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Thursday overnight recap


Last night’s eviction went exactly as expected but the HOH comp didn’t. It did as far as who did well in the comp. I like that competition and if you were watching the camera showing the angle when the hot dogs were tilted, it looked pretty hard too. I’ll go over some of the conversations from last night and a few thoughts from the eviction episode.

Julie looked very pretty last night. Loved the hair, loved the dress, loved the shoes. Maybe Julie stylist is starting to get her shit together. (I won’t elaborate further because I know when Steve recaps, you aren’t forced to read about Julie’s clothing choices) Did everyone see Alex punching Jason in the side repeatedly after the veto ceremony clip? That girl has some serious issues. I liked the pool toy clip with Paul and Kevin even though that happened quite some time ago I think. I thought it was funny the Kevin seemed reluctant to do it and then immediately attacked. We had more fake suspense with DR clips but we’re all used to that by now. I also noticed Raven holding Matts hand while he sat in the nomination chair. Unless I missed it, I don’t think that’s their usual routine. I also don’t think she did it because they were seriously worried about Matt being evicted. I think she did it for the same reason she started wearing bandanas right after Jessica left. It’s  because that’s what Jessica and Cody did.  I still think Alex looks like an idiot in that tutu and hair bow and I’m not going to change my mind about that!

I enjoyed Jason’s family segment and I’m sure the baby announcement was fantastic for TV viewers. Holly may think Alex is the best thing for Jason’s game but I still disagree. She also seemed to think finding out the baby would motivate Jason and he does seem to be a little different. (Holly, I’m sorry I don’t know you but I do think you’re miscalculating one thing. I think the baby news could get Jason votes if he’s sitting in the final 2 but it could get his ass knocked out before he gets to final 2 unless of course he wins)


Some other random things that were popping in my head during the show was realizing that Matts speeches are getting worse, not better. I also had a “what could have been moment” with Mark and Josh. I wondered if Elena had never been in the house and Mark and Josh had somehow connected early, how much they could have entertained us??? I also wondered why Alex was wearing the equivalent of underwear on live TV. I didn’t understand why Alex said “awkward” right after Mark left the house because his exit was anything but awkward. Maybe she said that regarding the two votes against Matt. I don’t like her so sometimes I forget to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Mark gave a pretty classy speech, was friendly to everyone and it was the smoothest exit we’ve seen this year. I really wish Julie would have let Mark elaborate during his exit interview when he said something about how the people in the house start kicking one person once I’ve got them on the ground. She moved right into a useless question that no one cared about. Another thing that hit me while I was watching his interview was how badly Paul had stuck it to Mark. (this isn’t Paul bashing about game) Not only was Paul the reason Mark was evicted, he’s also the person that gave him that terrible haircut. I thought Paul asking Mark to put a good word in for him that jury felt like a novice move and not a returning player.

The hoh comp had a few strange moments. The hgs who held on the longest were the ones we assumed would hold on the longest so no surprise there. It was also no surprise when Raven started begging to win because she needed a letter from her mom. It was a little surprising to me that anyone would do it with 4 people left in the competition. Raven said something like  “if not tonight, probably never.” It reminded me of last summer when Natalie started whining and begging Victor when they were on The swinging ropes but Raven was worse. (Honestly, I don’t know if she was worse. I just can’t stand Raven and the sound of her voice makes me itch.)  — (Steve’s note – Natalie was worse because I think she was recently shitting on him then expected a favor. That said, Raven is still annoying) Another strange moment was when Christmas started trying to get them to make a deal. The comp had been going on for less than an hour and they complain about bored on all the time so what was the rush? She wasn’t up there trying to hang on. I had a hard time following her thought process: There’s 4 people watching and 4 people left competing. If those 4 people make a deal and assuming they keep the deal, doesn’t that leave only 4 people to work with for nominations? Once it was down to only Jason and Alex, Matt started to get a little vocal himself. I know he was agitated because he had 2 votes against him but you could see how irritated he was the competition wasn’t ending. He kept asking them what they were doing and why they were still up there. I suppose Matt can’t grasp the concept of people wanting to win. (Matt-there are these things in BB called competitions and there’s this other huge thing that’s called a game.) I also thought it was really stupid timing to start throwing out questions about the votes against you to the two people who are about to decide the hoh. I also thought it was strange when Alex kept negotiating for a deal. It was funny though! It made more sense later on in the evening when she mentioned how you couldn’t see who was left and she didn’t realize Raven fell right after Paul. For a short time, Alex thought Raven was still competing.

