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Thursday Feed Updates – Not Much Happening Today



The power has shifted once again in the Big Brother house with a crucial win by Shelby last night in the HoH competition. It was the face morph comp, and pretty much the entire house struggled – except Shelby. Whitney couldn’t complete it in the 30 minutes she was given, Alex barely completed the puzzle at 20+ minutes and Kryssie couldn’t beat that number. It seemed like it was going to be a long night until Shelby went and shocked everyone in the house by completing it in just over 3 minutes. Quite an impressive feat for someone Jason has been calling a ‘hooker waitress’ and ‘prostitute’ all season long.

What happens next depends on the viewers because Shelby is only going to be given 50% power this week due to the care package. It is Co-HoH week, so Shelby will share her duties with either Danielle, Jason, Justin, Whitney, or Morgan.  From the sounds of it, LNJ fans are pushing for Jason while BS’ers are pushing for Whitney.  I say this not to influence votes, but to just spread the word so votes are not split.

Here is the link for the Care Package voting


Personally, I have stepped back from pushing for one side over the other because I’m back at the stage now where I just want some drama. I thought it was extremely unfair that Jason was put into the house in a season where America had so much influence, but I think he has worn out his welcome with many viewers combined with others like Justin stepping up to become fan favorites. This no longer guarantees Jason a victory if he’s in the final 3, so I’m happy about that.  Not because I don’t think Jason should win, it’s because I don’t think he should win simply because he has more influence outside the house. That is completely shitty to the people who played the game real hard while Jason spent the first half of the season smoking and talking shit about the rest of the house.

With that said, another reason I am easing up on Jason is because he has actually been playing the game more over the past week. He is reaching the point where if he wins, it will be because he played a better game than the rest, and not because he’s friends with Da’Vonne or has a bunch of twitter followers of his own. He survived the first few weeks when he was a big target, and has been able to make the rest of the house forget that he’s still a major threat due to America. That took a lot of social skills, so I give credit where it’s due.  Finally, with Whitney playing both sides of the house and spending more time with the LNJ, she has done a good job at lightening the mood of that side.  Before Whitney, the LNJ pretty much hated life, but now they’re finally starting to have a little fun and have dramatically calmed down on the 24h shit talk sessions.

I’m sure I’m going to take shit for my opinion, but that’s ok…


  • 12:30pm – The house is on outdoor lockdown, so everyone just laying around doing nothing
  • 3:20pm – Shelby is alone in the HoH before grabbing her stuff and running to the cameras
    • She thanks her friend Monica for all her things
    • Shelby says she is going to use her trial practice skills to take everyone out
    • She’s also sorry for saying the letter was stupid, but it kind of was. She does know that there wasn’t much Monica could have talked about because she can’t reveal how they know each other, so she understands it being a bland letter
    • shelby-alone
  • 3:30pm – Most waiting around for Julie’s Q&A today
  • 4:00pm – Julie time. I’ll highlight any interesting questions…
    • Julie asks how Shelby completed it so fast. Shelby gives a generic answer. The real answer is because she’s smart and handled it perfectly. What she did was to reveal one picture at a time and put the name of the person she was 100% sure of on the image. She didn’t reveal them all at once so she didn’t get flooded.  After going one at a time, she had 7 names gone (6 if you factor in the CB/Morgan last one which was super easy). This meant she just needed to look at the remaining images one by one again and know that those 6 people were likely one of them except for the one wildcard of one person being played twice (which was Monte). It was basic process of elmination in addition to being smart and observant.
    • She asks Alex about how it feels losing a friend in the game.
    • Julie shows them a clip of the veto competition
    • julie-house
    • Justin accidentally called Julie ‘baby’ and the house laughs.  This is because he did it before and she shot him down saying the other person who can call her that is her husband.  This time she says he apologized, but she threatened to bring some ghosts back lol
    • Next Wednesday is a double eviction – even though I’m pretty sure she said there was no double eviction a few weeks back
    • First, eviction is at right after the recap episode, but that will happen earlier this week at 5pm/8pm. So, eviction should be around 9pm est
    • The second will happen later that night. Busy night
    • She finishes with ‘Next Wednesday, expect the unexpected because this season, everything is different’
  • 4:55pm – The four girls were in the HoH room. Whitney leaves for her pickles that Justin cooked
    • As soon as she left, they discuss how one of those three need to win HoH and it’s pretty clear they’re moving on without Whitney. Well, with her, but definitely outside their little circle. To summarize in an image I made yesterday…
    • circleoftrust
    • Shelby wants to take Justin out this week.  She says if he doesn’t win the CP or it doesn’t save him somehow, Morgan is going to want to be in the bathroom for her talk with him (like how he hid during Kryssie’s talk)
    • She plans on telling him about how he broke the deal with Scott and then threw her name under the bus
    • Mentioning all the times he has thrown her name out, and many other little comments he has made to her through the season
    • She says she thinks Justin will never have heard the type of speech she plans on giving him if he’s not safe.  Needless to say, she’s pissed about her treatment this season and the claws are coming out
  • 5:00pm – Time to do some homework. Be back shortly
  • 10:50pm – Back. Ballsmashers in the HoH, LNJ in HN room
    • Flashing back to 9:40 – Danielle is back to bitchville.
    • danielle-bitch
    • The group is talking about Shelby (shocker) and Danielle is making fun of her being a waitress who lives with her aunt and uncle
    • She is making fun of Shelby for living in Malibu while being broke but pretending she’s not (maybe Danielle should put the clues together?)
    • Yea, I had to stop watching. Scratch what I said earlier. The LNJ is still spiteful, bitter and vile

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Love it, “The Hooker Waitress” has risen to queen of the house ! Now Jason can kiss her hooker ass. Even if he does get the care package he’ll still have to bow down ! My how the tides have turned.

