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Saturday Feed Updates; Noms And More

Kryssie has to use the Care Package today

Things are not looking good for The Plastics this week, even though Alex won HoH and they should be in good shape. Why?  Because Big Brother has a major flaw this season.


While I love the idea of giving America some power, doing so in the same season where you put a fan favorite in the house is kind of shit. I have nothing against Jason (other than the fact he is up Joker’s ass and doesn’t give me any plugs – I kid, sort of), but it is quite a bit unfair to do things like make America vote for havenots when you have a fan favorite in the house (why he is a favorite, I don’t know. Sitting in the corner smoking all day is boring to me).

Look at yesterday for example. Without actually doing anything, Jason basically won two care packages without even using up his allotted slot (HGs are only allowed one per season).  Kryssie was given the package that saves someone from nomination, and despite what she thinks, it was obviously intended for Jason.  She was sitting there wondering what it meant that she got the first one. Was she liked, or hated?  Neither. She’s merely a player who people didn’t mind giving a mediocre care package to in order to save Jason.  As far as the other win, Jason picked that up when Julie announced that havenots will be decided by America this season.  That all but guarantees Jason will never become a havenot, which is exactly what the first care package was during BB18.

Pretty sweet deal for him.


Speaking of Kryssie, did you hear she has a boyfriend, is in a band, and powerlifts?  I figured I would let people know if they haven’t been able to listen to her talk in the last 30 minutes.

Anyway, on a different front of the game, the person I thought may have a legit shot at winning is playing weird. Last week, Scott had no problem lying to Cornbread’s face about who he was voting for, but last night he told the ‘other’ side of the house that he’s voting with Alex, even if that means voting out Shane. Yes, he told this TO Shane. What the hell, Scott?  Unreal.

Alright, updates:

  • 10:50am – Everyone is getting up for the day.  Kryssie and Jason are outside trashing some of the houseguests
  • 11:10am – Morgan and Alex are in the storage room talking about how weird Scott’s game is. It is.
    • SIsterly talk
      Sisterly talk
    • 11:25am – Everyone making their way outside because they expect to be locked out for a chunk of the day.  They were told to put sunscreen on for some reason
    • 12:15pm – Scott tells the girls about how he declared his loyalty to them for this week.  His logic is that they’re going to find out on Wednesday, so may as well tell them now.  Perfect BB strategy!
      • I hate to shit on his game. At least he’s being honest this season.  Oh wait, he lied to Cornbread’s face last week. What is your game, Scott?  What is your game??
  • 1:00pm – Time for Have Nots….
    • havenots
    • Monte, Morgan, Scott
    • Seems to be just slop like old school. No special foods yet
    • hnroom1
    • Alex and Monte try out the Have Not bed
      Alex and Monte try out the Have Not bed
    • After the group breaks up, Justin heads into the back yard and someone tells him that Monte mentioned something about Justin possibly stealing his clothes
  • 1:15pm – After pacing back and forth outside, Justin heads inside
    • Monte thinks he is safe because he’s HN. He doesn’t think they’ll nominate someone they put on HN. Hah.
    • A light blew, and the house was put on outdoor lockdown.  Monte comes outside and said Justin told him to F off
    • Justin comes out and starts telling Monte to f off and to suck a dick
  • 1:45pm – Monte is wondering what he did to piss Justin off. He doesn’t know Danielle told him about the comment he made at 11:24am
    • monte-sitting
    • Neeley asks Monte if she’s racist.  He says no, not at all.  He doesn’t like Justin’s sexism
  • 2:00pm – Everyone is talking about how Scott is playing both sides of the house, while Scott is alone in the HN room talking to himself
    • housedivided
  • 2:10pm – Monte was called to the DR, and returned.  Neeley brings it up again
    • She tells Monte she wants to clear everything up, about the homophobia, racism, etc.  Monte says he doesn’t do that. He’s not ignorant, he doesn’t care about who people sleep with, etc.
    • For the record, I watch the feeds a LOT, and I don’t get the racist or homophobic vibe from Monte.
  • 2:30pm – Crazy afternoon in the house.  I covered a lot of it on twitter, so be sure to check that out because I didn’t post it all here

