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Saturday Feed Updates In The BBOTT House



First, my stupid screenshot add-on for Chrome decided to bug out today, and now does some weird page zoom when I try to SS a selected area (Anyone use Nimbus app?). I need to find a new screenshot tool because the current way I have to do it sucks.  I tried using BBViewer, and while it is a neat little app, there were no settings for screenshots that I could find. They saved in PNG format at 1MB each, which would slow the site to a crawl if I uploaded images that big.  So, any recommendations, or if you know how to change the settings for BBViewer, let me know!

Ok, back to the show.  Yesterday, Scott received the care package, and the house was very torn. The LNC (late night crew) seemed happy because they thought it was a pretty bad care package, and useless in Scott’s hands. Kryssie went on and on during her DR session how everyone seems to love the LNC and how we’re all voting to help them. Sorry, Kryssie, but the LNC lost support when Danielle told her ‘suicide dog’ story (For those wondering, she told a story how she thinks her dog committed suicide. She was actually neglectful and didn’t notice the dog wasn’t eating for a week). Meanwhile, Scott was very thankful for the package and likes that he’ll have control over that this week.  If he didn’t, there was a chance someone could play for the diamond power of veto which could potentially give the ‘other side’ all the power in the veto ceremony depending on who won.

Receiving the CP did change Scott’s plans for the week, but his end goal is still the same. He wants to split up Shane and Danielle, but now has to do some weird double backdoor type of deal to get that done. He will be using the double veto option and placing Kryssie and Neeley on the block, both as pawns. He wouldn’t mind if both of them used the veto on themselves which would free him up to put Shane and Danielle as re-noms. It also makes 2 less spots for the couple to play in the veto and win that power.  There is probably a good chance that one of the plastics will be America’s Nom because everyone loves Jason for some reason, and if that happens, that leaves only 2 slots available with 7 eligible players.


It’s still a longshot because – once again – America’s vote will come into play, and all these strategic moves could be for nothing if America teams up with the LNC and votes out someone like Alex or whoever America nominates.  I won’t bitch about that until it happens, but if it does, I’m going to be severely disappointed to see two straight weeks of potential big moves be wasted because they put a vet in the cast and gave America power.

Anyway, up today is the HN reveal at 1pm and first few safe at 7pm


  • 10:35pm – Alex and Morgan are talking in the HoH room alone
    • Morgan is unsure about Scott being so open with the other side of the house
  • 11:30pm – Alex is chatting with Shelby outside about the house.  They are talking about how Kryssie just talks about movies and music all day
  • 12:15pm – 45 minutes until HN. Houseguests just hanging out chatting.  Alex and Shelby were privately chatting a bit but joined the group
  • 12:45pm – Scott called to DR
  • 1:00pm – Scott comes out of the DR to announce havenots
    • scott-hnannounce
    • Havenots for the week: Danielle, Alex, Shelby
  • 5:30pm – The plastics are all still courting Justin, and Scott comes up to join them. He starts playing chess by himself, and I am sad because I want to play
  • 6:00pm – The plastics plus Justin are playing an odds game where they do odds on random things they’d do. Scott ends up being forced to kiss Justin’s nose
    • scotts-first-kiss
  • 6:15pm – Scott got hits with a thing where he had to go boop Jason in the nose.   Jason instantly guessed truth or dare lol
    • boop
  • 6:30pm – They all have weird stuff going on for the safety ceremony.
    • Morgan has to put a zuccini down her pants.
    • Whitney has to make a mustache with her hair
    • Shelby has to take two pickles and make them talk
    • And after the ceremony, Scott has to go down the stairs and do high kicks on the way down
    • Alex I think has sock hands
    • Justin has to wear a bikini top
  • 6:55pm – The house is getting prepared for the comp
    • justin-bikinitop
    • morgans-bulge
      Morgan’s zucchini
  • 7:00pm – The plastics are in the kitchen, but the LNC remain in the London room
    • Meanwhile, Shelby is playing with her pickles
    • shelby-pickles

Check back for updates


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  1. Helen

    I don’t think it will be due to americas vote if this HOH fails…that will be because of Scott. Will not surprise me to see Danielle get americas vote this week….her HG rating is like 13 on jokers!! What will make this HOH fail is Scott falling for LNC sweet talking him to put up one of the plastics as a renom …..they are really not ready to break up their 6 person alliance,they will if they have to but they don’t want to. Scott on the other hand I could easily see putting up one of the girls as a renom to make Jason happy!!!

  2. caRyn

    Just before midnight Danielle said remember America what I promised: Keep me and Shane safe and you will get more of Speculation Station (sex). She then said she is pimping Shane out.

