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Season Finale Live Blog!



Using this image because it’s my favorite this season

Derrick, Cody or Victoria.  One of those players will land a check for $500k, another will earn $50k and the third..  just their stipend. A summer inside the Big Brother house for about $1k/week.. unless of course Derrick finishes 3rd as he’ll pocket Team America money as well.

Before the show begins, a bit of good news. Big Brother has been renewed for 2 more seasons!  That’s right, you’re stuck with me until at least 2016. Well, you can go somewhere else, but why would you do that?


Also, I am going to be starting my catch-all TV blog, so follow me on facebook for updates throughout the winter.

This blog will likely get long, so I’m going to stop babbling now. It may officially be fall, but summer isn’t over until someone wins Big Brother, so let’s get it started!…

  • 6:30pm – Here we go!  And I get Survivor spoilers first of course.. that’s great. Also not sure about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining Criminal Minds.
  • Show is on!
  • Ohh, a whole season review to start.
  • The announcer said that they gave Beast Mode a devastating judy chop.  Something funny about that.
  • Oh man, just got reminded about that awful Jocasta cry.  Probably the only thing worse than the Christine laugh.
  • Showing clips of the endurance comp.  Derrick – “If Victoria wins, this will be a disaster”.  Come on, can they stop pretending she had a chance
  • Cody in the DR.. he is very excited to lose to Derrick in the final 2
  • 6:42pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:45pm – Highlights of the 2nd part of the competition.  They had to climb the wall and place the final nominees of each week.  Pretty easy comp for Derrick.
  • Victoria said the hardest part of the competition was going up and down the walls, but the hardest part for us is listening to her describe the competition.
  • Victoria finished the comp in 30 minutes, and Derrick took half that time. Shocker.
  • 6:51pm – Dr Will doing his annual discussion with the jury. Typically he puts reason in them.
  • Frankie and Caleb get into a little argument during the jury conversation.  Frankie said guaranteed he would have brought Caleb to the final 3.
  • They are editing the jury conversation to make it sound like Cody has a chance
  • Time for the final round of the HoH competition. 
  • They have to guess how the jury member would have finished the sentence. 8 questions.. here we go.
  • Question 1 – Derrick 1-0
  • Question 2 – Derrick 2-1
  • Question 3 – Derrick 3-2
  • Question 4 – Tied 3-3
  • Question 5 – Derrick 4-3
  • Question 6 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 7 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 8 – Tied 4-4
  • Tiebreaker – Cody wins! He is the final HoH.
  • Here we go. Cody’s decision.. who will he evict?
  • Cody evicts Victoria
  • Julie is bringing the jury back on the stage. Time for them to grill the final 2. They had to come up with 3 questions for each finalist.
  • Christine question first – You deny sending us home but we all feel you sent us home.  Derrick – Yup, I rock (basically)
  • Frankie asks Cody if he’s the puppet to Derrick’s puppetmaster.  Cody takes a jab at Frankie and said he’s the one who sent him out of the game.
  • Caleb asked if Derrick to manipulate the house
  • The questions are basically all geared allowing Cody to convince the jury. Cody is doing a terrible job at doing so.  Derrick easily has this victory.

Ok, so quick recap of the night.  Cody won HoH, chose to remain loyal to Derrick in the finals, but was absolutely destroyed with his answers to the jury questions. They weren’t hard questions, but they were clearly making Cody convince them why he should win because they’ve already decided.  Cody didn’t do anything to help his case and basically admitted he was Derrick’s puppet throughout the answers.

I thought it was going to be a kind of close vote, but after those answers, it may be yet another unanimous decision. Still 30 minutes to go

  • Derrick and Cody with their final pleas.  Cody tells them he’s not a puppet.  Derrick just brags about his record.
  • Donny said he hates that he forgot his skittles at home (a joke about how he was supposedly nominated via drawing skittles)
  • Victoria voting for Derrick.
  • So based on the comments of the jurors, Derrick will win..
  • Former houseguests are back.  Julie tells everyone about Team America. Nicole looks blown away.
  • The reactions about Team America is great.
  • So far they haven’t mentioned how Joey was the first Team America.
  • Julie allows Derrick to reveal he’s a cop

Ok, votes time.   Votes to WIN….

  • Jocasta – Cody
  • Hayden – Derrick
  • Zach – Derrick
  • Donny – Cody
  • Nicole – Derrick
  • Christine – Derrick
  • Frankie – Derrick wins BB16!
  • Caleb – Derrick
  • Victoria – Derrick

America’s Favorite… more than 10 million votes…

Top 3:


More than 5 million votes – DONNY!

That’s a wrap.  Derrick wins Big Brother 16, Donny wins America’s Favorite.  Let’s just hope Caleb ends up on TV again.


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  1. Avatar

    Derrick will go down in BB history tonight as being the best player to ever play the game.

    • Avatar

      Agree totally Amy. I am so excited.

    • Avatar

      I concur, did several weeks ago, it was a pleasure watching him operate. The police taught him well

      • Avatar

        I think CBS did not play fair by putting in an undercover trained officer in with this group of folks, unless they put a second similar trained person, maybe a women to counter him, now that would have been very interesting of course they could have worked together but would have been more interesting than just having him be like the wizard of oz and these people not having a clue about what was going on. He was set to win and was his to lose.

    • Avatar

      Yes. Win or lose he has given a masterclass on how to play.

    • Avatar

      Disagree, Will played the game way better with smarter houseguests.

    • Avatar

      I will never agree with that. He just had no competition in this game. He would get crushed playing with the greats! Just my opinion.

      • Avatar

        He by far outplayed them this season which to me was most boring and predictable season of them all. No fun watching someone all summer lead a bunch of mindless sheep with little effort. I think I saw Derrick in prone position more than I saw him upright. Let’s get some HG with just a little intelligence next year. Discourage voting with the house. So happy happy happy about Donny!

      • Avatar

        Simple he was trained to do what he did, the rest were just everyday folks…now why would CBS do that, he was given an unfair advantage right off…

    • Avatar

      I think so too. Derrick had them all bamboozled. He earned his name in the BB hall of fame.

      • Avatar

        I am sure the other house guest felt kinda cheated, here they were, average everyday folks and come to find out they are playing with a highly trained and experienced undercover officer. If you had been in during this season I would bet you would not be to happy about the situation and felt he had an unfair advantage, he did and took complete advantage…

    • jimbo

      Cody really screwed up. Not smart. He gave away 500 grand. Final 2 with Victoria was a sure win for Cody. With the double HOHs and the HUGE alliance hiding him, Derrick played a great game. Still because of those facts, and the fact that Cody screwed up, instead of Derrick “outplaying” him, I can’t rank Derrick all-time best. The best still is, by far, DR WILL! I’d maybe put Derrick third, or so, overall. Not bad. When you win because of someone’s stupidity, how can you be the best? Also, like I said, the Double HOH twist ALWAYS allowed someone in Derrick’s large alliance to always have power. Made it easier. They have to do away with the Double HOH twist.

      • Avatar

        Look just because some of the HGs played different than what you think you would if ( and that’s a big if) doesn’t make them dumb or stupid. They made decisions that they thought were right for them. It’s easy to sit on the outside and say well I would’ve done this different. You don’t know what you do if you were in that same position as them because your not there. So quit having your pissing contest. I won anyway. Shake and act like adults. Games over Derrick won.

      • Avatar

        You are right. If Cody had not been stupid he would have won it all but it was obvious he was going to go final 2 with Derrick. Derrick knew he could easily beat Cody or Vic. We’ve heard from Cody that he didn’t think he could beat Derrick. He knew he could beat Vic. So he wins it final 3 and what? Hopes there is miracle and he can talk jury into changing their minds? I could not even understand his answers. They did not even make sense nor answer the questions. The only one I understood was to frankie but that wasn’t true. Sure he voted him out but Derrick put him up and if Derrick had said vote for Vic that’s what he’d had done. Cody would have deserved the win had he made biggest move of entire game and would have been without repercussions– and sent Derrick to jury!

      • Avatar

        I was hoping Derrick would win HOH and evict Cody now that woulda been more devastating to Cody, but for his sake he chose and lost.

  2. danmtruth

    Wilie Jones Jr your other post on Socrates Plato as all stars was priceless thanks for the laugh
    Let’s get to the end Any surprise Derrick & Cody rehearsing there’s speeches while Victoria is primping

  3. Avatar

    It won’t be close. Derrick will win

  4. Avatar

    Great news about the renewal, though I will now predict someone next season will say “This cast is killing the ratings and the show is going to be cancelled.” Like clockwork.

    • Avatar

      I don’t have any money to lose, so I’m not taking that bet. It will happen! LOL

    • Avatar

      Yes, probably.
      Let’s hope CBS pays attention and does better casting next year.
      But just as I am struggling with whether or not I will even watch next year, I would guess others are doing the same. And yes, they will probably blame that cast either way, but they need to just look in the mirror on who to blame.

      • Avatar

        We will all watch because there is nothing else to watch in summer. But as my husband said last night when it was over “it’s hard to enjoy a show when you know all summer what’s going to happen and how it’s going to end”

      • Avatar

        I watched this year because of Donny. I had only seen a couple of other seasons and had stopped watching after they fixed it for Rachel to win, and then cast her sister on another season. I would love to see more REAL characters like Donny instead of another flaming drama queen like Frankie. The token flamboyant gay guy has been done to death. A cast full of pretty young people is not interesting to watch. Give us more REAL people with actual life experience, and I might watch again.

  5. Avatar

    It’s kind of sad to watch victoria in her DR interviews thinking she actually made it to the final 3 on her own.. Well she kind of did by losing almost every competition, and floating to the end. But let’s be real here, Derrick carried her to the final 3.

  6. Avatar

    Thank you. thank you so much 4 your blog this summer! You and your parents will be in my prayers! Take care of yourself and take care of your parents! I hope that I’m around to follow you next year!

