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Sunday Updates From The Big Brother House!

Good afternoon, everyone!!


Sunday Sunday Sunday! The backyard is open and now everyone wants to spend some time with Fessy as he has to decide who the replacement nominee will be tomorrow when Brett takes himself off the block.

Well, everyone but Brett. Brett wants to tell Fessy to suck his dick during the PoV meeting because Fessy said he wouldn’t put him up at some point this summer.

One thing is certain – No matter what he decides, level 6 is safe for another week. Between Haleigh winning the hacker and taking a shot, then winning HoH, and now Fessy winning HoH, there is no way that level 4 (now) should still be together, but here we are. When you factor in Sam’s pretend marriage with Brett, that makes it back to level 5 with only 8 people remaining in the house after this week.


Since the beginning of the game, I knew Tyler had a shot at winning, but I really thought his game was going to catch up with him. As we’re down to the final 8, I’m not really sure that is going to happen. One of the worst things that could happen to him would be that he use the cloud app tomorrow which should put some rift between his alliance (mostly between him and Angela). They’ll play it off like they understand why he kept it a secret but they’ll really be bothered by it deep down. Angela has been growing closer and closer to him to the point of the beginning stages of a showmance and for her to find out he had some secret power app – well, that won’t be good. The best thing for Tyler at this point is just to not use it. It’s a pretty shitty app, anyway. It’s not like he’d leave the house with a power to secretly nominate two people or anything. His power is ridiculously dumb. I actually wonder if it would have benefited him more to use the power as a weapon than a tool. Basically like a hidden immunity idol in Survivor where people think twice about nominating you because they just assume you’ll use the cloud app.

Anyway, Sam is giving Fessy one of her nice long talking-tos so I’m going to jump in on that

Before I begin, I want to thank everyone for donating this season. You guys are absolutely amazing. Now that the server costs for this site are paid, all donations from the past few weeks have been split with Mel!


  • 10:25 am – Fessy is outside with Sam
    • She is giving him a similar talk that she gave to Brett. I wonder if she’s going to confess her love to him
    • Sam has never been wrong
    • She is making a pitch for Fessy to nominate Haleigh
    • Sam will quit smoking if Fessy nominates Haleigh. Sam really wants that ‘floozy’ out
    • Haleigh will probably applaud Fessy because she’s crazy like that (Sam’s words)
    • She needs him to promise her he’ll do that. Very aggressive
    • “How are you going to go through this house and pick the weakest person as your partner, ding dong”
    • Oh, the jury house will be fun with Haleigh!
    • Sam busts out the pinky!
    • He doesn’t pinky promise her so she gives him a death stare.
  • 11:20 am – KC re-tells Angela about what Sam said to her in the bathroom
    • KC was sitting in the bathroom alone and Sam approached her and asked who she (KC) loved more. Her or Angela
    • She asked where itw as coming from and Sam just said how Ang is fit and beautiful.  KC is still confused
  • 1:40 pm – Anxiously awaiting the re-tell of the Fessy conversation to Haleigh. It should be happening soon
  • 1:53 pm – Fessy comes downstairs.  Haleigh, what are you doing?  He has an amazing story to tell you and you’re just sitting in the kitchen.
    • Speaking of, I need lunch
    • Fessy goes outside to finally speak with Brett. Too late. Brett is pissed lol.
    • Brett got nominated for voting to keep his friend. He’s not going to let that go (note – Brett didn’t actually vote for RS, but he’s going to say he did until he leaves this house. Dude can commit to a lie so may as well talk like he did, too)
    • Fessy says ‘now that you’re off the block. No reason to lie’ and Brett, of course, says ‘I did vote to keep her’ lol… need to try harder to get Brett to admit a lie, Fessy
    • Good attempt, though
  • Random shot of the 6 Angela wrote on her hat which Haleigh questioned
  • 2:50 pm – Brett comes into the HoH room
    • Fess is basically just spilling his game to Brett because he believes Brett actually wants to work together
    • They talk for awhile about the game. Brett does a great job convincing Fessy that he’s on his side lol.  Sad
  • 3:24 pm – Haleigh finally comes to the HoH room briefly
    • Fessy tells her that Scottie called her Kaitlyn 2.0
    • Haleigh isn’t sure what to think so she leaves the room.
    • Walks around the house for a bit then heads into the Jenga room and breaks down
  • 3:45 pm – L6 has a little meeting. They talk about how Fessy wants them to decide who should be the re-nom.
    • Angela says they’re not going to do his dirty work for him. Nobody wants to go up obviously
  • 4:15 pm – Everyone is outside hanging out.

