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Sunny Sunday In The Big Brother House

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It’s a slow day in the Big Brother house as things were done fairly quickly yesterday, so the house doesn’t really know what to do. I mean last night, they had the back yard open, which is rare for a Saturday night.

The big question will come tomorrow, and that is whether or not Paul will indeed replace Paulie with Da’Vonne on the block. If he does, will he be able to convince her that she’s just a pawn and Bridgette is still the target?  The last I saw, Day is pretty convinced Bridgette is going home this week, but she’s also not on the block next to her yet. That makes me think today will be slow, and tomorrow will either pick up or remain slow depending on what Day believes

Enough rambling, here are the updates..

  • 3:00pm – Michelle, Nicole and Natalie are tanning while James is inside talking about how he was sick all night. I guess bathroom issues. Don’t know if he was puking, or blocked up, but I’m sure it’s nothing anyone really cares about, either way. Let’s just go with him being sick.
    • Paul is inside the safari room talking to James. Paul said he wants to get Bridgette out, and James said he’s closer with Day
    • Day comes in and the conversation breaks up
    • Day leaves, Victor comes in, they talk a little, but no more about Day. Conversation breaks up
  • 3:30pm – Both James and Paul end up in the HoH room to start their chat again
    • It sounds like Paul is going to try to convince Day she’s a pawn. It does help that he put up his friend (Paulie) as a pawn
    • Paul still wonders why the house would want Day out, but he ‘trusts’ the house
    • James says he doesn’t want to be a ‘Frank’ player (entertaining?) and wants to have a few loyal people
    • Paulie joins the conversation
    • Paul and Paulie are saying how Bridgette can work with the guys. Even use her to take out Vic
    • Paulie is back to being Derrick and hammering home his points to nominate Day. He must have noticed the doubt in Paul’s voice.  Gotta give him credit. If Derrick did indeed coach, Paulie was a damn good student
    • Paul says he will go through with the plan, but he doesn’t really want to. He really wants Bridgette out
  • 4:00pm – Conversation still going on. Derrick Jr isn’t going to let any doubt get into Paul or James’ head.
    • guyshoh
    • Victor comes in and breaks up the conversation again
  • 4:15pm – Paul is alone, Da’Vonne joins
    • Paul tells her he spoke a little with Bridgette
    • Da’Vonne says Bridgette asked her what it would take to survive in the house. Day told her to tell Paul everything she knows about Nicole
    • Paul says he needs someone who won’t freak out. Day says ‘like Natalie?’ .. he says no, she’s already been freaking out
    • Paul says he doesn’t want to put her in that same situation (pawn), but he’s thinking about it
    • Day asks about Victor. He rambles some excuse
    • She says ‘well what about someone who has never been on the block’, he says they’ll freak out
    • She doesn’t want to go up because she doesnt’ trust Corey or Nicole (nor should she)
    • He said he’s worried about Victor even getting 4 votes, stay in the house and goes insane (Paul is getting himself in too deep with this lie. Evac! Evac!)
    • She asks about Nicole, since Nicole volunteered, and he rambled something about that can’t happen
    • Day says she is worried that she is a big target. He tries to tell her she’s not. She is not at all believing him. I can’t wait to eventually see the DR session after this conversation
    • He is still pushing it. He is saying ‘he is a man of his word’. He’d better hope they are not in jury yet
    • (and note – Julie almost always tells them when they make jury. I am beginning to think it’s a 7 person jury)
    • paul-badliar
    • Day points out how after veto, the HoH is essentially useless and people dont’ always listen to them.  She is totally not buying what he’s selling
  • 4:35pm – Day is done with him and he tells her to bring ‘Crocker’ up (Bridgette Crocker) they call her
    • If you didn’t know, Bridgette injured herself in the HoH
    • bridgette-knee
    • Meanwhile, Da’Vonne brings Z outside to retell the story.
    • Day immediately says she is going up. I knew she didn’t buy his lies. She is smarter than that
    • She begins crying because she thinks everyone is getting a pass except for her
    • day-crying
    • Day points out how Paul mentioned people were freaking out, especially Natalie, but why would they care?  She’s right. If she was really in an alliance, they shouldn’t care if Natalie is freaking out about being a pawn.  That’s why it’s a piss poor lie and Day saw right through it
    • Day mentions how Nicole volunteered to go up, and Paul can easily re-take her up on that, but Paul doesn’t want to.
    • She’s annoyed because she gave advice to Bridgette on how to be safe (tell them what she knows about Nicole), and that was to look after the boys. Now they are going to screw her over
  • 5:00pm – Z leaves, Nat joins.
    • Day asks Nat how she would vote. Nat says if she wants her to vote for her, she’s vote for her
    • Time to watch the CBS episode
  • 7:00pm – Da’Vonne is chatting with Paulie in the safari room
    • Day says she doesn’t want to find out about being on the block at the ceremony. Wants a heads up
    • They talk a bit about it, because she really doesn’t understand why he can’t put someone like Nicole up. Paulie humors her and tells her he’ll see what he can do
    • She goes inside and catches James.  She asks him if he spoke with Paul, and he said a little but is vague
  • 7:23pm – Paul, Paulie, Michelle and Da’Vonne are in the storage room
    • Michelle is telling them how Victor apparently reenacted a wet dream to her. Ok then
  • 7:45pm – Natalie is advising James to rub vaseline on his butthole because it’s sore. What am I doing with my life?
  • 9:44pm – Sorry for the lack of update. I was watching the feeds, but in the middle of a game at the same time. Let’s recap…
    • Da’Vonne tried again to talk to Paul, but he humored her again
    • He had a long talk with Paulie about how Day is going home, and they may keep Bridgette for awhile who could go after some guys when they need
    • They are going to need a few guys taken out because it will be harder to reach f2 than if they were in f5 with Michelle, and a few other ‘easy’ players
    • Victor has been chatting with Michelle and making her laugh. I wonder if he’s going to be a new crush.
    • Now Z is outside with Paulie and Vichelle is still chatting.

Check back for updates


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BB24 Michael Bruner
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