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Dummy Steve has Both sides pissed at him! Alex and Morgan are after him now too for his dumb assed talk to Shane and Kryssie

    • Avatar

      Oops called Scott Steve ha he reminds me of that weirdo

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      It is weird but in Scott’s defense some of the things he has said are being miscommunication. He told Morgan “they think” -Morgan repeated it to Alex and the “they think” was left off giving his statement an entirely different meaning. Also when he told Shane he would vote him out he answered honestly….just because Shane and krissy didn’t like his answer does not make him a snake…I mean he wasn’t one to them when he flipped the vote in their favor last week.

      • caRyn

        Scott told Morgan if he was HOH he would put Kryssie and Neeley OTB. Scott is working with the The Plastics this week. Last week he voted with the other side (late night group) of the house. The Plastics think he is sketch because he tells the other side who he is voting for. Both sides of the house don’t trust Scott because he is in the middle.

      • Avatar

        Good point Helen I really enjoy your counterpoints they always make me look at things again. Always good to get other views.

      • Helen
        Helen (5158 comments)

        @raider34….ty…that’s what makes this life interesting. We each have different views and opinions. Would be a pretty dull world if we all thought alike.

  2. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)


  3. Avatar
    Susan B (27 comments)

    Thanks, Steve, for putting captions on the pictures. It will help me especially with the men. There is a pic of someone a couple of days ago that I think must be Justin or Shane but I can’t tell since I only follow here and don’t subscribe to the feeds. Both of them have facial hair in the HG pics at the top but not in your shot. Anyway, thank you for adding the captions.

    • caRyn

      Shane shaved his facial hair. He looks better without it but Danielle wants him to grow it back. I also think Shane looks much better with his hair in a bun. I just don’t like his hair – period. Not a good look for him.

  4. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    Honestly I don’t know why America keeps helping out that side just because Jason is in it. It’s a bit unfair especially after some stuff they have said. Also I bet if monte was working with Jason and on his side all his comment and everything he has said wouldn’t matter and America wouldn’t be putting him up this week. I like Alex and the way she’s playing the game but honestly that side will get run over because there going against Jason which in my opinion it’s smart to target him and the showmance but America will take Jason and his side to the end.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      I’m not sure what the deal is with Jason being a fan favorite? Although he is not the worst player he is for sure a mean and venomous person. Saying hateful things about people and then being nice to them to their face is not an appealing trait in anyone regardless. The choice was limited. Jason or jozea. Slim pickings

      • Avatar
        Wildsonic (128 comments)

        Like last night Kryssie was talking like she was queen of the castle and knows what America wants and she knows everything. I honestly want her out this week she is getting more anoying than monte. If people haven’t heard her talk you should check it out and she just how full of it she is

    • caRyn

      I wouldn’t mind if Shane, Danielle, Monte or Scott went home this week. I like hg on both sides of the house.

      • Avatar
        Wildsonic (128 comments)

        Same I’m just like you. I honestly like playing on both side. But there are some playing who when they talk gets anoying. I would like to see Shane, Danielle, monte, Scott or Kryssie go home this week

      • Helen
        Helen (5158 comments)

        I prefer one of the showmance to go. Either one,does not matter but they are getting worse and worse with each passing day.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Caryn, me too. I have a pick but I’m not going to be bothered too much if it’s any of those. Shane seems very calm and I wouldn’t mind seeing him play on his own but I’m not going to lose any sleep if I don’t.

    • Avatar

      I don’t like Monte no matter who he is friends with! I hope he goes this week! I can’t stand to hear him talk.

