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Sunny Sunday In The Big Brother House



It’s a slow day in the Big Brother house as things were done fairly quickly yesterday, so the house doesn’t really know what to do. I mean last night, they had the back yard open, which is rare for a Saturday night.

The big question will come tomorrow, and that is whether or not Paul will indeed replace Paulie with Da’Vonne on the block. If he does, will he be able to convince her that she’s just a pawn and Bridgette is still the target?  The last I saw, Day is pretty convinced Bridgette is going home this week, but she’s also not on the block next to her yet. That makes me think today will be slow, and tomorrow will either pick up or remain slow depending on what Day believes

Enough rambling, here are the updates..

  • 3:00pm – Michelle, Nicole and Natalie are tanning while James is inside talking about how he was sick all night. I guess bathroom issues. Don’t know if he was puking, or blocked up, but I’m sure it’s nothing anyone really cares about, either way. Let’s just go with him being sick.
    • Paul is inside the safari room talking to James. Paul said he wants to get Bridgette out, and James said he’s closer with Day
    • Day comes in and the conversation breaks up
    • Day leaves, Victor comes in, they talk a little, but no more about Day. Conversation breaks up
  • 3:30pm – Both James and Paul end up in the HoH room to start their chat again
    • It sounds like Paul is going to try to convince Day she’s a pawn. It does help that he put up his friend (Paulie) as a pawn
    • Paul still wonders why the house would want Day out, but he ‘trusts’ the house
    • James says he doesn’t want to be a ‘Frank’ player (entertaining?) and wants to have a few loyal people
    • Paulie joins the conversation
    • Paul and Paulie are saying how Bridgette can work with the guys. Even use her to take out Vic
    • Paulie is back to being Derrick and hammering home his points to nominate Day. He must have noticed the doubt in Paul’s voice.  Gotta give him credit. If Derrick did indeed coach, Paulie was a damn good student
    • Paul says he will go through with the plan, but he doesn’t really want to. He really wants Bridgette out
  • 4:00pm – Conversation still going on. Derrick Jr isn’t going to let any doubt get into Paul or James’ head.
    • guyshoh
    • Victor comes in and breaks up the conversation again
  • 4:15pm – Paul is alone, Da’Vonne joins
    • Paul tells her he spoke a little with Bridgette
    • Da’Vonne says Bridgette asked her what it would take to survive in the house. Day told her to tell Paul everything she knows about Nicole
    • Paul says he needs someone who won’t freak out. Day says ‘like Natalie?’ .. he says no, she’s already been freaking out
    • Paul says he doesn’t want to put her in that same situation (pawn), but he’s thinking about it
    • Day asks about Victor. He rambles some excuse
    • She says ‘well what about someone who has never been on the block’, he says they’ll freak out
    • She doesn’t want to go up because she doesnt’ trust Corey or Nicole (nor should she)
    • He said he’s worried about Victor even getting 4 votes, stay in the house and goes insane (Paul is getting himself in too deep with this lie. Evac! Evac!)
    • She asks about Nicole, since Nicole volunteered, and he rambled something about that can’t happen
    • Day says she is worried that she is a big target. He tries to tell her she’s not. She is not at all believing him. I can’t wait to eventually see the DR session after this conversation
    • He is still pushing it. He is saying ‘he is a man of his word’. He’d better hope they are not in jury yet
    • (and note – Julie almost always tells them when they make jury. I am beginning to think it’s a 7 person jury)
    • paul-badliar
    • Day points out how after veto, the HoH is essentially useless and people dont’ always listen to them.  She is totally not buying what he’s selling
  • 4:35pm – Day is done with him and he tells her to bring ‘Crocker’ up (Bridgette Crocker) they call her
    • If you didn’t know, Bridgette injured herself in the HoH
    • bridgette-knee
    • Meanwhile, Da’Vonne brings Z outside to retell the story.
    • Day immediately says she is going up. I knew she didn’t buy his lies. She is smarter than that
    • She begins crying because she thinks everyone is getting a pass except for her
    • day-crying
    • Day points out how Paul mentioned people were freaking out, especially Natalie, but why would they care?  She’s right. If she was really in an alliance, they shouldn’t care if Natalie is freaking out about being a pawn.  That’s why it’s a piss poor lie and Day saw right through it
    • Day mentions how Nicole volunteered to go up, and Paul can easily re-take her up on that, but Paul doesn’t want to.
    • She’s annoyed because she gave advice to Bridgette on how to be safe (tell them what she knows about Nicole), and that was to look after the boys. Now they are going to screw her over
  • 5:00pm – Z leaves, Nat joins.
    • Day asks Nat how she would vote. Nat says if she wants her to vote for her, she’s vote for her
    • Time to watch the CBS episode
  • 7:00pm – Da’Vonne is chatting with Paulie in the safari room
    • Day says she doesn’t want to find out about being on the block at the ceremony. Wants a heads up
    • They talk a bit about it, because she really doesn’t understand why he can’t put someone like Nicole up. Paulie humors her and tells her he’ll see what he can do
    • She goes inside and catches James.  She asks him if he spoke with Paul, and he said a little but is vague
  • 7:23pm – Paul, Paulie, Michelle and Da’Vonne are in the storage room
    • Michelle is telling them how Victor apparently reenacted a wet dream to her. Ok then
  • 7:45pm – Natalie is advising James to rub vaseline on his butthole because it’s sore. What am I doing with my life?
  • 9:44pm – Sorry for the lack of update. I was watching the feeds, but in the middle of a game at the same time. Let’s recap…
    • Da’Vonne tried again to talk to Paul, but he humored her again
    • He had a long talk with Paulie about how Day is going home, and they may keep Bridgette for awhile who could go after some guys when they need
    • They are going to need a few guys taken out because it will be harder to reach f2 than if they were in f5 with Michelle, and a few other ‘easy’ players
    • Victor has been chatting with Michelle and making her laugh. I wonder if he’s going to be a new crush.
    • Now Z is outside with Paulie and Vichelle is still chatting.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar
    Aaron (68 comments)

