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Saturday Feed Updates – HaveNots And More



Good afternoon, everyone! On tap today is the HaveNot reveal at 1pm, and the first round of safety at 7pm. The HN reveal is definitely more important than the safety ceremony because it gives us another insight into what the viewers are thinking.

Right now there are two people eligible to be HN for their second time, and that is Morgan and Scott. Should the viewers only select both of them again, it will show the Plastics are still in trouble with the viewers, and Jason’s group of puppets will likely eventually make up the majority of the final 4 or 5. Alex being selected for safety when the viewers know she is in real danger is a telling sign that the viewers are not completely on board with everyone from the LNJ. Alex is the backbone of her alliance, and if we were all ‘Team Jason’, we would have let Kryssie knock her off this week. As a blogger, it is good to see because having two clear sides in the house increases the drama, and if the girls are all sent packing, things will get boring pretty quick.

Meanwhile, the LNJ may be having troubles of their own as Kryssie is having some real problems her first few days as HoH. Last night, she basically alienated Neeley from giving any sort of opinion when she lectured her alliance about chiming in. Jason and Danielle kind of took it in stride because Jason is experienced and Danielle is too self-absorbed to notice things like that, but Neeley got visibly upset and ended up leaving the room and sitting on her own for awhile. The two got back together to talk about it some more, and the tension was extremely thick and it was never really settled, just brushed aside for now.


The funny part about this is that Kryssie already thinks the viewers are big fans of hers, so if and when Neeley gets put as a HN and possibly nominated, she is going to think we did that to show we’re on Kryssie’s side.


