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Is Shelby safe from America's nomination?

Sunday Updates; Finalized Noms

Is Shelby safe from America's nomination?
Is Shelby safe from America’s nomination?

Happy Sunday, everyone!  It’s my obligatory ‘Brady’s back’ comment, and #firegoodell.


Alright, to the game. I mentioned yesterday about gifting CBS All-Access passes.  I will get around to that this week and think of some way to do sweepstakes.  I need ways to get people more involved, and I may give bonuses to active members who don’t have feeds yet.  I’d like to get some of the people with high post counts access first, so maybe I’ll start with that.  If you have a high post count and don’t have feeds, send me a contact message.  Note – I can see when you make comments, so if you send me a msg and I notice you made 300 comments since this post was made, I’m not going to count those.

As I posted in another thread, I will have out of town company this week. This means my posts will be hit or miss throughout the week, but as usual, I will do my best to update you as soon as I possibly can (if anything relevant happens).    I’d guess noms would be around 10pm est tonight, assuming they stick to the schedule of safety ceremony times.  I probably won’t be back from picking them up at the airport by then, but I’m sure someone will post the final noms in the comment section, and I will update this thread when I get home!

Here are a few updates as I run around cleaning the house like a maniac:

  • 2:30pm – Relaxation afternoon in the house. People here, people there. All just chatting and relaxing.
  • 10:15pm – Wow, a long time between updates today. My apologizes.  Like I said, I have guests in, so I was sitting at the airport for a few hours. I even missed the debate
    • Anyway, if you didn’t see, Shane and Danielle got nominated. I don’t think it matters because Monte will probably go up and go home rendering Alex’s HOH pointless.
    • I’m probably not going to be able to update a whole lot tomorrow. I’ll start a thread so you guys can comment updates. I am terribly sorry about the updates this week 🙁 I just don’t want to be a bad host and sit on my computer

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Franko, Elaine, Nkog and some of the other regulars to let them know about the contest? I’d like to have some of the regulars back to chat with!

  2. Avatar

    I hope somebody can find them. It would sad if they made the same mistake that I made & miss out on this, I’m still trying to play catch up.. Sure would be nice to have them back.

  3. Mell

    Random tidbits from today:
    *Monte/Jason talking- Shane and Danielle shomance came up. Jason saying how sometimes that happens and you just have to let people run with it. He uses Brendan and Rachel as an example. Monte says that Brendan/Rachel will never last. Jason point out how they just had a kid and Monte says when he saw that he thought what the hell?
    *Alex mentions being nice to Scott since the other side isn’t to keep him on their side.
    *Alex still wants Danielle to go. All girls see her as more of a threat that Shane.
    *Morgan says Danielle plays the race card alot and she can’t beleive the stuff that got pinned on Monte that isn’t true. (Apparantly no bells have rang in her head to show her that she and Monte did the same thing to Justin the day before- I waited and nope….nothing) I guess Morgan won’t be having any revelations today.
    *Shelby thinks Scott may be the 3rd nom. Sisters agree but they really are worried it will be Morgan. They arnt saying that to Shelby tho.
    *Group in kitchen chatting – Justin telling them jokingly “I’m not playing with ya’ll. Especially Shelby.” He tells Shelby “You’re crazy. I’m afraid of you.” Shelby tells him she has chihuahua syndrome.
    *Monte says the HN beds are bad because of the spider web part.
    *There was a lengthy convo about when we the 3rd nom will be announced. Monte has been insisting it will happen tonight. Whitney and others are saying it won’t because people have to have time to vote. There is a bet now between Monte and Morgan/Shelby or Morgan/Whitney. If the 3rd vote isn’t announced by midnight tonight, Monte has to wear spandex pants all day tomorrow and twerk once every hour.
    *If you missed Scott trying to twerk in the yard with Neeley, it’s worth going back to look or run across the clip on twitter. Scott has some booty. Who knew?

    This happened last night, not today but the conversation Morgan and Alex had about not helping each other or not sticking out their neck for the other seemed sincere. They both think it would be better for Morgan if Alex puts up Scott (if Morgan ends up the 3rd nom) but Alex isn’t going to because it isn’t as good for Alex.

    • caRyn

      The Plastics target was Shane since Shane is with Danielle and Monte. That changed because of the bs yesterday. I don’t know what Danielle was thinking with that nonsense.

      • Avatar

        The winch is just hateful & was trying to get the target off of her & Shane not caring who she hurt in the process. I want her ass gone so bad that if Big Brother would let me, I’d go snatch her ass out of the house myself.

