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This is what has been on the feeds for hours. Exciting!

Thursday Overnight Report

This is what has been on the feeds for hours. Exciting!

I can usually find something about the CBS episodes to complain about every week (mainly because I dont like the edits) but I’m coming up empty for last night because I thought it was great. Since we already knew Kevin was leaving, I mainly wanted to see his exit interview which didn’t disappoint and the jury segment that definitely didn’t either. Julie looked great, Matt still looked clueless and Cody is over all these people.


Kevin was fairly sure he was leaving because he told Paul that earlier in the day. He also told Paul that he would have his back in jury if he was evicted. During his after show iPad interview, he said that Josh cried every time the weather changed and the weather didn’t change that day so he knew. I’ll miss Kevin and his stories when this seasons gone but that’s about all I’ll miss. I’m happy for him to get out of that house. He’s very social and seems like someone who needs alot of verbal stimulation and he hasn’t had that in weeks. I’m ready for Kevin to get back to being Kevin even though I won’t be observing it anymore.  He’ll have to wait a little longer because unless they change things this year, Kevin won’t go to jury. He’ll stay sequestered until the other jurors are brought to the location of the jury discussion that we see on the show and he’ll meet up with them there. If anyone wants to sway Kevin’s opinion about Paul, that’s all the time they’ll have to do it. (I saw where Dr. Will posted that CBS is going in a different direction this year so I don’t thinks he’s doing the jury discussion)

Watching Jason realize that Alex hadn’t stabbed him in the back was kind of a sweet moment in such a mean season and I really enjoyed it….for a couple of seconds, then I remembered what stupid players they were and I shook it off. I don’t want to get too soft when it comes to my BB or I’ll start cheering for the nice guys who can’t play for shit. (Kevin) I did that this year but in my defense, I never root for returning players so that left me with Cody or Kevin. There wasn’t much to pick from. I had almost forgotten that I used to like Jason but that was before Alex brainwashed him. Sometimes you just have to know when they’re a lost cause and let them go. Kevin’s always been brainwashed by Paul but I’ve continued to like him. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen him as a real contender for the win like I did with Jason and I just enjoyed Kevin as a person. I’ve never really cheered Kevin on in the game because it was never going to happen.

Raven is the train wreck of video footage that just keeps going down the track. I mean, it just doesn’t stop with this girl! I admit I hit rewind and watched the jury clip more than once. We hadn’t seen much from the jury but it was worth the wait. You’d think once Alex fills her in about Paul voting her out (we didn’t see that part) she’ll join reality but I doubt it. I think her reality is whatever she says it is and she’ll tune out anything that doesn’t fit into that picture. (One more time…#RavenSTFU) It also appears Mark and Elena are still enjoying their time together and she hasn’t ditched him yet.


I kept waiting for Paul’s wheel to break during the Veto comp because I thought I heard him till Xmas he was spinning so hard it came off and broke but that may be like his MMA career in that it never happened. Xmas isn’t very good in the comps that arn’t physical either and she hasn’t impressed me in any of them. Telling Kevin he hadn’t won anything as a reason to evict him was dumb. Maybe she doesn’t realize we know Paul gave her the two wins she’s claiming. At least with Kevin’s eviction speech, he finally got to give Humble & Kind the shout out he’s been waiting for all season. (It’s a song written by Lori McKenna who is good friends with Kevin and his family. I think Tim McGraw sings it)

SPOILER in the update below:

Part 1 of the 3 part hoh was played last night. Remember when we used to get to watch that? Yeah, me too. They had to hang on a rope or cable while they were swung around being hit by things. One of them mentioned something about having to hang on unicorns. Josh called it a pony at one point and they corrected him. It also appeared that paint or glitter was involved. Xmas was allowed to play but was given specific instructions on how she needed to fall to avoid landing on her foot. Josh lasted about 15 minutes and Paul and Xmas made it about 30 minutes longer than that. Paul won. It’s a spoiler, not a shocker!  Something was mentioned about Paul almost falling and it being fake because Paul said it would be good for TV. It wasn’t completely clear to me so we’ll have to watch for that when they show it. I suppose if they don’t show that part then it wasn’t as good for TV as Paul thought it was.

Paul and Josh talked when Xmas was in and out of the DR. Paul told Josh he had to win part 2 and they would be set. (Part 2 should be played on Saturday) Josh told Paul to have some faith in him and pointed out he does better in mental comps than Xmas because it takes her longer to think of the answers. I’m curious to see what the comp will be for part 2 since it should be both physical and mental. They reminded each other that Xmas would beat them both in the end and Paul told Josh he would check in with him daily to keep him on track. Paul said their best chance was to take the other.  Josh said they knew the plan so they didn’t need to keep talking about it. (silly Josh, that’s how Paul works and you should know that by now) Paul said that Josh gets emotional and Xmas would try to get in his head so he needed to check in with him a lot. Paul also mentioned to Josh how his goodbye messages haven’t been nice. Sure Jan.

Paul spoke to the camera about how proud he knew his parents were, he had 9 comp wins and 0 times on the block. He also said that his biggest weakness was having human empathy. I’ll be surprised if they’re very active today or if there’s very much going on. I hope everyone has a great day and fantastic weekend!




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    I’m more sure than ever now, that this vote is not a landslide for Paul, and Alex, Jason, Cody, Matt and Elena is all she wrote for Boss Paul and his 2nd consecutive 2nd place loss, if he gets to final two of course!

    • Avatar

      Ritchie I was thinking for sure Alex would be super bitter and team up with Jason to talk house guest that needed a push to vote anyone but Paul…However, did u see Jason say to Alex we cant vote for Paul and she said its the game with Raven agreeing. I think Alex will get Jason to vote Paul convincing him Paul had a better strategy and game play which he did….But if you remember 2x in Survivor Russell Hanson out played out lasted outwitted everyone and still did not win due to a bitter jury. We shall see but with Alex saying its just game play I think Paul wins had she agreed with Jasons statement I would have Paul loses.

      • Colby

        You are probably right about Alex and Jason, but remember she just got there. The others have a lot more info to fill her in on. Even if she doesn’t change her vote, Jason might not. Look where listening to her got him. But who knows? I have no doubt production told them to be misleading and not reveal what they will do.

    • Avatar

      Alex said in interview that Paul played the best game. Her vote goes to Paul I believe!! She also said that’s the way the game is played. So, unfortunately,I think u are wrong. I don’t know about Jason.

  2. Avatar

    My favorite part is when Mark called out Matt and Raven how can someone say they were the Puppet Masters and win NOTHING. Of course this set off Raven and made my night. Raven claiming she was right there with Paul the entire time working side by side pulling strings but yet your out of the house…lol… Paul has everyone fooled dont know if the house will vote for him its going to be close but i suspect Alex will talk Jason into voting Paul claiming its the game and we know Raven and Matt will vote Paul and probably Alex and Kevin and I think Josh and Christmas would vote Paul while Cody, Mark, Elena vote for anyone but Paul …it could go either way but think Paul wins by 2 votes and that is assuming Josh or Christmas finally get the courage to take Paul out if they get the chance….