  3. caRyn

    12:18 am (PT) Neeley and Kryssie talking about Danielle being petty in front of other hg and making everything about her. That is something The Plastics caught onto week one.

  4. caRyn

    12:21 am (PT) Jason told Neeley and Kryssie Scott’s plan.

    • caRyn

      Danielle knows of Scott’s plan from earlier when Jason told Shane. Danielle is pissed and says America’s nom better not come OTB. Danielle thinks America is putting up a Plastic.

    • Helen

      Jason told everyone in his 6 person alliance scotts plan including Shane and Danielle!!! Not much of a strategic player our Scottie!!!

      • caRyn

        Jason just told LNJ (@ 12:30 am (PT) about Scott’s alliance on day one. Danielle is hearing about it for the first time. Shane is in the kitchen and doesn’t know Jason just leaked it to Danielle.

  5. Helen

    Wow!! Polls were way off on that one….krispie was right behind Danielle in every poll!!!!

  6. Avatar

    There’s no way I believe Krispie was not voted to be a have not! Her and Danielle were the top two on every poll I seen! No way!

  7. Shivani33

    The Danielle Show is revealing more about her than she realizes. Her sexual confusion is abundant. Here are 3 ways that Danielle has talked about her thing with Shane – all in less than 24 hours. 1.) Julie Chen had better get ready for new BB babies and a spin-off show starring Shane and Danielle, marriage and a baby carriage. 2.) Big Brother can do an entire Danielle and Shane porno feature with music, as the two of them fuck and suck. America will eat this up, she proclaims. 3.) Shane is just Danielle’s manwhore, and she’s playing him until she gets bored with it. Then she’ll cut him up and eat him for breakfast. Three vastly conflicting concepts.

    I feel badly for Danielle, not because of her little big man ego. She has classic symptoms of someone who has lived through childhood sexual abuse. There is an inability to distinguish between sexuality and what we call love. There is undigested rage and pain around being used, wherein love turns out to be the opposite of love. It’s nearly impossible to have a nourishing relationship until or unless healing begins to override the damage. I think she’s misunderstood because she doesn’t yet know or understand herself. Lord help her, because being on BB OTT isn’t her best medicine.

    • caRyn

      Did Danielle really say all of that? I am behind on feeds.

      • Shivani33

        Yes, she has said every one of these tihings, and all in one day. She doesn’t say them all in a row. The remarks are sprinkled throughout different moments when she’s been talking, and it doesn’t look as if she’s aware of her many conflicting variances. It’s noticeable to me (because of training to acquire tools to observe) and gives me a lot of empathy for her.

        It’s like applying transactional analysis. You listen to someone’s “stream of consciousness” over time and extract significant nuggets. She’d be likely to deny it all, because it’s not conscious on her part. It’s as if she’s in a manipulative survival mode and not really free to live.

      • Shivani33

        Things, not tihings. Sorry.

    • caRyn

      What she said is shocking, but what is more shocking to me is the way other hg receive the information – the things I have heard her say and do. The hg don’t flinch or appear to be shocked as if it is normal.

  8. Avatar

    Guys you are NOT allowed to talk about production! lol But seriously CBS we all know Kryssie was put on slop! We’re not blind we know their crap.

  9. Helen

    Hey stevebeans. You want to do us a favor and get ahold of your contact at CBS and let them know that America is NOT happy that they are ignoring our votes?

  10. Avatar

    Alex may be a fan favorite on here but everywhere it’s mixed reviews. I happy with the havenot election. I voted for Morgan, Alex and Whitney but Danielle is enemy #1 so she was picked. Excited to see how things pan out leading up to next week. So far so good.

      • Helen

        LOL Cyn!! Nah. Everytime I think I’ve seen it all someone or something proves me wrong!! I have worked 3 years as a prison nurse if that tells you anything! The rest has been med/surge and psych.

    • Helen

      It’s not just on here cyn. It is everywhere that kryssie had almost as many votes as Danielle. Danielle is not what anyone is complaining about. It’s the fact that the votes for kryssie were ignored and I don’t think kryssie is a fan fav anywhere that I have seen!

      • Avatar

        Oh, I didn’t know krissie was trailing so close behind. But in the end, votes spiral for itself. I know a lot folks on twitter do not like the plastics and thatvwhere my vote went as I mentioned the other day. I still like Danielle but I’m starting to see how she is disliked by many. That girl is self absorbed even if she doesn’t realize it. But I’m still team jamborees, so we’all have to wait and see how things go. As for Krissie, I don’t think she is so bad. I’ve been falling behind the live feeds due to my 12 hr shifts (nurse life) but will catch up tonight hopefully.

