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Saturday Feed Updates – HN and Round 1 of Safety



I want to make a quick correction about something I said yesterday.  I said there wouldn’t be any HN’s this week, but I think I’m wrong.  There won’t be any HN voting because there are only 3 eligible people, so Alex, Danielle, and Morgan should be guaranteed havenots this week. They removed the voting because Jason won the Care Package which eliminated the 4th option.

Alright, where to begin today?  My rant today will be the complete lack of respect these people show production and the rules of the game.  Justin apparently ate a few pieces of candy yesterday while still a havenot, he sings nonstop (though some of his songs are great – like the pizza song), Danielle has shit all over the sleeping rule multiple times, and as I type this, she is still sleeping in the room with Justin, Whitney and Kryssie. It seems like Shelby, Alex, Morgan, and to a lesser extent Jason are the only players who try to follow the rules on a regular basis.  I say lesser extent for Jason simply because he’s been dinged for sleeping outside here and there, but that’s going to happen. He doesn’t just blatantly break the rules like the four I mentioned above.

Small rant today.  On to the house – Jason and Shelby have been communicating about who to nominate as they’re both HoH’s this week. It’s hard to tell what is smoke and mirrors, but I’ll jump in with Shelby having a conversation with Morgan….



  • 10:45am – Shelby and Morgan talking in the yoga room…
    • Shelby says she made a deal that she’ll keep Kryssie safe and he’ll keep Morgan safe.
    • Morgan says her best bet is to put up Whitney because if one of them are America’s Nom, this allows Shelby to pull Whitney off and put one of them up rather than having all 3 up
    • Shelby says she wants to wait until HNs to get a feel of America, but I don’t think they realized there are only 3 options
    • Jason claims he’s ok with Justin going soon
    • morgan-talking
    • It sounds like many are getting on board now realizing Justin can and will win this game if he makes final 3
    • Shelby is trying to point out to Jason that taking him even to the final 4 is risky
    • Shelby credits Jason for being really good this season and she almost believed the stuff he was saying
  • Big Brother plays their daily “You’ve got to be kidding me” message about the four people still sleeping. They seem to do this daily
  • 10:54am – Whitney comes in and the conversation breaks up
    • More messages from BB about the sleeping houseguests minus Whitney.  Justin finally gets up as well
  • 11:15am – Danielle is telling a story about how Justin was basically groping her while sleeping
    • He’s a sleep groper!  I am as well, so I can’t talk. If I ever went into the house, I’d be forced to sleep alone for that reason lol
    • Meanwhile, the smashers minus Shelby are in the yoga room. Whitney leaves and the sisters begin talking
    • Alex asks if Shelby said anything. Morgan re-tells the conversation
  • 2:30pm – Alex has a brief talk with Morgan and is worried that Shelby is going to screw her over this week.
  • And if you missed it while I was away, at 1:00pm Jason and Shelby did the HN announcement
    • shelby-jason
    • Alex, Morgan, and Danielle are HNs, but this is the last week of it.
  • 3:45pm – Morgan is telling Alex how Shelby wants her to stay this week for sure, and definitely wants Alex around for the DE and as a shield for her.
    • Shelby thinks Alex will be a bigger target than her, so she definitely doesn’t want to get rid of her
  • 7:30pm – Sorry I haven’t posted a lot. Weekends are pretty busy and it will probably be like that every weekend.  Safe from nominations so far: Morgan/Kryssie

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    “You’ve got to be kidding me” message

    What makes me gag even worse is the “Wakey, Wakey” plea. With limp wristed commands like that no wonder some of these house guests think they can lead Production around by the nose.

    • LindsayB

      Seriously. Blatant disregard for rules over and over and over again. At this point, I can hardly blame the HG for doing it because there has literally been no repercussions for it. For anyone.

  2. Helen

    Okay. I turned on the feeds for awhile….while I know that Shelby is on a relentless search for split ends,what I really want to know is what the f**k is Alex picking on the back of her head? It’s bothersome!!!!

    • LindsayB

      The split end hunt is out of control. BB should let them get a hair cut just so we don’t have to watch that anymore.

    • Mell

      Alex may be having some sort of dry shampoo overdose. We spend so much time talking about how nasty Krissi is (not disputing that) that no one ever touches on the fact the Alex rarely bathes. When she does she quickly dampens her hair without washing it. She talks about dry shampoo being one of her favorite things.
      (I think it’s pretty awesome too but in a pinch or for volume and not as a replacement for washing my hair) it’s gotten so ridiculous that people have started going over the feeds trying to count how many times Alex has bathed sonce she’s been in the house. I don’t have those numbers. I am an admitted huge fan but do actually have a life. From what I hear, Alex and Krissi are neck and neck in shower watch ’16.

      • First, let me say that as a longtime germaphobe I am generally appalled at the hygiene and cleaning habits of most HGs every season, and Krustie and Alex have both taken it to another level. However, I think the reason Krustie gets more crap than Alex regarding her poor hygiene habits is because she flaunts her grossness. Not only does Krustie not bathe regularly, but she also expels gas constantly, she rubs her disgusting feet and armpits on other people’s belongings, and she even brags about being disgusting.

        Like many of us, I love this show but don’t have enough time to watch the feeds as much as I would like, so I hadn’t even noticed Alex’s irregular grooming habits until someone (I think it was Cyn) brought it to my attention. Krustie, on other hand, doesn’t ever give us a chance to forget how grotesque she is. Maybe if Krustie would take a page from Alex’s book and be a little more discreet with her filthiness, she wouldn’t get as much criticism about it. However, let me once again reiterate: I am appalled by both of these “funky divas”.


      • Mell

        Amen Gerardo! I’m a self described germaphobe myself and I couldn’t handle laying in the beds of others, the nasty shower, half cleaned dishes, etc. I also agree that Krispie Krustie never allows us time to forget and therefore gets mentioned more. I can’t imagine her house especially after seeing what portion of her bf’s interview I could stomach.
        PS They day I come home to a hair bracelet gift from my husband is probably the same day I file for divorce!

      • NKogNeeTow

        “#WashYourAssPlease”…..That had me howling with laughter! I just love you to pieces G…lol.

        On another note….The Krustation said something the other night that I never noticed before but started watching until I finally saw it for myself. She was talking to someone (can’t remember who) and she said something about when Alex eats, she covers her plate with a paper towel then puts the food on top of it and eats. The other night when Alex, Morgan and Shelby were eating some concoction inside red and green peppers and asparagus, I noticed when Alex sat down to eat, her plate was indeed covered with a paper towel and her food was on top of it. Anybody know what’s up with that?

      • LindsayB

        I noticed that too. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t think the dishes are cleaned well?

      • Mell

        I don’t know but that’s probably it. Have you guys ever noticed Morgan washing dishes? I can’t say about anyone else but I’ve seen Morgan multiple times rinse stuff off with cold water and not use dishsoap. It’s the one complaint LNC has that may be legit. I wouldn’t eat off anything in that house without washing it myself.

  3. Whatever happened to the penalty nomination for breaking the rules did they change the rules because this cast is just walking all over production

  4. AIO_7

    I think we have to consider Whitney a floater now; not that that’s a bad thing.

    • Helen

      She’s not a floater. She has chosen her side….LNC. She said it in DR last night…..she is loyal to Justin and Krustie….people who are nominating Alex as 3rd nom may as well just go ahead and vote Shelby out too cause by voting out Alex the vote becomes 5 to 2…..
      Sorry…I am nominating Krustie….she won’t go home and it evens the numbers some. 4 (LNC) to 3 PBS

      • AIO_7

        I guess Whitney has floated away, then.

      • Whitney (IMO) is playing the game the best. She is letting BS take out Jason and eventually implode. She will have the protection from Justin and Krustie. She is waiting to win HOH for a couple weeks and will take out Justin and take Krustie to the final 3 with Danielle and win the show. Don’t let the accent fool you….she’s playing very very smart, she knows America is not fans of Krustie and Danielle.