      • Mell

        Yeah that makes sense because Alex doesn’t want Scott out but she feels like he would be easy to get out and would be safer if Morgan was up there. She still isn’t planning on doing it tho.

      • Mell

        Ann, if they won’t let you in, I’ve got a couple people who keep hanging out at my house too long on the weekends. You can come over and take care of them.

  4. Mell

    Monte-Shane, has anyone beat you yet (at pool)?
    Danielle- I have
    Monte-Yeah but I’m sure he let you…

    Is this Southern Paulie?

  5. Shivani33

    Justin and Monte have both done well (more than just one time) to reach out and give peace a chance with each other.Thank goodness for that. A little goodwill can go a long way.

    • Mell

      I noticed that today too. They worked out at the same time and joked around in the kitchen too. Maybe the Monte group will take a little time and get to know some of them before they decide they don’t like them. I thought it was sad when Alex asked Justin about the restaurant he “worked in” and then Monte was surprised he was there for Katrina. They have been in some of the talks when Justin talked about the restaurant he owned and his experience with Katrina. I think they’ve tuned him out.

  6. Avatar

    What time does voting open. I hope Kryssie ready for her votes.

  7. caRyn

    I love me some Justin. The same way I love me some Paul. Friendship, baby!

  8. caRyn

    Whitney said Danielle is a mastermind the way she got the house to vote out Cornbread and trying to turn things on Scott yesterday.

  9. Mell

    For everyone wanting Krissi to be the 3rd nom:

    Instead of wishing for that, you better start hoping that Morgan shuts the hell up this evening. Twitter is starting to get fired up again about Morgan and her mouth. She won’t let crap go and has such tunnel vision. She only sees Danielle and sometimes Krissi as ever doing anything wrong. She’s been having a convo about how crappy Justin is again and what a saint Monte is. It’s pissing people off.

  10. caRyn

    2:36 pm (PT) Shelby twerking in the kitchen. Too funny.

  11. caRyn

    Shane rubbing Danielle’s butt now. I feel like I am watching soft porn.

  12. Mell

    Justin & Shelby hanging out
    They are laughing and joking but not joking :

    Shelby says that he’s her #1 enemy. She asks if Justin is going to let her win hoh as promised? Justin tells her that he isn’t letting her win sh*t since she’s going to put him up. Shelby tells him that he promised so if he doesn’t, she will blow his whole game up. He tells her to go right ahead because he doesn’t have any game. He tells her he doesn’t trust her and he isn’t letting her win sh*t. (They are laughing) Justin tells her that he’s serious. (They keep laughing)

    After the Justin mess blew up, (when Monte and Morgan were acting like he was about to sexually assault someone) Shelby was ridiculous with her reaction but later she did say something so funny. I didn’t know who else caught it. They were complaining about Justin and talking about backdooring him. She was so upset and said something about having di*ks out and they would see how Justin liked it when he had to take it up the backdoor. The situation was bad but her comment was as usual, hilarious.

  13. Mell

    Alex filled Justin in on Shane and Danielle going otb. She asked him if he would be willing to vote one of them out. He said yes and that he doesn’t trust them. (That’s true) She said she wants to protect him because she likes him. (Sure, that’s the reason)

    • caRyn

      Alex is telling Whitney about her conversation with Justin.. Whitney said Justin is a neutral player, but if they never nominate him they won’t ever be his targets. They both agree that it is great news Justin may vote with them.

  14. caRyn

    The hg will wake up in 45 minutes. I am stocked to see the couple go OTB. First two weeks of this fall season and Danielle goes OTB. Shane isn’t expecting to go up.

  15. Avatar

    Thanks for all of the updates today guys! It’s hard to watch the feed on nfl day lol. Keeping us all updated now that’s FRIENDSHIP!!

  16. Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the look on that heffa’s face when her ass goes up. If she does, hopefully we can vote her ass right on out the door.

  17. Avatar
    John Hamernick-Ramseier

    1st Nominee of the night Shelby

  18. Avatar
    John Hamernick-Ramseier

    2nd Nominee of the night Justin, the first boy safe from Alex.

  19. Avatar
    John Hamernick-Ramseier

    3rd Nominee of the night is Monte

  20. Avatar
    John Hamernick-Ramseier

    The People on the Block are:
    Danielle and Scott

  21. Avatar

    If people want to back Alex up than the vote should go to Kryssie. If anyone get nominate from Alex side her moves was a waste because Shane and Dani will have the numbers

    • Mell

      I like Alex and don’t want to hurt her game but I don’t want Justin to go home. Krissi is getting on my nerves but I’m not voting for her because that increases the chances for Justin to leave. I can’t do that. Alex has a sister there and he doesnt.

