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Sunday Night Feed Updates

"I won't campaign against Corey... But..."
<insert comment about how Paulie’s checked out and won’t campaign against his “best friend” who he’s actually campaigning against>

Good evening! As Steve will be leaving for vacation tomorrow, I’ll be taking over now during the afternoons and evenings. Thank you all for being so welcoming with your kind comments, I’m really looking forward to this week! And let me say.. I’m confident that this week will be very entertaining. Between Paulie likely leaving and Paul’s punishment, I’m willing to bet this will be one of the better weeks in the house to watch and blog about.


Alright, update time:

  • 4:35pm – Not much happening.. Casual talk in the kitchen between Paul and Corey while Victor is laying in his HOH bed giving random shoutouts to people, and talking to America about how he misses New Orleans
    • All cameras on Paul eating in the kitchen
    • Paul and James talking in the London room about how it’s good that Nicole is a haven’t as it’ll make her weaker in the next HOH comp. Paul then says they should rattle some cages and convince Corey that he isn’t safe this week.
    • James- “How are we gonna do that?” Paul- “Just tell Michelle, that’s a job for Big Meech.” haha
    • Side note: I have personally enjoyed watching Michelle this week. Watching her blow up on Paulie was very entertaining, even though it may tank her game
    • Nicole and Corey are cuddling and whispering in the Tokyo room
  • Time for the show on CBS! The house is very slow at the moment, so I’m gonna watch the show. I’ll post if something interesting happens on the feeds
  • Back from watching the CBS episode.. I will say that I’m pleasantly surprised that they showed Paulie’s douchebagery on the show. I really appreciated that they went back and pulled some of the comments Paulie made to Natalie. It really made Paulie look terrible. Enough of that, update time!
  • 5:56pm – Friendship time with Paul in the Safari room. He asks America for the next care package (I’m gonna put a plug in here for either Paul, Victor, or Michelle to get the next one). He says regardless if he ever gets one, he’s had a great time in the house.
    • Paul shouts out his band: @strangefacesla
    • Paul says he’s proud of how far he’s made it
    • Meanwhile in the Tokyo room:
    • I wonder if they realize they're next?
      I wonder if they realize they’re next?
    • Paul now talking about how great and simple James is
    • Now he’s saying that this is a great game for adrenaline junkies, but not to ever lose sight of yourself in the quest for 500k
    • There’s been quite a bit of talk about this, so quick poll:
    • [poll id=”23″]
    • Paul talking about how he doesn’t miss his phone, but he misses chewing gum (are they not allowed to chew gum?)
    • Nat and James now chatting on the other 2 cams. They’re talking about whether or not they would leave the game if someone died
    • Paul complaining about phone etiquette
    • Natalie- “James, in this house, I breathe air and gain weight”
    • Paul says that when he gets out of this house, he would love to sit down and have a substantial talk with anyone. He says that not doing so allows people to think that he’s better than them, which isn’t true. He says that’s the same reason he replies when people comment on his social media posts. I really didn’t like Paul at first, but he’s grown on me. He seems like a really genuine guy
  • 6:34pm – James and Nat talking about male cheerleaders in the backyard
    • Paul comes outside and says he was a cheerleader
    • They’ve called Paulie to the DR a couple times, but it doesn’t look like he plans on going..
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 9.40.29 PM
    • He finally got up and went. He really looks defeated
    • Feeds down, not sure why
  • 6:51pm – Feeds back
    • Victor, Paul, and Michelle are talking about have-nots in the kitchen
    • Now they’re talking about how Paulie hasn’t made a pie yet
    • Friendship Time again
    • Paulie just got instructions and a basket to make a pie lol
    • Apparently he has to put the pie in the oven for 40 mins and then wave a flag the entire time and then clean all the dishes and put them back in the basket
    • Feeds down again.. probably airing this part for the show
    • Back again.. Here’s your first look at Chef Paulie:
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.06.39 PM
    • Zingbot comes over the speaker and sings the first line of the national anthem. Pie time!
    • Chopping the apples..
      Chopping the apples..
    • Paulie says he only committed to 1 pie a day
  • 7:20pm – The house minus Corey are watching Paulie make his pie and talking about desserts and crowdsurfing
    • The pie is in the oven
    • Waving his flag..
    • Random talk in the kitchen about family while they wait for the pie to be done
    • Nicole, Nat, and Michelle are in the backyard eating sunflower seeds and chatting
  • 8:10pm – Paulie’s first pie is ready!
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 11.09.31 PM
    • Paul’s complaining that he still hasn’t gotten his bathing suit, so he went over to the DR to ask them about it
  • 8:25pm – Mostly just random talk going on around the house. No game talk
  • 8:41pm – Paulie and Corey chatting in the kitchen. Corey says that he’s going to miss Paulie and that him and Nicole are screwed next week if they don’t win HOH.
    • Corey- “Production and live feeders don’t want to see you upset.” Umm sure Corey, sure.
    • Paulie- “I’m crushed, but I’m not going to be selfish anymore.” (he’s not done being selfish)
    • I feel like Paulie’s going to be really surprised when he gets out of the house and finds out how much he’s actually hated.. He has this idea that America loves him. If that was the case, you probably would’ve gotten a care package by now buddy
    • Paulie has to make another pie lol
    • He says he’s going to try a different technique
  • 9:10pm – Corey says he’s going to make “slop brownies” for Nicole and Michelle. Ew

