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Saturday Feed Updates – Jason’s Last Cig, HN, Noms



Things may be getting a bit interesting in the BBOTT house as Shelby revealed that she may be willing to have a side alliance with Danielle, and is going to try to make that happen. Her reason is that she knows both of them likely can’t beat their respective alliances in the finals, so sitting back and trying to keep each other safe while having the alliances pick each other off is pretty smart. That’s actually the strategy I would use if I was playing the game. Have two people from opposite sides of the house secretly working together and manipulating their own alliances to fight each other. This way you get out both sides of the house and don’t have bitter jury members at the end. Of course, this season is a bit different as there is no jury, but Shelby probably realizes they need to squeeze 5 people into 3 slots, and want to take advantage of the other side of the house while they’re still in game.

We’ll see how Shelby handles it, but it’s certainly an interesting strategy.

In other news, Jason is down to his last cigarette which means it may be a nightmare to watch him over the next few days. This also means Scott and Justin are cut off from smoking, but they’re clearly not as addicted as Jason is. I know (not first hand) that quitting smoking is difficult, and cold turkey is also hard, so hopefully he’s able to do it.


Today is the  HN reveal day and round 1 of the safety meeting.  I gotta say, splitting the safety meeting into 2 days is kind of pointless. It hasn’t really done anything to create drama or suspense. It just slows down the game a bit.  I prefer nomination ceremony, but I understand they need to fill time throughout the week because of the way the system is set up this season.

Ok, updates:

  • 10:50am – House is on outside lockdown. Scott is eating peanut butter with pop tarts.  Wtf?
  • 1:00pm – HaveNots…
    • whitney-hnjustin-hn kryssie-hn
    • Jason is running around screaming over Justin being named HN. This is because for the past few weeks, Justin runs around like a crazy person screaming when he wasn’t called for HN lol
  • 1:30pm – Weird seeing these two sitting and talking
    • scott-dani
    • Dani is explaining why she screamed at him. How she was bullied throughout her whole life. Scott says he was hoping to play the middle, but obviously that didn’t work out that way. He said after the conversation with Kryssie in week 2, he had no choice but to go to the other side.
    • Danielle is saying she thinks she’s on the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance, and thinks Scott is probably the same way in his. She said if he’s America’s nom and wins veto, she’s going to take him down because he’s not her target this week  (it’s nice to hear civil game talk between the sides. When Dani is awake and not around negativity, she’s really bright when it comes to BB)
  • 3:00pm – The plastics are looking around for I believe Alex’s hat. I think someone hid it. I haven’t been as glued to the feeds the last 24h as I’ve been, so I can’t tell for certain.
  • 5:45pm – I wonder if Wednesday night was enough drama for the season for this house. They have been in a coma since then
  • 6:30pm – Whitney joins the LNJ outside to play ‘what are the odds’. This has been a tradition on safety ceremony nights.
    • It is good to see the LNJ having fun with this rather than 2 weeks ago when they were making fun of the plastics for playing
    • whatareodds
  • 7:05pm – Safety Ceremony:
    • Kryssie safe
    • Justin safe
    • Jason safe
  • 7:30pm – Alex and Morgan each had a post ceremony talk with Dani. They both basically said the same thing. A canned talk about working together, etc, etc

Check back for updates


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  1. I knew Shelby was I smart cookie from the start. This may be her only hope of staying off the block. Danielle is very smart, and if Shelby tells her about her side wanting her out a couple of weeks ago, it just might work. I really hope Shelby stays a along time. I love her DR’s and I think she is very funny. Go Shelby Go!!!

    • Helen

      The only problem I see with it all is Danielle’s ego getting in the way. It is actually a great strategy but Shelby may have more leverage if Krustie gets nom by America and they do not win veto.
      Morgan will dump Shelby in a heartbeat….she said last week “she’s not really one of us”
      Same goes for Whitney….she was throwing Shelby under the bus last week with Krustie.
      Alex and Scott are out for Alex and Scott. If they can bring Shelby along great…if not …great.
      Shelby may go OTB but if she plants some seeds with Danielle before americas nom and veto and one of LNC
      Is on the block after veto ceremony Shelby might stand a chance to stay. Otherwise I think Shelby will be leaving us this Wednesday! And that will be a sad day for me. Will probably be a happy day for my house because I won’t be watching feeds anymore and will get a lot more done!!

      • AIO_7

        Helen, how can Shelby go home this week if she can nullify 3 eviction votes?

      • Helen

        If Danielle noms Morgan and Shelby. America noms Krustie and she gets taken down
        That leaves Morgan and Shelby OTB. Even if Shelby cancels all LNC votes Alex will not evict her sister over Shelby. Whitney probably would not either. Scott would probably evict Morgan so there is a pretty good chance if Shelby is OTB come Wednesday she will go home.

      • AIO_7

        Thanks Helen; then the Plastics need to win veto.

      • Helen

        Yes indeed they do…..veto is major this week!!

  2. AIO_7

    Shelby should stick with the final 4 of Alex, Morgan and Whitney. Then just play it out. However, I do prefer a showmanceless Danielle to Jason or Krusty.

  3. Could be a smart move for Shelby, and the new, vastly improved version of Danielle. Danielle’s demeanor has changed so much since realizing she is the bottom rung of her alliance’s ladder. The two of them could really change things up if they can pull it off. They really do need each other at this point.

  4. Okay, I know many people feel that America has too much power this season, and I tend to agree with that. However, I’m going to try to make a case for why America’s power has had a positive impact on this season, by making it more exciting and interesting:

    If it weren’t for America’s Nominee and Eviction Vote, I would argue that there would be a lot less suspense and drama on eviction night. Our vote has either forced a tie or broken a tie in 3 out of the 4 evictions. My heart was pounding last week during the live eviction because I KNEW it would all come down to how America voted, and it was a close race between Neeley and Scott. If we hadn’t been able to nominate Neeley and cast our vote to evict, we would’ve probably already known who was going home days before the actual eviction happened. Additionally, all of the blow ups and craziness that happened both before and after that eviction wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for us.

    Let’s fast forward to this week. Danielle won HOH and has been firmly aligned with the Nerd Herd all season, and would almost certainly put up all Plastics. If America had no power, we would already know that a Plastic was headed out this week. But because of our ACP and America’s Nominee, there’s still a chance for the Plastics to save themselves. However, the Nerd Herd can still seal the Plastics’ fate if their side wins Veto. Thus, once again we have no clue what’s going to happen this week ONLY because of America’s power. It will all come down to who our nominee is and which side wins Veto, and I am biting my nails waiting to see how this unfolds. This wouldn’t be the case if we didn’t have a say in the game.

