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Slow Sunday BBOTT Updates



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Sunday in the house, and this week means nothing until we find out who the PoV is, so it’s another day of negativity and complaining on the feeds.

To be real, I haven’t watched much of the feeds over the past few days. Partly because I was dealing with tests (in school while blogging is tough), but partly because I am sick of the same complaining over and over. Jason is completely losing his mind and it is painfully embarrassing to watch. He is obsessed with Shelby and spends way too much time trashing her whenever she isn’t around. Reddit actually has a running tally of some of the disturbing comments made – mostly about Shelby – and mostly by Jason. I know I come off as biased, but I won’t lie, I think the number one problem in the house is Jason and his entitled attitude when he returned.  By beating a person nobody liked (Jozea) and getting voted back in, he put on this different personality where he felt he was king shit of the house all season long.

Truthfully, his alliance (misfits, LNJ, whatever) are not bad people. Kryssie gets trashed a lot, Danielle got a lot of heat, and Neeley some as well. However, the one common denominator with that alliance and the negativity is Jason. Whenever he is around, fairly decent people get carried into these rants and end up saying stupid stuff of their own. Yes, it’s a bit sad his alliance didn’t just shut him down and tell him to relax, but as a newbie in a house with a veteran, doing that is easier said than done. No, the ballsmashers aren’t perfect and have done shit talking as well, but nobody in the house is on the same level of Jason and the things he has said.


Sorry for the rant. I know there are Jason fans out there, and honestly he wasn’t that bad on BB17. This season has brought out the absolute worst in him, and even if he goes on to win this season (please, no), every one of his rants makes me happier to know I was in the audience the day he got evicted from BB17. Not a fan. He is far and away the worst returning player I have blogged about since starting this site for season 13.

Alright, another day of people sitting around doing nothing. I’ll update this if something happens, but the big thing is that Morgan will nominate Jason and Kryssie tonight. Nobody will be surprised, though Jason will probably have a tantrum at some point in the night as a result.  The big day is tomorrow for the veto competition.


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  1. LindsayB

    Hindsight being 20/20, I wish jozea would’ve been the one who went back in the house vs shitstain. It would’ve been more fair with America’s vote and I don’t think he would’ve lasted long. Whether or not you’re a fan of skidmark, I think we can all agree that his presence in the house degrades the idea of America’s involvement in this season. I didn’t care for him at all in his first season but wouldn’t have minded seeing him as a returning player in a normal season where America doesn’t have power because it is always interesting to see how people choose to play their second time around. Even the worst people can redeem themselves if they are able to acknowledge and learn from their past. Instead of doing that, he just chose to be an even bigger piece of shit than he was the first time around.

    • AIO_7

      Hear, hear!!!

    • BBBonbon62

      I loved Jason in BB17 and felt bad for him when he was evicted. I voted for him to return and have rooted for him this season. However, due to my work schedule I have missed the feeds all week and from Steve’s updates it sounds like he has become an intolerable infant. I had hope that a few times this season he would turn it around and play strategically, which he is quite capable of doing, but instead he chose the other path deciding to act like a mean and very ugly person.

      He is entitled to nothing due to his upbringing or lack thereof. Same for Krustie Krab. I can not justify his behavior and I am so disappointed in him. I really don’t like anyone else left in the house, especially Morgan (as I have said before never liked her, never will) but I will continue to follow BBOTT because it’s still fun even if I can’t get behind any HG. I also enjoy everyone here and there views and opinions. Although some have been very mean spirited and have stooped to the level of those they detest in the house you are all still a great group of people who are very passionate about BB and that’s pretty cool.

      Carry on kids. Peace, love and all the crap…especially Friendship.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I so agree with you BBB. I missed both the Feeds and BBJ Saturday and Sunday. If what everyone is saying about Jason’s remarks are true, I’m so disappointed in him. I had high hope for him for awhile. He could be such a good player, to bad he turned into such an ass.

      • AIO_7

        NK, chances are that Skid already was an ass.

  2. Jay H
    Jay H (386 comments)

    It appears that most casts put the game behind them and become friendly when it’s all said and done, but I don’t see how many contestants would want to be friendly with Jason if they go back and see how he speaks about them. He’s very cowardly because pretty much all of this shit talk is done behind their back. I can see how the game could bring out the worst in you, but he’s on a different level.
    I really hope he leaves this week.