    • Avatar

      The only puppet master Raven is over Matt’s (D!^&). She cannot even spell Puppet or Master let alone be one.

      If Alex talks Jason into voting for Paul then he is a bigger idiot than I thought was after THREE rape jokes. I guess Rape jokes are pretty hilarious. I am sure all the stand up Comedians will be telling Rape Jokes in the future. Especially about their friends family. Nothing is more funny than raping your buddies Wife in front of his kids. That is way too funny. NOT!

      Cody looked totally disinterested and disgusted by the entire show. I am sure CBS Production is having several chats with him if he wants his stipend money he needs to play ball. Frankly, I love his attitude towards the show and Paul. Calls it like he sees it. Doesn’t buy into the BS.

      I was a huge fan of Cody until I heard about him giving up time with his daughter to play a game. Family trumps money always. At least that is how I roll.

      I was a huge fan of Paul in BB18 and started to cheer for him in BB19 until he started with all the crap. Now I see him as a douche.

      • Avatar

        At this point, I think CBS is enjoying Cody’s responses and don’t get the sense that his stipend is in jeopardy at all. It’s inline with his “Stare-crow” comic likeness and I sort of got the impression a few times last night that they’ve encouraged him to keep his responses short and sweet to stick with that narrative. I also felt like they encouraged Raven to double down on her alliance with and allegiance to Paul. They are characters at this point.

      • Ann

        @Houseguest Doug, Raven can spell puppet master, she & mom were in MENSA & Raven has a GPA in dance & business remember? That delusional little monkey & her ignorant, cereal eating, boyfriend are on another planet. Seriously!!!

      • Avatar

        With respect to Cody giving up the summer to play a game:
        It is a gameshow, yes.
        But I don’t see anything wrong with giving up 1 summer for a 1 in 16 shot at winning about $300 k after taxes. That is a lifechanging amount of money he was trying to win for his family. Worthy of the sacrafice.

      • Colby

        Cody’s scheduled visitation is summer. But from the few things he said it sounds like he and the mother get along well, and none of us knows if they may have worked out an alternative visitation agreement.

      • Jay H

        I agree DMC. People have to, and should leave there kids for work, To put bread on the table, and 300K could put quite a bit of bread on the table. Cody also doesn’t strike me as the guy looking for “fame”, like the majority of so many of guests on reality shows.
        My guess, even the stipend trumps what he would have made.

    • Avatar

      It was especially funny when Raven said they were puppet masters pulling all the string, and someone said “then what r u doing sitting here”. For once Raven was speechless. Then she was talking how well she and Matt played game and mark said, “you played house in the house”. And Elena just couldn’t stop laughing everytime Raven opened her mouth. No love lost there!!

      • Painter1

        Raven saying her and her mom are part of Mena. Well you all know Mensa is dummy in Spanish, probably a Hispanic person called them that one day when they asked her what her GPA was in college.Dance…..Mensa.

  3. Avatar

    “There is no way Donald Trump can win the election and be the President of the USA”….Donald Trump is the President of the USA without having the most votes.

    “There is no way the Chicago Cubs can win a World Series” Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series.

    “Paul has BB 19 in the bag and will win 9-0 in votes”…Stayed tuned (Mark my words don’t be shocked if Paul comes in 2nd again.) I will of course pee my pants laughing.

  4. Avatar

    Excellent Post.

    I’ve said it before, but I kept waiting for this season to be good. Last season I thought Paulie ran the house and then, over time, he lost his grip and the other players started playing to win. This season was a dud and I think most people understand that. I don’t know if there is anything that could have made it better. I think this was a group of bad players and watching jury last night made me realize just how awful they really were and Cody is still worthless even in jury.

    Speaking strictly from a game perspective, Paul should win. He owned the house and controlled every HOH. I have never seen that sort of dominance. Derrick had to go against better players and having the Battle of the Block twist made his win more impressive, but he was not as dominant as Paul was throughout the entire season. Paul had 9 comp wins, but could have easily had more if he had not thrown it a few times. He also basically chose two people he would carry to jury and succeeded.

    If he loses this game it will be due to one of two reasons:

    1. People will vote on a personal level rather than game. There is no way Josh or Christmas deserve to win over Paul. Perhaps Christmas has an argument since she didn’t mind doing the work Paul didn’t want to do, but that is a long shot.

    2. He overplayed the jury with his goodbye messages. Josh has blown Pauls game up to the jury house and neither have any idea.

    Hopefully BB productions will do a better job selecting competitors next year. This season was a dud for me.

  5. Avatar

    Very bad season. Thank goodness for the ability to record episodes and fast forward. The only part of last night’s episode I watched was the jury house. Paul’s gonna win easily. And, on a final note, you can take Raven out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of Raven. What a consummate hick that one is.

    • Avatar

      When she got out if that car with those high heels and too tight daisy duke shorts I thought I was going to throw up!!
      However, Elena’s reaction stopped my nausea immediately! I was truly laughing out loud!!

      Also..Matt didn’t seem particularly overjoyed to see Raven. Looked liike a forced hug and when all the jury members were laughing and making fun of Raven AND Matt’s gameplay (but mostly Raven’s and her puppet master comments) Matt wasn’t defending her but actually laughing at her as well.
      Although I may have misinterpreted Matt’s facial expressions due to the glowing white hi-liter makeup on Raven’s face (that she obviously stole from Christmas). HA!

    • Jay H

      ‘Consummate Hick’ are the two best words I’ve heard put together today.

    • Painter1

      Again one can argue that Paul didn’t stick a gun to anyone’s head, they could have said no or do it yourself if you want that done.

  6. Jenny

    Raven’s third GPA is Puppet Mastery. She was the best student they ever had! If she can master all those diseases, clearly she can master puppets!

    • Renee

      Raven is the Master of Delusion. She could go on tour!

    • Avatar

      All season we y’all talked about Ravens GPA I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about ( I don’t get Fred’s or bbad) I finally thought it must be some kind of abbreviation for gastroparesis!! I’m an RN and know about the disease, but had never heard it called GPA. when it was mentioned with dance it really threw me. I knew she couldn’t mean grade point average because of the way she said it. Then I thought people were trying to type degree and it auto corrected to GPA . So now I realize she wasactually saying she “got a GPA in dance?” Is that really true? If so, do you think she even went to college? Everyone knows what a GPA is from high school on. Maybe she was home schooled and has no idea what a GPA is because you can’t actually attend school and not know that!!

  7. AIO_7

    Paul had perfect timing, right after Julie quit speaking, when he popped the cork for the F3 celebration. Do you thing it was just lucky timing, or did Production give him a signal?

    • Avatar

      Production signal. Just like they fed him the answers in the POV competition. These people cannot count to 10 let alone remember what happen on what day.

