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Sunday Feed Updates – Long Week Ahead



Happy Sunday, everyone.  Is today the start of the NFL season or next week? Doesn’t matter. Wake me up at week 5 (#firegoodell). It’s still Big Brother season, and that’s what is important, right?  I know the house is boring as hell right now, but a boring house is better than no Big Brother, am I right?

With Corey winning the power of veto, the big decision of the week is who to send home first – James or Natalie.  Victor really wants to send home the person who voted him out (James), but not only has Natalie done better in competitions, but she is also annoying the people in the house (and at home, like me).  The group (‘the final 4’) talk about how it seems James has already checked out of the house, and how it may be smarter to get Natalie out first for that reason. If James is expecting to go home, he’s not going to study hard, and he’ll be more shocked than anything on Thursday night, which should shake him for the HOH comp.

What they don’t realize is that James sees something they’re overlooking, and that is the reality of the house with just James or Natalie in it. He has been coaching her to stick with Paul and Victor after he is gone because he says the group will start thinking about going after each other, and he’s right. Alone, James or Natalie will stop looking like a threat and look more like a number in their favor to get deeper into the game. While James has been coaching Natalie, if he is the one who actually stays, he is likely going to take his own advice and buddy up next to Paul and Victor. When you combine how much less annoying James is than Natalie, or how he has already checked out mentally, that increases the chances of Paul and Victor using him to snipe Corey or Nicole.


The ironic thing about that situation is that Nicole was the one of the driving forces behind the ‘vote Natalie out’ approach, and if it plays out that way, it could come back to bite her in the ass.  Granted, it’s all a long shot at this point. No matter what happens, James or Natalie have to win a comp, and that hasn’t been something they’ve been very good at this season.