  3. Avatar
    Kenny D (1 comments)

    If Shelby wins POV and cannot take down either nom because there is no one for Morgan to put up as a replacement nom, is it fair to say that the other HG’s will have the same limitation i.e., Can only use POV to Veto your own nomination or otherwise the Veto is just a guarantee of the status quo – noms stay the same?

    Or is Justin ineligible to play for the Veto, since he has already advanced to the Final Four? If so, then the disparity between giving Shelby a “limited POV” (i.e., all immunity with No power to Veto) and Justin a “regular POV” (i.e., redundant immunity like an HoH but with full power to veto a nom on the block) becomes a Moot point. Either way, as long as Justin is not playing for a power unavailable to the other person not on the block and not the HoH, it seems fair and he would be able to Honor the Final Four deal he made by default.

    Unless BB plans to allow Shelby to save Kryssie and with no one to go up in her place, Jason would be immediately evicted from the house. Seems to me that making Justin ineligible to compete for Veto is more consistent with the conditional advance to Final Four that he earned. The slack line comp became an immunity comp for him, just like the Veto Comp will be an immunity comp for Shelby if she cannot use the power the POV is named for i.e., the power to veto a nom on the block.

  4. Avatar
    shannamr (1 comments)

    Alright got my popcorn and lawn chair ready…..

  5. Shivani33

    Sat., Nov. 26th – time not announced yet: there will be what is being listed as a Game Changing Ceremony.

  6. AIO_7

    Morgan just let the banana bread burn.

  7. AIO_7

    Production gave the house guests Jenga. Shelby and Morgan are excited. (they are the only ones awake to be excited)

  8. Avatar
    Linda (43 comments)

    I agree totally with your post. Jason sucks the life and fun out of the remaining game. Then plays to the feeds with fake tears.

  9. Avatar

    Is anybody OTB yet?

  10. Avatar

    I havent been on either site since Thursday. Whats wrong with Shelby and is Justin really planning on taking Jason off the block?

    • LindsayB

      She’s got a really bad headache. Justin has found his place way back up inside Jason’s ass. They are all about trying to get veto so they can get Shelby OTB.

      • Avatar

        UGH on Justin and poor Shelby. Thanks for LindsayB

      • LindsayB

        Any time. I’ve hardly watched the last coupe days cuz I don’t want watch people sleep or to hear Jason be a little bitch all day. Looking forward to veto.

      • Avatar

        Shelby is going to win that VETO!!!

      • Avatar

        Is Morgan even planning on taking someone off the block & putting Shelby up if she wins VETO?

      • Avatar
        Kerry (9 comments)

        @Stevebeans gezz so over your you hate Jason speech. Cry me a river already. It’s the end if this season and love him or hate him he is still in the house. His manged to secure more loyalty then all four of BB18 Vets and 2 Siblings of Vets combined. House guest have a few chances to go against America and back door him but they did not. Like it or not ppl like him so must we endure another you hate Jason rant. So time to get over it already. Call your buddies at CBS and complain. All the Jason whining is a bit repetitive.

      • LindsayB

        Ann, as far as I know she and Shelby are still loyal to each other.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Dammit! Who do I have to kill to get The Krustmeister out of the house!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Kerry: I’ve really tried to not take sides, and I’m still trying. But you have to oo your part and stop attacking people you don’t agree with. He can rant, you can rant, everybody can rant, just try to stop making it personal. Your comments are always welcome and you made some very good points about his ability to stay in the house for as long as he has. Can we just leave it at that. It just went a tad to far. Not attacking you, just making an observation. Other than that, please continue to post….about the players and the game 🙂

      • Jay H
        Jay H (386 comments)

        This isn’t the New York Times. He is free to give his opinion. I feel most on this site appreciate Steve sharing his point of view. I do.
        If I didn’t like it, I would find another site to visit.

      • Avatar
        Kerry (9 comments)

        @JayH I’m going to continue to visit this and comment. If you have an issue with that so what… Never Cared

      • Jay H
        Jay H (386 comments)

        Ok, Mrs. Roy.

