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Saturday Night Feed Updates – Return of Zingbot

Good evening, everyone!


It’s a pretty big competition today in the Big Brother house. Actually, it’s pretty huge. Scottie and Brett are on the block together and there are 4 people playing to keep the noms the same (or save Brett). Only Scottie and maybe Haleigh are playing to save Scottie which means things are not looking good for ole scoot.

No matter what Fessy thinks, the simple fact remains that if anyone but two level 6 are on the block together this week, the other person goes home. The only way L6 may get screwed is if Scottie wins and saves himself. Fessy really doesn’t have any option other than a L6 member to replace him with which means they’re down to L3.  Scratch that, he could nominate Sam and with the right manipulation from JC, that may actually be possible.  JC can work the angle that Sam would be a great person to put up to ensure Brett goes home but in reality, Sam would likely go.

I guess there is no need to speculate much because the feeds should be back up soon so I’m going to just wait and find out. Once we see the PoV winner, we’ll know how the week is going to go



  • 5:55 pm – Feeds back!
    • Brett won the PoV.  Bye Scottie
    • It doesn’t look like Sam is having an easy time with the house being destroyed
    • Brett celebrates with Ang in the storage room
    • Brett says he wants to tell Fessy to suck his fucking cock on national TV during the veto meeting. Oh yes
    • Someone dumped the coffee into the stove and someone else dumped milk on the floor wtf
    • Savages
    • Sam is still in the Jenga room alone
  • Jc is up in the HoH room with Fessy
    • They talk about how Sam gets called to the DR every morning possibly for meds
    • JC says his dad is bipolar and sees a lot in that with Sam
    • Fessy just hangs in bed and asks if he should help clean. JC says ‘yes you made this mess’ but Fessy just chills in bed
    • Again Fessy says he feels he should help. JC says of course he should. He’s only HoH one week
    • Apparently, zingbot called Sam crazy so that won’t help
  • 8:30 pm – Had to go pick up daughter at work but I’m back and i’m going to flashback to see if anything happened
  • 7:25 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room doing the typical ‘I’ll do whatever you want’ conversation
    • Fessy says he’s not worried about Brett being mad at him. It’s whatever
    • Tyler says he’s all about returning favors (if he doesn’t get put back on the block)
    • Fessy proposing a 4 person team (Those two plus Hay and Angela)
  • 7:50 pm – Brett said he never even tried to look for the vetos. He went in and kept barricading his behind a bunch of beds
    • Haleigh is showing Tyler her hiding spot
  • 8:10 pm – Fessy masking because why not. I wonder if he’s using Posh
    • Haleigh is showering and on the bright side he’s not standing over the shower looking in like he usually does (yes, he does this. Creepy bro. Creepy)
  • 8:15 pm – Haleigh and Fessy are talking
    • Haleigh doesn’t like the idea of keeping Tyler in the game.  She humors Fessy’s plan of having a final 4 but Haleigh is pointing out how she put him on the block and they’ll never work together (she’s right)
    • If Haleigh wins HoH next she’s going to put Brett and Sam up – lol
  • 9:30 pm – Brett is talking with Angela and Tyler
    • They are talking about Sam. Brett says that she is losing it
    • He re-tells the conversation how she is convinced that Brett had a secret alliance with her
    • Brett explains how Sam thought that RS and Brett were communicating with each other about Brett’s love for Sam by things they would say. Not to each other, but in earshot of each other.
    • Think about that… Sam thinks that Brett and RS were sitting close enough to each other but not talking to each other. They would use certain phrases in their respective conversations to communicate with each other.
    • Sam has to stop watching TV
  • 9:50 pm – Ty just talking game with Angela while Scottie is brushing his shoe with a toothbrush because that’s what he does

I am fairly tired so I am going to head to bed. Not sure how busy tomorrow will be but Monday should be fun!


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  1. HappyHippo

    Can’t believe feeds are still down…

  2. Charlotte

    Zingbot better tread lightly with Sam…..lots of parts she could use to make other gadgets! Fingers crossed Scotty doesn’t get the Veto and if he does, hoping Sam goes up and to the “little house” next week. Love her, really, but would rather see her relax in the jury house.