  2. AIO_7

    I’m voting for Morgan to get the CP. Please don’t vote for Jason, I don’t want him up there hanging around the girls. I can’t stand seeing or hearing him. He or Krust have to go this week.

  3. AIO_7

    Here is my “Like List” as of today. This is not a power ranking:

    1a) Alex
    1b) Shelby
    .3) Morgan
    .4) Whitney
    .5) Justin
    .6) Danielle
    7a) Jason
    7b) Krusty

  4. Avatar

    So here is another question…Since neither of the HOHs will actually be nominating anyone (just choosing who is safe) what happens if one of the nominees win the veto? Does Shelby get to decide the replacement nom?

    • Mell

      I’m not sure what you mean by not nominating. They will each nominate one person and if they do it the way they did this summer, if a nominee wins the veto, the person who nominated them would choose the replacement. I’m still trying to figure out what they’ll do if there’s a tie.

  5. Helen

    Jason fans should be thanked if you are a PBS fan!! If Jason gets co HOH the noms will most likely be Whitney and Danielle. If Danielle wins veto Justin potentially will be replacement nom…..leaving Whitney Justin and Krustie.
    Guess who goes home?
    Big shout out to Jason fans!!!!!!
    Not so great for Justin fans

    • Avatar

      Jason is not going to put up Whitney or Danielle. They are on his side. He would be putting Morgan or Alex up.

      • Helen

        He has to save two houseguests. This week it’s not a matter of who you would nom. It’s a matter of who you choose to make safe! I don’t see Jason making Danielle safe over say kryssie or Justin.
        People have not really thought this CP nom through IMO

      • Mell

        I guess I’m not understanding the “who you would not versus who you would make safe” conversation on here. What’s the difference?

      • LindsayB

        If I’m understanding correctly, this co HOH gets tricky because the way noms work this season is different than before. Before, each HOH would pick their nom. Now, it’s whoever is left after safety is picked. CoHOH doesn’t mean they can nullify each other’s safety picks, it just means that they will each get to pick their two safe people. Because of that, two people will be left as not safe which means they’re nominated by default. Shelby would keep Alex and Morgan safe. Jason would probably keep Justin and Krusti safe. That leaves Whitney and Danielle as noms. Nobody really “nominates” them but they aren’t safe.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks guys for clearing that up for me. To be honest, I was as confused as hell about the who you would nom and who would be safe thing…lol

      • LindsayB

        I think the only thing we’ve been able to really figure out is the first noms. We are all still clueless (I think) about what happens if someone uses the veto. Maybe budget BB didn’t pay enough people to sit around and think this one out.

    • Mell

      Helen, why do you think Shelby and Jason would nominate Whitney and Danielle? Did something happen today?

      • Helen

        I think it will just end up that way…..you know that Shelby will save Alex and Morgan. That’s pretty much a given.
        If Jason gets co HOH his saves will more than likely be Justin and kryssie.
        So by default that leaves Whitney and Danielle as noms

      • Avatar


    • Mell

      Shelby wants Justin and Jason otb so I’m assuming she’ll put up Justin if Jason get acp. Jason can’t stop her.

      • Helen

        Okay. Jason gets CP. Saturday night Jason will save one person and Shelby will save one person
        Sunday night the same…..
        It makes NO difference who Jason or Shelby WANT to nom….
        Jason may want to nom Alex but will not be able to because Shelby has saved her
        Shelby may want to nom Justin but can’t because Jason has saved him!!
        It makes no difference this week with co HOH ………

      • Helen

        As co HOH Alls Jason has to donis save Justin ……he can stop her……

      • Mell

        Omg! I’m such a dumbass! Lol I wasn’t even thinking of safety ceremony vs nomination ceremony even though that’s what I’ve been watching all these weeks. Ding ding ding, we finally have a winner Helen. You got through to my brain finally!!!

      • Helen

        Omg Mell!! I was trying!!!! I was going crazy trying to explain my thoughts so that people could understand me!!!
        This may go down as the biggest non intentional back door in BB history all thanks to Jason and LNJ fans…
        Unfortunately it will more than likely take out a favorite being Justin….

      • Mell

        You’ve probably been yelling at your screen! You’ve got me back in line but I can’t speak for anyone else though. I don’t know how many of us just blanked out about the safety thing. Crazy!

      • Helen

        No Mell. Lol just shaking my head. Lol
        I was beginning to think maybe I was not seeing things clearly but no matter how I looked at it,still ended up the same way….

