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Thursday Night Recap, And Looking Ahead



After Victor got eliminated the first time, if you would have told me that the final 5 would consist of four guys, I would have called you crazy, but probably right.  I mean at that point, three guys in a row were picked off, and you had two all-girl alliances (the spy girls, and the fatal five). The fatal five had what I assumed some of the strongest females in the house (Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Tiffany) who I expected to carry that group to the end. I always felt the spy girls were weaker, but they could have been a pawn/buffer used by the five for when they let a girl go.

However, showmances took hold. Nicole fell for Corey and Z fell for Paulie, while the main group decided to alienate Frank while simultaneously giving Tiffany a scare. This resulted in an upset Tiffany spilling everything to Frank, and the complete end of the fatal five with Da’ and Tiffany had it out. With the alliances breaking up and Victor coming back in, suddenly the numbers became even again, then the girls started getting picked off one by one. After Bronte and Tiffany, they had to get rid of Frank because he was creating too much of a stir, but once that was done, it was back to Da’, Z, then Bridgette.  5 girls in 6 weeks, and any chance of a girl winning the season flew out the window (if they had windows).

That brings us to tonight, when the second to last female left the house and now we’re stuck with Britney Haynes jr and a repeat of Big Brother 12. With Corey winning HoH, that nearly guarantees Nicole makes it to the final 4 with her ‘showmance’, but the big question is who will join them. We’re back to NiCorey having almost all the power with only one person winning the veto with the power to change that. Whoever is not nominated out of Paul, Victor and James can turn the game around if they win veto.  They can pull someone off the block, and the only person left to replace them will be Nicole. That shifts the two votes to the veto winner and the saved person.


I expect James to be on the block, mostly because Corey won’t want to show his cards until elimination. Paul will probably be with him as he volunteered last week to be a pawn, and that leaves Victor as the wild card. Should Victor win (and we all know he can), he can either keep noms the same, or pull his buddy off.  By keeping the same, he gives the power to NiCorey. By pulling him off, they get the power, and can get rid of Nicole leaving a final 4 of all guys. With Corey sitting out of the next HoH, it will be two versus one, and that one being an extremely weak player (James).

There is another option for Nicole and Corey… throw the veto to James if they can. This guarantees one of Paul or Victor will leave (most likely Victor), and Nicole/Corey can pretend there was nothing they could have done…. assuming they were convincing at throwing veto. This gives them another week to pretend to work with Paul before voting him out and going to the final 3 with James.


So many different scenarios await us, and we won’t have a clue how it can possibly go until Saturday night.  The feeds will probably go down sometime Monday until quite possibly Wednesday night after the live show, but I’ll have a pretty good idea how the rest of the season will go once I see who wins veto this week.


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  1. Avatar
    kristine (207 comments)

    another scenario that could keep Nicorey safe is if Corey puts up Paul and Vic(Vic wins veto pulls himself off) and put James in the spot but James cannot win the veto and it would be better if Corey or Nicole don’t win it either.

  2. Kari B.
    Kari B. (1000 comments)

    Reading the recap of the HOH and how he gave up so quickly it makes me think that he is just trying to get his butt kicked out of there so he can get back with Nat. That completely makes me sick to my stomach. I really liked him last season. Like I said before this season I lost all respect for him. Breaks my heart to be honest…

    • Mello_One

      @Kari B
      But James did tell Nat Nat that he did not want to win HOH, because he KNOWS he is Safe with Nicole & Corey! The Target this week will be Victor.

      Its really too bad that Vic & Paul didn’t think Strategically last week & put James, & Corey on the Block…If one of them would have won Veto, Victor could have put Nicole OTB…But it too late now, either Vic, or Paul will leave this week.

      • Avatar

        I still think Vic and Paul did the right thing by keeping Nicorey safe last week. Nicorey did them a solid keeping them safe and giving them 5 grand and they paid them back with a week of safety. N/C don’t have much of a choice but to go after P/V because if they done it will be 2-1 next week with corey sitting HOH. I don’t really love anyone left but appreciate their gameplay much more then Natalie.