  • 11:50am – The plastics are getting ready for the day in the bathroom while the LNJ has taken up their daily position on the couch outside.  (That couch is well guarded!)
  • 1:00pm – HaveNot reveal time!
    • HaveNots for the week: Scott, Neeley, Jason
    • scott-havenot
    • 1:11pm – Alex and Shelby talking about first Have-Not announced may be America’s nom.
    • 1:13pm – Alex suggested to Shelby to ask Kryssie to put her up as a pawn.
    • 1:15pm – Alex hopes to win Veto to save a hg from her team.
    • 1:16pm – Shelby thinks Whitney is in trouble this week and Alex thinks Morgan is. Justin would keep Whitney over Morgan.
    • 1:39pm – Whitney said America must really love Justin because he hasn’t been a Have-Not.
    • 1:44pm – Scott doesn’t mind being a Have-Not again. He has no complaints America. Scott thanks America for Care Package this week and last week. Scott cannot complain about America’s decisions. He is happy with them.
    • 1:53pm – Whitney thinks the odds are in their favor to win HOH next week.
    • 2:10pm – Whitney and Shelby think America’s nom will be Scott. Shelby believes Morgan is the target this week. Shelby contemplating telling Kryssie that Alex and Scott are running things on their side of the house.
    • 2:24pm – Danielle – if America noms LNJ hg that means the hg playing in the Veto will be even – half LNJ and half Plastics. Kryssie – Plastics said if they win Veto they will not take Scott down. Scott wins Shelby goes up.
    • 3:42pm – Morgan fills in Neeley about her deal with Kryssie. Nelley confirms it. Morgan and Neeley agree to help keep each other safe.
    • 4:02pm – Neeley hasn’t been hanging out with Kryssie 60% of the time since the tiff they had. Morgan and Neeley are spending more time together.
    • 4:02pm – Kryssie telling Jason – Danielle pitched F3 with Kryssie and Neeley.
    • 4:11pm – Neeley doesn’t think America putting Jason and Neeley on slop is because America hates them. Nelley says it is telling that Scott is a Have-Not a second time.
    • Hg have been on inside lockdown since 1:28pm and are ready to go outside.
    • 5:14pm – Jason is at the point of telling Danielle to her face that she is annoying. She ain’t accepting it very well. Neeley said maybe that is what she needs. Jason said Danielle needs a slap of reality. Nelley tells Kryssie and Jason that she was that girl once. Nelley said Danielle paints that picture but it ain’t that picture.
    • Ball Smashers/Scott (and Justin) have been playing…What are the odds?
    • 5:28pm – Ball Smashers/Scott/Justin change the game to Categories.
    • 5:52pm – Kryssie would like to hear from her safety servant because it has been a while.
    • 6pm – Ball Smashers/Scott/Justin are in the kitchen eating.
    • 6:16pm – Alex to Morgan and Shelby: Kryssie is guilty of playing this way personally. It is frustrating. She’s like embarrassing. How she plays the game is embarrassing. She has lied to us.
    • 6:19pm – Alex: Having Scott around is hurting my game. I need for him to go this week. Shelby, Morgan and Alex: We all need for Scott to go this week. Morgan: Even Kryssie needs Scott to go this week.
    • 6:20pm – Alex: My fear – What if Neeley is 3rd nom and gets taken down? Shelby: Then we are stuck up there (OTB). Whitney: I think that is what Scott wants to happen.
    • 6:41pm – All hg except Danielle are playing…What are the odds? Danielle is in the kitchen cooking.
    • 6:54pm – Kryssie called to the DR. Danielle now playing the game with the other hg.
    • 7:02pm – Hg decided to gather in the living room for Safety Ceremony.
    • 7:05pm – First hg safe = Neeley
    • 7:06pm – Second hg safe = Justin
    • 7:07pm – Third hg safe = Danielle
    • When Kryssie passed for Danielle to be safe Kryssie said this will be the first week Danielle and I don’t have to sit on that da*n orange couch.
    • 7:07pm – All hg in the kitchen.
    • 7:45pm – Jason hears music coming from outside. He thinks they are in lockdown because of a concert. Jason just wants to smoke a cigarette.
    • 7:55pm – Jason lets Justin know he has confirmation that people from their own side are coming after them. Danielle doesn’t trust Jason and thinks he is working with the girls because of how Jason played on his season. Nelley likes Jason but thinks he might also work with the other side of the house.
    • 8:17pm – Shelby shows Neeley and Jason how to do the T-Rex dance.
    • 8:26pm – Morgan and Alex: Morgan wants to talk to Kryssie and tell her she will go up as a pawn so Kryssie can get her threat out. Morgan will say she isn’t a comp threat to win Veto. Alex said talk to Kryssie tonight. Play harder than Whitney. Morgan: Neeley said I am safe this week and she has my back and I have her back.
    • 8:26pm – Justin and Scott: They both want Neeley and Danielle out. Justin told Scott he has to win Veto and Shelby leaves.
    • 8:49pm – Justin and Alex have a brief convo. Justin told Alex Scott is loyal to her. Alex immediately tells Ball Smashers Justin told her he is going to do whatever he can to save Scott because I know he is your ride or die. Alex said she does’t know what Scott is telling Justin. Shelby asked Alex what is Scott’s incentive to save you? Alex: Idk. Alex said she doesn’t want Justin to persuade people to save Scott she wants him to persuade ya’ll (Ball Smashers).
    • 8:52pm  – Shelby to Alex: If Justin thought he was doing a favor, why would he be doing you (Alex) that favor? Alex: Idk.
    • 9:03pm – Scott and Alex: Scott tells Alex Justin said Neeley wants to get Jason out so Justin wants Scott to target Neeley before Danielle if Scott stays. Scott told Alex Justin said Ball Smashers are going to vote out Scott if Scott is OTB.
    • 9:22pm – Alex told Justin don’t say anything to Shelby. Alex says she is not saying anything to anyone.
    • 9:23pm – Justin said to Jason they need to talk to Kryssie to get Scott to stay and Shelby to leave. Jason – I think we should let Kryssie do whatever she wants to do. Justin wants Neeley out before Scott. Jason trust Neeley more than Scott. Jason said we can’t try to save Scott. If we (Jason and Justin) try to push an agenda it will make them look bad. It will look like we are playing too hard and trying to run sh*t.
    • 9:34pm – Justin talking with Jason again wanting Scott out over Shelby. Jason explain that is Kryssie’s plan C and Kryssie is our rock. That is why we work with her and not against her. Scott will be more of a problem to get out later if he stays.
    • 9:28pm – Justin tells Morgan whatever you do, do not let Shelby sleep on the side next to him again. Morgan says don’t worry she will sleep there again.
    • 9:42pm – Justin is upset that Shelby called him out when he tried to imaginarily slap her butt. He would never touch her butt.
    • 9:52pm – Lockdown over.
    • 9:56pm – Morgan offers to go up as a pawn for Kryssie. Morgan tells Kryssie she trust her. Morgan: I am not a comp threat. You won’t have to worry about me winning the Veto and pulling myself off. Kryssie said that is good to hear. Please tell The Plastics not to use the Veto on Scott. Morgan is close to Neeley and they should all possibly consider working together in the future.
    • 10:02pm – Justin and Alex. Justin: Kryssie is my right hand the same way Scott feels about you.
    • 10:03pm – Scott and Alex: Justin is checking in with us which is good. We just have to lay low. Scott: We have the votes. Maybe not enough to keep everyone safe but enough to keep me safe. Alex just wants to know who the target is. Scott: I don’t think Justin knows. Alex: I think Justin keeps trying to reassure us so that he knows he is good for next week. Alex: For our game it is best if Whitney goes home.
    • 10:06pm – Morgan and Alex: Morgan said she spoke with Kryssie. Alex: LNJ is spinning two different things and it is all coming to her and she doesn’t know what is going on. Justin is acting like Scott is 100% safe – so Justin’s either being fed lies or he has the information. Morgan: Kryssie is putting up Scott tomorrow. Alex: If Scott goes up tomorrow we will know that what Kryssie is telling you is true. Morgan and Alex agree that Whitney going this week would be best for their game. Alex: Scott told me Justin wants Neeley out next week. That side is fracturing. Scott is telling everyone we are each other’s number one and I have never said that. He is making people think we have a F2 and it puts a target on me and it sucks. Justin told me he is Kryssie’s number one just like I am Scott’s number one. Either Scott is being feed lies or Morgan is being feed lies.
    • 10:24pm – Whitney and Morgan. Both feel like Jason doesn’t want anything to do with Scott. Morgan thinks Justin for some reason wants Scott to stay. Jason and Justin are obviously are working together. Morgan doesn’t know who to believe anymore. Whitney said they have said everything they could possibly say and now they just need o wait it out.
    • 10:28pm – Whitney and Morgan. Justin is playing everyone in the house. He is the ultimate floater.
    • 11:06pm – If Neeley wins HOH it will be Shelby and Alex OTB.
    • 11:07pm – Neeley and Kryssie. Nelley wants to keep Morgan as long as she can. Kryssie agrees.
    • 11:12pm – Kryssie and Neeley. Kryssie: Scott needs to go. I am not his target – you are.