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  • 10:00am – The house is still dark. I started this early because I ended last night’s early, though I don’t anticipate much movement in the house for another hour or two
  • 11:15am – Victor and Paul are awake making breakfast
  • I whipped up an image for the theme this week
  • pityparty
  • 11:50am – Natalie joins them outside and tells them she is going to ask everyone to vote her out
    • She said James is her best friend and she really doesn’t want to be alone for the week until she’s eventually evicted
    • Natalie is saying she is going to give it her all if she stays
    • She says she can keep her or James, it doesn’t really matter.  Goes on for about 10 minutes saying stuff like that
  • 12:00pm – Natalie leaves, and Paul and Victor look at each other “get the fuck out hereeee. Are you kidding me??”
    • They are saying she is doing reverse psychology, and if she does end up going, she’ll make it seem like she made that happen. It was the kindness in her soul
    • Then they say “remember yesterday when she tossed him under the bus and then reversed over him?”
    • I guess during a conversation yesterday, she was saying things like how she basically just went along with the things James has said this season
    • Paul says it’s smart… if she does go home, it will make it look like a heroic move and she’ll get America’s Favorite.  Victor says “America, don’t buy into this. She threw him under the bus yesterday”
    • During the talk, Natalie said “It just sucks being on the block with my best friend” they laugh and say “Who are you talking to?  The people you put on the block together”
    • They keep laughing at that comment and joking how they were on the block together
  • 12:05pm – Natalie comes back outside to tan, and Paul, Nat, and Victor joke about her being a Jersey Girl (in reference to what Paulie kept calling her)
    • Victor drops his friends Instagram profile and tells feeders to go to his page and write ‘fuck you’.
    • Feeders happily oblige. This was about 5 minutes later….
    • victorroomie
    • Meanwhile, Victor heads inside and Paul and Natalie are joking about how Paulie must be miserable in the jury house right now.  Especially with Michelle joining them, then possibly Natalie
    • That made me realize the season with so much female potential with the ‘fatal five’ will have 5 women out of 6 people if Natalie goes home
  • 2:45pm – Relaxation time. Nicole, Corey and Natalie are tanning, Victor is cooking, and James is sitting next to Nat (of course)
    • They’re talking about how Michelle yelled out she is Dan Gheesling’s cousin-in-law.  They are speculating that everyone has a secret
    • James is talking about how he was the only guy who won HoH until he was evicted. Talking about how Vanessa and crew carried the twins.
    • Of course, James isn’t correct. Before he was evicted, Austin and Steve won HoH as well, but Vanessa really did well.  Her, James, and Shelli won the first 6 HoH’s.
  • 3:45pm – Natalie, Nicole and James have been hanging out chatting. Paul and Victor are on the other side of the back yard chatting as well.
    • When I flipped over to Paul, he was talking about that spinning competition (where Michelle puked) and how if he could, he would eat a bunch of crap before it then projectile vomit everywhere to make people drop.  Only a part of me thinks he’s kidding.
  • 4:10pm – Natalie further friendzoning James
    • She is telling him how doesn’t know how she can be in relationship. She isn’t talking directly about him, but she’s clearly laying the groundwork for when they get out
    • James talking more about relationships and how guys should treat women.  He then drops in ‘If you don’t find it with me…’ and she brushes it off
    • Natalie is talking about how if there was a social job out there, she’d do well
    • James says how he feels there are a lot of social jobs in Texas.   Keep up the fight, James.  You’ll win her over eventually
  • 4:35pm – Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes now. Probably nothing
  • 4:45pm – We come back to Nicole fighting with Corey again
    • Apparently he made some Corey-like joke to her and that hurt her feelings.  Something about true colors
    • nicole-crying
    • Random info – Nicole has had her period for 2 days since joining the house.  She is talking about how stressed she is
    • Nicole is going on and on, and this is Corey’s face
    • 17 more days.. 17 more days
      17 more days.. 17 more days
    • I’m pretty sure if they extended the game another 2 weeks, Nicole will require a trip to the mental hospital, and Corey would blow his brains out
    • They have made up and said the fight is going to be on youtube. No, probably not. It really wasn’t an interesting fight
    • Feeds switch to James asking Natalie if she regrets being in a showmance.  Oh boy, still?
  • 5:15pm – On the feeds, if you quad-cam, you have Natalie talking about how she doesn’t like Nicole, and how fake she is.
    • She then says ‘They’re literally shit talking me right now’ (referring to Paul and Nicole), and I had to check. Surprisingly, Paul was.  Natalie has pretty good hearing
    • Granted it’s not a lot of shit talk, but he is just retelling a conversation he had with Natalie.  He then says he should act like her and victimizing himself.
    • That’s the extent of his ‘shit talking’, but it was enough to upset Natalie.
    • Time to go watch the nomination episode on CBS
  • 8:05pm – Back from watching the episode and Fear the Walking Dead.
    • First, nice job Natalie on playing it up for the camera how you’d save James with the veto.  Sure.  Just like Paulie was going to save Corey.  Bull
    • Second, it’s good to see FTWD picking up a bit. I think I figured out what has been wrong with the show. It confused me because I’m not too into action or horror movies. I’ll watch them, and enjoy them, but I’ll take a movie with a lot of dialog (as long as it’s interesting and suspenseful – like a Pulp Fiction). What FTWD was missing was suspense. It had bits of action and horror, but not a whole lot of sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next moments. It had a bit of that tonight, and hopefully they keep going with it.
    • To the house…. Nicole and Corey are outside at the hot tub when Paul and Victor join them to chat
    • Paul points out how Natalie randomly brings up how she’s not into looks, which implies the rest of the house is shallow.  It also strong implies she is saying James doesn’t have the looks (that’s what I hear every time she brings it up)
    • paul-nicole
    • I understand what Paul is getting at. I don’t (didn’t) date people for their looks, but I happened to score a hot wife.  If I went around telling anyone who listened that I don’t date for looks, they would think I was saying my wife isn’t hot.  Even if Natalie does think James is good looking, but her giving herself a pat on the back every few days, it’s like she’s convinced otherwise.
    • Paul thinks they are holding off the comic book veto challenge until they’re in the final 4 so they can use the superhero theme.  Sorry man, I don’t think they’re doing BB comics this year
  • 10:00pm – Nicole and Corey are outside playing dominoes.  That’s it.  I’m sure people watching BBAD are loving this excitement

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  1. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    The only one who Nicole can beat in a final 2 is James . Vet vs Vet Not sure if James or Nicole realize that. Hopefully Paul and Vic will figure that out and send James home

  2. Avatar
    Cameo (1 comments)

    How do you rewind or look at previous times on big brother live on the app?