    • Colby

      I suspect that he was counting on being safe this week as the third person for either of the two pairs, and would rather be able to play for HOH next week.

  3. Shivani33

    Corey told Nicole that he’s nominating Victor and Paul and will pull James aside to make sure that he’s willing to stay on Nicole and Corey’s side. Nicole was really pleased and said that now Corey is really playing Big Brother and that Paul and Victor “are going to crap themselves” and that she wished that she wouldn’t be present when they find out about it.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1340 comments)

      Typical Nicole. She never wants to deal with the fallout from making a decision.

    • Mugummy
      Mugummy (124 comments)

      The best would be if James were to bounce one last check in the house, win veto, and use it to pull off any nom (himself, Vic, or Paul). This would put Nicole up, and James with the power to send her home. (Plus hope that Nat sees it as a heroic act of revenge for NiCorey screwing JaNat.)

      • AIO_7

        Lames is too, well, lame for that to ever happen. Unfortunately, Borey’s only smart choice is to put up Vic. and Paul straight away.

  4. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Well looks like the plan is to put up Vic and Paul…..one of them is going to go…would rather it be Paul but guess it will depend on which one wins veto…..BUT Corey can’t play in next HOH and karma is a bi##h ,so I that means either Corey or Nicole will go out on Wednesday….at least if Vic stays and can win HOH

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      The way things are going right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if James ends up making it to Final 2. Nic/Corey are going to take a shot at Vic/Paul this week, and whichever of those two remains (probably Vic) will retaliate next week and take out one from the other duo (probably Corey). From there, whoever wins the last HOH will probably take James to the Final 2.

      • Alda
        Alda (2221 comments)

        That was Production’s plan from the beginning.James and Nicole in final two.I read that back in June.Sickening!!

      • Jannie

        Wow, that scenario could completely play out. And I could see James winning it all because Meech, Gnat and whoever is also on the jury with them between Paul/Vic would be very bitter because they were all burned by Nicole.
        I’m predicting that either Corey or James will win it all.

    • Avatar
      Christine (51 comments)

      Honestly, I want Vic or Paul to win. They’ve played the best game so far. BUT, if I were the other housemates, I would concentrate on getting Vic out this week. There’s a good chance he’ll win HOH next week and he will probably put up NiCorey with James deciding who leaves (if neither of the noms wins POV). Well, either way I’ve almost lost interest in this season.

      • Mello_One

        @ Christine
        I have said that too! Victor has become a Legend at Comps on BB, and Paul Played an excellent Social Game, no matter what you may think of him…They “both” deserve to be at least F3.

        But I believe we are going to see a repeat of Big Brother 14, where Ian came in First, & Dan came in Second. Since Dan had won the Game before, I really would have like to see a Newbie win, but oh well?! Either James, or Nicole will be sitting with a Newbie for the F2. That’s why a like when they have a Whole Season of Newbies on BB. Also remember when Rachel O’Reilly come back as a Vet on BB, She won the Game Also…Its been Rigged this whole season for Nicole or James to sit next to a Newbie for the F2.

      • AIO_7

        Mello; Rachel won that year but she had to win some comps against all odds. I watched that year, and everyone in the house and out hated seeing her come back in the door saying “Whats up, Bitches”, but she won several times with her back against the wall and deserved to that season.

      • AIO_7

        deserved to *win* that season.