Alright, well I have a doctors appointment in the morning, so I’m going to wrap up this thread now. Literally nothing is going on in the house aside from random chat, and I don’t look for much to happen tonight (but I’ve been wrong before)!

Check back for overnight updates, and I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon!


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  1. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

    What’s an “involuntary pass”?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sounds like a pass you either didn’t ask for or didn’t want.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1321 comments)

      I googled it and got “involuntary gas pass” and an article about uncontrollable flatulence as a suggested result. I know that’s not what James meant but Natalie probably would object to having Paulie passing gas at her all the time.
      Poor James. I think he meant “unwanted advances”.

  2. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    OMG ..they are showing Paulies asshattery on CBS …I am amazed

  3. Avatar

    Nicole’s name is still on cbs to vote for safety pass this week!

  4. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

    Poor Paul…all he wants is a Cheeto.

  5. caRyn

    Right! And look at Victor’s face.

  6. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

    Maybe they added an extra show on Friday so they could spend this entire episode showing what happened last week?
    Also, they haven’t shown Meech’s part in all this.

  7. Dobi
    Dobi (47 comments)

    If Paulie is so clostrophobic, how in the heck could he get UNDER that bed with Nat?!? And I am so glad CBS is showing some of his crazy ways!

  8. Avatar

    Love Pauls DR friendship dance!

  9. Avatar

    Love Pauls DR dance!

  10. Avatar
    Michaela (8 comments)

    Paul’s dance just made my night. I love him more & more every day

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  12. Avatar
    Jane Kennedy (1 comments)

    Paulie crying!!!! Bahahahahaha

    • Avatar

      Yeah it’s soooo good lol he deserves it and he was being a dick to Nat Nat and I hate it when he and Corey got Bridgette out and he gets what he deserves it he should be called King Douchebag and he never is good for women and if I was in BB I would never be that mean to the women and hey I like Bridgette and I’m starting to like Nat Nat and bravo for James,Victor,and Paul and they showed that Bridgette was defending her friend and if my showmance was getting that from Paulie I would call him out for that and get him out the girl who is in a showmance with me I will defend and I don’t like it if some other guy goes and flirts with my showmance and James showed that and I’m proud of him

  13. Avatar
    Nicole (23 comments)

    when is veto ceremony

  14. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    Wow CBS spent an entire show putting Pauile’s ass on blast. I mean damn he did the ugly cry for Corey while he showed no remorse when he threw Z to the wolves. I’m like Paul, let me sit back and munch on these Cheetos Puffs because watching Paulie crumble is sheer entertainment!

  15. Shivani33

    Our 7 and 8 year old boys kept up the Paul dance all the way to bed. They’re very excited about Victor nominating Paulie, but both keep forgetting that Corey is even on the show. ” Who is that guy?”

  16. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    The jingle bells sound when Corey heard he was nominated – hilarious!
    Paul’s dance was awesome.
    Paulie’s DR sobbing meltdown was epic. “I’ve been with that kid since week 1.. since week 1, that kid was my frigging, that was my everything!” Wow. Z’s going to feel so special when she sees that.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    I’m hoping that since he refuses to do his penalty, once he’s voted out, if he has the RT, Julie announces he has the RT, shows it to him then the audience. Then tells him “BUT, because you refused to do the penalty, your return ticket has been nullified. You will be going to Jury.”

