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Thursday Discussion – Another Week, Another Blindside

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Thursday in the Big Brother house which means that the feeds are going to be down for a big chunk of the day as production prepares for the live show. I say this weekly, but there are always new people to the show and the site that wonder where the feed updates are on Thursday. Most weeks, nothing happens on this day, but if something does, I’ll always break in and cover it.

Alright, on to the week that was supposed to be exciting but was actually a huge dud. We had all this in one week:

  • A blindside eviction (Bayleigh)
  • A potential power flip (Haleigh winning HoH)
  • A dramatic PoV competition
  • A friend of the HoH potentially going home on her watch

But, the feeds were surprisingly quiet. The biggest stir came briefly after Rockstar was nominated by the hacker (Kaycee) and a little after Tyler won PoV. Even when feeds were set in stone on Monday, they returned to Rockstar feeling sad that Kaycee was going home this week. What?


Yes, after everything we’ve seen this season, Rockstar was so confident in the votes – on Monday – that she pulled Kaycee aside to wish her well and all that jazz. Absolutely incredible.  To her credit, Haleigh has actually found many of the puzzle pieces. She noticed Angela/KC write a ‘6’ in their hats and wondered why. She instantly thought KC won the hacker. She’s also pointed out other strange things that her alliance glossed right over yet she just can’t put the puzzle pieces together. She’s like … hmmm .. it’s at the tip of my tongue….

Maybe Kaitlyn will summon some guides to tell me who I’m trying to think of

I do also want to talk about Rockstar screwing up the PoV not once, but twice, but I have a feeling she’ll be hearing enough of that when she gets home and don’t want to rub salt in the wound. Seriously. I absolutely love to make fun of people when they do stupid stuff like that (see above with Kaitlyn) but Rock’s was just painful to watch. It’s like watching JR Smith run around clueless with the ball that cost his team a win in the finals. That stuff is just haunting to a person and you end up feeling bad for them.

That leads us to tonight..

Rockstar should be evicted which will make her PoV loss sting more. Sam has been having a really hard time this season and it’s not going to get any easier tonight when she has to choose between the friendship of RS or Tyler. JC is also super unreliable as he’s making no secret about trying to play both sides of the house and could change his mind at any moment. It’s a scary thought to have your entire season rely on JC and Sam, but that’s what Kaycee is doing yet she seems okay with it. Either she’s really good at hiding nerves, or she’s comfortable enough with those two people for some reason.

Rock, on the other hand, pretends to be comfortable but has been the one stressing and I believe it’s because she knows the votes are not set in stone. I mean she’s counting on Brett for a vote. The guy she harassed after he randomly threw her under the bus on live TV. The guy she obsessed over for weeks after. The guy who has been saved by Angela and Tyler not once but twice over people they thought were close. Rock knows she’s in trouble tonight no matter how hard she denies it.

After she’s evicted, the house is going to play the slip-n-slide HoH competition where they race back and forth to fill a bubblegum thing full of liquid. This competition is open to nearly everyone as every single person has the chance to win it.  These are some of the more athletic people remaining in the house and the only one who probably doesn’t have much of a chance is Sam (watch her win).  JC may also suffer because of his small legs but I don’t think it will hurt him enough to prevent him from winning.

Alright, rambling done.  I’ll create a post if there is something to report about. Until then, remember if you want to watch the HoH competition play out, you can get the live feeds here!


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  1. dfdsgs

    I think based on past performances that Scottie has the best chance to win the veto. With the numbers getting so low you have to put him on the block. That way if he wins he can only save himself vs if he get’s pick he can save himself and another HIVE member like L6 was able to do this week. That would give HIVE two votes on eviction night and would put L6 is a predicament for who to be the replacement nomination. Would also allow JC to try and keep playing the middle and keep the numbers even so he is always the swing vote.

  2. Avatar

    I …… will never be able to get over the fact that rockstar thinks shes staying. I WILL BE BLINDSIDED IF SHE DOESNT.

    • Sassy

      RS was confident at the beginning of the week but she knows JC and Sam are waivering since they don’t give her straight answers. She is trying to make herself believe she is staying, but knows it’s unlikely.

  3. ElaineB

    So I see that Hay has branched out with her ‘talents’ on Scottie and Brett. Is she using this as technique to keep Scottie in the hive, and try to lure Brett there? I have seen so much of her and Fessy and then this week, lots more of Brett and Scottie ‘in the zone’.