  3. danmtruth

    From Sassy an earlier convo between Sam & Angela – She still doesn’t know about MF and Haha. She thinks Haha like Brett and MF is gay. She’s not the most perceptive person, or she’s a good actress.- Sam still thinks MF is he is gay Sam says she will feel foolish because she was laying on Fess Sam is so clueless

    • Sassy

      I think part of Sam’s persona is an act, that’s not to say I don’t think something is wrong with her because I’ve seen that she does have a twisted head. Just not sure, I go back and forth with my opinion of her, I would not be surprised if the FBI is searching her land by the creek looking for bodies…

      • danmtruth

        Sassy I always felt part of Sams back store was a bit shell we say fabricated I do think she is a welder has had a number of jobs The living in moms backyard is a new thing The video we saw where she had the blond hair singing Bob Marley Also shows she was dress down for the plain backwoods girl She knows a lot more of whats going on The holier then tho is made up I think Sam is not much different than most of her other HG

      • Alda

        I have felt that way about Sam from the beginning.I do think she has problems,but some of her actions are exaggerated.

  4. Mr. Beardo

    Did y’all hear that Stormy Daniels turned down $195k to be on Celebrity BB?! What a fool..

  5. Sassy

    Here’s the official CBS response to the endurance comp:

    Allison Grodner: We never know for sure how long an endurance competition will be. Endurance competitions on Big Brother have been as short as 2 minutes and as long as 14 hours. Our goal for any endurance comp on BB is that it is long enough to continue out of the live show and that the HG’s try their best to win. An exciting and competitive endurance competition is our goal and this year’s slip and slide, while shorter than others, was hard fought, funny and had a dramatic power shifting conclusion.

  6. Sassy

    The answer to the goodbye messages:

    Allison Grodner: The goodbye message can be an important part of strategy for the HGs when talking to a jury member and we keep that in mind as well. We have had HGs come back into the diary room in the past and ask to do a new message at the last minute and we definitely make sure the message they intend is the one that the juror sees. Even though we shorten the message for the live show, we are careful that the intent is the same. One thing viewers don’t know is that the jurors will see all of their messages once they get to the jury house even if they didn’t make it in the show.

    They shorten them/edit for us to see. Maybe the whole message isn’t as harsh as they make it out to be…

  7. Helen

    6 hours now….seems overly long for hide the veto…the house is only so big!! With some rooms closed off like storage room

  8. Mr. Beardo

    Feeds back! Brett won!

  9. HappyHippo

    And the bedroom is tore up!

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  11. Helen

    Brett won his first comp!! Yeah Brett!!

  12. Shivani33

    Brett won POV.

  13. kneeless

    Yay, good job Brett!

  14. HappyHippo

    I wonder if the zings were funny…hope they got fessy good

  15. danmtruth

    thats great so TY uses his power this week not to be backdoor Than Angela ,KC or Sam go up Fess might panic and pick Sam

  16. Shivani33

    Hazel is pissed!

    • Helen

      Because of the house or because she thinks Brett tried to poison her?

      • HappyHippo

        My guess the house…it looks pretty bad

      • Helen

        She doesn’t find it entertaining…well..if she wasn’t such a selfish,self centered fruitcake should would realize that just because she doesn’t find something entertaining the whole world doesn’t have to bow down to her!!
        I’m not crazy about that comp either but I sure as hell ain’t gonna jump off a ledge because others do!
        Much as I want Scottie gone,I think maybe it would be a relief to send her ass out..after all this time with only about 35 days to go it serves her right to go through all her [email protected] for nothing!

      • Sassy

        I’m with you Helen, I don’t care for this comp. it’s so personally intrusive, but they KNOW it’s happening every year. They even talked to Sam about it earlier this week. Sorry, but it’s part of the game. When she signed up, I’m sure they told her privacy was NOT an option in the house.

      • ElaineB

        I haven’t liked this comp either, especially when James on one of his seasons, just went around the house purposefully dumping food, liquids, etc. It is a destructive comp, a waste of resources, and probably should be replaced.

      • Sassy

        Sounds like Scottie did that this time. He said he poured out all the liquids he could find. JC said all his clothes were piled up and milk had been dumped on them.

      • Jenny

        That kind of stuff is just STUPID. Sure, I get tossing around bedding and mattresses, but I want to slap people who just dump food or whatever for no reason other than to make a mess. Wish they’d get penalty points for that behavior.

      • Mr. Beardo

        James level

      • aka beachgirl

        I’ve always wondered why they make such a huge mess when they’re the ones who have to clean it up. Well, unless you’re Fessie. He seemed to think he was above helping.

  17. Sassy

    I’m back to trolling twitter:

    “FYI – This competition always takes about 4-5 hours and we’re at the 4 hour mark. BB20 logic – endurance HoH competition on live feeds takes too long, let’s shorten it. Then two days later we can have one of our longer veto comps blocked on feeds.”