  5. Mell

    I want to Chima in on the rule breaking. Yes, what Justin did was worse than Morgan. (It’s not worse than what Alex may have did but as there is no proof of Alex and cookie-dough-gate and only a whispered conversation between Whitney and Alex, I’ll leave her possible crime out of it.) Justin’s was intentional and it wouldn’t bother me if he had to do an extra 2-3 days of being a HN for punishment. (Hell, give him another week) However, Morgan should receive 1 extra day because accident or not, she did it and that’s how accidents have been handled in the past. (It wasn’t 1 cheese it either- I watched it as recently as today) I thought Shelby was hilarious yelling at production in the storage room. When BS went off about Justin, they were told to stop talking about production. Shelby told them to stop letting Justin fu**ing eat then. It’s funny partly because it’s Shelby and partly because she had a right. There are varying degrees of rule breaking and also degrees of punishment. However, I don’t think you should be the person to march into the DR and bitch about it when you’ve broken the rules yourself. (even to a lesser degree-you lose the privilege of being perfect) That’s what irritated me about Alex and Morgan bring self righteous over it. The way Alex said “oh, sorry” as if it was no big deal when Morgan ate should demonstrate that to Alex, it’s no big deal. (depending in the offender) Alex and Morgan have been yelling for a penalty “nom” since close to the beginning of the season for something almost daily. Shelby has definitely picked up the habit. I can see production starting to feel like the teacher who is just as irritated with the daily tattletale as they are the kid who committed the schoolyard crime.

    The napping is another issue. BB was clear that’s some things may be adjusted as the season unfolded. (Julie Chen said that) This may be one of those things and they may have realized it isn’t realistic when they’re depriving people of food. We’ve seen them lighten up on some of the napping for several weeks and not only with have nots. I would agree that some are worse than others but unless you haven’t taken a nap, in my opinion you lose the right to bitch about it. That’s the same as deciding when it’s ok to break the rules and when it isn’t. (A 20 minute power nap is still a nap) You can find clips of every HG napping and not being yelled at by BB while it’s happening. Since half the house likes to go to bed early and the other half stays up late, BB may have also relaxed this rule because it gives us more hours to watch. They have the rule, they stay on top of it for the most part and trying it prevents us from being bored during the day. Mission mostly accomplished.

    I wish they did punishments like other BB shows have done. You could make someone clean the entire house, do laundry for 8 hours straight, cook the house dinner, serve them and wash all the dishes for a solid week, etc. I think if the punishments weren’t so severe and potentially game altering, BB would be more apt to do them more frequently and overlook less. The HG’s would hate it and we would enjoy watching it.

    There is also a misunderstanding with BS and some viewers. People keep screaming for a penalty NOM when in reality the most severe punishment they would give for anything is a penalty VOTE other than ejection. By doing a penalty nom, you could mess up someone’s game who did nothing wrong. Jen received a penalty VOTE in season 8. Using this as a guide for the punishment fitting the crime, Justin should receive more days as a have not instead of a vote/nom. He did it intentionally but his motive was to eat. Jen’s motive was purely to be defiant out of anger and to lash out against BB. Trying to sneak food shouldn’t be rewarded but even that isn’t at the same level as intentionally trying to say f**k you to BB out of anger. Jen was called to the DR and given her penalty vote only after she destroyed 4 cartons of Dicks cigarettes, openly ate an apple, something else I can’t remember and fried a turkey burger. I really like Justin but this comparison is why I don’t believe his crime equals a penalty vote.

    I’m also not surprised they haven’t done anything about it at all. This may be OTT but it’s still BB and we’ve seen far worse favoritism and rule bending than this. There have been discussions this week that being a have not has made Justin sick. If that’s true, we have seen concessions made from time to time when someone is ill. I don’t know if it’s true.

    • LindsayB

      I agree 100% that the punishment should fit the crime. An accidental bite of a cracker isn’t as bad as blatantly eating on purpose. Both should’ve had some kind of repercussion, but not to the same degree. The napping has been out of control for a long time. If something would’ve been done as a punishment early on I doubt it would be as bad as it is now. Nothing has been bad enough for a penalty vote.

      • Mell

        Yep, You know Justin’s my guy but if his ass had to do HN again this week, you wouldn’t have heard me complaining about it.

    • Ty I like those ideas. And agree maybe bbott will pay attention because something needs to be done. These people are just walking all over production. And if for a change the punishment fit the crime and entertained us at the same time. Lol wouldn’t that be nice.

    • I saw somewhere that while Justin, Kristie, and Whitney were HN last week it wasn’t just Justin who broke the rules, Kristie bragged about eating herself and even explained how she’s doing it! She said she borrowed a pillow from HOH room. (Danielle HOH) for the reason to smuggle food. So creative huh? So dishonest! Danielle knew about it too , so the whole bunch of them, maybe even Whitney was eating when they weren’t supposed to. Smuggle it and go to the bathroom or somewhere out of camera range to eat. I just know both Kristie and Justin discussed eating in front of Whitney and they all just laughed it off. So disappointed that Whitney took the path she did , even sounds like all of them now. Not at all a good friend as she now tells the LNJ all about the BS and when they talk so badly about them she doesn’t say one word on their behalf. She could have been the link to help them work better together without all the hate but instead she’s joined them! I can understand somewhat her loyalty to Justin but how can she just sit there and listen to the rest of them completely destroy the characters of her one time friends then go hang out with the girls? She can’t think they are that dumb, right?
      I think we try to get Justin this week and really shake things up. Whitney and Dani ate the noms. Nominate Justin, he will save himself then vote out Dani. Dani comes down Morgan or Alex goes up, vote Justin. Whitney comes down Shelby flip a switch from one of her so-called own and put up Kristie. Take your pick Morgan and Alex !!!! This would be the best move and blow up Jason’s HOH since they so much want to blow up Shelby NC the LNJ actually believes he was given the care package to screw over the BS. He was given it he can’t get any more. We must save Morgan she is only BS left for CP since sweet Whitney flipped. Make the LNJ at least sweat it for a couple days trying to figure whybJustin is our nom.

      • Mell

        I just said I didn’t have a problem if Justin was punished. I’m not plotting to get him out. Lol
        The cheating sucks but it’s been talked about for years and most HG do it. (doesn’t make it right, I know)

  6. Shivani33

    Does Whitney seem to have taken both Justin and Krustie as her (temporary or not) main allies? When she’s conversing with Alex, Morgan and/or Shelby, she looks closed off. Her arms crossed, etc. Sometimes she wears her shades. Usually she offers diversionary responses to their questions and sometimes gives non-answers or deceptive ones. Perhaps Whitney has selected Justin and Krustie to favor because she thinks that she has the best odds to beat them, if push comes to shove.

    • Helen

      Yes. She said in her DR last night she is most loyal to Justin and Krustie….that’s why I’m voting Krustie as nom. I know she won’t go home (darn) but it evens up voting……

      • we need to get one of the late night jamboree out this week I hope it can be done so I will vote on America Nominee either Krusty or Danielle hope and pray one of them go please America lets help the girls I really feel bad for Shelby Alex Morgan there is only three left since Whitney turned her back on them she is a floater I hope none of girls will get evicted we can save them come on America <3 !!!!!!

      • Mell

        Glenda, I’m not necessarily a Morgan and Alex fan but I love Shelby. Heading into a DE, how does getting rid of Krissi help the girls? I can see getting rid of Danielle because she has much better odds in a comp. If Whitney has truly 100% flipped getting rid of Whitney helps the girls more than Krissi because she’s also more likely to win in the DE and could still get a care pkg.

      • Helen

        They won’t get rid of Krustie Mell…..oh gosh…here I go…..
        Shelby saves Morgan and Alex…..Whitney is nom
        Jason saves Krustie and Justin….Danielle is nom
        Veto is played and hopefully either someone wins and pulls Krustie down (you know Jason and Justin would no matter what they told Danielle,they are not going to leave Krustie OTB,OR noms are left the same.
        Votes will be either Justin or Justin and Krustie
        Alex and Danielle.
        No one will vote out Whitney
        Danielle goes home to her pretty boy shane

      • Helen

        Oops votes are Alex and Morgan. Not Alex and Danielle

      • Mell

        Lol. I’m not back to being confused Helen! Lol I was only making the point that strategically it didn’t make sense for anyone to get rid of Krissi at this point…. except America because she drives us crazy!

      • Helen

        Phew!! I was getting nervous there for a minute Mell……..


      • Please read my idea just above about us nominating Justin. Too long to repeat but I really believe it’ll send a clear message to LNJ and their new friend Whitney. They are just so mean . Let me know what you all think? Shelby deserves to have a break. And Jason is so proud of himself that he thinks he’s got Shelby buying his plan to get Danielle out! And Whitney knows all about the plan so watch her be calm. The LNJ is counting on us putting up Alex or Morgan , which is stupid BC if our nom wins we all will have to choose between Danielle or Whitney. Who will Justin and Kristie choose? I’m guessing Whitney. If it comes to that the BS should vote Danielle and Am is tie breaker and take out Danielle. That side will be in shock and fractured . I am voting to nominate Justin and watch them trip out!


