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Saturday Feed Updates – Power of Veto Comp



Last week, I complained about Michelle basically rolling over and not doing a damn thing to save herself. She spent the better part of the week sleeping, or under her cover when she was awake. However, after watching James and Natalie these past few days, I am beginning to miss last week. I understand they’re upset that their game is shot, and James is walking out the door if he doesn’t win veto (or next week if he does save himself this week). That is natural to be a bit bummed, but listening to them talk to each other is painful. They’re upset at Corey and Nicole for not sticking with the final 4 deal, even though James has broken his word numerous times this season. James is upset because they would have been in good shape if not for the jury buyback with Victor returning. Natalie is walking around like someone just died.

Come on.

Take some responsibility for your game. James had a dose of karma slap him in the face this season, and he needs to accept that. During the first wall endurance competition, he was sitting pretty and had no problem ‘bouncing a check’ when he promised Bridgette and Frank safety. During the second wall competition, James had the chance to win it and control his destiny, but he threw it away when he jumped off to hand Nicole the HoH. Ironically, he told Natalie today that he planned on putting Corey and Victor up had he won, and replace Victor with Nicole should he save himself. I don’t know if he’s just talking in hindsight, but he’s not only admitting he screwed himself by not taking the first shot, he is saying he would have went back on his f4 deal with NiCorey. Mind blowing.


Now we get to listen to Natalie and James sit there and blame Corey and Nicole all week.  James wants to walk by them all week and say ‘dead man walking’ to make them feel bad. He wants Natalie to give them a guilt trip for breaking their f4 deal (first). He wants to say something in one of his two speeches to call them out on national TV. Again.. take some responsibility for your game. Just like she did to Michelle, Nicole beat James at his own game. She’s better at Big Brother than either of them, and that’s just a reality he needs to accept. I know many don’t see it because she’s had her head up Corey’s butt all season, but she is secretly having a pretty good season.  The jury may be bitter, and she probably won’t win because of it, but she came in (just like James, Frank, and Da’Vonne) with a huge target on her back, and likely made the final 4.  She gets kudos from me.

With that rant out of the way, feed updates:

  • 11:45am – Natalie and James are sitting there feeling sorry for themselves again.
    • James is talking about all the things he could have done to screw over Nicole before she screwed over him. He’s right. He passed, she didn’t. She beat him.
    • Nicole was smart enough to realize that James had a huge chance of beating her in the finals, and smart enough to realize Michelle wanted her out.
  • 1:30pm – The pity party continues for Natalie.
    • To be fair, James has said a lot of things that make me think he’s just accepted he blew it.  He is being egged on a lot by Natalie’s constant complaining
    • Like right now, Natalie is telling him not to shit on Nicole and Corey in his speech. Take the high road.
    • james2
    • Meanwhile, James is trying to sleep and doesn’t really seem to care one way or another.
    • Natalie – “They shit on themselves for fucking over .. “  (thinks to herself, ooops, I am pretending to be sweet and innocent) “.. For screwing you over, they pooped on themselves” (there we go)
    • Seriously, it’s like mid-sentence she remembered the act she was putting on this summer and had a reboot.
    • Natalie – “They may make it to the final 2, but karma may catch up with them next week”… Natalie, if you believe in karma, realize that karma caught up with James.
    • Natalie – “Nicole and Corey are going to be gunning for the veto today, it shows they don’t trust them”… Or because it’s smart to secure their safety? They shouldn’t trust anyone at this point.
    • 5 minutes later, Natalie is debating on shitting on them again.  James reminds her that Victor and Paul are not switching sides. It’s over.
    • I shit on James in my post, but it’s clear he’s not the one responsible for the pity party. He is upset, and should be, but she’s clearly the one obsessing over it.
  • Meanwhile, I’m surprised no veto comp yet.  I am going to be heading to dinner soon, and I expect to return to the feeds being down, or the veto comp already complete.  Will post results when I get home.
  • 5:30pm – Back from dinner, as I suspected, feeds down. Looks like it’s been down for nearly 2 hours now
  • 6:30pm – Feeds still down
  • 7:50pm – Feeds still down
  • 8:30pm – I am guessing it is the comic book challenge like expected.  If so, it’s a very long comp.  However, we should be nearing the end of it
    • Btw, I hate how they have these comps and leave us all hanging. Been sitting here for 3 straight hours. That’s a lot of DVR I could have cleared up if they gave us downtime estimates
  • 9:09pm – Feeds back. We have a veto winner
    • corey-pov
    • Everyone else is super dirty, but Corey is clean sometime. Sounds like it was the black box again where they had to dig through stuff.
    • Now that Corey won the veto, we’ll see you Thursday for James’ eviction.
    • I’m kidding – sort of – though I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of campaigning or drama.
    • As soon as James and Natalie leave the HoH room, they celebrate.  One thing Michelle said before she left is she noticed how touchy-feely Victor has been with Nicole.  That trend continues
    • victor-michelle
    • They are going to discuss who to send home.  I guess Nicole has been pushing for Natalie, and tonight may have helped sway that decision more. She apparently did much better than James (although he was probably throwing it), so they are considering sending her home first.  May not be the worst decision for them, as I think Natalie has a bigger chance at winning any comp other than the wall comp.
    • Seeing as the pizza boxes are MacGyver theme, and the things they were talking about, it sounded like they were put in a room (black box?), given a few tools and had to figure out how to escape.
    • They left the HoH room. I don’t want to listen to the pity party tonight, so I’ll be back in an hour or so