  22. caRyn

    Justin was telling a story about violent sex involving choking partners during sex and Shelby asked him why he is always talking about strangling women. Justin asked what does she mean. He said he isn’t always talking about strangling women. She went inside pissed and to tell Monte, Morgan and Whitney. Justin said to the outside hg that Shelby takes everything he says out of context.

    • Helen

      I can’t for the life of me figure out why she wants to antagonize him all the time. Maybe her speciality is women’s rights attorney? (Or I should say that’s what she may be going to base her practice on). That’s what seems to trip her trigger the most.

  23. Avatar

    Where did little Me Smartass Danielle & Shane jump up & run off too?

  24. Avatar

    Danielle is pissed. Hehehehe…Now lets see what kind of trouble she stirs up next.

  25. Helen

    These housepets blame Shelby for EVERYTHING. Danielle tells Shane Alex nominated them because that’s what Shelby wanted!! Wow that girls got some kinda power!!!

    • caRyn

      I am glad the showmance is OTB.

      • Avatar

        Me too. Danielle is madder than a wet hen & I love it. Now lets vote her ass out. As sure as my name is Ann, that winch Danielle is going to stir up some more mess. I can see her twisted little brain just churning trying to figure out what lie to make up & throw out there next to try to put the target on someone else. She’s going to wait to see who the 3rd nom is so she knows who to target.

      • caRyn

        When Danielle went to the backyard she was hitting those balls like a mad woman – literally.

    • Mell

      Yesterday, Danielle said she thought Shelby had a crush on Shane. That’s where that came from probably. (I’m guessing Nicole is who told Danielle about the crush and how to put a stop to that crap)

  26. Avatar

    Voting Opening soon.

  27. caRyn

    Before the ceremony Scott apologized to the overnight hg about his double-crossing. Justin says it is all good and told Scott he just played too hard. Kryssie said to Scott that she tried to give him a pep talk yesterday and Scott says he knows.

  28. Avatar

    Alex is hoping for Kryssie so if you like Alex and are going for her you should not be voting against her. My vote is for kryssie because she’s anoying and full of hot air and second because I don’t want to mess up Alex HOH

    • Helen

      Well if Monte would shut his dim witted mouth that might have happened. Alls he is doing is getting all the voters riled up against him again. Shelby needs to go to time out and shut up too. She just eggs him on.

      • Mell

        Justin is my fave right now so I just can’t vote for Krissi. Sorry guys. If shes otb and Shane comes down, Justin will go up. No way they vote out Krissi and save Justin.

  29. caRyn

    Shelby told Monte that Justin would vote with Alex and Monte says Justin will have Shane’s back though. Monte told Shelby they need to win veto.

  30. Mell

    Noms: No surprise there…except maybe to Danielle and Shane. They kind of knew but we’re hoping for only 1 of them.
    Monte is the first to speak and says “well the shomance has been targeted apparently.”
    Sha/Dani immediately get up from table and leave.
    Alex comes down and gives the “nothing personal” speech to the others in the kitchen.
    Danielle thinks Shelby wanted it, thinks it was a stupid move because the one who stays will go after Alex and she didn’t stick around for Alex’s speech and said it was a bull shit “you’re a strong couple” speech. (Kind of)
    Shane says he’ll go for Alex next.
    *Shelby/Monte discussing (in storage room) how Danielle is childish, classless, and immature.
    Danielle venting in BY and hitting ball to practice for veto. She upset but being pretty mellow. There’s the expected mouthing going on. Monte goes in kitchen and tells Alex not to go outside because of how hard Danielle is hitting ball. (Several people there) Monte says she’s spoiled and immature and Krissi points out that she was just nominated. Monte says to get over it.
    Danielle and Shane thinks if Scott or Monte are otb they will be ok because of America.

    When Alex gave her speech and HG’s did usual “it’s gotta happen” and “we’ve all gotta go thru it” stuff, Alex said “it’s going to happen to everyone” and Monte said “if anyone understands, it’s me.”

  31. Mell

    I don’t know who everyone’s favorites are but realize that if Krissi goes up as the 3rd nom, it could greatly increase Justin’s chances of going home. I like Justin more than I need to teach Krissi a lesson so I’m not voting for her. I’m still voting for Monte.

    • caRyn

      I voted for Monte. It is ok to vote the way you want to vote. This is your game, Boo. I like Alex, but I am not going to take a chance on Justine going home. Pawns do go home. It is what it is and it is ok.

      • Avatar

        I voted for Monte too. I just want Danielle to go home & right now I’m not caring how its done as long as it’s done.