      • GLENDA, the majority is voting KRISSY FOR 3 NOM! Even if this is not whomsome people want, voting for anyone else will just help the misfits. I think the misfit fans are voting Alex. Voting for anyone else will,just cancel voted out. Ballsmasher fans should vote Krissy for the nom and MORGAN FOR CARE PACKAGE! Also, there is only one hour that you can vote for Care Package, so make sure to get your votes in!

      • Mell

        Glenda, either go for Alex or Krissie. I agree with Amber that anything else will be a waste. This week isn’t as crucial anyway. I doubt Krissi goes home no matter what. Alex could go home and so could Danielle whether Alex is the 3rd nom or not. It’s a trade off. You either put someone at risk or give them the ability to vote. It may all change after veto.

  7. caRyn

    Whitney said they nap with sunglasses on when laying out to tan. I laughed. Since this is feeds only, the sleeping during the day is not wanted so that we can view them interacting more during most of our wake hours. Pick your battles and what the hg have done so far is not that big of a deal. Punish if you want, but not with votes. Nothing has warranted that.
    Whitney said in her live DR that she is a Ball Smasher but if she feels like she is going to be turned on by her alliance she wants to turn on them first.

    • Mell

      Yes Caryn, They have ALL had many naps. I don’t care since the entire house isn’t asleep at the same time and we arn’t bored.

      • caRyn

        Exactly. Plus I know hg have had headaches, cycles, etc., and may need to sleep it off.

      • AIO_7

        Yet more reasons to not like the Have Not gimmick. Let the people eat and have some energy. Use food deprivation for breaking house rules.

      • Mell

        I like that. Have nots could be a punishment for production talk, DR spilling, napping, shout outs, etc.
        Do you remember years ago when they would talk about production a lot less and when they did it they always did it in code… or at least tried to. Now they just try to fit as many words in as they can before they get shut down and they don’t seem very worried when they get told to stop. I still say I would rather they go back to a food comp every week to earn the groceries. It was one time a week the entire house had to work as a team. This year would have been even funnier because it’s such a divided house. Can you see Shelby Alex and Morgan trying to scrape Jell-O or some weird substance off of Danielle or Krissis body to fill a container in a challenge?

      • LindsayB

        The thought of someone having to scrape something off of Krusti’s body makes me gag. Love the idea of the house forced to work together for stuff but damn I didn’t need the visual of a pudding covered Krusti in my head. Ugh!!

      • Mell

        Lindsay, I recalled that specific food comp just to mess with you guys… and probably your appetite for dinner. sorry about that part

      • LindsayB

        Mell, since I’ve been eating all my leftover Halloween candy non stop, losing my appetite isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So the the visual of a pudding covered Krusti I guess deserved a thank you??

      • NKogNeeTow

        Has anyone else noticed that since all the cigarettes are gone, the LNC goes to bed earlier and earlier?

  8. AIO_7


    I know first prize is $250,000. Is there second place prize money? If so, how much? Same with AFP.

  9. Shivani33

    Boy, Justin didn’t help Whitney’s case while he and she talked with Shelby a little bit ago. That was just nuts!

    • Mell

      If Whitney wasn’t going otb before, she damn sure is jow! Thanks Justin. Whitney may be realizing there’s some lumps in the gravy!

    • Is Justin just dumb to the BB game or just dumb?

      • Mell

        He went up to HOH to talk to Shelby while Whitney was doing her dance of reasons she shouldn’t be OTB. During the conversation he tried to help and reassured Shelby that he would vote Danielle out over Whitney. Danielle may not be BS’s first choice to be evicted but they feel very confident now that Whitney is a good choice to be OTB since Justin would keep Whitney. Afterwards, he came down to tell his LNC with pride that he reassured Shelby he would vote Danielle out over Whitney. They had to remind him that they actually wanted and needed Whitney OTB. He got the part right about trying to convince people he was ready to get rid of Danielle and thats about it. He also let Shelby know he was just talking crap when he told Morgan he wanted to go after Shelby. He told her he really didn’t want to go after her because he would be after Alex and Morgan.

      • Mell

        Ann, I think he’s just very simplistic in the way he thinks. We’ve seen he’s very open, relaxed and calls things as he sees them. The idea of layers, misleading for a reason and duplicity don’t seem to register. I honestly think that’s why for most of the game he’s felt safe. He probably assumes if someone was after him, the person who was out to get him simply would have told him already. I was amused by him after the care package announcement yesterday. When LNC were in the backyard and Danielle and Jason we’re going over the “new” strategy, it seemes to blow his mind. He said something like- This shit is crazy man! No wonder so many people love this show. Lol

      • He’s not dumb, he’s dumb as hell.

      • @Mell, did you just hear Krusty burping so loud it sounded like the house was coming down? She burps right into the damn mic.

      • Mell

        Dumb as hell sounds REALLY bad Ann. I said in the beginning I was okay with Justin not understanding the game and I wanted to give him time to figure it out. Well I did and he hasn’t. I’m not jumping ship and I still think he’s fantastic but I’m realizing he may have to be there for my entertainment and Shelby may be the one left that I can hope wins the game.

      • Mell

        No thankfully I missed it. I needed to vacuum my house. Was it recent? She’s so gross.

      • Fine then Mell, I’ll take back the dumb as hell but come on, lets face it, Justin is not all that bright. I still like him, well I like looking at him because he is very easy on the eyes but he’s not that bright. His singing all of the time gets on my nerves too.

      • How about this Mell, let’s just say he’s a little on the dingy side…lol

      • Mell

        We can go with dingy but you’re right, he may be dumb as hell!

      • LindsayB

        Yeah. He’s good to look at but that’s it for me. As soon as he opens his mouth I’m completely over it. Hence, my muzzle comment the other day.

      • Mell

        Jason is talking about the twin twist in his season and in season 5. I don’t know if this conversation will get them any closer to the obvious though.

        Alex is wondering why they didn’t announce the Have Nots in alphabetical order this time and she thinks they’re doing it just to mess with her/them. She’s also decided she’s going to go ask for 2 Reese’s since that’s what Justin did. I hope she does and I hope they give her 4 so she can let it go. She just needs to do what most other house guests do which is sneak some food this week, (unlike Justin) stay quiet about it and move the hell on to something productive.

      • Mell

        I put my above comment about Alex in the wrong section in case anybody wonders what the hell this has to do with Justin being dumb or annoying.

  10. So it will be Danielle and witney with hopefully Kryssie as America Nom. Also this will likely be the last America nom and I don’t want Kryssie to never feel what it’s like for America to nom her. I don’t want her thinking America loves her because we never nom her so I think it’s time to nom her. Les spread the word everyone Kryssie for third nom

  11. Mell

    If Krlissie is the 3rd nom and if Whitney has truly flipped, there will only be one or two players at most in the veto comp fighting for what Shelby wants. I don’t have a plan that can change that and it’s just an observation.

    • I want Danielle gone so bad I’d be willing to go knock on the door of the BB house & reach in & snatch her ass out myself.

      • Mell

        I see several scenarios where she could go. First she has to win the comp to be safe and I’m not convinced her side won’t flip on her regardless of how things go down if she doesn’t win it. She is playing hard but so is everyone in the house. They’re not all playing well but they’re all playing hard. I don’t think BS will take the risk but if Shelby put Alex OTB it might be harder for Danielle to win the comp. Then again maybe not. Truthfully, we’ve seen Alex hold a sword against her stomach for 2 hours and thats about it.

      • LindsayB

        I agree Mell. Alex came out of the gate playing hard in that she wouldn’t be deterred from her plan and wasn’t afraid to take risks. Other than that, I don’t see why she is considered such a threat. She’s no comp beast. No fact, nobody has really stepped up to be able to be called a comp beast. Alex is a threat if she were to accidentally win something just because she would make a big move and not care if she gets blood on her hands. I respect that about her but otherwise she has turned into a dud for me.

      • Helen

        I think if Krustie on the block it will be impossible for Jason to leave her there…especially thinking she will have at least one vote Americas) against her .
        Just my opinion

      • Helen

        Alex slammed through the puzzle comp against Krustie and Neely

      • LindsayB

        Very true Helen. She did do well in that comp although it wasn’t against very smart people. I had forgotten all about that comp.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Can I go with you Annie? And while we’re there, can we snatch Krustie too?

