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Tensions Fill The Big Brother House


When Megan left the house, people wondered if they were just going to throw the week away like they do on Survivor a lot (no eviction that week).  When Christmas was out getting x-rays, the house assumed if she was gone then they would certainly just scrap the week. What they don’t seem to realize is that they’re not on shows like Survivor. Big Brother is a 24/7 show that takes place all summer long and they can’t just skip evictions for the week unless they do it on Thursday night at the last minute.  Why?  Because of weeks like this week.

Had they just said the house has a week off when Megan left, we would never have seen Cody try to nominate Paul then be forced to nominate Christmas which set her on fire. We would never have watched the Cody/Jessica alliance with the rest of the house slowly deteriorate as it’s been doing the last few days.  Nor would we see the veteran Paul playing as hard as he’s been playing despite saying he wasn’t going to play so hard. It would have been a dull week and that’s why there is no chance that even if Christmas was sent home that they would have scrapped the week.  For every person who quits the show just increases the chance of someone coming back later in the season for a buy-back twist.

That leads me to elaborate on what has been happening over the last 24 hours.  Ever since Cody went rogue and decided to try to nominate Paul without his alliances approval, he has been losing the support of everyone – including Jessica who is seen jokingly asking him if he wants another baby below….


Cody realizes he screwed up so he has been trying to pretend that was his strategy all along so he can take the heat off his alliance and keep the target on himself. He has been working hard to clear Jessica’s name, but it appears to be failing because even her closest female friend in the house, Elena, is just about done with her and Cody.

Why the turnaround?  Because Cody tried to nominate the two most aggressive people in the house on the same day. It was bad enough that he tried to put Paul up (he was denied because of the temptation twist), but then went after Christmas instead.  The only thing this did was create an absolute onslaught of Paul and Christmas hounding the rest of the house to evict Jillian. Paul has been able to get Raven and Elena to eat out of his hands while Christmas has a sneaky top notch social game going on with others in the house. She was cast as the physical beast, but her social game to this point has been as good if not better than what she can bring physically.  Now that she is injured, that only makes her social game even stronger.

Where does this leave the house? Paul and Christmas are going to keep fighting to evict Jillian which may end up blowing up in their faces because of the annoyance factor, but it’s kind of needed because Jillian still has a handful of votes to keep her – in addition to the tiebreaker. The next few days are going to get even more interesting as the duo continue to campaign while trying to not over-campaign and become annoying.

Today is Independence Day, so I hope everyone has a great and safe day. I may take a little time off today but I will keep watching the feeds and post if anything worth noting happens.  Worst case is that I won’t do a live update thread today but end up posting a recap later on tonight.  Have a good day!


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  1. ElaineB

    Have an enjoyable 4th Steve and Melinda……and everyone else here that is part of our Junkies family! Be safe!

  2. I would like to know everyone’s thoughts on Raven, I feel like she’s throwing her disease around to pull on peoples heartstrings. I can sympathize somewhat with her but this is a game, and well I agree with Alex’s opinion about it …..

    • AIO_7

      I still like Raven; she’s never really given me a reason not to like her, other than maybe being a bit too flirty.

    • Ann

      I think that’s exactly what she’s doing Carmen. That was the very first thing that came to mind when she kept on & on about it to anyone who would listen. Cindy Lu Whoo is playing the sympathy card. My thought is, if she’s so deathly ill, why does she need the $500K if she won’t be around to spend it?

      • HaHa Ann too funny, leave it to you to come up with that angle!

      • She’s really working that sympathy angle. Say she needs the money for her medical bills and who wants to be the ass hole to kick off the sick girl? They need to smarten up. I almost feel like it’s the fake grandma dying of cancer ( I forget who it was who used that)

      • danmtruth

        Cindy lu Whooo how do you come up with these Ann ? Yes she has not done anything to cause drama Yet she does seem to be pushing the limit Much like Victoria

      • Ann

        @danmtruth, Paul called her Cindy Lu Whoo when she came to talk to him about getting a friendship bracelet. She had those 2 buns on top of her head. Lol
        That sympathy card she’s playing wouldn’t mean crap to me because I’m sure the rest of them have medical bills too. Christmas just acquired herself a few playing horsey & falling off Whistle Nuts back & breaking her foot.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Kayla, wasn’t it Paulie talking about Aunt Grandma?