Check back for updates.


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  1. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    James really has screwed himself over. It’s sad to see but it’s true. I seriously doubt that Nat will be interested in a relationship after BB is over and he’s blown his game for nothing. It’s kind of sad. I really like him but he’s just not the same this year. .
    On another topic, I was reading Nicole’s bio and I didn’t realize that she is an ER nurse. I’ve talked about her being a nurse on previous posts and I wouldn’t want her as my nurse. I’ve been in the ER many times in the past 5 years and I cannot imagine having her as my nurse there AT ALL. I cannot imagine that she could handle real trauma. She must work in a very small hospital. Also in her bio one of her main things she said she likes to do is cuddle. Well well well, this has been a great season for that for her, hasn’t it? Looks like she’s cuddled to the f4, tho. lol

  2. Shivani33

    Nicole is clear about wanting Natalie evicted more than James and is very convincing. Victor and Paul could ask themselves, why Natalie?Nicole feels that she ‘ll have James on her side next in a 3 to 2 against Victor or Paul. Natalie, however, would team with Victor and Paul, giving them a 3 to 2 edge versus Nicorey. Nicole is talking already with Corey about how to eliminate Paul or Victor, and her “loyalty” to them is temporary.

    • Avatar

      Well if Nicole shows herself siding with James that’s a bad move cause James will definitely get evicted if not Paul will play hard for HOH and I want to see Final 2 with Victor and Paul and Nicorey will probably go I don’t want Nicole or Corey to win Big Brother I want Paul and Victor cause they have been strong and smart in this Big Brother that either Victor or Paul deserve to win they have done more than Nicole and Corey and siding with James will just make Paul and Victor gett rid of them even more so I hope Victor and Paul win the Veto

      • Shivani33

        Nicole isn’t showing it as siding with James. She is chattering about how rotten Natalie is and, and she’s doing this full-tilt. How Natalie went from man to man, until she settled on the only one she could get, and she’s been using James all summer blah blah blah. Corrreeeeyy didn’t want her, Victor didn’t want her. She’s an effing loser, ha ha, not a nice girrrrlll.

        As it stands right now, the only person she needs to have vote for Natalie’s eviction with her is Corey, as there’s no possible tie with only Corey, Nicole and Paul voting. PoV can change the noms, split the house and create a different vote pattern. We’ll soon see, but Nicole has valid strategic reasons to push hard for Natalie to go, and she’s pushing as cleverly as possible.

      • Mello_One

        Getting rid of Nat Nat would definitely be bad for both Victor, & Paul’s Game. If James stays he will join forces with Nicole & Corey, & Natalie would join forces with Vic & Paul, and would not put them OTB, James would! I think Victor is remembering his conversation with James, were he said that Nic, & him had an Alliance from day One

        I wouldn’t trust Nicole & Corey as far as I could throw them, all they are doing is Floating to the best advantage suited for THEM! Victor needs to stand firm. and tell them its his HOH, and he wants James Out….Otherwise Vic & James are going to get Boned again, and I see Paul going to Jury within the next week.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      In my opinion, Natalie is definitely a better player than Lames, and I think Nicole’s assessment that Nat would team up with Vic/Paul while Lames would team up with Nicole/Corey is spot on. So I don’t blame Nicole for wanting to get rid of Natalie first. I’ve given Nicole a hard time all season about being a non-factor in this game, but I have to agree with Steve that she’s really come on strong these past few weeks and proven to be a pretty smart player. She seems to really understand how to play the game for herself and do what’s best for her own game, instead of playing for the whole house or for an entire alliance (and she’s able to do this without making it obvious that’s what she’s doing).

