections everywhere. He’ll be ok. Not that I think that should have an affect on voting, but just like Vanessa, it does help ease the blow to know that despite a loss, they’re not going to go home to nothing.

Does this mean Paul can’t beat Nicole?  No. I really think if they are in the final 2, it will be a 5-4 (or 6-3 at worst) decision, I just can’t quite figure out who will come out on top yet.

Another note – Julie Chen did a pretty awesome interview that I’ll be posting about later. It’s rare to see the Chenbot so candid, so I need to talk about that, #butlater.


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  1. AIO_7

    “Another note – Julie Chen did a pretty awesome interview that I’ll be posting about later. It’s rare to see the Chenbot so candid,”

    Mell did a good job reviewing it in the last thread.

  2. Jannie

    I agree that a person’s financials shouldn’t come into play when voting for a winner, but…..

    Nicole – I could see Nicole spending the money on a condo in Texas for her and Corey. He would move in, live rent free, and then he would dump her and move out when the money runs out. Hopefully, they would have no pets. By next year we’ll see them on Judge Judy fighting over his property that she bought him.

    James – he would hopefully set up a nice college fund for his daughter (notice I said hopefully). He would buy a new truck and probably party the rest away. Gnat would hang in there until the money is gone and probably guilt him into buying her a few baubles.

    Paul – knowing he owns his own business, I am guessing that he would have the most sense when it comes to money. Hopefully he would invest it into his company. In these last few weeks he has proven that he deserves to be in the finals.

    Today, I am hoping Paul wins and James takes second.

    • Mell

      Jannie, that made me laugh out loud! Sadly, I know it isn’t a joke and probably spot on.

    • Avatar

      I think James would do right with the money, either 1st or 2nd place. With his Americas Favorite money, he said he handed pretty much the whole thing to his baby momma for the little girl.

      • CLangley

        I wonder why he was arrested for back child support after? Maybe he handed it all to her bc he owed so much in back support? Lol

      • Jenny M

        Please provide a link for this info. I can’t find one! thanks!

      • Rita

        Why would anyone post comments about James regarding child support? I guess if you saw it on the internet then it must be true.

      • Mell

        He was arrested in August 2014 in Sumpter County SC for contempt of family court. He paid a $1200.00 bond to be released. I don’t have a link. It isn’t a new story. James publicly fought with a couple bloggers over talking about it last year.

      • Rita

        So it’s not even on the internet and it still must be true. Interesting.

        It’s just not ok to spread rumors.

      • Mell

        I didn’t say it wasn’t on the Internet just that I didn’t have a link for it. Sorry, I see how that sounded now. I saw copies of the court doc and mug shot last year. I can’t find it now. I was going off memory. You can get on that county’s court records and probably pull it up. Some states you have to pay for them. I’m not spending money or my time doing that. Or search his name with the charges. I wasn’t spreading rumors, really. I just saw the comment and was filling in what I knew from before to be helpful. One of the blogs that went back and forth with him over it was bigbrotherlivefeedupdates That’s all I know.

      • Avatar

        the link provided even says that he didn’t spend “Three years in prison” as indicated in the story, but rather that he was a corrections officer. Not saying the rest of what Mel is saying is untrue (I haven’t looked myself) but the link is completely invalid in this discussion

      • Mell

        You’re right Sara. That was during the show when people got in an uproar because James was talking tough and said he had spent 3 yrs in prison on camera. (It was pretty funny actually) Those articles was the week the Internet went crazy showing why he had “been there 3 yrs.” This is not the same article. Lol

      • Avatar

        That article mentions he was arrested for contempt of family Court and there’s a link. I didn’t follow that link though.

    • Colby

      Paul supposedly promised to buy his mom some really expensive car, can’t really remember what, a Rolls or a Bentley maybe. I just remember, at the time it was said, picturing them pulling up in that to all the charity functions that they supposedly participate in to flaunt it in the ‘little peoples’ faces.
      By the way, have I ever mentioned that I have not liked Paul or his game play from the very beginning, and still can’t stand him, even if he can be funny sometimes.


      Paul’s mum wants him to buy her a new Rolls Royce. Yeah like they need the $$$$. I can see Nicole or James getting the $$$ then. Sorry, but people who get to be BB HG’s they go through a lot to get there.

  3. Avatar

    Thanks to Steve beans and all the commenters here. I have enjoyed reading all season.