    Where’s Erin when you need some racist bullshit to mix it up. This season sucks, and no I don’t condone racism.

  2. Avatar
    Aaron (68 comments)

    Who is everyone’s house guest they hated most in big brother history? But had to keep refreshing the website just to see what the hell they said or did next just to keep the burning hate alive? Mine was Erin. Paul for this season.

    • Avatar

      Damn, I thought I was the only one who did that. I think I hated Aaryn & Amanda the same but this year it was Jozea until he left & now it’s Zakiyah. I can’t stand that girl.

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        I forgot that’s how Aaryn’s name was spelled. God I could oonly imagine how deep in the clan her parents are.

      • Avatar

        Good one Aaron. Lol

      • Avatar

        Mine is Michelle,Da and Z they are by far the worst people in this season of Big Brother and I want them gone in the next three weeks god only Bridget is the only girl in the house that won HOH and I want her to win again and again cause it makes the other girls look bad all talk but no game lol and I will be rooting her in this Big Brother she is safe this week and next week too but she has to win HOH to get that idiotic high school mind Michelle god please let it happen cause payback Michelle,Bridget will be the one to get rid of you.you thought she was bad well get ready when she wins HOH please god do

    • Avatar

      Aaron, I forgot to add Bronte to my hate list. I was ready to choke that chicken, her voice drove me nuts & she was a mean girl. Glad she’s gone.

      • Avatar

        I did like her interview with Julie. But like most of this cast they all seem to blend in and only there crap side is shown. Which for all or most their cases that’s exactly how they deserved to be betrayed.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      for me I think Frankie …I liked him at first …then we finally saw who he was …I was So happy when they got him out …that was the rewind week??? ..I think
      …the whole Aaryn thing was ugly

    • danmtruth

      Frankie Granda by a mile self center and obnoxious as hell Amanda was psycho Christen Michelle and Zzzz could be the all bitch mean girl squad

    • JadedMage

      this year definitely Michelle and Z, I couldnt stand Paul or Paulie at first but Im starting to like them, at least they have a game!