      Unless someone comes off the block, Nicole and Corey have the votes to do whatever they want this week (so for all intents and purposes, for the second week in a row Nicole and Corey are basically in control of the house). I can’t see Vic or Paul changing the noms if either of them wins the veto, so unless Nat wins and takes herself off the block, or Lames wins and falls on his own sword by saving Nat, I could see this week blowing up in Vic’s face.

      • caRyn

        I would be glad to see anyone that Victor puts OTB go.I understand the dilemma Victor will face if James doesn’t go this week, but I am just ready to see one of them get evicted. Mostly for not playing the game and for the simple fact that we won’t hear them on BBAD.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I agree @caryn, and I just really hope Paul can win the next HOH. I don’t see Paul and Vic both surviving next week if Paul doesn’t win HOH.

      • caRyn

        I know. And I don’t know that Paul can flip anyone anymore after this week if he doesn’t win HOH. If Paul doesn’t win HOH they may target Victor again and Paul may have another week.

      • Shivani33

        @Gerardo The control that Nicole and Corey have with this vote is why I had hoped that Victor would nominate one person from each showmance. Victor is a loyal kind of player, but Nicole ( and Corey) are looking already for the way to cut him or Paul, and Nicole is doing a good job of psyching them out at the moment. From what I’ve seen, as yet Victor and even Paul haven’t caught on to what Nicole can do with James, if he stays. To me, it is too late in the game to have more than one genuine ride-or-die. The group is small now, and incredibly – Nicole is the most dangerous player. Unless or until she’s evicted.

      • Avatar
        Louis DeWeaver III (6 comments)

        No no no. Nicole made a major mistake. She won hog and the veto. She could have back doored Victor and made a big move. This season has the worst players in BB history. In my option and I bet many others too this has been a season full of scared players doing what the house wants. Who cares who wins they all suck.

    • Avatar

      Right, cuz they only have final 4 loyalty , n someone has to b voted out! N Nicole does work for a small hosp, she already said there’s only one red light in her whole town! Lol n I rather Nicole r Cory win it, just off of not being so mean or coniving , everyone on there has been so hateful n brutal with words.. R usin people..Cory n Nicole has done none of that… Genuine good people! N he’s a professional baseball player n she’s a ER nurse! N for the record, usually u don’t see ya nurses reality game player a game..u only see them at work, so u don’t knw thier background!!lol

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        If you google Nicole’s hometown it will tell you it is a village, population of less than 900. I seriously doubt that there is a hospital in her hometown.
        Corey is a baseball coach not a professional player.

  3. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    They are going after Victor next. Love the guy and really would love to see him win but he’s dumb as a stump. He’s keeps bringing up Paulie and Corey and Paul both were Paulies ride or die. I still think and will say it again Corey Paul and Nicole are going for final 3 and Corey and Nicole plan on taking each other. What would be funnier than sh#t is come voting night is for the whole jury to refuse on national tv to vote for either one because neither of them deserves it.

    • Avatar

      Well I hope Victor doesn’t t go he and Paul are good strong players and like you said Corey and Nicole are just too annoying and giving them the Big Brother win will be stupid lol yeah if the jury doesn’t vote for them that will be hilarious

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I think Vic is just loyal to a fault. You could tell last week when Corey gave him that bribe that Vic really wants to be able to trust the people he works with (ironically, he didn’t realize that they gave him that bribe largely because they feared he might be disloyal to Paul and vote him out). Being loyal to an alliance used to be a valid strategy in BB– for example, BB6 with the Sovereigns vs the Nerd Herd (no one except James that season would’ve ever even considered betraying their own alliance). But in more recent seasons, the way people play the game (lying to everyone as much as possible, making and breaking deals every week) makes it almost impossible to win playing the game Vic plays (unless of course you can win your way to the end, which Vic may be able to do).

