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How I feel right now

Sunday Funday In The Big Brother House



I swear it’s like clockwork. Whenever I’m away or actually have plans, something happens to the site. Screw Murphy’s Law, I’m calling it Steve’s Law.

Alright, so last night I went to a concert (5 seconds of summer) for my daughter. I think I deserve father of the year for that because I heard sounds that I didn’t think were humanly possible. To be fair, on the way in, I found another father who hooked me up with earplugs, but they were the industrial orange kind and I felt like an old man wearing them. So, I toughed it out. Look, I’ve been to a lot of concerts, baseball and hockey games, but nothing compares to the sound of screaming teenage girls when their favorite band tells them to get loud. Absolutely insane. In addition to the noise, the girl next to me was going absolutely nuts and hit me in the head a few times and stomped on my feet. I’m not complaining, that part was funny. I love seeing people get so into their music where they just lose themselves. So, random blonde girl next to me last night, no worries about it.

Enough about the concert, let’s do a quick rundown of the Big Brother house.

  • Gidget won herself the PoV, but apparently hurt her ankle in the process. She was seen using crutches later in the evening.
  • Bronte was going to ask to be pulled off, but she doesn’t want to risk Natalie replacing her, so she’s just going to stay up
  • Frank promised Natalie even if she goes up, Tiffany will be going home
  • Nicole peed her pants during a prank of sleeping houseguests. Pretty funny to watch. You can see that at 2:40am. A few girls are dancing in the kitchen while Nicole runs by them screaming how she peed herself.
  • Natalie noticed that James has been keeping his distance. It’s good that he is because she apparently told Corey she doesn’t like James in that way. Corey and Nicole debated on telling James that. They decided against it, for now

Not as in depth as Amy’s overnight, but I’m still nursing a headache from last night.


Sunday Updates:

  • 10:40am – James and Corey are outside alone talking game. They’re talking about ways to get Frank out.
    • james
    • Gidget has emerged from the HoH room. Notes from the comment section. I guess this happened when she won the PoV and she did a celebration jump-bump with Frank. Seeing as he outweighs her by like 100lbs, I guess he accidentally knocked her to the ground and may have landed on her ankle.
    • Side note – Injuries from celebrating victories are the most embarassing kind. It happens a lot in the NFL. The only time you should be celebrating enough to get injured is if you win the championship. Anyone who gets injured celebrating a sack or whatever deserves the embarrassment lol
  • 11:15am – So much for James keeping his distance. He is up in the HoH spooning Natalie.
  • 2:00pm – Slow house this afternoon
    • How I feel right now
      How I feel right now
  • 2:15pm – Frank doing some self talking in the Safari room
    • He said his game is all over the place right now (understatement)
    • He’s still working with the vets, and the 7pack – 8pack if you count Paulie (Tiffany was kicked out)
    • At the same time it’s him, Paulie, and Corey
    • He’s also getting closer with Gidget and the Spy Girls
    • He’s also close with Paul
    • “I’m a pretty good spot right now. Much better than I was in my last season” (oh Frank, you don’t know the half of it)
    • He doesn’t know where his real loyalties are yet.  He thinks Nicole, Bridgette, Paulie and Corey all have his back
    • To summarize – Frank thinks he’s in good shape. He is going to be in for a Jozea-like shock soon
  • 3:30pm – Frank and Corey are chatting about what is happening in the world. He is frustrated because he still doesn’t know who won the NBA Finals.
    • Talking about how the Olympics are going on and the stuff in the water. Then realized it’s his second summer Olympics in a row he was in the house
  • 3:58pm – Paulie is talking with Corey privately about their little showmance alliance. They feel they’re in good shape, especially when they get Frank out.
    • (note: their showmance alliance is them with Nicole+Z)
    • Paul comes in and joins the conversation. They are pretty open in front of him, to the point where Paul is pretty safe for awhile if he keeps his head low
    • James walks in and confirms they have the votes to get Frank out next week.
    • Natalie enters, they stop talking. Don’t even care how obvious they are when she says “You guys can keep talking”. Corey & Paulie are Cody & Derrick.
  • 4:22pm – Frank is telling the girls that he even went as far as telling Danielle that he had a crush on her when he was on the block. It didn’t work obviously
    • He is also talking about the other castmates his season. He said Danielle was super entitled, but she did call to apologize a few years later.
    • They talked about the house reaction when Frank won America’s Favorite. They said Dan peeked over and saw the name before Julie announced it and made a weird face.
    • Frank tells the girls that nobody sucks his own d**k more than Dan. He is so arrogant and gushes about himself. (I believe that. Dan is a great player, but he does have a massive ego)
    • He then talks about how live feed interviews, Dan was spraying some mist called “Dan’s Mist” because Brittany got it in his head that he had an aura around him.
    • Bronte mentions the funeral and how Dan wrote this long 7 part thing. Frank jumps out that Dan is full of shit. The funeral did nothing. The only reason that worked is because right after, he went up into the HoH room, ratted out his whole alliance and swore on the bible, his ring, and his grandfather’s cross or something like that.
    • Frank says he liked Dan before they played together. They also got along early on in the house. He just says Dan is good at getting people who are weak-minded to do his dirty work
    • (I’m talking a lot about this because that season was fun to watch, so it is interesting to hear Frank’s PoV)
  • 4:40pm – Meanwhile, Tiffany is playing her sister’s game of sitting alone hibernating for the first few days of being on the block. She’ll probably come out swinging sometime around Tuesday
    • tiffany-alone
  • 5:26pm – Paulie is talking to Van2.0 and she is saying how bad she wants Frank out this week. I think this will be her angle for the house to decide to keep her
  • 5:30pm – Feeds down. I think it is for the reward someone won during the veto competition yesterday. This is a good time for me to watch the CBS episode
  • 7:30pm – Watched the episode, and an episode of Arranged (what a weird show). I don’t think they had the food reward yet as the house is still getting ready.
    • michelle-day-nicole
  • 8:00pm – Everyone but 6 remain from the luxury reward. Corey and Nicole are chatting in the safari room. Let’s see if they say anything interesting….
    • Nicole says she doesn’t trust Day and knows she’s going to get screwed soon
    • Nicole wants Bronte out this week, but she is saying Z is really set on Tiffany, and most people are
  • 8:50pm – The house is really, really slow because of the luxury thing, so I am going to check out for the night

Overnight in the morning!


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  1. Elaine

    It’s too bad Frank didn’t wise up to the way he was pissing off the females in the house (especially since the men are outnumbered). Now his days will be on the block, as soon as is possible, and his luck/skill in competitions. There was really no reason for him to be a big target this early. That is what happens when running your mouth too much to everybody and not being a gentleman. With all the others oversharing in the house, I am surprised Frank hasn’t learned of the house plan to get him out.

  2. Shivani33

    I wonder how many people are really going to vote Frank’s way and vote out Tiffany? Nicole said last night that she’s been waiting for the day when Bronte is gone. Quite a few people like Bronte less than Tiffany. It will be very telling if these people go along with Frank, who has said rather philosophically that it’s fine with him if Bronte is the one who goes. Of course he doesn’t really mean it. Everyone in the house except for Bridgette seems to be waiting for the opportunity to get Frank on the block, even Paulie. Nicole, Day and Z. all relate better to Tiffany than to Bronte or Natalie. Why vote with herd mentality if one doesn’t dig the self-appointed head of the herd?

    • Elaine

      I thought about that too. Frank, Day have not been big fans of Tiff, but am not sure about the others. In the past few days, she seems to have settled into the “girl’s club” and that might be appealing to keep her. If they know of the Spy Girls, it might be more advantageous to take out one of them. Those three seem to be fairly loyal to each other, especially Nat and Bronte. Nat will be shaken to her core if Bronte leaves. It definitely would put some bumps in the road.