    • Avatar

      Franko – I don’t know if you caught my post from the other thread, but if you’re able to, definitely see if the friends you’ve been staying with can get you set up on Facebook so you can connect with Steve and others on his Facebook page during this blog’s “down time”. I think it will really help you get through a lot of what you’ve going through lately.

      • Avatar

        I have not wanted to get a Facebook page for so long just because I don’t want everybody to know my business. Everybody in my family is on Facebook except me. They are always asking why I don’t get on facebook. After this summer and feeling the love and compassion from the people on this blog and the encouragement of all of you I may just have to break down, give in, join the 21st century and get on facebook. Lol
        Surely someone I know can help me figure out how to find Stevenbeans. I guess once I find him I will be able to find the rest of you from this blog?
        Thank you for caring!! 🙂
        I’m actually beginning to feel sad now that the show is over for the summer!

      • Avatar

        Hey, Franko – Facebook has “privacy settings” so that once you set up a page for yourself there, you can set it up so that others can’t search for you/find you on there if that’s what you prefer. So don’t let that stop you. You only have to put the info about yourself that you want to – and even that info, you have control over who (if anyone) can see.

        Once you’re set up, Steve’s Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/steveb78 or once you’re logged into Facebook, you can just type steveb78 in the search bar on the top of the page to bring you to Steve’s page. Once there, you can click on the “Add Friend” or “Follow” buttons on the top of his page.

  7. Avatar

    Ratfarts, work calls. Enjoy all, I will be relying on the DVR. Sigh.

  8. Avatar

    is there a live feed hook up to go into??

  9. Avatar

    is there a live feed to go into anyone have the link?

  10. Avatar




  11. Avatar

    SB — you are right. They gave Cody a very good edit. This might be the only vote that not unanimous all season.

  12. Avatar

    I can’t believe some of the jury actually just said that they would vote for Victoria if she’s in the F2…

    • Avatar

      That interview segment was as cooked as DR sessions, a lot gets said but CBS cherry picks for heightened suspense. That was probably a 2 hour discussion edited in to 5 minutes or so. I do not think they would have followed through on voting for Victoria (except for the bitter voters – Donny and Jocasta).

  13. g8trgirl

    I think there are a few Bitter Bettys in the jury. Lol

  14. danmtruth

    Nice to see Caleb is still bitter towards Frankie . This jury interview just prove Frankie still thinks he is the star The talk about his grandfather was pure BS . Jocasta gave up on the bow tie and is very bitter towards Derrick

  15. Avatar

    Ffffffrrrrrrsaaaakkkkoooo. Lol

  16. Avatar

    If Cody doesnt take Derrick Im gonna be so sad! 🙁

  17. Avatar

    That seals the deal

    CODY wins BB16

  18. Avatar

    Ariana is in the audience! Ugh

  19. Avatar

    Cody would have won if he kept Victoria, but I think he just handed Derrick the win.
    Victoria is going to die that she had lipstick on her teeth when talking to Julie.

  20. Avatar

    OMG, OMG!! did anyone just see that they showed Frankies family but they did not say anything about it being Frankies family? They have shown other families and let you know who they were but not his! Has CBS finally gotten a clue??

  21. Avatar

    It may be editing, but it seems to me that the jury is taking things way too personal and not remembering what game they signed themselves up for! Nicole said it best…it’s Big Brother not Big Baby! IMO Derrick was pretty much flawless!

    • Avatar

      Jacosta was bitter and so obvious. She got her cut in during jury session and cut to Derrick when she voted. He deserved the cut but she could have voted for him because he played best game and still given the cut. Was surprised. Donnys vote surprised me also. I was sure he would vote for Derrick. Hope he was not bitter but surely he saw Derrick played better game. Cody’s talk about being so social was such bull. I never saw him be social with jacosta, or Donny. He was social only to those in alliance– big mistake

  22. Avatar

    I’m dying to know who won Americas vote

  23. Avatar

    The only reason i see derrick winning now

    Is the fact that he has a family

    Come on we watched on tv
    The jury didnt see the derrick we saw

  24. Avatar

    Seriously Ariana is there. Well at least she’s sitting behind Dr. Will.

  25. Bridget

    Cody took Derrick to the final two.Now we’ll see what the jury will do.

  26. Avatar

    Just take the mic off Jocasta since she’s going to yell anyway.

    • Avatar

      When she goes back and watches she needs to realize she never had a chance. She should be thankful they purposely kept her until jury.

      • leafhopper

        I was most disappointed in Jacosta. For a woman of God, she sure can carry a grudge. I guess she doesn’t preach forgiveness in her church. And how does she know that Derrick was “fake praying”, everything I have ever been taught has told me that there is only one person that can make that call. I’m pretty sure she is not that person.

      • Avatar

        Derrick was working on jury votes cause he knew she would probably be there. I was surprised she was so bitter but none of us know what went on during those praying sessions so we have no right to judge.

  27. Avatar

    I agree Steve, Cody is not making himself look any better. If anything he’s making Derrick look better, if that’s possible!

    • Avatar

      That is also more of Derrick’s manipulation. When discussing facing the jury, Derrick encouraged the comment Cody said to Frankie. When he actually said it you could see Derrick’s reaction over how stupid it was. He played up his reaction for the jury but inside he was certainly counting coup.

      • leafhopper

        I don’t remember the comment. Ugh!

      • Avatar

        He said he was one responsible for getting rid of frankie which of course was not true. Yes he had only vote and voted him out but Derrick put him up and if Derrick had said vote out Vic that’s what he would have done. Cody essentially said getting rid of frankie was all Cody’s doing and he’d done it on his own.. Cody expected this question from frankie and had practiced this answer which was pitiful as we’re all his answers

  28. Avatar

    Okay…There is nothing wrong to being a flaming queen. But Frankie is so obnoxious with it, he makes me sick.

    • Avatar

      there is nothing wrong with being a “flaming queen”……..however….frankie is absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the worst representations of a gay man that I’ve ever seen on TV. I AM a gay man and I’m ashamed of the way Frankie acted. He was rude, obnoxious, self absorbed, self-centered, egotistical, scheming, obnoxious and absolutely horrible to watch on TV. I hope to never see him again! I think if he were to come to Memphis for any kind of personal appearance I would have to picket his appearance!

      • Avatar

        Mostly all valid negatives about Frankie, and none of them have anything to do with his being gay. If Frankie were hetero he would be just as unlikable and probably considered a douche. I did not find him horrible to watch because of his skill as a player and the drama he created. Plus seeing him so disappointed allows me to enjoy some appropriate schadenfreude.

        You mentioned obnoxious twice and that called to mind a favorite quote from Blazing Saddles: “Qualifications? … Rape, murder, arson, and rape … You said rape twice … I like rape.”

    • Avatar

      Ditto!! Afraid we have not seen last of Frankie. CBS seems to be trying to promote his career – but ppl just don’t want him shoved down their throat!! (Uh…. Not meant in any other way!)

  29. Avatar

    Yes secrets finally!!! I’ve waited for ever for this part. This was worth the price of admission.

  30. Bridget

    Love what Cody said to Frankie.

  31. danmtruth

    My oldest daughter claims she saw Hayden key said Cody

  32. danmtruth

    When does Frankie lite sparklers to keep people looking at him

  33. Avatar

    Did anyone else notice that when they showed the different clips of Team America’s “missions” they left out the one about the play that Frankie insisted on, lol? Too bad – would have loved to hear Julie’s response to him, again, when she gave him America’s response.

  34. Avatar

    Britanny is looking good

  35. Avatar

    That was great. We finally got to see Derrick fess up. Oh and by the way you didn’t know anything Frankie so hush up and close that mouth.

  36. Avatar

    If I never see Frankie again I’m okay with that.

  37. Avatar

    Donny’s vote surprised me.

  38. Bridget

    Congratulations go out to Derrick,well played!

  39. Avatar

    Donny let me down. I think he was bitter. I’m taking my ftsm ( For the southern man off my name. ) lol. No I love him still

  40. Avatar

    Good job donny

    Voted with ur head

  41. danmtruth

    Derrick deserved it and I got to laugh at my daughter Now we get to hear how Frankie Swayed the vote .

  42. Avatar

    I feel sooo bad for frankie now

  43. Avatar

    Congrats Donny!!!!! You truly were America’s Favorite Player!!! 🙂

  44. Avatar

    Love the fact that out of that many votes Frankie wasn’t one of the top 3.

    • Avatar

      Yeah! And Zach was so happy for Donny!!

      Nice to see!

      • Avatar

        Yes it was nice to see that everyone except for Jacosta keep it solely on game.

      • Avatar

        Jocasta is a bitter bitch

      • Avatar

        Yea, Jacosta’s an idiot. I hated her the whole season. How the hell does she even know what “fake praying” looks like vs. “real praying”? How could she possibly know that Derrick wasn’t truly praying?

      • Avatar

        And a basic tenet of her religion is supposed to be forgiveness. Perhaps she is a fake Christian.

      • Avatar

        Y’all are accusing her of judging while you judge her. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black. She seemed bitter to me but none of us knows what went down when they prayed together because they did not show that. We also know that Derrick did anything for jury vote and not to get blood on his hands. We should respect jacostas vote. Maybe in her opinion Derrick went over the line in playing the game. Donny voted for Cody also and I believe he thinks Derrick went over the line also. That’s their opinion and we can disagree but should respect it.. You have to lie in the game at times but some lies ppl might consider not necessary and they might lose respect for someone’s game play. I have no idea if this is what happened but it appeared to me that Jacosta and Donny had lost respect for Derrick. They voted their conscience and we should respect them for it. I’m sure they thought long and hard about it. And I’m sure jacosta has forgiven Derrick but not forgotten- a big difference. No one should be judging her faith in the way she voted. Think about that ppl. You are judging her because she thinks differently than you. Donny did the same thing and he’s getting free ride from you.