      • Avatar
        Kathy (6 comments)

        You are absolutely right about Vic. No one can say the guy hasn’t been honest and has been the better friend than others have been with him, and hasn’t been hateful and nasty. He’s a little disappointed with James, and Nat but I don’t think he’d be as against them if it weren’t for Paul spewing hate. In the long run people wanted him out because he’s a beast, not because he wasn’t liked. He has stayed true to himself and was grateful for being there . He took pride in the home he was sharing with others by getting along with everyone and even took pride in trying to keep it clean. That house was really disgusting with clothes and trash everywhere. Not once did I see any of the girls clean a room, the kitchen, bathroom, nothing! A bunch of single guys I could understand more, but the girls were slobs. Couldn’t believe it! They were all like the twins last season while Austin was always cleaning.what is with all these young entitled acting girls these days? Just not very becoming. Anyways, Imam glad Vic fought his way back and I think overall he’s played the best game . But I by chance he doesn’t I know he’ll be a mature good sport about it. Then I hope he finds a great girl who will appreciate him! Good luck Vic.

      • Mello_One

        @ Gerardo
        I totally agree! In fact Corey giving Vic that $5,000. went a long way in Victor remaining Loyal to Nic & Corey. But Nicole & Corey are Loyal to no one, but themselves…Except maybe James. If Paul & Victor do not see this, one of them is going to Jury next week. The tip offs will be James talking to Nic & Corey more this week.

        Nicole looks innocent but she is cut throat Woman who loves to Cuddle…aka Get her Freak on!

  4. AIO_7

    Watched some BBAD last night: While (trying to) cook, GNat had Lames throw away a perfectly good Green Pepper. She saw a few small spots on it, called it mold, and had Lames throw the whole thing away instead of cutting away any portion that might have offended her. It looked plump and fine on TV and Lames didn’t seem to find anything wrong with it, but he threw it away anyway for his lady love…..just like his game.

  5. caRyn

    Natalie on BBAD was asking America to go to Go Fund Me and donate money for her cousin’s med school. What else can America help you out with Natalie?! You have no shame in asking for money.

  6. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    James has no one to blame but himself, yet again! He is the ultimate fence sitter. Even when he jumps to a side, he ‘commits’ with his fingers crossed behind his back. Then when the other side starts a conversation, he double-talks, side steps, back steps and jumps onto the fence again. Then he has the nerve to be upset that Corey and Nicole didn’t stick to the F4 deal. Am sure it was a confusing conversation, with non-committal James, committing, sort of, until something else comes his way. Unfortunately nothing else came his way. So much for Mr. Big Moves!

    • Avatar
      Kathy (6 comments)

      Nichole did actually honor the agreement she had with James when he gave her You by ot putting him or Nat up, instead made Meech her target. But at the same time she stayed true then to Paul and Vic. So the weird part is that Nic and Corey’s agreement with James and Nat for f4 obviously didn’t include Meech, so why when it came down to Meech and Paul up would they feel secure it would not beMeech to go? I think James and Nat had to know it could be her over Paul, especially since Meech and Nic hated each other. It was a no brainier to me that after Vic and Paul spent the entire week up in the High room with them that chances are that they didn’t have a problem with Vic and Paul as they did. Then we all saw how Paul always reacted when up on the block; he would not be all calm, cool and collected as he acted when he’d talk with them. They should have seen he acted the same way when he’s lying. Always would say no one has told him anything! Really??? You spend every waking minute up in the room and no one ever talks game, especially him who is on the block. Right!!!! And being how mad he and Vic were when blindsided by Meech and Nic, and in the end both were still there because of the veto and jury buy back, of course they would do their best to try and play with who is now in charge verses the people who tried to evict them. He was all calm, no worries, and suddenly no longer mad at all of them? So even tough I happen to like really all , but Corey that is left for different reasons, James blew it, when giving Nic You , that was the game changing move. He,Nat, and Meech would have had a second week in a row of control. It should have been a repeat of the week before sending at least Vic or Paul home. They were in good with Corey and Nic still, Meech would be safe too another couple of weeks then who knows, take out Corey and Nic or Meech after working on Vic, who I think would have picked to go back to work with James and Nat and Meech. Or even Paul. James should have known better how strong Paul and Vic are both physically and mentally and would do everything possible to to save each other. I believe Vic has worked the hardest, having returned twice. He also is basically nice guy and as acted like a good sport and truthfully he is the only one who lived in a house for 3 months and had enough self respect to clean around the house. He not only played the game, but he co-existed with a bunch of slobs who were lazy, whiners, criers, liars, and all around a-holes but he stayed true to himself. Paul played ok for a typical BB liar,but getting all upset when he was put up wasn’t becoming, what did he really expect? Game would be so different now if he had not gotten the veto. Corey is probably a nice guy idk but he had really mostly been useless. People have carried him through. now Nichole may have chosen to isolate with Corey, but really she tried to e friends with the different girls and they shot her down, o she had Corey at least to pal with, but she has played her game very well too. So in my opinion Vic and Nic f2 . But jury will vote then for Vic. I would be happy with that!