    Also, I believe that the fact that we have power is what’s causing some cracks within the two factions in the house. Because we have voted against the Nerd Herd consistently for the past couple of weeks, this has alerted members of the Nerd Herd (especially Danielle) that they might be on a sinking ship and may need to start making deals with the other side. This is also what prompted Shelby to want to do the same, as she realizes she’s aligned with HGs who would challenge her for America’s vote in the end (whereas taking 2 Nerd Herders to the end could guarantee her a victory). Again, if it weren’t for America, this probably wouldn’t be happening yet. The two camps would probably just continue warring with each other and having very little interaction.

    So in conclusion, while I always am a bit turned off by America having much power in the game, and would generally prefer to let the game unfold without our interference, I must admit that we’ve created a lot of intense moments in the house this season. Perhaps giving America this power wasn’t such a bad move after all…

    • caRyn

      Absolutely giving America this much power isn’t a bad move. This is what America has wanted for a long time. This is OTT. I want to vote for Have Nots because like CBS said – it will let the hg know where they stand. Essentially, the hg are forced to make decisions with how we vote. They are forced to play the game. It also forces the hg to play with us – America. And we, amongst ourselves, are playing the game together. I don’t know why people are complaining – not saying you are – with this fall season. The hg are paid $1000 a week and we are being entertained. Win, win.

      I do want to add, that I have read comments basically that have said we are taking this OTT too seriously, etc. I get that. What I would like to say is (some) people commenting here have problems/issues and if watching and being entertained by OTT gives that person(s) an out and takes their mind off of what is happening in their home life, please let them have this out.

      • caRyn

        Basically, please don’t rag on OTT or BB viewers that do invest their time and energy in playing this game.

      • To me, watching BB and getting invested in the game and feeling an emotional connection to the HGs is no different than getting invested in the storyline of a good book, movie, or TV show. If you don’t get “into” the show, then why watch?

        It’s all in good fun and entertainment, and once the season is over we’ll all move on with our lives until the next season (when’s the last time you heard anyone mention Paulie or Zakiyah?). Until then, let us have our moment!

    • LindsayB

      There are definitely pros and cons to us having so much power. I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t like it at first because it was hurting the side of the house I like. Now that it has shifted to our power putting LNC in their place, I like it. Having had both feelings about it, I’ve decided that I really do like it. It makes people really have to fight hard. The vetoes matter so much more than they ever have. With the idea that America is watching all things, it’s forced people to think hard about their alliances and really stick to them. There are still attempts at side deals here and there but there is so much more strategy vs flip flopping. I’m not a fan of the flip flop, I find it to be weak always chasing the power.
      All that being said, I think the idea of America’s participation needs to be tweaked a bit to find a better balance.

      • I like the idea of America having power. I think that it would be a good idea for America to have a vote in evictions, to have a vote in the winner, and voting havenots is kind of fun too because it let’s hgs know what America is thinking without severely impacting the game. It’s cool having America break the ties instead of the hoh. That’s something that could be implemented during regular bb with hashtags during the liveshow or something.
        What I don’t necessarily like is the nominations and the care packages. Some of the care packages are fine, but I hate that a person can only get it once when the first few care packages were so lame. Now people we don’t like as much could slip through and get a really good care package just because they haven’t gotten one yet. It should be like hoh. You can’t get it two weeks in a row or they shouldn’t be SO powerful.
        My issue with the noms is it leads to SO MUCH fan service. Maybe it’s because I don’t really watch the feeds, just youtube clips and fan sites, but it seems to me like the hgs are talking about production and editing and stuff like that A LOT this season.
        I love giving fans a way to interact, especially during this kind of format, but I think for the actual CBS show, they would have to do a lot of tweaking to get it to work.
        The viewers that don’t watch the feeds or talk on the fan sites aren’t going to make strategies for the cps, they’ll love the showmances because they get edited well for tv, and noms would be based on how people look on those edits more than how they really are on the live feeds.
        I completely agree with you that there needs to be some sort of balance. I love the idea, just not necessarily the implementation.

  5. Very interesting point Gerardo, I find myself waffling back and forth, as to how I feel about our power. Most times I wish we only had HN power but then others like you stated our power makes it more exciting. So I guess what I’m saying is I’m all over the place ! lol

    • Me too @raider34, me too! This season has me going crazy but I love it!

      • AIO_7

        Ger., I approve of America having a say in nominating and evicting. I would like it to stay this way. As for Have Nots, as far as I’m concerned, they could do away with that altogether. Or cut it down from a week to maybe a day or two.

      • That’s true @aio_7, I don’t really care that much about HNs (except for when I can use it to torture Krustie). Maybe they could do a HN comp on Saturdays instead of doing this stupid two-night safety ceremony crap. HN comp on Saturday and then just a regular nomination ceremony on Sunday (or vice versa).

      • AIO_7

        Ger, a Krusty, or not, they should let the people eat and bathe in warm water; it;s hard enough just being in the house. Maybe use a shorter term HN for a penalty against breaking house rules, not this arbitrary stuff.

      • LindsayB

        I think the HN concept served a purpose. It makes people uncomfortable which can show different sides of their personalities. It can also force people to be in the same room which creates the possibility of game talk that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Could the timeline be adjusted? Sure. Could there be weird things added that they can eat besides slop? Absolutely. I don’t think they should ever get rid of it though because it adds very important layers to the game.

  6. Can’t wait to see Krusty find out she’s a have not! Just a few mins! Then tomorrow we can start voting her for nomination! KRUSTY KRISSY FOR AMERICA NOM!!!

  7. AIO_7

    Have nots…


  8. caRyn

    If I were Danielle I would put up the weakest Ball Smashers OTB to give the 3rd nom a better chance in the Veto.

  9. Wow it’s as if Danielle is a completely different person since Shelby got that ACP. You should’ve seen how sweet she was when she was reading the HNs this week, pretending that she felt bad for whoever would have to endure that torture this week. Now she’s treating both Scott and Shelby like human beings and telling them she respects their games and actually wanted Neeley out last week (Danielle’s reaction after Neeley’s eviction, her smug attitude after winning HOH, and her saying the Plastics were “fucked” because she won certainly suggested otherwise).