      • Ann

        It was Paulie’s Aunt-Grandma with cancer.

    • NKogNeeTow

      She does use that illness as a crutch. At this point, I’d like to just send her a sympathy basket then do like the Grinch, give her a glass of water, pat her on the head and scoot her off to bed.

      • What disease does Raven have? I’ve been behind on the feeds. I’m completely lost.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Cyn, some kind of intestinal or ingestinal thing, I can’t remember. All I know is she has some kind of implant like a pacemaker thingy, but everyone else has seen it but me…lol. If you look in one of the last threads, Melinda explains it 🙂

    • LindsayB

      She annoys me to no end. She acts like a child with a schoolyard crush constantly squealing and smacking Matt. Does it suck that she had a disease? Sure. Am I sick and tired of hearing about it? Absolutely. She’s using it to her advantage tho so I give her credit for that. She’ll have people working to keep her off of slop all summer and nobody’s gonna want to be the person who nominated the sick girl for eviction. So yeah, I’m sick of hearing about it but it’s going to help her in the game.

      • NKogNeeTow

        See that’s where I think that’s unfair. If she has dietary restrictions that could/would exempt her from certain things in the house (like slop), then she shouldn’t be there. Slop is part of the game and no one should be exempt unless they were lucky enough to not get chosen for it, but not because it would effect one’s illness. I know, it would mess up her digestive system. I hate to sound cold but it messes up everybody’s digestive system. Hell, that pacemaker or whatever you call it (she calls it “the thing that keeps me alive”) hasn’t stopped her libido any. She still tries to snuggle up with anything that can get an erection. I’m surprised Dom hasn’t smacked her in the forehead and yelled “HEAL!”

      • Ann

        Too bad I’m not there because I wouldn’t have a problem with sending her ass home quick, fast & in a hurry with the little box in her belly & all. She would be treated just like everybody else as far as I’m concerned because she knew what she was getting into coming to the BB House. If her illness is so serious, she shouldn’t have came on the show.
        .WWMD (What Would Megan Do) QUIT…

      • Ann

        Nk, that was awesome, I love it…Smack her on the forehead & say HEAL…LMAO

      • LindsayB

        Oh I don’t think she should be exempt from anything. I’m just saying that she has people wrapped around her annoying little finger. At this point they are willing to sacrifice their game for her which I think is ridiculous. At the same time, I have to reluctantly give her props for getting people to fall for her sympathy card. I would be aligned with Ann and be getting little twinkle toes out asap.

    • Colby

      Of course she is playing the sympathy card.
      And while we are well aware that phych has missed the mark often, they are not going to allow anyone to play BB who’s health could be seriously affected by the physical stress, or by having to eat slop. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.
      But if the housepets are dumb enough to fall for it, that’s on them.

    • ElaineB

      Raven is cooking for everyone, practicing dance moves in the kitchen, and being cutsey-cutesy. How long the act will work, not sure.

      • NKogNeeTow

        She’s going to twirl and twist her way right on out of $500K if she’s not careful. They might catch on to that “barely alive” act.

      • I would think comps would be harder on Raven’s illness then slop. She annoys me. Right from the start. As far as the women go I think I’m team Alex.

  3. strwar1

    Have A Happy 4th of July Everybody!!! Also Things Like Cody Losing Support Makes Me Happy! I Hope Paul Fights Harder To Get The HOH and Go After Cody!

  4. danmtruth

    props to Amberchelly on the wreckitMark nickname That’s why it’s so fun to hear peoples thoughts Very creative
    Hate to harp on this but production has a lot to cover before the LIVE EVICTION ( say it like you mean it ) Need to show the veto comp Did Grody throw it ? Most in his alliance think so Led by his Curela DeVille wanabe Jess Show the re-nom of Paul That blowing up in his face Re-re-Nom of Xmas The fire storm both of those moves started Not to mention Xmas injury Wheee that’s a lot to cover They can save the wreckitMark break down till the night of Thur vote But for people who only watch the show As Hawk Harilson says Sit down and Strap it up

  5. AIO_7

    Enjoy your 4th, Steve and Melinda. Me, I’ll be here most of the day except between the hours of 7 to 11 Eastern.