I am going to step away and close this thread.  I’ll create a new post after the CBS episode and hopefully there will be a lot to cover when Haleigh finally learns what Sam was saying about her this morning!  Check back soon


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  1. Ritchie

    In an alternate universe it would be great to see Scottie battle back and boot Fessy to jury!!

  2. danmtruth

    So Sam went ahead with her plan to get Fessy to put HaHo OTB as a replacement As Colby pointed out in the other thread Sam was like a used car salesman not letting you leave the car lot without buying that Lemmon of a car Lets see how soon Fess tells HaHo Yet with this group who knows

  3. Mel

    Holy crap Steve! I knew she said it but didn’t think she’d do it so fast or go at him so much! Honestly, I wasn’t even sure she’d do it at all. Once Fessy tells Hay, they’ll be the two that end up fighting. She’ll be more insistent he put Sam otb and he’ll be more insistent that Scottie has to go since they’ve already put him up there.

    • danmtruth

      Mel not only great updates but now a fashion trend setter with her helmet of protection As now Mr. Beardo has started to wear one

    • danmtruth

      HaHo will be mad that Fess did not say NO to here right off Saying that proves he does not love her Never ending he cant do anything right If she ever ask do these jeans make me look fat RUN FESS RUN

      • NKogNeeTow

        If he ever decides to run, the leg braces will start to break away as they did with Forrest. In this case, the braces are Haleigh. Running from her will be the only chance he has of even getting close to winning this game. Bayleigh started to do better without Swaggy. Brett started to do better without Winston. Haleigh represents the braces that held Forrest Gump back and once he shed them, he was much better off.

  4. AIO_7

    “Basically like a hidden immunity idol in Survivor where people think twice about nominating you because they just assume you’ll use the cloud app.”

    I’m just the opposite. My approach would be to nominate that person so as to expose the power and then to eliminate it through use or otherwise.

  5. Helen

    Scottie has pretty much convinced Sam that Hai Ho is the one person who he may be able to beat for votes to stay..
    What universe are Sam and Scottie living in?
    Is this Scottie’s revenge to Hai Ho for him being OTB ? To get her lover boy to put her up next to him? Or does he truly believe L6 would be torn between the two?
    While L6 would probably love to vote out Hai Ho it would never happen…they are not the hive!!

    • Mel

      It was really Sam’s plan and Scottie just got on board because he’s going home anyway and knows it. His best odds are against Hay. It won’t happen but if it did, maybe he’d have a chance. The entire thing is stupid and hilarious! Love it! Sam was so sure last night, to the point of being cocky that Fessy will do what she wants. Brett had to be dying just listening to it.

      • Sassy

        A lot of the plans have been stupid and still worked, I just can’t say never this season. They amaze me more and more with their level of stupidity…

        MF told Ty in the storage room that the pitches he is getting are so far out there, he never imagined people would go this far. They joked about different fake pitches of going to final 6 in season 23 and attending 3d Bday parties of 1st born kids. I don’t think he’s even considering it, but Sam may have jumped up on the list of re-noms so he can defend his girl.

      • Mel

        I’m with you Sassy, we know it isn’t going to happen but this season, I’ve been more careful with my predictions because these people constantly surprise us!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mel, Brett wasn’t the only one laughing. I was sitting here in tears. It sounded like a brilliant plan in theory, but I knew it was a million to one. But still, it was fun watching Sam actually getting involved. I loved watching her brainstorm trying to help Scottie. Hey, let’s give her credit for something, she has her moments.

    • AIO_7

      ” Or does he truly believe L6 would be torn between the two?”

      If I were in L6 I’d be more than tempted to vote out HaHo. That would leave Fester basically alone. It could work.