    • Avatar

      Now that would be epic….He would stick his thumb in his mouth & run off crying like a little girl.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Or start yelling to Julie that she has no loyalty, strength or honor! This won’t happen but here’s what I wish:
        * he refuses to make pies and gets a penalty vote for each pipe and hopefully there a lot of Pies this week
        * he gets evicted and if he has the RT ticket
        *Julie tells him since the penslty votes werent needed to evict him that they carry over when he goes back into the house and will be applied if he is on the block.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        hey now! that’s insulting…. to little girls! lol

    • Shivani33

      Corey made a joke about Paulie today and his apple pie resistance. Corey said if Paulie keeps accumulating penalties for not making pies, then gets the return ticket, he might end up hearing Julie say, “Paulie, by a vote of 87 to 1, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (583 comments)

      Mr.Hard guy is pulling a Jen (BB8) acting like a brat because now things are not going his way. Real tough guy move Paulie ,Cody is gonna be pissed. All was good when everyone was bowing to him. Taken out by the girls HA HA HA.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Right! Jen actually had a lit cigarette flicked at her and tea dumped in her head. The people just decided to think for themselves. Can you imagine if he had to play with E Dick?

  18. Avatar

    Thank you so much for covering for Steve while we’re on vacation, Brianna! 🙂

    Omg, Paul with the Cheetos tonight. I was dying. Reminded me of the Michael Jackson meme with the popcorn. I think I’m going to vote for Victor for the next Care Package. Oh, and Paulie bursting into tears in the DR…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    *does Paul’s dance while cleaning the house*


  19. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    CBS gets a 7 out of 10 from me tonight. Glad they showed that side of Polly. Can’t go higher than that tho. The edit made it look like James talked to Polly about the flirting crap after Nat had her talk with Z. We all know he did it in advance and gave P & Z a heads up and some damage control was done. ( -3)
    They didn’t show Z running right back to her man either. (-2) Only took off 2 since they probably figured she’s looked liked an idiot enough already.
    (plus 2) for showing Paul eating those damn cheetos and the dancing and skipping.
    *Now if they will only get around to showing Nicole treating Nat like crap and mainly when the feeds are down. She is way more aware of the aftermath with live feeders the anyone else.

    • caRyn

      Victor and Paul skipping – adorable.

    • Avatar

      I’ve never seen Nicole treat anyone like crap but nat flirted with Paulie just as much as he flirted with her. She even admits everyone knows how flirty she is so why can she be flirty and him not. I didn’t see anything he said to nat that was inappropriate. She was the one that showed him how he and z could get under that mattress and no one would know and he jokingly said you and I could get under there. Was that bad? If it was why didn’t she say something to him and wait to tell anyone. And the butt compliment was a compliment if it made her uncomfortable she should have said something and not wearing a suit that shows almost her entire butt cheeks would help. Cbs didn’t show the right story tonight on anybody. Gave James too much credit, made it seem everyone was going after Paulie because of what he said to nat when they had started going after him before any of that.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I agree with the cbs edit but nat also talked alot about how Polly talked about Z when she wasn’t around. They didn’t even show that part of the z/nat conversation. It wasn’t just flirting. As far as timing, I think it was strategy, not pettiness. She couldn’t get James to pull the trigger and use his care pkg for his own game so I think she got him upset with Polly over the flirting instead. It worked. I think telling Z when she did was to get Z mad at P and so maybe P would want Z to go. (That was during the time james was saying he wanted P on board).
        There have been conversations about how Nicole does most of her petty stuff when she knows the feeds are down so therefore you wouldn’t have seen it on the feeds. That was my point.

      • Avatar
        Holly (2 comments)

        Nat played it straight with Paulie and was not afraid to back down to him. She stayed calm and classy. He acted like a spoiled brat. “it’s just a game paulie”

      • Colby

        We all know CBS edits things to put their own spin on it for ratings, so when you say ‘Cbs didn’t show the right story tonight on anybody’, you’re right. There were things they left out or barely touched on, like Michelle’s part in all of it, all of them comparing notes and figuring out Paulie’s scheming and deceptions, etc.
        But I think in the limited time they had they were trying to explain the main reason James decided to use the care package advantage the way he did.
        They may show more details on the next show.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Why is it that you NEVER see The Rat doing or saying anything wrong? What show are you watching? Just askin……..Still love you though.

  20. Avatar
    Jim (32 comments)

    Guess Paulie never plans on going back to NJ after his commentary on the gals from this state, huh?

  21. Avatar
    Tammy (1 comments)

    I say give Cory the next america’s vote and shake the house up again.

  22. Avatar
    Missyin74 (15 comments)

    Maybe feeds are down bc Paulie is keeping his money where his mouth is and self evicting !
    He was soooo overly cocky for weeks. How does it feel man?? You were high in the horse the night I went off on nat in HOH but now look at little baby boy ready to lose it. How embarrassing!!

