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Finally able to watch the endurance competition that Big Brother locked the feeders from (and I’m still upset over that), and wow that was a good one. I would have loved to pull an all-night blogging that, but I guess I’ll have to settle for the half-ass comps that last 20 minutes and are over before you get settled in.

Let’s talk about that episode for a minute. I am completely disappointed in James. He even said it, your word is everything in the game, and when you start making deals and then breaking them, you completely lose the respect of other houseguests – under normal circumstances. This house is too damn clueless to realize James blatantly broke his word, so nothing will come from it, but in a game with real competitors, this could have sunk his game. Not only did he break his word, he keeps flaunting the showmance thing in front of everyone to put a bigger target on his back. James may have won AFP, and Nicole was runner-up in her season, but I am shocked just how bad they are playing this season.

Anyway, sorry it took so long to get a live update thread going. Had some stuff to do today.  Also, there is a question for anyone who uses Zennioptical below my updates (I didn’t want to bother people by putting it up top)



  •  6:30pm – James is in the HoH room just thinking to himself. Meanwhile, Z, Day, “Pissed”, and Nicole are in the bedroom.
    • Michelle was in the room, and she left. Pissed asks if ‘homegirl is pissed’. People say she (Michelle) has been acting a bit weird
    • Nicole said she asked her today, and Michelle said she isn’t considering using it
    • I guess Michelle has been listening to Frank a little, so the house is all butthurt because she is actually listening to all options rather than blindly ‘go with the house’.
  • 7:00pm – Zaki, Z, and Da’Vonne are still talking in the London room. The topic turns to Bridgette (shocker)
  • 7:20pm – Nicole, Z, and Michelle are in the safari room are having a brief talk
    • Nicole is telling Michelle how Frank wanted her to talk to Michelle and try to get her to use the veto. Nicole said she has no plans to do that
  • 7:45pm – Everyone is talking in the safari room, so Bridgette and Day were stuck in the doorway eating, but Day decided she wanted no part in that and left to eat alone
    • And honestly, I’d rather sit there listen to Day eat alone than hear Paul talk over everyone else in the room
  • 8:10pm – Paulie is talking to Corey about the situation. Paulie says he wants to keep Frank, but it’s too dangerous, so it’s not happening
    • What does this conversation have to do with baseball, again?
      What does this conversation have to do with baseball, again?
    • They are a bit annoyed at Michelle because she won’t tell Frank whether or not she’ll use it, so he keeps his hopes up.
    • They want to get Day out, but they can wait a few weeks
    • Corey asks what Nicole was talking about with stipend. I guess Frank was telling Michelle something about different stipends for the vets, which wouldn’t surprise me. I’m not sure how that is a game move, but he’s trying everything
    • Paulie mentions how he feels Bridgette is going to side with them, and they may want to use her to get out Day. Please let that happen. It would be hilarious if they let Bridgette win HoH and she nominates Paulie and Z
  • 8:30pm – Victor joined and they’re still talking about Frank
    • Victor mentions he respects Frank for trying, and it would be pretty sad if he rolled over and gave up.
    • They plan on pulling him aside and letting him know that Michelle isn’t going to use it because she apparently doesn’t want to tell him
  • 8:45pm – Downstairs, Frank is talking to Michelle about Big Brother. She asks him if he ever did any podcasts or stuff like that when he got out. He said he’s not really into that. People reached out to him, but he’s more of a private person despite being in front of cameras on the show (like how he doesn’t use social media much)
    • Michelle says she will do any podcast when she comes out. I guess she needs for people to know who she is
  • 9:00pm – Frank joins the HoH room
    • James passes around some Coronas… now I want a Corona
  • 9:30pm – Bridgette does some whisper cam talk before heading up to the HoH room. Brave
    • bridgette-alone
  • 10:45pm – Nicole is showering, and they have the creep patrol on cam duty tonight. The guy is getting a super closeup of the shower.
    • On a related note, I went swimming with my fitbit on today. I forgot it was on. Fitbit broke. I am sad
    • Meanwhile, Bridgette, Frank and Victor are playing the word game in the kitchen
    • Yup, everyone is sleeping while they play the game. Guess I should sleep as well

Overnight in the morning

Now, for the Zenni question. I ordered a second pair with an older prescription I had. This pair actually feels good on my eyes, but both pairs of glasses I have ordered from them reflect light from the bottom of the glasses. It’s super annoying when I’m on my computer and I see a beam of light at the bottom of my eyes. I know a few people order from there, so what is the best type of lens to get? This one is just 1.57 Mid-Index Single (which is what they recommended) with Oleophobic coating. I don’t know if I should try to go up to 1.61 or whatever the next step is, or if there is an option I’m missing to prevent reflection. What type of lenses do you guys get?