      I would offer a open challenge to any or all of the POV contestants to re take the quiz on finalle night to see if any of them can answer with the right days. I promise you without Production feeding them the answer they will get 90% of them wrong.

      • Avatar

        Where is your proof that they fed Paul the answers ?

        You give so little credit to these people. With very little to do in the house, figuring out how to win must come into play.

        With being in the last 3, 4, or 5, the memory comps come into play bigtime. So they study the memorywall. overr and over, because it will come in handy in the comps, and it gives them something to do.

        Just out of curiousity, how many exams did you cheat on when you were in school ? Or did you study for them ?

      • LindsayB

        Did you not see them going over days over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again??

      • LO1004

        Clearly you didn’t watch them study the days for hours on end. Not to mention, this comp is done every year, so they were prepared.

      • Avatar

        What Lindsey said. And they do that every year, along with counting everything in the house. Actually seemed there was less studying this year because they were all so dumb.

  8. Renee

    Why does the 4th place person not get to go to the jury house? I didn’t realize that.

    • AIO_7

      I didn’t either. Maybe it’s a new thing (or maybe it’s not.) Either way, it benefits Paul because that way Keven will never be shaken out of his naivety about Paul.

    • Mel

      It’s because there isn’t really time. Once house guests are evicted, they spend the night in a hotel and then travel to the location of the jury house. The final week of the show, the jury is brought back from wherever the jury house is to the location that they film the jury discussion. The jurors are then placed in sequester in a hotel until the live show. They have to do it this way because the segment we see of the jury discussing who they should vote for has to be filmed in advance of finale night. The person who comes in 4th doesn’t make it to the house, they show up at the other location right before the discussion. I don’t know if it’s always been this way but I know it’s been this way for a while. I’m going to assume it always has been because some of the earlier seasons have the jury house somewhere in Mexico and they definitely didn’t have time to get them back and forth.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        It’s been that way at least since BB11, which was the first season in which the F3 made it to finale night– previously only the F2 made it to finale night, so it was the 3rd place HG who joined the jury on the night of their “roundtable” (I vividly remember Janelle, who placed 3rd in BB7, popping up to join the jury on roundtable night). So I’m pretty sure it’s been that way for most if not all of the seasons that included a jury (due to the reasons Mel explained).

    • Avatar

      I didn’t either, I thought it was only the third place person.

  9. AIO_7

    ….” Kevin won’t go to jury. He’ll stay sequestered until the other jurors are brought to the location of the jury discussion that we see on the show and he’ll meet up with them there. If anyone wants to sway Kevin’s opinion about Paul, that’s all the time they’ll have to do it.”

    That’s all the old man needs; another week of isolation. I don’t understand why F4 can’t join the jury. This will result in another vote for Paul.

  10. Avatar

    3 (one of those were gifted to him by the house who gave them their tickets) of the 9 wins came during 3+ weeks of guaranteed safety in addition to the initial week of safety (4 weeks in total). Derrick had no guarantees of safety when he played in comps.

    He didn’t control Cody’s HOH when Paul was nominated (nullified by safety of course), which means he didn’t control every HOH.

    Derrick didn’t have an alliance member that he knew before he moved into the house that would have been a seasons long worth of guaranteed votes, and sacrificed gameplay to further his game, such as Paul had with Raven and their pre-existing relationship.

    Derrick didn’t have an alliance member who got wind of voting numbers via phone and hospital bedroom (Xmas), that was later used in the mobbing tactics to help oust yet another contestant from the show.

    Derrick never got admonished, neither did Paul really for using mobbing scare tactics to try and incite violence with intimidation in an effort to get contestants to self evict. Any body else up for eviction would gladly agree with Boss Paul and company than risk having to face that type of human indecency.

    Last time I checked, I dont remember production flat out coaching Derrick on how to go about putting his housemates together as he furthered his game along, unlike how Paul was coached by production; and remember he was a returning vet.

    In Derricks season, pure natural talent had to surface to dominate that game, unprecedented the way he went about it, with no help. Just about every where you turn, Paul’s so called dominance was a direct result of production putting everybody on notice that Paul was untouchable.

    Finally, Paul as the only returning vet, had a clear advantage with many of the comps that he has won, especially lately. Nobody else in that house had the experience or privilege of having already played these games. That’s not a dominating performance, that’s a performance marred with incredible assistance from the very people who put him there in the first place BB production.

    • Avatar

      Um… Do you have concrete proof of all of this or is it all personal speculation? Look, I hate Paul as much as the next guy, more because I think he’s a momma’s boy tool outside the house… But as I’ve tried to say before, we all have no idea how we would behave in that situation with that much money on the line.. With out real proof of collusion, it’s all just noise at this point…

      • Avatar

        Feel free to go back to check the feeds or you can check this form over the course of the Season where many bloggers who watch the feeds have commented what I put in my post

        And if you dislike Paul as much as the next guy then I’m the next guy you and I aren’t even in the same zip code

      • Avatar

        You’re missing my point… is there a live feed in the DR? were there live feeds in Xmas’s hospital room? I’m not disputing that Paul and Raven/Xmas knew each other but how much did they know each other.

        You’re making comparisons based on emotions instead of factual information…

      • LindsayB

        Oh Wayne… you mean to say speculation isn’t always fact??

    • Avatar

      Ritchie, who was evicted during Cody’s HOH? Christmas or Jillian? Cody’s target was Christmas after Paul and he failed to get out his target because Paul swung the votes to Jillian. He controlled that entire HOH after Cody went rogue. He controlled that HOH because Cody’s stupid move gave him complete control. Had he not had immunity he still would have swung the house to get Jillian out. Cody had no influence over those nominations after Megan walked out that door.

      You don’t like Paul, therefore you ignore how he has completely dominated this entire game and search for reasons to take credit away from him.

      My frustration was never with Paul, although I believe he overplayed the jury angle in the goodbye videos, my frustration was with this horrible cast. I watched a conversation in which Josh and Jason both slipped up and said they had a final 3 alliance with Paul and neither caught on. I was yelling at my computer at how stupid they were. Vanessa also had alliances with everyone in the game, but players did catch on to it and she found herself on the block a few times and had to actually work to shift the house. This season everyone just believed what Paul said.

      I know it is an unforgivable offense to mention Derrick and Paul in the same sentence, but I did. I do not find Paul’s dominance as impressive as Derricks win, I believe I said that in my post, but he has certainly dominated the game from start to finish more than Derrick did. Did that have something to do with him getting immunity for 3 weeks, being a vet, and Cody being an asshat? Absolutely, but it doesn’t negate that he absolutely dominated. I have never seen a season in which a player controlled every single HOH and got people to evict the person he wanted evicted. Truth is I was more impressed with Paul’s game last year.

      Also as a returning vet you have a huge advantage and a huge disadvantage. The disadvantage is that you will have a target on your back the minute you walk into the door. Derrick did not have to deal with that at the beginning of his season.

