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Some James and Natalie Drama Because Why Not?


No, you don’t have to check your clocks. It really is 2017 and Big Brother 19 is about to start, but while we’re waiting for that, we may as well catch up on the drama that was the relationship voted ‘most likely to fail’ by anyone with common sense – Natalie and James.

Let’s see if I can figure this out.  She shot off this tweet which confirmed what we already knew – they were in splitsville and have been for awhile…


From what I have gathered, it sounds like Natalie gave James the stiff-arm and he started shooting her a bunch of texts.  She blocked him and sent him a letter telling him to cut the shit, and he went and did some interview where he played the victim (her screenshot).  He also went and gave an interview to sarahscoop which didn’t help matters any.  In that piece he said:

What is your relationship status? What things do you look for in a woman?

My Relationship status? LOL, I am a very hard person to actually get into a relationship with. I have my walls up really high. It’s funny thats coming from me, being I’ve gotten into a “showmance” last season. The thing is, the Big Brother house makes you get to know people for who they are in the house. Well, at least the person with no distractions! Sometimes what works in the house might not work on the outside.

It’s nothing really terrible, but I guess Natalie was not a big fan of him talking about their relationship in interviews. I’m not sure what she expected when she ‘dated’ the guy who loves attention more than anything out there, so let that be a lesson?  If you ever get into the house and in a showmance, don’t expect things to remain private. Even if the person turns Fatal Attraction on you and starts texting you constantly after you break it off.


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  1. AIO_7

    …. “the relationship voted ‘most likely to fail’ by anyone with common sense – Natalie and James.”

    LOL!….and I suspect that relationship was never even consummated.

    • Ann

      It was so obvious that Natalie really wasn’t into James like that. Nat used him to get her further in the game & that was all. If they brought James back this summer, he would have another one sided showmance if given the chance.

      Big Brother should have a summer with all older players & NO vets. They always have younger players & as someone said earlier, they look similar to the players from the season before. We need fresh meat both young & old. Give us something new Big Brother.

      • Avatar

        I agree, Ann! Casted for BB19, I’ve done seen Monte, Pow Pow, Devon, Ian and Natalie wanna bes and I haven’t even looked real hard yet! We need NEW!

  2. AIO_7

    Keep an eye on Christmas Abbott: From reading about her here an on her Twitter page, I have a feeling that she will emerge an immediate leader. She is already a professional (Cross-Fit), with a of couple books an other things to sell.

  3. Gerardo for AFP

    Ok, I’m not gonna lie. I definitely got a little bit of sick pleasure from reading this. I kinda feel like it’s justice for them turning my stomach all summer long with their fake showmance last year…

    But I wish them all the best (and please don’t ever bring them back Big Brother!)

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