      • Mell

        Look at it this way, if Jason does end up with it and Danielle and Whitney are the noms, there’s a good chance Krissi will be the 3rd. If no one comes down, the only people voting would be Alex Morgan and Justin. I think all three of them would vote out Danielle. If one of them comes down, they along with Justin could vote one way, Alex and Morgan another and we would break the tie. A LNC will still probably go home no matter who gets the care package… but at this point I don’t trust any of my opinions I have today, after my earlier crazy moment. Lol

    • Avatar

      Wait, wait, wait a minute. I was understanding it to be they each nominate one person. Wouldn’t they get together to decide this? Thats how it worked last season. Its done a little different this season, but in the end you are nominating 2 people. You know ahead of time who they will be. What does the fine print say? Will need to go back and read it. I think they each nominate 1, & the other person cant save the coHOH’s nom.

      • Avatar

        The coHOH will nominate 1 of the 2 nominees.

      • LindsayB

        That would mean the nomination process for this season would have to change this HOH. Safety ceremonies make the whole thing different.

      • Helen

        They nominate this season by the safety ceremony….this week with co HOH it’s going to end up kind of a default……..

      • Avatar

        I think they will still have the safety ceremony. It said CoHOH just like last season. Maybe they are speculating that they would get together and make people safe together after knowing who each is nominating. That may not happen tho if its Jason. It could come down to taking turns saving someone, but i don’t believe thats what they mean. We are making it more complicated than they mean it to be. Jason fans are trying to give him safety. I hope we can get him out this week and Dani next week.

  6. Avatar

    It’s between Jason and witney for CP package and I don’t want Jason to get it because it wouldn’t be good and I think witney should get it because that would cost more drama and I want to see what side witney picks because the LNJ say that witney is with them so I want to know what side she’s on. Everyone please vote witney for CP

    • Mell

      I do think Whitney getting it would make her show her cards but so will her vote this week. I also don’t think Whitney is any danger this week from either side so she doesn’t really need the care package.

    • AIO_7

      We need to decide between Whit or Morg.. If we split the vote Jason could slip in.

      • Mell

        Then don’t vote Morgan. I want Jason to get it but in the sense of fairness, voting Morgan will take some of Whitney’s votes away and decrease her chances. If you don’t want Jason to have it, I would vote for Whitney.

      • AIO_7

        Mell, I’ve already, recently, come to that conclusion.

      • Mell

        AIO7, nevermind about my wanting Jason to get it. Helen finally got through my thick skull and reminded me this isnt’ a nom ceremony it’s a safety ceremony! I don’t know what I was thinking. This is why I vote late in the day and never early! Lol

      • AIO_7

        Mell, I still haven’t quite digested the safety vs. nom thing yet. I need to think more about it too.

      • Mell

        AIO7, I don’t know why I wasn’t remembering that they weren’t nominating people but instead would make people safe so noms will be process of elimination. It will end up being like kids on a playground picking teams and the last two left to be picked are the noms. I think Helen was ready to strangle me earlier trying to get it through my head. Lol

    • Avatar

      I have been giving it some thought. Lets not split the votes like last time or Jason will end up with it. Give it to Whitney, lets see what she does with it. She doesn’t want Justin to go up. Let her deal his safety in exchange for her nominating a LNJ and Shelby’s safety if Justin or Whitney wins HOH. Plus if a LNJ wins veto and its her nom she has to put up another. She can throw in Kryssie not being Shelby’s target if they have to nominate her or if we do. I think getting a big target out (Jason or Danielle) is better than trying for Kryssie. Don’t think she has a chance in F3 over the others. Give Morgan the next CP, she earned it. The Last one will then have to go to maybe Justin. He is popular, but what will happen to his game without Jason explaining things and telling him what to do? Please vote Whitney.

    • Avatar

      Alex was saying the same thing. They believe it will be coHOH. She is hoping Whitney gets it so they find out where her head is at. I wonder if they are going to be as confused as we are and need detailed instructions. Shelby did mention as an example Danielle getting it and saving Jason so she is understanding it as truly safety not conominate or cosave. Oh, this is good. Misfit fans are only trying to save Jason. If he does save Danielle than WE CAN NOMINATE HER and hopefully get her out. If she is taken off TB tan we can send Justin or Kryssie home. Hopefully its a win win.

      • Avatar

        Maybe whoever came up with the CP’s was still in nomination mode. This small detail wasn’t thought of. Can you imagine how they will have to scramble if it hasn’t been worked out yet and Shelby or whoever asks them about it. Fly on the wall behind the wall of BB.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jason and Krusty said today that Whitney isn’t really with them but that Justin doesn’t understand that.

  7. LindsayB

    We are going round and round trying to figure out want to do, thinking both currently and for the future. We are all in our own little alliance and it’s craziness trying to figure out what to do!! Lol!! I would love to play BB but I’d be certifiably insane by the time I left. This is what I love about this site though. Not only do we keep each other in the loop on stuff but we also get to hear different viewpoints which gives us those “aha” moments like Mell had today. Thank you all for not only filling in the gaps but also for all the strategizing!

  8. caRyn

    I voted Whitney for Care Package. Are they about to have Q&A?

  9. LindsayB

    Ok. I’m having a bit of a brain fart. I’m trying to look at all scenarios. Someone tell me why it would be bad for Jason to get the CP this week. It would keep it from him getting one in the future. With the people OTB probably ending up as Danielle Whitney and Krusti (as AN) wouldn’t it be a given that Krusti would go? Or Danielle? Whitney would still be safe right? Is it better to make Jason inelligle for future CPs? I know I’m missing something. Somebody please knock some sense into me.

    • Helen

      You just have to hope that Danielle does not win veto. If she does ……depending on how renom goes Justin could get backdoored…..just a thought for those of you who voted Jason care package.

