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Sunday, July 17th Feed Updates

July 17, 2022 | 84 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Before I begin, I want to say – did I fix the feeds? I think I may have.

Big Brother bloggers push live feeds to viewers as we get a cut of each sale. They used to pay really well many years ago and many relied on that for their income. Shortly after they changed the pricing structure, I noticed a lot of daily bloggers up and quit. Not a coincidence. It’s more work than you think to sit around reporting on live feeds all day. Especially if you live near Boston (like me) when you only have like 9 months of winter each year so every nice day is a rarity.

Note – I realized this post got a lot longer than I thought, and with me putting live feed updates in it, you’ll have to scroll through a ton of reading to get to the feeds. So, I am putting a feed break here so you get the updates. If you want to learn about live feeds and bloggers, check the bottom of the post where I continue to explain.

Live Feed Updates for July 17, 2022

[ajax_load_more id=”5007209473″ container_type=”div” css_classes=”update-post” cache=”true” cache_id=”7858691624″ preloaded=”true” preloaded_amount=”15″ seo=”true” post_type=”live-feed-updates” posts_per_page=”15″ destroy_after=”200″ no_results_text=”No updates yet, check back shortly!” year=”2022″ month=”7″ day=”17″ order=”DESC” cta=”true” cta_position=”after:5″ cta_theme_repeater=”adsense-feed-updates.php” theme_repeater=”feed-list.php”]

Back to the story…

Well, we also have representatives who are the people that do things like run the contests which allowed me to be in the audience for one of the live eviction episodes (amazing experience, thank you CBS). One reached out to me about my clear lack of sales and I just told them I refuse to put links to the live feeds on my site because the quality is terrible. I can’t go telling people they need to buy the feeds only to have things cut away any time something interesting happens.

That person told me they went to show the feeds to someone (likely to check what I was talking about) and luckily there was a nice ‘Be Right Back’ message. Perfect timing (although that message has been far too common so it’s not a surprise). I told them I understood cutting feeds for copyright, or talking about people who didn’t sign waivers, or competitions, etc. However, what they show on the feeds now is entirely different than the mid-teens when we got to see almost everything. Racism talk, arguments, etc.

After that, the feeds went down for more than a day, but we found out that was due to Paloma leaving. While it would have been nice to see that on feeds, that’s another situation where I understand keeping them off until they can explain what happened. However, since returning from Palomagate, the feeds have been pretty damn good. Not super exciting, but rarely down and when someone does start talking about things like copyright crap, they do the logical things and switch rooms rather than cut away to a ‘BRB’ message.

So, did I fix them? We’ll see. So far, so good. But I’ll give it a week or two before I start pushing their link once again. Not like it matters, I already missed out on the rush of people to sign up as the season began, but you guys have been amazing with joining supporter status so it didn’t matter anyway. If you start seeing links to the live feeds show up on the site, you’ll know that I approve of the feeds and they actually did make the fix I hoped. Okay, scroll back up to continue with the feed updates.

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