      • Avatar

        I am judging Jacosta because she assumed that Derrick “fake prayed”. Unless he admitted to her that he was faking (which he obviously didn’t do), there’s no way of really telling whether or not someone was actually praying with you.

      • Avatar

        I do not put myself forward as an example of Christianity so I am under no compunction to follow its beliefs – so the pot and kettle comparison doesn’t apply. I am also not a vegetarian but I can point out the hypocrisy of the militant vegetarian who sneaks out for Big Macs. Jocasta is the one who said “I will not forgive that”.

      • Avatar

        It went so fast I couldn’t see skankies reaction. He sure kept himself front and center tonight. GAG

    • leafhopper

      Yes, they made sure to point that out! I was really surprised at that!!! Pleasantly surprised!!!

    • Avatar

      Me too. I’m glad Nichole and Zach were up there.

    • kneeless

      Me too! That might have been the best part of the night! Frankie made sure he stayed front & center by Julie. I bet he thought he’d locked up the fav HG vote. BTW, the 3 favs were my favs too! Until next year all my BB friends! Thanks for a fun summer!

  45. Avatar

    Jocasta – how dare she decide whether or not someone else’s praying is fake praying. And she thinks saying she wont forgive is a Christian thing to do???? She showed as much or more bitterness than anyone else. I was also a little disappointed in Donny’s attitude toward Cody and Derrick. I have more respect for the members of the jury who could respect the game play.

    • Avatar

      Or Donny and Jocasta just didn’t agree with the rest.

    • Avatar

      I was upset about the praying thing. Donny yeh I guess he surprised me too But doesn’t matter Derrick pulled it out.

    • stillstandingpam

      jacasta is a wacko. she should read Luke 23:34, when jesus was on the cross he said ‘father forgive them for they know not what they do’ if jc can forgive she should be able to. I think Donny is probably feeling hurt by derrick which I don’t understand becuz he was on to derrick.

      • Avatar

        Donny I believe thought Derrick went a little too far in his lying. I think the skittles thing esp when he told Donny they drew to see who went up and drew for Donny and that’s why Donny went up. Zach told Donny the truth and that it was joke and Donny did not even have a draw.. I think that’s when Donny lost all respect for Derrick and he couldn’t move past that.. Why are ppl upset because jacosta and Donny should have voted for Derrick and disappointed they didn’t? We have complained all season that ppl voted with the house and didn’t have minds of their own and now two ppl did not go with majority and voted how they really felt and get blasted for it!! We were not in that house. Respect their vote. I’m sure they voted their conscience.

      • leafhopper

        speaking for myself – I could care less who Jacosta voted for, it was the hypocrisy of her words not her vote that I have issue with. Like DanDaMan said above, I am not by any means a person of the cloth or have a profession in ministry such as she but just an observer with an opinion.

      • Avatar

        But did Derrick come up with the skittle idea or was it Frankie? It really doesn’t matter anymore but I think Donny proved he was bitter when he made the statement about the skittles. Jacosta’s whole body of being that night proved she was bitter. I don’t care about either one because Derrick still won so it’s a moot point and I wanted Donny to win AFP as everyone on here already knows. They have the right to vote how they want and I have the right to say what I want. They both were bitter and I was disappointed by that. Enough said.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I thought she was in the wrong saying he fake prayed just because he kicked her out. I don’t think Donny just liked Cody a little more then Derrick though.

    • Avatar

      I wasn’t disappointed in Donny’s vote (didn’t sense any “attitude”) once I remembered what it was all about – he felt very strongly about Derrick voting him out as a fellow Team America member, and I’m proud of him for not forgetting about that.

  46. Avatar

    How much did derrick win in total, just 500k? Did he also win the team america money?

  47. Avatar

    Perfection! See you all next year if not before!
    Thank you Steve and I’ll be praying for your parents. And enjoy your new status!

  48. Avatar

    I feel bad for frankie

    When julie announced the votes for afp broke records he looked for his sister like “u twitted?” And when she announced the top3 hes jaw went to the floor

    • Avatar

      I’m going to have to go back and watch it again. I missed that, but would love to see it. Things happened so fast.

      • Avatar

        I deleted it from my DVR..but it’s on TVGN Friday night so I can record it again. I didn’t see a reaction on Frankie’s face when they announced America’s Favorite.. definitely want to go back to check again!

  49. stillstandingpam

    im on the west coast. with all your comments I can really concentrate on jury reactions instead of trying to look at everyone at the same time. even tho i’m a bb fan 1st time on this site. its great. thanks. c u all next summer.

  50. Avatar

    Sorry dan but derrick is now the greatest player in BB history, great game Derrick!I’m hoping next year there will be some older houseguests.dont get me wrong I like young ppl but how about some hg’s with more smarts.I do think there’s a lot of smart young ppl just not in the BB house this year.

    • jimbo

      Dr Will is by far the best ever. He didn’t have to count on the stupidity of Cody to win. And, the large alliance and DOUBLE HOH twist protected him.

      • Avatar

        You’re right. He only had to count on the stupidity of Hardy, Monica, Krista, Bunky and Kent. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Dr. Will was the Victoria of BB2. People didn’t keep him in the house because he was a brilliant manipulator, they kept him because he was incredibly unpopular and everyone wanted to sit next to him in the F2. When it finally came down to F2, he was lucky enough to be sitting next to the only person the jury hated more than him, Nicole (she played easily the best game). The only difference between him and Vic (besides being brought to the F2) is that he was able to convince you that he was a master manipulator in the Diary Room when in reality, he was just floating by. The only people Will really manipulated was the audience. Dan and Derrick are by far the best BB players of all time.

      • Avatar

        The audience had nothing to do with how will did in game. That was on him. And how hard to not win comps AND go on block so many times and still remain– much harder than what Derrick did. Plus he had a lot to do with who got kicked out. He was active manipulator whereas Derrick was passive manipulator. Will said it like it was and didn’t kiss ass. Derrick kept his mouth shut so he wouldn’t get blood on his hands and kissed ass. Will put himself out there and took chances and Derrick laid low and took no chances. They both won so it just depends what type game ppl respect more. No one who watches will ever forget will. Time will tell if Derrick will get same notoriety. 15 years (?)or so) later will still remembered

      • Avatar

        Will kissed lots of ass. Every time Nicole got mad at him, he would say “oh, I’m so sorry, it’s totally my fault, I apologize”. You need to re-watch season 2 mate. He was a floater and he just convinced the audience that he was actually making moves when in reality, everyone just wanted to keep him so they could sit beside him.

      • Avatar

        I’m not a mate. I’m a female and females are not mates. At least not in the USA

      • Avatar

        I will give Will a lot of credit for BB7 though. If he hadn’t been evicted and he won the whole thing, I’d probably call him the best player of all time because he was absolutely brilliant in getting Howie, James, Marcellus and Danielle sent home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite get the job done. Will ranks #3 on my all time BB list now behind Dan and Derrick.

    • Avatar

      Nope! Still say NOPE! Derrick did do great with the cast he had, and deserved to win the season. He had so few that could have given him a run for the money, but it was easy to use his mind control and manipulation skills to pick them off. He would get crushed with the greats. No contest.

  51. Avatar

    Well on to Survivor. Already watched part and know who left.

    • Avatar

      Did not want her to go home,, she got booted because she was on amazing race. They lost hard competitor and funny and entertains girl. I didn’t want the older man to go either. He had been their most valuable asset.

  52. kneeless

    Me too! That might have been the best part of the night! Frankie made sure he stayed front & center by Julie. I bet he thought he’d locked up the fav HG vote. BTW, the 3 favs were my favs too! Until next year all my BB friends! Thanks for a fun summer!

  53. Bridget

    Couldn’t have been a better ending.Frankie wasn’t even in the final 3 for America’s vote.Soorry Ariana.Maybe your fans had more sense than we gave them credit for.Well,time to move on.Goodnight from South Jersey.

  54. danmtruth

    So nice to see Frankie get shoot down As for Jocasta and the fake praying comment .What about her fake talking in tongues on the show. Why did they bring the other house guest and never let them talk So will Derrick need to share his time on the Talk with Frankie I agree Donny is still hurt that team America did not try to save him Plus that talk he had with Derrick in the BY still was fresh in his mind Go Donny congrats on Americas fav player

  55. Avatar

    I’m on the west coast n I just want to say Ty SB for all the updates n I’ll be praying for ur family.I wonder if derrick would have won the last Hoh if he would have been as loyal to cody as cody was to him.i guess we’ll never know.Cody’s loyalty cost him 500 k.

  56. Avatar

    I wanted Derrick to win from the get-go, I just hope he realizes that Cody gave him a big gift.

    Cody would of won if he chose the biggest floater to ever make it that far in BB, Victoria.

    $450K less for Cody., I guess real friendship is priceless

  57. Avatar

    Thank you so much, SB. CBS should give you a big thanks too. Last season and this season both, there were times that reading your stuff here was so enjoyable, it probably made the difference on me continuing to watch the TV show.

  58. jimbo

    Cody really screwed up. Not smart. He gave away 500 grand. Final 2 with Victoria was a sure win for Cody. With the double HOHs and the HUGE alliance hiding him, Derrick played a great game. Still because of those facts, and the fact that Cody screwed up, instead of Derrick “outplaying” him, I can’t rank Derrick all-time best. The best still is, by far, DR WILL! I’d maybe put Derrick third, or so, overall. Not bad. When you win because of someone’s stupidity, how can you be the best? Also, like I said, the Double HOH twist ALWAYS allowed someone in Derrick’s large alliance to always have power. Made it easier. They have to do away with the Double HOH twist.

    • Avatar

      Can I say something crazy? I don’t think Will is that great of a player. He wasn’t a master manipulator in season 2. He was a lot like Spencer from BB15 or Victoria (except he was a really funny, charismatic guy so it didn’t “feel” like he was a useless floater the same way it does with Victoria), he was constantly nominated and he was only kept because everyone hated him and they wanted to face him in the F2 (starting to sound like Vic, right?). He convinced the viewers that he was playing a great game because of his pseudo-analysis in the diary room (which was almost always BS). Don’t get me wrong, Will is my favourite BB player of all time and I think he was absolutely hilarious but if you ask me, BB2 is the most egregious example of a bitter jury robbing the best player (Nicole) of the win.