  3. Avatar

    ChiKelz, good one,,, Did anyone even bring Dora up last night?

    • Avatar
      Aaron (68 comments)

      Just to throw Day off the scent. I think if Day goes crazy enough she may be able to still get the vote in her favor. She will whip her hair back and forth, and there will be blood. Lol

  4. Avatar
    bbtvjunkie (9 comments)

    so now they are basically just outright admitting they don’t really wanna go after day and each have other personal targets they’don’t rather see out the door… buuuut they are gonna do it anyway. why do they keep calling paulie “the house”. ???

    anyway if day doesn’t clue in the second her name is called tomorrow that she is going home and not a pawn at all, I will be super dissapointed. day is known for being sharp and figuring out twists ect long before her housemates, if she stays oblivious it will be unimpressing :/ that being said I don’t think she will miss what’s going on, and I think she’Lloyd campaign hard. she next to the best possible player she could be to flip the house. cmon mama day you got this!!!

    • Avatar
      JJ (4 comments)

      If she does go and she has the roind trip ticket, that’d be awesome! Not only that. .if it is a double eviction. . I hope an underdog wins the HOH & puts Paulie and Nicole up.

  5. Avatar
    CJ (5 comments)

    I’m confused why is James trying to get Day out? And when Paul says he doesn’t know why the house wants Day out but he will just follow the house he really means follow Paulie….Paul is weak and will get clipped as well if need be

  6. Avatar

    James wants Da out because she was stupid enough to tell him she wants to break up the showmances. Well Da, JAMES IS IN A SHOWMANCE!!! Not a good move.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      yep. that was stupid

    • ChiKelz

      Ann: Just to clear up the conversation between Day and James. She said there was too much power in that foursome. He acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about and she clarified by saying the 2 shomances. He then stated, “you know I’m in a showmance”! She said, “I’m not talking about you and reiterated there is too much power in that foursome. He like an idiot (I believe this will be his downfall) ran to Paulie and told him “Just for the record Day wants to rid of the showmances”. She specifially said to him I’m not talking about you and he still ran to Paulie. He will be clipped in the next 3 evictions. If he kept his mouth shut and helped Day he may have had a chance and maybe Day for that matter. Contrary to what he believes he has no one in the house except Nat. His gameplay this season has been pitiful at best!

      • Avatar

        Yes but she should have kept her mouth shut about showmances. I know if I was James, I would’ve read something into that statement too but I would have sense enough to know not to go running to Paulie with that info. I sure as hell wouldn’t trust Da anymore.

      • JadedMage

        that is true BUT she could have been back peddling when she realized what she said to James. she is very good at that

    • Mello_One

      @ Ann
      Yep Day did bring James attention to all the Showmances, and wanting to break them up…But on tonight’s Episode James said, “Day does Trust Me, and I know she has Bigger Fish in the House to Fry than me.”

      So James knows that Day isn’t going to be coming after him, or Nat Nat. Days Enemy List has Nicole & Corey on it! Paulie should be on her Enemy List too, but for some reason Day Trust Paulie?!

      • Avatar

        If Da is buying this bull-shit Paul is telling her, then she’s stupid. He was trying way too hard to get his point across to her.

  7. ingodog
    ingodog (119 comments)

    I think that showmance is mostly in James’ head, I really liked him last season. But this time not so much.

  8. Avatar
    WTF? (21 comments)

    I’m hoping Day stays. At least she is trying to win. I can’t believe how embarrassing the other women in the house are. They don’t even seem to be interested in playing the game. If they are going to spend the summer locked up in a house with an option to win half a million dollars how can they not play? They never talk strategy. They spend their time mooning over guys. The same guys who are talking about “axing” them. Nicole even said that in her earlier season people didn’t play so hard this early. Doesn’t she even know that it’s because Derrick was running the house.