Things got more entertaining once they all came back into the house. They’ve been given the short table now but other than Christmas having more room for her scooter, there didn’t seem to be the same level of excitement as in past years. I don’t care about it anyway because once they stopped spinning the table with the HOH keys in the box, I could have cared less about the table. What I did find interesting were the game moves immediately following the comp. We all know Alex and Jason threw two votes at Matt. There was some speculation that Paul was the mastermind behind this.  (with viewers) It became clear last night that this was a move Alex concocted on her own and Paul actually didn’t know about it. Shocker!  (Shout out Dani Donato) Alex thought it would be a good idea to throw two votes that they can blame on Kevin. Did Alex forget each hg only gets one vote? Jason tells Kevin that he and Alex made the hinky votes. Kevin is understandably upset because he knows he will be blamed for it and he told Jason if he had known he would have voted that way too and let Christmas break the tie. Jason tells him that “they” weren’t trying to save Mark. Remember that word “they,” it’s important. Paul starts asking around about the votes too. Josh tells Christmas privately that he thinks the votes were Alex and Jason but Alex has already assured Christmas that she didn’t do it.  Everyone assumes Kevin is one of the votes.  Kevin swears to Paul that he didn’t do it and fills him in on what Jason said. When Paul talks to Jason, he admits he and Alex were the votes and about 15 seconds later Alex arrives and tells Paul she didn’t do it. Now, Alex and Jason talked and he confesses to her that he’s already screwed up and Kevin knows they were the votes.  In the process of trying to figure out how to fix this, Alex decides they will just blame the second vote on Christmas. This is the same Christmas who was hoh and didn’t vote but it seems for a while Alex thought Kevin got 2 votes so who cares if Christmas didn’t have any.  She plays a different kind of BB than we’re used to watching.  Jason goes back to Kevin and lets Kevin know he misunderstood. Jason tells Kevin that he was one of the votes but he doesn’t know who the other one was and they think it’s Raven. (good plan- blame it on the only person who would never vote for Matt) Eventually, Alex decides while talking to Jason that if she was one of the votes for Mark, it’s because she simply doesn’t remember doing it. ( Jason knows she was the second vote so what the hell???) We’ve been waiting for these people to think for themselves and last night we got a taste of what happens when they do. I don’t know if Kevin is too paranoid at this point to start piecing things together. Hopefully he’ll realize when Jason said “that isn’t what they wanted,” he will figure out that Alex and Paul don’t have his back and he isn’t included in anything. Christmas also tells Josh that it’s better for their game if Alex and Jason think she and Josh believe them about the votes and tells him to let it go.

Once the vote questioning died down there was the usual chit-chat going on in the house. For once, Matt and Raven we’re actually having to talk about the game because they were a little paranoid after the votes. Raven mostly feels comfortable that Kevin is the target so she’s more concerned and mad about Julie not asking her a question on the live show. (personally I loved it)  She certainly isn’t getting the TV coverage she wanted. Do you realize she’s had about the same amount of DR clips on the shows so far that Jillian got and look how long she’s been gone?

There was more bashing of Jessica,  Cody and Elena last night. It’s still a very hot topic. Raven and Alex don’t think she’s very pretty, Alex repeats how stupid Jessica’s game was and Raven says her hair extensions were ratchet. There was more but I’m too bored with it to mention. They did have an interesting conversation about Mark. It would appear once they heard the incredible cheering Mark received,  everyone wants to be on the Marks such a great guy train. They all discussed what a wonderful person he is.  Kevin said that Mark made a very nice speech at the end  and Alex agrees and says that’s why she’s always liked Mark. This is Alex and I think she will explode if she’s nice for very long so later on she does mention how Mark is very mean in real life and he only acted like a teddy bear in the house. It was also discussed how Mark ate too much without doing any cooking. The people complaining are the same ones who complain that Raven won’t allow anyone else to cook.

When it comes to nomination plans later today, it looks like Jason will be nominating Matt and Raven. Paul told Jason that Kevin needs to be the back-up plan if one of them win veto.  Paul tells Matt and Raven the goal is to get out Kevin and some combination of himself, Matt and Raven will be the pawns so that way they are expecting it. Raven feels pretty adamant Matt shouldn’t have to be a pawn again and she says it is if it’s her decision to make.