    • Mell

      That’s the way I was thinking before and after I remembered the safety vs nom issue. I still think the final noms will only slightly change. I think it will be the difference in either Jason or Whitney being one of the three people otb. I don’t believe Whitney is in any danger of going home this week if she’s otb. If Jason is, I think America may tie it and no one seems to know how they will deal with a tie. Next week is a DE and many Jason fans have been planning on giving him that care package all along. This would eliminate that as an option.

    • LindsayB

      I’m bracing myself for the onslaught of reactions to this but…… I don’t really mind the idea of Justin getting backdoored.
      Don’t hate me!! The risk of that is worth Jason not bejng eligible for another CP. If Justin somehow left over Krusti (btw, what the hell is thy creature wearing today???) it would help pull Whitney back to the BS side. I think I’m gonna vote Jason. Gonna hold off though. I’m open to hearing some feedback before making my decision.

      • Mell

        I still don’t know who would make the replacement nom so I have no idea. I’m also not sure who Jason would make safe if he got it. I assumed he would save Justin and Krissi but he could save Danielle and Justin could be otb right from the beginning.

  10. Shivani33

    Just to complicate things more, Alex was talking with Shelby and Morgan and mentioned that Julie “talks” to them today, and Alex is anticipating that Julie will announce a twist. I don’t know what Alex is thinking, but maybe the safety ceremony isn’t happening this week at all, and also, this week might be the end of have-nots. I can see eliminating the safety ceremony as a practical way to ensure that the HOH and Co-HoH have more options, by reverting to the more traditional nomination method. It seems about time for the have-not number to be reduced to just 2 have-nots this week and no more have-nots at all after this week.

    This doesn’t sound as twist-like as Alex was sounding like she’s speculating might be announced. I can see the format being adjusted to fit the population’s decline and the approaching end of the game. Really, I don’t even know if Alex is right about Julie speaking to them today. The only reason that I heard her say it is because the BSers were (hilariously) discussing Krustie’s belching and farting, and Alex stuck in her remark about an incipient Julie talk.

    • Mell

      I thought Julie was referring to something during double eviction but you may be right. Julie’s announced so many things to them leading into the week it was relevant. I would think if they were doing nominations differently this week they would have found that out today. We’ve already had questions about a tie and who breaks that I have another one. If they continue with the safety ceremony this week and someone wins the veto, who replaces them since technically no one nominated them?

      • Shivani33

        @Mell Yup. Julie just said that the DE will be time “to expect the unexpected,” and that OTT is different than regular BB. She dropped a nonspecific hint. We’ll see what happens when the Care package drops. Maybe it’ll say what the procedure will be if there’s a tie eviction vote. The only thing I know for sure is that Justin called Julie “baby” again!

      • Mell

        That’s all I’m sure of this week too!

  11. Avatar

    Reminder CP #6 the one after this one
    Voting is from 6pm ET – 7 pm ET on Nov 9th only

    • Mell

      That’s just grea! Helen, you need to start working on me probably over the weekend since it took me all day to get this crap figured out. An hour may not be enough! Lol

  12. Avatar

    As usual, Steve, I think your analysis is spot on.
    I love Shelby, because she’s a dork and because smart and because she’s so smart she came in with a plan to make them think she was stupid.

  13. caRyn

    This care package gives the Houseguest of your choice the power of being co-head of household. The winner will be safe for the week, share the perks of being HoH, and also name one of the two nominees for eviction.

    • caRyn

      Whitney being co-HOH with Shelby won’t change the noms really. Whitney might not put Justin OTB but neither will Jason. If you think about it, this is a sucky Care Package for Whitney. It will save Jason if he receives it from being OTB. Basically that’s it.

      • Helen

        The only change it would make is either Whitney or Jason being OTB …..Danielle goes up with either one. Plus Jason will be ineligible for CP next week with double eviction
        Or Whitney. Depending on who the voters give this CP to….
        If your a Jason fan and have been thinking your saving him this week then you have left him wide open for DE next week…..
        At this point I guess it really does not matter. It will most likely be Danielle going home unless she wins veto……LNJ is probably going to lose a member any way it goes.

  14. caRyn

    If Whitney’s nom comes down she picks the replacement. If Shelby’s nom comes down she picks the replacement. If Jason’c nom comes down he picks the replacement.

  15. caRyn

    Week 5: Co-HoH

    The same as from Big Brother 18, the winner will be the second HoH and get to pick one of the two nominees.

    Week 6: Double Eviction Veto

    This week will be a double eviction. However, the HGs won’t compete for PoV, the winner of this vote will automatically get it. The voting for this one will only be open for a single hour, from 6pm ET to 7pm ET on November 9.

    Week 7: The Final Four Challenge

    The winner of this Care Package will be given a challenge and if they pass, they are automatically given a spot in the Final 4 of the season. At this point I think there will only be 5 or 6 people left because of the double eviction, so it’s essentially only one or two weeks of safety.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Jason just told Krusty that the best thing for everybody’s game is to get Justin out right now. He said that he hates to say it and he knows no one wants to hear it, but it’s true. Krusty is trying to talk Jason out of it. He said he would be willing to wait a while but Justin needs to be cut before he gets to far because if he gets to the end, he will win.