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  1. AIO_7

    Looks like Krispie and old Nellie need some friendship.

  2. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Well, like I said, as long as Neeley and Jason are on slop, I don’t care who the third person is. Sorry Scott…

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Sad part is I think now that Scott is have not Krustie probably thinks he’s going to be americas nom and she’s going to put Shelby OTB

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I can’t wait until next week so we can show Krustie who our REAL nominee is supposed to be…

        I wonder what mental gymnastics she’ll come up with next week to justify how we’re only nominating her to demonstrate our undying love and infatuation for her and all of her grotesqueness.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I am really disappointed that either Whitney or Morgan did not get HN……maybe next week she can go in with Danielle and Krustie

  3. Avatar

    We should make a wager as to when Neely looses her mind on slop! I say Monday afternoon

  4. Avatar
    Gia (59 comments)

    I can’t wait for real BB to come back without America. At first I liked it, but now I see too much bias, but I guess it’s a reflection of what actually exists. It actually helps me to see how people are in the real world behind closed doors, and how to deal with and handle people. I’m an open person and the sneakiness is too much to handle. Whitney should have been on slop. Everyone is overlooking her, but she’s sneaky. This is boring with all these SNEAKS. Absolutely nothing but game talk. Is this what they do in the South all day long?

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      I was hoping either Whitney or Morgan on slop.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      But I am with you on that…..can’t wait for the real BB to return…….

      • Avatar
        Gia (59 comments)

        Thank you! They need to use that commercial budget. I like the real games too.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I think America has WAY too much power in the OTT format, but other than that I will take OTT over the regular format any day. Even though there are some HGs that I don’t care for this season (like any season), I respect the fact that almost everyone came to play (unlike the last few seasons of BB where almost everyone came to become “famous”). Steve said the OTT producers are open to feedback for future versions, so hopefully next year they will reduce America’s power a bit.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      I’m really liking the season but the amount of control we have is the downside for me. They have to try it to see if it works I suppose and many may love that aspect of it. I do think all the voting has cause many BB communities to go at each other worse than usual. (personal attacks on each other) Its gotten so bad on a few sites, people have written stories devoted to the topic. It’s one thing to disagree when you’re only watching but when your trying to get people to vote for what you want to happen and they won’t do it, it’s gotten ugly. Twitter has been crazy! When someone in the house ticks us off, we feel like we have the power to put them in their place. It’s a different dynamic and you’re right, not always a pretty one. The positive may end up being able to analyze how we react to things as well as observing that in the hg’s. It’s funny mostly. It’s added another layer for sure. I don’t get offended when people trash the hg’s. It’s no secret that BB fans are a harsh and fickle bunch. Hg’s even talk about and laugh over it. The personal attacks on each other is what bugs me and thats been really bad this season. I mostly think that’s due to all the voting. I like that it it’s not usually like that here. Although, I did get called stupid and several other things a few days ago on here. It wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last time. I usually take that as a sign of a pretty good season of BB. Lol

  5. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    at this point I don’t think Krustie cares. As long as Shelby or Scott go home she will be happy….

  6. Avatar
    Gia (59 comments)

    It’s crazy to nom Neeley because then Krissi will think it was to support her due to the argument. Neeley was supposed to work with Alex. If she goes how is that supposed to happen? It should be Whitney or Morgan because they won’t go home anyway. That way Krissi will stay disillusioned.

  7. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Why do we love Alex and hate Danielle…other than the obvious reasons?

    I started trying to figure out why so many people including myself like Alex and despise Danielle. (in the game) I’m not talking about their personalities but as players. (that answer is obvious) I hope nobody thinks I’m slamming Alex because I like her too. I’m only puzzled by it. They both have terrible social games with the opposing alliance so that’s a draw. These are observations on each of their games. These things can be interpreted as game moves or merely situations that occurred but have affected the last 3 weeks.