    I give Danielle credit for being smart enough to try to turn things around, but for me it’s too little too late. I’ve seen her true, nasty character for the past four weeks and this convenient little “nice girl” act she’s trying to sell us all of sudden…yeah, I’m not buying it. This could help her game inside the house, and if it does then good for her. But she won’t be getting ANY help from me along the way.

    • Helen

      Yeah. She sounds good while she’s talking to them but then goes outside and tells everything they said…making fun of Shelby and acting like Scott has finally realized she is the goddess of power!!

      • Bleh, I just cannot stand that girl. You can tell she just really can’t help herself, she is a truly nasty individual.

      • LindsayB

        I really wish for her sake that the calm, sweet, and smart version of her was her true self. Unfortunately she’s shown everyone what she’s really about. I can appreciate the positive things about her but they in no way, shape, or form make me forgive or forget the things she’s said and done.

      • But they wonder why we don’t like them, Helen! That 2 faced bullshiii is what I can not stand! That’s what all the misfits do. They are all nice then go to the next room and call them stupid, sluts, disgusting, horrible people! I can’t wait til Krusty, Danielle and Jason are gone. Justin is starting to work my nerves too. It’s fine to play both sides, but he’s acting just like the others saying nasty things! Scotty and his hotties all the way! Don’t forget to get your 40 votes in for Krusty!!!

  10. caRyn

    Danielle just had a good one on one talk with Shelby. After Shelby, Scott had a good one on one with Danielle.

  11. Helen

    I don’t know who to put up……Krustie or Scott!!!!

    • Helen

      But I am at this point leaning towards Scott!!!

      • LindsayB

        I’m voting for Krusti. I need there to be a LNC OTB to ensure Shelby and Alex are safe. Krusti is least likely to win veto… and I just want her to know how much she’s hated.

      • Helen

        I guess it depends on who Danielle noms. If she puts up Morgan and Whitney I will vote Krustie
        If she noms Morgan and Shelby I will probably vote scott

      • Helen

        Lindsay. If she puts up Morgan and Shelby ,Shelby is safer with Scott up IMO

      • Helen, I’m just curious why you are leaning toward Scott? I’m not bashing, I just like seeing the way others are thinking.

      • LindsayB

        If we put up Scott it leaves zero chance for Krusti to leave. Danielle will never put her up. Out of everyone in the house Krusti has the least chance of winning veto. I feel like we at least need to try to get her to go. If we do end up losing a BS, we will have at least sent a clear message to the LNC that we hate Krusti which will hopefully inspire them to really shake things up vs just talking about it.
        It’s a risk but I think we have to take it.

    • I’m voting for Krustie no matter what. I like Shelby and I’m rooting for the Plastics to survive this week, but I’m not willing to sacrifice Scott (who I like) and sacrifice my chance to go after Krustie (who I loathe) to save them. In the words of everyone’s favorite BB18 contestant Nicole (sarcasm), they’re playing “Big Brother, not Big Baby!!!”. We’re doing the Plastics a HUGE solid by giving them a chance to save themselves this week and get Krustie out instead, but they’re going to have to finish the job on their own by winning that Veto. If they can’t do that, they’ll just have to accept that the Nerd Herd won the battle this week.

      • Helen

        I guess your right Gerardo…….been waiting a long time to take a shot at Krustie ….hopefully this time will be bullseye!!!!
        I will vote with consensus…….

      • caRyn

        Kryssie for me and then Danielle.

      • I am voting Krusty Kritter. We have to try. We can only do so much to help out the girls. I would rather Danielle put up Scott and Whitney but it looks like Morgan and Shelby. They want Morgan gone. They believe she can compete in physical challenges and she hasn’t yet received a CP. They want the last 2-3. Jason is already going back on his word to work and keep safe Scott and Alex. They (Jason & Danielle) told Scott what he wanted to hear banking on him being loyal because they believe he is. Jason is flat out lying to both of them. Next time they win HOH they will put them up together. They are going to put in Whitney’s ear to have her vote canceled in hopes of just her noms on the block so she doesn’t have to vote. They want the blood on Alex’s and Scotts hands. They believe they will chose to send home Morgan. They are actually hoping if we do nominate one of them that its Jason because of the deals made. Krusty Kritter is their worst case scnario. Best of course would be we nominate a BS.
        So Krustie Kritter it is and on her favorite day of the year.

  12. Helen

    I guess because I feel if it is a choice between say Morgan Shelby and Scott the girls would vote Scott
    If it’s Morgan and Shelby they will vote out Shelby over Morgan (just the opposite of what LNC think)

  13. caRyn

    I am “behind” watching feeds but I just saw this -Yesterday @ 2:08pm Jason/Danielle/Justin – Jason: You ok? Danielle: Yeah, I went to the DR. I’m fine. Justin: You alright? Danielle: I’m fine. I think I am going to prance around in my bikini and make everyone wish they had an ass like me. Jason: Oh sh*t, girl, you’re on that petty today? Ok. That’s where I am right now. Ok.

    • LindsayB

      Yeah. I saw that yesterday. Good thing she never talks smack about the BS being in their bikinis cuz that would make her a hypocrite.

      Oh. Hold on. Wait a minute. Yup. She’s a hypocrite. It’s really too bad that somebody so beautiful on the outside has to be so toxic on the inside.

    • “I just don’t understand why America likes them. They’re HORRIBLE people!”– Danielle, one hour before she made the comment about prancing around in her bikini…

    • I don’t know how the rest of you feel but if it is 2 LNJ & 1 BS at the end i will never vote for a LNJ who ever that last BS is. I will not reward that type of behavior. Even if they pretend to act like they think we want. We aren’t stupid enough to believe its anything than them acting. They have said and done way to many vile things. Now that they have one less so far they have been better. They either get the message from us or production. Maybe even both. Danielle appears to be very smart. Why doesn’t she get that her behavior is wrong without being told. I really don’t know if her so called being bullied was because of this behavior. Maybe this behavior and her nonstop talk about herself and believing she is better than other girls. No matter what, if she was bullied it was wrong. Children don’t always understand that. I don’t like the fact they are calling what Scott did as bullying. She is trying to garner sympathy from us about that the same way she is about being a mother. I don’t believe she is raising her son by herself. She has mentioned she goes to school full time, works full time and has a toddler in the house. Not raise a toddler. I applaud her going to school and working. She is lucky she has someone to raise her son for her since she says she is so busy. I don’t know if anything she says is true. Your not getting any sympathy here. She isn’t doing this for her son. He has a wealthy father. She is doing this for herself. Im glad they are cutting away to fish when she trys to get sympathy. We see you for who you really are.