    • LindsayB

      Jason is going from “not wanting to talk about Justin’s demise” to just straight up talking some mad shit about him. Jason is such a little bitch. We all knew that tho. He’s really trying to pull Krusti in to replace Justin as his number 1. It’s smart of him because he realizes he can beat Krusti at the end and he can’t beat Justin. Hate Jason. Hate Krusti. Hate Danielle. Don’t like Justin.

      • NKogNeeTow

        But tell us how you really feel Lindsay…lol

      • LindsayB

        Hahaha!!! I always do!!

      • Avatar

        He is planting those seeds in Kryssies head. He does say its not time yet to cut him. He says Justin is playing a me game doing what is best for him while he (Jason) is playing a we game since I ain’t f’ed you hoes yet, I’m playing a team sport. Talk goes onto Kryssie volunteering to talk to him because she has a way with words. This talk is because they are sure he threw the comp. Of course he gets in the Whitney should know it was me that saved her not Danielle. Again Kryssie will remind her. He believes Justin is still talking to Alex, says he is not. Explains what it was about with Alex & Scott. This kid is a bottom feeder (my thought about Jason). All he has done is play a me me me game. Whoever can get him the money. She is falling for it. I so want him gone.

  17. Mell

    I think Jason may be getting ready to throw Justin utb and if he gets the care pkg, he’ll be able to do it.

  18. LindsayB

    Justin and Shelby are talking about why they don’t like each other. Justin says he’s mean to her because of things she says so it’s basically her fault. She’s calling him out on all his shit by asking him about specific situations so I’m really proud of her. He’s kind of kissing her ass but kind of not. The rest of BS are just silently watching. He talks in circles. He keeps saying that he doesn’t bad mouth her or her group. Wrong.

  19. LindsayB

    Justin just rejoined Krusti and Jason. He’s filling them in on his conversation with the BS. He tells him that he told Shelby he’s mean because she’s passive aggressive.
    It’s a classic chicken or the egg thing in my opinion with the two of them. They both talk shit about each other and they both do it because the other one does it first. Whatever.
    Justin is talking so much shit about Morgan now. Says she’s fake. Here’s my question: he doesn’t like Shelby cuz she keeps it real with him which he sees as snarky and passive aggressive. He doesn’t like Morgan cuz he says it’s fake when she’s nice to him. Which one does he want? Doesn’t matter. LNC is gonna talk shit regardless.
    Jason is all in on this conversation about how fake the girls are. Guess it’s ok for him to be nice to Justin’s face two seconds after plotting his demise. Gotta love Big Brother.

  20. Mell

    Does anybody know if Scott’s interview is up anywhere yet? I want to see if he needs therapy when he finds out he wasn’t Alex’s #1.

  21. Avatar

    The polls are showing Jason in the lead because either the votes are being split between Whitney and Morgan or because you can vote more than once. I voted earlier on jokers, i just voted again so it is possible. I wanted to test the only 1 vote per IP address. The difference is around 5%. Morgan is showing 11%. So who knows. If we cant get him this week maybe we can get Danielle. He is such a little weasel.

    • Mell

      I don’t care if I get Jason or not. My only goal was to keep Justin safe this week. Now it looks like that skinny little poop stain is going to hang Justin out to dry. Yes, I’m aware he told Krissi that it wasn’t time to get Justin out yet but if he gets that care pkg, I bet he changes his mind. He can make it look like he’s sacrificing something and working with Shelby. Krissi can’t get mad at him because he can tell her he had to give up Justin to save her. For the record, the only thing I think I’ve said about Jason was that I didn’t like him as much as last year and I didn’t approve of his behavior. That will change if this happens. I may have to get on twitter or somewhere to unleash so I’m not kicked off of here.

      • LindsayB

        Mell, I’d love to see you unleash. I think you should definitely do it here. It can be done without talking shit about anyone on here cuz you’re classy like that. Do it. DO IT!!!

        Poop stain. I love it!!

      • Mell

        Before this is over, you’ll have me feeling a Thelma and Louise moment with you. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mell you KNOW I’m waiting with baited breath for either you or Ann to get on him for what he’s about to do to Justin. I know it’s going to be a side splitter. I’m with Lindsay, go for it! I’m getting my tissues ready because I know you guys are going to have me crying with laughter. I’ll bet Annie is chewing on furniture because she’s so mad right now…lol

  22. GL

    Where is Dani? Have not seen her for over an hour. Is she sleeping again?

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think so. Someone mentioned earlier that she wasn’t feeling well. Cramps I think, or whatever excuse she needs to get away with extra sleeping.

    • LindsayB

      Yup. She’s been sleeping for a couple hours now. It was mentioned in the house like there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I get the whole cramps thing. I really do. I had to get spayed because mine were so bad. Rules are rules though and they let her get away with sleeping all the freaking time.

      • NKogNeeTow

        ‘Spayed’….I spit out my iced tea on that one.

        Dani was just complaining because she said she slept for 4 hours and nobody but the LNC came in to ask her if she was alright. Who would ask Dani, nobody cares.

      • Avatar

        Oh paahleeez bitch, its just cramps. Get some midol, a heating pad & go get your ass back in the bed & go back to sleep. Nobody checked on your ass because they were hoping you’d stay sleep so they wouldn’t have to hear your mouth. What’s your excuse for sleeping all of the time when you don’t have cramps?