  3. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    James seems to have a genuine dislike for Paul and always has. He was talking last night like he would try to get back with Nicole and Corey if he stays. (It’s a little late for that with 5 people in the house) I think if Vic and Paul have a chance to go after Nicole or Corey, it will only happen with Paul’s insistence. Vic is just too loyal imo. Paul is so worried about “shi*ing” on people, he may stay distracted by that and continue to go after who remains between James/Natalie. I hope not. I still want a Vic/Paul final.

  4. AIO_7

    The first regular season NFL game this year is Thursday, September 8, 8:30pm with Carolina at Denver, and on NBC. A rematch of last years Super Bowl, if I’m remembering correctly.

    • Avatar
      Susan (221 comments)

      Yes it is a rematch. Unfortunately we’ve (Broncos) lost a lot of good players. The amazing Von Miller is still here though. They are going to have to rebuild this younger team. Go Bronco’s. P.S. I am loving Peyton’s commercials lately.

      • AIO_7

        The Peyton commercials are OK, I just hate seeing Lionel Richie selling out. I can’t think that he needs the money.

      • Avatar
        Hurricane8 (1 comments)

        No clue how our team(Patriots) is going to do because of Brady so this is the first year i am dreading football season.

  5. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I honestly don’t think Nicole and Corey are even planning on honoring their final four deal with Vic and Paul. As annoying as Natalie is, she is really the only option to keep if Vic and Paul want to go much further NiCorey are already grooming lame James back to them. I think if James stays over Nat this week next week Vic will be gone if Nic/Corey pull this week off and they have Paul and Vic totally lulled into feeling safe and secure.

    • AIO_7

      It’s called the Big Brother house… you can bounce checks there.

      • Helen
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Guess that is true…..way to go…..just goes to show the bigger a piece of sh#t you are the further you go….being honest and loyal gets you nowhere. After all these years it’s still a difficult concept for me to grasp.

      • AIO_7

        I didn’t say that it was a good idea.

    • Avatar

      I LOVE Nat & think she’ll win America’s choice but then again America made Trump a Presidential nominee. I absolutely gag every time I see Nicory. I don’t know which one I dislike more..definitely Nicole she shouldn’t have come back she’s so pathetic following Corey around last night she literally was on her knees rubbing his feet. It’s a bad look & Corey just walks around with his mouth open staring at something like a cat watching a lazor pointer. Anyway hope Vic & Paul or Nat & Vic & 1 of them should win America’s choice.

      • Yael Sara
        Yael Sara (284 comments)

        Right there with you on Vic and Paul. Natalie though as Americas choice. What are we choosing her for? Or is this a sympathy vote?

  6. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    That’s why I liked Derrick and Cody.Loyal to the end!

    • Avatar
      Susan (221 comments)

      I like Derrick & Cody because they appeared to be all around good people. However, Cody’s decision to take Derrick to finals was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Big Brother faux pas. He basically handed Derrick $500,000. Not a smart move.

  7. Shivani33

    It’s a small consolation, but at least one manchild in the jury house didn’t get there by being loyal or honest. He cooked his own goose.

  8. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Let me really date myself here….I remember the first episode of big brother. Youngest houseguest was like 21 oldest I think was 43. Julie C was host and Ian Fleming was co host. The concept was not who can screw over who to get to the top ….I love big brother I am just really not liking anyone left on this season I guess. Out of all I like Vic but even he is starting to irritate me with his close minded attitude.

  9. Avatar
    Franko (692 comments)

    I do wish Paul and Victor would clean up their language. It is annoying. I like them both but don’t like their having such foul mouths all the time.

    • Yael Sara
      Yael Sara (284 comments)

      Haha! Mouth of a trucker, married to a sailor. Ill take the language anyday over the other stupidity in the house. Cussing truly never hurt anyone, just oddly offends people which is their own choice of a reaction to a different action

    • kneeless

      I agree, Franko. I feel like I am really showing my age. Ignore seems f#*k is now a noun, verb, adjective… Paul & Vic are pretty smart guys but with the way they talk one wouldn’t think they’re very smart.