      • I also think Danielle should get some penalties. She sleeps all the time & yesterday they had to call her like 8 time to come to the DR after the CP was delivered. Its not fair to the HG’s that obey the rules. I get that production doesn’t want to deal with her. She probably treats them the way she has treated the girls. She was upset, boo hoo. They needed to get her reaction in the moment. Thats their job. Her entitlement issue roaring its head like the girls have been saying. You would of thought CBS would of been prepared for this. They know the HG’s like to sleep during the day. If your going to make the rules than have consequences for breaking them. Children learn to keep doing bad things when threats are just that.
        Sorry guys, I have just had enough of her. She could play a clean brilliant game till the end now and I will never vote for her if she makes it to F3.

      • LindsayB

        Yes. I agree 100%. It doesn’t matter how any of the LNC act going forward. I will never vote anything good for any of them. It’s very possible that the BS figured out early that the needed to keep their nastiness to a minimum because of America watching and that they are completely being fake right now. My answer to that? Who cares? Bottom line is that nothing they have done or said comes even close to the level of nasty shown by LNC. If they start acting fake now it’s too late cuz we’ve already seen who they really are. All we can judge these people on is what they show us every day. I think we can all be open to giving people second chances to make an impression and we can all justify some things because of the pressure of being in the house. For me, there is no redemption for anyone in the LNC.

      • Helen

        I wouldn’t vote for her either….just because of what she said about using her child support money to finance a trip to the Bahamas…….

      • Totally 1000% agree with everything you said, lotus!!

      • @lotusflower, I would never vote for Danielle either unless it was to vote her ass out. I would be pissed if she made f3. I wouldn’t even chance taking her in hopes of America not voting for her. I want her ass gone ASAP. She acts like she’s special like she’s privileged seeing as how she never follows rules & based on how she treats people. That’s why I said I don’t believe she was bullied all her life, she just says she’s bullied when things don’t go her way.

    • caRyn

      Alex walked by shortly after Danielle loudly made that comment. Danielle never cared.
      Danielle’s going to walk out of the BB house and her life may drastically change with her work and child (support money). Add on to that, the negative comments she will receive from strangers. She will definitely feel bullied then. I don’t know if she is at all aware of what to expect. She thinks about the game she has played and how BB viewers will appreciate her game, but she doesn’t think outside of game about our perception.

  14. This has been the longest HOH week ever. I just want Danielle’s HOH to be over, the waiting is killing me. I can’t stand her & I just want her gone ASAP. I can’t stand the thought of her making it to f3.

    • Helen

      I thought it was bad last week with Krustie….then it went from bad to worse with Danielle!!!

    • Ann, I feel the same way! I want her gone next, after Krusty! I’m going to see how things go with the next HOH and try to convince the chat rooms! I can not stand the sight of her! If she makes it much further, I’ll be furious!

      • You & me both Amber. I even hate the sound of her voice. Please do what you can to convince the chat rooms because I promise I’ll be right there with you.

  15. Shivani33

    It’s possible that this will be a week when a BS person will have to go. When trying to think things through, I’m reaching a roadblock whenever I try to imagine all of them staying. In fact, it’s easier for me to imagine a scenario wherein BS will be the ones forced to choose who among them that their very own votes will have to cut…especially if Danielle wins the veto comp or if anyone from LNC does.

    My wish is for Kryssie to go, as America’s nominee. But I must be missing something obvious about how this can happen. (Help!)

    On an entirely different note, I don’t have any hate or loathing to show or to offer to anyone who’s playing. I’ll be critical, sometimes make asinine, silly and stupid jokes, or even express kind of a horrified, but laid-back concern for mental or psychological well-being…but still recognize that I haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes, and I am no judge. With everybody in the house, I find some common ground and have a sense of respect for the good, the bad and the ugly. ‘Cause hey, where the sugar at, and I’m no angel.

    I couldn’t stand it when Nicole won 18 but still appreciate that she managed to win. Be -fugging-grudgingly! At least in OTT, everybody is pretty much forthright about their levels of snark, and these players are unhesitant to come out and admit lame moves and attitudes. Even Krustie has tried. I don’t hear anyone clinging to Nicole’s line of “I’ve never done anything wrong.” I appreciate the courage and honesty. I kinda love every single one of the players in this game and the risks they’ve been taking.

  16. LindsayB

    It hasn’t even been a full day and Justin is already miserable being a HN. He refuses to eat slop and will only do protein shakes. I’m very curious to see if he continues to be Mr Positivity.

  17. caRyn

    Yesterday: 2:30pm Danielle talking to camera: I am going to win the Veto this week. I am probably one of the best players in this house. Let’s be allies, America. Let’s work together. I am just a single mom trying to follow her dream that she has had since she was a kid and do something for her son. I need you to vote one of the girls this week. Make them America’s nom. Make one of them America’s nom. You saved Alex last week. Put her OTB this week. Let’s make this a game worth watching. Let’s make this a game worth playing. Don’t make it so easy for them to just push us out of the house. Let us making it interesting for you, America. Let’s make it entertaining. Let’s make it worthwhile. Let’s make sure you get you $5.99 a month.

    • She’s already ruined any and all chances she had for me! Ballsmashers and Scott all they way! Too bad Dani, go home and cry to Shane.

    • That’s exactly what we’re doing Danielle– making this entertaining and worth watching! What wouldn’t be worth watching this week is you and your Nerd Herd gloating about how wonderful you are, how “horrible” the Plastics are, and how your side is guaranteed to take one of them out. What IS worth watching is you squirming, Krustie and Jason miserable over being hated by America, and a real contest this week between the Nerd Herd and the Plastics that will come down to the Veto comp. You’re welcome Danielle!

      • caRyn

        Yes! We are making them play. Veto depends on which side loses a number.
        The comment that pissed me off was – Let’s make sure you get your $5.99 a month. Crazy, I know. But it felt like she was poking the bear – making a jab at America. It was something a smarta*s kid would say.

