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What if Matt actually had a personality?

The Domino Effect by Mell

What if Matt actually had a personality?

With only a couple weeks left in the season, it feels like we’ve spent all of it waiting for a big move to happen and I think we can safely assume that it isn’t going to. They only people who understood the move that needed to be made, weren’t any good at playing Big Brother. We’ve complained at length about how one person has changed the entire game from something we were excited about into watching paint dry. In order to prepare myself for Pauls’ win, I started trying to justify how it happened so I won’t be a bitter fan. (I will be for a day or two regardless) At the beginning of the season, Alison Grodner was asked why she cast Paul when so many fans are tired of returning houseguests.  She said that since it was only one person, it shouldn’t effect things too much for the people who don’t like it. (not word for word) Well, she was very wrong but it did get me thinking about other times this season that one person could have changed the game too.


Big Brother is like other games except this one uses people for the Dominoes, the Chess pieces, the puzzle pieces, etc. There is more that one path to winning and the game changes depending on the moves that are made. If you change only one piece, everything plays out differently.  Paul being in the house changed the game this season and unfortunately, we’ll never know how it would have been played without him. Alex may have been just as mean without Paul and Raven would have remained Raven but what about other things? (I think Paul was coming in the house no matter what so I’m not going to speculate over Paul vs Cameron) I will speculate on other things.

If Megan hadn’t left, she may have been evicted on Cody’s hoh, then maybe Paul would’ve gone after Cody anyway or maybe he would have waited. Who knows? Let’s say Megan still quit but what would have shifted if Cody had talked to his alliance, wore them down and got them to see his point about Paul being a threat? Paul would have still been safe but Cody could have remained part of a large alliance and Paul wouldn’t have had the extra ammo to turn them against Cody. A bigger change could have happened if Cody had listened to his group and put Jason on the block instead of going after Paul. Xmas was in Cody’s alliance so if Jason was on the block, would she have even been riding him the morning she broke her foot? Maybe she would have been a tough physical competitor this season. There could have also been no Alex & Jason combo all season. If Jason was evicted and a few other things stayed the same with Cody being evicted, does Cody come back in the battle back or would it have been Jason? Who would have won all the comps Jason won if he was gone and didn’t come back? Those comp wins by whoever could have sent things in a different direction too. What if Jason wasn’t evicted but Alex had listened to him about needing to get rid of Paul early on? What if Jessica had put up Alex and Paul during her hoh? How would that have played out? There were other pivotal moments when the game could have played out differently.

I dont like how the seasons gone and I don’t like Paul’s game but he is only 1 person and his 3 weeks of safety has been over for a long time. The hg’s have been robbed of their chance to play the game by Paul’s sit back and don’t ask questions method all summer. Once they’re out of the house and out from under his spell, I wonder if they’ll regret it because most people don’t get the chance to do this. They did and gave it away.  Many players this year could have placed a different domino in their own game and everything could have changed. I won’t remember this as a season that I liked but I also won’t blame Paul if and when he wins. He only has one last big “vet hurdle” to get past this week to be sitting in the F2.


Double Evictions are usually big hurdles for vets to get over but Paul isn’t in any more danger Thursday than he was when he had safety. Josh may have figured out his game and his jury management strategy and normally that’s an “aha” moment for people but it didn’t help Josh because he couldn’t do anything alone. When he told his ride or die Xmas, she not only shut him down, she acted as if he needed to go to confession, wash his mouth out with soap and beg for forgiveness that it had ever entered his brain. It happened the same way it had a couple times in the past with Jason when he fought against Paul’s control and Alex set him back on the correct Paul path. It’s too late now and no one can move against Paul until the final 3 because if Josh won hoh and put Paul on the block, whoever was voting would keep him.