Jason is so sick of Raven, I think he feels as strongly as Kevin does about it. He said even though he knows she can’t be a have not, he wants to make her one anyway just so she has to announce and remind everyone that she has the pass.  I don’t know what he was referring to but Jason said something about Raven and he said “then I kept watching her and I was like, this dirty f*cking b*tch. She is full of shit.” He told a couple people recently if he got out of the house and found out she was faking anything about her illness it will be the first time in history he punched a woman. (Before anyone gets all up in arms about a man hitting a woman, keep in mind that Jason talks in a very exaggerated manner and it’s just his way. He isn’t planning on punching anyone. I do think he owes Alex several hits as payback though)

Alex had another conversation about being fine with losing to Paul or Jason. She’s already starting to get a little cocky and talked about how they were almost there no one could beat them and how they were going to walk to the final 3. Jason reminded her that anything could happen.

Here’s some random comments and discussions  rom last night: Matt says he used to be heavier and lost over 25 pounds after some girl said he looked chunky. Paul said that no one has ever gotten under his skin as much as Cody did. Josh has been cheating on Have Nots by completely covering his upper body and head with a blanket and he had a little snack time again last night. Paul mentions how sometimes Raven has no accent at all. (He and Jessica actually agree on something)  Alex thinks if Christmas is in power again, she will evict Josh before getting rid of Alex and Jason.  Jason invited Kevin to sleep in the HOH but Kevin said he needed to stay downstairs and try to stay on top of people talking about him. Paul wants Alex to throw the next HOH to Josh. Josh mentions to Christmas how he’s noticed Paul is pretty close to Jason and Alex.

One last small conversation from last night: Raven has said that she loves Paul’s band and somehow Christmas knows Raven has a t-shirt of his band. I don’t know how this came about specifically but last night Christmas asked Paul if his band had shirts. Paul said they did but they only sold them at their shows. Christmas asked Paul if Raven had been to one of his shows and Paul told her “no.” When did Raven get the shirt? I don’t know if this is something that will create chatter later but wanted to mention it in case it does.

I apologize for this update being a little all over the place today. Now that I’m at the end,  it feels a bit like “recap goulash.” I’ve just thrown a bunch of things in and hope that it makes sense. Steve will be on later to fill you in on the nominations later today.


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  1. Avatar

    Jason is right, Raven is so full of it! Does anyone else on here follow Evel Dick on Twitter? His tweets about her are hilarious!

  2. Avatar

    Jason, dude wake up, lets jump off the Alex city rail and get onboard to lets make a $500K express. Cody was bad for Jessica’s overall game (not romantically), Elena was no good for Mark game-wise (and maybe romantically), Alex is just bad for Jason’s end game, because she is not your ride-or die!

  3. Renee

    I hope Jason thinks for himself, puts up Matt and Raven and if one of them come down he could put up Christmas. If she ever gets clear to compete, she will be a physical threat. I don’t say Paul because he would never get the votes to get rid of him and than he would be the next to go. (Even though he is next to go in Paul’s playbook, Jason doesn’t know that.)

  4. ShoeLover

    Oh my sweet Mell, I loved the recap!! It’s my kind of goulash!! It’s been a little hard playing catch up and this was perfect!!! Thanks so much for your time and dedication to all of us crazy BBJ folks !!! And Steve, you are my only goto for my BB fix! Thanks again for the years of entertainment!

    I really hope Jason uses his time as HOH wisely and not blindly. Maybe Christmas and Josh have a real moment of clarity and listen to what their voices in their heads have accidentally said out loud during their one on one’s of what ifs between the two of them. Talk to Jason more with out Paul around… Christmas and Josh seem to trust him a little more and more each day. It’s nice to see people beginning to question what’s really going on, but then they second guess it and poof! It’s gone and the glimmer of hope is put on the back burner, once again…. Wake up houseguests and start asking those questions you all have but so dang afraid of what might, might happen.

    I’m just a Texas BBJ waiting on that glimmer of hope to finally shine !!!

    • Avatar

      When is someone going to backdoor Paul.
      Seriously, they have had so many chances.

    • kneeless

      Shoe, hope you’re not in the path of Harvey.

      • Avatar

        That’s right, stay safe, Shoe !

      • ShoeLover

        Thanks for the well wishes, but we are likely to only expect thunderstorms where I am at.