    Flatt Matt and Raven had a long convo. last night on the hammock and she is totally on to Jessica Arias (I’ll explain that name in a minute). Hot Lips is on to JODY too.

    Now, on to the nickname: I forgot what nic. CBS gave to Jessica and Cody but JODY seems obvious to me; and once I started thinking about it she definitely reminds me of Jody Arias, and Grody takes the psycho killer vibe up to 11.

  6. danmtruth

    Jess has Jodi Arias cold psycho killer part of her down pat She did say she wanted to be the life of the party All eyes on me !
    Is it me or has hot lips Elena not been flashing as much God knows there are enough screen grabs to fill a boys high school locker room
    I miss it before but yes have a safe 4th with friends and family Enjoy the time together On a side note take a moment to make sure no one on your block has an issue with fireworks I’m not talking grumpy people who just dont like fun I’m talking vet’s who can’t handle the noise Trust me there are people suffering in silence like that Have a great day everyone

    • AIO_7

      JODY are making out on the hammock right now.

      As far as fireworks; I like a proper fireworks show, but hate it when the jacklegs on the your block try their hand at it. It’s especially bad for your pets.

  7. Ann

    Have a safe & Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

  8. NKogNeeTow

    I’m not doing anything special today. It’s suppose to storm here 🙁 I’m like AI, I like the fireworks, but the professional ones. I don’t have PTSD but I don’t like loud noises. I do hope all of you who are traveling, will stay safe. Oh, and eat enough bbq ribs for the both of us…lol

    • Colby

      I like the professional ones too, but hate the crowds and the traffic that goes with it.
      So the most I usually see are on TV, or maybe a few sparklers and smaller stuff (not loud) with my grandkids.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Colby, the crowds and especially the traffic are heinous in DC on the 4th. A group of us use to go to the outskirts of DC and park along the highway and watch them years ago, but even that started to get to get crowded. Besides, I get a better view of everything from the TV anyway.

      • Ann

        Our fireworks show is at our community center directly behind my house so I’ve never had to leave my house on the 4th of July. I hide inside with my ears covered because loud noises scare the hell out of me. I might peep out of a window here & there to see the lights in the sky but I don’t go out. The streets get really crowded all around my neighborhood, the smell of bbq all around & loud noises of the bands playing at the boot fest. Loud popping noises are not for me.

      • feltso gudinya

        i wonder what idiot will kill or maim themselves this year? last year some drunk moron blew his own head off…………….

  9. Hey everyone !

    Happy July 4th from a neighbour from the north !

    Hope everyone is having a great holiday.

  10. I do not trust Dim Dom. She is still deep into Grodys pocket…..she is up to no good!

    • Ann

      @Helen, I told you I don’t like that broke ass wannabe Oprah as someone called her last night. There’s something about her that I don’t like. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but I don’t like her. How long before we see the real Dom? Oh, did I mention I don’t like her???

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think so too Helen. The way she just mainly sits around and listens without saying anything. Last night in the BY with Paul, Raven, Matt and Elena, at first they were talking and I thought she took the longest sip of water in history. I thought the fool was going to drown. They had been talking for about 10 minutes and she had that cup up to her mouth, watching them the entire time. FINALLY she contributed to the conversation and I almost fell out of the chair. She seemed to be on their side, but who knows with these people.

  11. My HOH prediction if everything goes where I think……Paul and Cowboy will get co HOH. One of them will put up Jessica……Ram will use his Curae and go OTB……Alex hopefully will get temptation. If Cody is picked for Veto,Alex will use it to take him off,preventing him from playing……whoever wins veto pulls Ram off and. Up goes Cody……Checkmate

    • LindsayB

      I’m going to laugh my ass off is Slosh wins HOH. It’ll go from him being the leper of the house to Mr Popularity. Everyone will be hating life all week and all the girls who have been laughing at his pathetic attempts to be in a showmances will be letting him motorboat them all week. He makes my skin crawl but I think it would be amazing for him to be HOH.

