Good afternoon, everyone!!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! The backyard is open and now everyone wants to spend some time with Fessy as he has to decide who the replacement nominee will be tomorrow when Brett takes himself off the block.

Well, everyone but Brett. Brett wants to tell Fessy to suck his dick during the PoV meeting because Fessy said he wouldn’t put him up at some point this summer.


One thing is certain – No matter what he decides, level 6 is safe for another week. Between Haleigh winning the hacker and taking a shot, then winning HoH, and now Fessy winning HoH, there is no way that level 4 (now) should still be together, but here we are. When you factor in Sam’s pretend marriage with Brett, that makes it back to level 5 with only 8 people remaining in the house after this week.

Since the beginning of the game, I knew Tyler had a shot at winning, but I really thought his game was going to catch up with him. As we’re down to the final 8, I’m not really sure that is going to happen. One of the worst things that could happen to him would be that he use the cloud app tomorrow which should put some rift between his alliance (mostly between him and Angela). They’ll play it off like they understand why he kept it a secret but they’ll really be bothered by it deep down. Angela has been growing closer and closer to him to the point of the beginning stages of a showmance and for her to find out he had some secret power app – well, that won’t be good. The best thing for Tyler at this point is just to not use it. It’s a pretty shitty app, anyway. It’s not like he’d leave the house with a power to secretly nominate two people or anything. His power is ridiculously dumb. I actually wonder if it would have benefited him more to use the power as a weapon than a tool. Basically like a hidden immunity idol in Survivor where people think twice about nominating you because they just assume you’ll use the cloud app.

Anyway, Sam is giving Fessy one of her nice long talking-tos so I’m going to jump in on that

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  • 10:25 am – Fessy is outside with Sam
    • She is giving him a similar talk that she gave to Brett. I wonder if she’s going to confess her love to him
    • Sam has never been wrong
    • She is making a pitch for Fessy to nominate Haleigh
    • Sam will quit smoking if Fessy nominates Haleigh. Sam really wants that ‘floozy’ out
    • Haleigh will probably applaud Fessy because she’s crazy like that (Sam’s words)
    • She needs him to promise her he’ll do that. Very aggressive
    • “How are you going to go through this house and pick the weakest person as your partner, ding dong”
    • Oh, the jury house will be fun with Haleigh!
    • Sam busts out the pinky!
    • He doesn’t pinky promise her so she gives him a death stare.
  • 11:20 am – KC re-tells Angela about what Sam said to her in the bathroom
    • KC was sitting in the bathroom alone and Sam approached her and asked who she (KC) loved more. Her or Angela
    • She asked where itw as coming from and Sam just said how Ang is fit and beautiful.  KC is still confused
  • 1:40 pm – Anxiously awaiting the re-tell of the Fessy conversation to Haleigh. It should be happening soon
  • 1:53 pm – Fessy comes downstairs.  Haleigh, what are you doing?  He has an amazing story to tell you and you’re just sitting in the kitchen.
    • Speaking of, I need lunch
    • Fessy goes outside to finally speak with Brett. Too late. Brett is pissed lol.
    • Brett got nominated for voting to keep his friend. He’s not going to let that go (note – Brett didn’t actually vote for RS, but he’s going to say he did until he leaves this house. Dude can commit to a lie so may as well talk like he did, too)
    • Fessy says ‘now that you’re off the block. No reason to lie’ and Brett, of course, says ‘I did vote to keep her’ lol… need to try harder to get Brett to admit a lie, Fessy
    • Good attempt, though
  • Random shot of the 6 Angela wrote on her hat which Haleigh questioned
  • 2:50 pm – Brett comes into the HoH room
    • Fess is basically just spilling his game to Brett because he believes Brett actually wants to work together
    • They talk for awhile about the game. Brett does a great job convincing Fessy that he’s on his side lol.  Sad
  • 3:24 pm – Haleigh finally comes to the HoH room briefly
    • Fessy tells her that Scottie called her Kaitlyn 2.0
    • Haleigh isn’t sure what to think so she leaves the room.
    • Walks around the house for a bit then heads into the Jenga room and breaks down
  • 3:45 pm – L6 has a little meeting. They talk about how Fessy wants them to decide who should be the re-nom.
    • Angela says they’re not going to do his dirty work for him. Nobody wants to go up obviously
  • 4:15 pm – Everyone is outside hanging out.

I am going to step away and close this thread.  I’ll create a new post after the CBS episode and hopefully there will be a lot to cover when Haleigh finally learns what Sam was saying about her this morning!  Check back soon