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More Sad News – Derrick’s Grandfather Passed Away


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I am going to leave this post exactly how the house is right now.

Stunned silence.

Rest in peace and condolences to Derrick’s family.

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  1. Comments (1799)

    Just a strange sad season for these people

  2. Comments (5)

    Oh man. I’ve seen people pass away in 3’s over the years. I really hope that’s not the case for the Big Brother House.

  3. Comments (610)

    Much symptathy to Derrick’s family.

  4. Comments (120)

    I honestly thought this was like a joke or something when I first read it. This is such a coincidence. So odd and sad.

    • Comments (159)

      I thought the same thing. My husband and I looked at each other and said this can’t be real. Terrible coincidence… Production had better give him every privilege that was given to Frankie.

      • Comments (120)

        My thoughts exactly – does anyone know if they have him a letter from his family? He was talking about a guy in production talking to him but I haven’t been bothered to get onto the live feeds to see if he has a letter. If he didn’t get a letter, then that’s pretty bad considering Frankie got one.

      • Comments (412)

        Yes he got a letter. Same as Frankie. Is it true that Nicole’s uncle died also since she’s been on the show?

      • Comments (412)

        Some guy in another bb website said that her uncle died but I can’t find anything about it.

      • Comments (120)

        I don’t think so – they would’ve notified her and that would’ve been a whole event just like Frankie’s and Derrick’s.

  5. Comments (1288)

    Well the precedent has been set.

  6. Comments (1)

    My condolences to Derrick and his family. How sad, first Frankie’s grandfather, and now Derrick’s. RIP both of them.

  7. Comments (469)

    WOW – no one could write this script – what an amazing coincidence – I mean that sincerely – 2 family deaths both grandfathers – wonder if this one was sudden or expected like the first – this has to be a BB first – I certainly don’t recall anything like this – God Bless Derrick and his family.

  8. Comments (9)

    I hope someone does the right thing and throws next week’s HOH so Derrick can see photos of his grandpa too

    • Comments (274)

      I’m sorry but NOOOO that is not a good idea! This is a game & it shouldn’t have had happened to Frankie in the first place. This is messing up people’s game-rthe whole reason they came on here is to win money, not to throw it so he can have a picture of his grandfather when production should just give it. This could seriously screw everything & everyone for not just this season but all consecutive seasons.
      Would you throw it and essentially offer yourself to go home for a picture?
      C’mon, you and I both know that is ridiculous.

      • Comments (1799)

        Sad but very true This is getting to the point that each HoH from here on means more and more This has truly brought reality into a reality game show

  9. Comments (412)

    Well ain’t that just a monkey riding a dolphins’s back in the desert.

  10. Comments (274)

    Just had an interesting thought, both of the men are lying about their true identities. Then the both have this happen. Bizarre…

  11. Comments (426)

    Does anyone remember ‘Johnny Fairplay’ (or Johnny Scumbag, or whatever his name was) from “Survivor”? He told that his grandmother died in order to buy sympathy time (or votes) when he felt threatened. That was my first thought that came to mind upon hearing about Frankie’s grandpa. I just found it ironic that it happened when other houseguests seemed to catching on to them (Frankie, Derrick, and a couple of others controlling things). Then I felt that the Frankie situation was handled with class. But then again, he had to know if his Grandpa was that bad off it was probably going to happen while he was there. And if he used that for publicity, shame on him and his family.
    And now Derrick’s grandpa? I don’t even know what to think.
    Things do seem to happen in threes, so almost scared of what might be next.
    Peace to the families.

    • Comments (95)

      True, Colby. But as a matter fact, a couple weeks ago, E online had a story about how sick and near death Ariana Grande’s grandfather was, and she made the comment herself that she specifically asked him if he wanted them to tell Frankie so he could come be with them, and he said no, that he didn’t want Frankie to leave his game. She wanted to keep it from him completely at first. I am pretty sure Frankie knew how sick he was going into the house because he said he got to talk with him before he left to go on BB. I don’t think Frankie got any special privileges because of this. I don’t even know if this has happened in BB before, with actual family members passing, so maybe CBS just decided to tell them. Yes, it’s a game, and you aren’t supposed to know anything going on about the outside. But, death is different. It isn’t like a pregnancy or new job or whatever. It’s final and sad and if they didn’t tell these guys that their grandfather’s had passed, it would have been in very bad taste. Regardless of how much Frankie knew his grandfather was sick (I mean, he was 90 something and was very sick with his 3rd go round with cancer), it still really hurts when someone passes. Maybe not a shocker, but it does hurt. I think BB did the right thing by telling both guys. My condolences to both Frankie and Derrick.

