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Saturday Feed Updates – Jason’s Last Cig, HN, Noms

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Things may be getting a bit interesting in the BBOTT house as Shelby revealed that she may be willing to have a side alliance with Danielle, and is going to try to make that happen. Her reason is that she knows both of them likely can’t beat their respective alliances in the finals, so sitting back and trying to keep each other safe while having the alliances pick each other off is pretty smart. That’s actually the strategy I would use if I was playing the game. Have two people from opposite sides of the house secretly working together and manipulating their own alliances to fight each other. This way you get out both sides of the house and don’t have bitter jury members at the end. Of course, this season is a bit different as there is no jury, but Shelby probably realizes they need to squeeze 5 people into 3 slots, and want to take advantage of the other side of the house while they’re still in game.

We’ll see how Shelby handles it, but it’s certainly an interesting strategy.

In other news, Jason is down to his last cigarette which means it may be a nightmare to watch him over the next few days. This also means Scott and Justin are cut off from smoking, but they’re clearly not as addicted as Jason is. I know (not first hand) that quitting smoking is difficult, and cold turkey is also hard, so hopefully he’s able to do it.

Today is the  HN reveal day and round 1 of the safety meeting.  I gotta say, splitting the safety meeting into 2 days is kind of pointless. It hasn’t really done anything to create drama or suspense. It just slows down the game a bit.  I prefer nomination ceremony, but I understand they need to fill time throughout the week because of the way the system is set up this season.

Ok, updates:

  • 10:50am – House is on outside lockdown. Scott is eating peanut butter with pop tarts.  Wtf?
  • 1:00pm – HaveNots…
    • whitney-hnjustin-hn kryssie-hn
    • Jason is running around screaming over Justin being named HN. This is because for the past few weeks, Justin runs around like a crazy person screaming when he wasn’t called for HN lol
  • 1:30pm – Weird seeing these two sitting and talking
    • scott-dani
    • Dani is explaining why she screamed at him. How she was bullied throughout her whole life. Scott says he was hoping to play the middle, but obviously that didn’t work out that way. He said after the conversation with Kryssie in week 2, he had no choice but to go to the other side.
    • Danielle is saying she thinks she’s on the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance, and thinks Scott is probably the same way in his. She said if he’s America’s nom and wins veto, she’s going to take him down because he’s not her target this week  (it’s nice to hear civil game talk between the sides. When Dani is awake and not around negativity, she’s really bright when it comes to BB)
  • 3:00pm – The plastics are looking around for I believe Alex’s hat. I think someone hid it. I haven’t been as glued to the feeds the last 24h as I’ve been, so I can’t tell for certain.
  • 5:45pm – I wonder if Wednesday night was enough drama for the season for this house. They have been in a coma since then
  • 6:30pm – Whitney joins the LNJ outside to play ‘what are the odds’. This has been a tradition on safety ceremony nights.
    • It is good to see the LNJ having fun with this rather than 2 weeks ago when they were making fun of the plastics for playing
    • whatareodds
  • 7:05pm – Safety Ceremony:
    • Kryssie safe
    • Justin safe
    • Jason safe
  • 7:30pm – Alex and Morgan each had a post ceremony talk with Dani. They both basically said the same thing. A canned talk about working together, etc, etc
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Check back for updates


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