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Spoiler Guidelines

With a show like Big Brother, spoilers are always a huge issue.  Some people like full spoilers, some just like to get updates in the house, maybe see a picture or two but not know the full story.  We try to respect all sides here, so I’m putting together some guidelines for what you guys can expect at this site.

Header Bar

I have decided to keep this bar in line with the CBS airings.  Meaning you won’t see who is head of household, veto winner, or evicted until it airs on CBS.   I am doing this because it is the first thing you see when you enter the site, and can instantly ruin your Big Brother experience if you’re trying to avoid such spoilers.


I will be posting spoilers in posts, but I will do a few things:

  • Add that post to the ‘spoiler’ category.  So if a post is ‘filed under: Spoilers’, you will want to avoid that post.
  • Put any spoilers ‘after the jump’ meaning you shouldn’t see anything major on the main page.  You will have to click on the post to get the spoilers.
  • Put (spoilers) in the title if it’s a major spoiler that has yet to air on CBS.  (ie veto competition winner, nominees, etc)

CBS Schedule and Spoilers

I will be following the east coast schedule regarding all spoilers except for the major one – evictions – which will be posted after the west coast show has aired.   Because it takes a little while to write up posts, it’s unlikely many posts will be up before the west coast has even aired, but this is mostly regarding the top bar.   So a general rule of thumb for west coasters is not to visit this site (or really any other Big Brother site) on CBS show nights for 2-3 hours prior to your episode airing on TV if you want to avoid spoilers.

I think this a fair compromise that appeals to most crowds of Big Brother fans, and hopefully it makes Big Brother Junkies an enjoyable experience for most.

If you don’t mind major spoilers, I will also simply recommend buying the live feeds for $15/month (3 day trial).

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