      Also Derrick did it all on his own!? Did you forget about Cody that season.

      Also Ritchie did you get some inside information that I don’t know about with Production? Every single season people assume that “production tipped them off.” That is nothing more than assumption.

      • Avatar

        Your arguements when it comes to Paul continue to either downplay or ignore major advantages that were given to Paul that directly help shape the course of the season.

        For me I choose not to ignore that from day one, the field was not a level playing field.

        Paul had built-in advantages (4 weeks of safety) which nobody else did and he profited off of those gifted advantages, to get some of those 9 wins.

        The weeks he chose not to win comps saw him using those gifted advantages in the form of, at minimum a secured vote from a fan who he met before the game started.

        You try to say I forgot about Cody Califore, but I did not because he simply was not need in my arguement. Derek met Cody after the start of the Season not before the start of the season in the case of Paul and Raven.

        Tainted playing fields, that are unfairly slanted towards one opponent is a part of life, but greatness attached to any sport or gameshow in this case that has an unnatural, uneven playing field that noticeably hampers one opponent against another, cannot have a natural conclusion of greatnesa because of perceived dominance.

      • Avatar

        Russell, Cody did have control of the entire house up until he put up Paul and found out Paul had safety. This was right at beginning of game. Cody had half or more of the house with him. That was the best play of the game!! The riskiest play of the game. That play took balls!! Big boy balls!! When Paul announced his safety, it was unreal. At that point, it didn’t matter who Cody put on the block. And what do we really know about Raven and Paul?

    • Avatar

      Screw it!

      “Last time I checked, I don’t remember production flat out coaching Derrick on how to go about putting his housemates together as he furthered his game along, unlike how Paul was coached by production; and remember he was a returning vet.”

      Prove it or STFU!

      “And if you dislike Paul as much as the next guy then I’m the next guy you and I aren’t even in the same zip code”

      “In Derricks season, pure natural talent had to surface to dominate that game, unprecedented the way he went about it, with no help. Just about every where you turn, Paul’s so called dominance was a direct result of production putting everybody on notice that Paul was untouchable.”

      Prove it or STFU!

      I can dislike someone and still appreciate the game play, it’s a game! I don’t give a rats ass who wins, I’m still getting up in the morning, having a steaming cup of “I don’t give a damn about what you think” and go on with my day. I’ll work my ass off, come home to my cat, who will also tell me he had an awesome day and enjoy his bowl of “I don’t give damn about what he thinks” as I enjoy a scotch, steak and a heaping bowl of “I still don’t care what you think so STFU” for desert!

      I’ll repeat the above steps as necessary to get the stench out of my mind. I swear I’m going to need a colon cleanse after this season to get rid of all the bullshit that’s been thrown around here…

      We now return you to the previous regularly scheduled program of kittens and unicorns….

      • Avatar

        @wayne you need some medication or something, because it seems that you are taking it personal, which is fine by me. I’m clearly disregarding your STFU suggestion.

        You say that I’m false, well you should go disprove what I said through diligent research.

        I suspect the reason you haven’t done that research probably because you would run into the truth of what I was saying and I don’t think right now you could risk that cuz you may have to save face doing a little bit of that rats you know what!

      • Avatar

        You want me to go and disprove speculations? You made the accusations. Last time I checked, someone was innocent until proven guilty. I don’t need to do the research because until I see something concrete, something in the form of video depicting what you are “speculating” then it’s all just noise from someone who wants to believe the hyped up crap because he is hating on the results…

        By all means Ritchie… Continue to “Bang On”…

      • Avatar

        I recommended for two reasons first need to lower your heart rate for you hurt yourself and 2nd you wouldn’t stand a chance going around and around with me if we were given the next 6 months free to do so. However if it’s still meeting at your crawl after dinner why don’t you go ahead and PM me I’ll let you down real easy!

      • LindsayB

        Do you believe in Bigfoot too?

  11. Avatar

    It’s abundantly clear that you have yet to do that research again go back and check the feeds go back and read the bloggers from this forum who have already done the homework for you there are even some articles out there in National media that touched on this specifically with Christmas hearing votes while in the hospital

    • LindsayB

      Oh yes. TMZ is where I always go for the latest, most factual news.

      • LindsayB

        And all that homework? Reading speculation from other blogs is now considered homework? That’s fact checking? Seriously, endless entertainment on here.

    • Avatar

      Christmas hearing votes in the hospital was a mistake on their part. Production having a private session with Paul telling him what moves to make is a completely different accusation.

      • Avatar

        Good to see you backing me on the factual production mistake. Your boy Wayne should your post here.

        But again you fail to connect the dots of unfair competive advantage as in this case where it was a “mistake” by production which helped team Paul more than hurt.

        Of course you don’t connect some of those wins with the intentional unfair competitive advantage with Ravens inclusion in the game, as well as that month of safety given to Paul.

      • Avatar

        @Ritchie, I now completely understand how Mark felt while talking to Raven in jury.

      • LindsayB

        Russell, not only did that literally make me laugh out loud, I also snorted. Thank you. Thank you so much for that.

      • Avatar

        You’re very welcome LindseyB.

    • Avatar

      Oh you mean the eviction where Xmas had to cast her vote from a hospital room? If I remember, it didn’t matter if she heard who voted for who because it was a forgone conclusion who was going home… And the way this season has gone, the voting was pretty mush as planned by the people in power… Ya know what, before I start getting bent out of shape with this nonsense, I’m just going to let it go. It’s not worth the time or effort to argue about something that is not even in my realm of importance….

      • Avatar

        Every reality show on TV with the exception of BB if you have to be removed from the game for any length of time for medical reasons you are out of the game. There is no coming back a few days later nor is there any special stipulations of comps you can and cannot compete in or continued outside medical treatment.

        You get hurt sorry about your luck but you are out of the game. Come back next season and try again. Only on this farce of a show do they allow this.

      • LindsayB

        I remember on bachelorette once, a guy busted his nose and had to be in the hospital for most of the group date. He got to come back and if memory serves me correctly, he got the rose that night.

        On the challenge, there’s been multiple times people got hurt and had to spend time at the hospital. This season CT missed the first challenge or two because he had passport issues. They let him come in and he’s still there.

  12. Avatar

    “Watching Jason realize that Alex hadn’t stabbed him in the back was kind of a sweet moment in such a mean season and I really enjoyed it”

    I just now watched that scene again and it really pulled on my heartstrings! *sniff*

    • LindsayB

      Now they are back together again to laugh about rape and molestation!!

    • Ann

      @Shan64, watching that idiotic healthy sick girl made me want to reach through the tv & shake & slap that girl until her weave fell out. There’s obviously no reasoning with the girl who’s in MENSA but why won’t Matt even tell her how ridiculous she is making them look on national tv? I just can’t with this girl & Matt just sits there looking stupid. I guess he could care less as long as he’s getting him some nookie.

