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Sunday Night Nomination Episode Discussion


So I think I’m going to try to do one of these for every episode on CBS.  I noticed a surge in traffic after the episode and it’s probably a bunch of people looking for spoilers.

This won’t so much be a recap of the episode as I hate doing episode recaps, but it will kind of be a summary and discussion on it.

Let’s start off with Pao vs Panda. The big reveal was that Megan left because she misheard Jessica and ran to tell Alex about it. While it was honorable for Megan to let Alex know, she obviously should have been completely sure of what she heard. Hearing the wrong thing from people is so insanely common that a person would typically wait to confirm it or until the person says it twice. It didn’t help matters when Megan decided to stick to her guns rather than clear it up. Nobody seemed to have asked what was said, and if that happened maybe Jessica could have corrected her, people backed it up, then Megan could have apologized and moved on. Am I crazy for thinking this?  Like it was that simple to clear up but for some reason nobody tried?


Moving on to showmances… CBS, don’t give us nicknames to use. It’s bad enough you’re the only people who actually like showmances. We don’t need cute nicknames to hate them. We already do.

Temptation.  As you saw, Paul got the first temptation which made sense considering how powerful it is and how bad Paul needed it. I really like that twist and hope it works out crazy all season.  If you were wondering, since the nomination, Paul did in fact have to reveal that he chose it because Alex won the power of veto, used it, and Cody tried to nominate him. This resulted in a lot of drama on the feeds, none of which were because of Paul choosing the temptation.  It’s kind of hilarious when you think about it because choosing the temptation is supposed to be a bad thing but Paul managed to sidetrack the fact that he unleashed something bad on the house. Well played. What people were fighting about was Cody’s next choice – Christmas. The feeds came back live and Christmas was dropping f-bombs left and right at Cody.

So that’s it for the week unless something new happens. I don’t know for sure what day temptations are given out, but that could possibly happen before Thursday. I hope this semi-recap discussion made sense. I’ll be starting a live feed thread for Sunday night in a little bit.


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  1. Avatar

    i hope christmas stays and cody gets f…ed up next week,maybe on the block along with jessica,or is it too much to ask?

  2. Avatar

    Just would like to announce my condolences to Megan. She really suffered a lot and hope she feels better.

    • feltso gudinya

      she created her own demise. i understand her past, but, she also creates her own mind-set and she sure attracts a lot of angst, confusion and stress in her own life. she was a walking time bomb…just like josh…his insanity is percolating. just wait til he gets nominated…run for the hills houseguests……

  3. g8trgirl

    I was thinking along the same lines as you Steve; if Megan had just gone back and verified what she thought she heard, she may still have been in the game.

    • Ann

      Not being mean or disrespectful but Megan was weak. She should have stood up for herself. I would’ve chewed Slosh & Jessica a new ass. Megan backed down too easy. Not to mention her talking too much to the wrong people because she didn’t know those people. She needed to keep her mouth shut, plain & simple.

    • danmtruth

      just wondering if someone ie; Paul misled her by changing Pao – Pao to panda But yes as a fan 1 she should have known claiming raceisem is a harsh statement 2 check your facts Trust but verify

    • feltso gudinya

      the fact that she was in the military is scary…i hope she was not in our military…..

  4. Avatar

    Ok this has got to be the season of look a likes/act a likes or something! First we had Josh/Devon, Cody/Monte-Paulie, Alex/Paola, Jessica/Natalie. Now, and idk if anyone has noticed this one yet, but all I can think,of when is see/hear/watch Christmas is Shannon from way back on Season 2!!! She looks, talks and has the same like body language and mannerisms as her! It’s so crazy! Does anyone else see it?!?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Absolutely Amber! There are so many uncanny resemblances (both in terms of appearance and personality) between current and past HGs, it almost makes me wonder if it’s intentional. Or maybe it’s just the same old cookie cutter casting process producing similar outcomes. I hadn’t noticed the Christmas-Shannon parallel, but I’m going to keep an eye out for it now!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was kind of comparing Dom to Davonne. Not because of race but because she goes around listening to everybody, then report reports everything to Mark and certain info to Grody. But I watch her as she’s intently listening to people. She has a lot of Davonne’s expressions on her face but she’s much more low key. Almost like she’s trying to stay in the background. That one reason why I’m not particular whether she stays. I want her to get out there and play, not cling to that life jacket and float through the game.

    • Avatar

      Spot on AmberB I was wondering which house pet Christmas reminded me of. Shannon all the way with how she carries herself but thankfully not as slutty.

      • Avatar

        Right, Raider! I totally agree. She isn’t like Shannon in that way at all lol. But every other way they are just a like! I’m having to like look twice and remind myself that is Christmas and not Shannon I’m watching.

    • Avatar

      The Big Brother Cast Couch has been doing this for Years!!! BB always seems to chose the Model, the Geek, the Gay Guy/Girl, the Cowboy, & the Minority Individual for the BB house?! But sometimes BB picks people who look & act like the former house guest! Josh is Definitely Devin, from the season that Derrick won, & Alex reminds me of Pao Pao, but she is a Stronger Player.

      But you’re absolutely right in your observations! ;^)

    • feltso gudinya

      it’s because they cast to type. it’s part of the formula that has been set up for the show.

  5. ElaineB

    I hope that Alex, if gets HOH, starts to dismantle the gross-mances, especially since Jessica admitted this would be her game play. So many people say they are going to, and Voila’ last year we had Nicole/Corey, James/Nat move through much of the game. As an aside, I like Jason without his hat….looks fine to me. Elena has some of the weirdest facial expressions (as I observed during the CBS episode); maybe it wouldn’t be as noticeable if she didn’t wear that bright, red lipstick. Yikes! Kevin is good to watch…hang in there! I love the creepy voice for the den of temptation.