      • Avatar

        NK, see if you had just shown up with that bus to scoop us all up, we could’ve already had that business taken care of. “Ya Dig”

      • Summer

        Suggesting that another site isn’t the answer and the name is Kerry, not Mrs. Roy.

  11. Avatar

    Did the thumbs up & down go away on your screens too?

  12. Avatar

    Anybody else talk smack back to what the LNJ crew says?

  13. Avatar

    Lindsay, you know I’m biting my tongue right now don’t you? I’m trying to be nice & mind my own damn business but I’m telling you this shit ain’t easy. “Ya Dig”

  14. Avatar

    Why do people come here if they don’t like what people have to say it is crazy !!!
    Everyone has a right to there opinion and Ann I was hoping u would say something lol people r nuts hahaha great job stevebeans love this site

  15. Avatar

    Ann so true ! Friendship

  16. GL

    Please oh please Shelby or Morgan win the POV oh please. I want to see how much crying the LNJ do. They are talking so much crap on Shelby

  17. Avatar

    Steve, I have to apologize to you right off the bat because I went & did it again & let another moron bait me in & I bit. If you block me from your site I understand. Again I do apologize. I know that this site is for BB Junkies & it’s not supposed to get personal. Just know that you are doing an outstanding job here & your fans really do appreciate you. There are trolls out there who try to ruin things for everybody else because they’re obviously miserable. You keep on doing what you do Steve & Thank you so much.

    • BBBonbon62

      I know we should not engage the trolls but it seemed like such a personal attack that was mean and quite unnecessary. I do not think I could have held back. If it means anything I’d give you a pass.

      • LindsayB

        Omg Ann. I love you. Don’t engage with it anymore. It doesn’t need you to show anyone that it’s just like the hypocridiot it’s a fan of…. it does a great job all by itself.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Annie….Lindsay…..WHAT am I going to do with the 2 of you?!?! You know I love you both, but OH, have the 4 of you worn out my fingers for the past 2 hours….lol. I think you guys even scared Gerardo, Mel, Helen and Ryn away! From hence forth, just walk away from the computer, take a deep breath and count to 10 🙂

      • Summer

        Ask Gerardo, Mell, Helen and Ryn why they left. JoAnn left and said why she left in her comment on Big Brother Junkies on Facebook. Her comment is still there for everyone to read. More people have left than just these 5 people during OTT.

  18. Avatar

    I’m done with it, I won’t say another word about it.

    Now Ms.Lindsay, I still haven’t seen the words “SHELBY IS GOING TO WIN” from you yet. Lol

  19. Shivani33

    There are youtube videos of OTT. One really interesting one is titled “Jason tells Scott he’s a bully.” Many of us remember that scene, but it’s very telling to watch it separated out like this on youtube, because of what Jason says to Scott and how closely what he warns Scott about mirrors how he himself has acted. Tonight I saw a podcast where one man in particular broke down Jason’s behavior and added how it is affecting his twitter fanbase. He said that Jason is losing more and more fans everyday. Many don’t respond well to the way Jason is using his verbiage to be a guttersnipe.The jokers BB discussion thread also shows increasing disgust from commenters about the things that Jason keeps saying.

    I did an analysis and broke down the comments from yesterday’s BB Junkies thread, isolating the comments of two posters in particular, who paid a visit last evening. The analysis was done for my own “enlightenment,” and for no other purpose. I already knew better than to add to the situation by posting any response whatsoever. It’s usually best not to give any encouraging vibes by engaging, which is a waste of energy. It is a common tactic to try to disguise hostility with a cover up of self-righteousness and indignation. But it never completely succeeds. Isolating the comments demonstrated this clearly. Just let us remember to be ourselves, to have trust in that.

    • Avatar

      I was wondering if all of his followers were tolerant of his behavior. I know I was one of the ones who voted for him to come back in the game to play BBOTT because I loved Jason in his season but boy o boy did that change quick, fast & in a hurry once the true Jason showed himself. I hope when he watches the show when he goes home he changes his ways. He’s going to make life harder on himself as he gets older if he continues to act the way he does because somebody is going to kick his ass when he pulls one of those silly childish antiques on the wrong person.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thank you SO much Shi.