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Spot on analysis @stevebeans. James did NOT “lay low” this season, he just sucks. If anyone wasn’t convinced of that before, his horrendous strategic thinking ability (as demonstrated during the week leading up to Michelle’s eviction) and his laughable competition skills (as demonstrated in the last Veto comp, when he had NO incentive whatsoever to “throw” the comp because if Corey or Nicole had won, James would’ve been evicted for sure) should be clear now. James would be the most embarrassing winner in BB history, and Will is going to make sure the jury understands what a laughing stock they will be if they were to be known for selecting him as the winner.

    Nicole, on the other hand, DID lay low, and really came on strong in the second half of the game. Yes, she is a “snake” and I’m not a big fan of her whining, but Nicole has definitely played a decent game. I’m team Paul all day, and I feel he deserves to win much more than the other two, but if Paul can’t win then it’s a no-brainer for me: Nicole is the obvious choice. I think Paul would be smarter to choose James for F2, but I do think the vote would be a lot more intriguing to watch if the decision came down to two actual competitors with very different strategies: Paul and Nicole.

    • Mell

      Gerardo, you’re right about Nicole over James. I’m in a dilemma tho. I just said under the last post that I will have to stab myself in the eye with a fork if Nicole wins. Damn, that’s really gonna hurt!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Lol, I know Mell I know. Trust me, I do NOT want Nicole to win. I am still praying that Paul can pull this thing out. But I am so worried what James winning could lead to in the future. We already have way too much “showmancing” and “getting no blood on your hands” gameplay in the BB house as it is. Selecting a winner who embodies this type of “strategy” will just destroy what’s left of this show.

      • Mell

        The feeds will be easy for Steve to cover tho. Each day will say…people napped, ate luch, stared at some boobs, put salt in some water, told a dirty joke, used a few well known BB terms and called that game talk, tried to cuddle with everyone, back to bed.
        I said I may stab my eye if Nicole wins but I will cry and need some therapy if James wins so I’m with you!

    • Rita

      I think James started out laying low but then turned into a dud as the season progressed.

  5. Mell

    Steve, I disagree a little. People may think I’m crazy but I think floating has gotten a bad wrap the last several years. It didn’t used to be a dirty word. After Rachel told them all to grab a life vest, it’s been downhill from there. It isn’t like watching a Vic play for sure but when done well, it’s entertaining to watch. I think people like Will and Dan were floaters. (I’m going off what many past players call floaters) They were strategic floaters. There are passive floaters and selective floaters but it’s very intentional either way. James is a coaster. Many coasters are called floaters. James is the worst kind imo. He’s a coaster that thinks he’s a selective floater. Floates can be in no alliances or many but can weave in and out well. They will “lay low” and let the big fish target each other. They often get the ball rolling when shots are taken but without people realizing it. (Dan, Derrick) The selective type will win when it’s a pivotal week and back off when it isn’t. A passive floater will intentionally lose but the main goal is to stay out of the mix. They arn’t in control but are good at never being a target because of their social skills and being almost invisible. (Steve 17). Will is a hybrid of passive and selective floating. (He never son comps but he sure wasnt quiet) Coasters won’t have control, won’t know what’s going on half the time, do bad in comps and often latch onto a strong player for protection. (Victoria 16, Meg 17 and even Jordan in 11) I think when people float in one form (Andy 15) and maybe someone people don’t like very much, we think calling people like Dan and Will a floater is bad. Hell, they invented it. Actually, Jun invented it in season 4. (She was passive) Its fantastic when done by smart people. Even though he’s loud, Paul has been a floater this year. (not a subtle one) Remember back when he was with Paulie, Corey, etc. but with Da and her little group. Then he was with Frank, Brid, Tiffany while being with the ones who wanted him out. Once Paulie was gone, he turned it up. Not the volume, the game. I haven’t given Nicole any credit for hers because I didn’t feel like it was intentional. I thought she forgot about game for 2 months and then played. If she layed low on purpose, then I can see where she has played a good game all along. (I’m not convinced tho) I just can’t forget about all the times she worried about what Natalie said to Corey instead of who was going home that week. She’s played well and ruthless at the end hands down. Pablo has played better than James.
    My cat gives me that bitchy look too!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I think the way the term “floater” is used now is what’s different. In the earlier seasons, the term “floater” would’ve also applied to someone like Nicole who “floated” around to whichever alliance was in power, without ever pledging allegiance to any particular group (for example, James from BB6 or Erika from BB7). A lot of people really hated that strategy back then because the BB house was usually divided back then and loyalty (at least to some extent) was seen as a desirable trait in a BB winner.

