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Site Issues Resolved



After a long, loud night at the concert, I woke to found out the site was down. I eventually fixed it, but I had to disable a lot of stuff first, and it looks like avatars were wiped. So, please re-upload your avatar in your control panel.

We won’t have a normal overnight report because of the site issues, but I will start a new thread soon and search for any highlights overnight. I’ll also have a live thread going soon, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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  1. Elaine
    Elaine (1768 comments)

    Glad to be back online with you Steve. Thanks for working hard on the site, keeping us informed on BB, and having a forum for us to chat about the season. Thanks to Amy, as well, for giving of her time for BBJ.

  2. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1269 comments)

    From what I saw on BBAD, Bridgette hurt her ankle when she and Frank tried to do that celebratory back-bump in the air move – something like she jumped too low and he jumped too high and he kind of knocked her down and then fell too. He thought he had landed on her ankle but she said she had already hurt it before he fell. He carried her up the stairs after her ankle was wrapped, and has been kind of taking care of her by helping her get safely up and down the stairs to make sure she doesn’t fall or put any weight on it.
    Frank has a really good caring side, and seems genuine when I see him like this. Seems like when he’s being rude and acting like a pig he doesn’t realize he crosses a line until someone tells him, and then he apologizes and stops doing whatever it was. Too bad he has that side of him because the “good Frank” seems like a pretty nice guy.

    • Avatar

      Personally I think Frank is doing all of that for Bridgette because he needs her for his game right now. As soon as the team & roadkill are over she’ll be expendable to him just like everybody else is to him. I don’t buy Frank’s nice guy act for one second. Its just a matter of time. As soon as he gets her to jury he’ll send her packing crutches & all. Frank is working Bridgette for her jury vote.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (6399 comments)

        Exactly Ann! And again last night, he was extolling the virtues of Gidget to the other housemates. He’s determined to keep her there for as long as he needs her.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1269 comments)

        good point!

  3. nkogneetow
    nkogneetow (6399 comments)

    Okay, what is this “LikeBtn.com(?)” under the names? And I also clicked on “control panel” and my screen went grey with some kind of warning that wouldn’t let me do anything on my computer. Said something about my OS being disabled and it had a horrible loud noise. I had to shut down my computer and restart. What’s that all about?

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