      • LindsayB

        She’s so narrow minded and not evolved. She and her hypocridiots lack the maturity to see beyond themselves.

    • Really Danielle, a single mom following her dream & wanting to do something for her son? BITCH, just a few days ago you were saying you’re going to save your child support checks so you can take your friends to the Bahamas. That sure as hell don’t sound like you’re trying to do something for your son. I hope like hell when your stupid ass is out of the BB House somebody reminds you of what you said everyday until your son is 18 & you’re no longer getting that check.
      Save that bull-shit ass speech for somebody who’s going to buy that crap because fools we are not & we ain’t buying what you’re selling.

      • LindsayB

        Ann is coming in hot tonight!!

      • @Ann wow lady have some respect for yourself. You calling Dani the B word just shows you are a classless hoodrat.

      • @Ducati, I guess you would know, from one hoodrat to another. If you don’t like my comments then scroll past my name when you see it BITCH!!!
        This coming from the classless hoodrat.

      • @Ann you’re offensive only to yourself and pathetic female dog who raised you.

      • Dooky (Ducati the moron), look you disgusting piece of shit, I never called the unfortunate people (assuming people raised you) who raised you any kind of name. I feel sorry for them for bringing something like you into the world, I’ll bet they’re sorry too. It’s ok though, they can always call your local animal contol to come & pick your ass up.
        To the unfortunate family that got stuck with that bearwolf. Call your local animal control & they’ll come & dart that wooly booger & haul it away for you.

  18. Why haven’t that stupid ass idiot LNJ figured out America keeps voting against their trifling butts because we obviously see something that they don’t see about each other & we ARE watching their every move & listening to their every word 24/7? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Instead their busy constantly talking shit about the plastics. If those dumbasses think they’re so smart they would take the time to think about things, they’d see why we can’t stand them. Too little too late anyway!!!

    • caRyn

      Kryssie’s rent is $400 a month. She is fine to sit on the couch and make her $1000 a week. I didn’t see Kryssie golf when they had it in the yard to practice.
      I haven’t seen LNJ study hg faces or keep track of dates. I did see Jason count items in Have Not room. Other than that, nothing.

    • I don’t think they realize we are watching them all the time. The girls and Jason were talking yesterday. Jason was saying “the episodes” . Talked about the different ones shown during the week. How the feedsters will watch for after a conp to see who won. They don’t know we have to (or should) watch to know what it going on. They think we only see what CBS is airing in their episodes. They were speculating on how many feedsters watch & then how many people watch the episodes only. Just like his comment after the current care package was delivered, what are they seeing, what is CBS showing them etc. they really haven’t figured out that we see them how they really are and CBS is not making them look bad or good, they are making themselves look bad.

      Sorry i kinda started the Danielle bashing. I had been keeping it in for weeks. I don’t know what she did yesterday to set me off that caused me to vomit it to everyone. Now i can reset my feelings and watch some more. I had to step away for a little while. Thanks for listening and not judging.

      • Mell

        They know we are watching fees but I think they are assuming the weekly episode is what “most” people see along with the ceremonies. They’re going off viewing habits of the tv show so I can understand why they think that. They have no way of knowing that for a lot of people it’s probably the opposite. The weekly episode is fine but most people I’ve talked to don’t care if they see it or not. I think its purpose is more to catch people up who had a busy week and haven’t seen much on the feeds.

      • caRyn

        I think you are right, Mell. This season is actually, for viewers, is the opposite way around but the hg (I guess) think we are more interested in the regular BB prime time episode show times. They talk to the cameras often so they may think they are speaking to feedsters only.

      • @lotuflower, I’ve been Danielle bashing for weeks now & pretty much letting it all hangout. Some JACKASS didn’t like it (Ducati) & came for me calling me a classless hoodrat. Of course you know I went right back in a little rough but oh well. Anybody who don’t like what they read needs to scroll right on past that person’s name when they see it because last I checked, nobody is holding a gun to anybodys head making them stop & read anything on this site.
        The people on the show put themselves out there like that for the world to see & hear all 24/7. How they act has nothing to do with us but has everything to do with how they portray themselves giving us the right to form our own opinions of them whatever that may be, good or bad.
        You say what you feel. Im right there with you.

      • Mell

        Ann, anybody who gives it has to be able to take it too so you’re fine by me. You argue with me sometimes but haven’t cussed me out yet (lol) so it seems to me if you’re not getting insulted, you don’t insult back. (Insert heart emoji here)

      • @Mell, you’ve never came for me like that. Most of us on here pretty much know each other as far BB Junkie fans & we get along. We don’t always share the same opinions but we don’t go talking crazy shit to each other. I totally apologize if I have offended any of my BB Junky sisters & brothers. “FRIENDSHIP”
        Ducati Dooky,” NEVER CARED” I meant every word to you!!!

      • Mell

        xoxoxo Ann!
        I’m with you. I’ve never been insulted by anyone that’s on here on a regular basis…well except maybe Trudy but I looked at that as a right of passage. Lol

  19. Helen

    Just saw a poll on jokers for americas nominee and it looks like it is going to be a really close vote this time between Scott and Krustie!!!

    • LindsayB

      Gotta vote for Krusti!!

    • Hey guys, just an FYI so y’all know, jokers was crazy last night, there was a lot of arguing and a bunch of the misfits fans were making multiple accounts so they could vote on jokers multiple times, there were 3 or 4 different polls, they were all making it look like Scott was in the lead when in reality, he’s not! Krissy was leading like 67% or around that in the real polls. They are messing with us and trying to confuse and discourage us! Those polls on jokers from last night are fake and don’t mean anything! The west coast only has a one hour window to vote tonight, so make sure to get all 40 of your votes in for KRISSY FOR 3rd NOM!! Thanks y’all!

    • I saw that. There is heated comments about LNJ fans hitting twitter to skew the results. At this point Im not sure i can trust the polls. We have to stick together and vote Krusty Kritter and hope for the best. I would rather it be Jason since he hasn’t received a CP but it seems like BS fans want Krusty Kritter.
      LNJ want Morgan out so she cant get a CP. They think Whitney will get the next one. They want the last 2. If we get Krysty Kritter out this week we can afford to give the next CP to LNJ since we will have the numbers. Thats assuming BS win HOH. I hate the thought of LNJ being handed F4. We need to win veto this week and HOH next week.
      I wish i knew how many people are voting. How can CBS prevent one person from using different devices and casting multiple votes? If they are willing to pay for more than one feed then they get more than one vote. I think some people will do it. If your reading this and you are casting more than one vote please post. We will not know who you are nor can we stop you. I would just like to know if anyone is doing it. Thanks for being honest and letting me know.