      But solid alliances are no longer as big a part of the game anymore, and no one expects HGs to be loyal to anyone, so I think the meaning of the term has shifted over time to mean something a little different. In recent years, the term is reserved for players like Lames, who just floats his way to the end of the game by doing nothing and thus not posing as a threat to anyone. You’re right though, almost everyone in the past 6 years or so would be considered a “floater” if that term still had the old meaning. But now I think “floater” and “coaster” are synonymous in the eyes of most HGs and BB fans.

      • Mell

        Maybe that’s the shift in thought. That makes sense. As far as James goes, he isn’t a floater. He may not even be a coaster. Maybe he’s more like driftwood bobbing around?

    • Avatar

      I think Nicole played a great game just like Paul. I think Paul has played a much more mind game than anyone else and that’s what keep him in the game this long. He’s a smart guy and he knows how to talk .
      Nicole, worries to much about the uncomfortably position she’ll be put in when choosing who to put on the block. All and all she has played a great game.
      I voted Victor for best house guest!!!

  6. Ingodog

    I thought Jenelle was the first one to use the term floaters, but it probably was Rachel.

    • Mell

      Allison in season 4 is the first I remember saying it. (I dint know if she was the first tho) She used it to describe herself going between alliances and trying to stay out of the fray. It had been around a while when Rachel told them to grab a life vest. I had bad dreams about Rachel’s voice for a long time and her crying…not that it’s relevant to anything!

  7. Shivani33

    Paul is at the end with two poopheads, in my opinion. He’s the only new player, facing off with two vets not named Frank and Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne couldn’t play her way out of a paper bag, and Frank pinched butts, but at least they were lively. I’ve resorted to bellowing over Nicole’s voice all Season rather than hear her whiny hypocrisy. For James, I’ve needed to keep a barf bucket at the foot of the couch and can’t even stand his WALK anymore. Just ugh. Feel the fucking love! Paul has won the game already, just by having to be in close proximity to these two numbskulls. He deserves 500k and another 500k hazard pay.

  8. Mell

    I have an observation and a question. PLEASE some more people get on here so I won’t be such a “comment whore.” I’m gonna check my inbox for an email from Steve saying that I’ve maxed out for the year!

    Nicole has had this progression of thought about James over the last month or so? It started with James having some conversation blunders. (Nicole and Corey were irritated) Nic/Corey started talking about how he was in a good spot. That moved to annoyance over James not pulling his weight. After that, Nicole and Corey lost trust with him. (even tho he voted to keep corey over vic-damage had been done) Then came more visible annoyance at James for not pulling his weight AND being in a good spot with jurors.
    Paul keeps playing up the thoughts about James she already has – him doing nothing all season. She cried this week in frustration over James being so selfish and not trying and she keeps saying more and more to Paul about how James has done nothing. I thought maybe she was trying to amp herself up to let him go.
    I’ve assumed this whole time she would take James because he HAD done nothing and knew she would beat him. She would have more to brag about.
    But… she loves to tell us she’s played with Derrick. Screw Derrick, that’s not the point. She was on the jury that took a stand and said they would give the money to Victoria for spite if Cody or Derrick either one dared bring her to the end. (I think individually they may have caved and given it to cody) She has talked about it to people this season as if she believes it would have happened. She also acts like her season is the BB bible or BB super bowl playbook. She is the perfect player to get worried about taking a player she feels like has done nothing. She does talk about the jury not liking her which worries her. That’s the only reason I thought she may take Paul. Am I reaching or could this be another reason?

    I’ve also seen no confirmation from her to James about it. She told Paul (yesterday I think) that after she won the 2nd comp, she was telling James she wasn’t taking him. She didn’t do that but when James tried to pin her down a little last night, she was evasive and her voice got very high pitched like it does when she’s nervous or lying. The only convo I’ve heard today was James trying again when they got up.