    1. She quickly took Shane from the guys alliance and history shows a guy group can be scary.
    2.Other than Neeley, she was the main player who flipped the vote to get CB out in week 1 and she did it while being otb. That’s not easy. It caused our vote to not even matter.
    3. We took out Monte so she doesn’t get credit for her 2nd escape of eviction.
    4. She survived the block 3 times and the last time it was in spite of the fact we tried to vote her out.
    5. She did make a bigger target for help herself with the shomance but she didn’t get distracted by it enough to stop strategizing and she’s probably the best strategist in her group.
    6. She’s using her time wisely this week doing damage control with her alliance.
    7. Her flaws may help her because the other side dislikes her so much, they think she’s good to keep around since she’s been the only nom from America who is still there.
    8. She has several bigger targets in her alliance in front of her that people want out.
    9. She endured the worst punishment which was followed by being a HN immediately after.( not a plus for her game but she got through it without having a meltdown after Shane left)
    10. She probably would have had tunnel vision and been too focused on revenge for Shane but being in a good position even without power this week may have given her time to regroup. (could be good for her game but pure luck)

    1.She was involved in getting Danielle otb week 1 but they lost CB instead. When the plastics initially wanted Danielle out it honestly wasn’t for strategic reasons. Anyone can look back and see that. She was too focused on one thing.
    2. She won an important HOH but her targets stayed. That’s not on her but she knew Monte was bad for her game.
    3.She gave her word too quickly to 3 people prematurely during her hoh and thats what forced her to look like a deal breaker too early in the game.
    4.She won the puzzle veto by Justin giving it to her.
    5.She doesn’t have the instincts to see the player most loyal to her (other than Morgan) is who she thinks needs to go this week if it’s someone from their side.
    6.She took a punishment for a comp she didn’t want to win anyway. Without the care pkg, that could have been a very bad game move.
    7.She is the biggest target in her group in spite of one true comp win. She doesn’t have any shields.
    8.She is safe this week because that safety was handed it to her by America.
    9.She has a built in advantage in the game.
    10.If she doesn’t lose someone on her side this week, it will be because of our vote not the strategy on her side of the house.

    We’ve given Alex safety and tried to evict Danielle. They are both there so why do we think Alex is so amazing at the game?. Maybe she will be but why are we declaring that based on her game so far? When you think about it, Morgan and Whitney are both playing a better overall game than Alex. Neither one are obvious targets and they’re both building relationships with more than one person on the other side. Whitney has been working Krissi and Justin. Morgan is working Neeley and Justin. Had Monte stayed Morgan, and Whitney were in much better standing with him than Alex yet she took more heat in the aftermath. All the plastics voted Shane out but Alex is blamed even more than Scott. The only side deal she’s attempted with the other side was at Scott’s prompting and she hasn’t done a good job of working that. Alex is definitely a thinker and has some strategy but she also has tunnel vision. She was sloppy with the information Jason gave her. She could have easily had Morgan use precaution when talking to Neely but she only used the info to help in the moment. It seemwd careless. She did the same when putting Krrissi up as a replacement nom. She took the position of “I’m just going to do it and worry about it later.” I think she plays too much in the moment rather than long term for the amount of credit I’ve been giving her.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      IMO Danielle is a much better player than Alex. That’s why I think Danielle will be one of the final 3. Usually there are very few opportunities to get big threats out in a game and they blew that chance if they think Danielle is such a threat. Same with Krustie this week. Shelby and Scott are not near the threat as Morgan or Whitney but she also has tunnel vision and is going for them because of personal reasons. She has said herself she does not think they are threats to her game…then why bother with them? Take out someone who is when you have the chance!!! Morgan pretty please???????

      • Avatar
        Gia (59 comments)

        That’s so true! Morgan needs to go to break the sisters up.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Yup. I think it is an unfair advantage and I think BB production is wrong for allowing it to go on.

      • LindsayB
        LindsayB (2276 comments)

        I’m kind of impressed that the sisters have gone this long without being caught. I’m kind of to the point that I want to see how far they can go. I don’t think it would be right of us to get rid of one of them before the other HG figure them out. The way I see it, if everyone is too blind to see that they look exactly alike it’s ok for them to stay together. I admire the fact that they haven’t slipped up yet.

      • Avatar

        Totally agree with you Lindsay! So what they are sisters. It’s part of a game twist. If they want to be loyal to each other, it’s no different than 2 other people being allined and being loyal to each other. It’s not a big deal in the house so what make it a big deal out of the house. I’m pulling for them!

    • Avatar
      Gia (59 comments)


      I am so glad to hear you say it. I’ve been so confused about everyone raving over her gameplay. Like you said, every advantage has been handed to her, plus she has a cold attitude. She even said she would throw her sister under the bus, but her sister didn’t do that. She’s just out for herself on every level and like you said in the moment. I have not been warmed up to her since she cheated in her HOH competition. She really shouldn’t have been given that win, and BB totally overlooked her. She was resting that arm for a very long time, and there are a number of people who stood up there for a long time who could have won: Whitney, Neeley, Scott, Justin. They technically stood longer than her because their arms didn’t get any rest.