      • It’s a co HOH. So it will be two people. From convos so far in house most HG are going to throw to Paul. Could be Paul/Alex. Alex would love to put up Jessica Arias. Either Christmas or Alex is gonna get temptation. The votes look pretty close right now Poll). Either way they are going to nix Cody playing in veto…..

      • Colby

        I don’t see the point in giving Christmas the temptation. Chances are that if it is a physical comp, she won’t be able to play, at least not well. And I think she would have to use the temptation before she knows what the comp is.

      • I know. I’m just looking at the poll vote and it is almost a tie between xmas and Alex. It wouldn’t matter though. If xmas gets it and Cody gets picked to play xmas can still use it just to prevent Cody from playing in it. Jessica Arias isn’t going to beat Paul or Alex or Cowboy ( I don’t think) and Cody can still be backdoored

      • Plus even if by chance Arias won, worse case is she pulls herself off and Cody will go up in her place…..heck that would be even better because then Arias will be responsible (in a round about way) in sending the cyborg home! Lol

      • Ann

        Eeww, Lindsay who has Sloshy been trying to get in a showmance with?
        What does motorboat mean?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Lindsay, who do you think Josh would put up if he were HOH? Most of the HG haven’t been nice to him and he told Xmas (I think) that he knows nobody likes him. I think he’d keep Xmas and Kool Papa safe, but not sure who else. Who does he dislike the most?

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann, I’m not sure if I can explain it right, but its like that thing you do to baby’s stomachs…like when your make your lips flap against their little tummies to make them laugh. Except men put their lips between a woman’s breast and do it. Does that make sense? Sorry if I didn’t explain it very well. I can visualize it but can’t quite put it into words…lol

      • LindsayB

        I really don’t know who slosh would put up. He’s so emotionally unstable I think he would end up having a mental breakdown. He’s starved for attention so I think he would follow the lead of whoever made him feel pretty.

      • LindsayB

        Ann I think he’s approached every girl in the house. He even told Sponge that she was his backup plan. He’s also told the girls he’s really good at sex. It’s shocking that he’s still single…. I just threw up a little.
        NK, that was an amazing PG explanation of motorboating. I bow down to you.

      • Colby

        Ann, NK, I think they call that a raspberry.

      • Colby

        LOL, Ann. That is what they call blowing on a babies tummy.
        Really thinking the ‘boobie blow job’ is probably very different. 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Colby, I can sit here and do that thing and noise with my lips, but don’t know how to put it into words…LOL

      • feltso gudinya

        every time i think of josh i picture him in a diaper……..

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, I texted my son & asked him what motorboat is. I just wanted to mess with him. Well, I got texts back from all 3 of my daughters & my sons. They asked who told me that, what was I watching on TV, who is at my house & my daughter called me an old perv. Lol… If I had just text them to see what they were doing today, non of them would’ve answered me right away. My son called & asked if was ok & if I had taken my meds today. Now I know all I have to do is ask you, Colby or NK to give me advice on what sex question to ask & I can text 1 of them & get responses from all of them if I want to talk to all of them. Lol

      • Colby

        Purring with your lips?

      • LindsayB

        Oh. My. God. Ann you are killing me!!!!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day!!!!

      • @Ann I think you killed your son’s motorboating fun for a while !
        That is too funny !

    • danmtruth

      a girl needs her fantasy Helen As good as any other Just lay off that 4spirt drink lol

      • AIO_7

        Ann; you’ve only been given half the story. There is another part of the anatomy that is a famous place for motorboating, too.

      • Ann

        @AIO 7, I had to take my glasses off & rub my eyes when I read that. No wonder I didn’t know what that was called because I never liked that.
        Omg, that’s why my kids think I’ve lost my mind. I can’t believe I asked my son what that was. Lol

        Lindsay, NK, Colby, so did you guys purposely leave that part out? Lmao
        Remind me not to ask questions next time. Lol

      • LindsayB

        This has gotten out of hand. Lol

      • I am dying reading the comments of the day. This is making my abs hurt. Ann this was gold!!!!

  12. g8trgirl

    Happy 4th, y’all from Florida where it’s a balmy 100 degrees with 85% humidity. I’m sweating more than when Grossica is doing their dry hump. Ewww..
    Stay safe.