  5. caRyn

    1 pm (PT) – Have-Not Reveal
    7 pm (PT) – Safety Ceremony

  6. Avatar

    I don’t know about other people but I like the oddball side of the house in spite of Jason not because of him. I just like rooting for the underdog. But easily by far Alex is my favorite player! She truly has her head in the game and is playing Big Brother

  7. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    Have not in five minutes sorry monte, Morgan and Scott

  8. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Random opinions:
    *We need to remember that we arn’t actually playing. We vote on stuff but we arn’t really the 14th HG. It’s easy to get wrapped up but none of us will get 250K.
    *I Wish there wasn’t voting. I’ve said it before but especially this season. Theses people are here to play! I will vote because it’s the situation but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Some care pkg are too game changing and I hope we don’t have a vote for the entire game. That’s just my take anyway.
    *No matter who people like, there is name calling on both sides. There are so many comments Monte and Morgan have made that could be mentioned but I’ve kept it to a minimum because the other side is doing it too. That’s kind of a wash imo.
    *I haven’t heard Monte say anything homophobic but I have heard him make terribly insulting comments. He goes very personal. The entire group does but he’s the worst. We know Krissi and Jason do as well. Shelby is in a league of her own.
    *Whitney said last night that Krissi is playing like it’s high school and Monte made fun of Krissi’s looks right after. The entire group cracked up. (I mention this because of the irony)
    *I disagree with an earlier comment about people being ok with Monte if he was on Jason’s side. I think Jason fans would still want Monte out. They would want to get him away from Jason. I also think people are so over the dictator game that we would be sick of him no matter what. I like Alex but I want Monte out so she has different options. It’s not to weaken her side. With alot of people still in the house, the best players should be able to maneuver and still have options. (Alex is proving this so far) The same can be said for Jason. Our 1 vote wouldn’t save him if Alex wanted him gone. She doesn’t. He did that, not us.
    *I agree with Helen about Scott. Krissi accused him of not being honest enough basically and is also pissed because he was honest with her about his vote. Scott is too sloppy in his conversations but the idea isn’t crazy. Some players have success when they let someone know in advance they can’t vote to keep them and why. They don’t have to explain to that side afterwards why they switched. His problem is taking a stand w/o realizing the other side doesn’t trust him either. It’s actually Alex’s paranoia that started and caused the distrust with Scott. It has snowballed.
    *Scott lectured Shelby about not burning bridges early. She said she doesn’t want to be in the middle and he was trying to explain the benefit. Later, he had the big arguement with Krissi and sent his bridge up in flames. (Again, it’s the irony)
    *Krissi, Jason and Justin keep saying (for days) that they don’t trust Scott but they keep telling him stuff. Jason has mostly stopped. Justin needs to keep quiet about not liking Shane and Danielle anymore but he isn’t.
    *Krissi is annoying but so are some of the others and she and Monte both are know-it-alls. Monte does it about game and she does it about life. That’s why he bugs me more.
    *Players are being judged harshly on twitter for saying they can’t or won’t worry about what America thinks. I don’t want them to give us a big FU like Monte did but I’m glad players like Alex and Scott are doing what they need to and not letting us become the focus. Alex was almost begging us the other night to help her out but by the end, it seemed like she’s going to play her game and not worry too much about it. My fear when they found out there wasn’t a jury was that we would end up with a bunch of fake nice people who are really jerks trying to be likable. I’m glad that isn’t happening too much. I cringe a little when I hear someone say something mean, take it back and make a comment about how America wouldn’t like that.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      As always Mell you are on point!! I don’t like the voting either…not to this extent….it is actually hindering what could actually be a really well played season. I wouldn’t mind some type of voting such as what the have nots get to eat or say a weekly nap pass or something like that but I would like to see these people have a chance to play without outside interference. Just my opinion ( ha,I always have one)

    • caRyn

      I am virtually a hg. I am a viewer for the entertainment and not the money. I don’t mind paying the $5.99 a month. For some that is the price of a Starbucks coffee. I do want to have our voting options. I have never had the feeds and never voted until this year for any TV/Internet show and I have seen every episode, every season of BB. I love being apart of this first trial fall season.
      Think of this OTT fall season this way….A hg will get $250k and the other hg are getting paid these 2 1/2 months – probably better than the jobs they have outside the BB house. They are getting paid to play a game. They are the first to be on this fall season and they will get publicity – good or bad – their choice. I don’t see any cons and a lot of pros for the hg.