  5. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    Right now I don’t really care anymore who wins.
    I am kinda pulling for either Paul or Victor even tho I really didn’t like them much at the beginning of the season. Corey? Really don’t want him to win. Nicole, I liked her much more two years ago. This year the whining seems much worse and I’m so sick of hearing Corrrrrrrreeeey-ah. James, I really liked him much more last year. He’s just NOT played a good game this year. His pranks have gotten old, too. Wonder WHO had to clean up the mess he made in the hide the veto comp, especially all the broken eggs all over the kitchen floor. That was just childish.
    So, that’s my rant.
    Seems that some of the regulars have quit posting any messages. Have they completely given up??
    Ann and Jannie, hang in there with me. Please.
    Kneeless, where are you?
    Haven’t seen Willie at all this year. Have I just missed his posts?
    There are more but I can’t spell there names that I miss.
    Sandraftsm, you live in my area, I miss you too.
    Y’all please connent

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1016 comments)

      Willie only posted twice this year and Sandra posted earlier in the season and then stopped when Da was evicted. Not sure what happened to NCogkneetow.

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        g8trgrl4life, thank you. You are another I wanted to mention but I have to be looking at your post to get the spelling right. Also NCogkneetow, I can’t spell that one without seeing it. It’s my oldtimers kicking in. Lol
        I love hearing all your opinions. I do remember seeing that Willie posted earlier this year now that you mention it.
        I didn’t post much at the beginning of the season. I couldn’t decide if it was worth the time with this bunch. It was seeing regulars that made me post anything.
        OT, Now, I have to get ready to go to yet ANOTHER specialist. Trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I may have Addison’s Disease but I’ve been told it’s hard to diagnose but easy to treat. I’ve been in hospital 5 times since last July. It gets old and I’M JUST WORN OUT!! It seems I’m always feeling really bad during BB season. Lol

      • Avatar
        James (17 comments)

        This season has been the worst one ever. For the longest time, Paulie ran around openly running the house with absolutely no one even questioning him. They would literally run up to him and ask him if it was ok to do this or that. That was almost the entire season. Then you had Nicole, worlds “brightest” light bulb apparently, running the house and the bed. Lastly, TWO opportunities for CBS to get their little golden boy Paulie back, these stupid care packages that had the potential to alter he game WAY too much (even the whole co-HOH was ridiculous and way too much), and a bunch of other little things.

        CBS had too much of their hand in this game this year and it’s become the softest game ever. No real alliances. No real game plays. Everyone just floating along. Game sucked. What sucks even more is being a BB addict and knowing this season is bad for me but still having to get my fix when it comes on

        My wife and I felt that this fix wasn’t strong enough so we had to go back to season 8 and watch the entire season rerun in between this seasons episodes. It’s such a hard life. My name is James and I’m a BB addict. “Hi James”.

      • Avatar

        @Franko, I hope you you get to feeling better, I know what it’s like not feeling like yourself. I guess my oldtimers is kicking in too. Lol
        Im getting real sick of this bunch too. I’m barely hanging on by a very thin thread.
        I wish they had a BB show for people our age only.

    • kneeless

      I’m here, Franko. Thanks for the shout out. On vacation since last week Wed. so not keeping up as much.

      I don’t really care who wins either. Since Victoria came back I have been pulling for him but I am not going to be heartbroken if he doesn’t win.last night I only wanted to see James, Nick or Corey win only to spice things up. Sorry to say but kind of want Corey to nominate Paul & Victoria only so we have the chance to have Paul & Vic find out Nicorey’s true colors. Also to see Paul go off! Me bad!!

    • Jannie

      Even though this has been a horrible season, I’m no quitter. Will be here until the bitter (and it probably will be) end.
      Has anyone heard from NKogNeeTow lately? I really miss her biting analysis…come back, honey!!

  6. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    I am beyond ticked off at what production is allowing Corey to do. When he got the care package with the bribe it stated he could use it for one action to further his game. The night in the HOH room that Corey offered the bribe to Victor and Victor accepted was for a final four with Vic Paul Nicole and Corey. AFTER Vic accepted the bribe Corey and Vic started to hug and Nicole intervened saying you gotta say vote Michelle out. Voting Michelle out was actually a second add on to the original bribe. Now production is going to allow Corey to not honor his original bribe? I call BS

    • Shivani33

      Also, it wasn’t Nicole’s bribe to offer. She had no business inserting any conditions or statements about it whatsoever. It was Corey’s care package. Maybe he didn’t put it clearly enough or say it to Nicole’s satisfaction. Hahaha. But she doesn’t own her shit, so what else is new? This aspect of her gaming is what I dislike the most. She doesn’t acknowledge or own what she says and does. I feel that she really believes her own fiction. The “nice girl” story.