      • Helen

        Totally get you cyn. Been a nurse for 30 years. Our hospital went to 12 hour shifts several years ago !!!

      • Avatar

        Wow that’s awesome, veteran nurse, 30 years is respect.. I’ve been a RN since 2013. I bet you have seen and heard it all.

    • Avatar

      *Speak. This autocorrect messes me up!

    • caRyn

      Morgan can’t be on slop two weeks in row. Rules are that it has to be every other week – as far as I know.

    • Avatar

      @helen, I work at a endoscopy unit rt now. But I do plan to venture off as I continue to gain experience. I was a float nurse my first year. Prison nurse sounds interesting. Limits a lot of nursing skills compared to the hospital? Meds surge I did consider when I was in school. I eventually plan to go back to grad school after my youngest is at least 3. He just turned 1 now so I’m enjoying that time with him and no additional stress.

  11. Mell

    Voting on polls shifted a lot last night. Alex was very high up in the mix so I’m a little surprised it happened but not much. Keep in mind that some don’t like the Plastics and some of her fans voted for her as well. I’m one of them. It’s a good week for her to do it because she’s going to be safe and if the veto comp is physical, it won’t matter as much. She’s not in danger this week.
    I voted Alex for above reason, Whitney for no real reason and Danielle for obvious reasons.

    May people, including myself complain when players play with emotion instead of strategy. If Danielle is the 3rd nom, we can’t complain about that anymore. That will be an emotional choice and not a stragegic one. (assuming you want Danielle evicted) If she’s the 3rd nom, she could win one of the vetos or worse, Shane could win and then they will both be safe. My vote will go to Morgan. There will be 2 to win and those are good odds for Scott and plastics. They only need to win one of them and Danielle or Shane goes home.

    • Helen

      I don’t think so Mell. Late last night Jason and krissey were both saying although Shane and Danielle need to go now is not the time. If any of the plastics are up LNC will not vote Shane or Danielle out……..

      • Mell

        It won’t matter. Say that Neeley and Krissi go up and Morgan is America’s nom. Shane and Danielle will both have to be picked to play and BOTH win a veto. Otherwise, let’s say Shane wins one and someone other than Danielle wins the other, the winner of that one uses it and Scott puts up Danielle. Shane obviously wouldn’t use the one he won because Danielle would be Scotts replacement nom. However, if Danielle is the nom and she wins one, she comes down. If Shane wins it, she comes down and he can’t be the replacement.
        So, one gets used by whoever and Shane or Danielle is the replacement. From there, even if LNJ votes together, they have 4 votes and plastics have 3. America votes with Plastics and Scott breaks tie. There is even the chance that he doesn’t have to because if Morgan wins veto, there is no replacement and she is another vote for them. It’s also possible that Justin votes with Plastics and again, there would be no tie. If 3 people stay otb, there are 7 votes and we make 8. That’s why Scott picked this type of vero. We increase odds to mess up his plan if we nom Danielle.

      • Helen

        Ty Mell!! Ok. You convinced me!!!

    • caRyn

      I voted Alex, Whitney and Danielle for Have-Nots. Do you think the Live DR Sessions had anything to do with why Alex jumped so high in the polls over Kryssie? They didn’t for me because I voted for Alex before DR sessions yesterday. I am curious why the polls changed so much and that is all I can think of – the DR sessions.
      My nom will be Alex. I like her but she put herself in a box. At least Scott knows to have two hg on both sides of the house.

      • Mell

        I didn’t think of that but that may be it. She was getting plenty of votes before. Many people on twitter than like her started voting for her too. They know she can’t be one next week and this week she’s safe. She won’t be a nom replacement no matter who wins this week.

      • caRyn

        I know Scott won’t put Alex OTB, but you don’t think America will?

      • Mell

        Anything is possible but America will have to also want her gone and not just as a pawn. I don’t see the votes for that so far. Many more sites have had people wanting Morgan to leave if and when one of them goes. Remember, she gave Monte a run for his money for a day or two during voting last week. Then Krissi pissed everyone off and it became between the two of them.

      • caRyn

        I am lost on the last two sentences starting with remember. Sorry. Help me out.

      • Mell

        Haha. It makes so much more sense when it’s still in my head! I was referring to Morgan getting almost as many votes to be Americas nominee for a few hours as Monte. After Krissi’s numbers started to climb, then it became between Monte and Krissi.

  12. Avatar

    Wow can we vote something into the house that can make these afternoon feeds a little less boring. Anything at Alex to get them moving and talking.

  13. Avatar

    meant anything at all not Alex lol

  14. caRyn

    1:18 am (PT) Justin and Jason talking alone about how difficult Danielle can be. They can’t disagree with Danielle or prove her wrong. Justin said Danielle can dish it out but can’t take it. Justin knows Shane doesn’t like him but Shane needs Justine’s vote. Justin said he is the charmer and Jason is the performer.