      • Ok, how about this @nkogneetow… Ann can snatch Danielle, NK you can snatch Krustie, and I’ll snatch Jason! Win-win-win!!!


      • That’s what I’m talking about NK & Gerardo…lol

  12. Shivani33

    Since Shelby goes first and Jason second in naming nominees (after the safety stuff,) maybe she ought to just nominate Danielle herself, forcing Jason to come up with a sudden alternate plan. Bwahaha.

    • Mell

      I tried to figure out last night if that happened if there was any way LNC could make it backfire. It would involve Danielle throwing the competition but I suppose there are just too many variables. It would depend on who AN is (who the voters are) and if she could throw it specifically to Whitney or Justin. The possibilities were over my head so I gave up. Lol

    • LindsayB

      She should totally declare Danielle as her nom. I don’t see why there would be any benefit to her letting Jason be the one to do that. I know they talked about both nominating someone from their own side, but why? If the noms are going to end up being the same why does it matter who claims who as the nom? Have I missed something that would make that relevant? Is the veto affected by it? This whole co-HOH thing has thrown me for a loop. I’m dizzy!!

      • I agree Lindsay, this season has been so complex with all these care packages, extra noms and votes, etc! I’ve just about given up on trying to keep this whole Co-HOH thing straight, because I need to spare some of my brain power for other activities. I THINK their reasoning for each nominating one person from their own alliance has something to do with the Veto comp (and which HOH gets to make the replacement nom if someone comes off the block), but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I’m pretty sure I was able to make sense of their plan when I originally heard it, but now I’m drawing a blank.

      • Mell

        It determines which of the hih’s makes the replacement nom if someone takes themselves off the block.

      • Mell

        Hoh. Sorry. That’s why Shelby had considered nominating Alex. If the person you’re putting otb isn’t your target and we know in both cases it isn’t, everything flips. You want your nominee to win the veto so that you get to make the replacement if they come down. That’s when you have a chance to put your true target otb.

      • LindsayB

        Holy shit the layers of strategy in this week is insane. I keep taking breaks from going over all the mind numbing proposition arguments for Tuesday hoping to get a mental reprieve. I think I’m more confused by BBOTT coHOH BS vs LNC/J stuff. My brain seriously hurts.

  13. caRyn

    Shelby retains information that she doesn’t really need to for her game. She uses the useless knowledge to throw back in a hg face. The lawyer in her I guess.
    Last night Alex was tearing up (from frustration) talking with her sister about needing space from the hg. She said she is having to tolerate people burping into her food. That hadn’t crossed my mind until she said it. That is a bit much. She said it will be 45 days on Wednesday with these hg. Something else that was bothering her was Danielle’s long stories. She said she can’t listen to someone for that length of time inside or outside the BB house. She mentioned that the hg, including Shelby, are emotional players and she isn’t comfortable with emotional people.

    • Mell

      I saw that too. My take was totally different than Alexs tsketch on it. Shelby was having a bad night and still pissed over having to share her HOH. I understood Shelby’s frustration but Danelle felt the same way when Shelby got to wipe out three votes. Shelby needed to get over it and she did. I think Alex is easily annoyed with everyone including her sister and thinks she’s the only person who should get irritated.

  14. Mell

    Whether you like Jason or not, his effort to console Shelby last night seemed more sincere than Alex or Morgan’s. He hugged her and even wiped her tears. Morgan did make an effort but it felt more like going through the motions. Alex simply got annoyed with Shelby for being upset at all. I think that’s partly why Shelby got so upset over the candy Justin ate. She was already emotional and having a bad day. She was extremely disappointed having to share her HOH and I didn’t blame her. I almost expected LNC to be obnoxious and take over the HOH room. Jason has actually made an effort to give her space and not be such an a$$hole so far. It may be because he can’t play in the next HOH but then again neither can Shelby.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was very impressed with him for that Mel. He seemed genuine and said all the right things to bring her out of her slump. He even made her laugh and stop crying. They had a very good talk (don’t know how much either one was bullsh!tting the other). He cleared up a lot of game facts for her, explained about how the game worked and the kind of things she should anticipate. I liked THAT Jason. It was almost like the more smoke that cleared from his body, made his vision a little clearer. In Jason’s first season and at the beginning of this one, I liked Jason but thought of him as no more than a Floater who only watched but really didn’t know the game. Listening to him lately, he is actually quite knowledgeable about it. Being around Dani and The Krustation brings out the nasty, snarky side. With Shelby last night, a softer yet game playing side came out. If distancing himself from the two Harpies makes him sound and play better, I’d rather him team up with Shelby (although I’m still not a Shelby fan, but sometimes you have to take what you can get).

      • Mell

        You’re right. That’s the Jason I kept rooting for and didn’t want to give up on. He mentioned taking her to final 4 to Justin last night. We’ll see. He may be gone on DE anyway.

  15. Does anyone recall a few days ago when the LNJ was talking about how Shelby was the dumbest person in the house and the only reason she aced the last comp is that she sits and stares at people? I cannot wait until all the LNJ discovers she is a lawyer and duped them all! Plus finding out Alex and Morgan are sisters! Who are really the stupid ones? LOL

    • Omg CindyAnne, I can’t wait either. Did you see Danielle talking trash about how she wasn’t going to kiss Shelby’s ass just because she’s HOH, how she’s living with her aunt & uncle & how she’s nobody? I want so bad to be front & center so I can see how far Danielle’s jaw drops when she finds out Shelby is an attorney & out smarted her. Big mouth Danielle might need Shelby to represent her ass in court for spending her son’s child support money on her friends.

      • Mell

        That’s going to be a great moment.

      • LOL. Danielle and the others will have to eat some crow, don’t you think? I can’t wait for them to find out. They think they are so superior to these “little girls” who have never worked for anything! LOL

      • I can’t wait for Justin to find out Shelby is a Lawyer. She will be his new BFF. The laughs on all of you. She has an excellent memory, she will not forget how you have treated her. GO SHELBY GO YOU CAN WIN THIS TRHING !!!

      • Mell

        Team Shelby !!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Annie, Shelby won’t have to represent Dani in court. You know good and damn well her cheap ass isn’t going to take ANYBODY to the Bahamas. She was just running off at the mouth…like she usually does….lol


  16. Do we still get an eviction vote?

  17. caRyn

    I just caught up on the exit interviews. Shane said he was in love with Danielle. He said he has dated beautiful women but they never had what he was looking for on the inside and Danielle had that. Either those two are similar or Shane has no idea what living in the real world with Danielle is going to be like – plus add a child.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ryn when she leaves the house and finds him waiting for her, she’ll probably get a Restraining Order against him. I think that unless he’s rich or has status, she doesn’t want him. While he was in the house, he was no more than a bed warmer.

  18. LindsayB

    So I finally broke down and watched Krusti’s viral video. Lame. Lamer than lame. I’ll never get those minutes of my life back.

  19. LindsayB

    Shelby made Morgan safe. Jason made Krusti safe. No surprises there. The whole puppet couch thing is getting old. Correction: is old.

  20. LindsayB

    Krusti is such a vile bitch. It amazes me that people can still wonder why there are more complaints and negative comments about that creature and her ilk. They are in the HOH room and she keeps making a point to walk across the room so she can fart on Shelby’s side of the bed. I hope the face masks they’re putting on gives them a rash followed by itchy puss filled sores. I get that Danielle and Jason aren’t also doing it, but when you laugh at someone and encourage them to do something you are equally guilty of that vile act. I hate all three of them.

    • Helen

      It really pisses me off….she is a pig!! I can’t wait to put her skanky a** on the block!! I don’t care which one goes home….Danielle or Krustie but one of them needs out…I think we have waited quite long enough

    • You’re damn right Lindsay, I hate them too. I saw that & I thought I heard that big burly bitch say asking Jason’s crater face which side of the bed was Shelby’s because she wanted to fart on it. I would beat her fat ass if I found out she was farting on my stuff. That’s just nasty. I can just imagine what her house must look like.

      • LindsayB

        She thinks America loves her. Seriously?!? What kind of world does she think she’s in?? Does she really think we watch her do that shit and say “yeah!! Get em Krusti! We love you” No bitch!! We hate you!