  7. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    No more vets unless it’s all stars. If vets are needed for star power, bring em on for comp appearances or random awards.
    I am a fan of both Nicole and James since their seasons but I don’t want either to win.
    Still hoping either Vic or Paul can win.

  8. Mell
    Mell (4888 comments)

    I don’t see a scenario where Nicole isn’t in the final 3. Vic or Paul will leave this week.
    Next week- If James wins, he puts up Vic/Paul and Corey. Even if one of them wins the veto and Nicole has to go otb, Vic/Paul and Corey would both keep her. (Whoever is voting)
    If Vic/Paul wins- He puts up James and Corey and Nicole is the only vote or if she’s on the block because someone wins veto, James and Corey would keep her.
    *I wish that she would win and nom James and Paul/Vic (whoever is left) and one of them win veto. She would have to put up Corey. Whoever comes down could vote Corey out. She doesn’t want to go to final 2 with Corey anyway but at least he could go home during her hoh.
    I only have small victories to hope for at this point!

  9. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1340 comments)

    Still hoping they decide to put James up so Paul and Vic have a chance to both stay in the game. Those 2 deserve to be here more than any of the others.

    • Mell
      Mell (4888 comments)

      I don’t see that happening but I wish it would too. It would have been great if Vic or Paul was up against james and one won veto and saved the other one. Nicole would have to go otb and Paul and Vic would be the only votes and could send nicole out!
      That’s what would happen in my world but it’s Nicoles world this year and we’re just living in it.

  10. Avatar
    jacks765 (78 comments)

    James could side with the boys, win veto, and force Corey to put Nicole up. Anything is possibly, especially with how much James is known to be easily swayed and flipped.

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  12. Avatar

    Based on everything that has happened this season, the network obviously wants James and Nicole in the Final 2. While production does whisper in everyone’s ear every season this season, this season they don’t seem to care that we know about it. It’s not that entertaining to watch any show when you know the ending especially a reality game show. CBS…now that you’ve positioned James and Nicole to be in the Final 2 why not just fast forward the game to finale night and give one of them the win. The show is boring enough at this point in the game and unless something drastic happens and Nicole and/or James leaves, production though will do all they can to prevent that, knowing the outcome makes watching it a waste of time.

  13. Avatar

    Why would you compare Nicole to Britney Haynes Jr? In Britney’s season there was a core allience of four guys and they brought her along for a vote always intending to cut her. In this season Nicole is part of a duo that’s part of a final four alliance. Completely different. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she doesn’t count! If anyone is Britney Hanyes right now it’s James!

    • Mell
      Mell (4888 comments)

      I think the reference is just because there are 4 guys and 1 girl in the house. Nicole has also made no secret that she wanted to be the only girl in there. It’s wishful thinking for some like myself that the guys would ban together and get rid of her. I don’t think anyone is saying the guys actually have an allincentive like they did with the Brigade. . Besides, Britney was funny, likable and didn’t have sex on live feeds all summer. Nicole is nothing like Britney imo.

      • Avatar
        Jimbo (2 comments)

        I’ve seen a few comments about sex…Nicole doing it all summer…. Number of places Z and Paulie did it…. For those of us that don’t have access to the live feeds, do share more details. 🙂 As annoying as Nicole is to listen to, she has a beautiful figure.

        Did James and Nat ever do the deed?

      • AIO_7

        Lames never even got a kiss. And yes, Snacole does have a right nice bod..