  13. Shivani33

    Joshy has told both Christmas and Jillian that he’ll vote to protect them. However, he was much, much more emphatic and sincere when he told Christmas that he’s voting out Jillian the Bore. Even though things change fast, when adding up the votes right now, it’s Jillian’s turn to go.

    Merry Christmas, everybody! Happy, happy, happy Fourth of July, and I hope everybody has a delicious feast or at least one heavenly snack to celebrate. I didn’t realize that our BB Kevin was Mr. Masssachusetts, 1986. Not only is he a handsome, walking, singing party – he has a title. Our Highness!

    • ElaineB

      As Kevin sits there with Paul, Kevin mentions the tooth he will have pulled tomorrow. Paul says something to the effect of that it will be the only thing that keeps Kevin quiet. What??!! Mr. Monologue, Dialogue, Group Talk, Sermon Giver, aka Paul, has no business mentioning how much someone else talks in the house.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @ElaineB, I think they both chide each other about being loud. I think I said the other night when in the SR, Kool Papa asked about a blender. When Alex told him they didn’t have one because of the noise, he asked her what the did she mean because of the noise “Do they realize they have me and Paul in the house?”. I tell you, Kevin is a keeper! I just hope he doesn’t let us down and turn out to be an a$$hole. I don’t usually like loud people, but for some strange reason, I get a kick out of Paul and Kevin. I think it would be a hoot to see just the 2 of them sitting there together talking trash.

      • Shivani33

        Pope Paul the F**K. ( I still love Abrahamian.) If James or Krustie or Jason or Snackhole came back into the game, very possibly I wouldn’t be watching. Now, Victor would would be a hunk of burning love. Elena might start going topless. She’s got just the kind of jugs that Victor doesn’t prefer. Cow udders, but what does she know?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Good! Jillian is so vanilla, she almost melts into the walls. Last night she was sitting at the counter in the kitchen. Everyone else was talking and she was just sitting there staring off into space. For a minute, I had to try to remember her name. She hasn’t been on camera that much so most of the time I forget she’s there. I think if she and/or Josh were gone, nobody would even miss them. And by nobody missing them, I mean the HG and us.

  14. NKogNeeTow

    I hope StevieB is proud of us. The board has really been slow this week (probably do to the holiday weekend). Only a hand full of us commenting…the same people, yet still we’ve managed to keep the board going. Heck, I’m proud of us!….The few, the proud, the Marines…

  15. I don’t see why Cody think Jessica is stunning. She has an alien shaped head and so up Cody’s behind. I just don’t see her being competitive or winning any mental comps. Dim as everyone is now calling is really boring. It’s like she has pretentious personal about herself and she’s always trying give advice to everyone like she knows so much. I try to always root for the black females because it’s never many of us at a single time on the show but I just don’t care for her. Personally I hope Paul’s goes to the end and just win!

    • ElaineB

      Jessica has been glued to Cody today, even eating off his plate. The PDA between those two is already nauseating. Hopefully one or both will go home…soon.

      • Jessica should definitely go first. But who knows, America may like these two together. Haven’t been keeping up with the blogs, twitter much. This group is just boring.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Either way Elaine, both egos would be deflated when they get voted out. They both suffer from Balloon Head Syndrome.

    • NKogNeeTow

      My problem with Dim, Jill, Josh and leaning toward Matt is that they’re just so bland. I’ve gotten so that I don’t care if they talk at all. As far as I’m concerned, unless they start to interact more or do something, they’re just part of the furniture.

      • ElaineB

        Matt has talked some game with others today. He seems to listen to the others, but doesn’t say too much. That is a nice change given the loudmouths that are in the house. I have tried to watch Jason today, but his conversations make no sense. Paul has talked to him and at him repeatedly throughout the day. Josh and Dominique are just there. I haven’t formed a strong opinion about either as much as others have here, so far.

  16. At this point as long as Jillian goes this week I’ll be happy . Her voice is almost as bad as Brontes and her laugh is soooo phony. It’s like. Ahhh ha ha ha. Please please oh big brother gods. Send her on her way

    • This season may just be a flop altogether 🙁 However I still like to Christmas get far along with Alex, you can tell they won’t be afraid to shake things up if in power.