  12. Comments (191)

    It takes the fun out of it

  13. Comments (1799)

    Very true on the Johnyfairplay reference But in that game you know that was going to be a comp plus production knew about it This would have been two separate people both coming up with the same idea and springing it at the same time Just too much planing The bad part is that as fans of the show many people have thought about things like that If people have done something like that Use death as a game tool than they have sunk to a new level of depravity
    I feel bad for both Derrick and Frankie for having been put in a situation like this In the end I hope it is all worth it and not just worth winning money but in understanding themselves better

  14. Comments (843)

    Zach and Frankie can justify backdooring Amber all they want, but the real reason is she’s female and can beat them at competitions. Caleb will get mad but he will just sull up and stare at them. They have the numbers to get Caleb out. Just do it!

    • Comments (95)

      Agreed. Caleb is becoming a big threat, especially with his crazed mentality. If they could get everyone on board to for sure get him out, they’d be dumb not to. They are scared if they put him up and try to get him out and it doesn’t work, he’ll make their lives hell from here on out. But regardless of that fear, Caleb would definitely be putting them up if he were in their shoes eventually. I think Caleb has more people against him than for him and they need to act soon before its tool late.

      • Comments (832)

        I agree that Caleb should go next. If I hear him say “# beastmode cowboy” one more time I’ll scream! He thinks he knows everything going on in the house & probably the world. He’s the biggest wuss in the house. He’s a bigger gossip than all the rest put together. He can’t get past Amber & keeps telling & retelling his talk with her the other night. If you can’t tell, I really don’t like him!

  15. Comments (832)

    Since sb isn’t being given much to work with, yet, this season how ’bout we mix it up until we’ve something better to chat about.

    Answer the following: You know you’re a BB junky when…
    My answer is, whenever I see the current Verizon ad on TV & the guy gets picked up by birds & they fly away with him. I immediately think of Victoria being carried off by crows!

  16. Comments (469)

    I believe there is one more chance to light a fire in this season – and salvage a so far insanely boring summer.—– Amber is backdoored – Caleb (although he says he is over her) gets pissed at the “bomb squad” and starts revealing some of the back stabbing to the house – and how some of the women have been talked about by the alliance. – (I admit this scenario is a loooong shot given the weakness of the remaining women) – if that could wake Christine out of her fog and she reveals the new alliance (in doing so she must mend fences with Nicole) – this would confirm Donny’s suspicions – this would open Victorias eyes ( longest shot ever) to her status with these guys – especially Derrick – and Nicole already has Zach in her sights – Donny and Caleb join forces – get the women on board – Cody is already wavering – he realized through his talk with Amber that he is low man on the totum pole in the alliance (and now Amber His best friend was just eliminated) – he could want to shake things up – and we know Jocasta with follow along for the ride – Wow I am out of breath and dizzy – remember I said one looong last chance to turn the game around and turn the tables on the Derrick-Frankie-Zach gang – in my opinion if this doesn’t happen after the next elimination BB16 is over – put Derrick and Frankie as final 2 – everybody vote and exit stage left.

  17. Comments (1)

    Coincidence that it was Derek who handed over the hoh comp to Frankie, then got notified that HIS grandfather passed? Just seems odd to me…

  18. Comments (528)

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts there have been other deaths while the houseguests were sequestered, they just weren’t told. But because they made the decision to give Frankie that information, they petty much HAD to tell Derrick. And with the internet what it is now (everyone knows everything and so the produces are well aware the audience would know about Frankie’s grandfathers death and know if he was told and cry foul is he wasn’t told and Frankie was.

    I just highly doubt in BB history there haven’t been other grandparents passing away here and there. It doesn’t seem unlikely. I assumed part of your contract is that this is a SEQUESTER and you can either choose to be told and leave or just not know till the end of the game.

    And frankly, I think that’s fair. It what you sign up for when you choose to play.

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