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Sunday Night Feed Updates

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Finally able to watch the endurance competition that Big Brother locked the feeders from (and I’m still upset over that), and wow that was a good one. I would have loved to pull an all-night blogging that, but I guess I’ll have to settle for the half-ass comps that last 20 minutes and are over before you get settled in.

Let’s talk about that episode for a minute. I am completely disappointed in James. He even said it, your word is everything in the game, and when you start making deals and then breaking them, you completely lose the respect of other houseguests – under normal circumstances. This house is too damn clueless to realize James blatantly broke his word, so nothing will come from it, but in a game with real competitors, this could have sunk his game. Not only did he break his word, he keeps flaunting the showmance thing in front of everyone to put a bigger target on his back. James may have won AFP, and Nicole was runner-up in her season, but I am shocked just how bad they are playing this season.

Anyway, sorry it took so long to get a live update thread going. Had some stuff to do today.  Also, there is a question for anyone who uses Zennioptical below my updates (I didn’t want to bother people by putting it up top)


  •  6:30pm – James is in the HoH room just thinking to himself. Meanwhile, Z, Day, “Pissed”, and Nicole are in the bedroom.
    • Michelle was in the room, and she left. Pissed asks if ‘homegirl is pissed’. People say she (Michelle) has been acting a bit weird
    • Nicole said she asked her today, and Michelle said she isn’t considering using it
    • I guess Michelle has been listening to Frank a little, so the house is all butthurt because she is actually listening to all options rather than blindly ‘go with the house’.
  • 7:00pm – Zaki, Z, and Da’Vonne are still talking in the London room. The topic turns to Bridgette (shocker)
  • 7:20pm – Nicole, Z, and Michelle are in the safari room are having a brief talk
    • Nicole is telling Michelle how Frank wanted her to talk to Michelle and try to get her to use the veto. Nicole said she has no plans to do that
  • 7:45pm – Everyone is talking in the safari room, so Bridgette and Day were stuck in the doorway eating, but Day decided she wanted no part in that and left to eat alone
    • And honestly, I’d rather sit there listen to Day eat alone than hear Paul talk over everyone else in the room
  • 8:10pm – Paulie is talking to Corey about the situation. Paulie says he wants to keep Frank, but it’s too dangerous, so it’s not happening
    • What does this conversation have to do with baseball, again?

      What does this conversation have to do with baseball, again?

    • They are a bit annoyed at Michelle because she won’t tell Frank whether or not she’ll use it, so he keeps his hopes up.
    • They want to get Day out, but they can wait a few weeks
    • Corey asks what Nicole was talking about with stipend. I guess Frank was telling Michelle something about different stipends for the vets, which wouldn’t surprise me. I’m not sure how that is a game move, but he’s trying everything
    • Paulie mentions how he feels Bridgette is going to side with them, and they may want to use her to get out Day. Please let that happen. It would be hilarious if they let Bridgette win HoH and she nominates Paulie and Z
  • 8:30pm – Victor joined and they’re still talking about Frank
    • Victor mentions he respects Frank for trying, and it would be pretty sad if he rolled over and gave up.
    • They plan on pulling him aside and letting him know that Michelle isn’t going to use it because she apparently doesn’t want to tell him
  • 8:45pm – Downstairs, Frank is talking to Michelle about Big Brother. She asks him if he ever did any podcasts or stuff like that when he got out. He said he’s not really into that. People reached out to him, but he’s more of a private person despite being in front of cameras on the show (like how he doesn’t use social media much)
    • Michelle says she will do any podcast when she comes out. I guess she needs for people to know who she is
  • 9:00pm – Frank joins the HoH room
    • James passes around some Coronas… now I want a Corona
  • 9:30pm – Bridgette does some whisper cam talk before heading up to the HoH room. Brave
    • bridgette-alone
  • 10:45pm – Nicole is showering, and they have the creep patrol on cam duty tonight. The guy is getting a super closeup of the shower.
    • On a related note, I went swimming with my fitbit on today. I forgot it was on. Fitbit broke. I am sad
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette, Frank and Victor are playing the word game in the kitchen
    • Yup, everyone is sleeping while they play the game. Guess I should sleep as well

Overnight in the morning

Now, for the Zenni question. I ordered a second pair with an older prescription I had. This pair actually feels good on my eyes, but both pairs of glasses I have ordered from them reflect light from the bottom of the glasses. It’s super annoying when I’m on my computer and I see a beam of light at the bottom of my eyes. I know a few people order from there, so what is the best type of lens to get? This one is just 1.57 Mid-Index Single (which is what they recommended) with Oleophobic coating. I don’t know if I should try to go up to 1.61 or whatever the next step is, or if there is an option I’m missing to prevent reflection. What type of lenses do you guys get?



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