  8. Shivani33

    We’ve got ten little kids over for a Halloween party this afternoon, blindfolded to feel slimey eyeballs – really peeled grapes – chowing down cake, carving jack o’ lanterns and dancing up a storm to the Weeknd, Prince and Michael Jackson. So far only one has barfed and one got a splinter, so we’re having a gas.
    Speaking of gas, I see that Krustie is saying that her safety Servant is giving her gas!?! When hasn’t she had gas? And poor Scott! I wish he was at our house to twerk in his underwear instead of going back to have-not status. I hope he doesn’t let it get him down. Win that PoV, Scott, and put another wrench into the schemes. Too many people in that house want to do you wrong. Pissed. And friendship!

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Actually I am still holding on to part of my dream. Long shot odds….Shelby has to be picked for veto and win!!!
      Justin will not vote out Morgan or Whitney. It is the only hope I have left!!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Helen, I really think if Neeley goes otb that she may go home. It may be tight but from what I’ve been seeing, I don’t think it’s a given that Scott is the one who will leave. You know how quickly things shift with fans, not just the hg’s. Lol

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Enjoy yourself…if you survive it! Lol

  9. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I am still trying to figure out which psychiatric hospital they recruited this season from? I believe there are several in the LA area

  10. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    This is from a few different conversations in the last hour.

    Jason just told Krissi that if she puts Scott up and America doesn’t get to nom him, then Americas nom will probably be Neeley or himself. (Score)

    Krissi is certain that won’t happen and she should stick to the plan. (Miss)

    Alex thinks there’s a chance that if Krissi saves Scott for America to nom that he won’t be otb and America may put up someone like Neeley. (Score)

    Krissi is sure that both Whitney and Morgan would keep the promise to vote the way she wants even if a LNC is otb from America. (Miss)

    Danielle tells Krissi to not worry about America’s nom and just stick with the plan. (she isn’t losing sleep either way I guess)

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  12. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Chat after have not reveal:
    Alex has asked us again to put up Neeley.

    Alex suggested to Shelby that she volunteer to be a pawn for strategy. (Whose strategy tho?)

    Shelby said that Jason has fans but they can’t vote to keep him from being a have not. (????)

    Krissi is pissed because the heart shaped sandwiches wasted bread and because Shelby threw hers away. She doesn’t like wasting food because she’s worked for everything.

    Danielle is back to being a chatter box and Neeley keeps avoiding her because she says she can’t take it.

    Shelby is surprised Jason is a HN. He isn’t because he says that the longer you’re in the house, the more rope you have to hang yourself.

    Scott tells Alex he’s ready to dump Morgan in order to save Shelby.

    Scott tells Whitney not to worry because when he gets evicted that his votes will cancel out Shanes. Someone, maybe Whitney, jokingly told Scott that Shane’s votes was why he was a HN.

    Justin went to Xavier University.

    Group chat about bb18 and other bb stuff-
    Alex loves Dan and Andy.
    Whitney can’t stand Andy. She loves Britney Haynes.
    She says 15 was worst season.
    Alex was ticked Johnny Mac didn’t get AFP and she would die if he came into the house.
    Alex said that Vic was in a Miley Cyrus movie. He sat by her and looked like a nerd. She says she sees him as a Miley Cyrus boy and she’s not about that. (?????)
    Scott said he voted for Vic for AFP.
    Alex said she wasn’t attracted to Vic.
    Shelby said Vic was portrayed as a douchebag.

  13. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    For anyone who follows the Bold & Beautiful episode for the BB players, it will air this Tuesday. I don’t know a time. I don’t even know what channel it’s on. I don’t watch. The 3 selected were DaVonne, Paul and Victor.
    The scene this year is a wedding and they are part of the catering company.

  14. Avatar

    An actual moment of clarity for Kryssie, she said if I wasn’t HOH I’d be a HN ! Hallelujah

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Lol. Never fear, it didn’t last. Now she thinks Jason and Neeley are have nots because they mentioned how they’ve been eating too much junk food.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      From Steve: “Neeley doesn’t think America putting Jason and Neeley on slop is because America hates them. Nelley says it is telling that Scott is a Have-Not a second time.”

      So let me get this straight Neeley… It IS telling that America made Scott a HN, but it’s NOT telling that we made you and Jason HNs? I swear these LNJ members are amazingly delusional. It’s kind of impressive how they can always figure out a way to convince themselves that America loves them, no matter how nonsensical the logic. I admire their steadfastness. #NeverGiveUp #KeepHopeAlive

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        It’s always a negative reason if it’s the plastics and a positive reason if it’s the LNC!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        And I wonder why Neeley isn’t calling Justin “garbage” and an “ignorant bitch” like she called Shelby last week for celebrating. He jumped off the couch, got on the ground, and did the worm dance in celebration of not being put on slop this week. I thought Ms. Neeley was so offended by such “classless” behavior?

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Only when it one of the girls or Scott! They are all hypocrites…….

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Gerardo, I’ve never seen a group of people be so negative and yet so positive simultaneously. It’s a little amazing to see…..like discovering a new species of animal.

      • Avatar

        They kill me, Gerardo! They are so pathetic!

