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Dani and Justin aren't getting along too well right now

Sunday Feed Updates – Final Noms

Dani and Justin aren't getting along too well right now
Dani and Justin aren’t getting along too well right now

I don’t even know what to think about the house right now. You have Shelby/Morgan cutting deals with Justin/Kryssie. Kryssie turning around and telling Jason about it, then Jason easily getting the information out of Justin.  During the 3way conversation, all agree that Dani needs to go if Morgan is not on the block and they spend some time trashing her like they do everyone they want evicted from the house.


Meanwhile, Dani rages after the first safety meeting because Justin and Kryssie were safe which all but guarantees her and Jason will be the noms this week (because they all know Morgan is safe). She starts trashing Shelby and her ‘plaid dress with slippers’ (ok?) and how stupid Shelby is for not working with the very trustworthy pair of her and Jason. Dani also trashed Justin (just like Jason did earlier) saying how she doesn’t understand how he gets by like this.  She is blown away that the girls didn’t take her deal without realizing she broke two deals with them in a matter of a few days. Dani continues with “she better pray to god that I leave” and “after this is over, I’m going to make your life a living hell and you’re going to need it (a bible)”.  Yes, the same girl who reacted like this after hearing Scott said the same thing…




And they wonder why Alex called them the “hypocridiots”

Tonight the final nom is at 7pm, and 3rd nominee voting opens at 8pm. Make sure to get your votes in (for Kryssie – unless you want a super boring week)


  • 11:15am – The house is finally starting to roll out of bed.  The house has been lenient on letting them sleep in the past few days
  • 3:30pm – Boring day, Jason is tossing candy into a jar.
    • krackletoss
  • 7:00pm – Was away for most of the day. Ceremony time
    • Morgan safe – Danielle and Jason nominated.  Shelby’s speech “My nominees are you two. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”  Short and sweet
  • Voting is open for America’s Nom – CLICK HERE TO VOTE 
    • Danielle is steaming a little, but not too bad. Just says she better hope that Danielle doesn’t win Veto

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Danielle should be immediately disqualified for making threats to the fellow house guests, both inside and outside the house. She is Postal.

    • Avatar

      Can we just make it go away PLEASE!!!
      If she stays, her & Jason will make it next to impossible for Shelby to live in that house. Krusty & Justin will probably flip back to the dark side if they stay & Morgan goes leaving poor Shelby all alone. Can we PLEASE make the Dani Monster go away!!!

      • Avatar


  2. TerryD

    If Morgan is AN, then Justin and Krusty will vote her out if she or Shelby don’t win veto. I know a few people on here were voting Morgan as AN but that is not going to help Shelby’s game for her to go.

  3. Avatar

    Hey guys! Just wanted to remind everyone…VOTE KRISSY FOR AMERICAS NOM! Especially if you are a Shelby or Morgan fan! Hopefully 3rd time will be a charm!

  4. Avatar

    I’m voting for Kryssie for AN!

  5. Shivani33

    Danielle can see that she’s on her own. She’s venting. Sometimes she says that she’s not “really like that” and qualifies her spewing by explaining how mad she is, while displacing her anger by blaming Shelby. But she can also see that her alliance is gone and was falling apart even before she won her last HoH, which gave it a temporary boost. She’s in a bad position and only winning the veto can begin to change it. I think that she’s furious with everyone, across the board. She’s far from graceful about not getting what she wants. The howling lone wolf, deserted by her pack. Still, we’ve seen the same behavior and worse in BB, and Danielle hasn’t crossed that line yet. She hasn’t gotten physical. She isn’t even bellowing in people’s faces like Paulie did. I don’t think that she will…hope not. She’s more like a spoiled 2 year old than a threat. It’s not fun to see an eviction coming with your name on it and to experience having no one in your corner, but I think Danielle will fight like hell to stay and will get a handle on her anger. It just doesn’t always happen overnight. She’s a warrior and not yet a peaceful warrior…but life is a great teacher.

    • kneeless

      Haha @ Shivani, I was reading through the comments, quickly, & misread your last sentence. I read it as: she’s a warrior & not yet a peaceful warrior…but is a great teacher!! Oh how taking one word away changes everything!

  6. Avatar

    I think hypocridiots is my new favorite word. Was it Shelby or Alex that came up with it?