  3. nkogneetow

    The biggest showmance in the house is between Bronchitis and Natural Nat. They vow to protect each other at all cost. Gidget is just a third wheel in that relationship. Since Frank the Snake wants to keep his harem in tact, then maybe the house should vote out Bronchitis to send him a message and keep him in check and to wreck Natural Nat (who would probably be so lost she’d self evict). But I don’t think they should let Snakey know that they’re voting her out. Just let him think that they are all going after V2. That would rock his world. Bet he would be pissed since he thinks he has the house under his control. Then they should go after Gidget (his protege) next, leaving Natty all alone and leaning on James The Joker. Then they should tell James about what she said to Gorey, which would prod him to give her the boot instead of guiding her (which he has been doing). James doesn’t seem to be playing much of his own game but seems to be playing all of Natalies. She doesn’t have to do a thing…Just snuggle up to James and let him tell her what to do and how to play, then run back and tell the rest of The Bobbleheads. If James truly wants to win, he should start thinking of his daughter instead of some random skirt that he just met a few weeks ago and will never see again after the show is over.

    • Avatar

      I’ve thought the exact same things! I don’t understand why they are all just like ok, were voting Tiffany out. Why?!?!? I would think Tiff can help them and be more useful than Bronte! Why are they all “minding”? Im hoping they think about it and say F it and vote Bronte out and keep Tiffany a little longer! I actually liked Vanessa and I like her!

      • Avatar

        Is it just because Tiff is Vanessa’s sister that they want her out? She’s not that bad other than the crying & wrapping up in a blanket like Audrey.

    • Avatar

      I will be so mad if Nat hurts James. I know its a game but playing with someone’s heart that way is just wrong on all levels, especially such a sweet guy like James. Nat said in DR that he’s totally her type. I hope she means it because if she doesn’t she needs to back off. True enough James is not playing his own game & he’s not thinking clearly because he seems to be so into Nat but truth be told, James should know better seeing as how this is his second time playing the game. Does he want the money for his little girl or is he going to keep playing for Nat? James, old buddy, old pal, old friend, you better think about what you’re doing before its too late.

      • nkogneetow

        Nat might have told the DR that James is her type, but she told Gorey just the opposite. She told him that James wasn’t her type and that she’s not into him like that. So either way, she lied.

  4. Elaine

    As I watch feeds I am convinced Frank thinks he is being paid by the word. This man just can’t sit and listen. He yammers about himself in his previous season, about how he did the last time, oh…and, don’t forget the last time he completed in BB. Eeeeeesh! Sometimes influencing people is more about what you hear and less about what you say! Poor Bridge, got in her HOH bed hogged by James and his bed mate Nat, and she was relegated to the far side of the bed. I would have kicked their butts outta my HOH bed!

  5. Alda

    If Nat is playing James,he needs to be told.He would certainly tell his allies if he heard something.She did say in the beginning that she would be flirting with the boys.She wanted Vic out when he dished her.She might have to go sooner than later.

    • AIO_7

      James is just an idiot if he thinks Natalie is actually attracted to him. Paulie I could see, but not James.

      • Elaine

        Nat will keep James on her puppet string as she needs him. Nat gets nervous (and says a lot of “I don’t know” as part of her strategy talk). It seems Bronte and James are the ones she trusts the most. James is a gals guy, remember last season (i.e. Meg). He can keep Nat close, get info from her, and proceed as is necessary. Getting out Bronte would be more dramatic than evicting Tiff.

      • Avatar

        Why would it be so far fetched for Nat to be attracted to James? I would much rather have a short, not the most attractive man in the world who loves me, is good to me & treats me like a woman should be treated than a tall, good looking, self absorbed jerk who constantly primps in the mirror & pays more attention to other women than me. Besides, James is not a bad looking man.
        That’s just me,,, Looks arent everything.

      • nkogneetow

        @Ann: Nat wouldn’t be attracted to James because she has already said so to just about everybody BUT James. And although James isn’t a bad looking man, I think Nat would be more apt to go for a tall, good looking self absorbed jerk because that’s the type of girl she is. She mentioned once or twice about how she can get pretty much any guy she wants. Not to mention that she’s vain (another one always with the makeup and the mirrors) and she’s an NFL Cheerleader and more than likely LOVES being around the jock types. I think James is just a means to an end for her. The other night at the meeting of The Bobbleheads, she told the other two that she thinks she can get James to do what she wants. And although she swore to him during their telephone conversation, that she would never go back and repeat anything he’s told her, she immediately goes back and tells Bronchitis and Gidget everything he says. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t trust any of the three of them.