  6. mm22

    Did Sam tell Fessy use Haleigh as a pawn cause everyone
    likes her (haha) and would never vote her out (haha)
    and that way Scottie who is your target would surely
    be voted out.

    • Mel

      No, I’m not watching now, but I think it’s that he needs to get rid of Hay because she’s bad for his game. Lol

    • Alda

      Haleigh walks in the little house and RS asks Who the hell was HOH?? Haleigh answers-Fessy!! That would be hilarious.

      • NKogNeeTow

        One night in the HOH, MF and HaHo were tossing around names as to who to put up. They were in a pretty good mood and started joking about it. The convo went something like this:

        MF: Man, we are the WORST! Everybody in our team is in the Jury House and were sent there by our own side. I can see it now…Bay is sitting in the JH and in walks RockStar. Bay ask, who sent you here. RockStar, Haleigh. Next, you walk in. They ask, who sent you here. Haleigh, Fessy.

        They both break out into hysterical laughter.

  7. dfdsgs

    Scottie would be smart to stop pointing out that he keeps getting second in comps. Not the best strategy to make people want to keep you in the house while OTB.

  8. Avatar

    I’m thinking that Sam, despite what she has started saying recently, really is ready to go to jury and his hoping Fessy will nominate her and is going about it by pushing him to nominate Hayleigh. I doubt this would work as L6 would rather keep Sam than Scottie, but I have to wonder if this what Sam is thinking now.

    • AIO_7

      Probably, and perhaps why she is being so bold about it.

    • Sassy

      Reverse Psych, possibly, it’s hard to tell with her. I do think she’s playing the game in her own weird way. She’s on a high today, but who knows what Sam we will get tonight. L6/5/4 would keep her. No matter what happens, MF will not be able to tote his honest game because he has already promised everyone safety this week.

      • Mel

        Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s officially told every person left available that he won’t put them up. He gave his word to every single person.

      • Ann

        I’m convinced Sam is playing the game. True enough her cheese has slid off the cracker but she is playing the game.

    • Mel

      I might have thought that if I hadn’t seen the convo last night wiith Scottie and Brett along with her making a point to get a deal from Fessy not to put her up this week.

  9. AIO_7

    “I can name a few of you who’d throw out some insulting song lyrics to attach to my game”…
    Comment by Mel from last thread.

    Of course I’m kidding, but I just had to …


  10. WhereisPablo

    This conversation Hazel is foisting on Kaycee adds a whole new layer to her (looking for a kind word) quirks. Someone said a few threads back that her family needs to get her evaluated and I agree. She’s in need of some serious help and I wonder if production is really getting worried?

    • Sassy

      I think production is hiking back the double eviction in case Sam self evicts.

    • Mel

      I think they are at least preparing for a possible exit. I think it’s why she started getting the crazy edit. They usually try to hide that kind of stuff but they’ll need a storyline that makes sense if it continues. I hope she’s someone who’s somewhat normal, went thru some recent hardships (which we know she did) and is just having a hard time due to the circumstances. I hope under different circumstances, she’s maybe not as troubled or that maybe her issues don’t get to her the way they do in the house. I mean, Kaitlyn’s loose on the streets now so anything is possible.

    • Helen

      The sad thing is I have had “friends’ like Sam in the past…It was like I could only be friends with them…if I hung around with other girls (sometimes even guys) she would get jealous and say weird shit…like but I thought you liked ME

      • AIO_7

        With “friends” like that, who needs friends?

      • WhereisPablo

        It would be one thing if this possessiveness was her only issue, but the issues are stacking up like flapjacks and production had best be ready when the stack topples. I have poked fun at her a lot, but in all sincerity, I hope someone steps in soon for her sake and the sake of the others.

      • aka beachgirl

        I had friends like that too. It was in elementary school.

  11. Avatar

    After Sam’s chat with KC the only thing I can think is “single white female” of all the people in this house Angel should be very afraid of this lady! I half expect the camera’s to catch Sam standing over Angels’s bed staring at her with pillow in hand.

    • AIO_7

      I missed that convo. What did Sam say, or what was the jist?

      • Mel

        I think she wanted to know who KC loved more, her or Angela. There may have been more. Someone will have to correct me please if that’s not right.