  13. hogwild

    I think Paul still wins but I don’t think it will be the blowout I orginally thought it would be the information Josh was leaving in some of his eviction messages seems to have finally opened some peoples eyes.

    • Avatar

      Paul will win because Jury for most part is afraid..for all they know America LOOOVVEES Paul & they don’t want to look bad..I cannot wait till they get out and see social media

      • Avatar

        Well, hell, since CBS rigged this whole damn thing, maybe they should just go ahead and waltz on into that jury house and have a big pow wow with all those jury peeps and inform that they’re already disliked by the America for the most part, and then, just for shit and giggles (oh, and you know, to give Paul yet ANOTHER advantage over everyone else) tell them that they ONLY way America will ever love or respect them is for them all to vote for Paul to win! I mean, for real, if Paul does win, I can already see all the Paul haters just coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches to be crying foul and this sounds just like the type of story they’d they come out and be reaching for. *rolls eyes*

  14. Shivani33

    I’d like to see some commemorative ribbons given out to BB19’s jury members. It’s just a fantasy to celebrate their losing talents, and I’m having fun with it, offering worthless tribute prizes to everyone. Mark could receive a 2nd place ribbon for Best Crier and a blue ribbon for Pickle Juicer. Matt would get the blue ribbon for Most Useless Player, accompanied by a lei made of cereal. Alex can have the first place ribbon for Rosary Curses and a can of Dr. Pepper to set her off. She’ll take a 2nd place red ribbon for Worst BB Strategist and 3rd place white ribbon for Season 19: Meanest Girly-Man.

    Jason gets the blue ribbon for Most Rape Jokes. Raven gets a blue ribbon as Best Shrieking Minion, another blue ribbon for Dys-Phobic Faker and only 3rd place for Blowjob Virgin, ’cause who but her mother would give her a first place virginity award? Elena can have a Go Fund Me pre-paid makeup account and a 2nd place red ribbon for Best $5,000 Screw. Kevin receives 2 blue ribbons. One is for #1 Gentleman Jim, the other is for Best Head Wound Bandanna.

    Cody gets the 3rd place white ribbon titled “Jessica.” He also takes thee blue ribbon for Most Fixed Stares and a special Spaghetti Western award for Best Ferguson Bigot. He’ll receive a bigger prize, too. It will be A broken Van Down by the (Los Angeles) River. Painted across both lengths will be Best Victim Noises.

  15. Avatar

    When CBS can prove with a legal statement that all the phone voting in on the level. That production didn’t Coach any of the contestants or feed them answers or influcence them in any way shape or form. When they can prove that having Christmas leave the house to go to the “Hospital” that she was not given information by any of the Hospital staff or by production then I will believe this game is on the level.

    Until that magical day I will believe this show is for Entertainment Only and not a legit game show and the results are not manipulated or pre determined.

  16. Avatar

    Here is a new concept ideal for BB to keep it fresh. How about for BB20 you let the contestants play for real. Meaning no….

    * Favorable edits of people they want the public to like or dislike.
    * No manipulation of any of the contestants in anyway shape or form.
    * Publish the results of the fan voting and have a reputable accounting company tabulate and secure the votes.
    * Do not shut down the feeds at all show everything and every room 24/7.
    * Bring in intelligent people to play the game.

    Then lets see who actually wins this game and let it be a true social experiment.

    Would CBS ever do this? Not a chance in hell. The show would not be exciting enough and CBS wouldn’t be able to control the show or outcome.

  17. Avatar

    Please put Paul on Survivor and see how he does. I don’t think he lasts 2 episodes.

  18. Mel

    I wrote a post a week or two back called You’re Not Allowed To Talk About Production. It’s way longer than most of the posts on here. For anyone interested and willing to read a very long post, it does address Productions involvement, DR sessions and lots of other behind-the-scenes stuff that may not be commonly known. I’m only mentioning it because unlike some of the posts on here which is our thoughts and opinions, this was written from a factual standpoint. There are documented examples, quotes from past players and other things that back it up what I wrote. None of my sources were from TMZ or bloggers comments. There are a few things that can be taken as production involvement or not and I tried to be clear and point out which things those are. The post isn’t completely anti production and it’s based on things I know, not my opinions. That’s one of the reasons it’s quite long because in 19 seasons, there’s been a lot of information accumulated. It also addresses the game show vs entertainment program debate for anyone who’s interested.

    • Avatar

      The research has been done and reposted free of charge!

    • Avatar

      It all goes away with a simple legal disclaimer stating in fact that production in no way shape or form influences the results of the game and the game is 100% legit.

      Mel I promise you CBS would never do that because they cannot. I am willing to bet any money they have violated this. Otherwise lets here back from the FCC stating that this is 100% legit game show.

      After season 8 FCC confirmed it is NOT a game show but rather a Entertainment show similar to the WWE Wrestling program. They list themselves as “SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT” meaning it is bogus.

      • AIO_7

        It reminds me of the court case that Fox “News” won that allowed them to be called Entertainment. They got taken to court for their lies and their defense was that they were Entertainment and not actual News.

      • Mel

        You’re correct and there is no disclaimer stating that they don’t manipulate the game. stating that CBS loud to change anything they want in any way they want at anytime they want. I covered that in the post too. The game is very much manipulated throughout the season but I don’t believe the competitions themselves are rigged. I think to win a comp, they have to actually win it. They could rig them if they wanted to. I just haven’t seen proof that they have. I’ve never believed they pick the winner, only that they do help further certain players along to stay longer.

    • Mel

      I want to be clear that I’m not accusing CBS and never have of doing something illegal. The post I wrote and my personal opinions are strictly related to whether or not the show is manipulated. They have the legal right to do it and my opinions don’t change if my favorite player is about to win or someone I don’t like. It is what it is.

    • Avatar

      I see it the same way you do, @addy08, there is production involvement to try to do things for more compelling TV but it’s still up to the House Guests to capitalize on those things. I also agree that there should either be rewards for winning or penalties for throwing competitions because that’s just not compelling TV. This all for one one for all attitude is not fun to watch (for me).

      • Mel

        I do too. I don’t think you can force them not to throw comps because even though we find it boring, it can be a strategy. It would be nice to see prizes for comp wins but you would think the fear of going home would be enough incentive to get people to compete. LOL

        I always feel bad when people realize how the show is made if they didn’t know before. That’s why I wrote that super long post as an explanation because when you understand the entire process, you don’t feel so let down and can continue to enjoy it. Oh well! I tried!

      • Avatar

        At 47 (cough, cough), I knew production did some meddling but I don’t think I can continue to watch BB based on this season. I have watched them all. It has always been super fun watching the competitions and people wanting to actually win. This season was nothing but degrading people and fighting to be on the jury. – not win. Very sad. I really think that CBS hired a bunch of low life actors this season (everyone who said they would be happy only making jury) and stuck a few people like Kevin/Josh into the house. Everyone seemed so fake. Total disappointment.