      • Avatar

        No way, BB3 was the worst jury ever! The jury even flat out admitted that while Lisa didn’t play the game, they were made about the comments Danielle made in the diary room.

      • Avatar

        Totally agree……Danielle was one of the bestbtwo players ever in this game……along with Dan. The fact thatbthey showed jurors diary room tape back than cost her the game. She went all the way to the end with not being nominated. Very, very underrated player.

        I still think Dan being voted the only unamimous winner isnthe most remarkable feat in the game…..and that jury had every right to be bitter and vote against him.

      • Avatar

        They would not have known what was said in dr.

      • Avatar

        I don’t remember jury ever getting to see DR?

      • Avatar

        There was no Jury house until S4. In seasons 1-3, the HGs just got to go home back to their normal lives when they were evicted. A lot of people say that Danielle’s robbery was the reason the Jury house was implemented but I still think Nicole got robbed worse.

      • Avatar

        I’ve watched every season but that shows how much goes out of my mind after few years. How did they get picked season 2-3?

  59. Avatar

    I am so excited that Julie announce the top 3 vote getters and Frankie was NOT NOT NOT NOT even one of them! I’m also so glad that she said it was the largest boat ever America’s favorite player and then told that Donny got over 5,000,000 votes out of 10 million! even though Julie called him to come up front with her he seemed truly humbled and surprised and stayed in the background. I think every player was excited that he won, well, maybe not Frankie. Who cares what Frankie thought anyway?

  60. Avatar

    wow, happy for Derrick, was team derrick from the start, but was not expecting Cody to get completely smoked…wowowowow-oh and poor Zach-did you guys see his reactions when they revealed those in Team America, and so happy that Frankie wasn’t even in top 3. I really hope he manages to stay off our tv’s forever..and not sure about the Cody taking Vic argument-alot of the members already said they would vote for her, I can’t even imagine what is going on in Derrick’s head.. since he was a super fan, he has probably thought hmmmmm don’t do that screaming at the t.v what are you doing to the bb houseguests, probably thinking I could have done that better while watching previous seasons, finally auditions last year, probably not expecting to get on, I mean millions audition probably….then week after week he probably half expects to go home and go back to being a cop-although after being on BB he in reality can’t go back to being a cop…love his comment at the end…my wife is the boss she’ll decide what she wants us to do..lol congrats to Derrick, Cody and Steve Beans-a sincere thank you to you-I got completely addicted this season and all the other blog sites aren’t user friendly and/or the commenters are immature…at least here, if someone disagrees with your comments most of the time they back it up with insightful thought..

  61. Avatar

    Take in the fact that Dr. Will and Donny are about the same age. I know, Will has had lots of botox but even without it, he would still look sooo much younger than Donny.

  62. Avatar

    Why in the world is Frankie going on The Talk with Derrick tomorrow?! He DID NOT win ANYTHING! I can’t believe they are giving him undeserving attention!

  63. Avatar

    I think I’m signing out guys..
    Thanks to everyone I had a good summer.
    Good night. Take care. I hope to see everyone again next year…

  64. Avatar

    Is anyone else annoyed that Frankie is going to be on The Talk with Derrick? I eould much rather see Caleb or Zach.

  65. Avatar

    I am on the west coast so dont know who won yet, I am trying not to peek at the comments above…..so far, cant stand frankie…and wtf is he going on the view! Wtfwtfwtf….sooooo disappointed about that! Just feeding his ego more and more…..

  66. Avatar

    And WHAT are they wearing? They know this is thee finale right. Jeans and an ugly shirt? Seriously? Lol uhhhhg, men, lol

    • Avatar

      Rather see jeans than those shorts that Frankie was wearing.

      • Avatar

        Or that outfit Victoria was wearing. Wow

      • Avatar

        yeah, she really needs someone to teach her how to dress. That gold tight dress made her legs look like sausages. Poor girl tries so hard to be sexy but it always comes off as tacky and kinda slutty. She’d look so much better in a long skirt and lower heels.

      • Avatar

        I really hate to say this but how Vic dresses is how college kids dress these days. If you have the figure or are a rail it’s Lycra form fitting and very short!! It’s almost impossible to buy a dress of any kind in that age group that is not short like that. College kids wear nike shorts with xl tank tops with sports bra in summer to class and during day. Winter they wear leggings, with or without Nike shorts and xl sweat shirts or long sleeve t shirts. For night they wear the very short dresses with heels or boots. They don’t pile on the make up or wear hair extensions.

  67. Avatar

    I feel like when I said derrick was the greatest, I meant it.He deserved to win. After all he, did have to put up with Victoria Every time she was on the block she would run to derrick n he had to put up with her whining n complaining n asking every 5 minutes,am I safe, am I safe. Really? N on bbad every time she ate she smacked her food.omg if my dad ever caught me chewing with my mouth open I got the belt or a branch from a tree..yes! Spanking ur child when I was growing up wasn’t frowned upon,like now.kids got it easy these days.i wish I could have had a phone at 13 or 14.so,I say great game Derrick!

  68. Avatar

    I also shouldn’t have ditched in school so much n I would know where to put the damn comma’s.lol

  69. Avatar

    I think I’m living Caleb. What a guy. His beautiful eyes. U wanna get lost in those eyes.

  70. Avatar

    I am happy Derrick won and very happy that Donny won AF. I loved that Frankie wasn’t even in the top three that was great. Kind of wicked of me to feel that way I guess. I do though. As I said before you will all be missed. See you next summer, or sooner if Stevebeans does another blog. Hope so. Anyway bye to you all.

  71. Avatar

    just like i have been telling all of you all season derrick had an unfair advantage as an undercover lawenforcement officer. in his work he is suppost to fit in, gather intel and turn pdople against eachother. and do this under the radar. i dont blame derrick for using his training to his advantage. i blame cbs for letting him play. simply not a level playing field. i got alot of thumbs down for saying this many many times. and even derick said in bis own words that his used his training to win. was like stealing candy from a baby. i was rite people deal with it. good for you derrick. shame on you cbs

    • Avatar

      If you saw the faces of the house guests in the jury as they were watching Derrick’s video tonight talking about what he does as an undercover officer, and how he would use those traits to play the game, they didn’t seem like happy campers, LOL…think they felt the same way as you md – realizing it wasn’t a fair playing field.

      Kinda like how Zach went off the deep end when he found out that Frankie was playing for a charity to build schools or something somewhere – he was like, how am I supposed to compete with that?? Who’s not gonna vote for someone who’s playing to build schools for kids?

      • Avatar

        yep diane. thank you. i have been saying this all season almost every week and always gdt thats bs or thumbs down. now derrick even said it himself. of course he would use his training. i would. and yes the house guests should feel lile they got ripped off. tthey had no chance. again not derricks fault. good for himm shame on cbs.

      • Avatar

        “Stealing candy from a baby”. I believe you summed up the entire season. “BB16: Stealing Candy from a Baby”. That’s a wrap, folks!

      • Avatar

        There are a lot of occupations that utilize those same skills. Should we only allow unemployed people to play? Nichole could have had just as big of an advantage as a nurse. Nurses are very good at reading behavior, gathering information and establishing trust, and she could have been extremely empathetic with everyone to get more people to like her. She just simply chose not to go that route. Cody is in sales, sales people are trained to try to persuade people, Cody just chose to lay around with Christine instead. If Derrick had any advantage, its that everyone in the house but him forgot they were playing a game.

      • Avatar

        And Cody thought he utilized his skills as a salesman too. He thought he had it wrapped up because he thought he had build relationships with everyone. I was looking at his face when they said Christine’s vote surprising he didn’t flinch when she voted for Derrick

      • Avatar

        apples and oranges friend

  72. Avatar

    p.s. mango not even your sister got you inthe top 3 in voting avp. mango you are simply a selfish liar. who is fake as your hair. maybe this sill wake you up that you are not loved. bow can you be with your, im better than you attitude. way to go donny! zach was the funiest player. i liked that guy. nichole what a genuine good person. caleb, i’ll admit it you grew on me man. once you opened up you were great. and the best game played in bb history(eventhough he had an unfair advantage with his carrear as an undercover officer, he easily pla tthe jury sId they would tonight. when i saod that the last week i got alot of thumbs down. apparantly i was ritwe with that too. he best game. thanks steven beens for this fun. log. lets hope bb 17 has some real drama. this year was not expect the unexpecged. it was predict the predictable. i litteraly called it from the second week. and one more thing. i also said that vic would beat cody if cody picked her. the jur

  73. Avatar

    Mom! If you’re still reading, guess what?? Zach is also going to be on The Bold & Beautiful with Donny! (They’re taping it this weekend!) 🙂

    • Avatar

      No FN way, holy Tolitoto!
      (Ok. Spelling again)
      Don’t be pulling my leg. I have to go to work .
      I will come back and read again.
      How? Where ? When
      I never watch the show?
      I NEED to tape it!!!
      What station is it on??

      Omg, Diane I love you…


    • Avatar

      Where did you read that? Wish they had announced that on the show.

      • Avatar

        Zack said it in his interview after the show last night that he and Donny would be on The Bold and Beautiful.

      • Avatar

        I read it on both Big Brother Spoilers (@BBSpoil) and Big Brother Leak (@BigBrotherLeak) last night:

        From Big Brother Spoilers –

        Donny and Zach will be on the Bold and the Beautiful. They’re taping it this weekend.

        BUT…it must have been a last minute addition, because I just saw this tweet there this morning:

        Donny, Zach, and Nicole will all be going on the Bold and the Beautiful.