  9. caRyn

    Start watching at 1:18 pm (PT). Justin is pissed at Monte for something that he heard from Monte.

    • caRyn

      Monte says someone leaked something to Justin. Justin is mad because of Monte saying that Justin steals his clothes.

      • caRyn

        12:10 pm (PT) Is when Danielle told Jason and Neeley the comment Monte made about Justin stealing his clothes. I am not sure if Kryssie could hear Danielle from where she was sitting.

      • caRyn

        1:07 pm (PT) Is when Danielle told Justin what Monte said.

      • caRyn

        1:50 pm (PT) Neeley asked Monte in front of the majority of the hg if he was racist. Monte said no. Monte said you can ask anyone here if I have said anything and Neeley said she doesn’t have to.

      • caRyn

        2:12 pm (PT) Neeley wanted to clear the air with Monte in front of the majority of the hg and she asked Monte if he is homophobic. He said no. Afterwards Neeley and Justin hugged Monte and everyone that was there.

      • caRyn

        1:50 pm (PT) Kryssie and Danielle lead Monte to believe that Scott was behind and to blame for this animosity between Monte and Justin.

      • caRyn

        2:47 pm (PT) Danielle tells Monte in front of Alex and Shelby that she told Justin about the comment that Justin steals his clothes. Monte said that isn’t a race thing.

  10. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    A light in the kitchen just exploded and got glass on Shelby. The HG’S were sent outside. One they way out Monte and Justin almost got into it. Justin said something and then Monte’s did. Didn’t hear it. Once they were both outside Monta told Justin to not come at him like that and then Justin said something else I’m not sure of and then told Monte to suck a d**k. They are on separate sides of the backyard at the moment.

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  12. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Justin found out that Monte was talking about Justin and made a comment that Justin probably steals his (Monte’s) clothes. I think (don’t know for sure) that’s what started it.

  13. Avatar
    Pabalo18 (2 comments)

    I like Alex’s game but I am keeping my eyes on Whitney it is the quiiet ones you have to watch

  14. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Can we please nominate krissey for eviction this week? Or voteout Danielle if she goes up? Those two are the ones that are causing all the hate in this house. I don’t mind turmoil but they are creating downright hate!!!

    • Avatar
      Wildsonic (128 comments)

      I made up my mine and unless something crazy happens I think we should nominate Krissey and see what happens.

    • Shivani33

      I don’t know what to think right now. Watching Justin pray for self-control. The rotten remarks about him. The maliciousness from Kryssie and Danielle late last night. Liking people who are on opposite sides of the fence…and wanting people from each side to be gone. Even though Monte has been pretty impossible to like, I’m finding Kryssie more overtly destructive. Jason would be better off without her stuck to him like a barnacle. But then, even though he won a veto, he barely functions. Scott the Scutthead crying over being a have-not. It’s beginning to look like a mass group therapy session whose leader said the hell with it and ran off to a cocktail lounge.

      • Helen
        Helen (5158 comments)

        Right? Danielle has no problem calling Shelby a whore and a slut ,Krissey says Shelby is trash (won’t they be surprised when they find out she has a law degree).
        IMO Kryssie needs to ne OTB this week to cutout a lot of the hatred brewing.

  15. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    You all realize that this is the same gameplay Neely krissey and Danielle used last week to flip the vote to cornbread. They are trying to flip it this week against Scott to take the heat off Shane/Danielle/Justin/Jason. Hope little Alex don’t fall for it!!!!