      • danmtruth

        It was as you said who KC loved more Sam or Angela Not just in the game but going forward in real life outside the house KC told Angela this inside the SR they just look at each other They like her but the clinging and content need for affirmation is just too needy

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Ya’ll. However, I’m not so sure either one of them actually “like” Martha. I think at this point it’s mere toleration.

      • Sassy

        Here ya go:

        “Sam if it was me or angela who wold you pick?
        kaycee: what are you talking about? Sam; like in life. who do you like more?kaycee:i love everyone equally.Sam; you gonna replace me?kaycee: no. Sam leaves.kaycee: to herself Sammie. dont you ever question me like that again”

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Sas..

  12. AIO_7

    Peabody telling Angelica how much HaHo and Crayola disliked her …


  13. danmtruth

    MF comes out of his HOH Fortress of Solitude to join people Gets cornered by Sams hard sell Grunts to a few people Than into the pink room to sleep with HaHo Great social game

  14. Avatar

    Happy Sunday everyone. I am beginning to wonder I’d BB thinks keeping Sam from evicting is safer than putting her in the Jury House. This way they have cameras on her 24/7 and can intervene if things get bad. They don’t have that protection in the Jury House. It is actually sad to watch Sam because we all know she has mental health problems. As far as Faysal goes, I hope he is evicted next week. Someone that out of tune with how B.B. is played needs to go home. It is the most frustrating and mind boggling season yet. However, I think as soon as Hayleigh and Faysal are gone, the real game begins. Now that will be entertaining.

    • ElaineB

      If Sam is so fragile that she can’t go to the jury house, she has no right to continue in the game of BB. I hope she gets evicted (either by herself or the house) soon. I have been supportive, but the whole “poor pity me” routine, followed by the manic, “I am so wonderful” routine is getting old, and frustrating. I want those that are playing the game to be in top 6….she ain’t one of them!

      • WhereisPablo

        100% Elaine!

      • Avatar

        You have to remember she has a mental health problem. Her “I’m so wonderful routine” and “poor pity” as you call them are as a result of her mental illness. She has no control over them. Another symptom of her illness is her truly believing things have been said or happened. I have sent employees who show signs of mental health issues for psychiatric assessments and have seen enough and read enough psychiatric reports to know Sam is showing the same signs and she truly has no control without proper meds. Even then they sometimes have problems. This is why you are seeing swings in her mood.

      • WhereisPablo

        Oh I agree, which is why I wish they would pull her from the house and the jury. It is not fair to the other players or to Sam to keep her there at this point.

  15. Sassy

    MFs face after his convo with Sam…


  16. RAY SAY

    Just tell Angela about the cloud app prior to using it, everything cool, problem Angela may go up, but Level 6 has the momentum and votes to take Scottie out, so Haleigh the backslider will cry

    • Helen

      If Ty’s app is similar to the one Paul got I don’t think anyone would know he activated this week unless Faysal goes ahead and noms him…if he activates his app then when Faysal noms him the cloud app thingy will pop up and say…it’s been activated…if he activates it and Ty is not nommed nothing pops up…no loss (it will expire next week anyway) and Hai Ho is the only one who will compete against L6 for HOH…other than Sam and JC . Neither one of them really want HOH anyway

    • Ann

      I think he should keep it to himself about the app because it’s too far gone now. Look at how hard he worked to get that witch Bay out because she had an app. His alliance won’t trust him anymore & will probably come after him. He made a big mistake telling Sam. If I was him & he doesn’t have to use his app & Sam rats him out, I would deny deny deny because she’s crazy & who would believe her over him? After all, she thinks Brett is her husband, she wants Fessy, she’s mad at Ty because he chose Angela over her, she’s flipped out publicly on more than occasion & everybody has seen her highs & lows. So there you have it, deny deny deny.

      • AIO_7

        ….”I would deny deny deny because she’s crazy”…..


      • HappyHippo

        I agree Ann

      • aka beachgirl

        Excellent point Ann. Deny, deny, deny…

      • Alda

        I agree Ann.He should keep his mouth shut.Why open a can of worms,if he doesn’t need too.