      • Mel

        Willow, they were definitely a huge disappointment but every year of BB is different. It’s one of the things that’s cool about it but it sure doesn’t feel that way during the bad seasons. I hope you can hang in there in case the next one is better.

      • Avatar

        I found that post (and all of your others too) so interesting. It’s kind of fun to learn those things and I do think if you know it you look at it a little differently.

  19. Avatar

    Here is an idea. On the finale night in front of a live audience lets have a live chat with radom people calling in and ask Paul. “On what day was Dominique nominated and evicted” You have 5 seconds to answer. You can ask a similar 5 questions used in the Veto comp and guarantee you Paul will get 90% of the wrong. I am not fooled for one second. I get it is a TV show and for entertainment. Don’t try to sell me this is real.

  20. Avatar

    Repost of a actual note back from the FCC to fan Helen …

    Thanks for contacting the FCC via the online inquiry form, with your inquiry (designated IC Number: 07-W13271938), regarding the ‘reality’ show ‘Big Brother.’ We will close your inquiry IC Number: 07-W13271938 with this response:
    Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s rules governs the broadcast of licensee-conducted contests, Le., a contest conducted by an FCC-licensed station in which a prize is offered ‘to members of the public.’ Since the show ‘Big Brother’ is conducted by a network programmer (vs. an FCC-licensed station) and does not offer a prize to members of the public, it is not regulated by the FCC.
    A “game show” in which ‘selected contestants’ (vs. ‘members of the public’) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice. However ‘Big Brother’ does not appear to meet the definition of a “game show.” Rather, it is a ‘for entertainment only’ program, somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure, predetermined.

    • Avatar

      I think pretty much says it all. The defense rests!

    • Avatar

      To Lindsay I believe that is CHECK MATE!

      • LindsayB

        Checkmate on what? I’ve always been fully aware that I’m watching a tv show. I’m also aware that tv shows are for our entertainment. There’s a difference between speculation and what is known. I give zero fucks if they decide to script the whole thing. As long as I’m entertained I will continue to watch it. If and when I am not entertained I will stop watching. Also, Helen has stated multiple times that what she posted wasn’t a communication from FCC to her. It was something she looked up and shared. You saying that it was a direct communication to her is speculation and is inaccurate. You saying it in the comments on a blog doesn’t make it fact. That, sir is what would be considered checkmate.

      • Avatar

        I saw some burn ointment for sale at CVS. Need me to grab ya some?

      • Avatar

        Yes LindsayB I am sorry to bring up facts in a discussion. I to hate when people bring in facts. It is very off putting and forces me to come up with new points to defend. Sorry I brought factual information.

        If you know the Show is NOT legit then why say Paul should win and played the best game. Sports would be real easy to play if you got all the calls from the Ref’s and the League changed the rules as you went along to suit you better and enhance your ability to win. Oh and also insure your opposition was the worst collection of players in the history of the sport. Yes, I could see winning the Championship would be oh so rewarding and would want recorded history to show we were the greatest player or team in history. Omitting all the facts of course that the League and Refs handed me the Championship.

        This show bills itself as legit or at least that is the vibe and impression they put out to the audience. When in fact it is nothing more than a scripted Soap Opera.

        You cannot tell me you were entertained by the Race HOH contest that Christmas won. Where was the entertainment in watching that garbage.

      • Avatar

        HOLY SHIITE! And you people say us Paul lovers get crazy defending him? I don’t know man, you Paul haters flip the script on crazy.
        Don’t you remember when this God forsaken season started and they had us vote who to give the first temptation to, and so on and so forth? I know that first week, I voted my little heart to give Paul that first temptation, as did my mother, and sister, my best friend, and most likely all the other Paul lovers in the world. Yes, I’m sure there are millions. Now, I know that comes a GIANT shock to all you Paul haters out there, and I hate to be the one that breaks this God awful news to you, but the whole world doesn’t feel the same as you. And just because we like Paul, we don’t burst into flames when the sun hits us, and our eyes don’t glow red when we’re pissed. No, I don’t think CBS just GAVE him that “free pass”, and I’m glad he won the first temptation because if he hadn’t of, he definitely wouldn’t be where he is now. I’m glad Kevin took that money at the very beginning allowing Paul to come into the game. What happened after all that is NOT Paul’s fault. It’s not his fault that these people turned out to be mindless blobs that followed him around like sheep and hung onto his every word. If I were in a game with that kind of money on the line, and had people playing against me that we were like these idiots, I know for a damn fact I wouldn’t be trying to make them NOT do as I say! I mean really, who the hell would do that? Jeez. #GoPaul #NoMatterWhoWinsPaulWinsInMyBook

      • Mel

        I don’t like Paul and I don’t blame Paul either. It’s this stupid cast because they’ve had lots of weeks to get rid of him after his three weeks of safety were over.

      • LindsayB

        Gee Doug, I can say that I think paul should win the SHOW because I think he should. You think he shouldn’t. Guess what? It’s perfectly fine for us to not want to have the same outcome. It truly is. Regardless of who wins, we will both go on with our lives. I realize it’s hard to learn that a tv show is put together to entertain the masses but I think you’ll get through it.

    • Jannie

      No, no, no!
      Helen did NOT get that letter.
      She found it online(I think) and reposted it. She did not receive the letter personally.
      But the info is the same, regardless…

      • LindsayB

        But Doug says she did. Since he said she did it means she did in his mind. It’s on the internet now that she did. Everything on the internet is true.

      • Avatar

        Damn, that means:

        The moon landings were fake….
        Bigfoot does exist….
        I’m am the sexist old, fat, gray haired man in the world…
        The world is flat…
        MSG is good for you…
        Elvis is not dead…
        Hurricanes are a CIA weapon…..
        Paul is not dead….
        Global warming is true….
        Orwell was right….

        The list is endless…

  21. Avatar

    I am just Amazed that anyone (Alex) would throw Competitions going towards so near to the Finale of the Show…The Race Competition where the One legged Girl won HOH was a Total Farce, & really Pathetic. It was a Slap in the Face to all of the Former Vets who have ever Competed in a BB Comp, to have the Girl with a broken Foot win the HOH?!

    Which brings me to this, I just watched an interview with Marvin Latimer of BB 5, in which his sentiments were the same, in regards to Christmas winning HOH, because the Comp was thrown to her. Marvin stated that the Game is being ruined. And I agree, those early Big Brother Seasons were Compelling With Evel Dick, Janelle, Mike Boogie, & Dr. Will. There was always One side of the House vs. the other Side of the House, and the Power would Shift from week to week! We rarely see that anymore, Either there is a Puppet Master, or the Whole house Votes as One Unit?!

    Marvin stated that CBS needs to give the House Guest an incentive to Not throw Comps by rewarding the House Guest with a Reward…It could be Money, or Prizes. But the throwing of the Comps has completely ruined this Show that we all Love, & it needs to Stop.