      • Avatar

        Am I the only one that thinks Nicole has played a good game ? Wasn’t she the very first target ? Didn’t she talk her teammates into giving her the 1st HOH ? Yes she did lay low while in a powerful alliance, she did tutor Corey in strategy but his win record is pretty good… She got her partner off the block when the whole house was voting him out, she kept her word keeping James and Nat off the block … Okay she does whine a bit & gets paranoid while thinking strategy, but she’s turning on the power now when she needs to 🙂 Sorry but Paul is a bully, Natalie wow, catty nasty person ( Paulie called it ) even tonight telling James she had a crush on Corey 1st, then Victor 2nd ? Poor James had that lost dog look until she started grilling him, asking if he had a final 3 with Nicorey or a final 2 with Nicole? Then her nasty mouth showing her true self. Afraid it’s too little too late for James to wake up…

  7. Avatar
    Lina N (43 comments)

    I am so over their pity party. By Nat Nat and by Jamesy, sorry if we don’t feel like you’re the princess Natalie. If you want 500,000 get your butt out of that bed and earn it like the rest of the contestants. But knowing you and James will keep the blanket over your head all week and cry me a handful for losing. You’re not America’s sweetheart FYI I’m rolling with the people that won on the money and when it

  8. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Natalie is a piece of work! She apologized to Vic and Paul for taking the advice of the wrong person-James! They said that it didn’t take her a second to throw that out there.It is scary if Nat leaves though.James will be taken in by Nicorey again.I don’t want that to happen.

    • Helen
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I don’t think Nat was throwing James UTB. I think she was saying she put entrust in the wrong hands meaning snake/borey and it was misconstrued by vic/paul as she was throwing James utb

      • Shivani33

        @Helen It’s too bad that Natalie didn’t say what she meant more clearly to Victor and Paul. I agree with your comment, and Natalie missed a chance to give them some detailed information about Nicole and Corey and how they’ve been playing. She was sincere but not articulate, so that made it easy for others to conclude that she was merely blaming James. Maybe Natalie will try talking about it again and do a better job (?)

  9. Avatar

    I was really confused about Nat’s apology…….I thought at first she was throwing James UTB but tend to agree with Helen’s take….& I think she was intentionally ambiguous. I do agree she is not as sweet as she presents, but can’t begin to guess her motive. I do like James. I feel of all the males (Victor…ummm, not tooooo bad) he showed the most respect for the women. I think he will be a good father to his female child.

  10. Avatar
    Deanne (9 comments)

    Nicole and Corey hadn’t been mean and nasty???????????????????????????

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  12. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I am really kinda disappointed in Vic and Pauls gameplay this week. They have become complacent again. You think they would have learned their lesson the last time when they got “boned” to not fully trust anyone and to at least question the things James and Nat have said. Unfortunately they are too busy patting each other on the back. Kind of miss Meech in a way, she would have called snake/Borey out in front of Paul/Vic and nehhhveeeer care! The only way James/Nat can turn this around is for Nat to win veto OR for Paul or Vic to win veto and wake up by Monday otherwise Snake will get Nat out …..she has gotten every other female out of this game. I thought Paul was a little smarter than what he has shown this week,guess I was giving credit where no credit was due.

  13. Apopkedave
    Apopkedave (57 comments)

    It’s over, Victor has won. (That’s just my opinion.)

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I hope you’re right, as I am a fan of Vic. But I think there is still a lot of game left to play, and everyone in the house realizes that Vic will win if he makes it to Final 2. Expect that there will be several more shots taken at Vic and it will be up to him to save himself each time.