  23. Shivani33

    By gum, Paulie has been in the kitchen in a chef’s hat and apron baking a pie.

  24. Shivani33

    Oops. He took off the chef outfit and headed off somewhere. Maybe it’s just a bathroom break.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Oh how the mighty has fallen! TGF just came out of the DR with his pie making outfit and basket. After ALL that talk about NOT doing it and self evicting. The Live Feed Chatters are saying that the pie will be sweetened with real tears..lol. Maybe I’ll have to change his name from The Godfather to Lame Duck.

  26. Avatar

    He reminds me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s bed. I wonder who is supposed to eat the pies that the big bad wolf is baking? Vic, Paul, James, Nat & Meech had better not eat any of Paulie’s pies because he might put a little something extra in their pie. What better way to get revenge since he most likely won’t be able to save himself from eviction.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Two things:
      1. Just before he started making the pies, he said he had to use the bathroom. I wasn’t watching the screen at the time but The Chatters said he didn’t wash his hands. I did see him walk out and start to make pies. The Chatters say: Dysentery for everybody! Says we’ll know if he doesn’t eat the pies.

      2. Any of you Live Feeders out there are having a good laugh. He has to wave a flag for the entire time the pie is baking. He is standing there in that ridiculous outfit, waving the flag and crying (literally) about his Ex. Paul and Natalie are trying to console him. He keeps talking about his Ex but Production keeps cutting to fish (Chatters says that’s because she hasn’t signed a waiver so they can’t air certain things he says). He says he just wants to get on a plane and get back to his family, friends and support system. He’s telling them that when he loves, he loves deeply. He’s telling them that he wanted to work through anything with his Ex. He says his love is deep and unconditional.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        You think all that stuff he did with Z was just part of working thru things? They had to keep cutting the feeds right after he put the pie in becauae he wouldn’t wave the flag. Then they cut because he won’t make the 2nd pie. I’ll have no BBAD tonight since he’s such a baby.

      • Colby

        But wait………..What happened to the story about how much he supposedly cared about Zzz?

      • caRyn

        Paulie had a conversation with James outside one day about his ex. He said they were going to take a break during the summer. He also said that if he went on BB there would be no relationship because she doesn’t want that life for herself – limelight. I’m not saying he doesn’t love his ex, but if wanted a chance with her at all he wouldn’t have been so tight with Zakiyah. Maybe it wasn’t his family he was worried about – maybe it was his ex.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mell: He’s making the 2nd pie now.

      • JD

        Then why was he messing with Z and bragging about how many times he had sex with her. Did he actually blow a gasket and forget everything he said and did?

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  28. Avatar
    Barbara (16 comments)

    Paulie is all talk. He will do whatever if he thinks it will keep him in the house. He is such a chicken.

  29. Avatar

    What should I type into YouTube watch BB feeds?

  30. NKogNeeTow

    His pie actually looks pretty good. Wouldn’t eat it but it looks pretty good.

    • caRyn

      That is what I said. Pretty professional pie. I wouldn’t eat it either. I wouldn’t eat a lot of the meals hg made. I would wash my plate/drinking glass before using it. Not the cleanest house and always pranks – putting stuff in drinks.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    The Chatters say he made an agreement with Production to make 1 pie a day. Apparently he was originally suppose to make more.

    He keeps saying he doesn’t know why he’s so emotional.

    • Avatar

      Why in the hell does he get to make deals with production & change the damn rules??? Now that pisses me all the way off if that shit is true. They should’ve just showed his ass the side door to the streets & told his titty-baby ass to kick rocks.

      • caRyn

        If Paulie took the POV from Corey of course someone was going to take it from Paulie. The chances of Paulie receiving anything of value was slim. No surprise he is making pies.

  32. Pkcable
    Pkcable (127 comments)

    Since, it’s likely the James/Nat/Paul/Vic side of the house will likely win the next HoH I voted for Corey to get the next care package so MAYBE they could work against each other and we will have more drama!

  33. Avatar

    On YouTube I watched Derrek discuss how he spoke to James and Paulie before BB18. He said Paulie did not listen to him and got involved in a showmance and made situation even worse when he tried to get out of it. I am glad to see he isn’t blaming bb18 girls for Paulie’s downfall.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      I still say if Polly needed instructions, he should have studied dans funeral instead of derricks game. He didn’t convince anybody he was loyal, wanting cory to stay, was going to accept defeat, etc.
      He did probably convince them that he should NOT have that knife for pie making.