    J-Feeling pretty good about wednesday?
    N-Yeah, I definitely think I have a shot. I’ve been watching since I was 8 yrs old.
    J-Two out of 4 (I guess he means vets)
    J-You know everyone is going to think we had a F2 right?
    J- It’s going to be pretty crazy if 2 vets make it to the final 2

    She could have just been sleepy or maybe she doesn’t want to say something James could tell Paul but it gives me hope if Paul doesn’t win the next comp.

    • Helen

      I have also wondered. I think she is on the fence and could go either way. Most definitely she is irritated with James and his lack of gameplay,of that there is no doubt. She said early this morning,after comp was over,that she felt James actually tried to win which made her feel good about her own win. She said it wouldn’t have felt as good had he thrown it. So. Is that just talk? Could it be that she wants to feel like she actually won the game as opposed to taking someone to the end that has done nothing and really has no argument for jury?
      Then again the last night Corey was there she was having doubts about taking James but finally said, “I came into this game with a strategy and I’m going to stick with it” so at that point she was back to taking James to the end.

      • Mell

        That’s what had me going back and forth also. It just didn’t dawn on me until this evening that her jury experience hated the idea of bringing someone who hadn’t done anything. You know every year they have to all put themselves through alot over making the wrong choice so she may not even know! Lol

    • Helen

      Well Mell. She just answered our question. She’s taking james

      • Mell

        I’m really hoping shes too paranoid to bring someone the jury won’t respect her for bringing and go with Paul. Maybe the more she feels like James is a dud, she won’t focus on giving a better accomplishment speech and she will worry about the jury thinking she’s a chicken.

      • Helen

        She’s been counting votes. Paul vs James. Although she does not want to take James because he hasn’t done anything she thinks she will have the votes to win against him.
        Sad part is…she’s probably right

      • Mell

        I just now heard that too. It’s the first game I’ve heard her talk to herself and at this point the only game talk you can somewhat beleive. She’s trying to figure out who will be bitter and who will vote on her being better. Arn’t we all? Lol

      • Helen

        It is really going to come down to her character IF she wins round 3 (please NO).
        Does she risk losing the 500k to Paul who has played the game?
        Or does she risk losing 500k to James who has done nothing?

    • Alda

      Mell,Nicole was just talking to herself again.She said she cannot take James to F2.I think she is legit this time! This was about a half hour ago.California time-maybe 9pm.

    • Avatar

      Mell, I love your comments. Thank you for keeping us updated. I do not have the feeds so your posts mean a lot to me.
      I’M REALLY WANTING PAUL TO WIN. I didn’t like him at the beginning of the season but now that Victor is gone, I’m pulling for Paul.

    • Avatar

      I really hope it’s Paul and Nicole in the F2, with Paul winning. I don’t want either one of them to take James. AND I want Victor to win AFP, leaving the biggest FU to James for his sucky game play. Then he wouldn’t have the 2nd place money or the AFP money, only his overinflated stipend. I feel if James is in F2 and Victor wins AFP James will say V only won because James was in the F2 and not a contender. James needs to be knocked down a couple pegs.

  9. Avatar

    They both are worried that Paul is going to win the last comp. That is the reason they will talk crap about him and then take turns telling Paul what the other said. Its the kindergarten playground all over again for the next few days. I do miss the days of the old style BB. I started watching around season 4 but wasn’t a real fan until season 6. I missed Will in his first season but in BB All Stars his and Boogies strategy was to drop first in every comp, but I digress. I missed last nights episode because I was exhausted so now I need to see if it shows on my on demand and if it does I may have a marathon tonight, but first I will watch the Florida game.

  10. Avatar

    I really want Victor to win AFP! I really don’t want Nicole to win the season, I hope Paul wins.

  11. Avatar

    I want Paul to win.I know Nicole has played the game, quite well, but I want Paul to win. The sad part is I hated him first. Even over Josea. :/ I didn’t even like him or Vic until they got Paulie out. I have been a loyal fan every since. Vic for AFP!

  12. Helen

    I want Paul to win for the simple fact that he has played the game and he owns what he is. Is he obnoxious? Yes and he owns it. Has he been an a****le? Yes and he owns it. I actually respect a person who can be who they are regardless of their faults.

  13. Alda

    Let’s play spoons.Not!!! I totally agree.Vic for AFP and Paul for the big bucks!