    • Mello_One

      @ WTF
      Day, & Paulie, are the ONLY HG that are Playing! All the rest of them are Hugged Up with their Boo Thangs! And the Ones who are Singes Like Bridgette, Victor, Meech, & Paul are in a sweet place…But I have a feeling that Victor is gonna bust out & do some damage in the House!

      Plus Day bring the Drama, without her the House is BORING!

  9. Avatar

    One more thing. James had better watch himself. He’s trying to save Da & trying to get Paul to put Natalie up because he thinks she would be safe on the block next to Bridgette. He wants Bridgette gone but little does he know, Bridgette is working with the Godfather & his dumb idea of putting Nat up just might backfire on his ass. If Nat leaves perjury, I got a feeling James won’t be snuggling up to Nat Nat no more more. She will be pissed to find out James threw her name out there like that making her miss jury which is her real goal (getting to jury).

  10. Avatar

    Bridget for the win. Then she donates to Franks wrestling career. Afterwards him and Sid Tag team for the world title. Against the Douche they call Miz and maybe a girl from 16 and pregnant. Then the world ends.

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  12. Avatar

    Aaaaaaaa, what is this shit on my tv cause it sure as hell ain’t Big Brother????

  13. Avatar
    bbtvjunkie (9 comments)

    Paul is literally the little rat/snitch of bb18. cannot stand hI’m he should have walked out the door weeks ago right after jozea and Victor!

    and paulie should have gone that first week! he is awful, Z is awful too in much less of a way but still – the way paulie treats his ‘showmance’ is disgusting. he has no respect and needs to go ugh

    • Avatar
      Kola (32 comments)

      I don’t like any of the house guest either, but to be fair, Paul has done well for himself. By being adamant about wanting Vets gone, I thought he messed up his game since the Vets were working together and seemingly had strong control over the newbies in the 8 pack. Also, Lord Paulie was in the same boat, I thought being Cody’s brother couldn’t be good for his game and being a pawn early on, I thought he summer was done. They’ve both played by far the best game this season, and it helps that everyone else is not even playing except maybe Davonne.

    • Avatar

      That little twit Z does not have to put up with the crap Paulie is doing. She is a grown ass woman with an education acting like a little girl. If she allows a man to treat her like that then that’s her own stupidity & i have NO sympathy for her. I hate how she acts. She’s weak, a backstabber, back bitter, 2 faced, spineless, idiot. She’s getting just what she deserves if she’s stupid enough to put up with it. It burns my ass to see somebody just let a person walk all over them like a cheap rug.
      I like to think that I raised my girls to be strong independent women who don’t need to depend on nobody. I would be beside myself if my girls let anybody, be it man or woman treat them that way or acted like Z. NO SYMPATHY HERE!!!

      • Avatar
        bbtvjunkie (9 comments)

        Yeah but u can’t “educate” someone into gaining self esteem ann. You & I are lucky to have enough that we’do know better then to put up with his nasty behaviour. I guess Z does not, if she has low self esteem she probably believes that’s the sorta person she’s worthy of having around in fact she is acting like she’s blessed to have that doushebag to deal with. so I think that’s kinda sad and perhaps why I feel a little sympathy for her. The jealousy and immiture mindframe she showing about Paulie being around other women is also a sure sign of inner issues with self esteem, lacking confidence to feel secure ect ect ect. it’s sad to see anyone who’s struggling with their inner selves.

        *on a side note, I can’t watch the feeds myself coz I’m in Australia, b it I stay obsessed with us BB every year and waste all my days checking the blogs & twitter for updates. From what I’ve read in the last few days regarding pauliea treatment of Z, I sorta made the comment in reference to what he is saying behind her back more then anything. Not just his cocky, arrogant borderline sexism remarks in general he has been really throwing her under the bus to some of the others! I’m not sure how much or even if any of the conversations are coming back to Z. these sheep are all scared of being caught talking about Paulie and becoming his target….

