Will Paul still be sleeping like a baby when he realizes he's the target?

Will Paul still be sleeping like a baby when he realizes he’s the target?

Good afternoon! I know it has been said many times, but what a difference 24 hours in the Big Brother house can make! Before Paulie left, he told Michelle to team up with Nicole and Corey to get James and Victor out. However, Natalie got this idea (not sure from who) that Paul was coming after them and couldn’t be trusted, so she said if she won HOH, he was her target. Well, in case you didn’t see earlier, Natalie won HOH (I can’t wait to see that Sunday.. I wonder if the guys threw it to her?). She had planned to put Paul (target) and Victor (pawn) up, but then about a half hour ago, her plan was soiled (for now). Michelle won America’s Care Package, and I’m shocked. She still wants Nicole and Corey out, and said she is not putting up Victor. What a wild turn of events!

Anyways, let’s go right into updates:

  • 1:30pm – Nicole and Natalie chatting in the kitchen, sounds like it’s about Paul, but it’s hard to make out the whispering
    • Victor and Michelle are chatting in the bathroom. Michelle is shocked she won because she thought America hated her. Victor told her to stop thinking like that
    • Natalie says no matter what, she’s not putting Nicole or Corey up.
    • Quick rant: Why on earth do they want to save Nicole and Corey?? If Paulie comes back into the game, the three of them are just going to team up again and pick off Nat/James/Michelle/Vic/Paul.. I don’t get how Natalie thinks it’s a smart idea to pick Paul/Vic off right now..
    • Natalie thinks America is on her side and that’s why they gave Michelle the care package
  • 2:00pm – Natalie says that she will never put a girl up
    • Michelle called to DR.. probably time for her HOH room
    • Natalie says this is going to be a big move
    • Sounds like Natalie plans on keeping her nominations a secret and wants Paul/Victor to believe that Nicole and Corey are going up.. umm are you forgetting you only get one nom??
    • James doesn’t want to blindside Victor, but Nicole says that he’ll tell Paul so it’s not a good idea
    • Nicole says she will support Natalie either way
  • 2:30pm – Natalie and James talking to America about tampons
    • Looks like James made a fake bloody tampon with BBQ sauce and put it in the bathroom. ew
    • Natalie – “Why would I send a girl home when I’m all about girl power?” tell that to Z, Da’, etc
    • HOH room time for Michelle. She and Natalie are sharing the room
    • Your typical fake interest in the HOH's stuff...

      Your typical fake interest in the HOH’s stuff…

    • James hid her letter in his pocket (why??) and then gave it to her
    • Her letter is from her dad
  • 3:00pm – Casual chat in the HOH room right now with everyone
    • I have to run out for a bit.. College move in is Tuesday! I’ll update when I get back, but I fully expect Paul and Victor to be on the block
  • 6:00pm – Ok, I’m back and it looks like I missed quite a bit, including the CBS episode. Thank you to our awesome commenters for filling in what happened while I was out! Looks like Victor knows of the plan to take Paul out this week. It also appears that they’re mad at Paul because he told Paulie information before he left. Anyways, feeds are down for nominations.
  • 7:10pm – Feeds still down for nominations
  • 7:14pm – Feeds back
    • Paul and Victor were nominated
    • Victor was talking to Paul in the London room and told him everything that Natalie told him earlier
    • Paul says they better hope he doesn’t win VETO
    • Paul is now going nuts on Natalie. He’s in the kitchen demanding to know what he lied about.
    • Natalie – “You told me to my face and to Bronte’s face that you wanted to keep her and you lied about it.”
    • He’s saying he wanted to send Bridgette home and that he never wanted to send Da’ home
    • Paul wants to know how he’s manipulated people, and Michelle says he wanted to backdoor James and Paul he never once has said that.
    • Natalie – “Your social game is impeccable.”   Paul – “Okay, I’ll take that. But don’t say stuff in your speech that isn’t true.”   Michelle – “It was just a speech.”  Paul – “Well it was a shitty speech.”
    • Natalie now complaining about the FT comments Paul and Paulie had made
    • Paul says he’s only mad that they called him a manipulator and liar during the speech
    • They rest of the house is watching Paul defend himself
    • This is really entertaining guys, get the feeds and watch lol
    • Paul – “How have I lied??”  Michelle – “I can’t really say when..” (she doesn’t know)
    • Paul says he hopes Victor wins VETO because the house obviously has a better taste of him in their mouth
    • Paul – “Vic, we should’ve got lube, because we got boned.”
    • Victor – “Who wants taco meat??” haha
  • 7:30pm – Nicole and Corey are jumping around in the storage room because they’re safe
    • Paul says he’s going to say Michelle smells like urine all week and that he’s going to bang pots and pans while everyone’s asleep. He says, “You may be done with me, but I’m not done with you guys!” He’s kidding, but this is hilarious
    • James tells Michelle and Nat that they made a good game move. I do admit, they did make a fantastic game move
    • James thinks that Paul and Victor would have taken one of them out before their final 4 deal
    • James and Michelle say that their next game move is to get Corey and Nicole out
    • James – “I said Paul was going to win the game, week 3”
    • Paul is now up in the HOH talking to Nat/James/Michelle
    • He says he would still rather see one of them win even if he leaves
    • Paul says he’s bummed that they put him up, but it is what it is
    • Paul – “Whether I leave or stay, those two (Corey/Nicole) can’t be trusted.”
    • He says he was never playing both sides. He wanted those three out and he wanted to work with them to do it
    • Paul – “If you think I’m that big of a threat, vote me out.”
  • 8:00pm – Paul is still trying to plead his case, Victor is cooking in the kitchen chatting to Nicole, Corey in DR

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