I’m going to start off by saying there is like a 95% chance that Corey is going to use the Power of Veto on himself and Da’Vonne will the replacement nom, but I had to make the title sound like there was an actual decision to be made. Why? Because Sunday’s are typically boring, and I’m very likely going to listen to the Paulie crowd sit around and bash Tiffany & Frank all day. It gets a bit old after the 2,489th time, so I can at least pretend there is something different going on. Right? Give me that at least.

To do a brief recap of Friday and Saturday, Tiffany won the RK competition. She nominated Corey because she was told by Da’Vonne that he was going after her (when in reality I fully expected Day to be the nom). The veto competition rolled around, and Corey won that. The problem is, if and when Corey removes himself, Tiffany will be the one doing the renom. So, last night he actually considered simply not using it and going into the eviction with the nominations the way they currently are (Tiffany, Corey, and Natalie). Frank, Bridgette, and Tiffany told him not to be dumb and to use it (in kinder words). Corey left and even Day told him to use it knowing full well she’ll be the replacement nom.  If you’re on the block, win veto and don’t use it,  you should go home. There should be a stupidity clause where that person is automatically evicted. I know Dick used it on Danielle before, and stuff like that is fine because he still used it. He was risking his own game to save his daughters. Corey would just be risking his own game.


Now that I pretended that was a bigger issue than it actually is, I guess we can go on to the feed updates…

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  • 2:00pm – A big portion of people are outside getting some sun, while Paul and a few others are in the kitchen.
    • On the bright side, Michelle (aka sunburn) has finally figured out what that can next to the pool is
    • michelle-sunscreen
  • 4:30pm – Just woke up from a nap (Sundays get me tired), and now Frank is in the kitchen with Bridgette and Tiff while the girls make cookies.
    • Tiffany tells Frank about how she was talking to someone (Corey?) some more. She is working him hard and pushing loyalty.  It’s funny to see Tiffany making a special steering wheel cookie for Frank in honor of his roadkill. Now both of them are hardcore against Da’Vonne.
  • 4:40pm – Corey is outside talking to Paulie, and Frank joins them.
    • Before Frank joins, Corey tells Paulie how they have to talk to their girls (Nicole and Z) because something they told them got back to Day. I think Frank’s message has been sinking in with the house. Da’Vonne is the one who stirred the house and pretty much broke up the 8pack
    • Corey tells Frank that everything Tiffany has said over the past day or two (when Tiff came clean) has made sense and added up. Things Day have said don’t
    • Frank plays the wedge card. He says if Da’Vonne leaves, Nicole will be back with Corey and Z will be with Paulie. Right now she is pulling the girls away from the guys
    • Frank says he’s happy the guys are all back together.  I had to whip this image up from this clip
    • 3bestfriends
  • 5:30pm – The conversation broke up and the guys are talking with Nicole and Michelle about random stuff
    • They’re talking about boob wrinkles that Michelle has been obsessing over ever since Frank told her about them for tanning without lotion
  • 5:45pm – Frank is asking Nicole if he heard about Day saying he called her a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore’. She has been running around telling people that.  I personally have never heard him say that to her, does anyone have a flashback of a time he actually did?
    • Frank is saying he is sure the other votes in his favor were Natalie and James. He keeps pushing her to admit that she did, and he holds no grudges. He just wants honesty.
    • She is concerned how Frank doesn’t trust her, but for some reason she won’t come clean when he knows she lied to him. C’mon Nicole, get it together
    • They finish with a hug
    • frank-nicolehug
    • After the hug, Frank admits he told Tiff and Corey about his final 2 with her. She gets worked up a little, but he tells her not to worry because it wasn’t taken serious (it really wasn’t).
    • Nicole keeps pushing trust with Frank, but she doesn’t want to reveal anything. She finally reveals that her and Corey were upset at Frank for him spreading the word about Nicole wanting to get Frank out (there you go, Nicole. If you want to build trust, you need to be honest)
    • Converation broke up, time to watch the CBS episode. Be back in an hour or so
  • 6:15pm – Still here. Nicole is talking to Z and Michelle about the slut comment. She said she played dumb when he asked her
    • Michelle went in and asked Day when it happened.  Day said Z was in there, but Michelle doesn’t remember. She said she believes he said it and she’ll vouch for it
    • Day said he called Z a slut, so why isn’t she open about it now
    • Da’Vonne is crying because Frank is “playing dirty”. She said it’s ok to play hard and try to win $500k, but he is playing dirty because he is cornering all her friends and talking to them. I don’t mean to pile on Day, but that isn’t playing dirty. That’s playing hard, which she said is ok to do.
    • Nicole joined and Michelle/Nicole are comforting her. Michelle said he’s playing every play from his horribly written play book
  • 6:30pm – Converation over, time for me to watch the CBS episode finally
  • 7:20pm  – Back from the episode. I feel bad for Tiffany. Anwyay, Frank, Michelle, Z, James, and Paulie are chatting in the London room about how Z will have pics everywhere on the net
    • Here is another…
    • z-look
    • People leave, and Frank is left with Michelle. He brings up Da’Vonne and she says Day is worried. Frank replies “she fucking should be”
    • Frank says he is pissed, and Michelle acts dumb
    • He tells her he’s upset because Day is telling everyone that he called her (Day) a slut.  He is saying that’s not cool. Michelle “agrees”
    • Frank continues to vent to Michelle who keeps humoring him (she is going to run right back to Day after this). Frank tells her he knows about the ‘Fatal 5’ and Michelle plays dumb, despite being in it.
    • I can’t believe Frank is this dumb if she believes how clearly fake Michelle is.
    • Michelle is talking about how crazy Tiffany is, and how she’s playing her sister’s game to a T. I’d think people would say the same about Paulie, but he’s clearly playing a bad version of Cody’s game.
    • Michelle tells Frank he shouldn’t have gone over to Gidget, and he points out that she told him to go to that side to keep people off the block
    • Frank keeps trying to tell Michelle to be nicer to Bridgette and that she is not going after Michelle.  Michelle replies with “Well who is on her hit list, me?”… he just told you no
    • This is the second time this season someone has had to tell Michelle to not be such a bitch to people. The first one was Paul who she was really mean to early on
    • Conversation ends and goes to general chat
  • 7:56pm – It broke up, but now Paul entered the room to talk to Michelle.
    • The conversation is pretty stale until Nicole enters.  Michelle jokes about the name Tiffany “made up”, which is the ‘fatal 5’. Nicole laughs at it
    • Michelle mocks how Frank is concerned about his image.  Paul says he is going to work this into his nomination speech that he’s been working on. For when he thinks he’ll win HoH, and put Frank on the block like a hero. I wonder if he’s wearing a cape in his imaginary scenario
    • Michelle also told Paul that Tiffany made up an all guys alliance called ‘The Advancement’
    • Michelle is scheming with Nicole

      Michelle is scheming with Nicole

    • The chat breaks up and Michelle/Nicole find themselves in the pantry alone. Michelle tells her that she totally made up that all guy alliance to throw off the fact that the ‘fatal 5’ is true
    • Nicole tells Michelle not to tell Day the whole conversation. Just bits and pieces, like the ‘slut’ comment and voting him out.
    • Michelle asks her if she believes him. She said yes, because Frank has mentioned stuff that only the ‘fatal 5’ should know.
    • They agree they need to keep Da’Vonne happy so she doesnt’ start talking about the fatal 5, otherwise they’re screwed
  • 8:30pm – The whispers have stopped. A few people outside working out, a bunch cooking and some sleeping.  Slow hour.

Check back for updates