    • ElaineB

      With some of the characters in this house, Jillian doesn’t bring anything interesting to watch. The other day she was sitting outside supposedly talking to Ramses, but she was putting one of those small hair clips onto various parts of her face…lips, cheek…it was pointless. Most of today she has been in the bathroom fiddling with her hair. Keeping her in the house would be like saving an ottoman from being thrown out.

    • No one’s voice is as bad as Bronte’s hahaha

  17. Can’t wait to hear what Cowboy tells Alex about his convo with Arias …….he just told her he would never put her or Cody OTB if he got HOH. But Alex wants Arias gone so should be an interesting talk

  18. So cowboy drops the homiphobic f bomb
    He’s in trouble

  19. Shivani33

    Here’s my idea of how the votes are looking for now. Christmas – votes to go are coming from Jessica, Alex, Ramses and Cowboy. Jillian -votes to go are from Paul, Elena, Mark, Raven, Matt, Dominique and Joshy. Dunno how Kevin is going to vote. But what will happen if Christmas gets sent home because of her injury?

    Also, Cowboy put himself into a whole new zone of unpopularity after his chat with Jessichoke. People on social media are ready to blindfold Whistle Nut and hogtie him to a bull.
    Cody told the world that people need to stick to their own kind, as it keeps the species pure. Heil, moron.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Jess had a convo with Matt. She keeps telling everyone that if Xmas stays, it’s putting her(Jess) game in jeopardy.. Damn fool, no matter who stays, it’s putting someone else’s game in jeopardy. And to show how dumb she is, she only says that keeping Xmas will put “her” game in jeopardy, like she’s the only important one in the house. If she had any sense, she’d make them think that Xmas staying would put everyone’s game in jeopardy. She’s not only showing her selfishness, but doing it blatantly. I wonder if when she says that, they realize she’s NOT a team player and only cares about herself. If they don’t realize that, then they deserved to be blindsided by her.

    • feltso gudinya

      every season every contestant thinks that all the other people in the house are there to help them win the money? it is a constant insanity….only one person can win ….every one wants to win………all the people in the house are there to keep you from winning, not help you.

  21. feltso gudinya

    how about a season of BB where the house guests are masters degree certified or higher. i wonder if they would behave any differently. instead of cbs reworking the format to death, why not mix up the quality of the contestents? would they display better self control or insight into human nature? this group are like the eloi in “the time machine” by h g wells.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Cody/Ram/Jill/Alex: Cody tells them his only concern are Mark and Jess….Really Grody? Right in front of Jill, who is OTB and Ram, who’s vote you need?

    Elena thinks she has an “above average” relationship with Ram…..Yeah, lets put that to the test. Tell him something and see how fast his little scrawny azz runs back to Grody.

  23. Idols anyone feel like it has been like forever since they did veto ceremony? Please Thursday hurry up and get here…..too many flip flippers in this season. I minute this is their vote…next minute that is their vote….the only thing I can say is both teams are counting Kevin in their vote count and he is the only one not talking! Lol

  24. I give up. That’s even worse!!!

  25. Alda

    “Stick with your own kind”?I hope Grody was referring to the music from “WEST SIDE STORY”.That’s probably what he would try and use as his excuse if confronted.He was just quoting songs from the movie! What a jerk!

    • There is a you tube link with him saying that and also the transexual comment……he left no room for doubt as to exactly what he was talking about…….he is an ugly ugly person both inside and out IMO……

      • NKogNeeTow

        Not just your opinion Helen. I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • I can’t believe some of the shit they say, first of all being that ignorant is mind boggling. And secondly are they totally oblivious to the back lash and real life consequences from Aaryn and Spencer saying dumb things on their season? The only dumb comments I want to hear this season are Kevins. He kill me lol

      • I couldn’t find the link with Cody making the “stick to your own kind” remark but I did see the transphobic remark. Not only did he say it, but even after Jessica tried to warn him that he needed to apologize for the inappropriate remark, he doubled down on it and continued to make even more insulting remarks towards transgender people.