  34. Avatar

    I hope like HELL Paulie does NOT have that round trip ticket & there ain’t NO WAY IN HELL I would give Corey my vote for nothing unless it was a vote to march his goofy ass right on out the BB doors.

  35. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    It’s been 10 minutes since Polly has been told to bake a 2nd pie and he ignored them. Keeps ignoring requests to go to DR. Could this be the start of penalty votes or will he cave in?

  36. danmtruth

    In trying to save face Paulie is claiming he said in DR he would only do 1 pie a day He is STILL trying to call the shots Again as a coach of youth sports this is what you want to teach them I know this is just a game but it seems to be showing who he is
    One more thing to add to Paulie’s funk is the fact he has not gone as far as his ypunger brother. Makes you think why did they chose Cody first . It seems at first look they are the same . We all know what sibling rivalry is like But some where in the back of his mind he knows everyone is comparing the two Just like he has done for most of his life

  37. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    Paulie said he’s been wearing a mask… Obviously! You were pretending to be Derrick, mask off…wtf now you’re Chima bb11…

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      And although I won’t defend Chima’s behavior, she at least had a real reason to be angry. She basically got screwed over by the producers because she and her alliance members weren’t popular, and they wanted to rig the game for the more popular players (even most Jeff and Jordan fans acknowledge that coup d’etat crap was shady). Paulie is acting like a petulant toddler when he got nominated fair and square without any intervention from the producers.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Agree. Wasn’t right with chime but she was mad for a reason. Even if Polly has one, I can’t keep up. According to him, he’s upset over: nat offending him, mech yelling at him, a rogue feminist, Nats boobs because james likes them, missing Z, csnt sleep alone, Z betrayed and used him, vic not understanding his being on the block is different than vic, james’ betrayal, claustrophobia, not being able to sleep, not listening to his doctor, and an ex girlfriend who had already gave back a ring before the show started.
        What he should be upset over is that stupid haircut.

      • caRyn

        We have heard so much about Paulie’s ex today from him and the hg. It is exhausting. I do not think anyone should ever talk about an ex. No need.

      • caRyn

        Clarify – I wouldn’t talk about an ex or an ex of anyone I was with.

  38. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    I’m calling bs. Crybaby refused to make the 2nd pie, went running instead, ignores calls to DR, has to have cory convince him to go, after about a 25 minute process he goes back to running and tells everyone that he’s not in trouble….without making the second pie!
    Unrelated and for the record :
    At 5:09 and 8:39 (BB time) cory actually had intelligent thoughts come out of his mouth. Mark it people….it may not happen again.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Dsmn, Cory may have brought P back to reality!

      • Colby

        Probably only because they were all paying attention to him and telling him they care about him and don’t want to see him sad and upset, so he thinks he made some progress on getting the sympathy votes.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        You’re probably right! Have noticed that Cory’s been very supportive ever since Nicole pointed out to him that if Polly self evicts, they will still probably have an eviction on Thursday and that he would probably go home if he was sitting beside anyone other than Polly

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I’m almost ready to turn BBAD off. This is just the Paulie show tonight. It’s vacillated between 1) Paulie pouting around the kitchen while baking his pie, and 2) The houseguests in the backyard discussing Paulie’s BS sob stories. I thought it would be a wonderful week with Paulie on the block, unable to save himself, but he has sucked all the joy out of this situation by showing what a child he is.

  39. caRyn

    Paulie should try eating some of his humble pie.

  40. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    Watching BBAD and he’s making another pie now. Bitched about how he can’t leave the kitchen for 40 minutes.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    I’m sure glad that I’m only on my 2nd free day of the Live Feeds, because if things don’t pick up, I’ll be cancelling this mess next week. Since he’s calmed down, it’s boring. His tantrums was the only reason why I signed up in the first place. The best part of the Live Feeds for me is listening to them but reading the chat. They are funny as hell.