      • Helen
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Yes I think there will be but I think they will backdoor him next week if Nicole or Corey win hob they will put up paul/James and pull Paul at veto ceremony and put Vic in his place then right out the door

  14. caRyn

    I don’t think James or Natalie have a chance of winning, but I hope one does so that Victor is forced to put Nicole or Corey OTB. If James wins, he may save Natalie and if Natalie wins she will save herself. Then without a doubt James will get evicted this week.

  15. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    What the heck is taking so long woth this POV?

  16. Avatar
    James (1 comments)

    Natalie has definitely rode in James’ shadow the entire season, but then again, I’m pretty surprised that James has gotten this far just by throwing comps and laying in bed all season. I kind of get the feeling that he came into the house already bored of the idea of being there.

  17. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    The next few weeks are going to be or at least SHOULD be really good. I’m pulling for Paul and Victor for final 2. As much as I want that they are going to have a,tough time getting there. They are going to have to win every comp from now on to assure they get to the final 2. If they don’t win all the comps then it’s most likely that one or the other or both will go to jury. The game has been poorly played all season and that’s why we end up with these lame people at the end.
    With that being said…..I’m STILL pulling for Paul and Victor for the f2. Now let’s see if they can make it.

  18. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Corey won veto……Bye Natalie

  19. Avatar
    Alexander Monger (2 comments)

    My Predictions:
    Victor Wins Veto and decides not to use it.

    Nicole – Natalie
    Corey – Natalie
    Paul – Natalie

    HOH Winner: James
    Nominees: Nicole and Corey
    Veto Winner: Corey (Uses)
    Replacement Nominee: Victor

    Corey – Victor
    Paul – Nicole
    Tiebreaker Vote: James – Victor

    HOH Winner: Corey
    Nominees: James and Nicole
    Veto Winner: Paul (does not use)

    Paul – James

    1st HOH Comp: Corey, Paul, Nicole
    2nd HOH Comp: Paul
    3rd HOH Comp: Paul
    Nominees: Corey and Nicole
    Evicted: Nicole

    Finale: Paul and Corey


    Nicole – Corey
    Victor – Paul
    James – Paul
    Natalie – Paul
    Michelle – Paul
    Da’Vonne – Paul
    Bridgette – Paul
    Zakiyah – Paul
    Paulie – Paul

    Corey: 1
    Paul: 8

    Winner: Paul
    Runner-up – Corey
    America’s Favorite House guest – Paul

  20. Avatar

    I a really having trouble watching AA and seeing Paul shooting and spewing his venom…..I’m amazed, and I shouldn’t be considering his last behavior, how he envelopes his ‘victim’ (whom ever he’s planning on manipulating) and keeps on and on and on about how ‘bad’ the intended ‘target’ is. Victor stays true to himself and though he doesn’t waiver too much, is definitely under Paul’s control. I really don’t want to see Paul win this…..Victor, OK…he’s really worked hard and kept his values throughout for the most part……and to be honest, I wonder if anyone else is starting to get fed up with Nicole and her constant whining about (as Paul keeps enforcing) how bad Natalie is….running and reporting every interaction she has with her to the guys and weighing those moments so she can keep Paul’s (and Victors?) approval. I like Nicole, but I don’t agree that she has played so a great game. Personally, I think she has hidden behind Corey and just swung with whatever was opportune for her in that moment……really folks….am I the only one that is having these reactions?

  21. Kari B
    Kari B (821 comments)

    Hello all,

    I just got done reading all the updates and I’m just sitting here shaking my head in disbelief. Last year James was so much better than this year and I just don’t get it. So many foolish decisions, He dug his own grave and I have lost complete respect for him.. :'(

  22. Shivani33

    Corey to Nicole, ” I don’t care what Vic wants. I’m voting out Natalie 1,000%.” Victor has a gut feeling it’s better for him to evict James, but he’s looking at 3 voters who want to dump Natalie. Meanwhile, Corey and Nicole have been talking already about mending fences with James. Even though Paul told Victor that he’ll do what Victor wants, Victor has given in to Natalie being the one to go.

    James said that he’s going to tell them that they’d better vote him out or else he’s going to win comps and go after everybody. He talks quite the big game, all wrapped up in bed. Natalie was trying on eviction dresses for James, mainly interested in her figure.

    • Mello_One

      Exactly! Then in the next week when James joins forces with Nic & Corey, the 2 sitting Ducks Goose will be cooked! The only Woman Nicole wants standing in the end is Her, in the F2, no Girl Power for Nicole, No Sir?!