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  1. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Thoughts after watching tonight’s episode:
    -Paul is a complete tool. His delusions of grandeur are insane. He’s going to get himself tossed from the house pretty quickly because of how annoying he is. How he’s gotten this far speaks volumes about how little people think of his game
    -Nicole is a terrible liar, and she’s mad at Frank for giving out info when she’s been stabbing everyone in the back the entire season. She talks about not trusting anyone, how can anyone trust her?
    -I think Victor might end up going to the end, because there’s so many people that are putting themselves in the firing line, and based on how everyone seems to be going based on feelings rather than logic, he just needs to keep his mouth shut and he’ll go under the radar.
    -Z continues to be one of the most useless people ever to be on Big Brother. She’s never doing anything in competitions, never really does anything besides floating around being seen in the background. Perhaps they cast her as an extra?

    Paulie is going to win the entire thing. This probably was ensured once Da’Vonne and Frank started after each other, but he’s got it all set up now. I think Victor is the only one that can get in the way of it. But if Paulie does win, I think it’s more due to how inept the majority of the house is, rather than Paulie being some incredible game player. He’s given people nudges and is somewhat controlling it, but if the house wasn’t almost all floaters, he’d have been in trouble already.

    • Avatar
      Jack Pot (13 comments)

      Victor isn’t winning it, he’s going to have to go through three couples. Perhaps the real drama of the season will be when the couples have to go against each other.

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        In my opinion he only has to go through Paulie. Nicole is telling so many lies it’s just a matter of time before she goes on the block. I’m not entirely sure Corey even knows he’s on TV. Paul will jettison Z as soon as he needs to. And James and Natalie are basically just a couple of floaters. But that’s a big thing, because Paulie is pretty in control right now.

        Victor’s biggest problem, I think, is being associated with Paul, he needs to distance himself from that. But the fact that he came in and didn’t even get nominated means that he’ll be there for a little while.

    • Avatar

      Agree, agree, agree, agree!!! These people are killing me!

    • Avatar
      Bobbie (9 comments)

      Completely agree. Z has done nothing in this game but float. I’m surprised at James going back on his word after he made a deal in front of the whole house and the HOH was given to him.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (65 comments)

      The funny thing I noticed about Pipsqueak Paul is that when he is ranting on and on people just walk away from him and he has to follow them around in order for them to even hear him talking and yammering on and on. No one is even interested or actually listening to what he is saying. I’d feel bad for him if it made him feel bad but he is sooo clueless he doesn’t even realize they’re doing it. He thinks everything he says is interesting and amazing. Poor little Pipsqueak.

    • Avatar
      Christy Smith (1 comments)

      totally my thoughts

  2. Avatar
    Sue (1 comments)

    If Frank goes this week , the season is over. Paulie will continue to boss the house around and they will all follow. It will be soooo boring.

  3. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    It’s funny during the HOH ceremony when Michelle is sitting there with the smug smile on her face, she’s been carried along by her team. To be fair she won the veto this week, but she’s not going to stick around until the end, unless someone carries her because she has absolutely no possible argument for winning.

    I’m not a massive Da’Vonne fan, but at least she’s trying to play the game and make moves. She’s not there just trying to do what everyone else wants. I’m not sure she’s made the best decisions, and if that continues it’s unlikely she can last that much longer. But at least she’s trying.

  4. Shivani33

    Frank has been talking quite a bit with Michelle. He knows how much she dislikes Bridgette. The majority will vote out Frank, not Bridgette, so Frank’s big chance to stay would be if Michelle uses PoV and takes him down. Then Michelle would be closer to her goal of seeing Bridgette gone…at least in her mind. Michelle has been acting noticeably bothered and people know that it’s because of Frank being in her ear, though he said that he refused to campaign against Bridgette. Everytime anyone checks, Michelle says that she won’t use her PoV. She’d be in trouble with everyone if she saves Frank. Her game would be at risk bigtime. But if she takes Frank down, her fixation about getting rid of Bridgette might turn into a reality. Michelle doesn’t want Bridgette in the jury house. It’ll be surprising if Michelle musters the guts to pull a wild card move and saves Frank. It would knock the house on its head. For this reason alone, I’d like to see Michelle pull a rebel move.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      See I haven’t seen any of that because I don’t have the feeds. If that’s the case, playing it out, who would James put up in Frank’s place? Probably Da’Vonne or Victor I would guess. Although With how annoying Paul is on TV, I’d be putting him up myself.