      • Avatar

        But if monte goes up Danielle won’t go home. The only way she goes home is if Kryssie goes up so if you don’t care and just want Danielle to go home than vote for Kryssie

      • caRyn

        I do care. I like Kryssie. I think she played dirty yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like her. It doesn’t matter to me if Danielle, Shane or Monte is evicted. Danielle and Monte especially.

      • Mell

        I finally looked at it as I do like Alex but I don’t like who she’s with. I can’t care about her hoh while it’s still Monte’s side of the house. I really want the shomance split up but I honestly don’t mind if Monte leaves before they do. I dislike him more than Danielle right now. For me to care if Alex’s hoh was a success, she would have had to put up her own alliance. I still think she’s great. This is just how it goes when you like both sides of a house. Worst case scenario for Alex is Monte goes and she has Danielle and Shane gunning for her. She has a secret sister, a solid alliance and Danielle and Shane’s own alliance doesn’t trust them anymore. Alex won’t be in bad shape. This sounds a little harsh but since it’s appears she cheated for a period of time during the comp, maybe her hoh isn’t meant to be a success. If Monte leaves, she may not get what she wants but she may get what she needs to play a better game. We’ll all know soon enough.

      • caRyn

        The success of the HOH has nothing to do with the HOH hg. The way I see it is the BB hg know that the HOH is putting up two noms but they also know it is in America’s hands. It doesn’t matter which side gets HOH they have to play their game and we decide if they are making choices/noms we like.
        I want Danielle and Monte gone. One this week and one next week. They are my targets.

    • Avatar

      @Mell, can you get “ya booboo” to stop trying to sing? I like him & all but he couldn’t carry a tune if it had a handle on it. “Ya Booboo” can’t sing. Lol

  32. Helen

    No one will vote out krissy Mell. Alex wants Danielle out and her peeps will vote her out

    • Mell

      They want her out now but if Justin goes up, it won’t be up to Alex. She doesn’t vote. Shane will do it to save Danielle if he’s off the block. Monte, Shelby, and Morgan would rather Justin be gone. Yes, they want Danielle but I’m telling you, no way they pass up the chance to get out Justin. I hope I’m wrong. Justin will probably vote out Shane or Danielle for Alex. Alex can get out Danielle or Shane, Justin can be safe and we can be rid of the romance. This may be Shane’s comp to win. I’m just going the conservative route. I still want the same results. I’ll teach Krissi to shut up with have nots next week.

      • Helen

        Mell please please reconsider if you like Alex. If Monte goes up her HOH is bust….

      • caRyn

        Why does it matter if her HOH is a bust? Alex needs to realign herself with other hg. She will have a target on her back only from Danielle and Shane, but their days are numbered with hg and America. All of the hg like Alex and if they are HOH they aren’t going after Alex. They will probably go after Scott and possibly Shelby. The third nom may win Veto and then one of Alex’s choices will get evicted.

  33. Avatar

    I doubt it if Kryssie goes up than no matter what happens Shane or Danielle will go home because they want to split the showmance up. If monte goes up the vote will be split 4-4 and since America hate monte he will get the fifth vote and Alex HOH will be a waste. Also if Shane or Danielle will the veto and Justin does become the replacement both side of the house will vote out the one that didn’t win the veto and Alex HOH will be a successes. The best thing that can happen is if people vote Kryssie

    • Mell

      You’re assuming the house will vote out the one thats left just as I’m assuming they wont. I do see your point. I like Alex. I just don’t like her enough for Justin to go home yet. If her sister was already gone, then maybe but she already has an advantage over everyone.
      If Justin, Krissi and Danielle are otb, who are the votes to evict Danielle? I really want to be wrong on this.

      • Helen

        Krissey: 1 (americas vote)
        Danielle: Monte,morgan,Shelby,Whitney and Scott,Neely,jason
        Justin: Shane

      • Avatar

        Also we put up Kryssie now but with our eviction vote we vote for Danielle so that’s one more vote for her

      • Helen

        Even if Monte screwed Alex and voted Justin Alex will still be ok

      • Helen

        No one on Neely side will vote justin

      • Mell

        Thats how I split the vite too. I’m just worried that so much changes in a few days. Alex has already said she would consider Justin as a backdoor. It wasn’t her first choice. You guys dont think with all that time and paranoia, she wouldn’t be worried to not cave in to Monte to pacify him? Morgan and Shelby want him gone as much or more than they want Danielle gone. They just arnt telling Alex that. (maybe thats changed tho) Shane also has time to work on Monte with getting the bros back together. It’s also a big leap to know that Neeley will pick Justin over Danielle to save. See what I mean? Krissi would for sure keep Justin but she would be otb. If they were voting tonight, I think it would be more predictable.