  4. Helen

    Why would Sam borrow RS purple skirt to wear tonight if she plans on voting her out?

  5. danmtruth

    As much as we say Jc is playing the middle Bret IS working with L6 Yet if the HIVE does slip into power he will be sitting pretty as I don’t see the HIVE putting him up Plus he should have the votes to stay against most player left

    • Mel

      It may depend on Fessy and Hay being smart enough to realize Brett lied to them all week about keeping RS. It it’s 5-1 and Scottie’s the only vote to keep RS, Brett may take the most heat. Hay already isn’t sure of JC & Sam. They also never told her they were keeping RS. Brett did tho. Did you get my song msg to you on the last thread? AIO had to correct me on my source tho…

  6. ShoeLover

    Won’t lie about getting a little excited when seeing Haliegh begin to question the rainbow suits, the number six, only because it could have been exciting see her down there with L6/5/4 putting the pieces together like the game CLUE!!! Damn it!!! Wishful thinking!!

  7. Avatar

    What does Sam mean when she says she “fixed it” so neither Kaycee nor Rockstar will go home tonight? Or did I dream she said that?

  8. LO1004

    I have questions! Why is Sam wearing a dress when they should be in athletic gear for the HOH comp? AND, I heard Hay saying Sam is already packed which is why she’s borrowing clothes from RS. WTH??

  9. hogwild

    Tonight will be much like the past several weeks the outcome is predictable to everyone but TGTCSS.

  10. Avatar

    Is the HOH on the feeds tonight?

  11. HappyHippo

    Sam freakin out is getting so old. Talking about slapping the shit out of people right now to RS. Hey Sam some people actually came to play the damn game arghhh

    • AIO_7

      She says a lot of violent things.

      • WhereisPablo

        She surely does and I would like to see her pulled from the game, but ONLY if it doesn’t change anything for the rest of the players in any way. She has gone from quirky to annoying to infuriating for me.

    • Tinkerbell

      I’m sooooooo flippin’ sick of her sh*t. Go away Suzie Homemaker. The sooner the better for me. I really liked her, now I could not be more done with her. She’s a waste of BB space. Crabby a*s cray-cray. I’m getting nauseous on this up and down rollercoaster ride of her’s. Production, worst job ever casting her. A lot of people I would like to see leave. However, I wish tonight was DE, send RS and Sam home. Sam is no better than Bayleigh with her dark words of stomping people, gutting people, etc. Scary people. I wouldn’t want to go to sleep in that house with Sam awake, different personality every other minute. When she’s in that dead death grip stare, her switch could flip at any given moment. I understand now why she can’t keep a relationship on the outside. Very troubled person.

  12. Ann

    It’s my grandson’s 11th birthday today & I can’t get excited because I’ve let that bitch Rock get in my head & I’m pissed. My family usually comes over for birthdays & we all have a good time celebrating but noooo, I can’t get in the celebrating mood all because I can’t get BB off my brain.

  13. AIO_7

    Rest in peace, Aretha.

    P.S. Notice Maxine Waters as a back ground singer. I’ve heard she was a pretty good back ground singer in her day, but she seems lost on this one.


    • Avatar

      Okay that made me laugh. That is actually Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston and she did a lot of background singing back in the day

    • danmtruth

      Aretha a national treasure what a force Too all current singers who think they invented singing with audited and soul sorry go back and take a look No need for 200 backup dancers and singers Just her on a stage with THAT voice Thank you Ms Franklin

  14. Helen

    Sam keeps trying to let RS know she’s going but RS isn’t picking up what she’s dropping…

    • HappyHippo

      This is exactly why this “alliance” has failed. Earlier hay ho was asking jc if everything was good and a few min later he was like it’s not like the people that are leaving are dying lol

      • Sassy

        Last night he said it feels like I’m visiting a friend that’s getting ready to go on vacation and I’m there to tell them bye and stay safe… good way to look at it.

  15. Mel

    Sam is showing signs of getting upset. She’s saying she doesn’t like everyone being quiet. She wants to punch everyone in the face including herself. She hates the house, wants to go to the little house, etc. She said she wished she knew what Brett was doing. RS said she should go ask him. Sam said she’d be alone no matter what happened and even tho RS has Hay, RS is Sam’s only person. She talked about not breaking her word, etc.