    • caRyn

      I want the hg to be themselves. If cussing is natural for them, so be it. What I don’t like is when a hg is about to cuss and then catches themselves, remembering they are on live feeds, and changes what they were about to say. James even told Natalie that every day he reminds himself to watch himself and he told her that this is a 24/7 interview. Natalie is AFN – America’s Favorite Nag not AFP. Production edits enough, I don’t want to be censored any more than we are or have been.

  10. Avatar
    Journi (23 comments)

    Please forgive me for asking questions on ‘how-to-use” but I can’t find help site or tab anywhere.

    Please, where can we go to leave e-mail/messages for cast member?

    Where can I go to ask CBS questions about services?

    Thanks so much in advance. Now, back to watching the ,,,,, I don’t know…… I’m pretty sick of Paul, Nicole & even Victor right now. Had to turn off monitor and watch something else……..why do people have to Keep beating another down? I know this is a public forum on AA, but it feels like here it is discussions, unlike in AA where it seems to be a repetitive beating into the ground of….’ooohhhhhh, did you heaaarrrr her? Do you believe him? How wicked (pot to pot talk) can someone get?”

    • stevebeans

      Sorry, hopefully next season I can have an FAQ page. If you want to contact a cast member, it’s probably best to use twitter or instagram. I should go through and find their official accounts. If anyone wants to help me with that, feel free to contact me

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  12. Avatar
    Barbara Braendle (16 comments)

    I agree

  13. Avatar
    Harry Potter (1 comments)

    This is probably one of the most diverse cast I’ve seen on big brother to make it this far….two African American females, two Hispanics, an Italian, an Armenian, American Asian and not sure but Meech’s parents spoke with an accent as well.

  14. Shivani33

    James and Natalie have gotten on each other’s nerves more and more since last night. She doesn’t like him trying to be her lover on tv. He can’t take no for an answer. She said that she’d never speak to him again if he sides with Corey and Nicole. He was stricken and said that might be his only way to get $500,000. She apologized, said she didn’t mean it, and it was heat of the moment, and please let’s just be friends. Yuck.

    Each has tried upside-down campaigning to be the one to go, but the others aren’t sharing any information in response. When Natalie or James stop campaigning and go away, the air is full of mockery and put-downs about them. Paul is especially nasty, planning on telling Natalie off when she goes. I hope he doesn’t stoop that low. He is acting like a mean enough little jackass behind her back, but so is everyone else. They’ve all got the jitters. This Season is proving to be too long for the cast to be cooped up in a Studio City bunker.

    Nicole told the guys that she found a small bag open and her DR foundation makeup gone, right after Meech left. She said that Meech had told her that she always wanted that kind of foundation. Then Natalie happened to pass by, and Nicole asked her in front of the others if she had seen or had her missing foundation. Natalie was miffed! She pointed out that she has a darker complexion and why would she want Nicole’s foundation? The guys all defended Nicole for “just asking.” Then they said that it looked like Michelle pranked them all by taking a little souvenir from every one of them before she left. Okaaay.

  15. Avatar

    Gnat is FAKE FAKE FAKE & Lames has fallen for her crap hook, line & sinker.

  16. Caryn
    Caryn (2982 comments)

    Nicole tells Natalie and James just before Michelle is evicted that no one has talked any game with her this week. Then she said Paul has been talking game with me and there is potential that he isn’t putting her and Corey OTB if he wins HOH. Then Nicole says – Whose word is good in this game at this point.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Nicole must’ve not planned what she would say to James if he confronted her about the vote, which is silly given that at some point (either before or after the vote) he was definitely going to ask. The excuse she came up with was complete nonsense. You expect James to believe that you only flipped and decided to save Paul because he told you there’s a “small chance” he might not put you on the block next week? That’s ridiculous. She should’ve just told James earlier in the week “look, Michelle is coming after me, Paul isn’t, so I’m voting her out”. Boom you’re done. The fact that Nicole waited until the last minute and gave James a lame excuse made it obvious that she’d made a deal with Paul and Vic, and ruined her plan to “stay in the middle”. Luckily for her, Vic won HOH this week and kept his word to her.