      • Avatar

        I got my plumbing disconnected a long time ago too for the same reason. When the doctor asked me if I wanted him to leave my ovaries, I told him hell he could take it all because I didn’t have any use for it anymore.

      • LindsayB

        Ann I love you.

      • NKogNeeTow

        THERE IS MY ANNIE!!!! lol

  23. Avatar

    If we give the care package to the BS this week they will only have two people that can play in next weeks HOH comp and the LNJ will have three, Think before you vote. They need to have a chance of winning next weeks HOH or they are in big trouble. If we give it to Jason he will not be able to play next weeks HOH and the girls will have a better chance of winning. Thanks for listening. Go Team SHELBY !!!

    • LindsayB

      I’ve been going back and forth with who to vote for and this little nugget of insight just tipped it over the edge for me. I think I’ve gotta vote for Jason. It keeps him from getting one in the future and he wasn’t going to go home this week anyway. I gotta do what I gotta do to help keep Shelby safe next week. I’m hoping Justin goes home. Sorry Mell!!! Any LNC can go home and I’ll be happy.

    • Avatar

      This is getting more complicated by the min. Thanks pielady for letting us know. I was going to cast my last 20 right now. Think i will wait until the morning. Everyone let me know what your doing please. I will read as much as i can in the morning before i cast my last votes. Thanks All

  24. Avatar

    Guys. Listen. All those Morgan votes are a vote for Jason. They are just cancelling out votes against Jason. This is what happened last week. Nobody stuck together and we did not get Krissy up for Americas nom. If you are BS fans, or just individually are pulling for Alex, Shelby and Morgan, if you like Whitney or not, that’s who you should vote for. When Jason gets this CP, Shelbys HOH is ruined. I was really excited for Shelby and so was she! This is going to make her feel so bad and feel like we hate her. Alex begged today for us to give the cp to Whitney so they could get close to her again and have her to help them. I mean y’all can do what you want, of course, I just want you to know what it’s going to cause. If the voters keep this up, we won’t win another vote the rest of the season and we will just give the game to the misfits. The reason we were so successful in the beginning is because we stuck together. We need to do that now and in the future! BS FANS PLEASE VOYE WHITNEY FOR CP!!

    • Mell

      Amber, I agree with you and said that early today. Yiu are 100% right. I’m not pulling for Alex anymore but I’m not specifically against her either. There is no way Morgan will catch Whitney so voting for her will just take them away from Whitney. That may be part of what’s keeping Jason in the lead for now. I heard a bunch of people spreading that on Twitter to BB feeders so maybe that got the word out this evening for you. I may have had the voting thing temporarily screwed up but I have known from the beginning voting for Morgan was not good if you wanted to Whitney to win.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I gave Whitney all 40 of my votes, and I really hope she wins (although I think it’s gonna be very close), but honestly I won’t be upset if Jason gets this ACP instead. Chances are that Jason is going to eventually get a care package at some point, because for some reason (that is completely incomprehensible to me) he has a decent sized fan base. So out of the remaining care packages, I think this is the one that will ultimately prove to be the least useful to him. Also, as Pielady mentioned, if Jason is Co-HOH this week, he won’t be able to compete in next week’s HOH competition, which would give the Plastics a much better chance to win than if both Shelby and Whitney are ineligible to play next week. So we’ll see what happens with the ACP, but so far I think it looks like a win-win either way.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, I agree. I really hope Whitney gets it, for many reasons. I’m glad, since the vote is so close, that the girls should still be fine. I’m glad this one won’t matter that much. I just want to try to pull the girls back together.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Alex, Morgan and Shelby were talking in the HOH room when Whitney left. Shelby said she knows she flipped. Morgan said that Krusty told her that Whitney had flipped. Morgan said that’s why she wants Whitney to get the CP, so it will draw her out because she’ll have to make a choice , which will show the entire house which side she’s on. Shelby said it really didn’t matter at this point because they aren’t going to get rid of her just yet because they still need her as a number. They decided they would have 2 different conversations. One when Whitney was around and the real convo when she wasn’t.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Production just let Krusty know what they really think of her.

    Production: Krissy, please don’t obstruct your microphone.

    Kryssie: Thanks, now I know you like me.

    Production: NO

    Kryssie: Thank You

    Production: Welcome

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Jason, Krusty and Dani were outside talking after Justin went inside. Justin had been talking about how 7 was his lucky number. Not to be outdone, Dani started telling Jason and Krusty how 5 was her lucky number. She went on and on about it until Jason and Krusty went inside into the HN room to talk to Justin. Krusty was telling Justin about the conversation and he said he was glad he left. Dani came in and sat on Justin’s bed and started explaining to him why 5 was her number. He just laid there and closed his eyes. Krusty and Jason were laying on another bed and Jason used his hand as a gun and put it up to Krusty’s head and pulled the trigger, then first put it to his temple and pulled the trigger, then put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Krusty said “now we’re all dead” and they started laughing. They weren’t that amused with her story.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    @Steve: The last line of your recap was kinda what I told Gerardo in an earlier post. He was asking where this sweet Danielle came from. I told him not to worry, the real one would be back after her HOH was up. She was only diplomatic long enough, then she reverted back to her true self. We all knew it wouldn’t last. It’s a shame to, because for once she was credible…smh.