  16. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Scott is getting the blame for telling Justin. (It was Danielle)

    Danielle filled Justin in on Monte saying that Justin probably steals his clothes. Justin was offended (who wouldn’t be)
    Later, when the light exploded and they had to head outside, Justin told Monte to look the other way. Monte says “I don’t know what you heard”
    Justin says “f**k you. Suck a d**k”
    Justin is walking to the other side of yard to work out. Monte’s tells Jason that someone must have leaked something. He’s saying that he hopes Justin’s throws a punch. Everyone else trickles out to the yard. Monte is telling a group that someone must have told something. They are trying to talk about the light bulb but Monte keeps steering the convo back to Justin. He is saying that if Justin is acting like he may fight, the he needs to go.
    Monte has a convo with Neeley about how he isn’t racist. Somewhere in here Scott is getting the blame for telling Justin.
    Monte is saying that Justin is trying to play the race card and he needs to leave because of it. He may have said Scott was.

    I want to point out that Justin probably is unpredictable. He seems like the type that could just say “F**k the money, I want to beat Monte’s a**.”
    However, Monte is very intimidated by Justin. I don’t mean with fear of violence. When they are all in the yard and everyone is laughing and having fun with Justins stories, Monte has a look on his face like he really needs to poop. (often) He has said many horrible things about Justin that there is really no call for. Justin has too but he didn’t start until he had heard so much crap. Monte blew the bathroom thing way more than what it was. He immediately called Justin names and said if Justin was those things (the names Monte had just decided he was) then he should be kicked out. He keeps saying for 2 days that he really want Justin to throw a punch and he would beat his ass. (Other times he says he won’t) Monte says he hopes he throws a punch and then follows with anyone who acts like they might fight should be kicked out. Now he has decided that anyone who plays the race card should be kicked out. See the pattern here? Monte desperately wants Justin evicted for anything!
    One thing I do like about Justin…he has asked America more than once not to nom Monte. He says he wants to win and get him out himself.

  17. Avatar

    Are y’all watching Krissy and Alex talk in the HOH right now? Omg lol, Krissy is CLEARLY not a fan of this show. I’m sure Alex is biting her tounge in half right now. Krissy sittin there say ing how they don’t show their personal and house dramas on the feeds! She said they don’t show anyone saying anything offensive to race or anything like that! Omg, did they not tell her they are live 24/7?!? What a know it all idiot! If she doesn’t hush soon, she is gonna be gone quick. I hate when people don’t know anything about BB but act like they do. I’ve watched every season and she is offending me!

  18. Avatar

    Well guys, I know I raised all kinds of hell & said I wasn’t going to pay to watch BBOTT but after reading junkies & everybody’s comments, I had to come home. Lol
    I’ve missed you guys so much & hope you don’t mind me coming back. My Junkie family has made it impossible for me to stay away.

  19. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Alex is gonna take care of that for you Caryn. I meant for americas eviction vote. VOTE KRISSEY. She already thinks she is smarter and knows everything anyway!!! ( burp)

  20. Avatar

    I want that messy Danielle on the block. I knew that girl was messy, mean & conniving the minute I laid eyes on her.
    What is up with Kryssie & the big flowers on the side of head? That is just not cute.
    Monte is a wannabe macho meatheat.
    I’m not so crazy about Justin but he doesn’t deserve the crap that’s being thrown at him by Monte.
    Shelby’s deep man voice drives me nuts.
    Boy do we have a bunch of mean girls in the house.
    That Whitney is a sly one I think. Alex had better watch her back.

  21. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    I knew that POS Monte was going to go back and tell Shane that Alex was putting up Danielle/Shane!! He got it out of Alex pretty slick to…asking about saves. That got her mind clicking on order of saves today and tomorrow and thereby gave it away to Monte who was going on the block!!!

  22. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    So I think it’s almost decide that it will be either monte or Kryssie on the block. I personally hope for and will be voting for Kryssie to see how see think America feels about her since apprantly she think she America player after the care package.

  23. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    It’s what 10 or 11 days in and Danielle and Shane already act like they need to self evict to the local motel 6!! Please please voters don’t let this become another 8 week voyage on the love boat! ( da plane da plane)

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