    • Jay H
      Jay H (386 comments)

      I think two of the big differences is in BB17, Jason one), wasn’t in the house long enough to let his true personality come out and 2) there were many strong personalities in there with him. He was not fanboyed when he was in there last time. On OTT, he came in like a rock star. I think we’re seeing the real Jason on OTT.

      • BBBonbon62

        Jay I completely agree. BB17 had some huge personalities. Had Jason stayed as many of those folks got picked off he probably would have turned. Unless this is some kind of weird act that he thinks viewers will enjoy his personality probably is no different than it was in BB17. We just never got a chance to see the real Jason. My heart is sad cuz I really was rooting for him.

  20. NKogNeeTow


    i.e…..Don’t Engage 🙂

    • Summer

      Aren’t you concerned that people are leaving this site?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yes Summer, I am. That’s why I keep trying to keep peace, which some don’t seem to want. So until that happens, I’ll just continue to delete all negative post made to or aimed at others. And just to make it clear and be fair, I’ve deleted post from BOTH sides of the arguments….no exceptions, no favoritism. Hopefully this Board can get back to being civil and some of the old members will return. And sincerely, thank you for your concern 🙂

      • Summer

        Thank you. I see that some of my post are deleted but I am not concerned. I meant what I said to the people that I thought needed to hear it. It is unfortunate that there was opportunity for them to change for greater good but their selfish behavior got in the way. I realize that Gerardo and Mell are back today but follow-up on why they left and the other people that left is still a good idea. Better to know the real truth than assume. Again, thank you.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I already know Summer. We’ve gotten a few emails about all the fighting going on here for the past few days. A majority don’t like it but don’t want to publicly address it on the Board. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been working so hard to try and keep peace. 🙂

      • caRyn

        I could hug you. Thank you so much.

      • Summer

        Thank you!!!!!!!

  21. Jay H
    Jay H (386 comments)

    Kryssie: Like, she(Morgan)won a comp that was designed for her, because I stepped on my pants. Like… I’m not calling that a win for her.
    Kryssie: I know, but I’m a better person. She sucks a**. They both do. Proverbially – I’m sure they’ve never sucked real a**es in real life… maybe Shelby.

  22. BBBonbon62

    Totally off topic: I hope EVERYONE has a wonderful Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Take this time to be thankful and enjoy one another. And if at all possible do not shop brick and mortar stores on Thanksgiving day. Send a message to the corporate greed mongers so that people like me can once again have Thanksgiving with their family. I truly do not think we will go backward and close again on this day in the future but it never hurts to try!!!!

    Happy Gobble, Gobble day!!!! Or in my case a hot pocket and a granola bar, lololol. Love and friendship BBJ friends.

  23. kneeless

    Shelby, please win POV & if she doesn’t win, Morgan win. I want Jason out sooooo badly. I, like many, didn’t think he was too bad on his season. I voted for him to come back & was actually happy when Kryssie used her CP to save him. Then, I changed my opinion of him. I think the LNC would have had a totally different vibe without Jason. I don’t think I would have been a big fan of Kryssie or Dani but I think they may have acted & reacted differently without Jason, particularly Danielle. Although most every HG has said & done questionable things, I think Jason has gone way overboard & taken things too far. If this is how he is in his real, everyday life, he will never get out of his momma’s basement no matter how much money he has. It’s kinda sad to see who he really is. OK, bring on the thumbs down, all Jason fans.

    • LindsayB

      Jason is complete trash. I disagree with the idea that Krusti and Danielle wouldn’t have been as bad without his influence. They might’ve felt strength in numbers, but ultimately they are adults and have made the choice to do the things they did. If it wasn’t in their character (or lack thereof) to act that way they wouldn’t have done it. There is something about all the LNC that drew them together and that thing is their utter lack of decency. Without each other they would’ve been able to hide it more but ultimately they all have shown their true colors and it’s ugly. Regardless of how this week goes or who ends up winning in the end, they all will have to live with knowing there is permanent proof that the LNC are just vile. No amount of money can change that.

  24. Avatar

    I’m backing off for a while today but only because I’ll be at church setting up for tomorrow to help give out food & clothes to the homeless & needy.
    Lindsay, Jay, BBB, you guys hold down the fort & let me know what happens today. Don’t forget “SEND OUT POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY INTO THE UNIVERSE”

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