        From Big Brother Leak –

        Zach just announced that he was asked to do ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ with Donny and will be filming this weekend.

  74. Avatar

    From BigBrotherLeak @BigBrotherLeak:

    FUN FACT: Final 2 doesn’t get their stipend. So technically Donny walks away with more money than Cody. $15k + $25k + $14k = $54,000

  75. Avatar

    I think Cody was in a tough spot (He did most of Derek’s dirty work, but Derek gets all the glory???-happy for his $50,000 second place win and it sucks that he did lose to Derek, but the best thing about this scenario is that Vic did not make a dime other than her stipend…Can you imagine the scenario where Cody takes VIC to F2 and she wins over him and wins the 500K for doing nothing?????I think in most seasons the obvious choice is take the floater for the obvious win, but I’m not convinced that the jury would have for the person who was deserving over a Cody vs Vic showdown..I think the jurors quite possibly would have chosen Vic based on it being a coward’s move, and granted Cody is going to get alot of Flack for taking Derek over Vic and it will probably take awhile for him to live that down, but I would take a loss like that over the loss of losing to a floater who did absolutely nothing, so much so that even production made a joke out of it….

    • Avatar

      He would have never lost over Vic. She might have got a vote or two. Cody said today that if Derrick had taken Vic he would have voted for Vic. That’s a bitter juror. Derrick also said he thought Jocasta and Donny were bitter and voted that way. Cody said he thought CHRISTINE, caleb and zach Hayden were bitter and voted that way. So if jury member did note vote for them they thought jury was bitter. I thought for sure Donny would vote for Derrick but he didn’t but said he had promised Cody his vote earlier in game. Jocasta said same. When Cody was counting votes he was counting Jocasta vote for him. Also sometime in game I remember Derrick saying something about his fake praying. Could not say when that was or circumstances but do remember it. Maybe DR? Just don’t remember.

  76. Avatar

    From Dan Gheesling ‏@DanGheesling

    “What a pleasure to watch Derrick play the game the way it was meant to be played. One of the best winners we have seen in a while.”

    • Avatar

      Yes Dan!!!! He himself said Derrick was a great player. Derrick didn’t have anymore of a advantage than Will did. Nobody ever says he had an unfair advantage and him and Dan manipulated people too. So what’s the advantage? Manipulating is manipulating. Just like a liar is a liar is a liar.

      • Avatar

        I never thought he had unfair advantage. I never thought it would have hurt if they knew. I think it’s more your personality and read on ppl and their behavior that helps you in this game than your profession. He had some training to help but many professions give you training in behavior and reading ppl. It’s more of a personality trait.

  77. Avatar

    All’s well that ends well. I do not begrudge Donny the votes I gave him for AFP but I did not expect him to vote bitter like Jocasta. Donny had identified Derrick as a power in the game then he identified Cody as a foot soldier and a means to an end. That is why he tried to flip Cody against Derrick rather than the other way around.

    The final vote for AFP was gratifying and hopefully puts to rest the conspiracy theory over CBS favoring Frankie. This was certainly a live audience of BB fans and while the applause thinned there were no boos for Frankie. I am disappointed we did not get to see his arrival at jury but can accept that was due to time constraints and not a case of favoritism.

    Derrick can say his key never left the memory wall for nominations but because Cody won the final HoH Derrick was nominated for eviction by default. To complete my baseball analogy he got his no-hitter but missed a perfect game because an error allowed a base-runner. I still think he is the best ever, just not absolutely perfect.

    • Avatar

      hope you dvr’d it dan dan. frankie did get bood. when theyintroduced him, the broadcast cut 5 seconds. look again. his intro was 5 seconds than the others. yes it was a live broadcast. but everyone in broadcasting or general knoledge of it knows that there is a 7-10 second deley. watch again. its clipped with a wierd shot out of place next. not a consparacy. its a fact. as for the voting consparacy. cbs has a third partty collect the votes. as all of the voting shows do. they do this for exactly this reason. so noone can question the results. another fact. when frankie got booted it was not a live broadcSt. only one without one? yep. it was a rigged audiance that night 3 weeks ago.

      • Avatar

        I have re-watched the jury introductions just after Victoria’s eviction – no boos. I have even run the video through my media pc and watched the audio tracks – any edit would have created an inconsistency that is not there. Video is switched from camera to camera but the audio track is the same for all shots and shows no dump. I worked in video production from 1993 to 2005[small production companies, no network experience] so I do know what to look for.

        The only irregularity I saw was Christine jumping her cue and starting across the stage early, they had to take her camera shot while the camera was still panning into position and caught the back of the guest in front of her. That stuff happens on live TV.

        Frankie’s eviction episode was in front of a restricted audience to preserve the secrecy of the outcome until the actual airing. This has happened since 2009 and is done due to production schedule requirements. the audience would have been the same no matter who was being evicted – not just Frankie.

        Hate on Frankie all you want but CBS has no interest in giving him special treatment. Why should they? His sister is by no means a big star and may just be a flash in the pan. CBS cast Frankie because player types like him cause controversy and controversy equals ratings. It is the Howard Stern equation – who cares if people love him or hate him as long as they are watching.

      • Avatar

        CBS has no interest in giving him special treatment.

        Could’ve fooled me, lol. How do you explain him being a guest on The Talk today (CBS show, with Julie Chen – host of Big Brother) when he neither won the show, nor won America’s Favorite Player.

        Derrick and Donny should be the two on the view today, not Derrick and Frankie. (And I’m sure Derrick is wondering what the heck Frankie is doing there with him, as well, LOL.)

      • Avatar

        CBS did give frankie special treatment but not at eviction time. Picked audience. Heard no boos last night but applause was obviously decreased from others even Christine’s. CBS trying to promote Frankie’s career. Doubt we have seen last of him unfortunately

      • Avatar

        if i tolf u dan dan i would be fired. there i a delay. tellin u. but what can i do but tell u the truth. no worries u

      • Avatar

        one more thing dan dan. your howard stern analogy is hilliarous. people love him. not in the 90’s but they do now. to equate howard stern to frankie is. not a good analagy. but this is not an argument. blog. all i can say is look some more dan dan. production is literaly hidden in plain sight. how about the view today with frankie btw. very funny.

  78. Avatar

    Wow, big shocker from over at Jokers, guess who crossed off Victoria’s name?

    Hint: the last person I would have suspected.


  79. Avatar

    Why is Frankie going to be on the Talk with Derrick tomorrow?
    Why is Derrick “the BB winner” share his appearance with Frankie?
    What makes Frankie so special?
    Frankie actually made this BB season almost unwatchable with his obnoxious behavior.
    Frankie is a nobody, he’s riding his sister’s coattails. You have to be under 15 to know who she is, never heard of her.

  80. Avatar

    I forgot how much I liked Zach…totally missed him. Hope some tv producer picks him up.

  81. Avatar

    Ok Frankie looked awful and such a show off. Please cbs give us a break from him. Enough already.

  82. Avatar

    And fugly Victoria is finally out of the house. Man she needs a speech coach, she can’t even talk. Her mumbling and smacking drove me nuts. And the whole big bow hair deal. Girl get a stylist.

  83. Avatar

    Everyone that has Twitter needs to bombard The Talk and or Julie Chen today and let them know America is NOT happy that skanky Franky is on the show today. I posted on The Talk FB page but doubt if it is read.

  84. Avatar

    Well SteveB BB is over. I guess your on to other shows but most importantly to your parents health. I will keep you and the Mrs. and your parents in my prayers. You have a long road to haul now. I’ve been there and it’s not easy. It’s hard to be everything to everyone at one time. Use your new family to shore you up in the hard times. They’ll be a god send to you. I appreciate the fact that you had so much to do in your personal life but you still made time for us. Thank you so much you really don’t know what this blog has meant to me. You do a very unselfish thing for many again thanks and see you next year.

  85. Avatar

    Hey Steve….with your knowledge of the game I think you would be a great player. I would like to see you in the game and I think you would stand a good chance of winning………..But I don’t think I could go a season without reading your blog every day. Thanks for all of the past years…..see ya next year.

  86. Avatar

    Finale interviews with Jeff on CBS.com

  87. Avatar

    To all the people in this blog that were so accepting of me : Colby , Mouse, DanDaMan, Trudy , Franko, John Ruth, Willie , gosh and so many others. You were so nice to talk to. I like that you allowed me to have opinions that may not have been your own but that was okay to you. That’s a gift from all of you. To those that sent well wishes about my daughter Thank You they are cherished and will be remembered. Y’all are a special group of people. Thanks to all who made my life more bearable and gave me a respite from my problems at home. Life gets hard sometimes but y’all definitely made it easier. Thank you to everyone including those that didn’t agree with me. You made me think. I appreciate all of you for exactly what you are , a great group of people. I will be back next year you gave me something to look forward to. Oh one more thing there some on here that reminded me that my life could be harder. Thank you for putting that back into perspective. Love to All. Sandra

  88. Avatar

    Not sure how man more threads SB is going to give us so let me knock this out here:

    My BB17 Wishlist

    1. No all-stars, no second-timers
    2. No headhunted guests, the pretty faces with no clue
    3. Choose all U.S. Big Brother fanatics from among those who apply, there have to be a few cute ones among us
    4. Better votes for feed viewers, Dog or Bunny? Really BB?
    5. More punishments for poor performance in comps
    6. No more choosing have-nots, no more volunteering. Make them earn their comfort
    7. more reward comps where the winner shares with a few but not all

    This is more but I grow sleepy. Been fun ya’ll.

  89. Avatar

    Well I’m going to apply for BB17. I’m not a hot young sexy guy (sorry ladies) so I guess it’s a pretty long shot to get noticed. But you never know if you don’t try.

  90. Avatar

    steve beans, praying for excellent results on your mother’s surgery today and for a full complete recovery. Thank you for spending so much time blogging for us in the middle of your problems. You are greatly appreciated.