  7. Avatar

    I’ve always been a fan of this site but that’s slowly changing this season. Encourging votes by the writer shouldn’t happen. I’m really not on either side and my opinion as to who should win changes each week.

    • LindsayB

      Really? So he’s not allowed to have an opinion? Get over yourself. Nobody is forcing you or anyone else to be here.

      • Avatar

        It’s about the platform that he has. I’m not here to argue I’m just a fan of the site and that’s just my observation. You’re right no one forces me to be here and your subtle threat isn’t gonig to make me leave.

      • LindsayB

        There was no threat. What power do I have to threaten you? If you have a problem with the what Steve does, you’d be better off contacting him directly. You could always start your own site and represent the platform in the way you see fit.

    • caRyn

      Tonya, I am not on one side or the other either. My vote hasn’t been the same as most of the people on this site but that doesn’t change anything. I think the only vote that didn’t go the way the I would have wanted is Morgan receiving the Care Package – resulting in Whitney leaving. Other than that it’s all good. I am going to vote Morgan 3rd nom. I want to continue to shake the BB house and make everyone play to their fullest. I would like Justin and Shelby to continue to play the game together. I would like to see Danielle voted out this week. Anyway, I am glad you commented. Always good to hear from someone that is on the site.

  8. kneeless

    Hypocridiots certainly describes them to a T. They need to learn to be graceful losers as well as winners. I can’t quite understand how they can ‘like’ a person & yet when it’s time for that person to go, they begin trashing said person. I think they are all fed up with Dani & rightfully so, but they could have shut her down long ago, or not have her as part of their group. I know I can’t take much more of her. I sure hope she grows up but I have a feeling she will always be who she is & play the victim.

  9. kneeless

    I am so afraid Dani is going to win POV. And I’m afraid Morgan will be AN. I’m not a huge Morgan fan but I am a fan of Shelby’s. If Morgan is otb & goes home, it really hurts Shelby’s game.

  10. kneeless

    Anyone know the story about Dani’s son & how Dani has been saying her son that she didn’t give birth to etc? I am getting to the point I am having trouble finding any redeeming qualities in that girl. I’m sorry if she was bullied but she certainly can do her share of being mean & trash talking. She’s getting on my last nerve, can anyone tell!

    • Avatar

      I don’t think that girl was bullied, she was & still is the bully. When things don’t go her way she throws a tantrum & says she’s being bullied. She’s a loud mouth, immature, mean & hateful brat.

      • kneeless

        That’s for sure, Ann. I too don’t believe she was bullied but rather people could only take so much of her before putting her in her place. I certainly know who to call if I EVER need to know anything! Oh wait, I guess I do have a choice between Dani & Kryssie!

      • Avatar

        It’s so freakin hard for me to watch the feeds right now because I can’t stand Danielle’s voice. Just a little bit of that girl runs all over my plate, I just cannot deal with her.

    • Mell

      She’s immature and after being in the house for this many weeks and not being allowed to talk about her son is getting to her. She knew that going in but its wearing on her. The immaturity is why she’s being sarcastic and making comments about not giving birth, etc. Her son’s father wouldn’t sign the form allowing her to talk about him and that’s why when she starts to give him messages in the DR, we get fish.

  11. kneeless

    I’m play what if again! Can you imagine what it would have been like if…Morgan had been “herself.” Meaning, she is supposedly not a nice girl (Alex said). If she & Dani either paired up or on opposite sides & went off all the time. Could have been a horribly, or entertaining, game!

    • Avatar

      I remember Alex saying that about Morgan. I think Morgan would’ve got evicted long ago if she had come on with a bad attitude. She’s the reason Shelby & Justin don’t like each other, well her & Monte are the reason. I only want her to stick around because Shelby needs her.

    • caRyn

      I remember the conversation very well between Alex and Morgan. Alex said to Morgan that she was glad she was staying calm and keeping her emotions in check because Morgan is like Danielle and doesn’t hold back outside of the BB house. Alex was saying she was proud of Morgan.