    “Sam – Brett tried to poison me. Faysal – What happened? Sam – I had an allergic reaction. Tyler – To Kaitlyn’s hemp seeds. Her lip swelled up. Sam – Brett made supper. He put those hemp seeds on it. My whole mouth swelled up really big…”

  18. Helen

    Sam is tripping in the KR room by herself…here we go with the Sam BS. …why does it always have to revolve around Sam?

  19. danmtruth

    OHOH Sam in Geo room by her self fighting back tears Either she is worried about going up They are cleaning without her Bret kiss Angela and not her

  20. Avatar

    looks like Scottie is gone

  21. mm22

    Good for Brett! I hope he wins the next HOH too!

  22. Shivani33

    Brett used a specific method each time he went back in the house to search. He said that he spent that entire time burying his own veto deeper and making it as inaccessible as possible.

  23. danmtruth

    Someone mess up Sam’s closet Just sad that the house is a mess So many things might have brought her down It looks like a ZINGBOT Corp contest Maybe ZINGBOT said something that upset her

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  25. HappyHippo

    Wow there’s even milk everywhere gross

  26. Cindy

    Wow Sam is wigging out all alone. Maybe this will get her put on the block

  27. HappyHippo

    Jc said my stuff is all messed up and I didn’t even play lol

  28. HappyHippo

    Tyler “I hid mine in sams closet folded in a pair of jeans thinking nobody would fuck up sams closet…I was very wrong”

  29. Shivani33

    Kaycee passed by Sam, sitting in a stupor of pouting in the Geo rm. “Have you seen your bed?” asked Kaycee.

  30. Cindy

    That last post of mine seemed a little harsh. I really like Sam and have liked her since the beginning but at this point i think the little house is a better option for her and her sanity.

  31. LO1004

    Did Fessy think of a replacement nom in the case one of them pulled themselves off?

    • Cindy

      Fessy and JC were talking while everyone was cleaning JC is steering him away from Tyler telling him that he will have less blood on his hands putting KC or Angela up. Fessy wants to put someone up that won’t get voted out he really wants Scotty gone

  32. Avatar

    nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye Scottie

  33. Shivani33

    Brett and Angela celebrate with a hug. He tells her that in his Veto speech, he’s going to tell Fester to suck his schlong.

  34. HappyHippo

    So everybody is cleaning except Sam (out of fairness she didn’t play so I can’t be too mad) but I’ve been wondering where fessy is. Just switched over to him getting out of the shower and then laying in his bed.. how rude! Hohitis much?!

  35. Sassy

    MF is already laying in the HOH bed. He asked JC if he should go help them clean up. He said of coarse, you were one of them. But he’s not moving…

  36. danmtruth

    No Fess also not cleaning went to HOH and took a shower Is talking to Jc who came up to Pee Talking about replacement Looking at Spy TV Fess says maybe I should go down and clean Jc was Well da yes Fess answer well I’m HOH Yes for just this week than what Jc shot back Good for him

  37. Helen

    JC telling Fessy he would be smart to put up either Angela or KC….not so sure if that’s so smart…he made a deal with Ty and Angela and told KC he wouldn’t put her up….

  38. Sassy

    Sam is sleeping, meds must have kicked in

  39. LO1004

    I’ve been watching Sam’s behavior and I too have family members who are bipolar. I wasn’t going to go there, but JC is right, she shows signs of it and it’s sad because they really can’t help it.

    • Jenny

      That’s what is so frustrating about mental illness. One of my best friends is literally addicted to shopping. She spends all of her time chasing the next shiny thing, and now her house is full to the point her daughter can’t have friends over, and she had the cable guy install the box in the basement because she didn’t want him to see her living room. She was being paid well at work but had to declare bankruptcy because she kept buying crap instead of paying her bills. And she is fully aware she has a problem. She can’t stop herself. I love her but it’s exhausting being her friend.

  40. Sassy

    Angela wrapped hers in foil and put it in the bottom of the oven that is foil lined. Fessy put his behind a drawer.

  41. Sassy

    Scottie is the one that poured liquid everywhere. And he stepped on glass. The decorations on the coffee table bring me and that’s where the glass came from.

  42. HappyHippo

    So Zingbot said something about Tyler picking his arm and sam being crazy then camera cut away

  43. HappyHippo

    Tyler tells Sam I piled what I thought is your stuff right here and I don’t think anything is broken and everything can be cleaned don’t worry
    Sam-No response.. (so rude)

  44. kneeless

    Not sure Sam will bounce back from this. It’s like she’s in a trance.