    On another note:
    I’ve decided to vote for Paul for Shared HOH and Victor for the last one (the bribe). I was going to vote for Mich for Shared HOH but she’s just to unstable. She spent entirely to much time with TGF and The Rat last night, apologizing and telling him that she hopes he has the RT. The shared HOH gets to pick one of the noms. I’m afraid that she’ll be swayed by TGF or Ratty and put up one of the people from her own side, then cry about it. Just can’t take that chance with her.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I agree with you about Michelle, I’m not ready to fully trust her just yet. I’ve been voting for Victor though, since he can’t play in the next HOH and I have a feeling he’s gonna be in danger soon. I don’t know, maybe I’ll switch my vote to Paul because he probably has a better chance of winning the ACP… This is such a stressful decision! Lol

      • caRyn

        I would clip Victor if I was in the game.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        Totally, Vic is a monster in the competitions. If I were their shoes, Vic would need to win at least one competition every week from here on out to stay out of the jury house. That’s why I figure he’ll need the ACP, because if anyone in that house is smart (and brave), they will be gunning for him next.

      • caRyn

        Exactly. To be a F2 with him with his BB game – Never winning.

    • caRyn

      What do you like and dislike about the live feeds? I haven’t gone that route (yet) and wonder if it is like BBAD only it is 24/7.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Kind of like BBAD, but you have 4 cams you can watch 24/7. But they keep buffering. Gerardo suggested I try using a different browser. I’ve tried but I still have to keep refreshing. Apparently I’m not the only one because some of the Chatters have mentioned it. Plus you get the fish a lot. Maybe that’s when they are talking about something they shouldn’t. I only got the feeds because I wanted to witness TGF’s meltdowns, but he’s a little bit more in control now, so it’s no fun..lol.

      • caRyn

        Gotcha. Thanks. I assume you can listen in on any of the 4 cams. I wasn’t sure what you said above about it. Is it – The best part of the live feed is NOT listening to them but reading the chat?

      • kneeless

        I have live feeds for the first time, ever. I have enjoyed it over the past week but when no one was playing much game, kinda thought they were a waste. Oh, I lied, I did sign up for the free week towards the end of last season & by the time they get down to final 4 it’s pretty boring. I’m kind of on the fence about next summer. But, I am interested in keeping the feeds for season 19. I probably get as much info at this site than watching feeds. Love JUNkies & all you folks here!

      • caRyn

        Ok. Thanks.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Feel same way about michelle. I’m reversing the order for mine tho. I was gonna vote vic this week and Paul the next since vic can’t play for hoh. I’m hoping vics votes will rise if he gets a good edit wed. He’s been so level headed and direct with crybaby, that may help him.

  42. Avatar
    Renee Smith (1 comments)

    I HATED Paul in the beginning and really liked Paulie. Well I think Paulie is a GIANT jerk and I love Paul! I think Paul could win the whole game. Let’s hope Paulie doesn’t have the Round Trip ticket!

  43. Avatar

    Paulie Crocker’s ass needs to follow the rules like everybody else in the house or take his ass home. It don’t take a rocket sscientist to open a damn can & pour pie filling in a pre made pie crust.

  44. Pkcable
    Pkcable (127 comments)

    So much for wanting a little drama! Lol

  45. caRyn

    Nicole mentioning that Corey’s ex wants him back. Not a subject I would touch if I were her.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Did you catch a while back when she was almost crying and worried that Cory’s ex would want to beat her up? it was ridiculous

      • caRyn

        Yes. Nicole wanted the conversation to stop so that his ex didn’t hear them talking about her so that she wouldn’t get upset at Nicole.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    TGF tried to get Vic to put Nat up but Vic didn’t buy it. Now he’s telling Mich and Ratty that as a last ditch effort, he’s going to go to Vic and tell him that he should put James up because if James betrayed him, he will betray Vic too. Now he’s telling them that James was the one who came to him with the idea to form The Executives and he told him it was to soon, but after a while he gave in. Funny thing is I think that James was the last one brought into the group.

    I’m wondering where Nat is. Paul and Vic gave her the assignment last night, of not leaving Mich alone with The 3 Stooges. Nat said that she hoped Mich wasn’t putting a target on her(M) back by talking to them. Nat is falling down on the job already.

    • Colby

      Well, who the hell are they to be making that her job. It should be a joint effort. Paul has the perfect cover to be standing around guarding people with his secret service role.

      • NKogNeeTow

        They gave that assignment because Mich really likes her and trust her. Only thing is Mich blows with the wind….whomever’s presence she’s in at the time. I agree with them. I wouldn’t leave her alone with them a minute either. Dum Dum is already starting to bond with TGF, Bambi and Ratty.

      • caRyn

        Listening to Paulie talking to Michelle and Nicole is upsetting. Paulie speaks as if he is superior. He even cuts them off and continues speaking.

      • Colby

        I knew that they need to run interference, but don’t think it should be all up to her.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Like James could even come up with an alliance

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Now he wants to talk Vic into putting up Paul against Nat. He’s still on a rant about getting James out though.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Meanwhile…..Looks like James and Nat are having another stupid azz agreement. James is looking a little frazzled.