  12. Avatar

    I’m not sure why Justin or Krissie have not called Danielle out. Like I would say why are you acting like you are better than us????? If you’re in a true alliance you should be happy for a member of that alliance not trashing them. Call her out and make her tell everyone why she thinks she is so much better. Shelby has grown on me a little, she has a mouth to. If she would act more mature I could be for her 100 percent. But the crying has to stop. I gave a soft spot for Jason. I know he has a mouth too but there is just something about that kid that just screams, I want to be accepted, even if he acts differently. Justin just needs to win an HOH to prove he is really there to play. I’ve never had a side or a favorite player but it’s still fun to watch. I think it will be more of a twist if Morgan was AN. Just because both sides would be scrambling. More fun to watch… IMO

  13. kneeless

    I have been thinking about things I liked & didn’t like about BBOTT. While I liked having involvement in the game I, like many others, think we had too heavy of a hand in the game. I think AN played into the game too much. Maybe instead of choosing a nominee CBS could to a ranking (like many of the sites). IF a person nominated was also at the bottom of the rankings then he/she would get an extra vote to evict on eviction night. That person wouldn’t know he/she was on the bottom until eviction.

    I think it would also be interesting if hg’s knew a bit of what America thinks of them, especially if America is going to play such a big part.

    There are many things I would do differently, those are just a few of my thoughts!

  14. Avatar

    Doesn’t Shelby get to make one more person safe tonight?

  15. caRyn

    Chat – Vote Morgan 3rd nom = Morgone.

    • LindsayB

      Voting for Krusti. Don’t want to take the chance of leaving Shelby in the house by herself. She needs Morgan to play HOH or she’s gone. The desire to have Morgan OTB just to see what Justin will do is reckless if you truly want Danielle gone.

  16. kneeless

    Does anyone know what the forum will be like for finale night? Will Julie be live? Will voted out hg’s be present? Will it be just the final 3 sitting around very awkwardly? Anyone know?

    • Shivani33

      @kneeless This was talked about recently on RHAP, (Rob Has a Podcast) and it was said that there will be a studio audience, plus the former houseguests. There was some joking about BB Budget and the expense of transporting the houseguests back to just sit around, sleep over & leave. I don’t recall Julie Chen being mentioned, but Rob often puts me to sleep; not his fault! By the way, Johnny Mac was a guest on tonight’s podcast, giving his ideas and witty opinions about BBOTT, alongside Alex Kidwell and Taran Armstrong. Quite a pleasure!

  17. Avatar

    Everyone get ready to vote Kryssie if we do it also make sure Danielle leaves if we vote Morgan we increase the possibility of Danielle staying and Morgan leaving. That would mean Shelby would be a sitting duck next week. With that being said I will give all my vote to Kryssie and hope she finally gets nom

  18. LindsayB

    Danielle is sitting around with jason and Krusti talking about how Justin is a traitor. I guess if Morgan and Shelby would’ve gone for her deal to get Justin out she could somehow spin it to where she wouldn’t be a traitor? Hypocridiot bitch.

  19. Avatar

    Prediction: when Krissy sees she’s America’s nom, she quits the game, then Danielle gets evicted at the end of the week. #aboycandream

  20. LindsayB

    I kinda feel bad for Justin. I think everything is hitting him at once and he finally realized what he’s gotten himself into. He’s outside by himself looking like he could explode any minute. He’s telling America that he doesn’t trust anyone in the house. He’s not a part of any alliance except with god. That’s it. It looks like he could start crying any minute.

    • Helen

      Shelby and Justin are more alike than they want to admit…..both have been themselves throughout this process. Love them or hate them they haven’t been fake…….Shelby needs to not start now!! Go find Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • caRyn

      Justin can’t be around all the negative. Jason came out wanting to confront Justin and Justin went back inside.

      • LindsayB

        They just talked outside cuz jason can’t let it go. Justin just said he’s sick of everyone and everything. He’s sick of being around fake people. He’s not mad, he just needs to chill. He’s tired.
        Poor guy need to decompress. I know he signed up for this and I’ve never been a fan of his. He’s grown on me this week and the struggle he’s having right now is real. It’s not for the cameras or for sympathy. I just want to take the poor guy fishing.

      • caRyn

        I can’t imagine being in the BB house with some of these hg.

      • LindsayB

        It would be maddening. You would get sick of everyone, even the people you like.

  21. Helen

    Shelby needs to quit kissing LNC ass in the kitchen and go lend an ear to Justin……..

    • LindsayB

      I think he needed a minute to himself.

      • Avatar

        Did something happen to upset Justin all of a sudden?

      • LindsayB

        Not any one thing. He’s missing home and having a hard time being around everyone. I think this week has really caught up to him now that he can’t just hang out being funny. His side had to turn on each other which showed all their true colors. Justin has been doing that from day one and it’s taking a toll on him to watch his friends turn on him and each other.