  45. Avatar

    Scottie is 100% gone

  46. kneeless

    Sam called to DR. Anyone else think she may never come back? She told Fess it was a waste of food & bkah, blah. It’s not my favorite comp either but acting like sam isn’t going to change anything.

    • mm22

      I think that evert time she goes in dr-she may or may not be back

    • Jenny

      I love the IDEA of the comp, but I wish they could do it w/out trashing the house. You can search a drawer or a suitcase w/out throwing it all over the floor! And they should get serious punishments for doing stuff like throwing food all over the floor and pouring liquids out just to make a mess. I HATE that stuff!

      • Sassy

        Scottie said it was his strategy to slow people down and have them falling.

      • danmtruth

        Poor excuse from Scottie did he tell the HG I bet they were thrilled to have all that dumped out One season I remember one of the HG complaining about special shampoo being dumped

      • Sassy

        He told Tyler.

      • ElaineB

        No need for punishments, just do away with the comp. There is no going back to days of HGs nicely searching the house.

      • Sassy

        Or production could remove the liquid before they start… Or play it in the block box in the sticky goo.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I hate it because it takes me back to high school food fights in the cafeteria. Every so often a few of the kids would get overzealous and start a food fight. Food would be flying everywhere. I’m so anal about getting dirty, as soon as it started, I’d get on my hands and knees and crawl under tables until I got to the door, then dash out of there like a bat out of hell. Everybody thought those fights were so much fun, but the mess! To make it even worse, the Principal would make ALL the students clean it up and I was furious because I never participated in it. I think throwing things around is just plain stupid. And given that so many people are starving all around the world, it’s like a sin to me.

        Yeah, I know. It comes off sounding self-righteous. So sue me. 😛

  47. Sassy

    MF – What’s wring?
    Sam – nothing
    MF – we’ll you know where my room is, if you want to talk.
    Sam – what are we going to talk about?

    LOL! She’s been called to the diary room, she might be in there for awhile.

  48. Sassy

    I think Brett is a bit pumped up, he doesn’t show it in his face but his pants are bulging…

  49. mm22

    where again did Brett hide his name disc

  50. Avatar

    Tyler’s best friend plan with Scottie finally worked

  51. Helen

    Tyler needs to use his cloud this week…Faysal is already hinting to him that either he or Angela will go up

    • Avatar

      He should use it regardless. Fess can’t win the HOH next week, and Hay not winning the HOH is a safe bet. Scottie will be gone so, I’d use it. I agree with you Helen, why risk it.

    • Sassy

      Unless they make a promise to him. They will make the fake promise and hope for Brett to win HOH next week.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I still believe that MF made a fake promise to him about not putting up him and Angela. HaHo STILL wants him gone and it would not surprise me one bit if she doesn’t try to talk him into it. I just don’t understand it, this girl seems to have a real hard-on for Tyler (meaning she wants him out really bad). I’ve also wondered if maybe a reason she wants his out is that he hasn’t fallen victim to her little “innocent” seduction tricks like MF, Brett and Scottie (JC doesn’t count and Brett is just stringing her along).

      • danmtruth

        NK that would fall in with Fessy desperately wanting to be known as making an EPIC move with his HOH Yet he is torn as a competitor he keeps saying he can beat anyone head to head He feels the backdoor is the cowards way to do things Yet Hay wants revenge plus as you say a women scorned

      • Sassy

        I agree the promises are fake on both sides. MF is not going to be able to trust anyone the rest of this game, even Haha. MF knows he doesn’t have the votes to send Ty home and he would be best to pretend to be sticking to the deal this week in HOPE Ty will stick to it next week. I think Ty will throw the HOH next week which makes it so he keeps his promise…

    • Holla Derrick

      He should feel safe with the vote if he does go up. I think he should throw the hoh for a few weeks and let the rest fire their shots at eachother. He has level 6, JC, and Sam. Even Fess and Hay want to join him.

      It looks like Tyler is in a good spot and he wont want to have to pick a side yet.

  52. kneeless

    Sam came out of DR, a complete 180. DR must have good drugs!

  53. Sassy

    Sam’s back. The cricket is gone, but Charlene is safe. Not sure what Charlene is. She seems back to normal. She says she was upset about the food because it’s unnecessary. She understands the comp is a milestone and they were all looking forward to it, so she is ok.

