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Saturday Recap BB25 For 9/2

September 3, 2023 | 27 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good morning, everyone!

It was definitely a day in the Big Brother house yesterday. Let’s go topic by topic

Jared Word – This one blew way up on Twitter and I’m not sure it’s going away any time soon. In the morning, America got picked to play the veto and Jared freaked out about it. His problem was that America was going to throw the comp which pissed him off. Of course, America had no plans to throw the comp, this was all in Jared’s head. She did stand there for like 14 hours trying to win HoH when he was out after an hour, so that was a bit funny.

Well, during his rant to Cory, he called America ret****d, and Twitter has been very upset by it. This plays back into the Luke situation where he was kicked for using a slur, so now everyone wants Jared kicked from the show.

How do I personally feel about it? I have no real thoughts on it. I don’t really like seeing people get kicked off shows because I’m a drama bitch who enjoys arguments and fights, but on the same token, I fully understand people being offended by the word and also wanting CBS to remain consistent with their rules. So I’m going to dodge that situation and just let it play out.. but I will say if you’re hoping for Jared to be booted, you may be in for a disappointment.

The reality is that they already booted someone this season and Jared comes with his very popular mother who they could risk losing if they boot him. Now chances are low that Cirie would walk if Jared got kicked, but I just think CBS would rather sweep this incident under the rug rather than risk blowing up the entire season.

They’re probably weighing how it will look if they just ignored the incident versus potentially having 3 people removed in one season which makes their casting look bad (2 removed, 1 walk).

Cory Reveal – Now that I put the biggest story at the top, the rest seem pretty small but I’ll still continue and this one is a pretty small one. Cory told Izzy about his brother being on Survivor because he hated keeping a secret (that nobody really cared about). Izzy, being a huge Survivor fan, didn’t even know who his brother was and seemed pretty unimpressed. I mean she played along like it was cool, but having a sibling being a first boot on a different TV show is pretty small potatoes when she is playing with the son of Cirie and Cirie herself. He ended up regretting telling her, but really nobody will ever care.

Cam / Red Breakup – This is actually kind of sad the more we get to know Red. First, it’s his birthday week, and he said that he expected to be nominated and probably evicted because nothing good ever happens around his birthday. He even said his mother forgot his birthday when he was a kid which really hurt him.

Well, not only did he get nominated, but he found out that his partner in the house (Cam) basically just immediately threw him under the bus and was fine with him being evicted. So, last night as Red and Cam finally met up sitting around the hot tub, Red said his alliance is basically over and it’s serendipitous as that’s where the alliance was formed. Cam walked away awkwardly and Red sat in silence for a bit – genuinely hurt by what had happened this week.

I’ve watched a lot of Red on the feeds and I’ll say he is a very underappreciated guy for some reason. He has a lot of Donnie in him but so far the fan reaction to him hasn’t been anywhere near Donnie-like.

Renom Shuffle – The alliance (one of the many) met in the HoH room to discuss options on nominations and who should go home. America was a big target throughout much of the day, but Cirie came along and stomped that down so Jared immediately shifted gears. They agreed on just doing a safe and easy week by putting up Bowie.

However, after the meeting, Jag and Cam talked for a bit and that never sits well with this alliance of paranoid people. A few hours after this meeting, and after the upcoming Cameron Plan, Felicia went up to the room to tell Jared that they want Jag to be the replacement nom and him to be the target. They don’t trust him (even though he’s clearly in their alliance – see pic above) and want him GONE. That’s where the night ended on that topic, but there is still a whole Sunday for them to switch targets a few more times.

Cameron Plan – This one is just a bit more funny than anything else. In his attempt to ‘save’ Red, Cameron went up to the HoH room to pitch Izzy going home this week. This dude made a comment on how everyone acts so angry and sad when he wins a comp (despite being in an “alliance” with most of them) but can’t put 2 and 2 together to see they’re upset because they want him to go home.

So, he went to Jared to push Izzy calling her a mole and saying she is the one gathering all the information for Cirie and Felicia. Jared played along like this is amazing news that he had to really think on, but as soon as he left, Felicia came in the room and he instantly told her all about it. Which leads me to…

Felicia Loose Lips – Immediately after their conversation, Felicia runs down to the comic room to report on what she heard. She didn’t even wait for Red or Bowie to leave the room before telling the group how Cam was plotting to get Izzy out. I mostly bring this up because it’s something to watch out for later. I’m sure when it gets back to Jared how quickly Mama Felicia re-told their conversation, he and Cirie may stop telling her any important information they don’t want getting back to people.

That’s about it for that wild Saturday! I will have a feed update thread going soon. I was going to have this be one, but I didn’t want to have people scroll through all my rambling every time they refreshed the page for updates.

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