    • Avatar

      Mello that would be ideal and I agree BB19 has totally ruined the show for me and cast a dark cloud over players of Season 1-18. BB19 exposed BB as the fraud it really is. This will be my final season of watching this show.

      I lost complete interest after watching the HOH race where the acting was so bad for the first time in my life I turned off the show and deleted the PVR. I couldn’t watch that as made a farce of the show.

      If I am a past contestant on this show I am outraged and disgusted by Season 19. I was one of the fools that actually believed this show was real and I was a huge fan. After that episode I was so offended that is when I went on this crusade to bring down the show.

      I like some of the posters here would defend the show to the nth degree. Now I feel sheepish and totally disenchanted.

      To be honest I could careless who wins the show I don’t get to see a dime of that money nor will I care about or remember who played the game. I just want to see a legit contest.

      I feel stupid forever thinking this was real. I feel as dumb as Raven now.

  22. Avatar

    The only change I’d like to see is the eviction. The evicted house guest is shown how the house voted. During the exit interview and not known to the HGs still in the house. Kinda makes the goodbye messages more interesting. Could you imagine the blow back during a battle back when the winner goes back into the house knowing who really voted.

    • Avatar

      See above note from the FCC and why CBS has zero interest in doing that.

    • Avatar

      Production has no interest in things that may legitimize the game. They like to control everything you see and feel.

      Hence why they gave favorable edits to Paul, Christmas, Josh, Alex and Jason and sabotaged Jessica, Cody, Kevin, Dominique et al. (Cody and Jessica would participate in the Big Paul Show so they had to go.)

      I would love to see them show the votes like they do on Survivor only to the Audience and evicted House Guest but then they would have a hard time casting Paul as the winner.

  23. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “Part 1 of the 3 part hoh was played last night. Remember when we used to get to watch that? Yeah, me too.”

    I’m so glad you said that Mel, because I was thinking last night that I could have sworn that there was a time when we used to be able to watch part 1 of the HOH comp unfold. CBS is really trying everything in their power to get me to cancel these feeds and never turn them back on again.

    P.S. I’m still mourning the loss of Mel’s other “L”. It’s been a difficult time for me, but I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. I know that with time, I will eventually be able to recover from this tragic loss.


  24. Mel

    I always hate it when the jury is bitter. I want them to be robots and vote purely for game reasons. I can’t help it, it’s what I want whether it’s realistic or not. I definitely think Paul will have the votes to win and that’s only my opinion because no one from production has called and told me anything. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Assuming Paul is in the final 2 and assuming they give him the win, wouldn’t it be ironic if the dumbest cast in BB history doesn’t vote bitter? It could potentially be the only smart decision they make all summer. I personally want Josh to win which at first I felt was ridiculous based on his game but since this entire season has been ridiculous, it would be kind of fitting. However, I do believe Paul deserves the win.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m still holding out hope that somehow Josh is going to pull out a miraculous win in the final HOH comp and take Paul out (yes, I know… I’ve been taking some of Raven’s delusion pills). But if that doesn’t happen, Paul should definitely win the grand prize HANDS DOWN. At the end of the day, no matter what did or did not happen with Production tipping the scales in Paul’s favor, the bottom line is that he played the hell out of everyone in that house this season.

      Dominique, who was the third player evicted this season, tried to warn them all that Paul could not be trusted (of course, this was AFTER he turned on her). This means that all these jurors who are so salty about Paul now were on notice for almost the ENTIRE season that they should not trust anything Paul says. Instead, they chose to believe every ounce of BS he fed them. They all KNEW Paul was lying to every other HG and “pretending” to be aligned with them but each chose to believe that they were the one true ally Paul cared about, and that he was lying to and backstabbing everyone else EXCEPT them. All it would’ve taken is for a few of the HGs to snap out of their Paul trance and band together to “backdoor” him. They chose otherwise, time and time again. Don’t get salty now and blame Paul for your own stupidity and gullibility. Blame yourself. Blame ya mama. But don’t blame the person you KNEW was a liar and a former runner up in this very game and chose to put your faith in anyway.

      And yes, when I say Paul played everyone in that house, I mean EVERYONE… that includes Cody and Jessica. For those who don’t remember, Jessica won HOH AND veto the very same week her boyfriend won the battle back and reentered the house. She was having the best week ever… then she blew it and ended up getting a complete non-threat (Ramses) evicted. Why? Because, as she said out of her own mouth, she trusted PAUL and Christmas the most of anyone in the house other than Cody at that point. That is why she chose not to use the veto on Ramses that week– because she and Cody had been duped by Paul into trusting him when he said he was sincere about wanting Josh out that week. To me, that was the real turning point in the game this season. That’s the week that really could’ve been a game changer. If Cody and Jess had taken Alex out, Paul would’ve lost one of his strongest allies, and Jason and Kevin would’ve been free to align with Cody and Jessica (putting them in the driver’s seat). But instead they got outsmarted and outplayed by their arch-nemesis. Just like EVERYONE else, Cody and Jessica got duped by Paul. Don’t get salty now Grossica.

      Again, I’m actually not rooting for Paul to win– I ALWAYS root against the “vets” and wish the producers would stop casting them in the first place. So, I would love to see Josh win at this point, but ONLY if he wins because he was able to win the final HOH, take Paul out, and EARN his $500K. Not because he was given a default judgment by a bitter, sorry ass jury. If Josh and Paul are the F2 and the jury awards Josh the grand prize over Paul, it will only cement this cast’s status as the biggest joke in BB history.

      • Mel

        “Blame ya mama”

      • Avatar

        Gerardo. Cody never for one second in the game ever trusted Paul. Never ever ever never!!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Trudy, Cody’s the one who said it though. He and Jessica both agreed that Paul and Christmas were the only trustworthy people from that side of the house, which is why they didn’t bother using the veto on Ramses. That’s also why Cody was so outraged and blew on Paul after he nominated him and Jessica– he and Jessica thought once again that Paul was going to target Josh instead of them.

      • Avatar

        Gerardo I completely agree.

        I hate this cast, but if they can’t suck it up and understand that they were abused by Paul with his gameplay, then this will be the worst season in history without a doubt.

        That was the turning point. If Jess follows her gut then Ramses stays in the game and allies himself with Jess and Cody. That would have taken out Josh. The entire week I was in disbelief when Cody kept telling Jess to not make waves and assumed everyone wanted Josh out. That was the moment that could have flipped the house. If Josh is gone, then you are talking about Cody, Jess, Ramses, Mark, and Elena against the rest of the house. That is why Paul said correctly about Jess leaving Ramses on the block, “Worst move in Big Brother History!”

        2nd in rank to worst move was Cody not putting up Jason after Alex won veto.

        I don’t understand why people keep saying Paul didn’t control Cody’s HOH. He didn’t control Megan, but he did throw Alex’s name out there and when Cody tried to put him on the block and replaced Christmas with him he turned the house. If you control the house you control the HOH regardless of the title.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “The entire week I was in disbelief when Cody kept telling Jess to not make waves and assumed everyone wanted Josh out.”