  6. NKogNeeTow

    Another thing, these Temptations reminds me of the Care Packages. I didn’t vote for the one that Paul got and I’m on the fence about this one. What I was wondering is, if the Temptations are comparable to the Care Packages, will they get better as the game goes on (like the Care Packages did), and if so, would it be smarter to give them to HG we like now, or wait until later, in case really good ones come up that might help the ones we like? So far, the only ones I’d like to see get anything at this point are Alex and Kevin.

    • Mel

      The one after this is the ability to cancel an eviction so it’s better than the one people are voting for now. That’s assuming the leak is correct but it was right for the first two so I’m guessing it is. They only leaked three of them so that’s all I know.

    • stevebeans

      Yes I think Julie said at the beginning that they can only win the temptation once

    • Avatar

      I gave my votes to Alex because I figured she is gonna be put up a lot. Since they may try to backdoor her since she’s good at challenges, I want her to be able to play in veto. I don’t want all the muscles to wipe out the “others”. Alex is probably their best competitor.

    • danmtruth

      Thats the only saving grace that Paul got this early temptation/care package Kevin and his David Ruffin Temptation name drop CLASSIC and production did not pick up on it or thought there target audience would not understand the reference Just don’t know what is coming next I think the consequences could be more interesting Will they ever be so much that people back off accepting the temptation

    • Avatar

      At least this time around Paul at least got a Care Package from America! I heard Paul comment that he could not believe last season that he didn’t receive a Care Package from America….I Concur!!!The voting by us was rigged last season for Miss Nicole to Win.

  7. Mel

    Cody was saying he went off in the DR about having to nom 1/3 of the house but the feed cut off of him right after. He said he like having all that power and getting to put more people up. I guess that feeling went away once it didn’t go the way he planned. He may still get his way because it’s not a given that Xmas has the votes. I guess she wishes she hadn’t pissed Mark off now. (I’m still not sure she knows he got mad)
    I stayed away from the Xmas jokes but now I really want a photo of Cody dressed as the Grinch with a caption saying “Cody’s trying to cancel Christmas this year.” Raven could be in the background with her Cindy Lou Who buns looking sad.

  8. pkcable

    The current temptation kinda sucks! I’m voting to give it to Ramsey. Not that it sucks it’s just doesn’t compare to 3 weeks of safety! Or cancel an eviction as someone said the next one is!

  9. Ann

    Jessica reminds me of that bi**h Danielle from BBOTT, I can’t stand her messy ass. I knew from day one I didn’t like her ass.

  10. AIO_7

    One thing that I didn’t like about the Megan/Jessica Grande blow up is that Jessica Grande came out smelling like a rose. Whether she said Panda or Pao Pao, neither was a term of endearment toward Alex. I’m having trouble containing my despise for Jessica Grande.

    • g8trgirl

      I agree. Either way she was in the wrong.

    • NKogNeeTow

      And have you noticed that at times, she still calls her Pao Pao.

      • Avatar

        I have read some of Pao Pao’s Tweets on Jokers, and she ain’t having “none” of it, & is Pissed!!! Pao has told everyone to stop calling Alex Pao Pao, but in reality she should be proud, Alex is a Strong Player.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m so glad someone brought this up, because it was really aggravating me how Jessica got away scot-free on this one. It was no accident that Jessica never clarified what name she actually DID call Alex. Instead she just allowed Alex to think that Megan just maliciously invented the entire event. I’m pretty sure that when Megan came in adamant that she had heard Jessica call Alex “panda” that Jessica realized exactly what the misunderstanding was (in fact, she probably realized it even before that moment).

      Notice how strategic her words were when she asked the house “has anyone ever heard me call Alex a ‘PANDA’?” She was very careful not to ask the question in a way that would call attention to the fact that she DID actually call Alex a name– it just wasn’t “Panda” as Megan thought. Jessica knew calling Alex “Pao Pao” was not meant as a compliment and that Alex could have taken offense to that comment as well.

      I did not appreciate the way Jessica left Megan out to dry like that, and I think it says a lot about her character that she did not take accountability in that situation. If you’re woman enough to walk around calling people names, then be woman enough to stand behind it when you get called out. If you meant nothing by it, then there’s no reason to hide it.

  11. g8trgirl

    The next temptation is called “The Replacement “. Could that mean another vet is on the way? Say it isn’t so.

  12. Ann

    Elena needs to go get a refund from whoever injected her lips.

  13. danmtruth

    After dark should be interesting tonight
    I like that Jessica is not just hiding behind meatpuppet Grody But I do not like her personality The joy she took in Megen going out

  14. Alda

    I want Grody and Elena gone.Then Jessica can follow.Then,the season can start!

  15. Avatar

    Sure Megan misheard but isn’t referring to Alex as Pao-Pao also racist by itself? Also on the episode Jessica didn’t tell Alex what she actually referred to her as. She just said that she didn’t want to go and talk to Cody be cause he was talking to you( Alex). I haven’t watched the feeds so I don’t know if Alex knows that people are calling her Pao-Pao….

  16. feltso gudinya

    why was it honorable for megan to let alex know what jessica said? it is one thing if megan confronted jessica about what was said, but all megan did was stir the pot. she is a troublemaker. i would never tell someone when some idiot said something hurtful about them. megan was dumb and to top it off displayed a horrible instinct to ingratiate herself by bad mouthing someone else. very bad manners…..

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