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The Tables Have Turned.. ACP and Nominations

Will Paul still be sleeping like a baby when he realizes he's the target?
Will Paul still be sleeping like a baby when he realizes he’s the target?

Good afternoon! I know it has been said many times, but what a difference 24 hours in the Big Brother house can make! Before Paulie left, he told Michelle to team up with Nicole and Corey to get James and Victor out. However, Natalie got this idea (not sure from who) that Paul was coming after them and couldn’t be trusted, so she said if she won HOH, he was her target. Well, in case you didn’t see earlier, Natalie won HOH (I can’t wait to see that Sunday.. I wonder if the guys threw it to her?). She had planned to put Paul (target) and Victor (pawn) up, but then about a half hour ago, her plan was soiled (for now). Michelle won America’s Care Package, and I’m shocked. She still wants Nicole and Corey out, and said she is not putting up Victor. What a wild turn of events!


Anyways, let’s go right into updates:

  • 1:30pm – Nicole and Natalie chatting in the kitchen, sounds like it’s about Paul, but it’s hard to make out the whispering
    • Victor and Michelle are chatting in the bathroom. Michelle is shocked she won because she thought America hated her. Victor told her to stop thinking like that
    • Natalie says no matter what, she’s not putting Nicole or Corey up.
    • Quick rant: Why on earth do they want to save Nicole and Corey?? If Paulie comes back into the game, the three of them are just going to team up again and pick off Nat/James/Michelle/Vic/Paul.. I don’t get how Natalie thinks it’s a smart idea to pick Paul/Vic off right now..
    • Natalie thinks America is on her side and that’s why they gave Michelle the care package
  • 2:00pm – Natalie says that she will never put a girl up
    • Michelle called to DR.. probably time for her HOH room
    • Natalie says this is going to be a big move
    • Sounds like Natalie plans on keeping her nominations a secret and wants Paul/Victor to believe that Nicole and Corey are going up.. umm are you forgetting you only get one nom??
    • James doesn’t want to blindside Victor, but Nicole says that he’ll tell Paul so it’s not a good idea
    • Nicole says she will support Natalie either way
  • 2:30pm – Natalie and James talking to America about tampons
    • Looks like James made a fake bloody tampon with BBQ sauce and put it in the bathroom. ew
    • Natalie – “Why would I send a girl home when I’m all about girl power?” tell that to Z, Da’, etc
    • HOH room time for Michelle. She and Natalie are sharing the room
    • Your typical fake interest in the HOH's stuff...
      Your typical fake interest in the HOH’s stuff…
    • James hid her letter in his pocket (why??) and then gave it to her
    • Her letter is from her dad
  • 3:00pm – Casual chat in the HOH room right now with everyone
    • I have to run out for a bit.. College move in is Tuesday! I’ll update when I get back, but I fully expect Paul and Victor to be on the block
  • 6:00pm – Ok, I’m back and it looks like I missed quite a bit, including the CBS episode. Thank you to our awesome commenters for filling in what happened while I was out! Looks like Victor knows of the plan to take Paul out this week. It also appears that they’re mad at Paul because he told Paulie information before he left. Anyways, feeds are down for nominations.
  • 7:10pm – Feeds still down for nominations
  • 7:14pm – Feeds back
    • Paul and Victor were nominated
    • Victor was talking to Paul in the London room and told him everything that Natalie told him earlier
    • Paul says they better hope he doesn’t win VETO
    • Paul is now going nuts on Natalie. He’s in the kitchen demanding to know what he lied about.
    • Natalie – “You told me to my face and to Bronte’s face that you wanted to keep her and you lied about it.”
    • He’s saying he wanted to send Bridgette home and that he never wanted to send Da’ home
    • Paul wants to know how he’s manipulated people, and Michelle says he wanted to backdoor James and Paul he never once has said that.
    • Natalie – “Your social game is impeccable.”   Paul – “Okay, I’ll take that. But don’t say stuff in your speech that isn’t true.”   Michelle – “It was just a speech.”  Paul – “Well it was a shitty speech.”
    • Natalie now complaining about the FT comments Paul and Paulie had made
    • Paul says he’s only mad that they called him a manipulator and liar during the speech
    • They rest of the house is watching Paul defend himself
    • This is really entertaining guys, get the feeds and watch lol
    • Paul – “How have I lied??”  Michelle – “I can’t really say when..” (she doesn’t know)
    • Paul says he hopes Victor wins VETO because the house obviously has a better taste of him in their mouth
    • Paul – “Vic, we should’ve got lube, because we got boned.”
    • Victor – “Who wants taco meat??” haha
  • 7:30pm – Nicole and Corey are jumping around in the storage room because they’re safe
    • Paul says he’s going to say Michelle smells like urine all week and that he’s going to bang pots and pans while everyone’s asleep. He says, “You may be done with me, but I’m not done with you guys!” He’s kidding, but this is hilarious
    • James tells Michelle and Nat that they made a good game move. I do admit, they did make a fantastic game move
    • James thinks that Paul and Victor would have taken one of them out before their final 4 deal
    • James and Michelle say that their next game move is to get Corey and Nicole out
    • James – “I said Paul was going to win the game, week 3”
    • Paul is now up in the HOH talking to Nat/James/Michelle
    • He says he would still rather see one of them win even if he leaves
    • Paul says he’s bummed that they put him up, but it is what it is
    • Paul – “Whether I leave or stay, those two (Corey/Nicole) can’t be trusted.”
    • He says he was never playing both sides. He wanted those three out and he wanted to work with them to do it
    • Paul – “If you think I’m that big of a threat, vote me out.”
  • 8:00pm – Paul is still trying to plead his case, Victor is cooking in the kitchen chatting to Nicole, Corey in DR