  15. Helen

    Has anyone seen a message in the have not room telling houseguests their ratings? Was supposed to be there but I have not seen it or heard any HG talk about it?

  16. Helen

    Each week this season of Big Brother we’ll be voting for many different things including Have-Nots starting on Fridays at 2PM PT and that decision will send three of the Houseguests straight to the BBOTT’s haunted house themed room and even a message to the entire house on where viewers are ranking some of the HGs that week. Ready to find out who will take on the punishment first?

    • caRyn

      Ok. I think it means basically the hg will know what the viewers think about them based on who is a Have-Not that week. Not an actual message.

      • Helen

        Oh ok. That makes sense

        lol I thought it was going to be like an actual HG ranking ………like on jokers or some of the sites

      • caRyn

        Wouldn’t that be something if there was an actual sign?

      • Mell

        Helen, you and Ryn want to play rough and just put it all out there for them to know! Lol

      • Mell

        At least if that happened, they could stop over analyzing why we are doing what we’re doing! Some of them may start to see there isn’t only one possible reason someone gets a nom or HN. Votes are self explanatory though!

  17. Mell

    Krissi doesn’t want to work out because it will make her a bigger target.

    Alex is already trying to hint to Justin to cook slop food for them.

    Alex has begged for us to nom Danielle but she should have a talk with Scott about that one. Scott has thought it through but apparently she hasn’t.

    Plastics think America only made Monte a have not to be funny. They are over analyzing this week’s picks now.

    Morgan isn’t worried about America’s nom.

    Shane is planning to sleep in have not with Danielle.

    Morgan, Alex and Shelby have decided to complain about have not as little as possible. They think it will make Danielle look even worse when she complains.

    Jason has hidden the candy behind a dresser now.

    Danielle says she wasn’t as cute as a child. Krissi says she doubts that’s true but says she will just agree because she doesn’t like arguing with her.

    Ladies are happy to get protein shakers.

  18. caRyn

    1:33 am (PT) Scott spoke to Neeley and said his deal has to come off the table because of the Care Package.

  19. caRyn

    3:03 am (PT) Kryssie tells Jason that Justin wants a F3 with them and so does Neeley. She said f they all get to F4 together that would be good. Jason says that would put them (Kryssie and Jason) in the best spot of that scenerio.

  20. caRyn

    3:09 am (PT) Kryssie opens up to Jason and says Danielle is self centered and it weighs on her a little. Kryssie told Jason that Neeley feels the same.

  21. Avatar

    OH ok. So now these bitches wanna bitch and complain and cry about the Krackle war since the girls touched their stuff while looking for chocolate! They can sure dish it out but can’t take back a bit. Boo friggin whooooo! They need to remember the golden rule. I can’t wait until big Krispie is gone!

  22. Helen

    Three people I would love to see gone. Krispie Danielle Jason. Then I think it would actually turn into a pretty good game not a 24 hour name calling soap opera

  23. Helen

    I knew I should have voted jozea. At least he was just delusional not rank and nasty like Jason!!!!!!

  24. kneeless

    Haven’t been able to watch feeds, I am in the hospital. I am enjoying catching up with my fellow BBJunkies. Love your comments & insights. I was sooo trying to give Danielle the benefit of the doubt but over the past 1 1/2 weeks I am done. I will be glad when it’starts her time to go. So, is there a consensus who we should vote for America’s nom this week. I am kind over out of the loop. Thanks to stevebeans blogging & everone’s comments I don’t feel totally lost!

    • Helen

      Hope your doing okay kneeless!!! Get well soon !!!

    • Mell

      Kneeless, sorry to hear your in the hospital. I was the same way with Danielle she is irritating and petty but so is the other side so I was trying to ignore it. It’s harder by the minute. As far as the vote, it was pretty simple until Scott decided to pick the middle type of veto. I don’t remember what it’s called but there will be two vetoes in play. The first two people to win get one. I would check back in for other people’s opinions but I’m planning on voting for Morgan because the best chance to get rid of Danielle Shane is a back door. Otherwise, they could save each other. If one of Scott’s group is OTB, it gives him a guaranteed veto player on his side and they only have to draw two out of the bag. It gives them better odds. The sex noises have taken over CB’s snoring! Alex and Shelby are going to have a very long week in that have not room with Danielle and Shane but Jason and Krissi may be able to get some sleep.