  49. caRyn

    If Victor did use the veto the house could flip in a snap. Paulie could bring up the PP alliance and that may ruffle feathers for Victor. Paulie may play Michelle’s roll and start drama.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, Natalie is quickly sliding down poles with me. Nat is having one of her insecure meltdowns again over something that happened this morning. They had an arguement about it earlier and she said it was squashed. She told him tonight she wants to sleep alone. He keeps pressing her why because he says when she doesn’t want to sleep with him, he “feels a certain way”. She’s told him repeatedly that sometimes she just wants to be alone. He just keeps pressing it instead of just letting her alone. She keeps whining about being insecure one minute then the next minute she’s declaring she’s a strong woman. JAMES…LEAVE THE DAMN WOMAN ALONE! He did the same thing with Meg last year. He’s turning into Zzz….handsy and stalkery. She’s becoming extremely annoying…heck, almost all of the women in the house are. They were kind of cute at first but not they are just annoying. Like a married couple who SHOULD get divorced.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    James is almost badgering the girl now. She’s asked him REPEATEDLY to just leave her alone and let her sleep and she’ll be better in the morning. But he just keeps going on and on and on. Heck, at this point, they should just run from each other!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      You’re right, he’s definitely turning into Zakiyah 2.0. Just like I used to want to scream at her “GET SOME SELF-ESTEEM!!!” I now want to scream that same thing at James.

  52. Avatar
    Rigby23 (1 comments)

    The funniest thing Ive seen all season is Paulie trying to talk game while in an apron, with that stupid hat, and twirling some tiny flag. It is all so comical!

  53. danmtruth

    Once more punk Paulie showed his colors now making more pies
    Nat and James now having a no where argument Nat is having a pity party In her defense i understand sometimes a person just needs to be alone and feel bad You have only known these people for a month and a half You are always reminded all’s fair because “it’s just a game” So she came in with body image issues and now is feeling bad about yourself I’m sure James wants to help but when the lady says she wants to be alone Walk out just dont turn your back Tell her that you are thither when she needs you
    This game magnify every thing

    I do like the Paulie Dean tag
    Paul is getting into his secret service persons

  54. NKogNeeTow

    She asked him again to please leave her alone. She says she just wants to be alone for the night. She turned over, pulled the covers up over her head. He said he would sleep in the HN room. Then he just keeps walking around the room and back to the bed and stands over her and stares at her. He then ask her if she wants the lights out. She said yes. He said “Goodnight Babe”, then goes and gets in the other bed.

    Another bunny boiler…..

  55. Avatar

    Paulie Squallie is 100% ROTTEN to the core. He just told his (broke) friend Victor that he is playing for his AUNT who has CANCER. He swore on her, too. What a no-class, POS!!!

  56. NKogNeeTow

    TGF is now in the kitchen talking to Victor. Telling him that this is he last shot and Vic should give him another chance because now he’s playing with pure emotion. Vic isn’t saying a word…just keeps washing dishes. He then tell TGF “I hear you out and I will take it into consideration”. TGF grabs him and hugs him. TGF walks away then comes back and telling him that he still needs to talk to Paul to find out how he feels about James. Don’t think Vic is buying any of it.

  57. Avatar
    Jaclynpeachen (15 comments)

    I hope Paulie gets booed on Thursday

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      He might seriously have a psychotic break if that happens. I think the last delusion he has to hold onto at this point is that America loves him. He’s going to be crushed when he finds out how hated he is outside the house.

  58. Avatar
    Gerardo (2712 comments)

    Watching Paul run around, chasing the other HGs as a secret service agent is surprisingly amusing. He just chased Nicole around the entire house and backyard (all with his duck floatie on), and then when he patted her down he planted some fake drugs on her LOL. Then as soon as he was finished, BB played the alarm again so he had to do it all over again.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    I swear to God I hope they show Paul’s checkpoints that just happened. He had to chase down Ratty and Mich to pat them down. When he went upstairs to pat Vic, Vic saw him coming and ran in the room and held the door. Agent Paul broke in and tackled him. Then he started to run downstairs and just slid down the bannister and across the table. As soon as he finished and cleared all the checkpoints, he was clearly out of breathe, they gave him the signal to do it all again. Funny as hell!