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  1. Avatar

    surprised everyone in the house is jumping on the Nicorey train. well, they get what they deserve when Paulie comes back in the house. smh.

  2. Avatar

    Could someone remind me what this week’s care package was?

  3. g8trgrl4life

    Any time you start a sentence with “Natalie thinks..”, I spit up in my mouth a little.

  4. Shivani33

    Is it accurate that Michelle and Natalie plan to nominate Paul and Victor? Wow to Michelle getting this chance. I thought Paul would get the Care package. Oh well! Good for Michelle. As usual – can’t wait to see what happens with so many more surprises ahead.

  5. Avatar

    I’m with Natalie, Paul needs to go now. Knowing there is a chance for someone to come back I would rather Paul or Victor go up against Paula, they have a better shot at winning than any of the others that are left. I would say this in my speech when nominating them.

  6. Shivani33

    The truth is that I hope Michelle sticks with Victor and that they work the week to save Paul. Every other scenario? Ugh.

    • Avatar

      I think that’s Michelle’s best play at this point. She can’t really trust the other two couples in the house (Nicole has a vendetta with her since she blasted Nicole during DE, and Nat/James are unstable and flip flop around the house each week). Paul and Vic are strong competitors, and I think they would welcome a F3 with Michelle in return for her helping to keep them both safe this week. And of course Michelle doesn’t know this yet, but with the buyback coming, even if Paul or Vic is evicted this week it’s very likely they’ll be right back in the house next week. If that happens, they’ll be definitely gunning for the two couples, not Michelle.

  7. Avatar

    You guys check out the big brother jokers site- they are really up to date on everything. Unfortunately, this site is really slow with updates….

  8. Avatar

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Paulie walked in that jury house last night. I wonder just how long it took before Zakiyah was up his ass & following him around like a puppy.

    • Avatar

      I really hope they show a good clip of when he entered the house on the cbs show. After the way Da & Z acted when seeing the video of Paulie not using the veto on her, I’m hoping she learned her lesson finally. If not, I can almost assure you Da will have something to say about it lol.

      • Avatar

        @Morgan, I’m hoping that they show a good clip of Paulie entering the jury house too. CBS sure as hell had no problem giving him all of that time last night for his speech.

    • Avatar

      God I hope that Z will at least be too embarrassed to climb back into bed with Paulie with Day and Bridgette there scowling. Day’s face when she saw that clip of Paulie was hilarious, but I noticed Z wouldn’t even look at Day when the clip was playing. Z knows what a fool she made of herself.

    • CLangley

      Yessssssssssssss girl. You know she’s doing that baby talk to him already and humped up on him just like nothing happened.

      • Avatar

        she Did you see on the show tonight when Paulie was giving Z a lap dance & was saying slow down because her mom was going to be watching? That little lapdance wasn’t shit compared to her riding him like she was on her way to town & licking on him & all of the stuff she shouldn’t have wanted her mom to see or anybody on national tv for that matter. Not to mention how bad he treated her.

  9. Avatar

    Paul has grown on me a bit, but they will need to get him out if they want to stand any chance of winning. Otherwise, he’s probably going to keep on smooth sailing to the end like he’s been doing. Just put Paul/Corey up and see what the house does with that. Nicole is less of a threat and can wait a little longer, or go up if one of the others pulls themselves down.

    • Avatar

      Going after Paul is a good move for Natalie’s game, but I don’t think it would be a smart move for Michelle. Without Paul and Victor in the house, Michelle will be very vulnerable and easily picked off by the two remaining couples. If she teams up with Paul and Vic, she stands a much better chance of making it to the F3 (where who knows what could happen with that last HOH). Teaming up with the two couples will likely land Michelle a 5th place finish.

      • Avatar

        Mich could still stick with Vic if Paul goes, unless she burns that bridge and puts him up this week and pisses him off. I still wish she’d put Corey up next to Paul. Corey and Nicole are definitely no good for her.

      • Avatar

        Michelle should definitely put Corey up, not Vic. If she pisses Vic off, she will have no one left in the house. Nat/James and Nic/Corey are already picking out names for their new alliance, Michelle will be left out in the cold if she doesn’t make a smart move this week.