      • Ann

        I’m still here in Harvey’s way & I am scared shitless. Looks like most of my family is staying home. It really got real about 10 minutes ago when my brother text me his address & how many people are in his house, just in case. My kids all decided to stay at their own homes except for one of my daughters who had enough sense to run like hell. I just noticed besides my family there are only 2 other families on my street who stayed. Everybody else boarded up their houses & got out.
        Well my BB family, I will try to keep everyone updated as it happens.

        LOVE YOU ALL,


      • feltso gudinya

        u r killing me ann…….what happens when the electricity goes? how will we know how u r doing? there will be many upset people here until we hear from u again…..how close r your kids?…..u should not be alone….please keep us posted…your frenemy (lol) feltso………………

      • kneeless

        Ann, happy to hear that so far you’re ok. I pray that you stay safe & secure. Take care.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Take care and be safe Ann. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May be the #RavenSTFU be with you. It will always guide and protect you.

      • Jenny

        Ann I will also be waiting to hear that you have made it through safe and sound. I heard on the news they were telling people, I think in Galveston? who were staying to write their social security numbers on their arms in case there was no other way to identify them. Terrifying. I really hope this thing fizzles out and nobody gets hurt!!!!

  5. kneeless

    Thought it was funny when Paul was talking to Maven that they may go up or he & Matt etc. Matt said he didn’t want to go up as a pawn again but he didn’t want Paul otb. Raven agreed. So she’d rather have Matt, her boo, go up rather than Paul? She should have said, sure, Paul can take his turn, you have been a pawn enough. Oh how precious us our little Arkanscammy.

  6. kneeless

    I was on FB this AM & saw something about not promoting Christmas so early. My immediate thought was that it was something about Christmas Joye! You know you’re a BB fan when you see Christmas & think about a person. I think I will need a BB intervention!

  7. Tinkerbell

    @Mell Thanks for another great read to start the day. @Ann @shoelover Prayers for your safety, and for everyone in harm’s way.

  8. AIO_7

    Great update, Mell.

    I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all the comments from the last thread, so people probably have already stated the obvious…..If Cowpoke wastes his HOH on getting out Kevin, then he deserves to go back home to Ole’ with nothing. It’s worse than a waste, Kevin is a vote (and a friend) for him. The Deputy is a screeching idiot and I’m through with her.

    • kneeless

      Jason wants Matt or Raven out. They all were dogging on Maven, hard, last night. They were talking about Arkanscammy’s fake accent. I think what could derail him is if they take Raven down, put Kev up & then the rest pull a Ramses where they tell Jason they’re voting out Matt & then take out Kev. And last night, Alex, was talking about throwing a rogue vote. There are too few left to be throwing rogue votes.

  9. Avatar

    I think Jason and his wife should go on amazing race…. She’s got some TV appeal..

  10. Tinkerbell

    If that herd of rats would stop their incessant talking about Cody, they might accomplish something, maybe! If Cody happens to win AFP, he can thank those dimwits for keeping his name foremost in the minds of fans.

  11. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “Alex thinks if Christmas is in power again, she will evict Josh before getting rid of Alex and Jason.”

    That Alex is truly an imbecile. She was just commenting the other day how close Josh and Christmas have gotten, and she even caught them whispering game last night. But somehow Alex thinks Christmas would target Josh over her and Jason… Umm, ok.

  12. Tinkerbell

    No favorites left, but Deputy Diarrhea of the Mouth is officially my least favorite. Nothing but an obnoxious loudmouthed punk.

  13. Shivani33

    I hope someone picks an apple. Cowpoke could do it and have some insurance to back up being able to control his HoH decisions. The apple giving “cannot play in the next HoH” wouldn’t matter, since he can’t play in it anyway. Imagine if Cowpoke had the guts to nominate Paul (or frigging Alex ) and pulled the apple to eliminate two eviction votes, lol. It could be huuuuuge!

    He is, unfortunately, still too controlled and overruled by Alex and thus, Paul by proxy, to make smart moves with his own game in mind. Cowpoke doesn’t have the backlog of various strategic ways to play Big Brother stored in his mind, because he isn’t a longstanding fan of the game. A savvy player who learned that a new baby was coming would have kept it private with the intention of using it to swing a major game move, playing upon sentiment. If he made it to F3 or especially F2, the “I’m about to be a daddy again” could have won him the game.

