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I'm pretty sure I'm going to use this image a lot this season

This Is How America Will Impact The Season

I'm pretty sure I'm going to use this image a lot this season
I’m pretty sure I’m going to use this image a lot this season

Mashable posted some information today about how we’re actually going to impact the season:

  • America’s Nominee Vote – The HOH will nominate two Houseguests for eviction and, for the first time ever, fans will have the opportunity to choose a third houseguest to join them on the block.
  • America’s Eviction Vote – In addition to the house’s eviction votes, for the first time, fans will have a say in who they would like to see go home. The nominee who receives the most eviction votes from America will receive one extra vote during the eviction ceremony.
  • America’s Care Package Vote – Fans can vote to send their favorite Houseguest a special advantage in the game.
  • America’s Have Nots Vote – America will be able to vote and choose three unlucky “have nots” each week.

First impression – I like it. I like giving America power, but not complete power where the house just acts like James all season and tries to play pranks to win America’s Favorite.  Adding the third nominee, and giving us a vote is cool.  By giving us just one vote, we obviously get more power every week, but we’re only ever as powerful as one additional houseguest.  We can’t tip the scale and keep someone floating through the season because they play pranks (another James reference).

Despite popular opinion, I didn’t mind the care packages last season, so I don’t mind them returning. I’ve always felt viewers should be more involved in the day of the internet with a show that is happening as we watch it (unlike other pre-recorded shows).

As far as Have Not – meh. I’ll have to see their conditions, but I personally liked last season where the 3-4 worst HoH players got it.




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  1. caRyn

    Danielle passed the infection onto Justin. Justin suggested in front of a group of people that Monte should take it. Monte asked Justin why he wanted to single him out. No answer.

  2. caRyn

    Monte, Cornbread, Shane and Scott are working together. They call it brainstorming. They are not calling their group an alliance. Monte mentioned that he does’t trust Danielle and thinks she and Justin have some kind of thing. I have also noticed that Monte will cut Cornbread off when Cornbread is talking.

  3. Thanks for the picture. It will make a perfect MEME

  4. caRyn

    Kryssie asked Jason and Neeley if they think people are talking about alliances. Jason said he hasn’t heard anything. He said he thinks people are still talking and getting to know one another.

  5. caRyn

    Justin gave the infection to Shelby.

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