      • caRyn

        Nicole was on the defense and came across defensive and irritated talking to Natalie and James. In general, I don’t even know if Nicole knows how bad that conversation was. The manner that Nicole speaks to James and Natalie is different than the way she speaks to other hg.

  17. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I had Nat pegged from from the beginning.She has used James this whole season.He should have played the game strictly for himself.I definitely don’t want Nicorey to win either.

    • caRyn

      Natalie said on the episode tonight that James is the only Asian she has dated. She also said James is her soulmate. Of course James believes there is more to their relationship than friendship.

    • Avatar

      I LOVE Nat! At 1st I didn’t but I liked that she’s a girls girl & sticks up for herself especially with Paulie. I also think she really likes James. She said in front of everyone she loved him more than anyone outside her Mom besides James hasn’t really clued Nat in most of the time only now that she’s all he has left. I think they are so cute together Maybe she got uneasy after seeing the video from his baby Mama & is 2nd guessing where shed fit in that situation in another state. Anyway I’m team Nat all the way & she wins more than James that’s why they want to get rid of her or at least that’s what Nicory (yuck) are saying. They prob think James will be loyal to them. Ew

      • Yael Sara

        Natalie is far from a girls girl, (more so maybe your typical HS mean girl) and is not really sticking up for herself, but merely back lashing at flirtation when convenient for her.

        She has said in front of everyone her care for James, and has also said aloud all the opposing feelings. She is your walking and talking contradiction.

  18. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Okay. I don’t want anyone to win. Lmao. Have been rooting for Vic and Paul but watching the two of them on live feeds makes me sick! What total a##holes….meatheads…….and what IS the guys fascination with Nicole? I don’t get whatever they are seeing?

    • Avatar

      Thank you! I’m so over Nicole & she looks so desperate following Corey around like a puppy dog. She shouldn’t have come back. I didn’t not like her before this season & that voice. Uggh.
      Sick of them all but wish James or Victor would win & Nat wins America’s choice.

  19. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1323 comments)

    Watching tonight’s episode – I busted out laughing when James’s egg went through the middle of the O. Loved the eagles coming down to smash the eggs, too. I noticed during the Nomination ceremony that Vic had some scratches on the back of his fingers. That had to be a brutal comp for their hands!

    I like that they showed Natalie blaming James for her situation… “I knew not to trust them but I trusted you!” Nice one. Last night’s BBAD had Nicole and the boys talking about how Nat pretends to be bad at comps but then almost wins every time it matters to her. Apparently Michelle told her Nat is smarter than she pretends to be. They are definitely on to her act.

    • Avatar
      mindyboo101 (379 comments)

      I bought some chicken wire this past spring to keep rabbits out of my garden and laid my finger open before I even made it to the registers. That stuff is super thin and sharp.

  20. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    After watching the episode I can see why Steve posted about the whiny pity party of Natalie. Oh good grief! On the one hand she friend zones James, and then says he is the first Asian she has dated. To be honest, not sure that BB house counts as dating. Oh and then he is her soulmate. If she doesn’t know how she can stay in the house without him, she can self-evict on Thursday night. Can’t wait until they are both g-o-n-e!

  21. Shivani33

    There’s not much game talk happening now. Just showmance infighting. It’s The Not Bold and the Not Beautiful. Nicorey just had a really weird blowup in front of P/V. The feeds went down for the crucial moment when Corey put his foot in his mouth, but Nicole rushed out the the backyard crying her way to the bedroom with him following. Corey was upset that she got mad & upset at him in front of the others AND on tv. She just has no prep school training in decorum. He hurt her feelings and then blamed her and gave her the silent treatment for not having a stiff upper lip. Then in the bedroom it got worse before it got better. She must have forgotten that she was still on tv and announced that she hasn’t had her period in 90 days because that’s how stressed she is.

    Eventually Corey came back outside and told Paul and Victor that he just dodged a bullet. They told him that Nicole had just cause to be mad at him. What’s next? A fight between Victor and Paul? Earlier today, Victor told Corey that if he doesn’t marry Nicole, he’ll marry her. Paul piped up, “so will I!”

    • caRyn

      Victor probably would marry Nicole. He has a crush on her something fierce. Corey isn’t relationship ready for Nicole, otherwise he would support and respect her more. When Michelle was asking questions about being evicted Corey was fine with Nicole taking the blame until Nicole called him back in the room to clear the air.

