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Super Late Power Rankings – Big Shakeup



My apologies for a super late power rankings this week.  I woke up feeling awful in the stomach, and spent the better part of the day laying in bed so I’d be sure to be ready for the episode tonight.  Luckily, I am feeling a bit better – at least long enough to write this post.

Vanessa’s bump from the top spot turned out to be very brief as she had a fantastic week. I will say this, however.  If Austin or Liz manage to win the HoH tonight, she could very quickly be screwed. That said, I’d be willing to bet she’d find a way for them to evict Steve over her, even though the pair clearly knows Vanessa is running the house.  Van is just that good, and Austin/Liz are just that bad.  It would not surprise me.

Except for my doubt last week, which I apologized for, I still think this is Vanessa’s game to lose.  Sorry for the brief summary. This may be the last or second to last rankings of the season. I just realized they will likely do 2 evictions next week, but not double eviction. At the end of the season, they like to do an eviction on Wed and Thursday.  The bad part is that I won’t know a lot lot because the feeds typically go down for a solid 24+ hours during this period so there are no spoilers for the Wednesday show.  I may be able to squeeze in a ranking before then depending on what we find out, but after that, it will be down to the final 3.


Here are the rankings

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  1. Avatar

    I still think Judas is playing abetter game then he is getting created for.

  2. Avatar

    I’m still not convinced Liz isn’t the one going home tonight.

    • Avatar

      I really really hope you are right but I’m not feeling as optimistic.

    • Jannie

      Yeah, once again Vanessa is doing what’s best for Vanessa’s game. Even thought it would be easier to beat Julia in the end,she will take the credit for saving Liztin, make them pledge they undying loyalty, and then give the orders to Johnny Mac(which he will dutifully obey) to keep Liz.
      I just hope that if one of the Liztin’s wins the next HOH they go after her…but I doubt it.

  3. Avatar

    I still can’t believe the house has agreed to evict Julia over Liz. If they stick to this, I think it is going to come back and bite them in the butt. Taking out Julia only breaks up the twins. Taking out Liz breaks up the twins AND Liztin. I really think it will be foolish if they keep Liz in the game, especially since they are anticipating an endurance comp. I really hope there is a plan to blindside them. Not only would I prefer to see Liz go personally, but the season is long overdue for some big shocking drama!!

  4. Elaine

    It was interesting on the CBS episode how Vanessa, in the blink of an eye, got Julia to pick Austin. No doubt the trio had long discussions about who to pick each turn. Somehow that “trust me” got Julia in a trance. It is her game to lose, but she has been good.

    • Jannie

      That was pretty amazing – and even more amazing that within no time, even though the mighty “Judas” saw what Vanessa was up to and was pretty enraged, she(Vanessa) had him apologizing to her in the hammock room.

  5. danmtruth

    As has been pointed out befor In all the talks of renominates Vanessa name never come up . Austin brags in the DR about how JUDAS!!! Is back Than wants everyone come and kiss his veto . Now he can’t understand why Liz is mad at him Look who is clarifying every thing None other than Vanessa who spun the tail to her liking . Let’s see if Vanessa wants any excitement and flip on Liz to bring Austin closer to her

  6. Jannie

    So, according to Joker’s…

    Steve said something to JMac that involved “James compensating” and something happened in the HOH room “that he can’t talk about.”
    JMac unsure if Steve is being serious.
    Maybe we will finally get another twist tonight??

    And a quote of the day from Liz..
    “If I blank on my speech tonight I am literally never speaking to myself again!”

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