      • Avatar

        But if you vote Morgan and nither Morgan or Scott win the Veto which can happen the LNC has the votes to get rid of Morgan. The safe thing to do is put Danielle on the block and if anyone wins the veto they Back door Shane. If by luck Shane get pick and pulls Danielle down then we get rid of Kryssie so a win win no matter who leave and who plays for veto. The only way this week goes bad for Scott is if America nominates Morgan or someone from the girls side

      • Mell

        It isn’t only Scott or Morgan that has to win though. Anyone will use the veto on someone. Scott or a plastic will use it on Krissi or Neely so they can put up Shane or Danielle. Jason or Justin would use it on Krissi or Neely even if Shane or Danielle was going to be the replacement. Only two names will be drawn from the bag so there’s a good chance Shane and Danielle won’t even play in veto. It’s less likely that they both play and even more unlikely they both play and both win. That’s what would have to happen for Danielle and Shane to both be safe this week. It’s a bad scenario for only one of them to be OTB. That’s why Scott was either going to put them both up or neither. If Scott and the Plastics got nervous, they could take Morgan down, cut their losses and just evict KrissI if they only win one of them. The odds are in their favor that both Morgan and either Krissi or Neely will come down and Shane and Danielle could both be OTB. This way, 4 people for sure will be playing to use the veto and it’s quite possible that all six people playing will want to use it.

  25. Shivani33

    The krackle/coke wars are getting a little too serious. Krustie is very upset that someone went through her unwashed clothes. I read that she went to DR and hollered about it. ( I didn’t see that DR.) Jokers quoted her as saying, “how dare they? Don’t they know who I am? America’s favorite!” When Krustie started her meltdown, Shelby growled at her and told her that the Late Nighters have been all through the Plastics’ personal things. Shane, who has been nicknamed Shame by some posters, decided depriving the girls of krackle is more important to him than having coca-cola. Krustie said that she’s trying to play the game with class. Burrrppp! Maybe she means like third grade elementary school class. Danielle is taking this krackle war to heart and is out for vengeance on those petty Plastics. Someone just called her Damnielle. Heaven help us! I’m gonna have some kahlua and cream and watch Apocalypse Now.

  26. Mell

    Krissi has been crying over having her stuff gone through. It was f**king dirty clothes! Even Jason has been trying to make light of it so she’ll calm down. She said that was the last little bit of privacy she had, she is normally a very private person and coming on this socisl experiments was a big step for her. ( it’s a social experiment worth 250K.) She still been saying how they are all trash and owe her an apology and she never went through anyone’s stuff.

    To quote a movie: “Get down off that cross, honey. Somebody needs the wood.”

  27. caRyn

    3:11 pm (PT) Kryssie was talking to Whitney about Danielle being self centered. Whitney said The Plastics could be talking with Danielle for an hour and never does Danielle ask them a question about themselves. Whitney said The Plastics go back and forth talking, but not Danielle.

  28. Mell

    This should be a good safety ceremony. Some of them have been playing a game and have punishments or dares. Justin has to wear a bikini top. Morgan has to put a zucchini or cucumber in her pants. Shelby has to use two pickles as puppets. I think Alex has to do something with a pickle. I don’t know if Scott won or lost but there was some discussion about him pushing the pictures or his nominees using a pickle and all of these things must be done during the ceremony. Krissi wasn’t playing the game and this isn’t a dare but she will probably still be crying over her dirty clothes.

  29. caRyn

    Shelby has to yell “safe sex is the best sex” tonight when Danielle and Shane go to bed in the Have-Not room. They are playing what are the odds and Shelby’s number was guessed. There will be a few things The Plastics and Justin will be doing during the Safety Ceremony due to the game.

  30. Helen

    Jason said the first intelligent thing I’ve heard come out of his mouth……Danielle is whining..”why did America put me on slop”. Jason answers. Maybe they are trying to put you in your place!! Yup Jason. You got it. Out the door!!!!!!

  31. Helen

    Oh god!! That would be 2 more weeks of her? Sweet Jesus …..

  32. caRyn

    7:17 pm (PT) Danielle is telling LNC she heard Scott saying he doesn’t get why anyone is surprised at his noms and Alex saying they (LNC) are effing stupid.
    Watch for yourself but I didn’t hear or see that at all. If I am wrong tell me.

    • Mell

      Ive been chatting on twitter and no one can find it so it isn’t just you. I guess it could have happened off camera but I doubt it. If their group was talking in a group, I think the camera would have been on them.

    • Helen

      No he never said that!! She is just trying to jam the wedge deeper!! I don’t think she quite understands that most of us want to watch big brother not big bitch

    • Avatar

      As soon as she came in and said it I called bullcrap because I had just been on their conversation and heard Scott say he wouldn’t cower down to them but the Alex comment wasn’t made. I was lucky enough to be switching cams and saw both sides

  33. BBBonbon62

    Thank you all for the great updates. Had to work and got no live feed action today. Seems likes Krustie doesn’t want anyone rummaging around her crusty undergarments. Ewwwwww!