    I don’t blame RS for trying. I would be so frustrated if I thought I had the votes but might not get them because a couple of people were avoiding saying the words “I’m keeping RS. ” I’d push too.

    • Helen

      R S has been at her since getting up…no one in L6 is even attempting to break it up….

    • AIO_7

      “She (Martha) hates the house, wants to go to the little house, etc.”

      The Crazy Train will be just as isolated and unhappy there.

    • HappyHippo

      Oh I would definitely push. In the end we can’t say she didn’t try. I’m just over hearing her white rich privilege crap

    • Ann

      But she’s pushing Sam too hard knowing full well she’s not stable. I wish Sam would tell her to get the fuck away from her once & for all.

    • LO1004

      I would fight for my life in that house too, but the problem is RS is and has been an asshole to everyone, so I’m not sure how should could be surprised by her eviction. Unless she’s completely unaware of her asshole tendencies, you can’t expect to talk so much crap and expect to stay. Even when KC and Angela were trying to support her during her punishment she got pissed about it. She deserves to go to the little house and reflect on how she could’ve been a bit kinder to her housemates.

      • Ann

        That fool does not have enough sense to think about how she treated people & how she fucked up because it’s all going to be Tyler & whoever else’s fault but never hers.

      • leafhopper

        Oh, I absolutely believe that RS does not see herself as being mean or hateful to others. I am sure she only sees herself as the victim. She is the one who has been picked on, she is the one who they have excluded, who they have been mean to. Just like Bay, her memory will be very selective and she will only remember how nice she was, how she went out of her way to try and talk to everyone and be nice. How she made food for everyone (even though it was a punishment).

      • danmtruth

        She has bad mouth people all season Now does not understand why people don’t want to talk to her

    • Sassy

      I would push hard too. Sorry that Sam is having problems but IF getting Sam to self evict meant I got to stay, sorry Sam, I might push her over the edge. I don’t agree that production should tell RS to back off. If Sam is unstable, remove her, but don’t penalize a hg for another’s misfortune. I am NOT an RS fan, and REALLY hope she is leaving, but on fair terms without interference.

  16. Helen

    RS is badgering and harassing Sam as though Sam is the only vote in the house…JC has made no.comittment to her nor has Brett but she seems to just take them for granted..

    • LO1004

      Because she knows Brett and JC would never entertain that conversation. She’s taking advantage of Sam’s compassion.

      • leafhopper

        And smokers have a weird bond. It is a weird thing. When you are secluded and shunned by everyone, being forced to sit far away, pushed outside, secluded, because you smoke, you develop a special bond that no one else understand. When RS leaves Sam will have no-one else to sit with her. This may be the all alone that she keeps referring to.

      • Sassy

        Smokers aren’t shunned on the show. They can smoke their cigarette then join the group. They don’t have to sit there all day.

    • Tinkerbell

      Leaf, Excellent observation. I had never thought about that. Many smokers where I work. They have a gathering place outside of our buidling. The place they are allowed to smoke. They share a lot of “together” time…..talking about everyone and everything under the sun, moon, and stars. They do share a different kind of bond. When they’re smoking they seemed to be very chilled out as well. Exactly like RS and Sam are when they’re lounge lizards in the backyard, puffing away.

      • Tinkerbell

        P.S. I’m not bashing smokers ;))

      • leafhopper

        you are right Sassy, shunned is the wrong word, I should not have used that one. Tink, me either, I use to smoke and when non smoking friends of mine and I would go somewhere, I would go outside by myself and end up with a whole new group of friends.

      • Alda

        I just lost a dear friend to lung cancer 2 weeks ago.She was told 20 years ago to stop smoking,but smoked till the end.My husband had a tumor on his epiglottis when he was 34.Had it removed,never smoked another cigarette.He was grateful he had that tumor.It saved his life.

      • Jenny

        Alda I am so sorry to hear about your friend, and so glad your husband survived. I have asthma and absolutely can’t be around smokers. I respect their right to smoke as long as it’s not invading my air space!
        And btw, if you smoke in your house and in your car, you STINK. Like a freaking ashtray. It makes me gag being within 50 feet of you. Ugh. So if you see someone at the grocery store making a horrible face at you and muttering oh my god!!!… that might be why.
        A few people I know have had good luck quitting w/Chantix. For anybody out there wanting to quit, I recommend trying that.

