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Saturday Feed Updates – HaveNots And More

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Good afternoon, everyone! On tap today is the HaveNot reveal at 1pm, and the first round of safety at 7pm. The HN reveal is definitely more important than the safety ceremony because it gives us another insight into what the viewers are thinking.

Right now there are two people eligible to be HN for their second time, and that is Morgan and Scott. Should the viewers only select both of them again, it will show the Plastics are still in trouble with the viewers, and Jason’s group of puppets will likely eventually make up the majority of the final 4 or 5. Alex being selected for safety when the viewers know she is in real danger is a telling sign that the viewers are not completely on board with everyone from the LNJ. Alex is the backbone of her alliance, and if we were all ‘Team Jason’, we would have let Kryssie knock her off this week. As a blogger, it is good to see because having two clear sides in the house increases the drama, and if the girls are all sent packing, things will get boring pretty quick.

Meanwhile, the LNJ may be having troubles of their own as Kryssie is having some real problems her first few days as HoH. Last night, she basically alienated Neeley from giving any sort of opinion when she lectured her alliance about chiming in. Jason and Danielle kind of took it in stride because Jason is experienced and Danielle is too self-absorbed to notice things like that, but Neeley got visibly upset and ended up leaving the room and sitting on her own for awhile. The two got back together to talk about it some more, and the tension was extremely thick and it was never really settled, just brushed aside for now.

The funny part about this is that Kryssie already thinks the viewers are big fans of hers, so if and when Neeley gets put as a HN and possibly nominated, she is going to think we did that to show we’re on Kryssie’s side.