    • Helen

      Yeah she said today that she hoped Shelby gets Ebola which to me implies that maybe she (Krustie ) has it!!!
      I may need a psychiatrist after this season…..I wonder if I can sue CBS for PTSD? There are no disclaimers warning you to watch at the risk of your sanity!

  34. Mell

    I think they should have to sit at the big round table during the safety ceremony. It’s only taking 5 minutes now instead of 30. On the 2nd night, they should have to keep their butts parked until the HOH comes down and gives the little speech. With this group, they may not be the same old rehearsed speeches.

  35. Helen

    Ok. So Shane tells Justin that if he gets picked for veto he’s got to win it…Justin replies. No s**t
    LNC including Shane are aware that Neely and Krustie are pawns and Scott plans on replacing one with Shane
    Ummmm duh!!
    I personally think Justin would be a great pick for Scott because I don’t think Justin would want the responsibility of choosing and probably won’t try too hard to win it.

    • Mell

      I don’t think he would either. If it fell in his lap and he had no choice, he would use it in Krissi but I think he would lose on purpose too. He’s ready for Shane and Danielle to leave too. They all are really but everyone except Jason has enough game to want to wait until they have better numbers. Jason would use it on Z Krissi for sure and has an excuse since she made him safe. That’s why I don’t want the sex pots otb. Their own side will work against them.

    • Mell

      Little ditty about Shane and Danielle
      Two BB players gettin’ it on in the house
      Shane’s gonna be a long haired roofer
      Danielle’s layin’ on top of that have not bed

      Suckin’ on a pickle out in the backyard
      Danielle’s sittin’ on Shane’s lap
      He’s got his hands all over her
      Shane says “hey Danielle, let’s run off to the cameras”
      Dribble off those pool soaked clothes
      Let me do what I please

      Oh yeah, they better win the veto
      Soon after they’ll be forgotten on OTT
      Oh yeah, they better win the veto
      Soon after, they’ll be forgotten on OTT, they walk out…

      Good night ya’ll. I’m too tired to come up with a second verse.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Mell that laugh was truly needed. The pettiness in the house is out of control. It’s great you share your wit. Maybe we can vote you in and Danielle and Kryssie out. We’ll do a two for one trade lol.

  36. Mell

    With the krackle/coke wars and comments like “Shane found the coke hidden in the bathroom,” doesn’t this seem more like Donnie Brasco instead of BB?

  37. BBBonbon62

    What the heck am I watching right now. Jason and Shane making protein shakes for the whiny, little spoiled brat crying on the couch. She is absolutely intolerable. Please get rid of her and not Shane.

    I’m not a Morgan fan but she seemed to breakdown after days of being in slop. Danielle’s on it 5 minutes and she acts as if the world is coming to an end. She needs to grow a set, suck it up and shut up. End rant…goodnight.

  38. Mell

    It’s obvious the Plastics and Scott are figuring out how to cater to America or at least they think they are. Scott has mentioned how he understands if we prefer the other side of the house because Jason and Justin are so entertaining. The women are definitely hanging out with Justin more. They’re trying to pull Justin to their side, not only as a number but to become the “favored side of the house.” It may work. They already have Shelby and if Justin is with them all the time, it may be hard to resist.

    I’ve noticed Justin either has more game now or he just naturally doesn’t like conflict. He trash talks some but he bails as soon as the talk gets really petty. This could be good as long as he doesn’t make LNJ think he’s left them for the other side. We know how easily Krissi and Danielle get offended.

    • Helen

      although I like Justin,he has the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes!! As he told Jason,he is the charmer,Jason is the performer. Justin goes around seemingly oblivious to what is happening in the game and not participating in all the drama (smart) but because of this everyone pays no attention to him (oh,it’s just Justin)…..he then takes the things he has heard back to Jason who puts it all out there to get the s**t rolling and Jason makes sure that it stays cooking!! Careful folks,you are looking at your final 2!

    • caRyn

      Justin doesn’t like conflict. True. Justin doesn’t like Shane and I think he is starting to dislike Danielle. I think the reason he is hanging out with The Plastics and Scott is because he can’t be fake. He says it all the time. If he were to be around Shane (and Danielle because they are together) it stresses him out and upsets his vibe. Kinda like Monte did. Justin gets negative energy from hg. His words. Also, Justin likes the other side of the house. I have noticed there are a couple of things he has been told by hg that he hasn’t repeated to Jason or any other hg. That is how I know he is playing the game. He is keeping some game conversation to himself.