  28. Avatar

    Totally bias!! If you’re going to shed light on the LNC talking crap, pls include the BS’s especially Alex. Not one mention of how the BS’s talk about the other side in this blog. If I didn’t have the feeds, I would only assume that LNJ are the only ones being petty. Both sides do it equally.

    • Avatar

      Cyn I love how you are not afraid to stand up for the LNC. Keep going strong!

      • Avatar

        Never scared! Because most of what I read are by the same people looking for same faces to easily win this. Their dislikes are all personal but not one commentary of Alex’s lack of showers or washing that dingy hair of hers. Plastics turned on Whitney, why? Because she didn’t want to go home. Plastics sat in the HOH on their high horses being judgemental entitled brats! I cimmend shelby for wining and having her own thoughts with who she wants to target.

    • LindsayB

      We do talk about the BS talking crap. We just talk about the LNC doing it more. Cuz they do it more. And they do it to a more extreme level. Now they are starting to turn on each other to do it.

      • Avatar

        Oh you mean like the BS has turned on Whitney?! Pls do tell. I alrdy know your anti misfits….so I’m just really for the biased one sided review. As for commenters and their opinions, pls continue. It’s your right. I wonder when Alex plans to shower or wash that nasty hair of hers?? No one has mentioned that.

      • Avatar

        ALEX NEVEEER SHOWERS! Honest to god Krissy has legit showered more than Alex has this season. Guess being fat and dirty is much much worse than being skinny with a fat face and dirty.

      • LindsayB

        Of course they are upset that Whitney turned. Some if not all have said they get it strategically for her. That doesn’t mean they have to like it. Her turning doesn’t work for them strategically. My dislike of Whitney comes from not respecting how she is with Justin while she has a man at home and because her decisions could potentially hurt the game of the person I want to win. Whether or not you are rooting for Whitney, both thought processes are strategic… just in different directions. I think Alex’s hair is fine. If she goes a day or two without washing it, it’s fine. Krusti is nasty because of everything else she does too. It’s not just her hair. You are biased towards the people you like. I am biased towards the people I like. That’s ok. Just because your opinion on here is in the minority doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to it. You not liking the opinions that other people have on here doesn’t make them wrong either. There are plenty of opinions on every single HG, good and bad.

      • Avatar

        @lindsayB I never asked you if the plastics were upset? Plastics decided prematurely they were going to go against their alliance and vote Whitney out to keep Scott. So who turnt on who? Or can you not admit that? Whitney did what she had to do to save herself because alliance didn’t have her back. Now those girls want to keep Whitney out the loop and act indifferent toward her because she saved herself. In the end, you don’t like anything about the misfits in or out of the house. You’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t like the plastics, but unlike you, I can congratulate them if they won a comp or even the game. Because in the end, we don’t know these people personally. None of us have been forced to remain in a house amongst strangers, who are all very much diverse and live with each other with no comm to any other resources other then each other.

      • Avatar

        Lastly I’ll say this again to you. Just because we have differences of opinions doesn’t mean I have an issue with you or anyone who agrees won’t you. You’re the same person who accused me of possible creating drama, when I have not done so. I plan to stick to what I feel and will express such. Nothing against anyone or who they are rooting for. I’m teamMisfits, rooting for the underdogs but have no problem prasing a plastic when they win, Shelby recently. I prefer the house to be balanced and even out the playing fields. Who wants one side of the house to get weeded out weekly and become a bore to watch. At least I don’t.

      • LindsayB

        Cyn, it’s like you only read what you want to read. You mentioned the Whitney thing so I shared my thoughts on it. Whitney started working both sides (which is smart of her, I just don’t like it cuz it hurts the side I like) which caused mistrust among BS, which meant Whitney could be the sacrificial lamb if needed. They turned on each other. That’s what happens in BB. I have said many times some of the things some LNC have done is smart but unfortunately they’ve shown over and over that they are disgusting human beings that I can never root for. The drama I speak of comes from your delivery, not your opinion. Your opinion can be stated without saying everyone on here biased (as are you). It’s ok for us to not want to write nice things about people we don’t like. I don’t expect or ask you to write something nice about Shelby. Again, share your opinion all day long. Just quit complaining about people not agreeing with you. Or don’t.

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB, I read other comments that I may not agree with and that’s fine. I don’t attack them or who they prefer to side with. As far what you think I should or should not be saying is irrelevant to me. I can speak on what I want. You don’t have to care for my opinion or my delivery. And if you want to mention nasty behavior amongst the HG’s, that queen Alex of yours needs to be a little more hygienic. It’s disgusting, how she goes days without showering or washing that foul looking hair. Now that’s nasty! Have a good, LindsayB.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Cyn, if you scroll up, you’ll see a post about The Plastics. Honestly, most of the time I don’t find their conversations interesting enough for me to keep my cam on them. But that’s just me. It’s okay if you think I’m biased. Some times I am 🙂


  29. Helen

    We won’t have to vote for have not this week. With Jason getting CP only 3 are eligible anyway
    Danielle,Alex and morgan

    • Mell

      Helen, those are my picks if we’re voting. It will also keep them from automatically assuming whose side America is on. Both sides of the house say they will know by have not choices who we’re rooting for.

  30. Helen

    If only 2 have nots this week I will vote Danielle and alex

  31. caRyn

    The two hg OTB will know which HOH made them safe and not safe with their nom speeches.