      • LindsayB

        I might’ve read it wrong but I think they were just doing multiple votes on the jokers polls, not actual CBS votes. They are hoping skewing the polls will make people change how they vote. At least I hope that’s it.

      • Damn, you think the Nerd Herd fans are really that obsessed and desperate to fix the votes that they would PAY to create additional accounts and get extra votes?? No wonder they’re fans of the Nerd Herd…

      • You see how vile the LNJ is. If they have fans then their fans are similar and will do whatever it takes to get them ahead. If they are screwing with polls then I think some of them would go that far. Im not saying all of them, but some of them. I can feel the hate coming from them for saying this. I just got that feeling from reading some heated comments. I hope I’m wrong.

      • caRyn

        People could make fake accounts and cast CBS votes if they wanted to with the one week free. Right? Anyway, I am voting Kryssie and next week Danielle.

      • Lotus, my FYI was about jokers polls, not cbs! The official jokers poll hasn’t been posted yet, but people were posting polls there and they were not correct. I do know there are a lot of people on chat who have multiple cbs accounts therefor they can vote several times. Those are all paid accounts. That’s the only way to vote multiple times on cbs for the real vote. And yes, caryn, I’ve seen people talk about using different emails and using the free week too. Anyway, my bottom line was there are fake polls on jokers putting out the illusion that Scott will be nommed. Those are bogus and we are well on the way to having Krissy be voted as Americas nom! Don’t let those polls discourage you from voting for Krissy! I’m very confident we will see Krissy on that orange couch this week! KRISSY FOR 3rd NOM!! Thanks everyone! Y’all are the bees knees!

      • caRyn

        I am playing the game with all of you here so the polls don’t decide my vote. The polls just let me know, once I have casted my vote(s), how we are doing. We have to play our game.

  20. I refuse to help Danielle out in way, shape or form. There is not enough back tracking in this world that would change my mind about how much I can’t stand her.

  21. Who is she planning on putting on the block?

    • I THINK the Nerd Herd is targeting Morgan this week (with Shelby as the planned “pawn”), but I’m not sure because they seem a little all over the place.

      • That’s why I asked because I couldn’t get a solid read on what the princess Danielle was going to do for sure.

      • To be honest with you, every time I see Danielle’s face or hear her voice, I either switch cameras or I turn off the feeds. That’s how much I can’t stand her, Krustie or Jason’s boney chicken legged ass.

      • Yeah it’s been tough to get clear read on Danielle for sure. To Danielle’s credit, she is doing a great job of keeping her poker face with the Plastics, and I do think she actually went into her conversations with them with an open mind (which is definitely more than I can say for Krustie last week). But based on the conversations I’ve heard from the Nerd Herd, they seem to think Morgan is the biggest threat on that side (based on her Veto comp win and the fact that she hasn’t won an ACP yet). I have also heard Danielle say more than once to the Nerd Herd that she doesn’t want to put Alex and Scott up this week, and she also talked about working with those two during her live DR session.

      • caRyn

        I think it will be Morgan and Shelby and if one comes down Whitney will go up. I think she wants to get Morgan out and if not, Whitney. They want to take the ACP away from that side of the house. Danielle wants to work with Scott and Alex and possibly Shelby. That is me putting pieces together from Danielle’s conversations.

      • LindsayB

        Gerardo, I don’t think she was truly open minded. I think she told us what we wanted to hear during her DRs and is pretending to be open to the BS/S. She realizes that America doesn’t like her and now she’s trying to play us. I could be wrong, but the way she couldn’t help herself from immediately going to her crew to relay and talk smack about her conversations tells me she’s just pretending.

      • Mell

        Unless something changes, she is putting up Morgan and Shelby. She doesn’t want Shelby to go. Whitney is the back up plan. Neither of them have gotten a care pkg and they think they have a better chance of Scott and Alex voting out Morgan over Shelby if it came down to that. (Wrong but not bad thinking) Danielle/Jason also think that if he’s OTB, Scott /Alex are more likely to keep the deal they made if he up against Morgan. (It’s the best option since they don’t know about the sisters) I disagree somewhat about them being all over the place. Danielle had a general idea of what she wanted from the beginning and hasn’t wavered but had to wait for the care pkg. She stayed quiet for as long as possible so the info couldn’t get back to the other side. (It has now because Jusint told Whitney last night) She repeated the stuff BS said to her in the hoh to LNC and she had a good read on them. She told them Alex and Morgan said almost identical things and thst was true. She didn’t tell LNC everything they discussed which tells me she is considering her options later on. Danielle is who she is and that is very self centered among many other things. She is playing the game well though. I think taking Scott down if he’s the 3rd nom may very well be truthful. She only wants 2 people otb if possible and it would be a show of good faith to Scott and Alex moving forward if she did it. We’ll see.

      • Lindsay, I think you are absolutely correct! Danielle is faking being nice. She knows how she’s talked about the others and how she’s acted and realizes we don’t like it. She’s still running her mouth when she’s alone with the other misfits. Just wait til Krusty goes up as the America nom or something don’t go her way! Her ugliness will return, it hast even left all the way now!

      • LindsayB

        Yup. I said before that I wish this side of Danielle was who she truly is. Unfortunately she’s just not a good person. She can pretend to be nice and she can start making respectable game moves but there is nothing this little snot can do that could change my opinion of her.
        *She killed her dog
        *She has called the girls in the house every single vile name there is while complaining about them being horrible people
        *She has encouraged her friends to defile the girls’ things
        *She plays the bully card (which is very serious) while being a bully herself
        *She begs America to help her because she has a son while planning to use her stipend to go on a trip with the LNC

        I know I’ve probably missed something but that pretty much sums Danielle up.

      • caRyn

        I think Danielle was telling the truth. She spoke more in her one on one with Scott and Shelby and I would have thought, as a game player, she would let them speak more. Basically she ran with the conversation like she always does.

