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Shake-Up In The Big Brother House As Daniele Wins HoH

July 29, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 13 daniele winsIt was a good night in the Big Brother house if you’re on the side of Daniele (so a good night for Daniele and Kalia pretty much) and a bad night if you’re rooting for the veterans.


The live show began with flashbacks of the wild week that was, with Daniele swimming against the current that was the veteran four, dodging the floaters along the way.  Somewhere along the swim, she was actually able to get the once dead log that was Kalia to wake up and actually play the game.

This resulted in some nice on the spot questions by Julie Chen, and the houseguests putting on a smile and acting like nothing was wrong, when you can clearly see they wanted to dive across the living room and throttle Daniele.   Something about the Donato’s being in the house tends to do that to people, which is why they’re entertaining to watch.

The live eviction went pretty much what I expected it would, with Kalia wimping out at the last minute and voting for Dominic… although his comments about the rest of the house needs to stop acting like spineless jellyfish probably didn’t help his case by winning the sympathy votes from the floaters, like Kalia.    It certainly didn’t help his friendship with Adam as he just stared at Dominic completely stunned by his partner being weak comments.

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Dominic Gets A Game Play Tip

After Dominic got the boot (7-1 vote), it was time for Julie to announce her twist that will completely shake up the game forcing people to change their strategies!  She sat them down and revealed the newest twist was…..

drum roll please….

The golden keys are out of the game and the game goes back to it’s normal format, no more teams!   Wait, what?  So the big twist is to stop the original twist?  That’s like Survivor:Nicaragua when they had the ridiculous twist of old vs young and then shook it up after the damage had already been done by removing the twist.   After 4 weeks of domination by the veterans, they split everyone up now that their alliance has become super strong and the newbies are nice and scattered.

The game must go on, and that it did out back where it was time for the first real endurance challenge of the season.  Everyone got up on these little platforms with skis attached to them and rocked back and forth with a nice squeak to drive you pretty much insane.   As if the 30 hour lockdown wasn’t enough to motivate people to drop early for smoke breaks, Julie announced 5 snowballs were available for people who were eliminated from the competition.  You didn’t have to take a snowball, as some didn’t, but she told everyone that one contained $10,000.

The results of the snowball bonus:

  • Adam – Has to wear an elf suit for a week
  • Brendon – Have Not
  • Lawon – Slop Pass
  • Jordan – Have Not
  • Jeff – $10,000

Like I predicted, the challenge would come down to the women in the house, but I was a little nervous because when I was doing the predictions, I honestly forgot Porsche was in the game still.   Of course, despite being pretty fit, Porsche did her thing and gave up about an hour and ten minutes after the challenge began, leaving just Shelly on the skis against Kalia and Daniele.

When Shelly  jumped off just 10 minutes after Porsche, it started to settle in that there would finally be a much needed shake up in the Big Brother house.  Everyone knew Daniele was going to win at that point, and it was just a matter of time.   Kalia gave her a few minutes, but quickly worked out a deal to be safe (as if there were any doubt) and just like that, one of the veteran 4 will be going home on Thursday.


Overnight it was time for the vets to get together and work out a plan to try and stay inside the house in tact, but they all realized that probably won’t happen.   Jordan offered to go home if she were put on the block, but she has to get to that point first.  Right now I think Daniele’s biggest target is the Brendon and Rachel because they
a) Put Dominic on the block
b) Talked to Daniele about backdooring Jeff then ran and told him
c)  Didn’t  use the veto to save Dom after making a deal with him

While Jeff can thinks Daniele hates him all he wants, the fact is that Rachel is a strong competitor, Brendon isn’t really well liked, both betrayed Daniele, and most are frankly tired of the pair together.

Daniele talking to Rachel

Later on in the night, Rachel takes it upon herself to talk with Daniele and try to work out a deal to keep the 4 safe, trying to guarantee her a week of safety if she puts someone like Lawon on the block instead of the fab 4, but at this point I think she’s talking to a wall.   Daniele simply doesn’t trust them, and I don’t blame her.   She is not playing for 5th place, so I see no reason why she would knock out another potential vote (in Lawon) just so she can live another week.   Daniele knows she needs to become close with Lawon, Adam and possibly Shelly if she wants to have a real shot.


When Rachel leaves, she goes up to Brendon and immediately is lectured about talking to Daniele by herself.  Brendon is trying to pull some serious Boston Rob type of shit this season.     It’s shocking that one of the most unlikable couples is paired up with one of the most likeable couples and they do pretty well together.

Keep watching the feeds because I’m sure last night is only the beginning.  Brendon is already talking about calling out Daniele again and probably making another scene, and you don’t want to miss it.

Get the live feeds here!

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