      • #pinkeye …
        Gross pig of a woman. When she rubbed the other HG’s pillows in he armpits I was done. She is insecure and a nasty woman. She will be taken down a couple pegs when she gets out of the house. I hope she wasn’t trying to seriously promote her band while on the show…..

      • I can’t wait til she hears she’s Americas nom! She will probably twist it in some way to say how it helps her and we love her lol! She twists everything so I can’t wait to see what she says. Such idiots!

      • @shannamr, gross pig of a woman…I love it,, lmao

    • I agree they are all so childish. Production should call Krissay out for doing things like that. That is not funny, it is cruel. Production should not let people do things that could hurt other people. CBS do something. Punish them or at least call them to DR and warn them. CBS when you let people do things like this to hurt others you are just as guilty. I am loosing respect for CBS too. CBS show some respect for the people you are using to promote you program. STOP THE BULLYING !!! (SAT. 11/5 at 7:24)

      • Helen

        Maybe if enough people shoot them an email complaining they would do something……
        The squeaky wheel gets the grease….
        Email site re:programming is on CBS website…contact info

      • Helen

        But heaven forbid should someone touch her clothing!! She is truly a hypocridiot……

      • Chat people have flooded the CBS email…hopefully that will work and they will do something about it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      She’s and Ogre, plain and simple. A belching, farting, crying, greedy, filthy Ogre…and she has the slippers to prove it.

  21. Is Whitney in on the LNJ’s plan to try and BD Alex? She claims that Danielle doesn’t know Jason’s plan to nominate her. Does she know the LNJ want Shelby to nominate her? I hope Danielle is the one walking out the door Wednesday night.

  22. I missed the safety nominations because I pulled a Danielle & fell asleep. My punishment was turning on the damn feeds just in time to see Krusty’s musty ass in the bathroom with Jason & that witch Danielle & of course Krusy was burping & saying she doesn’t know why she’s so gasy.

  23. I just want somebody to catch her funky ass farting on their belongings & slap the living shit out of her.

  24. Mell

    Do you think if Justin and Whitney arn’t otb after veto they will vote Danielle out or take a shot at Alex? I don’t think Whitney would vote Morgan but who knows. I’m asking because if Justin were to get to play in veto and he won, I think he would take Whitney down even if his side didn’t want him to. If Krissi is the 3Rd nom, Shelby would have to put up Alex or Morgan.

    • Helen

      If Krustie were on the block Justin would take her down. He would not risk leaving her there nor would Jason!!
      Especially if Shelby wins the tiebreaker….
      Cause then it would probably be a tie with Danielle and Justin voting Alex and if America puts up Krustie our vote and Morgan’s to Krustie resulting in tie ….sending Krustie home. Justin and Jason are not going to do that. Not for Danielle

    • Justin will never win a veto unless someone hands it to him. He usually is clueless about what he is supposed to do to play in a comp! The only veto comp he understood was the ball one and my dogs can do that!

  25. BBBonbon62

    I understand everyone’s frustration with Krustie Krab and others but fat shaming and calling Jason crater face stoops to their level. I hope that I respect everyone’s opinion regardless of the side of the house they fall but some of the personal attacks are downright rude. JMO. Peace, love and all that crap <3 <3 <3

    • Some of what I read are distasteful and just ruthless with their commentary. I read one of them to refer to Krissie as white trash. How appalling is that? They complain about very inappropriate comments made by one side of the house (only) and then mirror that same absurdity through their comments. It’s laughable and says a lot about them. I can’t even engage in the comment section.

    • It’s same few people too. But I know they don’t represent this site as a whole. So I just move right along their hateful repetitive comments.

  26. Mell

    Alex had yet another conversation with someone other than Whitney about needing to talk to Whitney. This has been going on since before Scott was evicted. The first excuse for waiting was when the info gets back to Jason, he would twist her words. Now she saying she’s hesitant because it may get back to Jason. She’s been more irritable than usual and I don’t thinks it’s all about going otb. BS arn’t in any worse shape this week than LNC is yet but she’s freaking out. Shelby had a good chat with Whitney and Morgan has had several. Alex is the only who hasn’t and has been encouraged to by Shelby & Morgan. I think that’s where part of her stress is coming from. The few times Shelby has commented about the situation with Whitney last week, (the plan to evict her) Alex never acknowledges it or that Shelby is even speaking. She just wants it to go away. Whitney told Shelby today that she had felt the tension and tried to save herself last week because she felt like Alex and Scott were trying to do something. She also told Shelby the only deal she made was to vote out Scott if Danielle took her off the block. Shelby admitted they had been worried about her making some other kind of deal and Whitney assured her she hadn’t. Alex is backed into a corner and that why she’s making no attempt to fix things with Whitney. As usual, she’s wanting someone else to magically fix it for her. She’s been more hateful than normal with Morgan and she got really irritated at Shelby last night. She’s very defensive right now and unless Shelby is blind she should have picked up on it earlier today. Alex has never cared for Jason but the reason he’s on her “hate” list now and shes so desperate to get rid of him is because of the stuff he knows on her. It’s also why she was nervous about Jason sharing the HOH room with Shelby. Jason’s very aware of the deals Alex was making with Scott that didn’t include Shelby. Alex may end up at the end but she’ll have to win her way there at this point.

    Morgan was doing pretty well with her social game and even though she won an impressive comp, everyone seems to have forgotten. She was doing fairly well. If she isn’t careful she’s going to let her sister put her in the same situation Alex is in. Morgan gave up Neeley for Scott, she almost gave up Whitney for Scott (I’m still not sure she even knew that) and has lost Whitneys trust because of Alex too. Alex is once again encouraging Morgan to go make deals with people (and include her) even though the deals won’t be kept. Morgan has tried to tell her no and that it’s too early because she doesn’t want to make deals and have to immediately break them yet. If Morgan gets to the end, it may be in spite of Alex and not because she had help.

    I finally realized why I have a negative view of Alex and Morgan. I don’t like twist but the fact that they’ve had the secret and squandered it is my biggest problem. I see them as lazy. They do talk a lot of game and I’ll give them that but that’s all they do is talk. Almost every good plan they’ve had never leaves the couch. It started the first week and they continue to follow this pattern. The first plan was for each of them to work a different side of the house. It was over almost as quickly as it started. Morgan was quickly working Monte and his group. Alex was mingling with the others but stopped since Alex didn’t like them. Alex started putting her energy into being as close to Monte as Morgan was. The same thing happened with Shelby and Whitney. Alex was closer to one and then Alex took over Morgan’s friend too. (Until it fell apart last week) don’t get me wrong I don’t blame Alex. I wouldn’t want to hang out with LNC either for very long but the prize isn’t $50, it’s 250K and it shouldn’t be easy. She liked one group better and that was the deciding factor. Instead of pulling Scott away from LNC, she could have used Scott to help her integrate further. For 2 months and 250k, I don’t care if you have to sit out there and burb or far the star spanked banner, I expect you to earn it. Ok, maybe not to that extent but if they had done more than talk about working different sides, they could have controlled or at least knew the plans of the entire house all the time. Its been an opportunity wasted at least to this point and it’s because they just didn’t feel like doing something they didn’t want to do. They still have the chance to stick it to someone at the very end but that may feel more like a raw deal for somebody instead of good strategy.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ve come to the conclusion that Alex is just a coward. She hide behind other people and coaxes them into doing her dirty work for her….gets them to protect her, then leaves them hanging in the wind (like she did Scott and will do to her own sister). She’s always coming up with some kind of plan or scheme then tries to get someone else to carry it out.

      For example, the night before Scott was going to be voted out…and bear with me because my memory isn’t as good as most of you….Alex, Morgan and Scott were talking. Scott was telling them to make sure they “bring Whitney back into the fold”. Alex came up with the idea (and she didn’t say it out right but she strongly eluded to it) that some of the things that Jason and Justin were doing and saying, should be known in the house. Scott thought this was a good idea and said she should do it. She had a slight look of panic in her eyes and quickly told him that she shouldn’t be the one to do it. When he didn’t volunteer, she suggested (firmly) that he should do it since he’s leaving anyway. She’ll also come up with hair brained schemes, then dispatch Morgan to carry them out. If Morgan protest, she’ll start to brow beat, berate or guilt her for it. That heifer has nerve but no backbone. I want her to go right after The Krustation and Dani

    • I’m a BS fan and I’m pulling for Whitney. There’s been so many times I’ve yelled at my screen telling Alex to go do something. She sits and talks about talking to this person or she needs to tell this person something, but she never goes to do it! It kills me! Idk what her problem is, but she better figure out how to go talk to people or she will be going out the door.