  14. ClaireBear

    I’ve only watched since season 16, so it’s new to me not knowing for certain who is going to win. Last season threw me for a loop when Vanessa lost the comp, but I knew Steve would win over whoever he took (one of the twins? So forgettable.) But in any combination of F2, it really looks like a toss up to me. And I’ve read so many different opinions And they all differ too. I’m both hating it and loving it! I’m going to agree with most everyone else, Paul needs to win. Nicole didn’t remember she was even in the BB house until a few weeks ago. James is just an embarrassment. (Why does anyone even think he’s throwing comps at this point. He obviously just sucks.) Paul has consistently paid attention to mistakes he’s made, he’s been a chamillion in shifting alliances, but stabbing people in the back, and he’s played a consistent game. Go Paul!

    • Mell

      You’re right. It drives me crazy but when you already know, it’s just boring! It’s like watching your kids play sports. My son’s playing in college now but it feels the same as when he was 10. Part of me wants a blow out because I want him to win but I love close games the best because I’m more entertained.

  15. Mell

    Wow this house has been boring today! I’m still running through what I’ve got, then I’m going to bed early!
    Sorry Franko, we don’t have much to work with here. Lol
    Mid afternoon to evening:
    N-convo with self about F2. Thinks she needs to take J and then later thinks P. I’m sure there will be more back and forth.
    N-using 1/2 deck cards on hammock for her vote counting. Summary so far- she thinks she has bridge against J but not against P. She says Nat is lost cause. Says J does not deserve 50k and if she takes J, she has to have P and Vic vote for her. (We just nailed her big dilemma in her mind-how does she kick out Paul but get his vote and does she maybe lose vics)
    N-inside to ask J about cards missing. He’s hid them and gives her clues (shocker)
    N/P talk at hammock- P says J doesn’t deserve it, blah, blah
    P/J- in kitchen talk about how messy it is. J-says maybe vic will come back and clean it, says vic would freak out.
    P-says one of us would be dead if Vic saw this
    (A half full jug of OJ has been on the counter for 2-3 days without moving-not kidding!)
    *backyard opens
    N- wants to work out and P says he will help her. Guys outside by now. She walks thru kitchen and says how bad it needs cleaned to herself.
    N-out with guys and asks them when they are cleaning. N-says they don’t even have clean utensils J- says yes they do. She tells him they are going to clean it and goes inside. J asks P if she just gave him an ultimatum?
    N-goes in, mumbles to herself that J doesn’t want to help clean
    N- back outside and says they will do it tomorrow since they have the yard. (how long does it really take-they have nothing to do)
    N to P-says sink is clogged.
    *They all end up back inside. J-wipes counters, moves some stuff. N-does some dishes and starts making chicken. J-cleans mirror over stove. P-making his own chicken.
    P- says he wants to go back to Italy. J- asks if that is Paris. P-says Paris is a city and Italy is a country. J-says he knew that. P-mentions other places he wants to go to again.
    N-says P has done stuff some people don’t do their whole lives. P-says he’s not banking on an afterlife. J-he isn’t banking on reincarnation (?)
    *talk turn to what animals they would come back as
    P-says probably a fish but he would like to be a bird
    J-says he would want to be a bald eagle so people couldn’t shoot him out of the sky since it’s a federal offense. (Not a bad point, I guess)
    *They have also talked earlier about the “era/decade they would like to live in”- P said the 50’s or 80’s but he probably wouldn’t fit in well in the 80’s. N said the 30’s and P said he could see her churning butter.
    *They go in and out from yard at different times eating and stuff.
    N-says she is the new Vic (hardly, it was some dishes)
    P/N- P-says James is not as cocky as he has been and now J knows he messed up.
    N-says she only likes people that work and try hard. They both agree Vic and Corey tried hard.
    P-says they were so sad (vic and corey) N-says corey cried. (It’s getting deep)
    N-tells P “good job for putting your food away” and she tells him “I had to tell J to put the cheese away.” (She just needs to pat him on the head and give him a gold star sticker) She says that J needs to clean and not prank.
    J-is inside washing his plate and stuff.
    N-comes in and sits her plate on counter and goes to bdrm or ba.
    When she comes back, J is washing her plate and she thanks him. (For anyone who doesn’t know, she does this all the time. Somebody else washes her stuff or puts her food away while she has somewhere she needs to run off to and she comes back in time to thank them. To her credit, she always thanks them. Natalies even done it)
    *I saw N clean the floor in kitchen once. It was the day she threw baby powder all over the floor (doing a prank) about 30 minutes after Vic had scrubbed everything in there for hours. He got annoyed. She eventually wiped up part of it, then put some paper towels under her foot and walked around a little. It was still smeared everywhere and she whined through it, said it was too hard and stopped.
    *They got Jenna which J calls Benga.
    P and J playing.
    N went to lay down, turned off bdrm light and told BB not to yell at her for having the lights off.
    Good night guys!