      • NKogNeeTow

        “If I was him & he doesn’t have to use his app & Sam rats him out, I would deny deny deny because she’s crazy & who would believe her over him? ”

        The thing about it is, that would be just the thing they would believe her on. Most people have a tendency to believe the worst. Sure they all think she’s crazy, but they also know there is another app out there and they don’t know who has it.

      • Ann

        NK, I think he needs to keep it to himself if he doesn’t have to use it. Why fix it if it ain’t broken? Nobody needs to know. It’s too easy for him to spin some kind of story to make it seem like Sam must have came up that while having one of her off the wall episodes & somehow came up with blaming the app crap on him. That’s just my opinion, I wouldn’t chance telling anybody else.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Oh I agree with you. I wouldn’t have told anybody. I would have even made up a lie to get Sam under control before I told her about the app. I was just referring to whether or not people would believe her if she told. I was just saying I think they would because it would solve the mystery of the last app.

  17. Painter1

    Ty’s power only effects him so im not understanding why L6 would be so upset.He has worked hard for the whole alliance not only himself. I would just laugh and be like Serious…..good one TY. L6 has the votes for anyone against Scottie. Right?

  18. HappyHippo

    Why did fessy just call a house meeting?

  19. Sassy

    MF just called a house meeting. It’s a HN pick: JC, Sam, and Ty.

  20. HappyHippo

    Jc, Tyler, and Sam he picked

  21. Sassy

    MF said he was waiting for Haha to volunteer. He picked JC because he complains to much. Sam volunteered. This is Ty 3d time as a HN and Angela, JC, and Hay have only done it once. Sam is probably ecstatic she gets the HN room with Ty and NO Angela!!

  22. Avatar

    Is Level 6 this good or the Hive that stupid? I seriously can not figure it out.

    When I went to bed Wednesday evening I thought for sure I would wake up and see two level 6 competitors on the block. However, I woke up to Scottie being on the block.

    Fessy is an idiot. I hope he gets tossed next week. He has played a poor game all season.

  23. Colby

    When he first called the house meeting I thought production had probably come up with some twist to try to save Scottie.

  24. Sassy

    Not sure if Sam is pretending to be upset or what, she corners MF in SR and points out that Haha didn’t even volunteer, just another reason, MF said he’s been in DR all morning and hasn’t had time to think about it, she leaves saying, “Damn slop!” He stands there dumbfounded and laughing.

  25. Helen

    Hayleigh and JC talking in PR…Hayleigh tells JC that Scottie for sure has her vote and JC. Alls they need is one more

  26. AIO_7

    I know that that’s a shower head but it got me wondering … how many of Martha’s personalities would it take to change a light bulb?


  27. HappyHippo

    Jc said to Tyler “the only part that sucks is the sleeping and showers….oh and the eating”
    Tyler “so basically everything about being HN”
    Lol jc cracks me up!
    Stupid hay ho has done it once and thinks she’s immune cuz of fessy ..I’m ready for her ass to go

  28. Ann

    I’m so glad Brett won the VETO. I would’ve been mad as hell if someone would’ve poored milk or any kind of liquid on my clothes. That was totally uncalled for. This is the one time I wouldn’t have blamed Sam for flipping out.

  29. Mel

    Did I hear correctly? Fes PUT JC and Sam on slop and then Tyler volunteered?

  30. Mel

    Danielle from BB3 & all stars calls slop “the Devils oatmeal.” I had forgotten about it but she just tweeted it which reminded me and I thought it was funny. I love her!

  31. Avatar

    Did Fessy ever play football. If he did I think he got the common sense knocked out of him. ‍♀️

    • danmtruth

      Fess played for a mid level majors A team that was never ranked He was contacted to tryout as a undrafted free agent Just be a filler in someones camp With hopes of catching someones eye A long shot Coming out of college he was not invited to the NFL combine Thats a workout for all teams to watch Not making that it tells you what the scouts thought of him

  32. Avatar

    I wnt to a live eviction of BB Canada with a friend. He had the opportunity to taste slop during the breaks. He said it was like dry oats and very thick. YUCK!

  33. Sassy

    Sam – if you care to take a dare I’ll make a bet with you about what time it is.
    Brett – I don’t know…

    He’s so sketched out by the things she says.