      • I’m not a Whitney fan but Alex is tap dancing on my last good nerve. The girl better get her ass in gear or pack her belongings because she’ll be going home.

  27. Mell

    Goodnight friends!
    Hello Gerardo and Nkog. I’m going to run across you guys in real time eventually.
    Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight.

  28. Shivani33

    It’s too late for production to begin objecting to or giving penalties out for much of anything, since there have been too many instances when many different players have had no consequences for sleeping or eating “outside of the rules” which are usually enforced. BBOTT has been more casual and is a different format. If someone becomes physically violent, that would warrant an immediate end to that person’s presence in the house. Talk is uncensored, as is nonviolent action. However grotesque and nauseating it is to have Krustie blowing gas out of her butt on to the bedding of her fellow players, again, it’s too late for her to be stopped – since it’s been tolerated all along. The same goes for the sweat being rubbed on pillows. Jason got away with that just fine. And he hasn’t kept doing it. Krustie has remained consistently repulsive. She is a subversive fart sniper who gets pleasure out of fouling people behind their backs, yet on a tv show. You could call her a perverted paradox or a borderline personality. Or maybe a 31 year old horse’s ass. It’s not my cup of tea and really doesn’t go with the Big Brother cornucopia…which I’ve loved.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Shi, since Production loves calling them into the DR so much, what I’d like to see is them ask her how or what she thinks America thinks of her when she’s farting on someone’s pillow or rubbing her body parts all over people’s belongings. Since she thinks we (America) is so in love with her, this might give her a hint that we think she’s disgusting.


    • caRyn

      They are at the halfway point so it is too late to slap wrist.

    • Didn’t she sometime earlier that she was diagnosed with a personality disorder?

      • Didn’t she sometime earlier SAY she was diagnosed with a personality disorder. Sheesh.

      • Helen

        Early in the show she said she did yes

      • Mell

        Yes and a few days later it came up again in a BS conversation. I think it was the psych evals they’re given before going on the show. Alex and someone else was discussing their own. Krissi’s said something about borderline personality, narcissist and violent tendencies.

      • Mell

        I suppose “gross” and “disgusting” arn’t mental health terms or they would have used those also.

  29. Helen

    No,not from the legal standpoint Mell…..we tend to become more creative like using “foul” and “putrid”

    • LindsayB

      Helen, don’t forget to point out flaws on the other side too!! Hmmmm….. lets see…. oh yes. The BS called the other side mean. How dare they!

      • Helen

        I’m trying to think of any actual nasty names BS has actually called anyone? Hypocridiot?
        Maybe bitch but I can’t think of a particular instance…..
        I’m tryin Mell!!

      • Mell

        I agree BS don’t cuss as much but they still throw insults. Shelby called Jason or Justin a c**t. Danielle had been called a slut. Krissi has been called ugly and fat. They’ve all been referred to as stupid and bit*hes. Jason has been called a worthless and horrible human being. Justin has been called a sexual deviant and a rapist. I could go on with more but you get the idea. Most of the time the language isn’t as crude so for some reason people don’t think they trash-talk. Shelby uses the most foul language with her insults. Alex tends to take the route of disgusting, worthless, unintelligent and don’t deserve to be there. Morgan usually goes more for their physical appearance. In the past Whitney has said the least but ironically she’s who got the ball rolling many times. She’s call Danielle a slut at least twice in the past 5 days.

      • Mell

        Don’t get me wrong. That by no means would make me pick a side. I don’t have a side and I don’t mind the insults. 99% of it is done behind their backs. I’ve said before it’s just a way to vent and let off steam for both sides. The armpits and gas stuff is what’s too much for me. I really don’t care what they say about each other. It’s a very divided house and they don’t like each other so that’s to be expected. The reason BB doesn’t step in with things we feel have gotten out of hand is probably because technically these aren’t personal belongings. Pillows, blankets and beds are community property. IN BB8 they replace dicks cigarettes and in BB2 they replaced Hardy’s toothbrush because those were personal items. I’ve always thought each HG should have one blanket and one pillow with their name on it the way they do the cups and I thought that before this season happened. Of course, with a house this divided, you’d have to keep it with you all the time but at least you would have the option.

      • LindsayB

        Yes, they have all called each other names. We’ve all acknowledged it. The things that make the LNC worse in my eyes is the farting armpit stuff, their lack of acknowledgement that they do the things they do (which is shown in their delusions of how and why America votes the way we do) and the fact that they rarely take breaks in their behavior to talk game. The BS aren’t angels. At all. But when you compare sides they are much easier to get behind.

      • @Mell thank you!! I guess few remember what they choose too!

      • The names they call the misfits and the things they say are pretty much the truth. I think they are just stating facts.

      • Right! lol the plastics are a group of pretentious judgemental pathetic jealously driven girls. Nothing is factual when it’s your opinion. Now that is a fact!

    • Mell

      Since we’re so involved this year and just passed the halfway mark, wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to send in comments/tips for playing a better 2nd half game (like coaching) that Julie could tell them during her Q&A. I don’t mean anything game related that would hurt someone’s strategy. It would be giving each house guest a tip or suggestion for how to better win America’s vote if they make it to the end.

      Krrissi-Your flatulence and armpits don’t belong on people’s bedding.
      Justin-There is this 3 foot diameter we refer to as personal space and weve seen your penis enough.
      Danielle-The other HG weren’t put there to be your personal servants.
      Alex-Although washing your hair daily will dry it out, we don’t recommend you do it only once or twice per month and smiling occasionally is permitted.
      Morgan-This isn’t a beauty pageant and reminding us you are more attractive than the other side of the house won’t increase your chances to win.

      I’d like to see the looks on the other faces while they were read.

      • LindsayB

        Mell, that would be amazing!!

      • Mell

        I can’t remember what show its on (maybe Survivor) but they have a competition where people have to guess things about other people and in the end players have hurt feelings and are pissed off. They are enlightened though. This wouldn’t be a comp but could have the same results. LOL

      • In Morgans defense, her and Alex have talked about her needing to wear makeup most of the time so they don’t look as much a like. Her makeup is game related.

      • Mell

        Amber, I remember that and I wouldn’t give Morgan a hard time even if it wasn’t. I never leave my house without makeup and the world is probably very grateful! That was more referring to the times she’s stated that they’re the pretty people, they’re pretty side of the house, so-and-so just jealous because they’re ugly, they wish they could climb on each others shoulders (fat joke I assume) things like that. I don’t fault Morgan for wearing make up most of the time and it’s a good thing she does because without it those two look incredibly similar.

      • None of them can compete with Danielle. That’s why the “pathetic plastics” are a bitter bunch! Morgan and Alex are not cute at all. Shelby is pretty but her nasty as attitude is dreadful.

  30. Mell

    I don’t like Danielle but I have to admit she’s a ballsy player. It took her less than five minutes after the care package to realize she may need to be Jason’s nominee. Shelby and Morgan came to the same conclusion but Alex shut it down quickly. Before going to bed last night Shelby and Alex had a talk and I saw her go through this process of denial within herself. I don’t blame Alex for not wanting to go up but this care pkg changed everything. (this can’t be a pawns go home mentality) At this point there’s nothing Danielle could do to redeem herself in my eyes as a person but if she ended up in the final 3 with Alex, hands down I would vote for Danielle. She’s a much better player because she’s gutsy without being reckless.
    Alex has been just as hung up on the “who’s playing personal” thing as Krrissi has and ironically Danielle hasn’t played the game personal once but I feel Alex has from the very beginning. Alex hasn’t liked Danielle since the first week and despite what some want to believe it was for personal reasons. She’s talked about how Danielle wasn’t smart and not a good player. It has been hard for her to admit that Danielle is even a threat in the game. She did last night to Shelby and lessened the blow by saying she might be only after this past week, mentioned Danielles multiple shomances and said no one in the house liked her. (that’s true) When Alex was HOH she became solely focused on getting Danielle out while claiming she wasn’t a game threat. She becomes far too concerned about what is annoying her.
    Her new source of misery is Justin. It’s obvious she was bitter over the candy he ate and went off about it Friday night. (don’t blame her) Saturday morning she was still doing it and told Morgan she was going to ask production for two Reese’s on Friday just like Justin did. She said it again last night to Shelby almost word for word and was told to stop by production. She was trying to convince herself that America couldn’t possibly like him and Shelby mentioned the pizza video and said they probably did. Shelby may have been cast as the awkward girl but seems a lot more comfortable in who she is and with the truth than Alex. (Look at how they both handle their DR’s) Shelby may not like it but is comfortable saying that Justin is liked, admit they wanted to evict Whitney last week, etc. Alex would be better served to stay focused on how to get rid of Jason next week, save herself this week and stop trying to convince herself that the world hates Justin and Danielle simply because she does. You can almost see the irritation coming out of her pores. No, Justin shouldn’t have ate candy but that isn’t the big picture. If she marches into the DR Friday and demands 2 Reese’s, maybe Justin should go in right after her and request 1 sister. LET IT GO and focus on the game.