  32. Avatar

    If we give the care package to Jason and Shelby and America put two LNJ on the block they loose three votes, unless America nom wins veto or comes off the block. Jason will nom one of the BS, that will leave BS with two votes and America can vote with them. That means Jason can not win another care package but the BS will still have a chance of getting two more care packages. We can do this. We have the power to make things happen. Just think it through, it makes sense to me. I hope I explained it right. It will work.

  33. Avatar

    Shelby will save Alex. If Jason is CO-HOH it doesn’t matter who he saves. America can put another LNJ on the block. If one of the LNJ win veto they will have to save their self. If it’s Shelby’s nom she can put the other one up. If the LNJ that is not on the block wins veto and takes down Shelby’s nom and saves themselves and Shelby’s nom. Shelby will have to nom one of the girls (Whitney), it won’t matter we will vote with them and get out America nom. As you can see I have really put a lot of thought into this. That’s what I do. I’m a problem solver.

    • LindsayB

      I concur!! I voted Jason. It hurt me to do it but I really think it’s the right thing to do.

      • Avatar

        I almost voted for Jason for that reason but I just couldn’t. When he started talking about America being in their side I was done. He will probably win it anyway but I hate to see him get any more validation.

      • LindsayB

        I hear ya. It hurt me to vote him. Knowing that I did it to hopefully help my girls is what got me through it.

    • Avatar

      Come next week you are going to have to be quick figuring every angle out. As soon as we know who HOH will be start posting your thoughts. We only have 1 hr to vote next week. Right now at home try to figure out whats best based on each person getting HOH. That way you will be ready to post right away. I have lyme & fibro brain fog so my brain scrambles alot. My brain is fuzzy with these BB twists.

  34. Avatar

    Sorry, but what’s the difference between LNJ bashing and BallSmashers bashing? Both sides are bashing each other. Why is LNJ getting all the heat? Shelby is such a bitch. It’s not even cute or funny it’s horrid. Alex has been more of a bitch as well. Both sides are horrid.

    • stevebeans

      Because the ballsmashers don’t turn right around and say “What does America see? I don’t understand it. We’re such good people”

    • Helen

      I agree that both sides bash each other but for me it is the level that LNC takes it…………

    • Avatar

      I totally agree 1000%. Everyone has selective memory when comes to who does the bashing and petty conversations. Both sides have done it equally. But let the plastics fans tell you those girls can do no wrong! Anyway, thank goodness most of America wants an even playing field and can admit both sides have been guilty of the pettiness.

  35. Shivani33

    Jason has said things about both Justin and Danielle “needing to go,” depending on who is present when he’s talking with his group.. I haven’t heard him say the same about Krustie, since he probably sees her as the weakest link and easiest to beat. From the BSer group, Krustie is overlooked as a target this week, too. She seems to be (overwhelmingly) America’s choice for the nominee, although there are lots of comments from people who intend to vote Alex as America’s nom, too. I just think that Krustie will get that honorific. (Belchy-belchy.)

    If Jason is the Co-HoH, as looks likely, will he and Shelby come to a mutual agreement about their choices? Or will they navigate separately, like two ships in different oceans? I would think that Jason would offer up Danielle as the LNC target and try to convince Shelby to put her up, simply because she’s a strong player who has the potential to beat anyone/everyone. It would save him the trouble later on and keep him with his two weaker allies. It’s probable that 2 LNC are going to be nominated this week anyhow.

    Likewise, Shelby could offer up her perceived weakest link for Jason to nominate, probably pretending it’s “still Whitney, everyone’s dilemma.”

    • Avatar

      If Jason gives up Danielle. The misfits will be defeated! She’s the better competitor within their alliance. Justin is dumb as rocks but is entertaining to watch. Krissie I think can maybe pull another win depending what it will be.

  36. Avatar

    Looks like Jason is getting the CP, hes ahead quite a bit in the polls and that’s not taking into consideration the large group of Day/Jason supporters on Twitter that don’t care to vote in Blogger polls. Hopefully the conduct nominations differently this week and each HOH just nominates 1 person, this Alex chick needs to go… soon as she does the other girls will branch out and we can get back to a real game of BB and not this lame ass team vs team version ive suffered through watching the past month.

    • Avatar

      Personally I think Alex and Morgan have a bigger advantage than Jason but that isn’t brought up as much here because of the team vs team blind support shown. They have a built in guaranteed vote and someone to have their back while its a secret to everyone. Jasons popularity and past experience are well known, all his cards are shown. Its no argument their advantage has more value.

    • Shivani33

      I do keep wondering if there will be no safety ceremony this time and just a case of the 2 HoH people giving their straightforward selection of one nomination each. It makes sense. And I don’t like the Safety ceremony baloney and hope it disappears for once and for always. Ya dig!?!

    • Avatar

      I think Alex needs to go too. She tries to have mental control over her alliance and is primary reason for the huge division in the house. She haves even been on the block and complains she’s a target daily. I think Morgan will have a better chance of winning if Alex is gone.

  37. Avatar

    The more I think about it, the less I’m opposed to Jason as Co-HOH, because a LNJ member will still most likely leave & it leaves him wide open as a double-eviction shot.

  38. Helen

    I am truely not saying this because it is Danielle but she needs to be given a penalty vote for her sleeping. She does it every single day!! I mean they all doze off occasionally but she sleeps and despite multiple call outs daily continues!!

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