      • Avatar

        One reason I don’t feel sorry for her is because she acts like she’s big & bad & running Paulie when she talks to Michelle about him. She tries to act like she knows what he would & wouldnt do. Then when the story gets back to Paulie, he chastises her & she back peddles, lies & cries & acts like she didn’t say anything or didn’t mean it like he thinks. She only just met the man & she’s obsessed with him.
        She does not know that man like that. It’s sad when you put all of your trust, heart & soul in a stranger’s hands to do with what he pleases. She’s going to be even more damaged when the game is over & walks away from her.

    • JD

      Z is Paulie’s Victoria just like Derrick trained him. Difference is Derrick didn’t make it romantic and he never volunteered to go up on the block. Paulie is doing it ego style.

  14. Avatar

    So if there all scared to go on the block. I know Paulie volunteers and proves why he’s Cesar this season. Why doesn’t someone suggest rock paper scissors. Or pick a number. And Paul runs it being Hoh. Anyone not down backdoor them.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      Did you see the look on PP’s face ? (hehehe what a terrible nickname) …face when he volunteered and then thought about it

      • Shivani33

        This PP business has got to stop. PP this and PP that, and our 7 and 8 year-olds are rolling on the floor laughing their heads off. Their sides are aching from laughing. They’re both hollering “why do two grown-up men call themselves PP?”

  15. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    I hate the comparisons of Paulie to Derrick.Derrick was always polite and a gentleman.Paulie is an arrogant ,egotistical ass!

    • Avatar

      150% right, 2 thumbs up.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      Paulie is playing a coached game …..he has to mix it up…and he has …..

    • Avatar

      Alda, i feel the same way! Derrick Jr., my foot! Paulie is not and never will be Derrick! It offends me to see people call Paulie Derrick! Yeah he’s playing pretty good and is controlling pretty much everything, but he is playing Paulies way, not Derricks! Please people, don’t talk down about Derricks amazing, noncomparable game he played! He is the best and always will be to me! Derrick played his own game and Paulie is playing his own game.

  16. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    I’m just watching tonight’s episode, I don’t like any of these people. Natalie collapsing under the pressure was kind of funny. Although she’s the most likeable. It would be awesome to see her win HOH next week and then cut James off at the knees by getting him out. Only because it would be a wake up call to people in future to play their own game, not just looking for showmance.

    Nicole whining with her thick Michigan accent is really wearing thin, especially when she talks about being safe for her and Corey. Play your own game!

    Rasputin is a jag off. Quit saying friendship a-hole!

    Victor has a large section of his beard missing, you really shouldn’t try to grow a beard if you can’t grow it in a very prominent area.

    Michelle is Christine from a few seasons ago. Whoever said that first was 100% right.

    If the rumours about Corey not be allowed his medication are true, that would explain a lot. He looks like he should be a beast.

    Z is still on the show?! Who knew? Has their ever been a more forgettable cast member who has lasted this long in the game?

    Da’Vonne is still a dick. I really want someone to put up a dickish exit video for her just like she did for others.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      Why does Rasputin have such small targets in mind? Why would he waste his HOH by taking out Brdigette? I know the plan has changed, but watching it and seeing him with such conviction that Bridgette needs to go is funny.

      Hey Raputin, when you go to lay out your case to win at the end what sounds more impressive: getting out the girl who has no one on her side and can be taken out at anytime? Or going after a big target and making moves to help you win the $500k?

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        Paulie is really starting to resemble Rasputin. Perhaps they can pull out a sewing needle and bic pen and go to work on a chest tattoo. It can’t look any worse than Rasputin’s horrible chest tat.

        And nothing like rocking the Johnny Bravo haircuts.