  54. mm22

    I want Scottie out this week then I
    have a couple others in mind before
    Sam! But she’s acting crazy making
    herself a target and it is gonna mess
    up my plans-

  55. Sassy

    Zings according to Twitter:

    Brett said that he thought he would get zinged harder. He said he was disappointed. Zingbot called him a douche. Something like “you think you’re so fresh and clean, but you’re a douche.” #BB20

    JC’s zing was “the only thing thicker than your accent is your back hair”

    Scottie’s zing: who has blonde hair and blue eyes and is obsessed with Brett….Scottie

    Sam’s has something to do with being crazy!

    Tyler zing, was something about picking his arms.

    • Sassy

      KC – had something to do with something she says a lot. They agree hers was the nicest one. “Let’s go” was her phrase.

      Scottie – something about being burnt to a crisp and having a crush on Brett.

      Cold hearted, soulless – I think was Angela (ouch)

      MF – was something about every kid left behind and called him a moron! (Ouch)

      Ty, MF, Brett, Angela, and Sam’s were mean.

  56. mm22

    I want to know Fessy n Haleigh ‘s zings
    I think we all could have come up
    with a better zing for Scottie

  57. Avatar

    Has there been anything said by sam’s family or friends about her mental status or wprry for her and wanting her out of BB?

  58. Sassy

    Sam is still trying to convince herself it’s no biggie that the house is trashed. She said she could give 2 fucks about it, but then says honestly she can’t help how she feels. She’s there, and everyone knows she’s particular, but she’s thankful people aren’t exploiting her because they could. She knows it a game and they are here to win, she’s not mad at anybody. She looks forward to her outside life where she is normal.

  59. Sassy

    MF and Haha are in the HOH room. She whispers something in his ear that she doesn’t want heard. MF is happy for Brett, finally 66 days later he finally won something. He’s pretty good with days. He’s rubbing all over her telling her how excited he is to have alone time with her, complaining how RS was ALWAYS in her HOH room. Barf… I’m done with these two.

    • Helen

      I wouldn’t listen to any advice from Hai Ho…in fact I’d do the exact opposite!
      She has spent the last two weeks making poor decision after another…

    • danmtruth

      how long will FESSY play with her hair NO women I know wants someone playing with there hair for over a half hour
      FESS got her bra off for a back massage tHAT LASTED 6 min He ask if she like it Hay mumbled and Fess was well compared to all the other guys who have given you massages That ended THAT massage Hay was put my bra back on I’m hungry I’m going to cook something The king was your cooking for both of us right Such the gentleman Bring me food back
      Now for Sams talk with fess WHAT feeds cut thats BULL

      • Sassy

        Hmmm… I love when my husband plays with my hair. It’s calming and puts me to sleep. I don’t like my hair touched in public because it messes it up.

      • Jay H

        I agree with Dan. When someone you love is doing it, it’s one thing, when someone you like/tolerate/don’t want to sleep with is doing it, you can’t wait for it to end.
        Saying “I missed you” when returning from a shower, isn’t that smooth either.

  60. mona77450

    I love the picture of Fessy with the face mask. My sisters did this several weeks ago but at least we were not on live TV.

  61. mm22

    I think we all know what Fessys “alone time”
    means and I’m sick of reading about him
    always asking or begging for it…..yuck yuck

  62. Avatar

    I don’t know how anyone can cheer for Brett. He is just cruel and a bully.. his goodbye messages are just mean. That’s not how to play the game..: you don’t win by being mean. I know there are a lot of level 6 fans here and I get why. I’m not a big Tyler fan but he does deserve the win… fessy made the dumbest move by putting up Scottie he is just making it easier for level 6 to win. I’m sure next week Haley will be out.

    I was rooting for Scottie. Sad that’s his going .. jc is a snake. He is just making it easier. For level 6 it’s not like he was the target.. he doesn’t even have a final 2 with anyone of them that I’m aware of… I hope jc does next.

    Just hand over the money to Tyler already loon

    • Sassy

      We only hear a spliced up portion of the messages. The complete message may have a completely different meaning and tone. The players get to decide how to play the game and anything that’s not illegal or immoral is acceptable. If his messages are really mean, he probably won’t win. But most of the HGs say they really like him, so he must have some redeeming qualities. If his messages are what loses the game for him, he only has himself to thank for it.

    • Avatar

      I’m a Brett fan. I like that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, always attempts to have a good time, and most often is able to find the humor in any situation. His ability to stay calm while others get heated also impresses me.

      As for the gbm, I don’t think he is trying to be cruel. Rather they are his attempt at humor.

      Is he a douche? Yeah, probably…and he likely wouldn’t argue the point. He is definitely a likeable one though. Also judging by how most of the other hgs interact with him, everyone seems to enjoy hanging with him.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Please tell me how he’s a bully. Leaving a mean goodbye message is not bullying.

