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Season Finale Live Blog!

September 24, 2014 | 518 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Using this image because it’s my favorite this season

Derrick, Cody or Victoria.  One of those players will land a check for $500k, another will earn $50k and the third..  just their stipend. A summer inside the Big Brother house for about $1k/week.. unless of course Derrick finishes 3rd as he’ll pocket Team America money as well.

Before the show begins, a bit of good news. Big Brother has been renewed for 2 more seasons!  That’s right, you’re stuck with me until at least 2016. Well, you can go somewhere else, but why would you do that?

Also, I am going to be starting my catch-all TV blog, so follow me on facebook for updates throughout the winter.

This blog will likely get long, so I’m going to stop babbling now. It may officially be fall, but summer isn’t over until someone wins Big Brother, so let’s get it started!…

  • 6:30pm – Here we go!  And I get Survivor spoilers first of course.. that’s great. Also not sure about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining Criminal Minds.
  • Show is on!
  • Ohh, a whole season review to start.
  • The announcer said that they gave Beast Mode a devastating judy chop.  Something funny about that.
  • Oh man, just got reminded about that awful Jocasta cry.  Probably the only thing worse than the Christine laugh.
  • Showing clips of the endurance comp.  Derrick – “If Victoria wins, this will be a disaster”.  Come on, can they stop pretending she had a chance
  • Cody in the DR.. he is very excited to lose to Derrick in the final 2
  • 6:42pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:45pm – Highlights of the 2nd part of the competition.  They had to climb the wall and place the final nominees of each week.  Pretty easy comp for Derrick.
  • Victoria said the hardest part of the competition was going up and down the walls, but the hardest part for us is listening to her describe the competition.
  • Victoria finished the comp in 30 minutes, and Derrick took half that time. Shocker.
  • 6:51pm – Dr Will doing his annual discussion with the jury. Typically he puts reason in them.
  • Frankie and Caleb get into a little argument during the jury conversation.  Frankie said guaranteed he would have brought Caleb to the final 3.
  • They are editing the jury conversation to make it sound like Cody has a chance
  • Time for the final round of the HoH competition. 
  • They have to guess how the jury member would have finished the sentence. 8 questions.. here we go.
  • Question 1 – Derrick 1-0
  • Question 2 – Derrick 2-1
  • Question 3 – Derrick 3-2
  • Question 4 – Tied 3-3
  • Question 5 – Derrick 4-3
  • Question 6 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 7 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 8 – Tied 4-4
  • Tiebreaker – Cody wins! He is the final HoH.
  • Here we go. Cody’s decision.. who will he evict?
  • Cody evicts Victoria
  • Julie is bringing the jury back on the stage. Time for them to grill the final 2. They had to come up with 3 questions for each finalist.
  • Christine question first – You deny sending us home but we all feel you sent us home.  Derrick – Yup, I rock (basically)
  • Frankie asks Cody if he’s the puppet to Derrick’s puppetmaster.  Cody takes a jab at Frankie and said he’s the one who sent him out of the game.
  • Caleb asked if Derrick to manipulate the house
  • The questions are basically all geared allowing Cody to convince the jury. Cody is doing a terrible job at doing so.  Derrick easily has this victory.

Ok, so quick recap of the night.  Cody won HoH, chose to remain loyal to Derrick in the finals, but was absolutely destroyed with his answers to the jury questions. They weren’t hard questions, but they were clearly making Cody convince them why he should win because they’ve already decided.  Cody didn’t do anything to help his case and basically admitted he was Derrick’s puppet throughout the answers.

I thought it was going to be a kind of close vote, but after those answers, it may be yet another unanimous decision. Still 30 minutes to go

  • Derrick and Cody with their final pleas.  Cody tells them he’s not a puppet.  Derrick just brags about his record.
  • Donny said he hates that he forgot his skittles at home (a joke about how he was supposedly nominated via drawing skittles)
  • Victoria voting for Derrick.
  • So based on the comments of the jurors, Derrick will win..
  • Former houseguests are back.  Julie tells everyone about Team America. Nicole looks blown away.
  • The reactions about Team America is great.
  • So far they haven’t mentioned how Joey was the first Team America.
  • Julie allows Derrick to reveal he’s a cop

Ok, votes time.   Votes to WIN….

  • Jocasta – Cody
  • Hayden – Derrick
  • Zach – Derrick
  • Donny – Cody
  • Nicole – Derrick
  • Christine – Derrick
  • Frankie – Derrick wins BB16!
  • Caleb – Derrick
  • Victoria – Derrick

America’s Favorite… more than 10 million votes…

Top 3:


More than 5 million votes – DONNY!

That’s a wrap.  Derrick wins Big Brother 16, Donny wins America’s Favorite.  Let’s just hope Caleb ends up on TV again.

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