  91. Avatar

    Well, summer if officially over. Glad Derrick won, he really deserved it. Glad for Donny too even though I voted for Zach but I think I’m happier Donny won.
    SB: thanks again for keeping BB interesting this season, looking forward to next season and hoping for an all-star season. I do wish your folks a speedy recovery and congrats again on your recent wedding. See you next summer.

  92. Avatar

    Steve thanks for another great summer. God Bless you & your family. To all the fans on here it’s been fun. I was really happy Donny won AFP!

  93. Renee

    I had fun with you all this Summer! I’m glad Donny won AFP. I can’t see him spending it friviously. I really enjoyed Zach’s entertainment and wouldn’t have been upset if he would have won AFP, but he said many times that he would blow the money immediately. I have no doubt we will see Zach again on other reality shows with the following that he has now. I also thoroughly LOVED the look on Frankie’s face when he found out he was NOT in the top 3 for AFP!!

  94. Jannie

    Good finale last night.
    Did anyone notice not one mention of the whole Caleb/Amber situation?

    And I think they only showed Ariana in the audience once or twice.

    So it focused on what it should have…the final two. Only surprise with the votes is that I thought Donny would vote for Derrick and Caleb would vote for Cody. And I wished they had shown more of Derrick and Cody’s families.

    Everyone have a great fall, winter and spring and let’s hope next year some changes are made with production and we get a really great BB17!!

    Thanks Stevebeans for a great blog. Happiness and health to your family.

    • Avatar

      In his interview with Jeff, Donny explained he had told Cody if he made it to the end that he’d vote for him.

    • Avatar

      I listened to long interviews today on radio with Derrick, Cody, Vic and twin kicked out of survivor last night. Derrick thought Jocasta and Donny were bitter in jury and it affected their vote. He said they voted personally instead of game. Cody thought Caleb, frankie and CHRISTINE were bitter and voted against him because of that. Cody also said he took Derrick final two because without Derrick he would not have gotten to end. AND THAT WAS WHY CODY WAS PUPPET!! Vic said if she had been final two with Cody she would have won 100%. Interesting interviews. Cody said if Derrick had taken Vic to final three he would have voted for Vic,, talk about bitter. Also Cody said he didn’t think he had votes to beat Derrick but does not regret taking him to final two but when asked who he was more likely to text or talk to everyday he said zach and every month Derrick. Vic said every day NICHOLE and every month Derrick.

    • Bridget

      Donny told Cody from the beginning if he made the final two he would vote for him.Donny was loyal to the end.

      • Avatar

        Although I originally thought that the reason Donny didn’t vote for Derrick was because of Derrick voting out a member of Team America, and I totally respected Donny following his heart with that, but when I heard him (Donny) explain in his “backyard interview” with Jeff after the finale about what he told Cody, I’m even more proud of him for honoring his word.

        Jeff shared in that interview that those five million votes that Donny got for America’s Favorite Player are more than anyone has ever received for that award in Big Brother.

  95. Avatar

    Caleb’s first tweet since the finale – great pic of him and Zach:


    (Love the hashtags he used, lol: #BeastModeCowboy #herddat #judychop )

  96. Avatar

    Anyone get a look at Victoria’s dad? That is one BIG man! Skanky should be quaking in his little cheerleading shoes. LOL

  97. Avatar

    Just watched Derrick and Frankie on The Talk. The only controversy they asked Frankie about was about the comment he said about women deciding to be lesbians later in life and somehow he seemed to give an explanation favorable to himself, but I didn’t understand what he was saying.
    Derrick did well but as always Frankie always tried to steal the show. I wish Cody and Donny were on the show with Derrick, not Frankie, he did not deserve it in my opinion.

    • Avatar

      It should have been at least the final two if not three which is what I thought it was. That really sucks for Cody especially and why not have Americas Favorite Player? That’s wrong.

    • Avatar

      I’m sitting here thinking that even the average viewer of their show (The Talk) had to be wondering what the point of Frankie being there was. He didn’t win BB – Derrick did, and that was clear by him being there. He didn’t win America’s Favorite Player – Donny did, and that’s who should have been there with Derrick. How did they explain why Frankie was even there (especially in lieu of someone like Donny, who won the other big prize BB offered)??

      Just don’t get it (and as mentioned in one of my previous posts, am sure Derrick was as confused as the rest of us.)

      • Jannie

        Obviously there must be some cahoots going on between CBS, Ariana’s contract with Nickelodeon, and Mango.

        CBS promoted him more than any other HG.

      • Avatar

        I read that Arianas and Justin Biebers manager was involved somehow ( I think producer ) of CBS new show Scorpion which was the show that Cody , Donny and Nichole watched when Cody won that competition. Which was weird in it self as they usually get to see a movie. So that was the connection between Arriana Grande and CBS.

      • Jannie

        And Nickelodeon, whom I an assuming she is still under contract to from Sam and Cat, and CBS are both connected to Viacom.

        There is a whole twisted connection, I’m sure.

      • Avatar

        My daughter said her show had been canceled. Now I don’t know if it has or not because I don’t have little ones anymore.

      • Jannie

        Yes, it has been cancelled…I still have a 12-yr old. It was called Sam and Cat(Ariana’s character).

        But it was the fault of her co-star, who made contract demands and so they cancelled it.

        I’m guessing Ariana’s somehow still under contract to Nickelodeon.

      • Avatar

        Diane, wen I watched Frankie’s introduction in the show they said something like he was a controversial HG. I guess that’s their excuse for bringing him to The Talk, when we all know he’s there because of his sister.

      • Avatar

        Thanks, Lilly (and for biting the bullet and watching it for the rest of us!). I’d much rather see America’s Favorite Player than who The Talk thought was a controversial player, any day. (If America wanted to see/hear more of Frankie – controversial or not – they would have voted for him.)

      • Avatar

        Diane, I watched the show because I wanted to see Derrick. But I had to put up with Frankie to do that:(
        I feel bad for Cody, Donny, and Victoria, they all deserved being in the show more than Frankie.

    • Avatar

      Answer made no sense at all. Really did not answer question at all.

    • Avatar

      I watched too and felt really bad for Derrick. It should have been him & Cody & Vic & Donny. Frankie had no business being on the show with Derrick. Note to CBS, we’re not impressed with Frankie, so keep him off any other shows!!!!

      • Avatar

        OK …I admit it I watched too… wanted to see if they would confront Fakie on some of his comments … I knew it would be Sara to do it …to bad he was warned ..and had a ready made squirmy answer.. I wonder if will apooigi$$$$e to Vic and her family.

      • Avatar

        Lol. No Frankie won’t ever apologize he’s too arrogant.

      • Avatar

        His family will pay $$$$$ for his idiocracry …sorry I am total asshat… here is some ca$h …now be quiet

  98. Avatar

    Donny’s Big Brother Backyard Interview: “America’s Favorite Houseguest” Overwhelmed By Fan Love


    It’s pretty clear that despite winning the $25,000 tied to “America’s Favorite Houseguest” on Big Brother 16, Donny Thompson doesn’t quite realize what an impact he made this season with fans. Though some are bantering on social media that they’re disappointed in him, many more are sticking by him and love him more than ever. Donny’s interview really was exactly what fans would hope and expect to see from him.

  99. danmtruth

    Just watch Frankie and Derrick on the Talk.putting Frankie’s name first is how th show portrayed them. Frankie was just as obnoxious as usual He was never challenged as to his answer to the lesbian comments They ask the question but never press him on the answer They also never question him about the Victoria rape comments

    • g8trgirl

      I watched it. I think I spit up in my mouth a little.

    • Avatar

      Perhaps they understand that a comment about people getting drunk and having sex is not the same as suggesting rape.

      • Avatar

        But they weren’t drunk and there have been gang rapes in our country that have started the same way that Frankie started that conversation. 4 or 5 guys saying hey wouldn’t it be funny or she deserves to be raped and it turned into gang rape. That’s why I was so offended because had they been in the real world and they had this conversation who knows what that could’ve kicked off.

      • Avatar

        Never said they were drunk, they were talking about getting drunk and what might happen when those three got drunk, not planning any rape. They had just found out they were getting alcohol later that night and since only 3 were planning on drinking they all could [and did] get very drunk [and no rape took place, not even the near occasion of a rape happened]. It was an absurd suggestion and that is why the people were laughing. Real world or Big Brother house the only result of that conversation would be what it was, people laughing at a vulgar, yet silly idea.

    • Avatar

      I noticed that too, Frankie had top billing. Nothing like advertising that your show will have Skankie on it. Now that’s a good draw for viewers…NOT!

  100. Avatar

    We now know for sure what we all suspected all season Frankie was the favored child in the BB house. Why would he be on The Talk instead of Derrick, Cody and Donny?

    • danmtruth

      Frankie’s sisters Ariana’s manager is also a producer of the new CBS show Scorpion. Ever hear of it ? Oh yes the show featured on Big Brother the show that had a commercial on every break. Could Julie husband the head of CBS have an interest in seeing the show succeeds ?
      Frankie kept with this it’s a choice to be with the one you love if they are of the same sex. Avoiding the issue of saying a women chooses to be gay Can she than choose to be straight? All people I know in the LGBT community and most people will say it’s not a choice but how you were born. Don’t want to go into this much more but as an educated gay man I would think Frankie would know better

      • Jannie

        Very interesting, danmtruth.

        Whatever makes CBS the most money. It’s all about the ratings and the bottom line.

        And, although I am not a Mango fan – didn’t love him, didn’t hate him,
        it should have been Donny on The Talk today. He was America’s favorite, after all. The choice to put on Ariana Grande’s brother was all part of a larger plan…or payback.

      • Avatar

        Not that it matters but we watched scorpion and really enjoyed it. Also really liked madam secretary. CBS by far has the best shows year after year

      • Avatar

        I watched Scorpion also it was good. My husband and I really liked it as well.

      • Avatar

        It is a good show.