  34. Jay H

    Fess is really incompetent at this game. His strategy is to get the “middle players” out. What a ridiculously moronic strategy if the other top players aren’t on board with his idea of how the game is going to go.
    He also seemed to wait to put food in his mouth before starting his sentences, last night while eating the the hoh room.

  35. dfdsgs

    Super fun looking at Brett lay in the pool while people are having conversations in the kitchen.

  36. Avatar

    My fantasy eviction meeting speech for Scottie: “My comments are for one person only (turns to Fessie). Yo, Crotch-For-Brains–Just for the record, I did NOT vote to evict Rock Star. And if it weren’t for your single-digit IQ, you’d know that. But as everybeody knows, the real reason you put up Brett and me is that you don’t want anybody flirting with Hayleigh. But after I get evicted tonight, it’s going to be Hayleigh against everybody else in the HOH comp, so her odds aren’t good. Instead, somebody else is going to win and, no matter who it is, first thing they’re going to do is put you on the block. So I’ll see you next week in Jury, and have lots of fun reminding you that Hay is still back in the BB house flirting with anybody she damn well pleases. Thank you Julie.”

  37. Sassy

    I think Haha is a compulsive liar. Whenever she says, my grandpa, uncle or friend says, I tune it out. She claims to have a cat she goes on runs with. Not that it isn’t possible, but to hear her tell the story and backtrack in the middle to say she can’t really run with the cat because of dogs. Blah blah, I just think she makes up stories to have some contribution to the convo.

  38. AIO_7

    Fester asks Brett who to put up … Brett says he doesn’t think it matters.


  39. LO1004

    Julie posted a photo of her and RS on IG and the comments are turned off. I’m guessing she knows her recent interview didn’t go over well. Julie always has her comments turned on.

  40. HappyHippo

    What kind of douche bag stays in the hoh literally the whole time even when the backyard is open and you haven’t seen daylight in ages!? Hohitis much?

  41. Jay H

    Brett in HoH room explaining to Fess why he voted to keep RS. Straight faced as possible. Dude is hilarious.

    • Ann

      Call me stupid but why is Brett taking the heat for voting out the Seadonkey? I don’t get it.

      • Jay H

        Brett told Fess in front of everyone he was the one to vote to KEEP the seadonkey, when in truth, Scottie was the only one. He said it right in front of Scottie. That’s one of the triggers why Fess put Scottie on the block this week.
        Brett’s just bullshiting what’s left of the Hive and they’re buying it.

      • Avatar

        because L6 wanted to give him a better reason than i”m jealous of you and scottie…they needed him to have a justifiable reason to haho on why scottie is up their then L6 could take out the only one with a brain left on hive side.. even though i don’t think scottie was a member…

      • Avatar

        plus it kept 2 of L6 from going up and they control the votes again

      • Ann

        Thanks Jay & Diana. I can see Brett making it very close to the end.

      • LindsayB

        To put a target on Scottie.

  42. Ann

    What made Sam think about asking KC if she liked her better than Angela, did something happen to get her turned in KC’s direction?

  43. Avatar

    Tyler to Angela n Kaycee in BY says all this Scottie is saying is maybe just to get them to say something about Haleigh that he can use against them. Kaycee don’t trust Scottie he needs to get out. -LiZinTeXaS
    to anyone who thinks scottie has a chance

  44. danmtruth

    The great thing about this Is Fess is going to be so proud of himself for getting his target evicted Not understanding he is losing a vote and a person who would not put him up Once more the HIVE doing L6 work Still when Scottie walks in the little house Once more they ask who was HOH He says MF they look what ?1? ! MF evicted you !!

    Why do they go back to have nots?

    • Jay H

      100% He thinks every single thing he is doing as HOH is epic.

    • ElaineB

      I laugh so hard at what I imagine the looks on Bay and RS face will be, when Scottie walks through the door…..and says it was on Fessy’s HOH! The gift that keeps on giving!

    • Avatar

      Fess is getting exactly what he wants. He is playing the actual game of big brother less than Sam is. He just wants his little blonde mouth breather all to himself.

      I just hope when he does get evicted, Brett gives him a real mind fuck and says in his goodbye speech, “now Hay and I do not have to sneak around behind your back”.