    • Mel

      If Nat wants to nom Paul and Michelle wants to seem on board with Nat about keeping the girls but not piss off Paul and Vic, she needs to nom Corey. Michelle has already pissed off Nicole/Corey and they arnt working with her anyway. It would keep Paul/Vic from being upset with her. She can tell Nat shes good with getting another guy out to make it 3 &3 (which is important to Nat today). What’s Nat gonna say? “You can’t get rid of Corey cuz I made a final 4 with him last night.”

    • NKogNeeTow

      What will happen if they put Paul/Bambi up, is Paul is still OUT. Vic, James and Nurse RATchet will be the only ones voting and Vic will be the only vote to keep Paul.

    • Avatar

      Ugh, my big problem with this plan (which is stupid in many more ways) is that suddenly NiCory have power plus a chance to win. With the house flip last week, I feel all five (Vic, Paul, Meech, James & Nat) earned the right to win the game. Would have rooted for any of them. Now I throw-up a little at thinking of either Nic/Corey winning. And with Paulie back in, Nat would essentially negate the prior flip. What a wreck! Not sure I can watch anymore.

  10. TerryD

    If I remember correctly, both Nat and Meech came into the house wanting a female winner this year. As Rachel pointed out on last night’s program, she was the last female winner and that was 5 years ago. Men have dominated this season so I would hate to see Nat and Meech wasting their co-HOH playing Vic and Paul’s game. As long as they are in the house they will continue to be challenge beasts. The numbers are not in the women’s favor right now but with James willing to vote the way Nat tells him to, then this week needs to be the one where Vic or Paul are walking out the door.

  11. caRyn

    Paul would be a great returning vet.

  12. Avatar

    Did anyone see the updates from twitter?? Natalie let slip that the DR has been pressuring her to work with NiCorey!! Production of this show is ridiculous!!

    • Avatar

      Im not surprised at all because look at how much crap Paulie has gotten away with.

    • Avatar

      Smh that’s pathetic, but not at all surprising. I think the real problem is the executive producer, Alison Grodner. I think the original EP (I forget his name now) actually cared somewhat about trying to maintain the integrity of the game, but this Grodner lady doesn’t give a damn about that. She will do anything that she thinks will get ratings.

      • Avatar

        That’s dum don’t they know the fans hate Paulie , floaters and showmances?!

      • Avatar

        I think maybe they were invested in Paulie from the beginning since he’s Cody’s brother and allegedly good-looking (I say allegedly because I just don’t see it). They probably assumed he would be very popular, and just singled him out as one of their favorites to showcase. Same thing with Nicole, since she was very popular in her original season they singled her out as one of the favorites this year. I think even though both Paulie and Nicole are unpopular among the live feeds fans, the producers know most fans are broadcast only viewers who will be persuaded by the edits. So they probably figure, why change now? They’ve spent all season giving those two the “golden edits”, no need to switch teams now.

      • Avatar

        It makes you wonder if they don’t get a little sumpin sumpin if they can sway the house or certain people in the direction they want. They take away what little integrity the game had left. I say a whole scale house cleaning of production is in order. From casting right down to the janitor.

    • caRyn

      Thanks, Katie. I can believe it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      The Chatters were talking about that on the feeds last night. If it’s true, that makes me lose even more respect for CBS than I already have.

      • Avatar

        It’s too bad we can’t do something about that. I also don’t know how they’re not all paranoid as hell wondering if production is going to target them if. They obviously have their hand in everything. If they’re telling certain people who to keep safe, I’m sure they probably “help” with noms, too.

  13. caRyn

    I know James and Natalie have a tight friendship, but what if Michelle, Paul and Victor talk to James and James has an open mind and decides to listen to them?

    • Avatar

      James won’t listen to anybody but Natalie, that’s the problem. He’ll just run right back to her & tell her what was said to him.

      • caRyn

        I agree James will tell Natalie everything. I just wonder if he will do what is best for his game – his phrase.

      • Avatar

        Nope, James has blinders on when it comes to Nat. His game is getting the girl.

      • Avatar

        Maybe James will get back doored as her punishment

      • Avatar

        James told Paulie last week that his “ol lady” is the one calling the shots and he’ll go along with whatever she decides. Part of that might have been just trying to get Paule off his back, but I think that was largely a true statement.

      • caRyn

        I totally agree with all of you. Without a doubt James will do what he is told, but….is it possible that Michelle, Paul and Victor can speak to James (or James and Natalie together) and fill him in with real talk and then James weighs what they say and how it is beneficial to his/their (James & Natalie) game and then Natalie makes the final decision. Natalie is there for the money. If it makes sense to her she may change her mind. She may need to process it all. That is why I am wondering how long Michelle and Natalie have to decide. When does the nomination ceremony take place in the BB house?

      • Avatar

        Maybe, but I’m not sure they can come up with an argument that would persuade Natalie that going after Paul or Vic isn’t in her best interest at this point. Unless they can convince Nat that Nicole is coming after HER personally or if they convince her that a jury buyback is likely (they don’t know about it yet but Vic and Paul highly suspect it). If they can convince her that Paulie is likely coming back into the house, that might make her nervous about leaving both Nic and Corey in the house too. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening.

