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Saturday Feed Updates – HN and Round 1 of Safety

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I want to make a quick correction about something I said yesterday.  I said there wouldn’t be any HN’s this week, but I think I’m wrong.  There won’t be any HN voting because there are only 3 eligible people, so Alex, Danielle, and Morgan should be guaranteed havenots this week. They removed the voting because Jason won the Care Package which eliminated the 4th option.

Alright, where to begin today?  My rant today will be the complete lack of respect these people show production and the rules of the game.  Justin apparently ate a few pieces of candy yesterday while still a havenot, he sings nonstop (though some of his songs are great – like the pizza song), Danielle has shit all over the sleeping rule multiple times, and as I type this, she is still sleeping in the room with Justin, Whitney and Kryssie. It seems like Shelby, Alex, Morgan, and to a lesser extent Jason are the only players who try to follow the rules on a regular basis.  I say lesser extent for Jason simply because he’s been dinged for sleeping outside here and there, but that’s going to happen. He doesn’t just blatantly break the rules like the four I mentioned above.

Small rant today.  On to the house – Jason and Shelby have been communicating about who to nominate as they’re both HoH’s this week. It’s hard to tell what is smoke and mirrors, but I’ll jump in with Shelby having a conversation with Morgan….


  • 10:45am – Shelby and Morgan talking in the yoga room…
    • Shelby says she made a deal that she’ll keep Kryssie safe and he’ll keep Morgan safe.
    • Morgan says her best bet is to put up Whitney because if one of them are America’s Nom, this allows Shelby to pull Whitney off and put one of them up rather than having all 3 up
    • Shelby says she wants to wait until HNs to get a feel of America, but I don’t think they realized there are only 3 options
    • Jason claims he’s ok with Justin going soon
    • morgan-talking
    • It sounds like many are getting on board now realizing Justin can and will win this game if he makes final 3
    • Shelby is trying to point out to Jason that taking him even to the final 4 is risky
    • Shelby credits Jason for being really good this season and she almost believed the stuff he was saying
  • Big Brother plays their daily “You’ve got to be kidding me” message about the four people still sleeping. They seem to do this daily
  • 10:54am – Whitney comes in and the conversation breaks up
    • More messages from BB about the sleeping houseguests minus Whitney.  Justin finally gets up as well
  • 11:15am – Danielle is telling a story about how Justin was basically groping her while sleeping
    • He’s a sleep groper!  I am as well, so I can’t talk. If I ever went into the house, I’d be forced to sleep alone for that reason lol
    • Meanwhile, the smashers minus Shelby are in the yoga room. Whitney leaves and the sisters begin talking
    • Alex asks if Shelby said anything. Morgan re-tells the conversation
  • 2:30pm – Alex has a brief talk with Morgan and is worried that Shelby is going to screw her over this week.
  • And if you missed it while I was away, at 1:00pm Jason and Shelby did the HN announcement
    • shelby-jason
    • Alex, Morgan, and Danielle are HNs, but this is the last week of it.
  • 3:45pm – Morgan is telling Alex how Shelby wants her to stay this week for sure, and definitely wants Alex around for the DE and as a shield for her.
    • Shelby thinks Alex will be a bigger target than her, so she definitely doesn’t want to get rid of her
  • 7:30pm – Sorry I haven’t posted a lot. Weekends are pretty busy and it will probably be like that every weekend.  Safe from nominations so far: Morgan/Kryssie

Check back for updates



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