  • 11:50am – The plastics are getting ready for the day in the bathroom while the LNJ has taken up their daily position on the couch outside.  (That couch is well guarded!)
  • 1:00pm – HaveNot reveal time!
    • HaveNots for the week: Scott, Neeley, Jason
    • scott-havenot
    • 1:11pm – Alex and Shelby talking about first Have-Not announced may be America’s nom.
    • 1:13pm – Alex suggested to Shelby to ask Kryssie to put her up as a pawn.
    • 1:15pm – Alex hopes to win Veto to save a hg from her team.
    • 1:16pm – Shelby thinks Whitney is in trouble this week and Alex thinks Morgan is. Justin would keep Whitney over Morgan.
    • 1:39pm – Whitney said America must really love Justin because he hasn’t been a Have-Not.
    • 1:44pm – Scott doesn’t mind being a Have-Not again. He has no complaints America. Scott thanks America for Care Package this week and last week. Scott cannot complain about America’s decisions. He is happy with them.
    • 1:53pm – Whitney thinks the odds are in their favor to win HOH next week.
    • 2:10pm – Whitney and Shelby think America’s nom will be Scott. Shelby believes Morgan is the target this week. Shelby contemplating telling Kryssie that Alex and Scott are running things on their side of the house.
    • 2:24pm – Danielle – if America noms LNJ hg that means the hg playing in the Veto will be even – half LNJ and half Plastics. Kryssie – Plastics said if they win Veto they will not take Scott down. Scott wins Shelby goes up.
    • 3:42pm – Morgan fills in Neeley about her deal with Kryssie. Nelley confirms it. Morgan and Neeley agree to help keep each other safe.
    • 4:02pm – Neeley hasn’t been hanging out with Kryssie 60% of the time since the tiff they had. Morgan and Neeley are spending more time together.
    • 4:02pm – Kryssie telling Jason – Danielle pitched F3 with Kryssie and Neeley.
    • 4:11pm – Neeley doesn’t think America putting Jason and Neeley on slop is because America hates them. Nelley says it is telling that Scott is a Have-Not a second time.
    • Hg have been on inside lockdown since 1:28pm and are ready to go outside.
    • 5:14pm – Jason is at the point of telling Danielle to her face that she is annoying. She ain’t accepting it very well. Neeley said maybe that is what she needs. Jason said Danielle needs a slap of reality. Nelley tells Kryssie and Jason that she was that girl once. Nelley said Danielle paints that picture but it ain’t that picture.
    • Ball Smashers/Scott (and Justin) have been playing…What are the odds?
    • 5:28pm – Ball Smashers/Scott/Justin change the game to Categories.
    • 5:52pm – Kryssie would like to hear from her safety servant because it has been a while.
    • 6pm – Ball Smashers/Scott/Justin are in the kitchen eating.
    • 6:16pm – Alex to Morgan and Shelby: Kryssie is guilty of playing this way personally. It is frustrating. She’s like embarrassing. How she plays the game is embarrassing. She has lied to us.
    • 6:19pm – Alex: Having Scott around is hurting my game. I need for him to go this week. Shelby, Morgan and Alex: We all need for Scott to go this week. Morgan: Even Kryssie needs Scott to go this week.
    • 6:20pm – Alex: My fear – What if Neeley is 3rd nom and gets taken down? Shelby: Then we are stuck up there (OTB). Whitney: I think that is what Scott wants to happen.
    • 6:41pm – All hg except Danielle are playing…What are the odds? Danielle is in the kitchen cooking.
    • 6:54pm – Kryssie called to the DR. Danielle now playing the game with the other hg.
    • 7:02pm – Hg decided to gather in the living room for Safety Ceremony.
    • 7:05pm – First hg safe = Neeley
    • 7:06pm – Second hg safe = Justin
    • 7:07pm – Third hg safe = Danielle
    • When Kryssie passed for Danielle to be safe Kryssie said this will be the first week Danielle and I don’t have to sit on that da*n orange couch.
    • 7:07pm – All hg in the kitchen.
    • 7:45pm – Jason hears music coming from outside. He thinks they are in lockdown because of a concert. Jason just wants to smoke a cigarette.
    • 7:55pm – Jason lets Justin know he has confirmation that people from their own side are coming after them. Danielle doesn’t trust Jason and thinks he is working with the girls because of how Jason played on his season. Nelley likes Jason but thinks he might also work with the other side of the house.
    • 8:17pm – Shelby shows Neeley and Jason how to do the T-Rex dance.
    • 8:26pm – Morgan and Alex: Morgan wants to talk to Kryssie and tell her she will go up as a pawn so Kryssie can get her threat out. Morgan will say she isn’t a comp threat to win Veto. Alex said talk to Kryssie tonight. Play harder than Whitney. Morgan: Neeley said I am safe this week and she has my back and I have her back.
    • 8:26pm – Justin and Scott: They both want Neeley and Danielle out. Justin told Scott he has to win Veto and Shelby leaves.
    • 8:49pm – Justin and Alex have a brief convo. Justin told Alex Scott is loyal to her. Alex immediately tells Ball Smashers Justin told her he is going to do whatever he can to save Scott because I know he is your ride or die. Alex said she does’t know what Scott is telling Justin. Shelby asked Alex what is Scott’s incentive to save you? Alex: Idk. Alex said she doesn’t want Justin to persuade people to save Scott she wants him to persuade ya’ll (Ball Smashers).
    • 8:52pm  – Shelby to Alex: If Justin thought he was doing a favor, why would he be doing you (Alex) that favor? Alex: Idk.
    • 9:03pm – Scott and Alex: Scott tells Alex Justin said Neeley wants to get Jason out so Justin wants Scott to target Neeley before Danielle if Scott stays. Scott told Alex Justin said Ball Smashers are going to vote out Scott if Scott is OTB.
    • 9:22pm – Alex told Justin don’t say anything to Shelby. Alex says she is not saying anything to anyone.
    • 9:23pm – Justin said to Jason they need to talk to Kryssie to get Scott to stay and Shelby to leave. Jason – I think we should let Kryssie do whatever she wants to do. Justin wants Neeley out before Scott. Jason trust Neeley more than Scott. Jason said we can’t try to save Scott. If we (Jason and Justin) try to push an agenda it will make them look bad. It will look like we are playing too hard and trying to run sh*t.
    • 9:34pm – Justin talking with Jason again wanting Scott out over Shelby. Jason explain that is Kryssie’s plan C and Kryssie is our rock. That is why we work with her and not against her. Scott will be more of a problem to get out later if he stays.
    • 9:28pm – Justin tells Morgan whatever you do, do not let Shelby sleep on the side next to him again. Morgan says don’t worry she will sleep there again.
    • 9:42pm – Justin is upset that Shelby called him out when he tried to imaginarily slap her butt. He would never touch her butt.
    • 9:52pm – Lockdown over.
    • 9:56pm – Morgan offers to go up as a pawn for Kryssie. Morgan tells Kryssie she trust her. Morgan: I am not a comp threat. You won’t have to worry about me winning the Veto and pulling myself off. Kryssie said that is good to hear. Please tell The Plastics not to use the Veto on Scott. Morgan is close to Neeley and they should all possibly consider working together in the future.
    • 10:02pm – Justin and Alex. Justin: Kryssie is my right hand the same way Scott feels about you.
    • 10:03pm – Scott and Alex: Justin is checking in with us which is good. We just have to lay low. Scott: We have the votes. Maybe not enough to keep everyone safe but enough to keep me safe. Alex just wants to know who the target is. Scott: I don’t think Justin knows. Alex: I think Justin keeps trying to reassure us so that he knows he is good for next week. Alex: For our game it is best if Whitney goes home.
    • 10:06pm – Morgan and Alex: Morgan said she spoke with Kryssie. Alex: LNJ is spinning two different things and it is all coming to her and she doesn’t know what is going on. Justin is acting like Scott is 100% safe – so Justin’s either being fed lies or he has the information. Morgan: Kryssie is putting up Scott tomorrow. Alex: If Scott goes up tomorrow we will know that what Kryssie is telling you is true. Morgan and Alex agree that Whitney going this week would be best for their game. Alex: Scott told me Justin wants Neeley out next week. That side is fracturing. Scott is telling everyone we are each other’s number one and I have never said that. He is making people think we have a F2 and it puts a target on me and it sucks. Justin told me he is Kryssie’s number one just like I am Scott’s number one. Either Scott is being feed lies or Morgan is being feed lies.
    • 10:24pm – Whitney and Morgan. Both feel like Jason doesn’t want anything to do with Scott. Morgan thinks Justin for some reason wants Scott to stay. Jason and Justin are obviously are working together. Morgan doesn’t know who to believe anymore. Whitney said they have said everything they could possibly say and now they just need o wait it out.
    • 10:28pm – Whitney and Morgan. Justin is playing everyone in the house. He is the ultimate floater.
    • 11:06pm – If Neeley wins HOH it will be Shelby and Alex OTB.
    • 11:07pm – Neeley and Kryssie. Nelley wants to keep Morgan as long as she can. Kryssie agrees.
    • 11:12pm – Kryssie and Neeley. Kryssie: Scott needs to go. I am not his target – you are.



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