  22. Avatar

    OK I haven’t watched the feeds since Thursday and not really wanting to go back and read all yalls posts so I have questions I hope you can answer.

    1. I just heard Shane’s hemorrhoid say her mouth is still sore. Did someone finally slap the f*ck out of her?

    2. Is Justin just now realizing LNJ has been using him all along?

    3. When Shane’s hemorrhoid is evicted can we ship her to mars?

  23. Avatar

    Got my first 20 in for Morgan………….had you there for a minute. 20 for Kryssie. 20 more for her as well in 30 mins.

    Dani spewing about loyality. What a joke. I sure hope you end up paying for your mistakes this week. You could of made a deal to f4 but instead chose to be cruel and nasty. Hope your baby daddy is saving all these videos to show to a judge when he sues for custody.

  24. Avatar

    LMAO the medical question and response cracks me up. The Appendix is on the right side and on the front. If its her back she may have a kidney stone. But don’t let any of them be around when I am sick or hurt they might say a stubbed toe is a brain tumor

  25. LindsayB

    Apparently Shane’s hemorrhoid has been asking jason all day what would happen if she couldn’t play in the veto. Now she’s working the appendicitis angle. Justin: “she just needs to drink some damn water.” Krusti is talking a little shit about D faking it cuz that would be horrible. I guess she forgot about her nearly needing to amputate her hands.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t think anything would happen. She just wouldn’t play. Can’t figure out her angle. Does she see the writing on the wall and would rather go out “sick” vs losing? Is she hoping to get sympathy and to get someone to use veto on her?

      • Helen

        Maybe she just wants an excuse in case she don’t win it? I lost cause I was sick?

      • LindsayB

        I’m just glad production isn’t giving her camera time right now. I’d rather have to hear Krusti burp, hiccup, fart, and talk about the color of the shit she just took than watch Douchielle being pitiful looking for sympathy.

      • Avatar

        That’s what I thought, Helen. I think she may just want an excuse.

        Lindsay, I can’t with you. You’re killin me hahahahahahahaha!!!

  26. GL

    Got my 20 in for Krustie

  27. LindsayB

    Well guys… ICYMI Krusti just had a green shit.

  28. LindsayB

    J,J, and K are outside talking about what they want to do as soon as they get out Justin wants to hug his mom and dad, Krusti wants to be able to fall asleep next to her bf,and jason ….. well….jason wants to cum on five guys faces. On that note, I have got to turn this shit off. I just can’t anymore.

  29. Shivani33

    The supermoon tonight is so beautiful. One thing that Justin mentions a lot is his love of nature, the woods, the ocean, the whole way that these things uplift him. Boy, wait til he sees this moon! – such strong medicine for the spirit. He’ll remember to remember… that the game is everything and nothing at all. He’s a soul man, and it’s about time a Soul Man showed up on Big Brother, never mind the long-ass lineup of “it’s hip to be square” Huey Newton clones. Here’s looking at U 2 square 4 me, Monte not-the-full-Monty. Hoo ha!

  30. Avatar

    Just gave all my votes to Kryssie and from the looks of things so far she should be going up but Kryssie has a way of escaping America votes because everything it looks like she got all the votes she’s never pick so let’s hope this time she finally goes up as our nom. Come on everyone Kryssie for third nom

  31. Helen

    Must be time to call it a night…..tired of watching the Jason and krissey show…….
    Night all…sleep well

  32. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Krustie is once again way ahead in every poll, so you know what that means… it will probably be Morgan lol. I’m just kidding (I hope).

  33. Avatar

    I did my part America and voted for Krustie (pig of a woman) please do your part and vote too……

  34. Avatar

    Omgosh, y’all! If Krusty Krissy doesn’t go up then there has to be something wrong! Even tho I’d love to vote her out, we gotta get Danihell out this week! I seen where Jason was saying even if Morgan goes up, they will still get Dani out, but I don’t trust them. Krissy must go up! Be sure to get all your votes in for KRISSY FOR AMERICAS NOM!!

    • Helen

      If she does not go up this time then I will join the conspiracy theorists and join in the cry that CBS has rigged the vote!! She has darn near 70% of votes by polls and when it is pretty much only her noms that the polls are wrong on I would say…..hmmm maybe something is fishy and it ain’t in Denmark!