      • caRyn

        Ok. SO, if Michelle puts up Paul and Natalie puts up Victor and one of the two noms wins the veto, who do you think will be put up on the block? Corey since Natalie wants a guy to leave?

      • Avatar

        Yeah I would think Corey will be the replacement nominee if someone comes down. But the only way to get him out will be to swing James (so in other words, the only way to get Corey out will be to swing Natalie).

    • Mel

      Random tidbits for last hour or so:
      *hoh letters are not usually a big deal but after Michelle’s sister put michelle on blast last month and made all those msg public, this was kinds of funny.
      The letter was from her dad and he told her in it to not expect to get her room back when the show ends because Renee (her sister) has already made a nest in it. Arnt these letters normally uplifting?
      * Nat has made complete 180. She told james that no matter what, she does not want to send nicole home. (She’s been talking about how many girls are left)
      *james told Nicole if one of them (nic/cory) is otb, he will vote out whoever is against them.
      *Nicole told natalie that she couldn’t think more highly of her.

      Convo between nicole /cory
      Nicole wants to get a name for their new 4 quickly. She tells cory she likes this new schemer Natalie and wants to know where she’s been. She says she can relate to her. She tells cory to watch Natalie turn out to be really smart.
      Nicole tells cory that if they need someone to go up as a replacement that he should do it.
      *Nicole tells cory that michelle should respect what Natalie wants to do.
      Nicole to cory-Natalie is gonna put up paul. Corey -why Paul. Nicole-who cares? Corey- chill dude!

    • NKogNeeTow

      As long as Jellyfish (and yes, he’s back to that) has his nose stuck up Nat’s butt, I seriously doubt that will happen. But one can only hope. She has listened to him in the past but she’s wanted HOH so long that she’s power drunk now.

  14. Avatar

    I wonder if someone does come down after the veto …does the hoh that nominated that person get to replace them …or do they have to agree together on someone?

  15. Avatar

    My (hopeful) prediction is based on Vic and Paul being the smartest players left in the game. If they are both on the block, there’s a very good chance one of them, prolly Vic, will win the veto and take himself off. Paul and Vic will mastermind a back door eviction. Hoping its Corey or Nic.

  16. Avatar

    Why god why!!!! Michelle is almost not quite bu talmost as annoying as rachel from previous seasons …. how did america vote her the care package ? …i may move to Canada lol

  17. Mel

    Does Michelle not vote this week like Natalie since shes a a co-hoh?

  18. Avatar

    it’s probably because she reminds me of a family member but I’ve had enough of Natalie. She’s very insecure which means even when she doesn’t need to, she talks, talks, talks about herself to validate herself. She talks, talks, talks about how she’s been slighted when it was minor. Enough.

  19. Avatar

    On Jokers, Natalie says production wants Nicole and Corey safe >:-(
    I’m starting to experience unpleasant flashbacks of Amanda and pizza boys’ BB reign and the summer of boredom.

    • Avatar

      But if she recognizes that production is manipulating her to save Nicole and Corey, why is she being silly enough to listen? Smh

      • Mel

        If production would just tell her nicole doesn’t like her shirt or lipstick color, maybe she would flip back!

      • Avatar

        I wondered the same thing, but then I though it’s probably in their contract somewhere that they have to listen to production. That or there’s incentives. Just a guess, though.

    • Avatar

      That really irritates me. I think we’ve all suspected at one point or another that bb is rigged, but just the confirmation of it… “Pissed”

  20. Mel

    Michelle has talked to Nicole now also, not just natalie. She is willing to go with the plan now. Nicole has promised her she good with her now. Natalie will nom vic and Michelle will nom paul because she cant be the one to nom Vic she says.(she actually doesn’t mind Paul going home-she said that b4) They promised Michelle not to vote out Vic.
    Assuming they stayed the same and if Michelle doesn’t vote (she may tho) cory and Nicole would have 2 of the 3 votes needed to send vic home.
    Michelle is a dumbass is my take away from this.

  21. Avatar

    me * writes down corey’s name *

    realizes this isn’t survivor

    oh crap

  22. Avatar

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you NEVER leave couples in the house. You must always split them up ASAP!

  23. Avatar

    REMEMBER special episode starts now….

  24. caRyn

    That was a weird convo about the butterfly on the episode last night between James and Paulie.

  25. g8trgrl4life

    Why are we watching this episode? The point is?? Oh, a walk down memory lane.

  26. Avatar

    Hi everyone. Has the special Friday episode preempted by the NFL preseason in some areas of the country?

  27. caRyn

    Question marks. Question marks. Paulie boasted that he boned Zakiyah 5 times. Zakiyah in the DR (viewed on this episode) said Paulie wouldn’t even give her a kiss. Did Paulie lie?

    • Avatar

      I hope it just one more lie Paulie told …trying to look cool with his “boys”. I can’t wait till someone asks her if that really happened.