  17. Avatar

    Now let’s not blame Michigan. I’m dangerously close in Indiana. She has very tiny nostrils and her brain and mouth are fighting for oxygen at the same time. Mouth is winning, but brain is giving her the finger by giving her that voice.

    • Avatar

      LMAO, You are too damn funny. I think those big glasses are putting a lot of pressure on her nose too because they look heavy.

      • Avatar

        Lol they ain’t helping her. And for everyone saying Corey deserves a break because he’s off his meds. A. We don’t know that to be true. B. If you have ADHD should you be some what hyper. Perhaps he’s just a fucking dumbass jock. I.E. Revenge of the nerds. Educate yourself fools. C. You fuck with a goat I will bend you to my will you sick mofo. Rant done.

    • Avatar

      It’s my turn to rant. I hate how Z is so clingy & needy. She is always hanging all over Paulie making herself look so f**king stupid. Evict her ass already dammit. If Paulie farts, Z is there to smell it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Smell it? Her head’s so far up Paulie’s butt she’s on a first name basis with his colon.

      • Avatar

        aaron corey does not have adhd he has add two completely different things adhd people are hyperactive ppl with add are not hyperactive. without their meds they are slow and fuzzy and cant focus and the opposite of hyperactive

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        My bad, if he does have it. It pretty irresponsible of Big Brother and Corey not to be taking his medication.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    As I’m watching BBAD, I’m watching Nicole. She just got info from Sunburn and Zzz and swore them not to tell anybody that they talked, then went straight to the BY and reported EVERYTHING to Bambi and Bunyon….word for word. Then when Bunyon said he was going to talk to them, she almost crapped on herself…eyes got as big as saucers and almost pleaded for him not to tell them she talked to them. If you’re going to be a rat, at least be a bold one. Nothing pisses me off more than a COWARD! There are a lot of people in the house who I don’t like, she just shot her scrawny little ghostly ass right to the top! Now I want her gone…more than Zzz, more than Sunburn…more than Gidget….more than Bambi….more than ANYBODY!

    Oh and everytime I heare the word “sketch”, I want to puke and cut somebody’s throat! FRIENDSHIP!

    • Avatar

      Be awesome if the producers made them celebrate Festives. If you know what I’m talking about I love you. Serinity Now!

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        Everyone knows Festivus is December 23rd. Are you talking about the airing of grievances or the feats of strength? Or perhaps the aluminum pole?

      • Avatar

        Don’t be a smartass. Its all the same SRP91

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        Wasn’t trying to be a smart ass, I was actually asking if you meant the airing of grievances or feats of strength. Any of it would be hilarious. The mention of the aluminum pole was just another hilarious part of that episode.

        “Did you see the pole Kruger?”

    • Avatar

      LMAO until I choked. Loved every single word.
      I want that Fool Z gone too. I hate her walk, her voice, her everything. It’s weak ass women like her that makes us all look bad. I can’t stand her ass.

    • Avatar

      NKogNeeTow, what was it that Meech & Z told Nicole?

      • Avatar

        they told her that they did not see why paul etc were not going after brid like they had said they were going to do. this was after day cried to them(mich and z) that she was going up on block and she didnt see why it had to be her instead of natalie or nicole who had volunteered. nicole had not asked for any info she just happened to be there. she didn’t say anything about it. I did not hear them ask her not to tell anyone. She did go tell paul. She did ask paul not to tell anyone. day crying that she had nobody in the house to take care on her and why couldnt it be anyone but her who went up??

  19. Kari B.
    Kari B. (779 comments)

    I just had an idea I know the polls are about the game itself but it might be fun too everybody’s from even if it’s just the states?

    Anybody even cares to comment Hanford Washington State, actually just a little Southwest of Seattle.

    PS: did Bridget just reinjurE her ankle or something?

    Oh and the comment about Vaseline and.”what am I doing with my life?” I about just spit out the ice tea I was drinking I laughing so hard, LMAO!!!!