        At least in Jason’s case, he did immediately recognize that he was wrong for dropping the “F” bomb and tried to back peddle. However, I just feel that for something so ugly to roll off your tongue that easily, it has to be something you say regularly in your real life. Some of these people really need to think twice before coming on national TV on a show that tapes your every word 24/7.

  26. Just wanted to say, I’m so glad BB is back. I have followed Steve Beans and comments on BBJ for several years now and always enjoy the updates! Thanks Everyone and Happy 4th to the Americans today (from Canada)

  27. feltso gudinya

    all they talk about is strategy and game..they are not getting to know each other…how can you beat an opponent until you know what makes them tick? unless they start shooting the breeze and learning how to enjoy each others company this season will be tough for the program editors….i seem to remember more casual talks in the backyard in other seasons. i am finding it hard to care about these people because they don’t seem to care about anything but trivial nonsense….they will all be burnt out in a month, mentally exhausted, if they don;t begin pacing themselves……

  28. I’m confused who do you all think will be voted out? I’m rooting for Christmas but Jason seems unsure with who to vote. I don’t understand why Alex and her alliance want to keep Jill, she’s not likely to win anything to even be in power.

    • From what I can tell, as of now it SOUNDS like Jillian is set to be evicted on Thursday. However, I totally understand your confusion, as these people flip flop all over the place.

    • For a vote and because they are friends……

      • Is anyone really friends in that house? Unlikely.

      • I always say the same thing Cyn. It baffles me how people come into the BB house and a week later feel that they’ve made all these genuine friendships. For all you know, every word your “BFF” has told you could be a complete lie. Haven’t they ever watched Season 3 with Danielle Reyes?? Almost every single person left that house thinking Danielle was their BFF and almost all of them were 100 percent WRONG!

        I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting old and cynical. But I certainly wouldn’t risk $500K over someone I just met a week ago in a game where they are SUPPOSED to lie to me…

      • Preach @gerardo I could not have said that better. In the end, everyone is being used for personal gain to the 500K or at least to jury. I’ve only been watching since season 15 but I know if I went in, trust no one and tell people what they need to hear.

      • Mel

        I’m with you Gerardo! Hell, I’ve got a couple of friends now in the real world I might let go of for the 500k! Don’t worry, I’m not that big of an ass to choose money over friends…they just arn’t that great to begin with. Lol

      • LindsayB

        Every conversation ends with “I love you”. Really people? You’ve known each other for 5 minutes and you all love each other and are possibly making money costing moves because of your newly formed friendships? I get that they are in this little bubble world that one can’t truly understand if they haven’t experienced it themselves but these people are crazy.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Usually when someone want to keep around someone weak like that, it’s to use them as a shield. Alex is hardly stupid. She knows Jill can’t help her any other way….IMO

      • Totally agree. What if they go through with the elimination process and right before it’s time for the evictee to leave, Julie informs them that no one will actually leave this week. That would def reveal a lot folks cards then and really see who was playing for who.

      • I agree. The problem for Alex and Jason is that Paul has reached out to both of them and has been pretty clear . So far they have both lied to Paul….Jason and Alex because they tell him one thing and then giggle in private they were blowing smoke up his a**. Alex,other than Cowboy has pretty weak teammates…..Ramses does not want HOH. I doubt Jillian can win much other than pure luck… come this Thursday it will be pretty obvious by vote to Paul they lied……not a really great idea since he has 2 more weeks of safety

    • Mel

      They know she’s completely on their side and they need the number. Jason and Alex feel like there’s 3 sides in the house unlike everyone else who thinks there are 2. They don’t want to join Paul/Xmas or Cody/Jess. They want to become the dominate 3rd team after the next hoh. They need the number for that. I’m basing that on convos I’ve heard Jason, Kevin and Alex have in private.

      • Mel

        I think Jason is very aware that when everyone was pissed because Xmas was otb, they were also pissed because he wasn’t. They tried to sell him that Ramses was the plan but he didn’t buy it. Alex already knew Cody was the only one who wanted her to stay from his group which they know included Paul. It’s a double edged sword. Jillian is useless but she isn’t trying to get them out right now either. That’s my guess anyway.