  17. HappyHippo

    I know tonight’s comp is anybody’s but I do think Tyler stands a decent chance… they have to swim long distances and in the ocean at that plus all of the other things he does he should have decent endurance. He’s pretty determined too. I also think Angela stands a decent chance. Fessy is going to fall pretty damn hard when he does fall..ouch. D I don’t think cares enough. Scottie stands a chance too. I don’t see Brett or Fessy winning…can’t wait to see though. Hopefully I can see the end tonight damn east coast time

    • HappyHippo

      I forgot kc she does stand a decent chance too and now would be the time for her to prove herself as a game player

      • danmtruth

        It is a quick learning curve How quick can you figure the best way to move Fast enough to be fast but stay in control Thats one of the things they see others moving faster than them and break form and fall

    • HappyHippo

      D was supposed to be Sam damn phone

    • AIO_7

      ….. “Tyler stands a decent chance… they have to swim long distances and in the ocean”…..

      Are we even sure that Tyler is a life-guard?

    • Avatar

      If it is a stamina comp where they have to stand on a platform that tilts and they get soaked with various stuff. The bigger house guests always fall first. To much weight and gravity working against them. Faysal will not win. Look for the smaller strong house guests to win.

      * Tyler will win if he sees it as a good game move. If it is down to him and a Hive Member he will stay on and win. If he is up against Angela he will throw it to keep blood off his hands.

      * Angela needs to step up and show off her athletic ability. She has a light strong frame she should be able to out last anyone.

      * Sam is a wild card because she is very strong but her mind has shut down and she doesn’t want to be in the house. If she decides to give it full effort she could win the comp.

      * Scottie is also a wild card. He knows if L6/5/4 wins he is going on the block or a potential back door option. He will be giving his all.

      * JC should be able to out last them all but due to his size he gets the worst of the punishments of the spray etc and is unable to stay on the platform.

      Now this is all predicated that the HOH Comp is a stamina thing where they are standing on a ledge of some sort.

    • kneeless

      I think Angela stands a good chance, too. I will enjoy watching my cub, Tyler!

    • Sassy

      Brett is the only one I see running everyday. He may have some good endurance. Let’s fast forward time and get this started!!

    • Jenny

      Tyler surfs so he’s probably pretty good at keeping his balance. JC being shorter will probably do better too. Same with Sam. Fessy will probably end up on his butt a lot. Angela being a gymnast would have the flexibility to recover from a slip. If it were me I’d try “skating” instead of walking. Not sure if anyone has done that before, but it’s a lot easier to control your movements if you’re pushing side to side.

  18. Avatar

    All I know is with all the brow beating of Sam by RS she is heading the right way for a “CURB STOMP”

  19. Helen

    Thank you Scottie for pulling Sam into BR to trim his hair!! Get her in a more public area around others so RS can get off her ass!! When I just switched on feeds she was thanking Scottie saying it was what she needed…something to do

  20. Avatar

    Just think Bayleigh will get a good friend (RS) to join her this week. Silver lining. Cheer!

  21. Helen

    JC tells Tyler in kitchen that he doesn’t think Sam will vote with them because Faysal said how Angela threw Sam utb and Sam looks at like if Angela is with Kaycee, she’ll vote out Kaycee because of Angela throwing her utb. Tyler defends Angela and tells JC that that’s not really what happened. Angela and Sam did their 1 on 1’s together and Sam said she wanted to go home so Angela suggested, put her up then because it’s easier move with less blood on her hands. JC then said, no it was after that like just with Angela/Haleigh… Tyler says “we’ll see then” regarding Sam’s vote.

    JC setting up his flip vote to keep RS…will try to blame on Sam…but..if he tells Sam he is voting KC out Sam may flip too thinking her vote would be harder to make it look like she lied to Ty…that will give them a tie vote with KC going

  22. HappyHippo

    I don’t want Tyler to leave at all but can you imagine him and bay alone at the jury house lol

  23. GL

    Please keep the stars aligned and RS goes home. I think Sam will come around once the purple people eater is gone.