    • Mel

      Z had some whispered convos with Nicole and told her something. I don’t think she went into detail (I doubt it) but don’t know. There’s also couple clips where you can see something is going on under the blanket. There is also the one where she is making wierd faces and moaning a little. Believe me, this is crap I wish I didn’t know. I don’t know the dates but unfortunately for her YouTube or just google search will probably bring them up.

      • Mel

        I don’t think Z was pulling a nicole and denying it. Those Dr takes were probably when she went thru that phase of trying to force herself on him. The worst night I saw was after some party the had right before da left. Remember? When da had to pull her aside and tell her to out pants on and she was laying on top of him, making humping movements and started licking him. When he turned over & laid on his stomach to stop it, she did it on his back and there were other people in the room and the lights were on.

      • caRyn

        Thanks. I do remember that night. Yes. I just never heard Zakiayh mention them hooking up and I never saw Paulie and Zakiyah under the blanket on BBAD.

  28. Avatar

    Anyone seen the interview Paulie gave between the BB house and jury house? I thought they weren’t supposed to talk to anyone outside the house.

  29. Avatar

    Personally I would try to get Victor out. He’s the strongest in the house now. They don’t know it’s a jury buy back this week. At this stage of the game you take out the strongest not the weakest players.

    • Avatar

      That does make sense if I were in the house, but just being an observer …he was SO funny with the eagle puppet …I like funny

      • Mel

        They practically know. Vic and baldwin are the best duo in that house!

      • Avatar

        Oh I agree with that and I think Paul is hilarious running around in his suit chasing house guests. I was just saying from a game point at this stage with those people in the house that they’d better take a shot at Victor. They may not get the chance again. Plus if everyone on here doesn’t like Pauli and doesn’t want him back in the game then that’s how you avoid it. Put Victor out there to play Pauli. Now that would be worth seeing.

    • Avatar

      That’s true, unless you’re Michelle. She is alone in the house, and teaming up with a 4-person alliance that she is absolutely on the outside of and has virtually no chance of penetrating. There are still 7 people in the house, going after the “strongest” person in the house may not be the move to make yet if that strong person would be an ally for you.

      For the two couple alliance (James/Nat and Nicole/Corey), it absolutely makes sense to team up and go after Paul or Vic this week. But I thought Michelle would’ve been smart enough to figure out that teaming up with a strong pair for a F3 alliance would be a wiser way to use her ACP than teaming up with two couples.

      • Mel

        I hate agreeing with Nicole (I just threw up a little in my mouth) but she told corey the is evening that they didn’t even need to win since her 2 would be nominees are getting put up for her and she still gets to play next week….she’s right

      • Avatar

        Mell, I have to give Nicole credit…this is her first big move of the season (give the assist to production/DR for getting in Nat’s head).

      • Mel

        Yes Gerardo, as they say “there’s no I in team.” It was a group effort.

  30. Avatar

    I do not understand the Corey/Nicole hate! Nicole probably has the best morals of anyone on the show and Corey is the most polite and trustworthy male as well. What’s up with that? Both Paul and Victor are loud, conceited and very unrespectful towards others.

    • caRyn

      Nicole and Corey are not making moves in the game. That’s it. Imagine if all the hg played the same game they did. What would the viewers watch? Would we need BBAD or live feeds just to see a couple of friends talking – mostly just amongst themselves? Nicole mentioned she was throwing comps. I would be bored watching BB if that was the game.

      • Avatar

        Exactly. Nothing personal, just weak gameplay. I’m sure they’re both lovely, boring people outside of the BB house. I just don’t need that in the BB house.

    • Mel

      They may both be very good people (if you don’t count trying to set a goat on fire). What does being a really nice person have to do with good strategy in a game? Speaking for myself, if I was rooting for a “nice person” contest, my picks would probably change most seasons.

      • Avatar

        Maybe I am soft and possibly wrong but I tend to always root for the nice person or underdog and my thoughts change from week to week. This years house are not as entertaining as some of the pasts (no games, few pranks) and kinda boring if all you want to hear game talk and witness backstabbing all the time. I love big moves but I also like James and his best bet is to stick with them.
        PS Guess I am in the minority…not liking bullies! …and I was no Paulie fan either
        Anyways go BB…I have watched every season and followed the feeds

      • Avatar

        There’s nothing wrong with that DD, if that’s what you like to see. We were just clarifying that we don’t “hate” Nicole and Corey. We just don’t care for their boring gameplay.

    • Avatar

      You must’ve missed the part where Corey was talking about laughing when his friend lit an actual animal on fire. Definitely a real stand up guy. Also, I used to really like Nicole in season 16, however saying she has the best morals of anyone in the house is pretty off as well. She’s been lying and backstabbing this whole season.

    • Avatar

      Your joking right DD? Talking about people behind their backs means you have great morals? Laying on top of a guy means you have great morals? I’m no prude but that is definitely not good morals. Corey talking about the girls like they’re trash, is that good morals? All they do is sit around in the hammock and run people down or they lay in the bed and do it. You might want to look at James for those morals your talking about. He’s the only one who’s stuck up for the girls and to say it’s not right.