      That last part in your comment about James is spot on…I believe I have heard him say that he is ready to settle down, & get Married. But I find it very strange of James coming onto a Reality Show to try and find a Wife?! James did this last Season on BB17 too with Meg, but unlike Nat Nat, Meg told James she just wanted Friendship with James.

      • caRyn

        Natalie’s talk about Girl Power is a joke. A couple of nights ago Natalie said to James that she will do what he tells her to do. James is her BB game. When Bronte was in the house she said there was no way she was depending on a guy. Natalie mentioned that when she gets out of the house she will remain friends with Bronte. Fingers crossed that Natalie doesn’t ask Bronte about her BB game. Bronte may reply with – you mean the game James played for you. Js.
        The difference between Meg and Natalie is that Meg didn’t cuddle or sleep in the same bed as James. Not that I know of. Natalie will rub (in an affectionate manner – not sexual) on James and vice versa. I don’t touch on my friends and cuddle with them. My dogs – yes. Ha!

  23. Avatar

    Am I the only one that thinks Nicole has played a good game ? Wasn’t she the very first target ? Didn’t she talk her teammates into giving her the 1st HOH ? Yes she did lay low while in a powerful alliance, she did tutor Corey in strategy but his win record is pretty good… She got her partner off the block when the whole house was voting him out, she kept her word keeping James and Nat off the block … Okay she does whine a bit & gets paranoid while thinking strategy, but she’s turning on the power now when she needs to 🙂 Sorry but Paul is a bully, Natalie wow, catty nasty person ( Paulie called it ) even tonight telling James she had a crush on Corey 1st, then Victor 2nd ? Poor James had that lost dog look until she started grilling him, asking if he had a final 3 with Nicorey or a final 2 with Nicole? Then her nasty mouth showing her true self. Afraid it’s too little too late for James to wake up…

    • Avatar
      Susan (221 comments)

      I’m with you DJ. I think Nicole has played it just right and knows exactly what she’s doing. They would (Nicole & Corey) would be foolish to vote out James. They know they can pull him back over to their side, they are friends outside of big brother.

      As far as somone above saying that Paul will win AFP, I would hate to see that. I know alot of the audience doesn’t necessarily watch Big Brother After Dark, but I do and think he is such a foul mouthed human. It makes him sound so ignorant when he can’t complete a sentence with out the f word or the s word. Drives me nuts.

      I’m pulling for a Nicole, Corey and James final 3.

      • Avatar

        What do you think Susan, will it end like Nicole suggested a choice between the final 3 ?
        I also think Victor has played a strong game…

  24. Avatar
    Louis DeWeaver III (6 comments)

    If anyone is a so called super fan of big brother you would know that this season of big brother has been the worst. Players are in several alliances, they run to the weeks hog kissing up. Nicole wins hoh and veto and sends out Michelle who has one nothing but leaves Victor who she could have back doored. Come on these people suck at big brother. They turned on Frank (who was winning comps) and they were in a alliance and he was keeping them safe. Players likeMike Boogie and Rachel never played scared and did what the house wanted. Big brother is beginning to suck and if they don’t get better players or bring back some real vets me and thousands of others will not be watching it.

  25. Avatar
    Lesley (1 comments)

    Unless production changes back to the good oldBig Brother , our BB Party of 40 WILL NEVER WATCH this show again..Allowing jury members to come back into the house ,,the Farce of Trip tickets …These contestants PAUL and VICTOR with their filthy dirty mouths ..NICOLE and COREY with their whining Worse than a two year old babies ..
    Come on BB get with the good old show …All we here can only say that Thank Goodness CANADA still knows how to play the game , Last question ? WHere did you find these losers are you not getting enough applications to play this game ?????????

    • jimbo
      jimbo (450 comments)

      I thought Vic was as much of a jerk as anyone, but the ability for ANYONE to come back into the game doers add some suspense/drama. I don’t want a boring show. One change I’d make (BB listening, please?!) is to allow the weekly veto winner to choose their own replacement! Wow, that would make this game wild! Or, how about this — after winning veto, the veto winner gets to pick from a hat one of two chips, where one (50% chance) allows the veto winner to name their replacement! Whaddya think, Stevebeans?!