  22. I’m telling you guys I trust Danielle about as far as I can throw an elephant. There’s no way I’d consider working with her. She figures since America keeps helping the plastics, maybe she should try to act like she wants to be friends & work with some of them to keep herself safe. Although if that’s her plan, she’s going about it in a stupid way because we see & hear all. Unless she doesn’t know that or maybe she’s ignorant enough to think that we’ll be forgiving after her speech about doing this for her son & being bullied most of her life. Well Danielle, I’m telling you that dog won’t hunt. We see you Danielle, we see you!!!

    • LindsayB

      I’m with you Ann. She’s trying to play us with this nice act.

    • Lady you are so vulgar and obsence. You judge everybody but you yourself have NO self respect. You’re probably a Hillary supporter too. Do us all a favor and GO back to your homeland in Africa @Ann. You indecent creature.

    • Love your comments Ann! You tell it like it is and don’t care who knows it! I totally agree with you, Danielle is putting up a big front and she hopes we take the bait. Too late Danielle, we see you!

    • @LindsayB you’re vermin vomit… Nuff said don’t have time for trailer trash.

      • LindsayB

        It’s so cute when people like you think your personal insults matter. You really shouldn’t get yourself so emotionally worked up over a blog for a reality show. I feel so bad for you that you have to go through life being so emotionally unstable. That’s ok though. Keep on with your obscene (not obsence) trolling. I understand that you have nothing else in your life to stimulate your feeble mind.

      • @LindsayB you’re super petty. Enjoy your lonely miserable life talking trash about people on tv /online you’ll never be lucky enough to meet. Your comments about the players are all emotionally driven and shows your novice understanding of the big brother game. The language you use speaks volumes about your personal worthless character. Love yourself LindsayB no matter how insignificant your post are and move on. I’m sure the 20 cats you hoard along with the trash under your bed love you too.

      • LindsayB

        Classic case of self projection. How very sad for you. Keep on with your baseless insults though. I don’t mind. I’m all about charity for the less fortunate.

      • @LindsayB I’m sure you don’t mind hanging out in the slums. That’s an upgrade from the sewer you crawled out from. No Big Brother, just you entertaing your rats. That explains why you’re Big Brother illiterate. Keep up the good work hurling up the bs you call game talk you lifeless toad.

      • @Ducati, Dooky or whoever the hell you are, if we bother you so much, slide back down in the bucket of shit you came out of & leave us the hell alone.

      • Ahhhhhahahahahaha! Scit’em Ann!

      • caRyn

        OMG, this is the wrong site for all of this BS. Honestly. Go to chat or twitter or wherever it is that people go to bash one another. You don’t even know one another to call names or pass judgement. Where your mind goes it grows. Keep it about BB and the hg. Peace and love. Ya dig?

      • @Dooky ducati, you are so damn funny. First off, I don’t collect a Government check. You see I went to college & got a degree in nursing & I worked 2 & sometimes 3 jobs so that I could give my children a good life. I raised my children by myself & did not ever play the “single mom” card for sympathy. I was a single mom but single or not, my children were MY responsibility & i took damn good care of them. So obviously you must be used to laying on your fat back collecting government checks. You’re probably laying up on your ass collecting my tax dollars right now. Now DUMBASS, next time speak what you know.

      • @Ryn I’d really appreciate it if you stayed out of it. I don’t have a problem with you & would like to keep it that way. Friendship

      • @Ducati Dooky, Danielle is not doing her best to take care of her kid while her stupid ass is talking about saving her CHILDSUPPORT CHECKS so she can take her friends to the Bahamas. What good mother trying to take care of her child does that? If she’s getting that much money & is not having to spend it all on her son, then dammit put it a savings acct for him. Save it for his education. That money is NOT meant for her to go good timing it on her friends.
        One of my pet peeves is hearing someone playing the single parent card trying to get sympathy. Get your single ass out there, get an education, get a job & take care of your kids. It was your dumdass that said I was collecting government checks, you racist BITCH.

      • 1000% agree, Ann! Child support is for the child, not partying like Danielle said she does with hers!

      • caRyn

        You have made it our business – comments prove it. We are involved rather we want to be or not. I am staying neutral and asking that you go somewhere else to bash or hash it out. Look at the comments here today. How much is about BB and how much is about bs? I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with my above comment or this one.

      • Dooky ducati, you are delusional. I never once said my children had different fathers. I don’t owe you any kind of explanation but I will say my children have the same father. You see stupid, I am now retired. Do you know what that means?

  23. Shivani33

    Danielle has been saying that she wants to remove anyone from the block who is America’s nominee and for this week to have only her two nominees stay up for eviction. From what she’s said, Morgan is her chosen target, and Danielle knows that she’ll have to get control over the veto power to get it done the way she wants. At times, she has said that she isn’t definite with her nominations yet and that she might not be sure until the last minute. Still, she has been mentioning Morgan the most, and Shelby as her “safe pawn.”

    It does look as if everybody from BS has met with her by now. Jason asked her how her talks went with “the blonde twins.” Hint, hint. Danielle laughed and said that they both told her just about the exact same thing. One thing for sure is that Danielle is hungry to control this HoH all the way. There might be less attachment on her part about exactly who goes, but she wants to get it done. Once in awhile, it looks as if she’s concealing her true wishes and intentions from everybody, including the LNC.

    “safe pawn.”

  24. Helen

    It will be interesting to see just what Whitney does with all the info Justin spilled to her tonight. Telling her that Scott and Alex made a deal with Jason was huge!! May be the end of ballsmashers!!!

  25. Did y’all see Jason and Krusty Kritter in the kitchen last night? They put the candy bars everyone has been eating down in Krustys nasty house shoes and rubbed them around on her feet, then put them back in the bag for people to eat! Friggin straight nasty! I can’t believe BB is allowing them to do nasty things like this! Production needs to either tell the houseguests they did that or just come in and take the bag. I would blow the roof off if I ate one of those and then found out it had been rubbed around in Krustys house shoes and feet!

    • LindsayB

      Nasty vile pieces of human trash.

    • Seriously? I’m glad i didn’t see that, but then again I need to see that for myself. Do you know what time that was? Everyone should see and know how disgustingly vile they are. Someone please post this info on twitter for everyone to see.

      • I found it. Its around 8:26 pm 10/29. Krusty then began saying she would sell her socks. Would need a deposit if she had to wear her socks for a week while she went to the gym. Selling on instagram. She is planning on selling her shoes after BB. Talk went onto more serious sexual fetishes. Her and Mike have discussed her going to a hotel room for money letting someone with a foot fetish touch her feet at the end of a bed while they did whatever they wanted to themselves. Other things about Jason selling things or himself.