      Fess will knock Julie Chen over and try to run back into the house. That would be awesome television.

  45. Jay H

    The “have-nots” part of the game is kind of stupid. It’s barely incorporated into the show. To me, either show more of how it affects the people in the game, how it can cause hard feelings, or do away with it.

  46. AIO_7

    Where did Martha find this hat? The movie set of DELIVERANCE?


  47. HappyHippo

    Oh wow I’ve been bbqing and other stuff and just came back to my iPad and hay bust into the geo room balling saying I’m the only one defending him! To Tyler jc and Angela
    Guess fessy talked lol

  48. Jay H

    Haho crying/sobbing to Ty, Ang, and KC. Not one tear.

  49. Sassy

    MF talking about putting either KC, Ty or Angela OTB because they won’t go home. Afraid Sam will flip out. This will give them the perfect excuse next week (as if they needed one). You aren’t my target, but I had to put one of you up.

    I missed something. Hay is bawling. She must have had a fight with Scottie.

    In Geo room, Hay, KC, Ty, and Angela. Hay is saying she’s the only one in his corner. Scottie told her she is playing him and MF, pitting then against each other. She says she’s been defending him them this? L6/5/4 is comforting her.

    • Sassy

      Ty is trying to explain to Haha, it’s not a personal thing, it’s game, he’s sure of that. They tell her about what Scottie is planning to say tomorrow in his speech. I wish they would have kept that to themselves.

  50. HappyHippo

    Sorry hay ho you’re a ho time to go

  51. Avatar

    She can’t believe she defended Scottie. She tells Tyler that Faysal just told her what Scottie is trying to do.She literally has defended Scottie this whole entire time.Kaycee rubbing her shoulder -LiZinTeXaS
    so Scottie, welcome to the jury house, where all of us have been fucked over by our own alliance, all 3 evictions involved Haleigh

  52. Helen

    How do you think Scottie is going to twist this for his benefit with Hayleigh….camera in PR Scottie seems quite pleased with himself…smiling as he laid down?

  53. Helen

    Sams “crazy” is going to take her to the end…no one will put her OTB because they are afraid of how she will react! Lmao

  54. Avatar

    Hi ho hi ho it’s time to give hay ho the ole heave ho

  55. Sassy

    I like that Angela is going to make MF chose and not make it easy for him. He “thinks” he’s such a good BS’er, set him straight!

  56. Tinkerbell

    Somebody quick, call the wam-bu-lance!!! Haleigh, STFU, you whiny bitchy little wench!! You’ve been prick teasing Scotti the entire season. You needed to leave yesterday. Go to the jury house with your two freakazoid loser besties. You are all exactly alike, bitches to the max. If you can get your sluggy blob boyfriend out of his red bed in his ivory tower….take him with you. When his time is done he won’t have enough sense to leave. Big dweeb. While your at it, take Psycho Sam with you. Completely done with her….and his with her singing. . All season she has shut down anyone ainging. The past three days she sings constantly. She’s too exhausting to watch. Makes me feelmore psycho than she is. Sorry, I’m a crab. Haven’t been able to watch feeds in a few days. It’s like a soap opera, nobody gets any smarter, nothing changes….they only get more in unbearable to watch – and incredibly more stupid by the minute.

  57. delabear

    I think things might be better if they gave all the others Sam’s happy pills. Then she could be at bat-shit crazy as she wants and they won’t mind!

  58. Shivani33

    There is a steady, solid move to put Sam otb as the renom. It is coming from the less insane side of the house. They are about to approach that landing strip, cautiously at first by saying it aloud to their Little Friend. Say hello to that little friend! The JC. Since Fester wants the sane ones to select one of their own as a renom, the best that they’re going to offer (oh so subtly) is Sam. Or is this a dream?

    • Sassy

      He is NOT wanting to put Sam up. Looks like KC will be the renom.

      Haha is pretending like she does not believe he likes her. She has never flirted with him. LIAR, LIAR, pants on FIRE!!!