  22. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    just a random thought …Meech taking Pablo was funny, yet sucky at the same time

    >> I just want to see the next jury clip…OH YA….WHEN?

  23. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    So Nicole thinks no period is caused from stress? I’m not saying that doesn’t happen but she’s been living under the sheets all summer and all three times I came up missing my period has equaled out to be three sons.

  24. Avatar

    The Sunday show was actually pretty funny. Loved Pablo’s picture changing to black & white and the Paul/Pablo montage. “Can’t wait to party with you outside the house.”

  25. Avatar
    Missyin74 (15 comments)

    Why is it surprising Nicole wants to keep james? Those two have had a couple private convos a cple wks ago and have each other’s backs secretly.
    They haven’t made a “deal” or alliance but in the bathroom that day Nicole let him know she trusted him and had his back 100% and vice versa.
    Bc they know eventually the sjowmances get broken up and those two for final would be awesome considering their Vets. But Vic is giving everyone a run for heir money and at this point Paul just needs to start winning again bc he’s been piggy backing A LOT lately …

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  27. Kari B
    Kari B (821 comments)

    Watched the episode a little bit ago, and then read the updates again. Gotta love how Natalie call James her soulmate and now is doing the friend zone thing…


    • Yael Sara
      Yael Sara (284 comments)

      That made me so angry. And for being a chick who is supposedly “female power” – stop displaying a role of manipulation, lies and well… Take baksies

    • Mello_One

      @Kari B
      Yes, yes, yes….You can see that the Game is winding down, and little Nat Nat is putting distance between her & James. She has been telling James that she just wants Friendship with him. But poor James is Love Sick about Nat Nat. I believe that was Nat Nat’s Strategy from the beginning, to latch onto a Guy in the game, & ride his coat tails.

  28. Avatar

    But oooh how I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall in that jury house when old crybaby, sticky fingers Meech got there.

  29. Yael Sara
    Yael Sara (284 comments)

    I have never commented on a feed before, but this will hopefully alleviate some of the torture I continue to endure as I keep watching. I really hope Natalie goes home, or to jury house rather, on Thursday. Listening to her is truly painful. I think BB should consider a social experiment. Pace 15 people in the house and the 16th being a well educated, whether scholastically or just knowledgeable of factual information. Every time a houseguest makes a comment which is just completely absurd, our “resident teacher” properly educates the houseguest. I don’t think naive, ignorant and such a lack of knowledge makes for good tv anymore, it’s just sad.
    I hope Victor does win as he has played he best overall game which does mean Paul likely hanging around. I can see Paul being a good guy, but just chill on the narcissism. I live in LA and grew up in the San Fernando Valley, please help LA be a humbler home! Thanks for letting me vent

    • Shivani33

      @Yael Sara I suppose that the Diary Room tries to assist players in clarifying their thoughts but perhaps has to be careful to not be implicated in the actual planting or supplanting of a contestant’s ideas, (conspiracy theorists aside). But we can do nothing about such cultural empty shelves as, for instance, Nicole having never heard of the Louvre. What you point out is one reason so many viewers express the wish for a broader spectrum of ages being tapped to cast the players. The voice of experience is so often lacking when it might do so much good. Yet one of life’s jokes is that very often, older doesn’t equate with wiser. What to do?

      I tend to see Natalie as doing the best she can with what she’s understood so far in life and always remember the struggle, the hard-scrabble experiences which underlie her actions and reactions. To me, the earthly realm itself is a vast yevshiva, and none of us would be here if we were already graduates. And I love your very thoughtful comment, pointing to the rosh yevshiva within, quietly waiting to be deployed. I love BB in part because it’s fluff, but in a way it is a miniature reflection of the whole world, and that fluff has some serious edges.

      • Yael Sara

        @Shivani33 I love how you just interpreted that.
        And somewhat to my point, you saw my username and were already able to understand how you could connect. Looking deeper, beyond the surface. (thank you for that)

        Absolutely agree. Older certainly does not equate to wiser just as well, paid for education and degrees does not make someone more intelligent.