      • Someone on chat did record it and put it on Twitter!

    • AIO_7

      Those two are assholes. Jason needs to go right after Krusty.

      • They’re both DISGUSTING, and again I find it amazing that these garbage can’t understand why America doesn’t like them. Honestly, I would love for Jason to go this week but I think we have a better shot to get Krustie out so I’m sticking with her.

    • Exactly why I say we have the right to form whatever opinions we see fit on those nasty scum sucking slugs. They put themselves out there like that for the world to see. We see who they truly are.
      If I were in that house & found out I ate candy that that fat ass funky cow & chain smoking boney bastard had put in her shoes & feet, they both would need that rule book to protect themselves from the ass kicking they would get. That would send me into a blind rage.

  26. Mell

    For once, I don’t have a problem with what Justin said. Once Danielle makes her nom’s it won’t matter anyway. They aready suspect but it may cause some distrust on the other side. Whitney seems so obsessed with her loyalty to Alex I’m not sure she believes it and she probably thinks if Scott and Alex said it, it was a lie. Justin is risking losing the trust on his side if and when it gets out but if that doesn’t happen it will cause more problems for Jason, Danielle, Alex and Scott. I don’t have a problem with that.

    • LindsayB

      I think you’re right Mell.

    • She asked Justin if he talked directly to Alex. He said he spoke with Scott but said they have an alliance with each other. Whitney is aware of Scott and Alex but believes she is also close to Alex and doesn’t think Alex would vote her out over Shelby. It appeared like thanks for the info I will keep it in mind. They each (Justin & Whitney) trust each other most and hope they are both in F3. Justin asked her to keep the conversation quiet because he said it wont be good for his game if it gets back to LNJ. I don’t know how much she believed Justin when he said Alex and Scott want the LNJ to take out her and Morgan so they don’t have to. Yes she is lower on the totem poll in Bs alliance but I don’t think Scott and Alex want the LNJ to take them out, especially now. If their backs are against the wall and there is no other option then they are more willing to get rid of Scott then Whitney. Thats only if they have no choice. I hope Alex gets picked to play veto and wins. Then they can figure out what to do with it. Who best to be OTB so america votes out Krusty Kritter with them.

      • caRyn

        Whitney will go before Scott. Alex and Shelby are closer to Scott and if Whitney is OTB with Morgan, Alex will have them vote out Whitney.

    • caRyn

      I don’t have a problem with Justin talking. Whitney can use the information however she wants and the target stays off of Justin. And I do like Justin.

  27. #TeamDani #PrettyGirl #TEAMPRETTY

  28. #iheartDani #CalliLove Baaaby!!!!!

  29. Danelle is AWESOME!!!! CAlliGirl!!!

    • Helen

      Yes. She does look like a call girl……lmao. And not a very high priced one at that…….

      • LMAO!!!
        Much love Helen, “ya dig”
        Friendship all day long.

      • Helen

        Lol. Love ya too Ann!! Friendship!!
        I do have a serious question though……is Krustie ever in an upright position or do they just move her from couch to couch with a flatbed trailer?

      • LindsayB

        Ducati you continue to show how intelligent you are with each comment. As a Cali girl, I should inform you that its Cali not Calli. As you continue to stretch your creativity muscle you shouldn’t ignore details like spelling. It’ll help your insults go so much further.

      • Helen

        Omg !! It said calli …….I thought it said call girl. Lmao. Guess I should put my glasses on. I thought it was team petty and call girl!! Nah. I’ll just keep my glasses off….seems more fitting!

      • Mell

        Helen, I thinks that’s what’s happening during the moments we get fish the season.

      • @Helen, Krusty does not move unless she’s smelling food cooking. The cold showers that come with being a have-not don’t apply to Krusty because she didnt get her ass in a warm shower when it was available to her anyway.

  30. #singlemomsrock, #keepwinningcomps #DANI HOH

  31. caRyn

    1:49pm yesterday Danielle was filling in Kryssie and Jason about her one on one with Shelby and then Scott. Danielle didn’t really fill them in. Danielle told Kryssie and Jason the things they already knew – it was all fluff. She did not talk about working with Shelby or working with Scott and Alex. You may want to see this convo for yourself if you haven’t yet. She may be the first to actually flip on LNJ.

  32. I’m done responding to the troll guys.

    • Mell

      I bit on one last week then I remembered engaging tastes like crap! Sometimes, I can’t help myself. It depends on my mood. Lol

      • LindsayB

        I have a hard time not sticking up for people on here, even though I’m fully aware that nobody has asked me too. I refuse to stoop to their level but do enjoy pointing out all the flaws in their emotional rants. I don’t always agree with all of you but I respect your opinions and truly enjoy seeing other viewpoints. So much friendship to everyone but the trolls!!

  33. Shivani33

    Paul Abrahamian, Evil Dick and Rachel Reilly were interviewed about BBOTT (Hollywood Reporter 10/26) and give their thoughts about the players and the viewers’ contribution as a voting force. For anyone interested, it’s fun and insightful.

  34. Shivani33

    A naughty, quiet mention about a certain someone: who has yet to be nominated for eviction amongst this cast of players?

  35. LindsayB

    Danielle is talking to Scott not and wants “America’s sweetheart” out. She knows that America likes Whitney and that a lot of her alliance liked Whitney. She is hoping Shelby’s care package will keep her alliance voting Whitney to stay. I still don’t like Danielle but I do like this possible game play. If only Danielle would’ve led with this side of her personality…

    • I’m still not buying the crap that Danielle is selling. I just can’t & will never cheer her on for anything. I just can’t. She’ll never change my view of her.
      Jason has totally shown himself to be a true vindictive asshole who needs to take his ass home on the next thing smoking, floating or flying.
      Krustie is asking for an asskicking by that nasty shit she did by putting candy in her shoes & putting her filthy feet on it for others to eat is beyond disgusting. I would beat the ever loving shit out of her.

      • LindsayB

        I’m definitely not buying it. I’m wishing that this was the real her. It’s not. She’s trash. Her whole alliance is trash. I only like what she’s potentially going to do cuz it may help the people I like.

    • I’m confused a little. Is Dani saying she wants to target Whitney in the hopes of them keeping her?

  36. Who keeps voting for Monte in the weekly favorite player vote? 😛

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