  6. danmtruth

    At times I think we the fans put more thought into the game than some of the players. We have the big advantage of hearing all the plans. Yet the fans come up with better plans

    Now that Half Backed Gidget Bridget has the powers of both HoH & POV will she break from her mentor/master/Svengali Frank the Snack . She can make a big move With the noms of Paul , Tif/V2 and road kill nom Brontchili If Bridget takes down Paul she can rock things by putting Corey up With that we can see votes like
    Natural Nat — Corey out for the PowerPuff girls
    Day — Corey to rid herself of a boy and power player without the others knowing
    Zaki –Corey because Day tell her
    James — Corey to dump a power player Paul — Corey because he owes her
    thats 5 votes and he is out

    Bigest problem is production wants to keep that Nichole Corey showmance going

  7. Elaine

    The episode did a good job at setting up why the house would want Frank out. For those that don’t feed watch, it will make more sense when they all run at him. If Tiff stays, Frank may be suspicious. Having said that, the other members of the (now defunct) 8-pack have been good at nodding their heads and stroking Frank’s ego. The true test will be if/when Frank directly starts questioning people about it. Corey is funny to watch when he is asked direct questions, with that deer-in-headlights look. I think the C+P+Z+N could go far…poor Day.

  8. Jannie

    What the heck happened to the ? ? ??

    • stevebeans

      Fixed. I was on a week trial to see if I liked them. I got good feedback, so I bought them for the year 🙂

      • Jannie

        Wow, they reappeared as soon as I posted…?
        Thanks, SB

        Nat told Bronchitis (?) that she thinks James is sweet and she trusts him. I doubt she would date him outside of the house, but I don’t think she is using him, either..

        And does Gidget know that Frank won the RK and put up Bronchitis? Someone please tell her NOW!!

      • nkogneetow

        I think Nat is using James. I don’t trust any of those girls. She keeps reporting back to Bronchitis and Gidget and Gidget reports back to Frank the Snake.

        Snakey just told Gidget that he not only had the RK this week and put Bronchitis up, but also he had the RK and put her up. Gidget just gushed over the fact that he was so clever.

      • Jannie

        Oh, I hope not! I don’t think she would date him outside of the house…but I do think she does trust him.
        Can you believe that Frank is trashing Bronchitis and Natalie to Bridgidiot(as she lays there with her head on his chest)and she is not defending them? I don’t like any of them much, but they are the Spygirls, BFF’s and all that good stuff. And she just lets Snakey Frank trash them.
        God, I hate girls like that!

  9. Jenny M

    After watching tonight’s show and seeing Frank’s reaction to learning he made Day cry… I really think he just has NO CLUE that he was crossing the line with several of these women. Not saying by any means that it is okay, but he did mention how Day had always laughed when he did it before, so he had no idea why she was crying when he smacked her ass this time. I totally understand Day not wanting to make waves and just playing along, but if you smile and laugh when someone is offending you, how do you expect them to realize you’re offended? She should have just looked him in the eye and said please don’t do that, it makes me uncomfortable. Frank might be a big idiot but I think he really did feel terrible when he heard that he made her cry.

    • Avatar

      I think so too Jenny. Frank did seem sincere when he apologized to Da but damn, common sense would tell any half wit you don’t go touching people that you dont really know like that.
      I want to kick one of Bridgette’s crutches from under her. I cant stand her. I hope they vote Bronte out & then go after Bridgette next week if they cant get Frank’s ass out. That would throw one hell of a damper in Frank’s plans.

    • Colby

      I think he is sorry for making her cry, but I’m not so sure he ‘gets’ what is wrong with what he did.

    • nkogneetow

      I’m not buying his apology. He’ll say whatever he has to, to keep things running smooth until he’s ready to blow things up.

  10. Avatar

    Does Bridgette have a crush on Frank?