  20. Avatar

    Im sick of Paulie’s cocky ass. Why can’t anybody see he’s a serious threat?
    I jope that backstabbing little b**ch Z chokes on whatever she’s eating while she’s trying to rat Da out.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    They were telling her that they would rather get Gidget out and keep Da. They said that they believe the boys were being “sketch” with them and not telling them anything. Nic played dumb (which isn’t a stretch) and told them she doesn’t think so. Nic told them that she hasn’t talked game with ANYBODY. She told them to just lay low and not say anything to get Paul riled up since he hasn’t put up a re-nom yet. Sunburn and Zzz said they believe there is something going on that they don’t know about. Nic just sat there looking all wide eyed and stupified. She told them she would go talk to Bambi and see if he knows anything. As soon as she left, Sunburn whispered to Zzz that she thinks Nic was going to fill Bambi in on everything they said (which she did…IMMEDIATELY!). That damn girl ran out to the BY so fast she almost passed herself. When she reached Bunyon and Bambi, she was trying to tell them what happened and Paul was trying to tell her something. She him to wait, she had something to tell him and she had to do it quick before one of them came outside. Then she spilled her guts. But as soon as he said he was going in to talk to them to see if they said anything, she BEGGED him not to tell them she told. She told him if he did, she would be in trouble. I know it sounds mean and I hate to promote violence, but at that point, I just wanted to punch her in her face…HARD! As much as I hate those nasty goodbye messages Da leaves for people, I’m praying for her to leave one for Nicole. And that sorry-azz shero she worships, he just sits there looking like a Goofy imitator and agrees with everything anyone says.

    And that lying azz Godfather. He now claims he just wants Da up there to see what she’ll do. Who the HELL is he to question someone, like he’s the Furor or someone. Who put him in charge of putting people’s loyalty to the test….Oh that’s right….They ALL did.

    Now The Godfather, Bunyon, Bambi and Nic are trying to convince Zzz and Sunburn that Gidget really is the target. Da’s “good friend” Zzz is saying she doesn’t care who goes, just do what they want (she only says that when she’s around her LoveBone).

    When does the new season start again???

    • Avatar

      @NKogNeeTow, you’re killing me. I absolutely love reading your comments. You are spot on. Where did BB find these people? There’s no hope for these EXTRA STUPID women. I just don’t understand why they all just hand over all control to Paulie. The men too. They sshould all feel really stupid when they watch the show after Paulie collects his $500k check.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Sunburn and Nat were popping Bunyon’s back pimples. Not to be outdone, Zzz decided to pop The Godfather’s… WTH?!?! They’re nasty azzes can’t find another form of entertainment? Oh how I wish I were an alcoholic right now :-/

  23. JD

    The girls are playing after school detention. Talking boys and nail polish. James got himself sent to detention so he could be with the girls. Da wants to play but hasn’t figured out how to play. Paul like everyone else gave away his HOH and isn’t thinking. There is no real strategy game play. Except for Paulie. (If you can call his game strategy) Everyone is playing emotional. I don’t like him/her so house/pack votes them out. I wonder what Paulie put in the kool-aid to turn everyone into a cast of walking zombies.

    I am in Southern California, San Fernando Valley.

  24. Avatar

    Paulie is out of the bunny boiler’s eyesight. She’s going to go hunt him down in a minute.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That didn’t last long. She was in the kitchen eating (again) and was watching him the entire time.

      Bambi’s eyes are starting to look like Vanessa’s….wide eyed and crazy.

      Slick Vic is losing his 6-pack.

      Nicole and The Godfather lie so much, their eyes are starting to cross. But I guess when you do lie that much, you should have a way to look over your shoulder.

      Zzz is calling Slick shallow. But if you shake her, I’m sure you’ll hear the sound of wind.

      Nicole thinks Da is vicious. But I swear I thought I saw fangs when she was spilling the beans to Bunyon.