      • Helen

        What a lame excuse not to put someone on the block….they are afraid how the will react…
        They have put up with her crazy all season..wtf

  59. dfdsgs

    Tyler and Angela really need Brett or Kaycee to win an HOH so they can take a shot at Fessy and Haleigh without getting blood on their hands

  60. danmtruth

    Fess & Hay LITERLAY trying to recruit TY & Angela into a final 4 alliance Sure we will join the person who has NOTHING to offer Who has watch everyone of there other alliance walk out and have no idea WHY
    The one thing I did like about Sams talk last night Was how sick she is of hearing the word LITERALLY thrown around

  61. Tinkerbell

    Awwwwww, this just warms my heart. Gives me the warm fuzzies. I can barely contain myself. Mr. And Mrs. Simpleton are having a double date with Tyler and Angela. Adorable!!


  62. Tinkerbell

    Awwwww, this just warms my heart. Gives me the warm fuzzies. Mr. and Mrs. Simpleton having a double date with Tyler and Angela.


  63. delabear

    Funny how they are able to show the “endurance” comp almost in real time!

  64. ElaineB

    Tyler and Angela better tread carefully talking to Fess and Hay. Hay has tried BD twice.

  65. danmtruth

    Fess & Hay are not getting a good edit on tonights show What a great HOH room reveal Fess hook line & sinker Land that sucker fish Just like that L6 keeps it numbers Working like a team

  66. caRyn

    It doesn’t look like Sam was in the HoH room when Faysal was asking about the votes between Kaycee and Rockstar.

  67. Sassy

    I didn’t know MF opened the door to the toilet with Sam in there!!

  68. danmtruth

    Was Sam the one in the bathroom when Fess broke in

  69. caRyn

    HoH ceremony, Faysal is wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt.

  70. Helen

    Hayleigh goes from HOH room after bashing Scottie down to Scottie in PR…you are my friend. I’m not going to desert you…Scottie is using the excuse that this was his plan to distance Hayleigh from him because he’s going home…of course she will buy into it…she is so stupid

  71. Ann

    Hay thought she was going to hijack Fessy’s HOH. When she told Fessy don’t talk to her anymore if he put Scottie up made her look like a spoiled brat. I can’t stand her ass.

  72. Sassy

    Scottie – you literally made friends with the biggest idiot in here!

    He’s so right! Or maybe Scottie’s fell for the biggest idiot in the house. I think she will vote to keep him and may campaign to others, not that I think it will work, but it’s possible…

  73. danmtruth

    Scottie’s dream is being crushed

  74. g8trgirl

    You know a lot of house guests go home and watch themselves and think “how could I have been so stupid?” I think Fessy is going to sting from that for YEARS.
    But, I also think he will be deeply hurt when he sees how JC keeps referring to himself as Fessy’s “puppet master.”

  75. Sassy

    MF tells JC, he is going to look really good when he gets Scottie out because of all his flip votes. He’s so worried about his image, he’s going to be embarrassed when he finds out the truth! Looks like KC is going OTB. He goes back and forth about Ty or Angela, he REALLY believes they won’t be mad at him for putting one of them OTB, IDIOT! Back to gloating about this big move he’s making by getting Scottie (his alliance member) OUT!

    • Zach

      He’s a sensitive guy. He will probably be pretty hurt when he sees JC calling him dumb and stupid and a puppet in his DRs. Same goes for others in the house who have called him an idiot in the DR. Granted he is all those things, I don’t remember someone make this big of a mistake, at least not in the last 7 or so seasons.

  76. Shivani33

    The night is young. Even the week is young. Still more surprises could happen. If Kaycee becomes the renom, most will evict Scottie, so there’s that. Although personally I prefer Scottie’s chaotic style to Kaycee’s ovine placidity and her inadequate acting skills when she decides to act at all. She’s a 5’10” big yawn. And people like her, damn it. Who wants a nice soft-boiled good egg to win BB? I do not, and I like her too. I’d also like to set off a torpedo under her ass.

    Sam would be more controversial as the renom, and it’s been good to see L654 at least suggesting Sam as an eviction target. She’s on the expendable list now, and both sides have shared that opinion with the other.

    • Avatar

      Does any one think Brett will be the first to fire a shot at his alliance… if he was smart he would just after either fessy or haho is out… but that would require him winning an HOH.

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