    • Helen

      Is Shelby going to go ahead and put Alex up? She really needs to!! I was all for Whitney going up but it will be a disaster if she does! I had such high hopes for Alex in the beginning but she is really not that great a player…..she has the theory down but is unable to put it into action.

      • LindsayB

        It could go either way. On the one hand, I think it’s risky to have her OTB because I don’t want Shelby to lose a number. On the other hand, by keeping Alex in the house Shelby will always be on the bottom of the 3some. Alex could also be good cuz she could possibly perform well in veto. Regardless of Shelby’s nom, Krusti need to be AN. Ugh. I need this BB week to go fast. It makes my brain hurt.

      • Mell

        Helen, I don’t think so unless they do a lot of talking and decided to mix things up today. Alex absolutely does not want to go otb so I still see it being Whitney. I don’t blame Alex for thinking it’s a gamble but it’s a gamble either way and she said to Morgan last night that she was frustrated because she couldn’t control things for herself this week. She has more control if she’s otb fighting for veto. The catch is you have to have the confidence that you’ll win.

      • Helen

        I think Alex is actually shelbys only real choice…..Whitney plans on throwing or giving veto to Danielle…that’s why they want her up…..
        Although that decision may come back to haunt them

      • Mell

        Helen I’ve wondered about that too. I know it’s LNC’s plan for Whitney throw it but in the moment, I’m not sure if she will. She’s more worried about herself then any one side of the house. It would be ironic if Whitney wins and Justin is her replacement.

      • LindsayB

        Mell, I agree. Whether anyone agrees with Whitney’s decisions lately, they have been made for her personal game versus her alliance. Right, wrong, or otherwise she is definitely hustling. Regardless of what she decides to do, she’s digging a hole for herself… it’s just yet tbd who is going to throw her in the hole. Love her or hate her, she is definitely turned herself into a key player.

      • Helen

        Yes Mell. I don’t think many people in BB history have been willing to throw away a veto to save someone else when they themselves are OTB!

      • So if BS wins the VETO, do they plan on getting Dani out?

      • Wait, hold on just one mickey mousing minute here…what stupid ass is thinking about giving the VETO to someone else instead of saving themselves? Did I read the comment wrong?

      • LindsayB

        Getting Danielle out is the plan unless something changed overnight. Shelby hopes that doing that she won’t have people coming after her during double eviction. She would rather get Justin out but knows that now isn’t the time. Of course, America’s nom and veto could throw everything for a loop.

      • Helen

        Ann…that is LNC plan. Have Shelby put up Whitney Jason Danielle. Have veto thrown or used on Danielle so that Jason can then backdoor Alex. Sounds great in theory but there are unknowns and variables they are not factoring in……like possibly Krustie being americas nom…..Jason miscounted in HOH (I’m surprised Danielle didn’t catch it). He counted their votes as Justin,Danielle AND Whitney (Whitney will still be OTB in his fantasy). Maybe he meant Krustie but they are looking at their fantasy not at what could be reality.

      • Mell

        Helen, they have other issues along with how many things can go wrong this week. Jason is convinced there will be no care package on double eviction week due to the short time frame to vote. He also feels certain Alex needs to be the target this week and Morgan should be targeted next. Justin even suggested maybe Morgan should go first. I understand they don’t know what we know which is there will be a care package so Morgan could easily get it. Whitney was so close in the mix with Jason this week the part of me thinks she may get it.

    • LindsayB

      Alex has been my #2 behind Shelby. At this point she’s slid down to #3, with Morgan taking the #2 spot. Regardless of Danielle’s recent game play, I could never vote her to win in the end. If she would’ve been acting nasty as a strategy I could get behind her. That’s not the case though. She’s a hateful bitch who cries about playing for her son then turns around and talks about using her BB money to go to the Bahamas. It’s her decision how she wants to spend money, but don’t plead with America the single mother sob story while you have a NFL player for a baby daddy and planning on spending your money on everything but your son. I truly wish the fake persona was who she really is but it’s not. Love her strategy, hate her as a human being.

      • 2 thumbs up Lindsay!!!

      • Mell

        Lindsay, I get that completely. I’ve just never had to like the person I want to win but I certainly don’t think it’s bad when people do. It’s one of the reasons I love this game, there’s not one right or wrong way for any of it. I don’t want Danielle to win and was mainly pointing out the difference in Alex and Danielle’s games and that I think Danielle is a much better player. I know what you’re talking about with the single mom plea and that might have gone farther with America if she hadn’t talked so much about the Bahamas. LOL They’ve all asked America for help at different times so I ignore that as much as I can. If Danielle leaves this week then obviously she isn’t the better player. Haha I just respected her willingness to fight for it and is seems Alex isn’t. I wouldn’t judge Alex for that if she hadn’t said repeatedly that she would need to win her way to the end. I also feel Alex is in that position due to a couple of major game blunders she made herself in the first couple of weeks. I totally agree and wish this week could be put in fast forward. I also think there’s a strong chance if the sisters survive this week, they may take it all the way.

      • LindsayB

        For me this season has truly been a matter of ranking people on a scale of who I dislike the least. Except for Shelby. I absolutely adore that girl. Usually game play allows me to like someone regardless of their personality downfalls. This season, the downfalls have been OTT. If Shelby isn’t in the final I don’t know if I will be able to actually vote for anyone.

      • Mell

        I love hearing that point of view Lindsay. For me it’s been the opposite yet for the very same reason. Some of the behavior has been so horrible, I feel like I’ve used all my brain cells to focus only on game like I’m in a tunnel. I think I’ve done that so the vile things won’t get to me. We all have different ways of resolving the issue but most of us definitely have the same issue with these people. I like how hard most of the cast has played since the first week so I’ve almost stopped looking at them as people. They truly have became hamsters in the cage for me this season. That probably sounds horrible and my only defense is many of them have behaved as if they live in a zoo so I don’t feel as guilty about it. Lol

    • Always spot on with your commentary. Alex is just negative and if she’s in the end. I will never vote for her!! She’s spineless, judgemental and assumes she know what America wants. Morgan and Shelby can do better without her.

  31. Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on much to conversate with y’all! I love Whitney to pieces and chat rooms are just down right cruel. I can’t handle all the hate! Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know who majority is voting for. We are voting KRISSY FOR 3NOM. Also, remember that there is only a 1 hour window to vote the Care Package. We are voting MORGAN FOR CARE PACKAGE! Of course, you can vote how you want. The girls being in trouble is because people didn’t vote with majority and Jason got this Care package. If you are a BS fan or are against the misfits, please vote with majority and vote Krissy and Morgan, we need to stick together! Thanks guys!

    • Helen

      When does CP vote open on Wednesday?

    • LindsayB

      Hey AmberB!! I know you love Whitney. I don’t hate her but I can’t get on board with her recent game play because it potentially puts Shelby in jeapordy. I miss you being on here. There’s only a little Whitney hate on here…. it’s mostly just disappointment. For what it’s worth, I still rank her among any of the original LNC. I appreciate what she’s done from a strategy standpoint because she’s looking out for her own game. My concern for her is that she’s been too blatant with her switch. She would’ve been better off keeping her switch on the DL because she’s gone from being a potential sacrificial lamb on the BS side to just being used by whichever side she wants to help. She’s made herself be more on the radar and can’t truly be trusted by anyone. Her relationship with Justin is a double edged sword… it protects her and puts her in jeapordy. His affectionate ways could also cause trouble for her at home. She’s in a precarious spot so I’m very curious to see how she handles everything.