It is what it is and this is BB19. Lots of small things happen during any season but once its over, we lump everything together and remember each one with an overall vibe or theme. BB6 was the mean & competitive season, 15 was the racist season, 9 was the drunk & trashy one, 16 was the puppet season, etc. BB19 will probably be the cult leader season. This isn’t like in 16 when people didn’t know what Derrick was doing. Season 16’s hg’s THOUGHT they were playing their own game. The players this year KNOW Paul has ran everything and they like it that way.  They all think he’s truthful with them and lying to everyone else so they don’t care. They also think Paul is their best chance to get to final 3. He walked in selling “you need me” and they bought it.  The only surprises left for us will be to see if Alex wins something during the double or goes home, if Raven leaves before or after Kevin and if the jury gives Paul the 500k or if they’re bitter over being played. (I think they’ll give him the money because I’m not sure they’ll stop worshipping him even if they’re pissed at him) He worked for it and he’s earned it. He’ll still have the asterik by his name (in my opinion) that I’ve mentioned before because of the advantages but he definitely deserves to win and probably will.  (I secretly hope Josh can miraculously win at F3 and take Paul out because he’s the only one left that I think would do it) I could blame Paul for ruining my BB season but what’s the point? He only took what they gave him…the houseguests and production. I don’t like his nasty, mean spirited game but he didn’t exactly ask me to take a meeting before he entered the house to go over the game plan so I don’t have a say in how he chose to play.

Paul was given a weak cast to play against because they don’t want to rock the boat or even play the game, they want fame or are fans of his but if only one thing had happened differently, with many people and with many opportunities, we could have had an entirely different season. We didn’t get to have it and there’s no point in crying over spilled Armenian kool-aid. I’m going to finish out the season with a reserved curiosity while still hoping that someone does one unpredictable thing and plays just one Domino that Paul didn’t choose before it ends.


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  1. Jay H

    I feel like this season of BB is a descendant of BBOTT. I think they tested bringing one veteran back and they saw that people quickly admired that houseguest and seeked his approval and quickly wanted to side with him. The “popular” house guest Jason Roy(or as Ann called him- shitstain) made it to the end. I think they were hoping this would happen, as it has, with Paul. They didn’t care about how people felt overall about BBOTT, it gave them the result they were looking for.

    The other thing that this season has in common with BBOTT? It’s an absolutely disgusting vibe in the house. That season was vile with hatred, and this one pretty much is too. It’s not rewarding to watch for most people.

    It really feels like there is nobody seeking fan advice/guidance on how to cast BB. For the past 5ish seasons, I’ve seen people committed to the show but ultimately dissatisfied with the overall season, and most of the time, the winner. I have worked with many who never seek any guidance because they feel their ideas are much better than anyone else’s, and they wind up with sub-par results. It makes me think of these producers.

    I love this site and the many commenters. I appreciate all the work the moderators put into it. I’m also very happy that Shitstain lost and can only hope Paul suffers the same fate.

  2. Helen

    I think there may possibly be a domino played that no one is expecting…..and that is Alex being in the F3…….
    If she is I believe she will cut Paul and take Christmas to F2 if given that opportunity…..

  3. Avatar

    I read a post which was supposedly taken from Dr Will. Not sure if this was truly from him but it said BB is evolving, it will never go back to the way it was and shouldn’t. Then something like that players will continue to win or receive advantages in this new BB regardless how purists feel. It also hinted an pervious player, which sounded like Evel Dick, is comments about a current player are jealousy driven.
    Again I have no idea if this is really the opinion of Dr Will or just a made up post.

    • Avatar

      He did do an interview for CBS so what you saw likely came from him. However he has admitted that he hasn’t watched the show or feeds in years and doesn’t keep up with any of it. The questions for the jury interviews he does are generic and fed by CBS. I read somewhere else that his recent interview (where he called Paul’s game mesmerizing) was something he did as part of his contract with CBS. That obviously hasn’t been confirmed and could be just a rumor but it makes sense. If he had been keeping up with the season I find it hard to believe he would he “mesmerized” by Paul’s game.

  4. Helen

    From joshs’ family……

    Thank you for your concern & prayers. We really appreciate it! We are evacuating and we don’t want Josh to know because he will worry. #bb19

  5. danmtruth

    @lindsayb I was not aware that Pauls family was being effected by the fires What about Alex was not her family close to where Paul lived Along with Jessica I remembered them talking about common places I will admit that the talk of Paul being called into the DR that “bummed him out” I just took it as Paul looking for game play He mention it a few times around the time of the labor day picnic Never did production tell Paul not to talk about DR sessions
    I just hope all is well with these families Both people in Cali The people in Texas and now our BB friends in Florida I will be the first to say I have said some things that came close Even my have cross the line When talking about some HG But I would never want to see any harm come to there family

    • LindsayB

      I have no idea where Alex and Jessica’s families are. It’s possible that with all the smoke and ash in the air that Paul asked about it and wasn’t given any info. I’m always on the look out or Paul being blamed and hated on for things and some of the hypocrisy I see with it. Just like Kevin’s and Josh’s families should be considered, everyone else’s families should be considered too, whether it be about rape jokes or national disasters. The Paul hate makes some people forget that sometimes.