  31. Shivani33

    Let’s see, trying to find a way to politely mention what I thought about tonight’s BB show. How about this. Good to see Frank and the other cardboard dummies. Nope. That doesn’t really express it. I’ll take another stab at it, think it’s coming to me now. That show sucked ass. There! Fixed it.

  32. Avatar

    Power was out for 2 hours ugh. I missed the Friday episode. Does anyone know what happened?

  33. Avatar

    Did a jury member come back?

  34. Mel

    Feeds went down over an hour ago for nom ceremony.
    Nat and Michelle talked to Vic shortly before to let him know he would be the pawn. He was mature about it.

  35. Avatar

    Nat Nat just spilled the beans…That D.R. wants Nicole & Corey “SAFE” this week?! BB is Rigged, & voted my guts out for Victor, & Big Meech got the Care package?! Not to mention Last week Nicole got the Safety Care Package….Smdh! Its sad what Allison Grodner has done to Big Brother, watch Paulie come back with Nicole & Corey “both” intact.

    • Mel

      They do that crap every year. It sucks especially when they charge you 5.99 a month so you can spend 3 nights a week scratching you head with a confused look on your face for an hour. I do think Michelle’s win was legit tho. She’s been ahead of everybody all week.Too many people split their votes between Paul and Vic to help either one pass her up.

    • Avatar

      It’s no wonder BB is always all over their asses with “you are not allowed to discuss your diary room sessions”. Yeah no shit, because you assholes don’t want them dropping the dime on how you feed them info and rig the game. Smh.

    • Avatar

      While I agree it’s rigged, it would’ve been stupid of production to give mich the care package if they wanted Corey/Nicole safe. Up until this point, she had wanted them both out and was against them. It was just recently that she decided to go along with Nats plan. Also, if production wanted Paulie back so bad, why not give him the round trip ticket? Not saying they don’t want him back in or that they won’t make it happen, just doesn’t make sense how they would’ve had that perfect opportunity right then and there and didn’t use it?

      • Mel

        I don’t think they outright cheat. There are laws about cheating on game shows. However, they manipulate. They do it very well. I don’t know if player further back than before season 8 have said it but Dick, who won, has said it many times. He has openly said the discussions in DR go way beyond asking them questions. They can say it isn’t cheating if they just ask natalie, “so don’t you think America would love it if you guys teamed up with Nicole and cory?” For some, they pick up quickly and if they don’t, DR people can follow up with “really, you don’t think it would be amazing if the 2 shomances and 2 girls make it to the final 4?” On and on till houseguest goes…Ding ding ding.

    • Colby

      She did say that, but then said that they didn’t actually say that.
      I’m sure they probably ‘suggested’ it without really saying it because they would like to see the game stay exciting and interesting, rather boring and predictable like it will be if the others just allow Paul and Victor to walk away with it (just like it was when Paulie was controlling everything).

      • Avatar

        I’d like to see the game stay exciting and interesting too, but only if the HGs are smart enough to figure it out on their own. Here’s an idea: how about trying to cast people who are actually strategic and know how to play the game? By doing that on the front end, you wouldn’t have to come and try to intervene and unfairly influence the game to keep it interesting on the back end.

      • Mel

        I just don’t see how it will be interesting if Paulie makes it back in this week and he rolls to the end. I don’t know that will happen but they don’t know it won’t and they are expecting a jury buyback.
        The houseguests have been more sure of it than we were before last night. I get you can’t play for what if entirely but that part of good game play. Planning several steps ahead. That’s another reason I hate so many twists. Good players sometimes get screwed for voting or luck of the draw stuff.

      • Colby

        I completely agree that the cast has sucked the last few seasons.
        If Victor goes to jury he would have a good chance of beating Paulie in the buy back.
        But even if Paulie did come back, I am not convinced that Nicole and Corey would completely jump back on board with him, especially if they feel comfortable with Nat, James, and Meech at the end of this week. During all that chaos they found out about deals, alliances, and things they didn’t know before either and were quite shocked and disappointed in Paulie’s behavior.

  36. Mel

    Paul is pissed and says time to f**k s**t up. Vic says to calm dowm. He’s asking nat what he lied about and wants a house meeting. Nat says she’s not going to fight with him and she will talk to him when he calms down. Paul’s is yelling and wanting to know what he lied about. (Reason she gave to nom him I guess)
    Vic is cleaning the kitchen.
    *I’ve said I love how much this guy cleans.
    I’m in the middle of something right now but I’ll get more in a few. Well, it may be updated at the top by then anyway so it may not even matter.

    • Avatar

      I guess Michelle hasn’t learned anything or “grown” from this experience after all. Apparently, Michelle made reference to Paul’s atheism in her speech? This girl JUST got back on America’s good side, but I guess she’s more comfortable being hated. Nominate whoever you want girl, but there’s no need to attack someone’s beliefs. Unbelievable.