  39. Avatar

    @Gerardo, did you see when Jason took that protein drink out to that whinny bitch Danielle how Krusty came in right behind him? As soon as Jason came back in Krusty was hot on his heels sniffing that pizza out. When that sliding door opened Krusty’s big ass must have got a whiff of that pizza & slid right on in the kitchen & asked if that was claimed or something like that. After she whoofed the pizza down she made a pb&j sandwich.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      No! I didn’t catch that Ann! See, that’s why we should’ve put Krustie on slop this week…

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        @ann Ok I just went back and watched that scene… Maybe I missed out on the context of what happened, but from what I saw I guess Jason had made Danielle a protein shake earlier and she thought it was too watery. So he went back in to make her another one, and when he brought it back out to her she did not even say “thank you” to him even once. She just kept saying how it was “soooo much better” than the last one he made her. Again, maybe I’m missing some context her, but this scene made her look like such an AWFUL, ungrateful brat.

      • Helen

        I think we tried to…..according to the polls she had close to same amount of votes as Danielle with Shelby 3rd. Krustie votes musta gotten “misplaced”.

      • Avatar

        Krustie came in the house right behind Jason & ate pizza, pb&j sandwich & raw cookie dough.
        Danielle is all about Danielle. I hate how she takes over every conversation cutting a person off & if they keep talking, she keeps talking & gets louder. She does not carry herself like a preschool teacher either.
        I still say Neeley is somebody’s grandma, I just can’t see her being in her 30’s. I think those years have come & gone.

  40. Avatar

    Kryssie talking to Morgan in kitchen about the dirty clothes bs and told her she almost went to DR and walked off the show!! Just our damned luck she reconsidered

  41. Avatar

    The LNC are sitting outside talking about the kind of cell phones they had when they were young & Neeley said she had a razor when she was growing up. Now Neeley’s old ass know damn well there were no cell phones when she was young, she probably had 2 cups with string between them. Lol
    Jusr joking guys but seriously Neeley looks a lot older than she said she is. She probably is.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      LMAO OMG I cannot with you tonight Ann! To be honest, I like Neeley so I’ve been holding back on saying this… but I’ve thought all along that she might be lying about her age. I honestly don’t mean that to be rude, but that’s just what I think. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t look bad or anything, but I just find it hard to believe that she’s in her early 30s. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that she’s actually pushing 40 (and just for the record I’m over 40 so I am certainly not age-shaming anyone).

    • caRyn

      Didn’t Neeley tell the hg she is 27? I know she is the oldest hg now that Cornbread is out. Kryssie believes she is older than Neeley and Nelley is sticking to her initial lie.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yes she did! She is officially 33 on the CBS website, and 27 as far as the HGs know. I’m sure the HGs have to be questioning her age too, but maybe (like me) felt too bad to speak it out loud. It’s not only the way she looks, but also the way she carries herself (and I mean that in a good way, as in an air of maturity) that I just wouldn’t be able to believe she was 27 or even 33. But who knows, maybe she’s just lived a really full life to this point.

      • Avatar

        Look at Neeley’s edges. The old girl got gray new growth. What’s up with the big ass shades she wears 24/7? They make her look like jeepers creapers. Im serious.

      • Helen

        Neely looks to be about 43…..

  42. Shivani33

    Krustie just called Shelby “trash” again, after Shelby made a quick kitchen visit and ignored Krustie, who was wolfing down a few meals in the kitchen. I just found out that Krustie’s stage name is Kryssie Crisis. LMAO! Meanwhile, Danielle is letting everybody know that she has been “on the toilet crying.” She was giving a “nobody knows the trouble I see” speech about being a have-not (for half of a day) but says she’s really crying for Shaaaannne. Danielle doesn’t want him to know she’s crying. So she’s making sure to tell everybody. If he goes, she doesn’t wanna play anymore, can’t do it without him. Um, she just met this guy. And she is very disgruntled that the other have-nots are laughing and happy. They’re just fake, ugly pretty bitches. And production had better not wake her up tomorrow morning or else she’ll give them what-for. Gurl needs some Valium or meprobamate with her slop.Shane better step it up tonight after Shelby yells “safe sex.”

    • Avatar

      Hopefully Shelby’s safe sex announcement is just for Danielle! BB had better Not be letting Shane sleep in the HN room. That is against the rules! They made Morgan sleep in there 2 nights alone. They didn’t let Nicorey or Jatalie sleep together when 1 was a HN

      • Helen

        I know right? That was a big reason she was put in there without him!!
        Only have nots are allowed to sleep in have not room….
        But I guess he could go in and slam,bam,thank you ma’am and throw her a pickle on the way out the door.