  15. Don
    Don (110 comments)

    So when did BB start letting them drink protein shakes. In the past they were only allowed water n the food decided for slop. Someone please tell me when it changed. I don’t remember them drinking shake last one.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      They’ve drank protein shakes for a long time but I have no idea when it started. Maybe after season 9 when two people went to the hospital. There may be no connection to that though since there is alot of protein in the slop and that didn’t have anything to do with why the got sick eating it.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    How much longer till Jason snaps?

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      He’s complaining there is no chocolate milk….well dude…take some of those krackles you’ve been hiding and melt some down and make your own d**n chocolate milk!! If I were Shelby I’d drink it all everytime they stocked the stuff!!!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        He can only drink the premixed chocolate milk. That’s why they fight over it every year when they run low. I agree about Shelby. I said last week that when she got off of it and Danielle got put on, I would chug it until I threw up if I were Shelby.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Clocks ticking for sure

  17. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    The girls are all flipping on Scott….it isn’t going to do any good to put Neely up. I think I may vote Morgan up

  18. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Is BB listening? Are they making them sit together on the sofas now for safety ceremony or did the do that on their own?

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      On their own I think……

      • Avatar

        They did it on their own. I think it shows how much more mature the BS are. They know they didn’t get HOH so they knew 2 of them would go up. They understand that’s the game so they aren’t going off by themselves talking nasty about the LNC and sitting somewhere mad trashing them. They are making the best of it. You can bet if it was the other way around and one of the girls won, the LNC would be sulking and sitting by themselves somewhere cussing them all out. There’s a huge difference in the two groups!

    • caRyn

      Whitney suggested they sit on the couches.

  19. Shivani33

    Jason just told Justin that Danielle wants to target the two of them for working too much with the other side, and that they have to get her first. He said that Kryssie told him what Danielle said.

    • caRyn

      9:54 pm (PT) Last night sitting outside on the couch Kryssie told Jason every detail of every convo she has had with hg on both sides of the house. Jason knows exactly what has been said about him and Justin. Jason received the information well. He soaked it up like a sponge.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Krissi plays to America but that’s not why she’s loyal to Justin and Jason. She’s just loyal to them. She’s nuts but loyal. Lol

  20. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I am getting like really confused here…..Scott is Krusties target…Justin is Krusties #3 ….Justin wants to save Scott and told him then told Alex…Alex and Scott had an informal kinda alliance going with Jason and Justin that I thought never got going…Alex goes back and tells Shelby,Morgan and Whitney what Justin just told her…..
    Who do you vote for?

    • caRyn

      That is exactly what has taken place only Jason isn’t aware of Justin’s convo with Scott and Alex tonight. Jason isn’t going to be happy because Jason and Justin spoke about it and Jason said everything he tells Alex gets back to The Plastics so Jason is going to stop saying anything to Alex.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      It was like that the other night too. It’s so much easier when they are in a full blown alliance instead of “working together.” I don’t even know who I hope leaves at this point! Lol
      Unless things change alot between now and tomorrow evening, I think Scott and Neeley will both be otb. They are the 2 most mentioned in pre vote chatter. Since Krissi is putting Scott up, my guess is Neeley will be put up by us. I’m curious to see how it plays out. We talked about putting up Neeley because she was acting like an a$$hole. It could be bigger than that. Will Morgan and/or Whitney screw over Krissi with their promised vote? Will Jason & Justin vote out whoever from plastics side or take the opportunity to get Neeley out. (that would be hard to get Krissi to go along with) I’m curious about those two things the most because everything could shift after this vote depending on what those 4 people do imo.

    • Shivani33

      Hardly any confidential remark in this house stays between any two people, and so many players say conflicting things. Alex has said both that Scott needs to go and that she wants to keep him around. Shelby has been called a weak player who can go and somebody to keep around for the same reason. Jason and Justin trust each other and don’t trust each other. Both “sides” are tight and also splintered. Sometimes I like and don’t like one of the houseguests all in one hour. And still haven’t been able to choose one group over the other, because of liking people a lot who are opposing one another. (Supposedly!)

      So it really does feel like a moment-to-moment game. Tonight is one of those nights when I feel like I’m watching from more of a distance, not clear on my opinions and just waiting for the change that’ll come when somebody wins PoV.

  21. caRyn

    Danielle has gone without a bra all day. Jason said something about it to her and she didn’t say anything or put one on. She did put on sweatpants.

  22. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Does anyone think Morgan is annoyed that Whitney stole Justin from her even if by accident?

  23. Avatar
    Glenda (129 comments)

    I am voting for NEELEY to go home I want to see her go I hope SCOTT does not go If I Could VOTE for DANIELLE To go I WOULD !!!!!