    Bridgette drives me up the wall. She seems incredibly insincere.

    • kneeless

      Very insincere and extremely immature! She’s not been a favorite of mine from the beginning. I keep thinking I might change my opinion of her but I just cannot stomach her!

    • Avatar

      Bridgette does seem to have a crush on Frank. That bimbo knows he has a girlfriend but yet she’s all layed up with his ass. I cant wait for her bubble to get burst when she finds out Frank is using her. I cant stand him nor her.
      Did you hear that fool tell Frank thank you for putting her up when he won the first roadkill? Such an idiot. Does she want a man that bad? Well STUPID, you picked the wrong one.

      • Jannie

        Bridgidiot has a boyfriend, too. She said the first week that she couldn’t sleep in a bed with a guy…gee that didn’t last long.
        Are these people for real?
        And I always liked Nicole, but can she get through a season without a showmance?
        Happy for James that Nat sincerely likes him. He is my favorite guy in the house.

    • nkogneetow

      Gidget is as big of a snake as Frank. And is anyone buying her “drunk” act? Just looks like is a perfect excuse to lay up in bed with her object of desire Frank. They are laying up in bed, watching the house like The Lord and Lady of the house. Gidget is co-signing everything that he says….Another one with no mind of her own but fools herself into thinking she does. And don’t think for one minute that Snakey doesn’t know he controls her. She even mentioned that he has “the 3 of them” protecting him. Every time any of those 3 girls open their mouths, I start to envision myself in my Ninja outfit again (previous post reference).

      Sounds like he has big plans for Da too, so I guess that apology was made with his fingers crossed behind his back…and again Gidget cosigns.

      BTW, does anyone else think she looks a little TO comfortable curled up next to Frank?

      • Avatar

        Damn right that little twit thinks she is so safe curled up next to Frank not knowing he’s going to wring her scrawny little neck like a chicken once she’s of no use to him.

  11. Avatar

    Frank is working on his plan to get Day out. He said she has a “high eye.” I guess that means she too observant? Too influential? However, its looking like people are splitting off and she has no one really loyal to her.

  12. kneeless

    Oh Frank! He’s playing Giget like a violin & she’s eating it up. Week one she couldn’t even lie in a bed with a guy & now she’s glued to Frank. Showmance brewing?

  13. Jannie

    9:40 PM “Bridgette tells Frank she knew he put him up bc he alluded to it by telling her she was safe. She tells Frank “thank you”. Frank says for puttingyou up & she says yes. She tells Frank she eff’ing loves him & he knows best.”
    That was from Jokers…I think I am going to start calling her “Bridgidiot” from now on.
    She also told Frank that Natalie and Michelle (her BFF Spygirls) don’t trust him. She is making a fool of herself .
    And Day needs to just calm down. For all of her big talk and bravado in the DR you would think she could handle a little teasing…or stop with the tears and just tell Frank to knock it off.

    • Avatar

      Da seems to be all bark & no bite.
      Bridgidiot is the perfect name for Frank’s flunky.
      Zak is a waste of space.
      I dont think Tiff is as bad as her triffling sister.

      • Jannie

        Agree, agree, agree. They never gave Tiff a chance from day 1.
        If the HG’s were smart, they would get rid of Bronte and let Frank and Tiff go at each other…but wait, they are not that smart. And it would kill Brigidiot to see Bronchitis walk out the door, because of Frank.
        Hopefully some one will wake up this week and see the light.

      • nkogneetow

        Gidget knows that if Bronchitis walks out the door because of Snakey, that would pretty much break up The Bobblehead and Nat might partially blame Gidg for her (Nat’s) girl crush leaving. But I don’t think Gidget really cares. She’s just seems so happy that SOME man in the house is paying attention to her.

  14. Shivani33

    Does Bridgette have a crush on Frank? They are cuddled up in bed discussing that he put up Bronte, happy as two peas in a pod as she pets him, talks to him like a demented baby who uses “f**k” as if it’s her new favorite word and acts like his mistress. Lol. Frank’s girlfriend back home could be ready to storm the house.