      • caRyn

        3:04 am (PT) Shane and Danielle go in the Have-Not room and they make-out loudly. Shelby said you guys are the worst. I agree, Shelby.

      • caRyn

        Shelby and Alex had to listen to Danielle and Shane for 25 minutes.

  43. Avatar

    Neeley needs to quit squeezing her ass in those too little jeans, that is just not cute. The first week she was wearing a pair of Jason’s pants & they had zippers on the side of the legs & those zippers couldn’t be zipped up if her life depended on it because they were so tight. Her ass is too old for that shit.

  44. Helen

    We are into only the third week of BB OTT and just think….most of us who are watching are ready for a cocktail…A Haldol,Benadryl,Ativan cocktail. I’ll take a 5/25/2 please!

  45. Avatar

    What do you people think of the not gonna work dance thing the girls and scott do. I like it and think and fun to see them do it even though there said has never had a successful HOH the not gonna work dance is fun

  46. Helen

    Really irritates me that they allowed Shane to sleep in have not room with Danielle! Thought that was against the big brother rules?

    • Shivani33

      Maybe OTT is looser with the rules? On the other hand, production might be using self-defense, because Danielle might burn down the house if she can’t have what she wants. One thing that’s getting more obvious is that cameras cut away from her often when she launches into her long “me! me! me!” stories and doesn’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise. Last night, Danielle beat the subject of her whole lifetime of birthday parties to death. Cameras kept switching over to Justin, even though he was sleeping.

      • Helen

        Maybe so….or maybe overnight production crew are really all closet voyeurs and don’t want to miss out on the sexcapades.
        Yes I did notice them cutting away a lot……although they didn’t cut away from Danielle letting the LNC know she was going to save all her child support checks to fly them to the Bahamas! Maybe she figures if slop is good enough for her it will be great for her kid too! Just think of all the money she can save on groceries!!

      • Mell

        I noticed that too. In the beginning they cut away from her because she talked about her ex quite a bit who is an NFL player. Lately they seem to cut away from her because they don’t want to hear her crap either.

  47. Avatar

    Is it just me that can’t stand the showmance. I think it is really disgusting. Shane should not be allowed in the BB room to sleep. Just wrong in my book. If you’re not a HN you should not sleep in there. Not fair to any other person. Can’t they see that America wanted to split them up?

  48. Shivani33

    I love the way that Justin ignores the household divide and doesn’t let it rule him. He is a man of many talents.

  49. Helen

    Can y’all imagine what Jason is going to be like when he runs out of smokes? Batten down the hatches because it’s not going to be pretty!! I really can’t believe he hasn’t run out already!! He chain smokes all day and most of the night!!!
    Maybe someone in production is making cigarette runs for him ? He said he brought two cartons and he has to be going through close to two packs a day!!!

  50. caRyn

    Shelby and Kryssie hate?! They haven’t even spoken. It is all hearsay yet Kryssie wants someone to litererally knock Shelby out and calling Shelby trash. There is no way I would get heated over hearsay. These two are in the BB house 24/7 and can’t have a conversation and address the tension?! They will just talk hate to other hg but not to one another.

    • Helen

      What got everyone back on the Shelby hate train? They seemed to kinda lay off for a few days but are now back on it riding it harder than ever!!!

    • Helen

      It’s strange because Krustie and Shelby and Jason were originally fairly close…..Scott sold out the LNJ and Shelby got blamed. Since there is virtually no communication between sides in this house it just steamrolls on. Cracks me up that Justin thinks Shelby is fake yet likes Morgan who seems the most plastic of them all!!

      • caRyn

        As long as The Plastics are against Danielle and Kryssie, Justin and Jason are sitting pretty. I don’t know if Justin and Jason realize as long as the feud is there between the girls the guys are not being targeted. There is no reason for LNJ to dislike Shelby but Shelby is the one they blame.

  51. Shivani33

    I wonder if Jason has any talent as a writer? He has such a way of making funny observations and remarks that maybe he could write a BB bestseller. To me, he is better as an observer than an active participant. As a player, he’s like Galileo without a telescope. But I enjoy him as a raconteur who talks good story, as Hawaiians like to say. He’s a great extra man at a dinner party kind of professional guest. If only he’d get out and around more. He’s stuck himself in the backyard (basement!) with Krustie, Danielle Damn-it -to-hell and Shame, two big windbags and a manbore .Jason could really use some better company. The BB Santa left him a stoking full of coal and a book called The Tale of Too Many Shitties.

  52. Helen

    I sooooo wanted to vote Danielle as third nom!! Thank you Mell for your insight because I am going to vote Morgan!!!
    Hopefully it will make scotts HOH successful this week!!!!!

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