      • Mel

        It was bad enough that she mentioned something like that at all but then when he told her he wasn’t one, that made it even worse.typical Michelle, mouthed off and 5 minutes saying she regrets it.

      • Avatar

        Are talking about Paul being an atheist.. and swearing to God ….I think that should be pointed out ..IMO…
        next time he swears on something …make it be his mothers eyes …an oldie but something meaningful …he loves his mom …

      • Avatar

        I’m sorry, that’s just not cool with me. If she was concerned about the legitimacy of his “swears”, then why not ask him then and there as he’s swearing to God? Bringing it up in a nomination speech seems pretty low to me, even for Michelle.

      • Shivani33

        Really disgusting that Michelle showed this depth of callous ignorance plus a blatant misinterpretation of Paul’s thoughts. She hasn’t understood, and then she put him down based on what she didn’t understand. All this while trying to get her own unforgettable moment under the spotlights on a gameshow. I thought that Michelle was more intelligent than this and that she was spreading her wings after her incessant, mean baby act began to shrink. Well, she’s baaaaack.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think it’s any worse than Victor throwing beads across the table at her. Or worse than they have talked about women. Personally I think all personal attacks are crappy.

    • Avatar

      I hope he wins the veto & pulls himself down & Ratsnake or Corey goes up, hell I don’t even care if James goes up just for going along with Ratsnake & Bambi.

  37. JD

    I wouldn’t be surprised if production pressured Nat. I ve heard for years they do this and help in certain ways. It’s a game show. Remember the movie Quiznos Show. They gave the answersor rather easier questions to the contestants that brought more ratings. This hasn’t changed. Paulie got good edits, didn’t have anything against him for not making pies and after his tantrums and self evict talk after DR talk to him he stopped and started the begging campaign. It’s all about favorites and ratings.
    This revolving door and mistimed AFP ruined things. I get jury by back one time but three times? I think production might not have given Paulie round-trip because it might have been too obvious. What they might have done was scold him how he was looking to viewers and told him to straighten up play nice. Then dropped hints about jury buyback and his competition ate girls who don’t do well in comps. I know I could be completely wrong. I definitely don’t think CBS is on the up and up. That being said I am over this season. Nobody is thinking about winning. They are flip flopping following each other and as with every year certain people look like they are getting advantages. I am out for the summer. I just can’t care anymore. There is only so many times you can watch a train wreck. I really don’t want to wait and see if Paulie gets back. I figure by then BB#18 will be out of my system and won’t think about it. I will miss you guys! Great entertainment! Maybe I will see you next year. Have a great year! #CareDon’teared #Friendship #Pissed

    • Avatar

      Damn JD, I’m sorry to see you go but I can’t say I blame you. CBS really needs to cut the crap with this intervening in the game. It definitely cheapens the experience, no matter who you’re rooting for.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think they have to follow game show rules …they are a reality show…….game show ..the price is right ….RULES… BB has a different rule book …

      • Mel

        They offer a cash prize. I’m not claiming to know obscure gaming show laws. Lol. I just thought since they offer a money prize, they would have to follow those same laws. It’s not like giving someone answers to a puzzle so I can see where maybe it’s different.

  38. Mel

    I know I’m biased. I only like Vic and Paul. I was feeling Natalie for a while (still irritated the hell out of me even then) but I’ve been going off track with her all week, even before this. I’m just so tired of the game talk of hers that’s just rwally a recap of how someone feelings.
    In fairness, if it is a good game move for her, then great. I suppose time will tell. What I can’t stand is the stupid reasons for both of those girls.
    When Paul was asking him when he lied, all nat had was he said he didn’t vote Bronte out and Paulie said Paul was gonna come after james. Michelle couldn’t remember but she knows he does it all the time. Really??

    • Avatar

      We do need a beast to beat TGF …if that A$$hole gets back in ……….I am done watching on TV …I will come here to find out results ….so frustrating …

    • Avatar

      The fact that neither of them can find a single valid instance of a time Paul lied to them just further proves that this was all orchestrated by the producers. As I said in my previous posts, although I am a Paul/Vic fan, I take no issue with the decision Natalie made this week, as I recognize that it’s probably the best move for her game. I only take issue with HOW she arrived at that decision. If she had come to the conclusion that Paul is the biggest threat to her game on her own, I would have no problem with this. What leaves a sour taste in my mouth is that she was pushed in this direction by DR. Total BULLSHIT to screw people over like this when $500K is on the line.

  39. Avatar

    Well the good news kiddos is that Paul is planning to confront Corey and Nicole tonight and “call them out on their bullshit” in order to rattle them for the Veto comp. Looks like we may be in for some entertainment tonight!

  40. Avatar

    Is there something wrong with Michelle? Like intellectually? She’s in the HOH room talking to us (the viewers), and she’s telling us that she needs more than anything to keep Victor safe this week. She says she trusts him and because he’s good at comps he can protect her. Umm sweetie, if that’s the case, then why on God’s green earth did you go along with this plan to nominate him and Paul this week? She is the worst “superfan” I have ever seen.