  16. Avatar

    I don’t understand how these “grown” people can live in the filth that seems to be there all the time. When in cooking I clean as I go and wash my dishes and utensils as soon as I finish eating. IT’S JUST NOT THAT HARD TO DO!! The entire house always looks so messy. BB should MAKE them clean. They’re allllllll lazy when it comes,to cleaning. _Victor seemed to be the main one who tried to clean. Right now there are only the 3 of them in the house. How hard is it to clean up???

    • caRyn

      I agree, but I have also noticed that the BB house was designed with a very busy and colorful look. Especially the bedrooms. Sometimes I can’t tell if it is decor or their items just not put away. And the downstairs bathroom never looks clean on any season. Not a place I would want to sit and hang out.

  17. Shivani33

    Tonight Pop TV sent the houseguests tubes of ready-made cookie dough, tubes of frosting and little bottles of decorating sprinkles and candies. The gift included owl cookie cutters so that they could make little Orwells, in honor of the PopTV owl logo. The little kitchen craft seemed to be too much for the 3 finalists to quite comprehend. James authoritatively greased the only cookie sheet to be found. Then Nicole fought to get the cookie dough out of its packaging and read a direction which said “place dough on an ungreased cookie sheet.” Too late for that. The dough segments were deemed too thick for the owl cookie cutters, so Paul rolled the dough flat on top of Jamesey’s grease job.

    Meanwhile, James and Nicole attacked and ate most of the decorations for their future owl cookies. At last they stuck their cut-out owls back onto the greasy sheet and put them into the oven, where they expanded while they baked into large, flat misshapen circles with no resemblance whatsoever to owls. It was like watching the Three Stooges at a bake-off. Paul pulled these big blobs of baked whatsits out of the oven and said, “okay, PopTV, here are our ‘owls’.” Each houseguest frosted one – red for James, a brown, pooplike tint for Paul and Nicole slathered one with blue and another of her blobs with pink. James told Paul that his big brownish blob looked like a death cookie. Everyone ate one of their huge cookies, and Paul said, “I may vomit.”

  18. Avatar

    Man oh Man…CBS/Big Brother really needs to consider shortening the Season of BB?!?! Dodn’t BB used to end after the 1st week of September??? When the Final 3, or 4 are left the in the House the Show really gets more boring than watching Paint Dry!!! Even the remaining House Guest are Bored Out of their Gourd, and can’t wait to get OUT!

    As for me I will check back in on here Finale Night!

  19. Mell

    Random tidbits from last night:
    *James was counting his votes. If he’s with Paul, he feels confident with votes from Nicole, Corey, Natalie, Michelle and Da. He doesn’t know if he’s in F2 with Nicole how they fall.
    J/P talk outside- James only watched about 5 shows from last year. He feels around 40 hour long shows is a lot to take on. Paul won’t watch for a long time. He doesn’t want to relive it so soon. P is feeling anxious and we J says he is too, P reminds him that he doesn’t have to play in the next comp. J says that’s even scarier.
    * Cookie time-Shivani33 went over this very well in earlier comment. (It’s very descriptive and funny)
    I haven’t watched but it sounded like a nightmare!
    After the sushi and then the cookies, I read a funny comment where P asked what was in store next? He asked if they would have to make a creme brule?
    *J-goes to DR to ask if they can each have an ipod for 1 hour. Comes back and says it was a big NO.
    *N-in bed w/lights off again and not getting called out for it. They may be taking some pity on them since it’s close to the end.
    P/N talk bdrm-They discuss not having votes and not being able to sleep. Nicole says it’s because lights are on and then admits it’s because Corey is gone. She says she’s cuddled for 70 days and has had him for support and that it’s hard without him. She says it sucks. She is stressed because of Hayden. She says she hasn’t worried for 90 days but now she is. She told him she wouldn’t get in shomance but did anyway. He asked her not to. She also told her mom she was really worried about it happening because she didn’t want it to. (?)
    They talk about the jury. N thinks she will lose to either guy because jury will be bitter. She tells P sometimes the questions from jury are personal attacks. P doesn’t want to be grilled and N says she may “get defensive and be like screw you guys.” She doesn’t want to talk to them and just have them vote how they want. N is VERY concerned about getting a question from Michelle.
    N tells P that if Victoria hade gone to F2, someone was going to ask her if she could spell “alliance.” (Ouch)
    N thinks she will get comments about her social game and only hanging out with Corey. She thinks they will comment on BS about having Corey for a shield, which she says is NOT true.
    N know she doesn’t have any girls votes. She says “guys dig me but girls never do. It’s wierd. I don’t do anything wrong.” She says it’s easy for girls to vote for guys but hard for them to vote for another girl.
    Both are trying to convince the other that they can’t win. P says she will get credit for a vet going that far. N says it suck when a jury votes bitter.
    (Nicole slips up but I don’t know if Paul noticed)
    She says “if it’s you and me, I mean when it is….” and then more bitter jury talk.
    N is asking P if he thinks the jury likes James. N doesn’t think he could win and P is reminding her that Natalie has time do put in work.