      I can’t see Michelle going against the house though, I think Da’Vonne is the only one who would at this point. (Based on Paulie controlling everyone and Frank being gone)

  5. Avatar
    Melody (3 comments)

    In regards to your glasses: I do not order from there, but my glasses has an anti reflective coat. They seem to help with glare compared to my husbands glasses without the coating. I also had issues with my new glasses (ordered from the Dr office). I would get terrible headaches and my left eye would hurt really bad. When switching to my old glasses, the headaches went away. My Rx was only slightly different but in the right eye not left. They checked to make sure the lab made them right, they even did a full exam. And everything seemed okay, but they still bothered me. My new glasses were different shape and what caused the problem was that I was looking out of them at the wrong angle, so after several adjustments and fittings, they are perfect. Not sure where you can go to get them adjusted though. Good luck!!

  6. Avatar
    Trudy (1443 comments)

    I can’t believe so many of you going on and on about people telling lies and not keeping their word. THATS BIG BROTHER!! Everyone in the game tells lies no exception. Anytime someone makes a f2 or any alliance they are breaking their word because none of them mean it and all have broken their alliances already. And they are all lying. James told bri he wouldn’t put her up and then did. Big deal. That’s happened since bb1!! Frank screwed his own game by making too many moves with too many ppl too soon and everyone told on him!! He dug his own grave. So you all need to get off your high horses about players telling lies and not keeping their word cause they ALL do that

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      I agree, and they all have final 2 agreements with everyone else, because it would be stupid not to. I also agree that if you want to win Big Brother you have to make bold moves, break alliances, tell some lies and go completely against your word.

      However we very rarely see it out there where someone gives their word in front of the entire house and then just goes against it like that. My guess is Da’Vonne and Paulie both noticed, and if they get to a position where they need to put James up or they are going against him in the final arguments of the game, they will bring that to everyone’s attention.

      Lie, cheat, break your word, but don’t make big promises in front of everyone and then completely break them only hours later.

      • Avatar
        Trudy (1443 comments)

        I heard him say he wouldn’t put bri or day up but didn’t hear him give his word as it happened so fast. What was said exactly? It really didn’t make that big of an impression on me I guess cause I knew who he put up and I haven’t heard bri saying anything about him breaking his word only that he told her he wouldn’t put her up

      • Avatar
        Zach (3 comments)

        Trudy, stop calling Bridget, Bri.. It’s really annoying.

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      I don’t know, of course everyone lies in BB, but when you make a deal like that it’s very shady both on James and Davonne.

      Frank should have just let Bridget be on that HOH and nom Nicole and Corey like she was going to. With frank going it will tough to watch especially considering the floaters don’t care about winning they just want to make jury so it’s hard to get any joy in watching them evict to jury.

    • Avatar

      Speak it Trudy, speak it!!!
      It’s part of the game. Frank, Da & Nicole just got busted.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (65 comments)

      I agree they all lie in BB it’s pretty much a necessary evil. The only thing is when they make a promise during a comp, like if you drop I promise I won’t put you up, and they break that promise people tend not to trust you anymore. At least for those type of promises. But with this group it probably won’t make a bit of difference.

  7. Avatar
    Shan Leachman (6 comments)

    I have watched every season since Big Brother started. I love this game but this is the worst season ever. I have never seen some many floaters in all the seasons. There are only three people actually playing this game : Day, Frank, & Paulie. The reason are just floaters going with the house. Day, Frank, & Paulie are telling them who they want out & the floaters are doing their dirty work for them. Frank would be alot more powerful if he wouldn’t tell things to people such as he did tonight when he told Day about what Nicole said. I really hope Frank doesn’t go but more than likely he will. At first I thought Day had learned her lesson from last season but obviously she didn’t. She is still starting all the DRAMA. She is the reason everyone started hating Frank. Yes he has been rude & obnoxious at times but instead of being a grown woman & telling him the first time he slapped her butt & said things to her that she didn’t like, she waits after it happened several times & then exploded about it, starting DRAMA. I am just kinda of done after all the lies Day & James told during this HOH comp. The whole house has caught Day in lies & they just seem fine with it. She should have gone last week not Tiffany. I was rooting for Day at first but I want her gone now. This season so far has been a disappointment. Please find some really players next season.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      I am rejecting the notion or returning players. All of the four this season has been a huge disappointment, because each or playing similar games to the previous seasons or worse. I would rather have four newbies (who know what BB is, not recruits) than these lack-luster vets. If I have to hear Nic whine one more time in the DR……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        I wouldn’t mind the idea the houseguests had of 16 former winners coming back and competing against each other. That would be an incredible season, and you’d have to have some people taking lesser roles because if you had a house full of 16 alphas it would explode. But then again that chaos might be fun.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (9380 comments)

        ^5 Elaine.