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Oh….TGF just BLEW IT! When Paul was chasing him for the pat down, TGF ran into the HN room. Paul followed him in there, which gave him a chance to talk to Paul. He was telling Paul how he talked to Vic and told him that he was playing the game because he needed the money for his “Grandmother….eerrrr my Aunt”. Anybody catch that? He told Vic it was his AUNT. Can’t remember which family member is dying of cancer?

  61. kneeless

    Paulie was just making his pitch to Paul. He said his grandma, oops, his aunt has cancer & needs money. He needs to get his sympathy story straight.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, The Chatters are going crazy. They are chanting GRANDAUNTS LIVES MATTER TOO!

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Loved Paul’s Pee Wee Herman dance.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    The Chatters keep calling Bambi “Goat Burner”.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    They are calling Natalie “Gnat” like the bug…lol

  66. kneeless

    I understand people being claustrophobic & having trouble flying. Paulie is talking about being so claustrophobic, but how did he get out there to be on the show. I bet CBS could arrange for him to take a bus back to NJ. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Oh, the crew is comparing notes again. Paul and Vic met and compared TGF’s story about each of them wanting to talk to each other about keeping him (they didn’t). Then they compared the story about him wanting Vic to put up James as a replacement and about needing the money for his cancerous Aunt. They both got mad because he was trying to play on their sympathy and use the dying relative card to make them feel guilty. He also told them that Bambi was on board with the replacement.

    Victor went to talk to Nat and tell her about the conversation, while Paul went to talk to Bambi and Ratty about the conversation. Bambi is mad because TGF threw him under the bus because he didn’t know anything about the conversation (he did…partially). Now EVERYBODY is pissed at him. But at least it got Nat and James talking again.


    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      This is probably just wishful thinking, but… I’m wondering if Paulie is just trying everything in his power now to keep both him and Corey safe this week. But after tomorrow when that’s no longer possible, I’m hoping Paulie might see no other option but to turn on Corey and campaign hardcore to get him out. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want Paulie out this week. I’m just hoping for something interesting to watch over the next few days lol

      • caRyn

        That is exactly what Paulie is trying to do. Have Victor use the veto on Corey and put Natalie up. Corey and Nicole would vote to keep Paulie and they would get Michelle to flip and vote out Natalie. That is why Paulie was asking if Michelle and Natalie were really back on good terms when they (Nicole, Paulie and Michelle) were outside.

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Victor and Paul are now talking about how Ratty and Bambi are abandoning the ship to save their own asses. Victor and Paul are now telling Mich to not trust anything they say. They are telling her about him using the cancer card and him having to help his parents pay off their mortgage. The 3 of them are comparing notes about how he was saying that they need to get Victor out. Victor/Paul are telling Mich about how Ratty/Bambi were throwing Bridget under the bus and putting everything on her. They are saying how he was begging each of them to give him another week and that he can’t sit in Jury for 4 weeks and he can’t sit in the house with Z.

    Mich just told them that the story he is using about his aunt is similar to the one that Dan Gehsling used to win the game. Vic and Paul didn’t know about that. They are even more pissed now. They are also super pissed that Ratty/Bambi are trying to act innocent and are trying to jump ship. They are even more determined to get rid of the 2 of them next. Dum-Dum just asked them not to tell anyone what she said because she feels bad now. Vic told her don’t feel bad. Vic said that after tomorrow, he’s going to tell TGF not to talk to him about anything anymore because he is DONE. He said he’ll lock himself in the room first before talking to him again. Paul wants to just talk to him to tell him that he’s making himself look bad so just stop talking to everyone about staying.

  69. NKogNeeTow

    Ratty and Bambi sitting in the bedroom scared sh!tless.

  70. NKogNeeTow

    Mich just told Paul that she thinks she wants dreadlocks, so she thinks she might not shower for 3 days. He told her that not showering for 3 days won’t give her dreadlocks. She said that one summer she didn’t shower for the entire summer and she had small dreadlocks…..Ummmm, Ewwwww.

  71. kneeless

    I want to know why Paulie is saying he can’t stay in the jury house for 5 weeks. I know it’s his idea of getting them to feel badly for him & change their votes. But why would he think the jury house would be any different from the BB house. He’s been in the BB house for more than 5 wks. He just needs to admit that they afraid of the women already there. He’s making himself look even worse, if that is even possible.

  72. Avatar
    Danielle (2 comments)

    Pauline screwed himself. Had he used the veto to take Z down and have Corey put up one of the guys or Michelle, he would have had 2 votes at all time. It would have been Z, Michelle, himself, and Corey. He gave up the numbers. So stupid.

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