      • Avatar

        Actually he is an executive producer on 2 episodes, there are about a dozen other people with the same or more responsibilities. It is his job to keep CBS happy, not the other way around.

  101. Avatar

    Re The Talk, Derrick was asked what Frankie’s weakness was (since his skill at reading people helped him win.) His answer: his ego. 🙂

  102. Avatar

    Poor shocked Cody, pun intended. I think he realized his chance of winning was up when people were asking him how he had played…he kept saying getting information and uh uh giving it to DERRICK! Shoulda took Victoria…you would have WON! oh well maybe ur man Derrick will give you a loan…nadda chance…

    • Avatar

      He said in his interview that he didn’t regret his decision. It obviously wasn’t just about the money. He said he wouldn’t have dumped Derrick any more than his brother or his best friend.

      • Jannie

        I actually admire that – kinda thought Cody was a putz, but that makes him look better to me.

        Very similar to the second season of Survivor. Colby took Tina because of loyalty. He could have won against Keith, but he had made an alliance with Tina from the start and didn’t want Keith to have any chance at the money. And Colby went on to have a nice little career on TV and a reputation as a good guy.

        Victoria did not deserve to be in the final two, no way, no how.

        Has Derrick said exactly WHO he would have taken if he had won the final HOH??

      • Avatar

        He’s said he would have taken Cody.

      • Avatar

        Cody. But also said he knew he could beat him

      • Avatar

        He said in radio interview he had to take Derrick because without Derrick he would not have made it to the end. That’s what we knew all along and so did jury. Derrick also said he wanted to not reveal hitmen til finals

  103. Avatar

    Survivor—How about those twins, goofballs telling everyone they had been on Amazing Race…uhh, instant TARGET, boom one gone, next in the sights. They were jerks on AR anyway so I hope they both go 1 and 2 that would be funny.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t see them in AR but I wasn’t sorry to see the one go last night. I’m always happy when obnoxious people are out early. It’s one thing that made BB better this year for me than last. Devin was gone early. Amanda was not.

      • Avatar

        They have never been my favorites but they have always been entertaining and funny and they really work hard in competitions. And everyone knew they had been on amazing race. You can’t miss them. It was just jealousy that they kicked her out. She was great in competition.

  104. Avatar

    Ditto small around!!
    ” ” ” “

  105. danmtruth

    Let’s see how long the all girl alliance last on Survivor

    • Avatar

      It did not even last for 1 Tribal, they voted one of the twins girls off, its over already, lol…what is it with all girls alliances. This season on BB they killed it themselves right off, and now on Survivor, lol…

      • Avatar

        Wouldn’t have worked anyway. Baylor went back on her vote and so did the gay guy. Sorry to describe that way but forgot his name. Josh??

  106. Avatar

    Well it was fun, cya next season, luv to find a site similar to this for Survivor and Amazing Race. The downside is those are only on 1 day a week and no live feeds. Yes I know its not possible for live feeds but would be nice to see Survivor at least 2 times a week and get more background social/strategy gaming than is shown in the 45 minutes we get minus commercials.

    • Avatar

      Monica21 – Steve is going to be putting together what he’s calling a “catch-all” type of blog where he’ll be blogging about a variety of shows (and I’m assuming he’ll include Survivor and Amazing Race.) He said he’s not sure when it will be up and running, but I believe he said he would put something on his Facebook page (or here?) when it launches.

  107. danmtruth

    At the first vote Baylor a women broke the gender line So much for girl power She based her vote on which way the gay guy was voting. Nadiya the women voted out made the mistake of not understanding her teammates. Calling her gay tribe member Josh just one of the girls. News flash not all gay men like to be considered fem. Funny thing is he voted for Baylor Interesting times

    • g8trgirl

      He didn’t want to have any blood on his hands so he voted for Baylor. Sound familiar? Oh no! Here we go again. Lol

    • Avatar

      Heard interview from her today. She didn’t mean anything in that comment to josh. She said she counted him in with girls because he had been socializing with the girls the most. She said she had no idea he took it wrong and if he has spoken up she would have apologized and explained how she meant that.

      • Avatar

        She has been coached and is back peddling. Saw those girls on the AR. They have absolutely no class and are not nice, back stabbed, stole from the other competitors, etc. She absolutely would not have been loyal to her team mates, and neither will her sister. One of her tribe members knew this, and that is why she was voted out. It was a good decision for their tribe.

      • Avatar

        She was voted out only because she was on amazing race. That’s what they said. They were irritating on amazing race but also funny and very outgoing The second time they gott out first. And if you call road blocking and giving time penalty backstabbing that’s rediculous and that’s all you can do to someone in amazing race and its part of the game.

      • Avatar

        Road blocking and giving time penalties are understandable if it gives a needed advantage. But stealing and really unnecessary moves aren’t ok. Most feel bad about it, these girls celebrated it.

  108. Avatar

    Maybe Steve could just put up a post that says nothing but allows us to talk to each other after each episode of Survivor. 🙂

  109. Avatar

    Has anyone heard if Derrick and/or Donny will be on any of the entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight tonight? Any of the late nights show, like Jimmy Fallon?

    • Avatar

      good question! I’ll have to tune in to Entertainment Tonight cause I’m sure they’ll have an update & maybe they will mention if Derrick will be on a late show too. Publicity for those other shows. I just hope he doesn’t have to drag Frankie along.

  110. danmtruth

    Any truth that each of the house guest only had ONE ticket for family for the final? Poorly produce show . To long on the first chalange of them hanging on . We all knew who won Just many time wasters like that. It was good to see the jury house

  111. Avatar

    What the heck was Jeremy thinking you never volunteer for anything first.

  112. Avatar

    I loved it when Derrick’s little girl said ‘holla daddy’. I got all choked up on that one. So precious!

  113. Avatar

    Could Frankie’s shorts have been any shorter last night?! What’s up with the shorts and jacket look? It looks totally stupid on him, especially on finale night. Made him look like he had no pants on at all…maybe that’s what he was going for….fashion FAIL for him.

  114. Avatar

    Cody was extremely loyal to Derrick and that cost him $450,000. I really think he knew he was going to lose to Derrick. I believe if he had taken Victoria, he would have won. I think the majority of the people would have voted for Cody, not Victoria. I’m wondering what Cody’s parents think of his decision. They might think he messed up but won’t tell him anything because they would make Cody sad. But anyway, Derrick was the one who truly deserved to win since he was so manipulative and calculating.

    • Avatar

      wow, I love this Sask..thanks for posting, an actual glimpse at the real frankie-anyone else would have been looking on all smiles with someone winning a half mil and being reunited with his wife and kid, but not Frankie, scowling cause he isn’t in the spotlight-really hate that he won money other than his stipend..oh and how funny is it that Donny is the one who scratched out Vic’s name..lol

    • Avatar

      Oh, Frankie , he just stepped on a nail or something….. Didn’t he????

  115. Avatar

    Just listened to the exit interviews for the final 3 at Rob Cestrino’s website and Vic poor thing I think her head has been majorly warped by being in the bb house, or Derek is that goood-She literally said I would have won if I was taken to F2 and she said she would have beaten Derrick..wtf?? I really hope she was joking but I don’t think she was…also Derrick seemed very humbled to have his game play compared to Dans and Dr. Will’s, he said when I hear that I want to throw up…lol, and Cody said he doesn’t regret taking Derrick, the impression I got from Cody is that he didn’t want to take the chance of losing to Victoria…also Cody was asked why he was so combative when the juror’s asked him about his game play; and his answer was pretty much I did alot of the work and they didn’t realize I had a huge role in getting them out (which If I only watched the show, I would disagree with Cody, but after viewing some of the live feeds with Cody and other Hg’s and with Derrick, and he is right, in that aspect…) oh also I agree with other’s that enough with Frankie already..jeezzzz wtf is going on with CBS-do any of them read blogs, etc-isn’t a huge clue that Frankie wasn’t even in top 3 of who America voted for? I agree with the other poster that we probably aren’t done seeing him only due to his sister’s fans and the million plus suscribers on his you tube channel-good job Frankie I didnt even know who she was before Frankie was on T.V, then she was kind of okay when i knew who she is, and now I immediately turn the channel or turn the radio channel when she is on..also I think that Derrick thinks it is probably odd that Frankie is on t.v shows with him and of course Cody or even Vic or anyone else for that matter deserve it more than Frankie-but in Derick’s eyes he could probably care less, he has a half million dollar to cash after all even if that comes with some cbs strings attached.

    • Avatar

      in the above comments when i say she in reference to Frankie I’m referring to Ariana

      I agree with the other poster that we probably aren’t done seeing him only due to his sister’s fans and the million plus suscribers on his you tube channel-good job Frankie I didnt even know who she was before Frankie was on T.V, then she was kind of okay when i knew who she is, and now I immediately turn the channel or turn the radio channel when she is on

  116. Avatar

    Every now and then being loyal pays off, derrick and Cody outside the house are good friends already even their families are hanging out also derek just had his jeff schroeder live interview..and jeff asked him what he whispered to Cody right before they revealed Derek was the winner and he said to Cody, I gotch you-and Derek went on to say that Cody knew what the meant, and that Cody is going to have a very good christmas (he kind of implied he was going to throw some cash Cody’s way) so maybe not such a bad move to take Derek after all–can you imagine how annoying Vic is now and then add on a 500k win possibly over Cody? There is no way she would share one dime of that money-Not saying that I think Derick should share-but just the thought that it is a possibility I think that speaks volumes for both Derrick and Cody’s character. also if you guys didn’t see Jeff Schroeder’s interview with Derrick he reveals alot of Derrick’s strategy and why and how he ended up winning bb..

    • Avatar

      That was nice of Derrick to even offer any $$ to Cody, especially considering that Cody could have easily picked Vic for the F2 and won the game. Hopefully, this will ease the “sting” a little bit for Cody and make him feel his loyalty to Derrick until the very end paid off (in more ways than one, lol.)

