Kryssie has to use the Care Package today

Things are not looking good for The Plastics this week, even though Alex won HoH and they should be in good shape. Why?  Because Big Brother has a major flaw this season.

While I love the idea of giving America some power, doing so in the same season where you put a fan favorite in the house is kind of shit. I have nothing against Jason (other than the fact he is up Joker’s ass and doesn’t give me any plugs – I kid, sort of), but it is quite a bit unfair to do things like make America vote for havenots when you have a fan favorite in the house (why he is a favorite, I don’t know. Sitting in the corner smoking all day is boring to me).


Look at yesterday for example. Without actually doing anything, Jason basically won two care packages without even using up his allotted slot (HGs are only allowed one per season).  Kryssie was given the package that saves someone from nomination, and despite what she thinks, it was obviously intended for Jason.  She was sitting there wondering what it meant that she got the first one. Was she liked, or hated?  Neither. She’s merely a player who people didn’t mind giving a mediocre care package to in order to save Jason.  As far as the other win, Jason picked that up when Julie announced that havenots will be decided by America this season.  That all but guarantees Jason will never become a havenot, which is exactly what the first care package was during BB18.

Pretty sweet deal for him.

Speaking of Kryssie, did you hear she has a boyfriend, is in a band, and powerlifts?  I figured I would let people know if they haven’t been able to listen to her talk in the last 30 minutes.

Anyway, on a different front of the game, the person I thought may have a legit shot at winning is playing weird. Last week, Scott had no problem lying to Cornbread’s face about who he was voting for, but last night he told the ‘other’ side of the house that he’s voting with Alex, even if that means voting out Shane. Yes, he told this TO Shane. What the hell, Scott?  Unreal.

Alright, updates:

  • 10:50am – Everyone is getting up for the day.  Kryssie and Jason are outside trashing some of the houseguests
  • 11:10am – Morgan and Alex are in the storage room talking about how weird Scott’s game is. It is.
    • SIsterly talk

      Sisterly talk

    • 11:25am – Everyone making their way outside because they expect to be locked out for a chunk of the day.  They were told to put sunscreen on for some reason
    • 12:15pm – Scott tells the girls about how he declared his loyalty to them for this week.  His logic is that they’re going to find out on Wednesday, so may as well tell them now.  Perfect BB strategy!
      • I hate to shit on his game. At least he’s being honest this season.  Oh wait, he lied to Cornbread’s face last week. What is your game, Scott?  What is your game??
  • 1:00pm – Time for Have Nots….
    • havenots
    • Monte, Morgan, Scott
    • Seems to be just slop like old school. No special foods yet
    • hnroom1
    • Alex and Monte try out the Have Not bed

      Alex and Monte try out the Have Not bed

    • After the group breaks up, Justin heads into the back yard and someone tells him that Monte mentioned something about Justin possibly stealing his clothes
  • 1:15pm – After pacing back and forth outside, Justin heads inside
    • Monte thinks he is safe because he’s HN. He doesn’t think they’ll nominate someone they put on HN. Hah.
    • A light blew, and the house was put on outdoor lockdown.  Monte comes outside and said Justin told him to F off
    • Justin comes out and starts telling Monte to f off and to suck a dick
  • 1:45pm – Monte is wondering what he did to piss Justin off. He doesn’t know Danielle told him about the comment he made at 11:24am
    • monte-sitting
    • Neeley asks Monte if she’s racist.  He says no, not at all.  He doesn’t like Justin’s sexism
  • 2:00pm – Everyone is talking about how Scott is playing both sides of the house, while Scott is alone in the HN room talking to himself
    • housedivided
  • 2:10pm – Monte was called to the DR, and returned.  Neeley brings it up again
    • She tells Monte she wants to clear everything up, about the homophobia, racism, etc.  Monte says he doesn’t do that. He’s not ignorant, he doesn’t care about who people sleep with, etc.
    • For the record, I watch the feeds a LOT, and I don’t get the racist or homophobic vibe from Monte.
  • 2:30pm – Crazy afternoon in the house.  I covered a lot of it on twitter, so be sure to check that out because I didn’t post it all here

Check back for updates