      You said JC is a snake. He did the same things Scottie did, he was just better at it.

      Not trying to get on you about your opinion, just curious.

    • danmtruth

      Would you rather he lie and insult there intelligence by saying Oh this was so hard I liked you blah blah blah No stand up say I never liked you I know you did not like me sorry but not sorry to see you gone Some times when thins turn personal it starts to get mean spirited When people feel personal attack during the game Most of this was all game related You were working to get me and my friends out While we were doing the same We got you first

      • LindsayB

        Exactly!!! This is so refreshing to have honest goodbye messages instead of the same old fake bullshit.

        FFS, can we please stop with labeling people as a bully just because you don’t like them? The over use of the word really takes away from how serious it is when someone actually is a bullied. Someone’s game play not being your style doesn’t make them a bully. Does it make them a dick? A bitch? Maybe. A bully? No.

  63. Yael Sara

    I have truly tried to find any kind of reason to like Fessy or Hayleigh since this game started and I have struggled

    • Sassy

      I like MF, I just think he’s a moron. He’s never been mean to anyone, he just is easily fooled. I bet he’s a great guy outside the house. Haha, well, I think she’s a mean girl and fake, she will join along with whatever people are saying when it’s negative. But she’s young, and will hopefully grow out of that.

  64. Sassy

    When MF won HOH, I thought there was a slight chance, but not likely, that L6/5/4 could get out of this week in tact. I just can’t believe it went that easily. I know a lot can happen in the next few days, but OMG! If L 6/5/4 does not win HOH next week, they deserve to go down a #. They can’t keep getting this lucky.

  65. Mello_One

    Sam has had so many mini melt downs in the BB House, that she may be at the point where she is going to ask Fessy to let her be the renom. Sam lost a stabilizing factor for her in the house when RS was evicted, & Sam misses her. Big Brother is not for the weak of mind, not that Sam is, but if you have issues the House makes them come out more so.

    • Helen

      She just asked him not to…she constantly says she can’t wait to go…but then goes to HOH asking to please not put her OTB…

      • NKogNeeTow

        I believe that in spite of what she says, Sam is there to play. She said tonight that at first she didn’t want to get into the game but as she talked to Rocky and she started to explain the game to her and she started watching people, that she’s finally ready to play. Not sure how true it is, because with her, it can all change tomorrow but she was as clear as a bell tonight. She told MF that she knows she will probably be put up soon, but that she ask that if she has to go out, she doesn’t want to go out as a renom. She said that she’d at least like to have the chance to play in the Veto to fight.

      • danmtruth

        Sam by design or by luck is playing a interesting game People are going and telling her things to try and keep her calm While revealing things about there game play HG ar afraid to upset her Bret retold the story of his awkward convo with Sam in the HN room to TY & Angela I also think KC might have been their They were shocked Yet Sam still seems to have everyone support to stay

    • Sassy

      RS was anything but stabilizing for her. People with mental illness need to be around positive people which RS is not. She use to intentionally get her worked up and angry, the others don’t do that, she just has a hard time with reality v fantasy. If the Dr has to calm her daily, they should remove her and send her home, but it should not affect the houses ability to get rid of who they want.

      • Sassy

        If they send her home, they can let the viewers vote for the extra, or send Bay Home since she was first in the lil’ house.

      • Jay H

        I think RS actually was a little stabilizing for her. Not because of her advise or wisdom, but it gave her an outlet to flesh her crazy out. I can tell, her other houseguests are keeping a distance from her. That type of behavior is draining to be around. She at least had a soundboard with RS. Nobody has really taken that place.
        It’s a well known secret in that house that Sam is going off the deep end.

  66. Avatar

    Sam just asked fessy not to put her up as renom…. said she doesn’t care if she is put OTB but wants it to be when she has a fighting chance in veto comp

  67. Helen

    So it will come down to Angela,Tyler or Kaycee…he could still blindside Ty telling him he’s not going to put him up…Ty does not use his app and up he goes…Angela will be a close vote…Hayleigh will vote to evict her as will Sam…JC again will be the deciding vote…in the event of a tie I think Fessy would vote out Ty…

    • Sassy

      There would not be a tie if Ty is OTB. Sam and JC will vote to keep him. I don’t see there being a tie in any situation, L6/5/4 will vote out Scottie and so will JC. He knows Scottie blames him for being OTB. He also knows Scottie was the one that put his clothes in a pile and dumped milk on them, and ruined his deodorant…

    • Avatar

      Kaycee will be the replacement! And there is no way Sam would vote out Tyler over Scotty. She has pinky promised with him till the cows come home and she lives and dies by her pinky promises.