  24. danmtruth

    Mel I miss your earlier song reference Good pick up by AIO with the Paul Simon song
    may I add : So long and thanks for all the fish
    So sad that it should come to this
    We tried to warn you all but oh dear
    You may not share our intellect
    Which might explain your disrespect
    For all the natural wonders that
    grow around you
    So long, so long and thanks
    for all the fish

    50 POINTS FOR THE BOOK & OR MOVIE one in the same

    As for your wish for Fess and Scottie on the block with Hay as veto winner than we can break into
    Torn between two lovers, feelin’ like a fool
    Lovin’ both of you is breakin’ all the rules
    Torn between two lovers, feelin’ like a fool
    Lovin’ you both is breakin’ all the rule

    or fess can have Scottie sing
    I saw her again last night
    And you know that I shouldn’t
    To string her along’s just not right
    If I couldn’t I wouldn’t
    But what can I do, I’m lonely too
    And it makes me feel so good to know
    You’ll never leave me
    Just like John Philips made Denny Doherty sing it with Michell Philips sing back up on

  25. Tinkerbell

    Ohhhhh, JC. I wish you would not have shaved your noggin’ again. Absolutely nothing against it, I just like JC better with a little hair.


  26. Helen

    I just have never thought of Sam as a liar…crazy at times but a liar no…
    She has told Ty twice now she was keeping KC..the last time was last night…to break her word just does not seem to fit ..
    JC also told KC she 100% has his vote..of course that was before Faysal started in on him so who knows..
    Going to find out in about 4 hours either way

  27. Seattle Kari

    I need someone to explain to me what the 6 is all about. I saw it mentioned before and related to (Steeler) football but I’m guessing that’s not really it? So confused. 6-5-4 Alliance?

  28. danmtruth

    Level 6 was Winston, Bret ,Rachel ,Angela, KC ,and TY This was back during TY HOH when Kaitlyn and FOUTTE -Swaggy, RockStar, Hay Fess and Kaitlyn had Five Of Us To The End dumb name They also felt they had Steve (soon to be voted out ) Scottie, and TY as votes Jc was undeclared but working with TY and Fess separately

  29. danmtruth

    Sam ask Jc what are we doing He said voting RS OUT Sam was ok

  30. Avatar

    Sam pinky swears to JC she will vote to keep Kaycee -MaddyP

  31. kneeless

    JC & Sam did a pinky swear to vote out RS so it must be official. This time, i am of fan of the pinky swear!!

    • Helen

      The only problem I have with Sam and her pinky swears are she also did the pinky swear with Ty but yet broke her word last week and was ready to do it again tonight after twice telling him she was keeping KC.
      So even though she says that she’s all about honesty and how important it is that she keeps her word she hasn’t convinced me of that…

  32. Helen

    Sam just pinky sweared with JC to vote out RS. He told her. NO emotional vote this week. The votes will be 5-1
    They both did the pinky swear…

  33. Helen

    JC told her stay in the kitchen. Don’t let people get you alone to get in your head now…

  34. kneeless

    Feeds down, now 2 1/2 hrs of waiting…

  35. Helen

    I am assuming they are not saying anything to Scottie so that he is totally exposed as being hive…
    They all know it already but it’s gonna be out there for all to see…no going back now Scottie..you chose the girl over the game. Silly boy

  36. danmtruth

    Bring on the show Bring on the blindside Bring on a new photo later tonight for me lol

  37. Tinkerbell

    I’m no longer a youngster, but I might have harikari tendencies if I had to spend as much time on hair and make-up as the BB chicks do. How do any of them ever make it to classes, or hold a job.


    • leafhopper

      I don’t understand why they spend sooooo much time on hair and make up to be on tv when they look like themselves (not all made up) 90% of the show anyway.

      • Jenny

        I wonder that too… especially since they have so many DR’s where they’re not dressed up and don’t have hair and makeup done. I guess with the live show they KNOW they are being seen…so…

  38. Colby

    I love that the comp is the slip and slide.
    The other night the F-Troop gang were discussing what the comp may be and Haho said she would be mad if it was that because she really want to play in that one. She is convinced she would win it.
    She is going to have a bad night. First RS goes out on her watch, and then she will have to sit and watch the whole, long comp by herself.

  39. Snarky Jenn

    Colorforms HAS to go tonight!! If I hear her say “YOSSSS” one more time, I will “literally” get physically ill. She is the grossest houseguest I can ever remember seeing. I try not to comment on people’s looks etc., but every time she cries, so all the time, she reminds me of what my Colorforms looked like when I was a kid and left them outside. The colors bleed, there was droopy and sagging. For the love of everything, let her go to the little house tonight!!

  40. kneeless

    Could you imagine if RS & Krissy (BBOTT) had been in a house together?!