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (9380 comments)

      You seem to forget that Frank and Nicole has told just as many lies. The house is full of liars. None of them are worse than another.

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Day was trying not to start drama and that is why she didn’t say anything about it at first. She is not the only one Frank was slapping on the butt. He was going around telling the girls to shut your mouth woman. Frank was going around telling everyone different things about who he was targeting and that is why people stop trusting him. Day wasn’t the only one that noticed it and it wasn’t a lie that they wanted him out. i watch the feeds and Frank is a bully and a prick. Frank needs to go this week!

  8. Avatar
    tammy (17 comments)

    Looks like Frank is going home (unless by some weird miracle, Michelle uses the veto on him). So at this point, looks like Paulie will likely win because everyone is a puppet (floater) and Paulie is the puppet master! I hope a twist happens soon and shifts the power bc this is getting annoying to watch… James, Day and Nicole clearly didn’t learn anything from their season… Z and Michelle are too busy being a “mean girl” than to actually play the game… Paul is so far up Paulie’s ass that no oxygen is going into his brain to use it… and Corey is like elevator music, no point in being there!

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      Michelle won’t use the veto, no matter how many conversations there are. She is a spineless floater and that is what she will continue to do with the majority of the house, until they cut her loose. No wonder women don’t have power in this house…they give it all away!

  9. Elaine
    Elaine (2564 comments)

    As I watch Z stroke Paulie’s back in the HOH, while there is a “beer and boy” fest going on, I have no clue why Zzzzzz is even in this game.

  10. Avatar

    I watched this video recently online where last years runner up Vanessa said she thinks Zakiyah is going to win this year because 1- she is not on anyone’s radar 2-everyone likes her in the house and 3- she has Paulie to protect her and is a bigger target than her…..I thought it was an interesting point of view especially since all of the comments on here say how much of a waste of space she is but really that is her game play, to be in the background not cause drama not be on anyone’s radar, in fact Derrick advised Paulie to do that before he came into the house but he couldn’t help himself , suggestion on the polls for the future @stevebeans would be to vote from week to week on who we think the winner will be

    • AIO_7

      The problem I see with Vanessa’s theory is that Z. can’t win anything. It gets really intense when it is down to 5,4 or 3 and you HAVE to win. Honestly, I don’t see Z. as a mental or physical threat. She is just a blob with a nice ass that is captivating Paule (who, by the way, I’m starting to dis-like as much as I do Z.)

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      The difference between her and Derrick, or at least the biggest difference, is that Derrick was completely controlling the house while keeping that low profile. Z is not doing that in any way. She just attached herself to a more powerful player (not a horrible strategy) and is along for the ride. But at the end you have to be able to point to some reason for the jurors to vote for you to win. Z doesn’t have anything she can point to other than being a part of what Paulie is doing.

      • nkogneetow
        nkogneetow (9380 comments)

        Paulie, James and Nicole are HUMAN SHIELDS, no more, no less. And the last thing you want to do is step out in front of a shield. Unless someone takes out the so called love interest of these 3, they (Zzz, Nat and Corey) will float right on past them and into the winner’s circle. You move a lot faster when you drop dead weight.

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  12. Avatar

    We always say every year that it is the worst year ever, but it sure has been hard to find a favorite so far. Throwing cookies away to rattle Bridgette is mean, but we’ve seen worse behavior than that over the years. It’s pretty ho-hum this summer. The women need to patch it up and band together, but they never do…and probably never will. Dumb girls, mean girls. I’m still watching CBS/BBAD and following stevebeans, so the summertime addiction continues regardless of the players.

    About your new glasses, stevebeans, I had issues with a prescription, and it was all about the adjustment. Just go back to where you bought the glasses and ask them to adjust them and explain if you need to look through them in a certain spot. Once I was looking through the right part of the lens, the problem was solved.

  13. Avatar
    yasmeen (9 comments)

    i hope they backdoor D what she did tonight was not cool!

    • Avatar
      CJ (5 comments)

      Why is everyone worried about Day they need to be worried about Victor he is a beast at comps he could win this whole thing, I think this was Frank’s downfall he was so focused on Day and should have been worried about Paulie and Nicole

    • Avatar
      Kristy (51 comments)

      Um what she did was exactly what she should have done. Everyone is talking about the lies that Day has told. Nicole is going around lying to everyone and was making deals with Frank behind her alliances back. That is the 2nd time that Nicole’s name has come out of Frank’s mouth. Frank was trying to make a deal with Day to throw the competition and that is how you make deals. Had Bridgette won HOH she would have put up Day and so what she did was very cool. Frank thought that James would never had put him up no matter what. Frank and Nicole have been going around bad mouthing Day for doing the exact same things that they have been doing but that is okay for other people to do that..