  24. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    My vote is for Neely to see if Justin and Jason take the chance to vote her out and screw Kryssie because Justin doesn’t want her around but will he vote with the group or go rouge. That’s what I want to see what happen and I think putting Neely up with all the promise and the uneasiness going around this week. That putting Neely and the outcome of the vote my shift the house in a new direction and the sides will break because Danielle and Kryssie would feel betral the alliance would than become Alex Scott Jason and Justine. Against Danielle and Kryssie against witney and Morgan with Shelby alone atleast that’s how it will seam to everyone and new people might start paring up to work together. That’s why I think it’s best to put Neely up and the effect and shockwave it will cause if she’s the one that leaves this week

    • caRyn

      I plan to vote for Neeley. However, I think the shock will change Neeley’s tune and it may make the LNJ stronger. The cracks in the foundation may surface and get worked out. LNJ work better together on the defense. We will see if Morgan really does have Neeley’s back.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I think Neeley’s going home this week. I’m predicting if she’s on the block, she’s also out the door.

  25. Shivani33

    Krustie has been so sure that “America’s” nomination won’t be one of her team that I think some of her plans might be depending on that. If Neeley gets our nomination, this HoH has more potential to be ineffective for Krustie. I guess it hinges upon what you would like to see happen. I haven’t moved from planning to try getting Neeley on the block. If she is evicted, it will create a fine new mess, as @Wildsonic says above.

  26. Avatar
    Pielady 1 (35 comments)

    Neeley needs to go on the block and go home. Shelby needs to stay, she sees more and is smarter than anyone thinks (except Scott). I would like to see Shelby WIN HOH and shake them all up. Justin would have to sing a different tune. It is time for a brain comp. Lets see if any of these people have one.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      That would be a crazy week!

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      It would be very interesting to see what Justin would do if Shelby won HOH !!!! Now that would have me glued to the feeds for sure unlike this week where I can only tolerate maybe an hour a day and that is split up!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        We think he can’t sit still now! He may just self evict. Lol

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I really like Justin other than the fact he does not like my girl Shelby!!
        Shelby is an interesting player…I notice she gets the Shelby hate train going again to take HG attention off of other players…..I think she does it purposely….
        I could be wrong ….lol. Wouldn’t be the first time and for sure won’t be the last!!!

    • Avatar

      If Shelby is still around when the co-HOH care package comes up, I think we should give it to her if she doesn’t win one by then!

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  28. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    If Neeley is evicted it could help or screw up several people’s games potentially. I’m used to a few people being misled at a time. This entire house is being snowed in one way or another.
    Things they have right and things they have wrong:

    *knows Dani and Neeley are an issue but thinks it’s a problem down the road. Right
    *thinks if Scott’s gone, Alex may be loyal to him. Wrong
    * he’s a HN because we don’t like him playing both sides. Wrong
    * Krissi is the most loyal to him. Right
    *Shelby is his biggest concern. Wrong
    *worried about Neeley & Danielle now. Wrong
    *trusts Krissi. Right
    *trusts Morgan. Wrong (Justin’s her target)
    *trusts Whitney. Wrong
    *thinks being funny may get him to the end. Wrong
    *thinks she can trust plastics more than Scott. Wrong
    *thinks Jason has warmed up to her. Wrong
    * she knows everything. Wrong
    *trust J&J the most. Right
    *she can trust Whitney. Wrong
    *for her game, if someone from their side goes this week it should be Whitney. Right
    *thinks she can’t trust Scott. Wrong
    *her flirting has been working on Justin. Wrong
    * feels Whitney is better for her game than her sisters. Right
    *she can trust Morgan. Wrong
    *thinks she gets a free pass on her behavior because she’s with LNC. Wrong
    *Alex sees him as her #1. Wrong
    *Shelby sees him as her #1. Wrong
    *thinks her alliance loves her. Wrong
    *knows BS can’t stand her. Right
    *thinks her alliance will stay loyal till they’re at 4. Wrong

    *thinks America loves them. Wrong
    *thinks they are always nice and we don’t notice when they are being catty. Wrong

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Spot on as always Mell!! I love reading everything you write along with Shivani and Gerardo!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I would rather read Steves blog and the comments you guys leave more than any info I get anywhere else! Sometimes BB sites are so one sided, they twist the info to favor players but I get different view points from you guys.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Helen, I think Justin is potentially in the most trouble next. What do you think? Assuming Neeley doesn’t win veto and is evicted, the hoh comp will be 5 against 3. If BS wins, he’s their next target. (Based on things theyve said) I think there’s a good chance he’ll be a HN too.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        I agree Mell that our boy Justin could be in trouble next week BUT the care package next week is to eliminate 3 eviction votes so I think he will be ok…..fingers crossed

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Oh yes Mell. But reading stevebeans blog is a given!! Lol

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        His game’s probably in trouble no matter who goes home because he isn’t very good at it yet. Lol

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I had forgotten this is the week the care pkg start getting major. We can’t predict anything! That could change the game depending on who gets them. Those care pkgs are way too much of a game changer. I would rather voting be for have nots, embarrassing costumes, slop pass and some crazy punishments in the future. The voting can be fun without having to destroy peoples games and their hoh week imo.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      * she knows everything. Wrong”
      I died laughing on that one Mell! And I totally agree with Helen, I love every word of all your posts!