  41. goldie

    Sam is so passive aggressive—-I really can’t listen to her one more minute. Earlier today when they were all in the bathroom, Tyler was trying to fix Scottie’s hair. I guess Sam thought he was not trying hard enough and she (Sam) says something like “no one really wants to take the time to do your hair the right way Scottie, and they are just telling you it looks good so they can don’t have to help you.” As she was saying this Tyler walked away. Sam was really talking to Tyler and she wanted Tyler to feel bad. She seems to develop more anger towards him as time goes by. Sam also looks about 38—to me. And, if she is such a great hairdresser, licensed in 2 states, why the f—k does her hair look so bad. Her hair is worse than RS’s. It always looks like a matted mess. AND—get all those ugly ass earrings out of your ears. That fad is long gone. I bet her x boyfriend is saying, “See, I told everyone she was crazy!” Vindicated at last.

    • Helen

      Well Sam thinks RS is fun to be with…go figure…
      Sam must have hung with a really odd group of people if she thinks RS is fun…RS sucks the air out of the room when she walks in…

    • Avatar

      I have seen times on the show when Sam’s hair looks amazing. I think she is actually a very talented hair dresser. She probably doesn’t do her own hair that often because she isn’t that vain and doesn’t want to take the time to do it.

    • Jenny

      I absolutely hate ear gauges. When I was a rebellious teen, double and triple piercing our ears was about as far as it went. I wanted to put a blue streak in my hair but mom said no and I was a good kid so I didn’t do it. When nose rings and eyebrow piercings came into fashion I was glad it happened after I’d gone through that phase. But even those, when it’s a dainty little loop or ball, aren’t that obnoxious. Cute on some people.
      All of those things, you take out the jewelry and the hole is barely noticeable. Gauges leave a giant hole. I see these beautiful young women with big gauges in their ears and all I can think is how they’ll need surgery to fix their ears if they ever want to take them out.

  42. danmtruth

    Sam as we have said was cast as Donny I’m sure production showed her all about Donny How he was Americas favorite because he always found something nice to say about people Thats why when the real Sam slips out people are surprised and shocked

  43. Jenny

    * comes home after a long day of work, only an hour till BB, YAYYYYYYYYYYY *
    * checks listings *
    * contemplates whether to stay up and watch it at 12:30 or just let you guys tell me what happened *

    stupid football.

  44. caRyn

    Watching last nights episode – Episode staring off with JC saying that was terrifying. I will laugh every time I think about that conversation with him and Sam (curb stomping). Then the way Rockstar was staring at Kaycee as Rockstar was walking up the stairs to the HoH room – loony. Also, Brett in his DR session talking about how he is infiltrating the other side and Kaycee being the hacker – how it’s a good thing he is loyal to L6. That told me Brett has thought about not being loyal at one time to L6.

  45. caRyn

    Sam: I say what I mean and I mean what I say, but she won’t be real with Rockstar. Sam doesn’t like fake and yet she is if she votes Rockstar out.

  46. Colby

    Late last night after L6 had gone to bed and the others were up in the HOH or the shower, Brett was in the HN room with a bunch of different colored beads or something, placing them carefully in a drawer. It didn’t show inside the drawer, so I’m not sure what he was doing. I’m thinking maybe using that to keep track of days or something. Did anyone else see that?

  47. Mr. Beardo

    Can’t wait to see Rocky get knocked out tonight!!

  48. Sassy

    I’m glad the hacker is over but what about the other used app? Do you think it will come into play next week for 2 weeks?

  49. Cindy

    I am kinda freaking out. There’s a horrible storm headed straight for my area and we have directv of course we’re gonna lose signal. I am gonna be really relying on you guys tonight during the episode. I hate that I’ll miss the shocked faces.

  50. Shivani33

    Halfhour til the start of the end of Crockstar in da bighouse. Deliciousness.

  51. Mel

    Don’t forget all you nervous nellies…..KC doesn’t need Sam’s vote.

  52. Shivani33

    Ah! The foretaste of relief from one more in a line of quite some females. From Kaitlyn to Bayleave to Crock. Winston might or not taste good. Let us ask Rachel. Who were those other men who left so long ago? Um. Steve and Swaggydaddy? Goodbye messages and HoH will be WOWZA tonight. Hopefully Brett has done a good job with the speech of the woebegone, perhaps walnut-brained CrayolaCrock. This is party time.

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