      • Mell
        Mell (4888 comments)

        No James and Natalie didnt. Even without the feeds, you can do a Google or twitter search and know Nicole and Corey have actually been fooling around longer than Paulie and Z were. There’s a pretty recent clip that’s even more obvious than some. I’m not wanting to be graphic but in that one clip it’s clear that Corey uses the “pull out” method. Nicole has assumed that if she talks about random things and tries to keep a normal conversation going that we can’t tell what all the rapid movement is under the covers. Corey has even gotten annoyed a couple times because of the stupid chatter. He isn’t telling her what he seems to already know. He knows they arnt fooling anyone but he’s getting laid so he has incentive to keep his mouth shut.

  14. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1016 comments)

    @Franko…good luck at the docs and feel better.

  15. Avatar
    Terrie (1 comments)

    I hope nicole goes out 3rd…serve her right!

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Terrie, it’s Corrrrreeeeeey-ah. She always adds that stupid ah to many words. How many times have you heard her say, “I’m so confused-ah, I don’t know what to do-ah.”

  16. Shivani33

    I remember what Derrick said about his DR sessions and production influence and suggestions. He said that when he was called to the Diary Room, he’d just agree with what was said to him. Then he’d come out and do what he wanted and thought was best for his game. I think that he found acting agreeable made his sessions more brief, and he wasn’t interested in going through discussions about his options, because it was a waste of time and energy. He knew how to shut them up by being polite and cutting production off at the pass by not really engaging. He didn’t need them to help him chart his course. Evil Dick didn’t either, but he was blunt and even rude about it in his DR sessions, rather the opposite of Derrick.

    It’s easy to influence people who have a hard time thinking for themselves. Imagine how it is when someone comes in acting confused, conflicted or helpless and says “I don’t know what to do” or asks for help. I think it’s easy then for production to manipulate.

    • Mell
      Mell (4888 comments)

      I agree. I never thought James would have convinced Natalie to go with Corey and Nicole if production wasn’t saying it also. Thats only 1 example. I’ve always thought they should either just talk about whatever they want in DR with no comments from production or have a prewritten list of questions they ask every houseguest while in there and say nothing else. Years ago, I enjoyed DR’s because that’s when you knew what people were really thinking. Now I cringe when they show those poorly acted clips.

  17. Jannie

    Reading last nights recap on Jokers…
    For all of the Vic fans (and I was one of them). He has spent a lot of time hugging, carrying, and laying on top of Nicole. Ewwww. I don’t know where he thinks that is going to get him. Corey has taken notice, and he is the HOH…not smart.
    Nicorey and Lames have solidified their final three. Definitely going after Vic this week. Wow, that’s a lot of people who have been burned by Nicorey…
    Lamsey also talking smack about Gnat. Saying how he pretty much led her through the game. He is also doubting if he really knew who she was…doesn’t feel guilty at all for voting out Vic against Gnats better judgement to get rid of Corey.
    Wow, I’m thinking now that maybe Lames is a better player than I have been giving him credit for…he is sure buttering up Nicorey. But I don’t believe for a minute that he is over Gnat. I thought he was playing a lazy game, but I may have to start rooting for him again.
    He even notices a picture of Corey’s sister in the HOH and tells him how good looking she is and that he needs “a good southern girl.” Corey says he will put in a good word for him.
    Too bad the next eviction is Tuesday instead of Thursday. It’s going to getting pretty crazy in the house when Vic and Bunyan realize they have been played by Nicorey.

  18. Helen
    Helen (5578 comments)

    There…now I feel better after sending an email to CBS in regards to Corey going back on his agreement with Victor with that bribe…. I hope Victor sues for double what he would have gotten for winning the game!

    • AIO_7

      Helen, I think you are misinterpreting the $5,000 moment; It was clear to me that the money was to guarantee Vic’s. vote against Beech. Vic. even said “You’re giving me money for something that I was going to do anyway.”

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