    • Shivani33

      It’s that classic “I don’t do anything wrong” again and again. When Borey was around, it was “we haven’t done anything wrong.” I find this strange, as if Nicole has an inability to witness herself. The implication is that everyone else is “wrong” except for poor, dear her. BB is a game, and she could win or lose. But the psychological profile which she presents to the world, while not uncommon, is an unfortunate one. Self-awareness has the ability to go deeper than clinging to an impeccable concept of the self. “Guys dig me, but girls never do. It’s weird. I don’t do anything wrong.” What a stunted, delusional self-understanding this demonstrates. And it’s a tricky, backhanded compliment to herself. As we say in the South, bless her heart.

  20. Mell

    Nicole may win the game but last night’s conversation shows why I’ve been feeling that although she’s been playing the game, she isn’t as good at it as she thinks. She’s made moves when she had to. I get it but you should also know your opponent. For me, this why the love struck crap and sex all summer has annoyed me. She’s an adult. I could care less about her sex life. The problem is (other than being so fake-that’s just irritating) that it’s time she could have spent building relationships. Even if you don’t click with them, you can still find out what makes them tick. You are always going to be guessing about how a jury will vote but I think it’s less of a guess because you know more about them. I like that she’s thinking about it so much. However, she’s missing too many pieces to her puzzle. (That’s her fault) Natalie is a great example. If Nicole hadn’t been so worried that she would look at Corey, she could have been working on figuring out Natalies trigger to get that vote over Paul. It’s the same with Bridgette. The Michelle issue could maybe been salvaged imo also. When Nicole voted out Da, Michelle was upset. (Unavoidable) Nicole spent the bare minimum of time to explain what happened so she could get back in bed w/Corey. She avoided her after. Same as when Paulie left. Everyone in that house knows Michelle thrives off attention. Nicole wouldn’t give up any Corey time to give it to her. She was closer to her than Nat. Hell, Michelle didn’t even like Nat but that’s who gave her some girl time. Nicole didn’t.
    Now, she’s left with lumping them all in a stereotype. “Girls don’t like me.” “Girls won’t vote for girls.” If 5 of the 9 votes are women, don’t spend the summer using “girls not liking you” as an excuse to lay in bed all summer. She may have done better going to the end with 2 women. She probably could have made a better arguement against them and had only 4 of them in jury.
    Paul doesn’t have as good a feel for the jury as he thinks he does but he did put in some work trying to. As far as James, I think when he spoke to himself last night in the hot tub about votes is when he remembered there is a jury.

  21. Mell

    I’m going to post a weather report just to see if I get a thumbs down for that too.

  22. g8trgrl4life

    @mindyboo…sorry. I was recovering from tailgating all day and the game last night.

  23. Avatar

    I surely wouldn’t want Nicole or Paul do anything or tell me anything after big brother show. Couldn’t believe a word either says. Both make promises and then flip. Nicole telling James she would take him 1000 percent 2 times… James knows they are both scamming him. They are so rude. The audience sees them for what they are. Even though it’s a game their true colors are showing.

  24. Avatar

    Nicole and Paul talk about how hard they played. Well James did too. Not easy taking all the crap that the hg said about him and still keeping his cool.

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