  117. Avatar

    It has been fun sharing BB with all of you – yes even dandaman – the finale was good – glad Donny won AFP by a landslide – hope I NEVER hear the name Frankie Grande again as long as I live – hope the rest get reaclimated quickly – Now does everyone remember Ferris Beuller’s Day Off – at the end he steps out of his bedroom and looks at us and says – “go on home it’s over – go on” – good advice for all of us – till next year – BYE.

  118. Avatar

    from Joker’s: “We’re going to have fun with all the speculations about Donny’s ‘real’ career and it’ll involve a lot of costume changes,” hints the soap’s supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk, a longtime Big Brother fan who has also hired twelve other Big Brother houseguests for roles on the soap’s Halloween episode. That roster includes BB16 players Amber, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Devin, plus past Big Brother favorites Brendon, Rachel, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan. “We were only limited by time and budget,” Kasprzyk says. “Otherwise, we would have invited even more houseguests. This was a season of terrific personalities.”

    Episodes air 10/30 and 10/31.

    Notice no mention of Frankie. Dlisted again.

    • danmtruth

      Why deal with all the demands. I’m sure Mr.Media would have all kinds of demands

    • Avatar

      Now I will set my VCR
      Yes, VCR to the date and cbs
      Does anyone know the time in NY it is on??
      10/30 and 10/31??
      I never watched the bold and the beautiful


      • Avatar

        I got 1:30 PM. For a 30 min. Show.

        On the east coast

        Bold and beautiful

      • Avatar

        This will be fun to watch …
        from Joker’s: “We’re going to have fun with all the speculations about Donny’s ‘real’ career and it’ll involve a lot of costume changes
        hmmm, Doctor, professor, military, ninja and grounds keeper

        Halloween episode. That roster includes BB16 players Amber, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Devin, plus past Big Brother favorites Brendon, Rachel, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan.
        Amber has to be a pickle
        Zach is box of froot loops
        Cody a puppet or chippendale dancer
        Caleb …um cowboy
        Nicole sexy nurse
        Hayden surfer dude
        Devin …I dont know… football player or bodybuilder

        Jeff and Jordan … Barbie and Ken
        Brendon, Rachel and Elissa… the three stooges

      • danmtruth

        Perfect costume choices damamma !

  119. Avatar

    …Amazing Race starts tonight …gotta root for the Wisconsin girls…YAY science ….if anyone finds a nice blog like SBs ….post a link please.

  120. Avatar

    Hello? Anyone here? Where is everyone? I miss you all. 🙁

    • Avatar

      I’m here. Are you there. I’m not mom though.

      • Avatar

        juaelz do you watch Utopia?

      • Avatar

        Does anyone watch Utopia? If so what do you think of Bella?

      • Avatar

        Hi Sarah. I watch Utopia. I think the free live feeds are better than the program. Bella is ok but she loses her temper too much. I think the others gang up on her. I voted for Aaron to leave. He is too controlling with the food and doesn’t feed them enough. He also lies about people and does shady things with the money. And he eats a lot while he cooks, while the others don’t eat enough. Plus he’s a bully. I think Bri should leave next month because she doesn’t contribute anything and she is harming the animals instead of helping them. I think Bella and Red should leave also because they bring too much drama and putting up with that every day is too much, But Mike and Kristen should go first, they are shady and Mike doesn’t do anything and instigates people. Kristen is blinded by Aaron. My favorites are Hex (but I liked her more before Taylor came), Rob, Amanda, Nikki, Josh, and Ernesto.

      • Avatar

        I voted for Mike to leave. The web page for the show said they would announce who was voted out today. I hope he goes. I agree with you he is a trouble maker and does nothing. Poor Bella I feel bad for her. She has a good heart but she is not good at relating with other people. Yes, I also agree that most of them do pick on her. I think she is an easy target.

      • Avatar

        I forgot to mention Red. He is something. Not in a good way. He does work hard. I think? I haven’t been watching the feeds lately. Do you know why he is so pig headed and really doesn’t get along with many people.

      • Avatar

        Red is does much better when he has things to do, now that he is responsible for the barn he is doing a lot. The vets called Red and told him that only he and Chris could bottle feed the calf (because they had seen Bri force feeding it)and if others did it they had to be supervised. I think Bella and Red are very annoying sometimes but they do mean well. I’d rather get rid of Aaron, Mike, and Bri first, then others who are not doing anything and are stirring trouble, and then I would evict Bella and Red. Mike doesn’t do anything and is shady like Aaron. I can’t stand Aaron he thinks the kitchen is his and he doesn’t feed people well, except for himself and Kristen.

      • Avatar

        Hi Sarah, I signed up for the feeds but I haven’t had time to watch. What do you think of it?

      • Avatar

        The first day I watched them nonstop for most of the day so did my mother. I find it to be very addictive. My husband doesn’t like the live feeds he prefers the shows. I have learned a lot about animals and planting vegies. I like to see how the people learn to get along. Or at leas some of them.

      • Avatar

        I miss y’all too. I’m trying to get over my withdrawals from here but it’s hard. I’ve been bored all day. We need an intervention. Lol

      • Avatar

        We need a thread for another program. I like Utopia but I think you said earlier you didn’t, I’m not sure.

      • Avatar

        Sandra ftsm I remember you saying you had a problem with Red. They have Bella representing CA. If I can get past a woman who has a big heart but is a nut. Yes I said it she is a bit nuts. At one point she stood naked all sprawled out over the plants, and meditated. I am form CA but that is down right nuts. Try to get passed Red. You might like it.

  121. Avatar

    Hey guys!! Y’all lonely?

  122. Avatar

    I think our thread is about to run out

  123. ShoeLover

    Happy to see Derrick win!!! Miss everyone already!!! See yall next Summer!!

  124. danmtruth

    Just miss reading what people think Good morningSandre ftsm how’s life Has any one heard how Frnco is doing?

    • Avatar

      I haven’t heard from Franko. I know I miss hearing from everyone. BTW I was just on Bussfeed and they had questions for the various houseguests. They asked Frankie about what he said to Victoria. His explanation was he was trying to fit in with the bros and he was joking around and they found him amusing and he said it. He made a blanket apology to the world but not directly to Victoria or her family. What a jerk. Oh and now he’s a producer too. Ugg

  125. danmtruth

    Trying to fit in with the boys?!?! What a load of crap! So grouping all the guys was just trying to fit in . Being the one who brought up you boys should get her drunk and take all her virginity’s in one night . Was just being one of the guys. To me what took it over the top Caleb I believe said he felt uncomfortable and left. Derrick tried to make a joke saying how mad Victorias dad was going to be when he saw this. After all that Frankie than made the licking of the fingers and the jabbing motion with sound effects. That is what tipped it over
    It’s interesting if you watch th tape he made for Survivor. You can see these are just character he plays. In the survivor no pink hair no flambouyent prancing. Yet he drop Jeff Probst name 3 or 4 times. Saying how they had this LONG conversation with him . At the end of the conversation Jeff Probst said he had to audition for the show.
    So this ultra sexual Frankie we saw on BB was just another character he pulls out.
    So would like to hear from Caleb and some of the other house guest. Now that they know Derrick fooled them and is a cop and yes Donny is just a grounds keeper. How do they feel? Poor Zach two of team Americas wins affected his game. He said he went along with the being related to Ammanda because he was board. Yet latter when it came to the lost items . It seemed to turn some people into questioning how trustworthy he was.

    • Avatar

      I know…team America did effect his game. I am so made about that. Plus, it hurt his feelings. He didn’t take those things. Poor Zach

      • Avatar

        Mom Nichole said Frankie and Zach carried their relationship into the jury house. You need to have a talk with your boy about the company he keeps. Lol

      • danmtruth

        Now Zach wants to do Amazing Race with Frankie as his partner. Frankie is smart but he won’t get the help from production.

      • Avatar

        Really? He wants to do it with Frankie? Frankie doesn’t have any real life experience. They would never be able to put together stuff like they have to. Zach maybe. Hmm I don’t think I could watch Amazing Race then. Then he will have taken two of my favorite shows away. No put his butt on Survivor at least then we could watch him be miserable in the rain and stuff. Lol

      • Avatar

        No, no, no, no,
        There is no, partnership with Frankie.

        Zach needs to do Amazing race with a REAL person., please!

      • Avatar

        Wow, I sure will!
        Zach is too good for Frankie.

        They can not play together, ever!
        I won’t allow it. Punishment for both If they do.

        Frankie is just a trickster……

        Ok, now I am yelling ” Zach..you stay away from that boy!!! You hear me???” “He’s NO good “

      • Avatar

        mom, I hope Zach doesn’t get hurt by Frankie.

      • Avatar

        I sure hope not. The only race Frankie knows is the “rat race”.

  126. danmtruth

    Don’t like Utopia Enjoy Suvivor just wish it were on more than once a week.i understand why it can’t . Most looking forward to Amazing Race

    • Avatar

      Amazing Race was good. Wish it would’ve been 2,hours for the premier.

      • Avatar

        Don’t like the couple who came in first tho. They seem really fake. Was hoping the surfers would come in first. Glad the blondes left, they were so rude. They didn’t like it when the guys wouldn’t let them win.

  127. Avatar

    If this thread does end soon …we all could jump back one to the end thread with Jim Morrison on it …it is still small… just a thought…

    anyways … guess who will be the musical guest on SNL tonight ….Fakies little sis … I will be skipping it …I have had enough Grande viewing for this year.

  128. Avatar

    Goodmorning if there’s anyone here. If not Goodmorning anyway. Lol

  129. Avatar

    Hey , still hanging on……

  130. Avatar

    Oh, to the Jim Morrison place. See ya!

  131. Avatar

    Is anybody still hanging on for a while. I miss hearing from folks!

  132. Avatar

    Yeah!!!!! We are one thread back… Go to Jim Morrison face thread.
    It’s just us girls….but we will chat with anyone………miss you Franko!!!!!!!
    Come along………


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