      • ChiKelz

        Kristy I agree, but I think Frank and Nicole are worst than Day. If Day would get out of the bed; I feel she would be more aware of the stuff going on behind her back.

  14. nkogneetow
    nkogneetow (9380 comments)

    Questions, questions, questions:

    Do you think that if they fused all the house guest together you’d get a complete spine?

    Paul Bunyon keeps saying what he’ll do and say when he wins HOH. Is there a projected year that this will happen?

    When Svengali leaves, will Gidget commit Hari-Kari by throwing herself into the oven with her cookies?
    If Nat leave, will James commit Hari-Kari by hanging himself with his headband?

    If Corey leaves, will Nicole whine herself into a coma?

    If Corey’s eyes ever become unglazed, will he realize he’s in the BB House or think he’s just been sleepwalking?

    If Sunburn Meech doesn’t find a love interest in the house before the season is over, will she spontaneously combust?

    If The Godfather puts Zzz on the block, will she become so distraught that she rips off her eyelashes and realizes that she missed half the game?

    If Da keeps yelling “I’M GONNA GET FRANK’S ASS!” enough, do you think she’s counting on that old saying “from your lips to God’s ears”?

    With Slick Vic back in the house, and flirting with Nat, do you think she might trade in little James for big Vic?

    Questions, questions, questions…..

  15. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    I missed the end of the Sunday night show. Had to leave before comp was over. When I had to leave Frank was trying to talk to Day and Paul came over to break up whatever he was trying to do so I missed the end of the comp. Can someone full me in on what happened. I keep reading about James breaking promises or something. So, what happened at the end??

    • CLangley

      James promised Bridget if she let go he wouldn’t put her on the block. Meanwhile Frank was talking to Day saying if she let go Bridget wouldn’t put her up but Day kept saying she didn’t trust Bridge. Frank told her that an hour before the Comp someone (Nicole) came to him to say that Day wanted Frank gone before Victor. Day said tell me who said it, Frank whispered Nicole. Day said she’d let go if Bridge would let go 1st and they’d let James have the HOH. Bridget agreed, let go then Day let go.

  16. Avatar
    Harry Johnson (13 comments)

    Judging by the lack of mentions it looks like Michelle’s podcast of whatever won’t be received very well. Why is she on BB?

    Michelle, Paul, Victor, Day are pawns/buffers for the couples.

    Z will be Paulie’s weak link when it gets to the final six.

    James is no longer my vote for favorite player. People lie in BB and in the real world. My issue with the lie is it was a deal made after 4/5 hour all through the night endurance compitition, brutal. James could have easily put up Michelle and Paul or Victor, then back door Frank or Bridgette.

    • Avatar
      Kris (51 comments)

      I agree with you 100%. It was a deal made upon them tossing HOH to him…so it was messed up. While I know lying is quite common in the big brother house…this will be reasoning not to trust James going foward.

      • AIO_7

        And don’t think Natalie didn’t notice. James should have kept his word to Bridgette. He could have still put Frank up.

  17. Avatar
    Brittany (1 comments)

    Side note about your Fitbit contact customer service. Their customer service is awesome and they may just replace it for you.

  18. Avatar
    sunshine (25 comments)

    Never ever throw a competition or toss it over to someone else. If you want to win this game you must win everything possible to your skill level. I don’t feel sorry for Brigette, she should have had self preservation and strength enough to stay up there. Her failure is obedience to Frank and I have no idea why he was standing up there negotiating when he was already out. Time and again people have thrown games for reasons that they thought made sense but actually never do. Winners win, simple as that. Frank made this happen and Frank deserves to go home.

    James would be out next if he put up anyone else besides these two hated ex-HOH’s, he will suffer nothing for “breaking his word” when negotiating with Frank who is a well known liar. Like he said, Brigette’s collateral.

    • Avatar
      Trudy (1443 comments)

      Right on. Bri and frank would ot have kept anything they told anyone and would not have bothered them at all. I myself always tend to like the house guests who play the game with the most integrity and of course my favs never win.. James was a favorite, Donnie was favorite, Nichole was favorite, Ellisa was favorite. As for Saturday d my favs never want but I almost always pick Americas favorite. I’m still rooting for James and Nicole this season. Nichole drop your showmance and concentrate more on the game. James just keep on keeping on but don’t let your showmance gets you booted out!!!

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