  29. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    I think if Neely goes home it gives a better chance of getting Danielle out next week….
    Say for example Shelby wins HOH. Chances are her targets will be Justin and Krustie
    America gives Justin care package
    America noms Danielle
    Justin uses care package
    Danielle goes home. 🙂

  30. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    I was just thinking about that earlier Helen. While I can’t stand Danielle’s personality, she’s definitely a smart cookie. She clearly figured out she pissed us off (obviously since we made her a HN, nominated, and voted for her eviction last week) and she’s been laying pretty low this week. I’d almost forgotten all about Danielle lately and have been mostly focused on Krustie, Jason, and Neeley. If Neeley goes this week, I think America would be more likely to shift their focus back to Danielle, whereas if Neeley stays that might keep some of the heat off of Danielle.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      I think Danielle is the biggest threat to any of the houseguests games!! Way more than Alex is….
      My opinion is if she stays much longer she will be one of the final 3 that we are choosing the winner from

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Whitney is another one that could potentially slide right into one of those final 3 spots….
        Silent but deadly…kinda like a dog fart….

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Oh yeah, I think Danielle is more dangerous in the sense that she’s the more savvy game player, but I think Whitney is more likely to make it to the end at this point. She’s not really on anybody’s radar, but I also think Whitney knows exactly what’s going on in the house and is smarter than anyone realizes.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Whitney has been watching BB since she was 11 years old…she knows exactly what is going on….on both sides of the house!! Alex is starting to realize that Whitney is a threat to her game though.

  31. Avatar
    Pielady 1 (35 comments)

    MELL and HELEN Thanks for the support for my idea of SHELBY winning HOH> Now think about this …SHELBY getting next care package and she can control the vote. Lets watch everyone sweat. Justin and Jason would not know what we were thinking. Let the fun begin. AMERICA LETS PLAY BIG BROTHER !!!

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Shelby is “my girl”. Lol. She is my female version of My boy Paul…..

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I have such a hard time because I love Shelby but I love Justin and those things can’t go together. I don’t like the sisters being there together but I like how the women have been strong working together. I also like Scott. I did like Jason (even his bad traits) but they’ve became too bad! I know he suffered a serious childhood trauma and I think that may be the source of his negative attitude. What we see as bitter and hateful is more likely pain but I can only overlook his behavior for so long. If it furthered his game, I could almost tolerate it but farting on a pillow doesn’t get him an extra vote on his side of the house.

      • Avatar
        Pielady 1 (35 comments)

        Helen I am with you. She reminds me of Paul. She is out spoken and does not care what others think, that is why Justin does not like her. He can not handle strong, confident, out spoken women. She scares him!!!

        Helen I agree. Shelby is out spoken and does not care what anyone thinks. That is why Justin does not like her. He can not handle strong, confident out spoken women. She scares him!!!!

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      I would be terrified but I definitely support it!

  32. Avatar
    Pielady 1 (35 comments)

    SORRY I repeated myself.

  33. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    There was a brief exchange between Alex and Morgan shortly after Krissi became HOH saying they may need to reveal their secret. I thought this was desperation at the time until Alex commented in her DR that she wanted to tell people at some point. I was curious what you all thought. Does that help or hurt their game and do you like or dislike this twist? I’m sharing my opinion but I thought someone may have another viewpoint. I like Alex and Morgan as individual players. (It took a while for Morgan) I would like to avoid tunnel vision about wanting them split up if possible.

    I don’t see how it could help their game unless it gets very close to the end and a desperate HOH has to have their 2 votes to make something happen and it somehow saves them for a week. Won’t that make them an instant target after?

    I dont like it and I think the family twist on any season has a bigger advantage than all of the others by far. Even something huge like canceling several votes can only help you one time. It’s bigger than being a returning player who has some followers and already knows what slop tastes like. This is a game based on the inability to trust anyone and/or using your intellect and intuition to find someone you can trust. Complete strangers can’t compete with relatives…EVER. Family who despises each other will still share a common goal. Look at Dick and Danielle in season 8. She couldn’t stand him but knew she always had one person in the house looking out for her game from day 1. Also, hg’s arn’t allowed to share prize money but they can’t prevent relatives from doing it. No disrespect to anyone who thinks otherwise but you’re crazy if you believe for one second Alex and Morgan will stop working together before the end. (unless it was to save themselves) I would stop liking them now if I thought the sisters were that stupid. Anyone who believes that probably also beleives they were surprised to see each other in the house the first day. If they try to take each other to the end and are in F3, they double their chances to win. They initially thought it was a final 2. Why would one of the sisters give themselves a 50% chance to win at the end when they could’ve had a 100%. (the talk about cutting each other was humor, chatter and to convince us how hard they will fight)

    In fairness to BBOTT, I like old school BB and I never like any twist. (that’s just me) I liked when there was a food comp every week and they had to earn their food more than slop and have nots. The luxury comps were cool since it was prizes mixed with strategy. Those are extra comps and not really twists. I wouldn’t mind voting if it was for silly stuff and things to annoy them. (have nots, costumes they have to wear or something nice like a letter from home even if your not hoh) That’s as “twisty” as I care for.

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