    • kneeless

      I think she must have learned to say f#+k in the house & now she has to try out using it every chance she gets. I can’t handle her!!

      • Elaine

        Bridge seems like one of those girls that uses cussing to fit in, although it comes out awkward. Paul must be sharing his overflow of f**k with Bridge lol.

  15. Avatar

    Uuummm Paulie, you do that damn thing boy, yeeesss!!!

  16. kneeless

    Bridgidiot, you’re exactly why all girl alliances don’t work.

  17. Shivani33

    Another thing Bridgette is doing is verbally crucifying every other woman in the house to Frank. If she’s in a female alliance, she’s got amnesia about it tonight. What a rotten peach. She’s even dumbed down her language to match her idea of Frank’s. Barforama!

    • nkogneetow

      Having I been saying all along that Gidget is ruthless. SHE was the one that started that “girl power” BS…and how they should stick together no matter what. And now she’s all cuddled up with the only man in the house that wants to cuddle with her (albeit because she has the power this week), and she’s trashing every female in the house because it pleases him so to hear her talk like that. I’m surprised she can even talk with that hook in her mouth.

      Oh, and it’s funny how she started off so “drunk” she could barely talk to running her mouth at full steam. Fake, fake, fake.

  18. Avatar

    I stayed up…all caught up in the dance off. Paulie’s got some moves. That was the most I’ve enjoyed this season so far.

  19. Jannie

    Barforama is right.
    Now the boys and girls are having a dance off while Paulie gives Zaki a personal lap dance.
    This is worse than pot ball.

  20. Avatar

    Michelle’s rapping is hilarious. What did she drink, a tub of Whiskey? She is lit.

  21. Avatar

    Bridgette keeps looking up at Frank’s lips. She wants to kiss him so bad.

  22. Avatar

    Im sorry to keep talking about this girl but Bridgidiot is as dumb as a box of rocks. She wont even have sense enough to look at the show after its over & feel really stupid for letting that asswipe use her & make her look like fool on national tv.
    If her & Frank were put on the block together & neither of them won veto, she would find out how triffling & ruthless Frank is when he campaigns against her dragging her through the mud. Then again he could probably convince that dummy to campaign for him & ask everybody to vote her out so he can stay.

    • Avatar

      Frank to Bridgette: “My 500k and your 50k. I’ll buy you a surfboard.”

      It would be sweet to watch Bridgette cut Frank at the very end. However, I cannot stomach Bridgette for much longer. It’s wishful thinking on my part hoping that this girl is simply playing dumb.

  23. nkogneetow

    I just read on Jokers that Snakey told Gidget that he’ll help her win America’s Favorite….Yeah, good luck with that.

  24. nkogneetow

    That Paulie seems to be getting a little to handsie…and Zaki doesn’t seem to mind a bit….Maybe that’s her birthday present.

    • Avatar

      Those two have had the goo goo ga ga touchy touchy for each other since day one. The buildup is fun with these two though as opposed to passed seasons where people were little doing the “do” and acting like common law married folks in a matter of a month…With Zaulie, its full of angst and sexual curiosity.

  25. danmtruth

    A lot to take in As they say You want some truth just add alcohol

    Bridgidoit ( perfect name ) is playing the SAME game that too many of the women on this show do. Find a strong male kling on Delude your self into thinking your playing him Try to get to the final Tell jury members you made all these smart moves Dumb Dumb Boring

    The only thing sincere about Franks apologetic to Day Was that it might ( and should ) hurt his game It went from him laughing and bragging about how good he smacked her. To it was just a small tap To blame her because she never said anything in the past. No he knew just what he was doing Just like what hē is doing to all the girls Keep them off balanced . Make them feel saying anything bad about him is wrong Look how he treats Michele. carrot and stick Says nice things to her than tells her he is going to get her out of the house. She runs scared and will do what ever Franks says . The other players are afraid of Frank because he keeps reminding them how he wins comps Than they dont want to be his target so they just go along Hoping someone else sticks there head out to declare they are gunning for Frank If Frank is not EVERYONES target next week Start printing the check

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