    • LindsayB

      Dan, I should also point out that on both the previous thread and current the people who have responded to my comment don’t fall into the group who I believe chose to ignore it. I don’t think they will respond. They will just give me the big bad thumbs down for me pointing it out.

  6. Alda

    Josh would be a basket case if he found about his family in Miami,and this path Irma is taking.

  7. Helen

    Rumor is the second HOH comp tonight is BB comics……

  8. hogwild

    All I can say is BB better take a serious look at how bad this season was and make some changes the first being no more returning players they keep going down this path they are on the road to being cancelled in my opinion.

    • LindsayB

      I’ve enjoyed the season. It’s been comical to see how see how crazy the HGs are. It’s been awesome to see Paul manipulate every one of them and to see him plan out every single move. There’s some ugly stuff but these people are human beings and things aren’t always butterflies and rainbows. If you don’t want to see the ugly stuff, stick to just watching the televised episodes instead of watching feeds and reading spoilers. Life is full of choices.

      • hogwild

        One persons comical and awesome is anothers dull and boring. I don’t watch the feeds not paying for that I am glad I statred reading the spoilers this season as it gave me insight into the direction the show seems to be going.

    • NKogNeeTow

      We all bitch and complain about someone or something in the game every year, and yet still we come back. I know I do. I’m not like a lot of you here, as in, after the season is over, I’ll not only not remember the names of half the cast, I’ll be looking forward to next year.

  9. Avatar

    @mell I think that the fact that each season has it’s own “vibe” and can be categorized by one or two words or a brief phrase is what makes this whole thing so interesting and why most people come back each season even if they didn’t like the outcome or personalities from the previous season.

    @lindsayb I think most people hate Paul because this season (and the houseguests in general) are so boring and he’s the one in control so the blame falls on him. I do admire how he’s been able to take control of the game and work every group or individual separately in such a way that by the time they realize what’s going on, it’s too late. He does deserve to win for that. The nastiness and mob mentality of the season is a culmination of all of these weak personalities and I don’t blame that on Paul.

    I had to do a bullying class a couple of weeks ago as part of the certification to be a volunteer at my kids’ school and couldn’t help but think of it in the context of this season since that word has been thrown around so much. It really does fall into that mob mentality and one of the things the speaker mentioned was how hard that is to pinpoint the origin because it’s not any one thing or person. I don’t think Paul is a “mean” person. I do think some of the others are.

    I think Paul has stayed focused on his goal and probably isn’t enjoying his time there. I can’t imagine he’s intellectually challenged by anyone in the house. I am actually curious how he planned and prepared for going into the house (if at all). He has such a great grasp on the odds and the numbers that I feel like maybe he worked through them in advance. I’m blown away by his strategy. But I’m also blown away that no one else has one. That’s what’s so disappointing to me and lacking in this season. Even when people like Josh see what is going on, they run to Paul to ask him his opinion or they don’t know what to do with the information. No one has any follow through because they just aren’t very sharp. That is boring.

  10. danmtruth

    LindsayB back on that carousel Paul has made great moves Manipulated the house to do his bidding Yet I say he is also responsible to some degree Of how ugly things got in the house Everyone will have there own opinion to what extent

  11. Mel

    I’ll always have seasons I like and ones I don’t. It rarely has to do with who the winner is. I think Paul deserves to win too and in the same way that Lindsay has enjoyed watching Paul manipulate everyone, I usually like to watch that too. I think I haven’t this year because he’s gone without challenge. As a viewer, it’s more interesting (for me) to watch someone like Paul have a close call and recover than to watch him coast all the way through without any adversity. Being unpredictable is one of the things I like about this game and that hasn’t been the case this year.
    I think Paul’s a know-it-all jerk but I think most of the house guests are so I don’t remotely think I’m picking on Paul. I think they’re jerks who haven’t done anything to win and at least I think Paul’s earned it. Hell I rooted for dick to win and season 8 and he was a big jerk. For me, it isn’t Paul’s personality that causes me to root against him. It’s the advantage he’s had as a returning player and wanting to be surprised.

  12. Avatar

    I feel like being kept to date on your family while things like massive fires or hurricanes should be allowed. If you can leave for multiple medical treatments then the rules for emergencies should apply to various situations. Telling someone their family is safe from xyz lets them pray for them or whatever they do in those types of situations.

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