      Nat is freezing James’ shoes. Better leave him something to walk out of the house in when you get him kicked out.

      Da just walking around not saying much. Bet inside that head there are more wheels turning than a Swiss clock.

      • Mello_One

        @ NKogNeeTow
        This is a Replay of Big Brother 16, the “only” exception is that Derrick was more Undercover with being the Puppet Master. Paulie is IN YOUR FACE with his plans, and none of them are saying…”We need to get Paulie out, he is Drunk with Power!” The Biggest mistake Day has made is trusting in Paulie, and running to him with Info.

        The most Ironic part is that Nicole is Playing her Same role?! From the 1st week in Nicole started spreading rumors about Day, when all of the Vets were still really tight. That is why I don’t like Paulie/Nic/Corey all three are utterly the worst. And James/Natalie Know it!

      • Avatar

        I wonder how much longer Corey can go without his meds? That’s why he can’t win anything & wait until they have a mental comp, he’s really going to be looking confused.
        If I have to keep watching Z hanging all over Paulie &watching his every move, I am going to scream. She seriously annoys the living hell out of me. I wanna slap her & tell her to grow her simple minded ass up & be a woman.
        Paulie treats her like a child chastising her & she acts like a child & lets him make her dumbass think she’s always wrong (which she is) & needs him & just can’t be without him. He just might try to drag her ass to the finals because he can beat her. Hell, my 8yr old grandson can beat her in any comp.
        Nicole is not at all the sweet innocent girl she wants people to think she is. The girl is ruthless & trifling.
        Da needs to blow everybody’s game up before she leaves. She needs to put Nicole’s ass on blast for sure & spill her guts about all she knows.
        Ya Boy is sickening. He has such a filthy mouth. Im so tired of hearing that loud mouth scumbag talk about boneing. He ought to be thinking about shaving that scruffy hair off of his face.
        Im just sick of the whole lot of them. Can’t we just start over with a whole new group of people who want to play the game.

  25. JD

    Nat telling James to put vasaline on his butt to help it from being sore. Ummmm….I don’t think I needed to hear that or know why she would not that. First hand er um I mean experience I guess

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Anyone else notice that Zzz once said she hardly ever eats but every time you see her, she is putting food in her mouth? But she once got mad at Slick Vic because she said he was going to eat them out of house and home (like SHE”S buying the groceries).

    • Avatar

      I noticed that too. She was just eating outside on the hammock & now she’s eating again. I wonder if she’s going to be sitting by the DR door waiting for Paulie to come out.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    Sunburn eats a lot too. And everything she eats is CRUNCHY!

  29. NKogNeeTow

    And why do these women (Zzz, Sunburn and Nicole) automatically think they’re safe? The only ones in the house who have sense enough to know that nobody is safe are Da, Gidget and Nat.

  30. Avatar
    Gerardo (2712 comments)

    Watching BBAD and there’s never been a scene that better sums up this season. The guys (Corey, Paul, and Vic) are upstairs discussing the game, while the girls (Z, Nicole, and Michelle) are downstairs discussing…their futures with Corey and Paulie… *facepalm*

  31. Avatar

    Paulie and Paul and James making plans to “clip” the girl half of the showmaces because they are getting in the way. I don’t even know if the girls have even considered it. They’re up in the DR crying because they don’t want to get split up. GAAAAHHHHHH

  32. Avatar

    Can anyone even think of a way for Da to save herself? I don’t see ZZ going against Paulie. Paulie,Nic, Corey are going to vote her out. I don’t see Nat voting against BRidge–but maybe-they don’t seem aligned anymore. Paul and Victor are going to stick with Paulie.
    I guess Day is going to have to convince the house to flip against the Godfather, Nicole, and Corey in order to stay. Can she do it?
    She will need 5 votes: Z, Mich, James, and Nat are all maybes. Who would the 5th vote be? Can da convince Nicole that she is Paulie’s next target???
    Damn, I hope Day can stay!

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