  26. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    I’ve been so blinded by my dislike of Nicole that it’s been easy for me to say she hasn’t played well until recently. I also dont like women who dont like women. I agree with some comments above that laying low has been very effective. I’m biased and can’t stand the thought of someone screwing their way to the end. (I mean the way she spent her time-not as a strategy)
    She did get her team to give her the hoh and got out who she wanted. (Easily) She has had a hand in almost every eviction. The first time she was really in trouble, she managed to flip it. It’s just hard for me to believe that her game could have survived against better players. These are the players that are in the tho so I guess that doesn’t matter. I never root for players because of their liability but I”m seeing that I am a hypocrite. I CAN’T root for the person playing the best game when I don’t like them at all.
    *I don’t know if it would have made a difference but you would think Natalie would have made it very clear who was pushing her to put up Paul/Vic last week.
    *Vic is the best “person” in the house imo. I hope he isnt enjoying Nicoles attention to much to see clearly. Paul could be the best player if he didn’t get tunnel vision and it looks like he’s going to do that again this week.

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  28. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    IF there were to be a Diamond POV this week,how would they bring it into play? would it be before Monday? Wish they would and liven this bore fest up…..give it to Natalie and force them to put Nicole on the block……come on BB. Give us a little entertainment…..

  29. jimbo
    jimbo (450 comments)

    James played a terrible game, is too mesmerized/used by Natalie who has no real interest in him (she’d jump on Vic in a sec), and deserves his fate for blatantly lying/screwing Frank to win the HOH comp. No pity for him…how Americas Favorite has fallen. Nicole and Corey aren’t much better at the game — NO WAY can they beat Paul/Vic in the finals, but they surely have a chance against Nat/James. DUMB move by Nicorey to keep Paul and Vic. Paul or Vic are NOW guaranteed to win. The two jerks who began the season as arrogant as can be will be rewarded by some dum dums.

  30. Shivani33

    One thing that I haven’t heard James say is what he would do if he’s the one who stays. He has advised Natalie what to do if she stays, though. The two main things that he has told her are: 1) Go with Victor, not Nicole and Corey. 2) If Natalie wins HoH, nominate one of Nicorey and one of Vic/Paul. Also, James said that Victor and he are similar in how they play the game, that Victor is an honest, non-mean and loyal person. James said that Nicole and Corey have screwed over Natalie and him more than once.

    So far, it does look like James won’t be going this time. I wonder if what he has said to Natalie about what to do if she stays is how he will think and act if he stays. He recommended that if possible, Natalie should nominate Paul and Nicole. He expressed that the only one to trust as a straight-up person is Victor. So my question is whether he too would try to align with Victor? Is he going to try participating and voting with Nicole or not? Or will he just simply be the next one out the door?

    • caRyn

      That would be great if James took his own advice.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Apparently James would try to get back with Corey and Nicole. He and Natalie had a disagreement about it last night. He’s screwed either way.

      • Shivani33

        I remember James telling Paulie that he felt like he had no relationship whatsoever with Corey, that Corey just never had anything to say to him and hardly even looked at him when James tried to get to know him. Now, last night Corey told Nicole that they need to be friendlier to James. That friendliness alone could be golden to Jamesey, who has kind of an open wound of neediness integral to his personality components. Corey can help reel him in and make James feel more at home with Nicole once again. A means to an end.

        Also, James told Natalie that he has dyslexia and how this messes with his ability in mental and spatial comps. She matched and raised his disclosure by bringing up her ADD. Kind of like “you show me yours, but WTF! – look at meeeee!”

  31. Shivani33

    Also, one bit of sheer gossip. According to the edit of jurors’ interactions shown before the wall comp, Zakiyah was still having nothing to do with Paulie. But Da’Vonne did say vaguely that she just doesn’t even begin to know what is up with those two, and nothing more was added to that remark. Quite a few viewers have noted and said that just before Zakiyah and Da’Vonne held hands and jumped, Paulie said to Zakiyah, “keep our bed warm!” He also crowed about how his (or their) room was “bangin’.” Of course, Paulie could’ve been just getting in a jab or handing out some bull. Or maybe not. Whatever about whatever!

  32. Avatar

    I will just be very happy to see Natalie & her fake personality, foul mouth, catty attitude gone !
    Wonder if Nicole was right considering the end may be 3 players to choose from ???
    Also wonder if this jury will be picking the winner on game play or personality ???

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