  68. Avatar

    looks like scottie was made to clean the stove..LOL and brett to fix what he broke… love it!

  69. LynnD

    Sam is seriously waking up people to tell them Scottie made cookies and she can make them peppermint tea

    Earlier Scottie so proud of hinself with all the crap he dumped on the floor. He severely irritates me and is very high on the creepy scale. So we have Sketchy Scottie, Psycho Sam and Fester the Molester all in rare form tonight

  70. LynnD

    Fessy is so full of himself tonight.

  71. Seattle Kari

    If I were production and I knew that one of the contestants deliberately made a mess for no reason they would be scrubbing the entire house by themselves. Obviously the place is going to get messy with the challenge they had but to deliberately dump liquids and whatnot is absolutely not cool.

    I really did want to like Scottie but this is just five-year-old immaturity.

  72. LynnD

    Sam is again showing her true self. Talking game with Scottie, she is not as stupid and ignorant to the game or the house like she wants them to think and her acting is getting worse. Then again with the bodily threats. SMH

  73. Seattle Kari

    why am I suddenly craving ice cream?

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  75. NKogNeeTow

    Boy, I hope someone else is up watching this. Sam, Mr.Peabody and Brett talking in the backyard. Say what you want about her but as the yunguns say She is WOKE! She might have her manic moments but right now she’s as clear as a bell and lucid as hell. Not only is she talking game but she’s making a lot of sense.

    Scottie asked her what he should do to stay. She told him he’s have to convince MF to put up someone that the house would vote out. He asked her who. She said Haleigh. He and Brett says it wouldn’t work because MF would take her over anyone in the house. She says then you have to convince him otherwise. She says that the only way to do it is to try to get Fess against her and try to get him to put her up. She said in approaching him, tell him how the all girl alliance are all in the JH because of her; how she is the weakest physical competitor; how she treats him and talks to him like a dog; how he needs to make his own decisions; how she’s controlling him; how she takes the most and contributes the least; how everyone who’s left the house in the past few evictions were because of her and she’s using him to get everyone out and it’s a matter of time before it’s his turn.

    She also summed up HaHo and Rocky very well. She said that Rocky helped her a lot with understanding the game but that she was just a bit too gamey. She talked about how when Rocky was on the block, she followed her around. She even told them about how she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth and Rocky came in and just said “So”. Sam said she looked at her and said “So”, and didn’t say anything else and continued brushing her teeth and Rocky just stood there looking at her. The 3 of them had a big laugh over this.

    She and Brett make a bet that she can get MF to put Hay up. Brett tells her if she can do that, he’ll chain smoke an entire pack of cigarettes. Scottie says he’ll do anything she says.

    She said that she’s never had a cohesive conversation with Hay because everytime she tried to talk to her, when she looked at her, she was chewing her fingers down to the 3rd knuckle. She was funny as hell.

    The 3 of them are having a ball in the backyard and this is a Sam that we’ve seldom seen. If you’d like to check it out, the convo starts around 3 am (EST) and is still going on right now (4:40 am). Don’t ask me what cam, I have it running in the background while I’m typing here. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this convo. Crazy Sam is NOT here tonight. Who said she isn’t paying attention?

    • danmtruth

      as I said the true evil mad genius Sam

    • Sassy

      Scottie would throw Haha under the bus quickly! I hope Sam tries to convince MF, would love it to work, but there is just NO way. He’s blinded by his feelings with her. Sam will he OTB if she tries this plan.

      For all those that say Brett has horrible jury management, this is his management. They know he has a sarcastic sense of humor and most of them enjoy it.

    • LynnD

      I was watching it last night also. After Scottie went to bed Sam just kept going on and on. Poor Brett kept dozing off.

      But I agree this was a whole different Sam. I commented above that I think what she’s been doing the last 2 months has been total BS

    • aka beachgirl

      I would love it if we all found out that this all has been an act on Sam’s part. In the beginning I really like Sam and I still like her, I am worried about her however. I really don’t know a heckuva lot about mental illnesses but is bipolar when they go from high highs to lows Lows? She may have that illness. And perhaps never know about it until now. I think the BB house can certainly mess with a persons mind. So if she was already predisposed to this it could’ve just brought it to the surface.

  76. NKogNeeTow

    My God they are so daggone funny. Sam ask Brett if he had ever braided Hay’s hair. He says no, he use to do that in high school when a girl would ask him to braid her hair, he’d just tie it into a knot and they’d never ask him again. They start to laugh and Scottie says it’s a monkey knot. Brett says yeah because only a monkey can get it out. They explode with laughter.