    As it is, I hope that Cowpoke at least manages to eject MattRess the Useless. Christmas would make an EXCELLENT nominated evictee, too. Why does this not occur to Alex and Jason!? She is slightly more dangerous than the cereal screw boy. If the Cowboy went with his own instinct, I think he’d shovel Raven out the door like manure. My 2 favorite nominees for him to put on the block are Raven and Paul. But I suppose nominating Paul would be akin to discovering electrickity. The possibilities which could arise within the “groupmind” might short circuit every single player. “OMG!!! We CAN nominate Paul. I did not know that. It is too much to bear. I need to go rock in a corner.”

  14. Tinkerbell

    At the end of the season keep all eleven knuckleheads in the jury house for an additional week. Give them their cell phones. Let us watch 24/7 while they access social media. Best entertainment ever.

  15. Avatar

    Loved the clip of Kevin chasing Paul wearing the swans! How can these people talk bad about Kevin & backstab him so much? I hope Jason throws Alex on the block and sides with Kevin. #dreaming

    • LindsayB

      Kevin is fun and entertaining but he isn’t innocent. He’s tried to play both sides and rock the boat. Nothing wrong with that, it’s good that he attempted something but if you’re gonna do that you need to do it better than he did to avoid getting caught. Of course they have turned on him. He made himself an easy target by his sloppy attempt to join forces with Cody.

      • feltso gudinya

        i don’t think u r in a cult and i am sure ai is just kidding…what u r is tenacious and smart and engaging. u remind me of a very sharp litigator…i would be proud to be on your debate team……

  16. Painter1

    I for one like cowpoke but he really need to listen to what Alex is spewing to him. Every time he mentions Paul in a scenario she is quick to shut him down. Whos ride or die are you mine or Paul’s. The blind leading the blinder in that case. If Jason could realize Kevin is telling him truths and wake up to what is REALLY going on with Alex and Paul before they turn on him, or just talk to the other HG not go by “what Paul said”. His game would be much better.

  17. Alda

    I think Alex has been taking some of Shrone Tuesday’s meds. She is all over the place!

  18. Avatar

    Thumbs up for the update Mel!

    Here is something that will surely give everyone a headache like it did me:

    Matt –  I just want to make sure Raven doesn’t go up.. I’ll go up.
    I want Raven at least to final 2 she can win this game.. she needs it..

    Now, where’s my Excedrin?

  19. kneeless

    Alex comes up with more conspiracy theories than all of us, put together! She just now was speculating that Kev doesn’t have kids & the ones he talks about are his sisters!

  20. AIO_7

    It’s official; Slosh is my third favorite person left in the house.

  21. Avatar

    Thinking of you Ann..Let us hear from you.Be safe!!!!!!!!!

  22. Helen

    I want to know who introduced the word “gumpy” to these imbeciles…….
    Not one of them can complete a sentence without using it

  23. Tinkerbell

    Munchausen pleading her sympathy case – I hope repo doesn’t take my car before I get home. My Mama won’t help me because she has medical bills, lots of bills, and I have lots of bills.

    Munch wants a video from home. I wish production would show them soon. After Matt listens to her whacked out Mama, it will be interesting to watch him try to back down from his summer of free love. It will be fun to hear the other knuckleheads discussing Munch’s video after it is aired.

  24. Avatar

    Please take out Raven this week, Alex next week. Both of them drive me insane. My IQ drops 50 points every time one of them opens their mouth. Alex is the Queen of saying the wrong thing in front of the wrong people. To openly lie about the vote after Jason already admitted to it is FOOLISH!

    The sooner she goes the better for Jason.

  25. Tinkerbell

    A little bit ago there was a meeting of the feeble minds in the kitchen. Talking about their jobs, and how they are going to capitalize on their “fame.” I think Fidel, Halloween and Cowboy are the only people with a real job. Munch was silent……for the first time in history. She left the room, and has been quiet since then. Yaaaayyyy!!! BB is coming to a halt soon. Maybe she is coming to the realization that her free ride of housing, food, and someone who would finally have sex with her, are almost over. When she gets clobbered with social media on the outside, she will go downhill faster than a Luge in the Olympics. No sympathy from me.

  26. kneeless

    Ann, hope you’re doing OK. I think I can speak for others, we hope you stay safe. Check in with us if you can.

  27. LO1004

    Paul and Raven know each other. There’s a picture of them on her Instagram page where she tells him she enjoyed their convo. Sketchy

  28. Avatar

    Thx for the recap because I don’t get the live feed!

  29. Avatar

    Hey guys….anyone heard from Ann today? I was thinking about her and noticed I didn’t see a post from her yet today (or at least I don’t think I did). I hope all of you are having a great Saturday!

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