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Shelli Tops The Big Brother Week 3 Power Rankings



While Clay and Shelli have been an obvious pair since nearly the beginning of the game, I’ve been reluctant to put them up at the top of the Big Brother rankings because of that fact. However, they have been able to do what Jeff and Jackie couldn’t, which is form a strong alliance and place plenty of targets in front of them.

To be fair to Clay, this is almost like a 1a and 1b slot, but the reason Shelli tops the ranking is because I think Clay would go before Shelli should a house flip suddenly happen and someone targets them both. While that may be a compliment to say Clay is a bigger threat, don’t sleep on Shelli’s game just yet. She is very bright, and could possibly have a social game even better than Meg’s, but the best part going for her is nobody is really noticing.

Other than that, the rankings really didn’t shift a whole lot from last week.  People obviously moved down a few slots because of the the Clay/Shelli rise, but they’re generally in the same order for the most part.

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What do you think about the rankings?


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  1. danmtruth

    The top3 or 4 I have no problem but I think you must give props to Audrey. She has stayed in the game. If past BB have proven any thing despite the reality we the viewer sees.what counts is the perception in the house. Audrey keeps the pot boiling and seems to let the HOH drop someone in their to get cocked. When will this back fire and burn her time will tell . For now despite what we all see and know the other house guest are easily distracted

  2. I would put liz, v, and audrey (in that order) above becky. V and liz have a pretty good Alliance going and if they make it past the week 5 eviction, liz/Julia will have a bigger target than Austin and v. Other than that I agree!!

  3. As far as what is happening in the now, I think the ranking makes a lot of sense. But how quickly things can change week to week when there is a new sheriff in town.

    I think Austin is playing a great game as well. He can lie so easily without hesitation, and continue a conversation with that same person without giving anything away. A good example was when Jeff approached him about the twins. Austin acted so surprised, and then started a strategy session with him. Jeff had no clue that all along Austin was plotting his eviction.

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