  35. LindsayB

    Ok sooo… I don’t understand why people dislike Morgan so much and think she’s fake. She’s never been at the top of my list because I don’t see her as strong/active in the game but I also don’t see her as being any more fake than everyone else in the house. Maybe it stems from her and Alex’s conversations about being more outspoken IRL…. her keeping herself in check in the house isn’t necessarily fake, it’s smart. She’s pleasant to the HG that she doesn’t like and talks behind their backs…. of course she does. They all do. I don’t see her being excessive about it…. they all are able to get along and be nice at times. There is something about her that’s “off” for lack of a better word. She has said that she can be awkward in certain situations and doesn’t always feel comfortable. She’s kind of closed off and I don’t think that’s her being fake… maybe it’s more of a younger child thing. Her sister is overbearing and judgmental so she’s probably learned to internalize things. She’s been the same since the beginning. What have I missed that makes her so fake?

    • caRyn

      I don’t know if Morgan is fake or not. Unless someone knew her before she went into the BB house there is no way of telling. I don’t know if you saw BB18 – Corey. To some, Corey was nice looking but had no personality. Corey pulled out win(s) when he needed to. Morgan is a Corey. If Morgan pulled out more wins at least she would have that going for her. I don’t dislike her, she is just neutral. Morgan and Justin have only won one comp but at least Justin has a social game.

      • LindsayB

        I can see the correlation but I don’t think she’s completely a Corey because she is constantly studying and thinking about the game. Corey did the dumb baby talk with Nicole but won a couple comps. They have some similar personality traits but different approaches to the game.

      • caRyn

        Corey leaned on Nicole. Morgan leaned on Alex and Shelby and is still leans on Shelby because there are only two Ball Smashers left. Same as Nicole and Corey. They only had each other in the end. Corey and Nicole did study together often. Yes, Morgan does study more with Shelby. The studying is great if Morgan wins a comp with what she knows. Corey and Morgan’s social game is null. Morgan is in the background. If she gets to F3 what will she say about her game compared to the other hg? That is really what matters. That is why I hope she wins comps. I don’t know who she has a chance against other than Kryssie. Btw, no shade to Morgan at all.

    • Avatar

      All it is is people stereotyping her. She’s a pretty, blonde cheerleader. People want or just assume her to be a dumb, fake airhead. Welp, sorry, she’s not. I think she has tried her hardest. She’s won one comp, I mean you can’t win them all. She always strategizing and constantly studying. She can say what happened every single day in the house. She can tell you how many of each item are in the house. There’s no way I could remember all that. She a very smart girl who likes to wear makeup and be pretty. She’s not at all fake or dumb in my opinion. It’s funny when people have nothing to pick about, they make stuff up or add to it! Ridiculous!

    • LindsayB

      No shade taken. Her and Corey have a lot of similarities although I do see Morgan as more of a participant than a leaner. She is my no means the strongest player. I just don’t understand why she is considered so fake.

      • caRyn

        My guess, as far as the fake comments are concerned, are the conversations Alex and Morgan had about how different Morgan is inside the BB house. Alex said to Morgan, while Alex was in the BB house, that she liked this Morgan better. Like I said, Idk. I do know that Alex, a number of times, commented on Morgan being a different person playing the game.

  36. caRyn

    3rd Nom Poll:
    65% Kryssie
    32% Morgan

  37. Shivani33

    OTT has had the classically divided house. I think Morgan has been low-key and self-deprecating, giving the appearance of a floater. To some extent, this has been by her own design. In one way , she’s succeeded, because even Jason has talked about Morgan being a good choice to keep around, moreso than most members of his own group of allies, deeming her easier to beat. If she is voted out right now, she’d leave as collateral damage because Shelby can’t be evicted. Morgan was talking about bringing herself out more front and center as a player but didn’t do it as she observed Alex’s house of cards crumble. Her decision then was to keep thinking invisible. Kinda, sorta.

    You could say that Alex played with lots of talk but little effective action to back it up. Morgan has kept things more subtle, but I think that IRL , Alex is more of a mouse and Morgan is more of a hearty extrovert. I haven’t appreciated Alex’s backhanded compliments about Morgan at all, by the way. But that’s on me, not on Alex and Morgan, since I’ve enjoyed having a Miss Perfect big sister, too. Lol!!!

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