      • I agree, Lindsay. I know she’s looking out for herself, but she should hide her flip a little better. She’s killin me! There’s so many things she should/should have done! As far a her relationship, Winston never cared. Him and Whitney are in love and have a very strong relationship built on trust. Winston said it’s gonna take more than her holding someone’s hand for ten seconds or a shoulder rub to shake them! He knows she’s playing a game and I promise Whitney will not go too far with Justin!

      • LindsayB

        I’m happy that her relationship is that strong. It would bring so hard to watch things from home no matter what. Keep rootin for your hometown girl. For her sake I hope she’s able to finagle her way out of the distrust she’s caused.

      • LindsayB

        *the distrust in the house. Just to clarify. 🙂

      • Mell

        I think Justin is just a very touchy-feely person and handsy with everyone. It reminds me of last summer when Nicole would play with Pauliea hair. These people are together 24/7 and they get close. Whitney’s never done anything to make me feel like she needed to worry what her boyfriend or her family thought. Maybe it’s just a rumor but I read that Winston is quite supportive and gets a kick out of Justin according to his Twitter or some other form of social media.

    • Mell

      Amber, you can chat with me I didn’t like Whitney at all when the season started and I’ve made a complete turnaround. She’s not my favorite player but I’m certainly not throwing any hate her direction. Lol

      • She’s playing a game and has to look out for herself. The haters kill me. Like what was she supposed to do when she’s found out Alex wanted her on the block so they could vote her out? The misfits have told the truth. Whitney coming off the block was not her decision and she didn’t make any deals for it to happen. She just said she would vote Scott out like everyone else was going to do. Idk why people hate on her so much for not just dying and going home for the other girls! Man this season is so intense!

      • Mell

        I haven’t understood that either. I wasn’t aWhitney fan in the beginning and not for any particular reason. I did like that she listened more than she spoke. I started supporting her more when (whether it fell in her lap or not) she managed to save herself from the Block last week without betraying her alliance. Scott and Alex really did try to get her otb which I understand, it had to be someone. Shelby and Alex were going to evict her instead of Scott. It isn’t Whitney’s fault she didn’t know that and prevented them from doing it. The only thing Whitney promised Danielle was to do what she thought BS planned anyway, vote out Scott. I also haven’t gotten where Whitney is making it too obvious which side she’s on like it’s a choice. If you watch the body language of everyone in their alliance since before Scott left, they distance themselves from her and the obvious changes in them just confirm to Whitney what she suspected. Being pushed out is not the same thing as flipping. I felt like when Whitney accidentally ruined their plan, Alex especially appeared irritated and guilty. Whitney isn’t blind…. well okay they all are a little blind, they don’t know they’re looking at sisters. Lol

  32. I would like to see Whitney, Danielle OTB, JUSTIN should be America’s Nom. That way if any of them won veto they could only save themselves. If they don’t save themselves we vote them out. It would give us a better chance of giving Shelby her HOH back. Jason is trying to control Shelby’s HOH. Don’t listen to him Shelby. Remember what Scott told you. DO NOT TRUST JASON Play your own game. Put your Lawyer brain to work. We Love you Shelby. GO SHELBY GO

  33. That would be great, i had the same thought but it will never happen. When watching the feeds the chat chatter is all Alex, Morgan, & Kryssie. If BS fans don’t stick together Alex will end up being AN if Shelby doesn’t nominate her. I have mixed feelings about Shelby nominating her. I do hope she plays and wins veto either way. I hope LNJ plans backfire on them and either Danielle or Justin walk out the door.
    There has been a lot of negative things said about Alex lately. Shelby & Morgan asked her not to speak with Whitney yesterday. They didn’t want it to seem forced after the conversation between Shelby, Whitney, & Justin. The timing wasn’t right. You forget the environment they are in. Yes she should try to pretend to like these nasty people. It goes both ways. She tried to get something started with the other side. It either came back to bite her or they were not interested. You cant reason with unreasonable people. She is a thinker. She is trying to figure out a diplomatic way to approach the LNJ since they shot her down already. Its not just dealing with one overbearing person, its a herd. She doesn’t want to creat a dramatic fight with Jason. She knows if she confronts him he will flip out and create a seen. When she said that i thought do it. Let him flip out and look bad. Stand back and just say nothing, just let him flip out. She is worried that he will spin it all to make her look even worse. She sees the way he controls the other side. They eat whatever he says. They haven’t caught on yet that he is worse than what they perceive her to be. Scott put her in a bad spot. She said she didn’t realize how much Scott was actually doing. They believe what Scott said was what Alex said, but its not true. She is trying to figure out how to get out of the trouble she is in because of Scott. She was caught in the middle. At least she wants to work with others. LNJ has no interest in working with anyone but themselves.

    • Mell

      You have to remember that there’s nothing for Jason to flip out over. That’s just something Alex is telling Shelby and Morgan and her excuse to not have a heart-to-heart with Whitney. I do agree with you and heard Shelby and Morgan ask Alex to wait to talk to Whitney but that conversation only happened yesterday. She’s been saying she was going to talk to Whitney since before Scott left. What Jason told Whitney is the truth. That’s what she doesn’t want to be confronted with, not Jason flipping out. I’m not bashing Alex and I don’t despise her. I’ve definitely seen worse players. She just isn’t a good one. I hate to leave two sisters in the house since after Wednesday they would be 1/3 of the house. Except for that I would much rather Danielle leave this week and that may happen.

  34. Mell

    I’m assuming we don’t have a third nominee or an eviction vote this upcoming week. Is that correct?

  35. Shivani33

    It looks as though Alex has some depression, disappointment and simple homesickness. The fellow players don’t match up at all with what would be the BB game of her dreams as a fan. It’s understandable. She came into the game enthusiastically, with some degree of mental comprehension, but it was linked to strategies about how to play the game with People Like Her and not amongst the more realistic societal mix which she is facing. This has been rough for her to navigate. Where she might have happily envisioned the game being played with a peer group, instead she’s in a house of strangers with whom she feels little commonality. This has made her genuinely squeamish about interacting with everyone except Shelby and Morgan, and to a lesser extent, Whitney. Scott was both a blessing and a problem.

    She and Morgan are very different, probably being thrust together more now than IRL as women. Alex is a bit like a crab in a shell. The experience is at so much variance with her theories. She hasn’t been prepared to confront this household. It has worn her down, as evidenced by difficulties with her eating, hard time sleeping, her grooming and withdrawal. She can’t be who she sees herself as being. She needs some upliftment and not to settle for being her very own wet blanket.

    • Mell

      Shivani, as a fan wouldn’t you think she should expect to be in a very mixed and diverse house? There’s never much age and race diversity but the personalities of the people tend to be all over the map every season. I feel she should have expected and been prepared for that. I need to pay closer attention and perhaps I’m giving her too hard of a time. I’m just starting to view her as someone who has depression homesickness and anxiety when things arn’t going her way. She’s uncomfortable in the moments she has to lead the troops and prefers the strategy of throwing them in front of her during battle. I agree she isn’t doing well with the personalities of the people in the house but I felt her anxiety was because it’s too late in the game to start making fake friendships and moves she should have already made. I think she’s starting to see that. She said a couple of weeks ago she knew she would have to win her way to the end but I think those were just words and not what she really thought. She’s realizing that it’s true. I’m going to pay closer attention in case I’m reading her very wrong.

      • caRyn

        Alex is a gamer. She plays games with people but doesn’t interact with them on a personal level. Also, she is able to game with people she selects to game with. No human contact and if so, they are gamers like she is. She isn’t forced with Danielle’s or Kryssie’s. She is able to make choices and in BB house you can’t – you are stuck with strangers.

      • Mell

        Very true and that makes sense. She does better with people she chooses or are of the virtual kid. She probably felt she would be great at Big Brother and many people are who play from their couch. I wonder if this experience, win or lose will open her up more or based on some of the stuff she’s lived with, cause her to never attempt to come out of her shell again!

      • caRyn

        Agree. There are parents that will only allow their child to play games for a short period of time and then they have to do homework, go outside, etc. Online gaming may be Alex’s only social interaction.

  36. Mell

    The rumor is veto comp will have something to do with balance. That’s just a rumor and Heath Luman doesn’t actually have me on speed dial or anything!

    You know how some people always think comps are rigged for certain players to give them an advantage???

    We may not like Krissi but can tell if production is trying to steer things to help her side. It’s BB Budget and they don’t spend as much anyway. We know it’s meant to favor her if the comp involves taking them into the backyard, handing them each a lighter and telling them to bend over. Biggest Flame Wins!

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