    • mm22

      Good to hear Sam is having some fun! I need
      her to “not piss” the HG’s off this week.
      Scottie really has to leave. Well that is if
      Haleigh doesn’t go up. I love the idea
      of Fessy throwing her up as a pawn and
      she gets voted out! Could he be stupid
      enough to do that? hummmmm

    • HappyHippo

      Wow she sounds pretty smart here…granted it will be damn near impossible to convince Fessy of that but how awesome would it be to have 2 of their alliance members go home on their own hohs!

  77. NKogNeeTow

    Sam and Brett having a nice, normal conversation (not like the crazy one she had with him yesterday). They both seem to be having fun.

    Dan, Beardo, I have 3 earworms for you:

    Scorpio – Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band

    Frankenstein – Edgar(?) Winters Group (I get the brothers mixed up)

    That damn Volvo commercial song – These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (I love the upbeat they’ve given it and can’t get enough of hearing)

    With that, I’m off to bed. Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  78. Avatar

    @nkohneetow im not trying to go against anyone rooting for Bret or level 6. I find him a bully in the sanse of calling rockstar a idiot on her goodbye message. Saying he is going to tell fessy to suck his… I don’t condone that behaviour but that’s my opinion….

    Jc I find him a snake bc he is constantly lying to fessy over and over while he thinks that he can trust him and finds him as a friend.. I get it’s game but he doesn’t really have a good reason to lie about his votes or putting the target on Scottie bc he has no alliance with the other side and he is always saying how he has fessy in his pocket.. fessy is delusional and gets easily manipulated.. he has no game in my opinion and just goes with what jc tells him… I’m sure once fessy watches everything back he will feel like a fool on how much jc played him

    This is just my input.

    • Jay H

      I think that is just Brett’s personality. I don’t get the feeling he does it with cruel intentions, it’s just how he relates to some people.

    • WhereisPablo

      I can see how one might think calling RS an idiot is mean, if one chose to completely ignore the things RS had said and done to/about Brett and Angela repeatedly. Even in that case, it is not bullying. I think RS deserved everything she got and frankly, I think Brett and Angela held back. JC has VERY good reasons to lie about his votes and to put a target on Scottie. $500,000 reasons. This is not summer camp. But to each their own.

      • danmtruth

        well said Pablo Bret has been true to his meat head frat boy image Yet he is not dropping to talking about physical flaws in people or calling people entitled without knowing peoples back story as RS LOVED to do
        As for Jc he is playing his game well Sees which side is the one that is making moves to benefit his game so is glad to help it along

      • Ann

        100% totally agree with you Pablo. Well said….

    • HappyHippo

      Yea Brett is just trying to be comical and not take things so serious. Most of the time he is just joking. RS did act like an idiot as well so can’t blame him for saying that. Jc is working Fessy over but I think he’s doing to get further in the game. There’s a rson behind everything jc does and who better to manipulate than a guy 5hats more worried about a girl he just met than winning 500 k. I think jc is playing well too.

  79. Jay H

    Fess is one serious nose picker.

  80. caRyn

    Previously, Sam said she didn’t believe Tyler had the power app. She never mentioned or thought about who she thought had it – just that she didn’t believe Tyler did.

    • mm22

      I kinda hope Tyler doesn’t have to use
      his cloud app-I’m glad he has it just
      in case but seeing Sam’s reaction I’m
      afraid L6/5/4 will be upset he kept
      it a secret from them and not trust him

      • HappyHippo

        Exactly. I’ve been hoping he doesn’t have to use it for awhile now. His alliance loves and trusts him. I don’t want that to change in the slightest

  81. Avatar

    Scottie finally realized that Ha-Ho was using him, too late now Scottie, Level 6 fucking warned you, and you took it with a grain of salt

  82. danmtruth

    If HaHo is up OTB with Mr, Peabody it will be a hard chose to between them

    Thank you Thank you NK for the heads up on the convo from last night It started around 12AM but gets crazy around 1 AM give it a watch when things start drawing during laid back Sun go to this worth the watch

  83. Avatar

    Go Brett! Love him! So glad he won the POV
    Hopefully Fussy will put Sam up! If he puts Tyler up he will for sure use his Cloud App. JC can go for sure….but I seriously would not be hurt if he targets Angela or Kaycee even though they are level 6 members. The good part is no matter if a level 6 member goes up or not,Scottie is sure to go home

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