      • Helen

        Neely is the queen bee and would never vote out Justin!! She would vote Monte in a heartbeat!!! She would vote Shane over Justin. Even if Shane were to get Monte Alex will still have more than enough to get out Danielle. You can bet americas vote will go to whoever America puts OTB.

  34. Helen

    Monte: americas vote,Jason,krissey,Neely,Shane
    Danielle: 0
    Justin:Morgan Shelby Scott and whitney

  35. Mell

    I wish they had dr’s right after nom’s so you knew what they were thinking now. Now I know how they feel, trying to figure us out. Lol

    • Helen

      Idk. I just had to vote with my gut….kryssey OTB is the only way this won’t turn into another bust HOH. I want one of the sisters gone too but it’s Morgan not Alex. Alex is playing a good game. Morgan isn’t doing anything except for relying on her sister and was hoping Monte would carry her.

      • Mell

        I agree. I think Alex is playing a super game. Yes, she will be a target for going after a couple but there is no good time to get rid of a couple unless it’s a DE and that’s too iffy for what could happen. If Krissi is otb, I’ll just hope nom’s don’t change.

  36. Mell

    I’m going to feel really silly tomorrow for stressing over my vote if Morgan is otb tomorrow. Lol

  37. Avatar

    If the Shane wins veto and the nominees become Kryssie, Danielle, and Jason. Scott promise his vote to Alex. Whitney Shelby Neely and Morgan will vote for Danielle so that’s five votes with our vote making it six so even if monte, Shane, and Jason vote out Justin the vote is 6-3 no matter what Danielle goes home this week than we can nominate monte next week. If we nominate him this week he will go home 5-4 and if he wins the veto we can’t even nominate him next week so were stuck with him for atleast two more week and we screw Alex who we can all agree came to play. So that’s why I honestly think we should all vote Kryssis

  38. caRyn

    Shelby said to Alex that she was going to talk to Justine to clear the air with him. I hope she does.

  39. caRyn

    Kryssie is in the lead with votes. Crisis is 35% and Monte is 33%.

  40. Avatar

    Where can you tell who’s leading in votes

    • Helen

      I go to big brother network. Poll there has kryssey winning with 38.9% and Monte with 31.93%
      Go Kryssey!!!!!

      • Avatar

        Ok because I check there but I also check at jokers and in that poll monte is leading so I can never really tell what poll is more accurate

      • Helen

        So far ever vote poll at big brother network has been spot on…..so we will see in the am I guess. I know that if something don’t change soon I am gonna have to stop watching….I started out loving this season but the last few days have been nothing but personal attacks on people that have nothing to do with game and it’s getting old really fast!!!

      • Avatar

        Yea there are a lot of person attack and I’m not blaming just one side because both side have done it but I honestly think Danielle does it more then everyone else. Every second if she’s not say things to Shane about there grossmance everything else she says is a person attack that’s why I want to vote her out. I know it’s not just her but if she leaves I feel like the game will be a lot less petty and I want to watch big brother and strategy not people bullying other people like Kryssie did to Scott and now nobody looks at Scott

      • Mell

        Helen, I think that’s just who we have for this season. The first week they were playing nice but I think the personalities are out now. With Monte, Krissi, Danielle, Shelby, Jason and Morgan in there, it’s going to be cut throat with the comments they make. They’re fired up and playing hard but this may be the price we pay for it.

    • Mell

      There are several sites and if you go to 4 or 5 of them and then average it out, it gives you a good idea on how it’s looking. Monte is ahead in some, he’s way ahead in some and I saw Krissi ahead in one. bb network, bb daily, jokers, and online bb are some.

  41. Mell

    If Krissi is otb and Danielle goes home-great.
    If Monte is otb and he goes home over Danielle, maybe we could make Whitney, Shelby and Shane have nots next. It will weaken Shane since he will be mad at Alex, punish Danielle because she already thinks Shelby has a crush on Shane (she will probably be more focused on that than Alex) and Whitney because she is so sure we won’t put her in there. It will punish Shelby for running her mouth so much too. Just a thought.

  42. Avatar

    Hilarious happenings at 11:35 Jason and the back yard gang hiding all the Hershey krackle because it’s the only thing Shelby eats. They are funny as hell for a long time. Jason is planning on continuing to hide them every week when they restock. Putting them all in a trash bag and hope production gives her the bag when she leaves. It is worth going back!

  43. Avatar

    Please vote for Monte!!!!!

  44. caRyn

    1 pm (PT) – Veto competition to play out live.
    7 pm (PT) – Weekday Replay.

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