  41. Avatar

    Nicole and Corey are whispering in the kitchen. For some reason, Nicole is upset with Corey because he talked Michelle out of nominating Nicole this week. Again, am I missing something with these people’s logic tonight? I guess Nicole felt like he should’ve told her sooner, but he says he didn’t want to freak Nicole out and he “took care of it” himself.

    • Avatar

      Update: ok I guess Nicole is feeling very worried about her safety now that she knows Michelle originally wanted to nominate her. She’s concerned that she may still be the target, and could be the replacement nominee tomorrow. Corey is reassuring her that Paul is still the target and they just need to win the Veto tomorrow to ensure the nominations stay the same.

  42. Avatar

    Corey and I finally agree on something. He’s telling Nicole that he can’t believe how stupid Michelle is for wasting her HOH by nominating Paul. He says that was the “stupidest game move EVER” on her part. Couldn’t agree more Corey, couldn’t agree more…

  43. Avatar

    Paul and Vic are in the HOH with Nat and Michelle, trying to solidify a plan to backdoor Corey. Paul is trying his hardest to reassure them that nothing about what they were told by Nicole even makes sense, it was all lies. Natalie is complaining to us that “America I look dumb” and she’s saying she is embarrassed that she used her one HOH to make an “idiot move”. Both Nat and Michelle are telling the boys that they are on board with the backdoor plan and feel stupid for going against the F5 deal.

    I’m not sure if any of what Nat and Mich is saying is true, but a few minutes ago Nat and James were in the storage room alone and it seems like Nat is really confused about what to do at this point. So who knows? One thing is for sure, this should be a pretty interesting week.

  44. Avatar

    Yikes, now the crew in the HOH room are comparing notes about lies Corey has told. Nat tells them that Corey “confirmed” the allegations about Vic asking Nicole out are true (Vic, of course, denies this and is once again pissed). Paul is pissed and tells Nat that Corey said that Nat is “sucking James’ d**k to the top and he’s allowing it” (Note: I have no idea if any of this is true). Natalie is PISSED and says “No I’m not Zakiyah… I don’t suck d**k on TV”.

    Now Nat is crying again and saying she doesn’t even want to be on this show anymore. Everyone is trying to calm Nat down, and she tells Paul that she wants him to call Corey in front of everyone to prove he actually said that. Wow…just wow.

  45. Avatar

    James, Nat, and Michelle are now concerned about AFP, and how they may have just messed up their chances to win by looking like morons in front of America. Natalie says “America I f**ked up! I finally won HOH and I nominated my friends!”. Michelle says “I’m gonna get shit for calling you an Atheist!”. Paul explains that he is actually an Agnostic theist (he believes in a higher power, he believes in God, but he doesn’t believe that God has anything to do with Christianity, Islam, etc). James says “Jamesy fans, make sure you vote for me again for AFP this year!”. I promise you, I didn’t make any of this up.

  46. Avatar

    Ok friends, BBAD is over and that’s all I got. I tried my best to help fill in for the regular posters/bloggers who weren’t able to hang out tonight. I hope these posts help a bit for those trying to keep a pulse on the house post-nominations.

    Long story short: Nicole is paranoid that she may be the actual target for a backdoor this week, Nat and Michelle appear to be having second thoughts about their nominations (not sure if that’s just an act or not), Paul and Vic are pulling out all the stops to keep themselves safe this week, and Nat is now PISSED at a very nasty comment that Corey allegedly made about her (knowing Nat’s track record, this could prove to be a very pivotal revelation). Good night!

  47. Shivani33

    The intention now between everyone except Nicole and Corey is to backdoor Corey (or Nicole). Paul, Victor, Natalie, Michelle and James talked at length. Various aspects of the deceptiveness behind Nicole’s and Corey’s gameplay was uncovered by the other five putting their heads together. Everyone is relieved. From what I saw, Nicole and Corey were preoccupied with themselves, as usual, while the others talked in the HOH room. Paul very much wanted to confront the two of them over their self-serving gossip and twisting of the truth about things that Paul has or has not said. Natalie doesn’t want any fighting. As of this point, no one wants to work with Nicole or Corey anymore. Unless it flips again.

    Were all five sincere about all of this? It’s hard to tell, particularly about James and Michelle. Will there be fighting or confrontations about it? Very possibly, especially because Nicole has been chattering away with Corey already with lots of fear while he tries, somewhat impatiently, to coax her to take it easy. Plus, Natalie has gone from a tearful, guilty-feeling wreck about “nominating the wrong people” to being angry with Nicole and Corey for fooling her and saying mean things about her and then back to crying about it all. Nicole and Corey are back in the doghouse.

  48. Avatar

    I bet the boys are now regretting voting out Paulie

  49. Avatar

    I LOVE that the girls are FINALLY playing the game!! GAME ON, SISTERS!!

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