        Yes! The fluff is part of the enthrallment, but just as you mention it is a reflection of the world or our country. Perhaps more sensitive in this particular election year, but that fluff of past years in the house has this year seemed to turn to fog.

        It is harder for me to see Natalie with the credit you have given her. We have all been through things, some bottoms lower than others, what we learn and how we grow from there are our choices. How she portrays herself and even verbally illustrates herself to others is paradoxical. “those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know”

    • Avatar
      Susan (221 comments)

      Could we throw in an etiquette coach as well please?

      • Yael Sara

        @Susan Victor has actually played that role I think well at times. Calling others out on their disrespect and common decency. (cleaning up after yourself, covering food, etc.)

  30. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    I wonder how much stuff she took. I know Nicole realized her makeup missing. Has anyone else realized missing items? Does production allow that? They poke their noses into everything else.

    • Avatar
      Susan (221 comments)

      I thought I remembered someones hoodie was found in her suitcase and somebody else was missing their favorite shirt.

      • Avatar

        Sticky fingers Meech took Tiffany’s shirt out of her packed bags & wore it on one of the eviction nights after Tif was gone. Paul has a $300 pair of glasses missing & others have clothes missing.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        I hope Production makes her return what she stole. Pretty sure they have footage of her taking things…

  31. caRyn

    Victor’s nom speech was short and simple. I was relieved for the hg.

  32. Avatar

    Did you guys see james crying? He told Gnat that she hurt his feelings. Little does he know a lot more than his feelings is about to get hurt by the time Gnat is done with him.
    In a way I feel sorry for him but then again he should’ve been playing the game for himself, for his daughter to give her a better life not for Gnat. I feel like he put a pretty girl that he just met before his own little girl. Gnat is not done using James just yet. She’s planning on getting some of that money if James was to win. I caught that little hint about her mom’s car breaking down.
    I hope James nor Gnat wins the game nor AFP.

  33. Avatar
    CHERYL (37 comments)

    I want to apologize in advance if any of this has already been said but I REALLY HAVE to vent!! (HORRIBLE WEEKEND and lack of sleep!)
    Anyone left in the house in a GUARANTEE win if they take Nicole. I think even Corey would get the $$$ before her at this point! NO ONE in jury will want to vote for her after these last few weeks. I lost all respect for her. Her big WHINE about not hearing from her mom – whose her BEST FRIEND!! Like the others aren’t close with their families?? That was definitely James’ BIGGEST mistake. She has no poker face and I’m really surprised that no one (James, Nat or Meech) were able to pick up on this.
    Sad to say, when I saw that she and James had come back to the BBH I was excited because they both were faves of mine in their season. Now I really don’t know who I want to win this. Natalie is…….I’m at a loss of words to describe her. Paul annoys the heck out of me. Corey is just a pretty boy, lights on but no one is around. James gives in to the girls too easily, thus throwing his game to the way-side. Nicole is backstabbing whiner. (I HATE her DR comments!! The sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me!!) I personally think Victor will win no matter who takes him, just on the sole fact that he battled his way back not once, but twice.
    okay, RANT OVER! I thank you all for allowing me to rant away! 🙂

  34. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Nicole has played some good game in the past few weeks. Corey has been smart, yes I said it, to stay connected at the hip to Nicole, because it has helped his game. He has won some comps lately, so his game has improved. Paul has stayed steady with game play, and continues to be strategic. Victor, well what a guy, came back twice and has won comps. Natalie and James….still nothing!! Oh, actually, James has made some stupid moves of late, and Natalie has blindly followed. Out of the six left, Nicole, Corey, Paul, Victor deserve on game play to be the F4. Then it will depend on comp wins and strategy going forward. Nicole will probably collapse at some point, because in F4 and less she will be hearing her name often (she hates that).

  35. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I wish it was a double eviction and Nat and Nicole would both be voted out! That would be my dream.

  36. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I am so confused by eviction schedule this coming week…..Thursday the 8th will be an eviction(most likely Natalie),then on Monday the 12th there will be another eviction which isn’t going to be aired until Friday. On Wednesday the 14th there is another eviction. So….the eviction that won’t be shown until Friday will be pretty obvious to television viewers on Wednesday before the show is even aired?? That makes no freaking sense to me at all!

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