  29. Colby

    I guess the feeds are down for their Independence Day Celebration.
    IF they give them alcohol – Watch Out! Tensions are high. Could get interesting.
    I guess we will see if adding alcohol makes the tough girls tougher, or if they cry in their beer.
    And Elena will probably be naked.

    • LindsayB

      Omg. Of all the casts ever, this is the one that needs alcohol the least. This is going to turn into straight up BB porn. The slutty McSluttersons will go into overdrive. Add to that, the emotions already run high enough. Alcohol brings on sluttiness and tears. The cameras will be back and forth between mental breakdowns and porn. Gross.

  30. Mel

    I hope everyone had a great 4th of July today! Sounds like Gerardo had a nice meal and NK made a few people get the munchies. Thanks for the shout out earlier Gerardo! By now, everyone may be off here for the night but this is what I’ve been thinking about…
    This week has been fun with all the scrambling and back & forth but does anybody else think that most of it could’ve been avoided? Even if Cody didn’t consult his group (the obvious choice) before he put up Xmas, he would have possibly been ok if he had gave a nice speech when he put her up. Once he saw the reactions from his group, he could have (lied) apologized and said that she was a pawn to make sure Jillian went home. Xmas would have been pissed but they could have maybe recovered. Even if she bolted, he wouldn’t be losing his entire group. Jessica wouldn’t be against Xmas like she is now.
    If Matt would give up that Cody said he would put up Jason (in the event Xmas left) to Mark or Paul, they could tell Jason. That might get him to go against Cody this week. Jason’s also waiting to see if the secret info he gave Cody about putting up Matt would get around. It has and Matt knows but Jason doesn’t know that.
    If Paul would fill people in on his brilliant plan for next week, Alex and Jason might be more inclined to get on board. They have both been wondering if maybe they ARE the plan because he’s being so secretive and only saying “trust me.” Alex and Jason wouldn’t be so leery of Paul if he had been more chill about the Xmas vote. Now they think he may have an incentive from BB to keep Xmas for a certain amount of weeks. The way he’s acting, you can’t exactly blame them for wondering. There’s too much strong arming and trust me talk instead of actually gathering and sharing of information. Look how quickly Elena, Mark, Raven and Matt got off the Cody boat once they actually TALKED about what Jessica was saying. Xmas explained it was a lie and they opened their eyes. They got off the boat and are paddling as hard as they can to Paul’s blow up pool toy. Meech stole the last one so Paul needs to remember that and take it down a notch.

    • AIO_7

      .” Jessica wouldn’t be against Xmas like she is now.”

      This I disagree with, Mell; I think JessArias’ plan coming in was to get rid of all the cute girls so she cold have her own little harem of dick. She has a problem with pretty girls and is insecure.

      • Mel

        I’m with you on that actually. I guess I mean they wouldn’t have had to plow forward with getting her out this week once they saw how their team reacted.

      • AIO_7

        I think they have to plow forward to get Xmas out because that is JessArias plan B all along. She has already disrespected Alex and tried to have her axed…..and stupid Alex is all up JODY’s backsides now.

  31. So are we positive it will be a co hoh this week?

  32. danmtruth

    Wish i was around earlier for the moterboating conversation. Had to be a fun BBQ at some peoples homes i believe it is the natural repression from birth As mention the joy of someone blowing on your stomach as a baby The before mention raspberry To blowing between two breast lol
    I hope Matt is just slow playing and let tong others step up to be targets
    Kevin is doing a great job of being seen but not getting on peoples nerves

  33. Mel

    No after dark for me tonight guys. I have my 5 yr old granddaughter for the night. I can’t risk her waking up and picking up some new words from this foul mouthed group. I can just picture me taking her home tomorrow and her parents asking her to do something. I would be extremely lucky if she only looked at them as said “pissed” or “never cared.” For that reason, I’ll let you guys fill me in tomorrow. Night ya’ll and again, Happy 4th!

  34. danmtruth

    Mell we will miss you Thanks to ever one for some GREAT post NKogNeetow thanks for keeping the site up and rolling

  35. danmtruth

    I understand WreckitMark and Porpra had a big heart to heart but why is Porpra so anti Hot lips
    All these people care about is jury house now

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