        Absolutely right Russell. Now that you’re reminding me of the exchanges between Jessica and Cody that week, I’m actually thinking that Jessica was more skeptical of Paul than Cody was. Jessica voiced her concerns about leaving Ramses on the block several times to Cody, and he always assured her she was being paranoid and there was no need to worry. At one point Cody even suggested that she go have a conversation with PAUL just to ease her mind and make sure the plan was still on. After Paul reassured her that Josh was the target, they both agreed that there was no need to worry because Paul and Christmas were the two people from that side whose word they could trust.

        Ultimately, they both put their trust in the wrong person, but Cody was the one who really convinced Jessica that she had no reason not to trust what Paul was saying that week.

      • Avatar

        It was the worst move all season.

        Ramses was not pushy, but he also told Jess that he did not feel comfortable on the block and would prefer to be taken off. All Jess had to do was take Ramses down and put up a pawn like Puppet master Raven. I am still baffled by the reasoning. I really didn’t even understand her logic to put Ramses up in the first place.

        Cody never made the right decision, not once and in the process blew up a few others game.

    • Avatar

      Mel you may get your wish! To me it is highly unlikely they will be bitter. They don’t have the whole picture of what was said behind thier backs yet. It would be super funny to have the cast interviewed a week later so they can watch/read how the viewers saw everything.

      Jason and his rape “joke” was really disturbing, like who says sh$t like that(and on live tv)? The “breaking” of people by degrading – most if not all, directed by Paul. IDK this whole season felt like the Twilight Zone. That isn’t playing a good game, that is being a total a$$hole (imo).

      I don’t feel anyone of them deserves to win but how this all played out, Paul will win. I would love for Josh to turn the tables and vote out Paul. Now that would be good tv!!!

      • Avatar

        Gerardo, I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as Jessica telling Cody that and him going along with her because he hadn’t been in the game and he trusted her. So much she had told him previously had been right but this time it wasn’t. He went with her because he trusted her and it was her decision to make, not his.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Based on several conversations I saw on the live feeds, it was actually the other way around. Jessica expressed concerns about the plan several times and Cody was the one who kept reassuring her that there was no need to worry. If Cody was just going along with what Jessica wanted to do, he wouldn’t have discouraged her from using the veto on Ramses. I’m not sure exactly why Cody trusted Paul that week, but he certainly seemed confident that he could trust Paul to stick to his word and vote out Josh.

  25. Avatar

    Can anyone tell me how the HGs know the day numbers? Does someone keep track? Do they have a board somewhere?

    They can’t all just know, can they?

  26. Avatar

    I think we can all agree we are all fans of Big Brother. I am a little salty about Season 19 being the worst casting job in the history of TV.

    I hate how much Production interfered this season and manipulated the results.

    Social Media is a monster and getting bigger by the day so if CBS thought they could hide the fact this show is a Entertainment Show and not a legit contest then missed the boat on the public backlash.

    I am sure Paul would have re:entered the show no matter what. They knew someone who snatch the $25K but if no one did they would have worked another angle to get him back on the show.

    I don’t believe for one second the 3 week Free pass was ear marked for Paul. They didn’t want to take the chance of their Golden Boy being sent home 1 week into his return to the house. As he most certainly would have if Cody was allowed to put him on the block.

    The fact they let Christmas leave the show and make a vote from a Hospital and let her back on the show and stage all the fake tears and so forth looked totally scripted and that raised my suspicions the show was not legit.

    My next clue was the battle back comp rigged to ensure Cody got back on the show and since he was good for ratings and had a following they gave Jessica the Hex power to ensure they had good drama for a couple of weeks.

    The fact they hid the disgusting rape jokes from Jason was clue one they manipulate the feeds so the public only sees what they want you to see. I am certain if the public saw those Jokes. They would want Jason’s head on a stick and CBS would be under fire from various protests groups. Not to mention the rash of negative press for the show.

    The didn’t show Alex or Christmas true persona as being evil manipulative miserable bitches.

    They showed Dominique as a bible thumping bitter person which I don’t believe is the case for her real personality. But she was not buying into Big Paul so out she goes.

    It was rigged for Jessica and then Cody to go out since they were clearly not on board with Big Paul.

    The HOH race comp was ridiculously bad TV.

    The list goes on and on.

    I will no longer be watching future shows of BB. But I hope for the show’s sake they come up with a better format and stronger cast for BB20. I think the Celeb version will be a utter waste of time and disaster. I cannot see any Celeb that is remotely relevant playing in this game. I am sure it will be D listers or has beens.

    I will watch this year Season finale since I was suckered into watching BB19 as crappy as it was. I am sure Paul will win all be a hollow victory.

    But I hope the Jury goes against CBS wishes and votes Christmas or Josh to win and screws Paul again out of $500K which would mean he lost 1 Million dollars in 2 years. That would be great TV


    • Avatar

      Paul losing 2 years in a row would be awesome

    • Avatar

      Doug. Most of what you say is kind of crazy. For one thing, you look at those competitions to come back in the game and they are rediculously easy. Cody was a comp beast and the others were pitiful. We all knew Cody would come back when we knew who he was competing against. Just like victor last year. There was no competition to even come close. Dominique is a bible thumper depending on how that is meant. She’s extremely religious, talks in tongues etc. lots of blacks and whites in the south are like that. Some churches in the south are like that. She caught on to Paul and voiced that and because of that she became Paul’s target. If you remember, she and mark were close and good friends and she thought Elena was part of getting her out and that wasn’t true. She thought mark might be involved and that wasn’t true. Christmas should have never been able to stay in house when she had to spend a night out. No way!! I can’t figure out why CBS allowed that. And anyone as heavily medicated as she was didn’t need to be there for safety reasons alone. I don’t think any of the competitions are decided by CBS. They play that memory game every year and the ones who study the most are the ones who usually win or do well. That is no faked. We know dr puts doubts etc to them because they talk about that and some gets out before they can stop it. But the show has never been meant to be a game show but an reality entertainment show.

  27. Jannie

    Am I the only one who really doesn’t care at this point who wins?
    I hve zero emotional investment in any of them.
    I am watching only to see the expression on MayDay’s face when Yosemite Sam cuts her loose. And to see how bitter the jury is – I still think Alex, MayDay, Kevin, Matt, and the Bride of Chuckie will vote for Yosemite.

  28. Avatar

    Best way to sum up Season 19. Is you go to see your favourite Magician and you paid to get the best seats in the house that were super expensive and you waited months for the show date. You get to the show and before the Magician comes on stage. Some guy comes out and shows you exactly how all the tricks are done and totally ruins the illusion. Would you still be entertained watching your favourite Magician now knowing you know how all the tricks are done? Or would you feel cheated and ripped off?

    BB19 ripped its fans off and ruined the show past and future goes it gave away how they do their tricks. Sloppy casting and bad acting and scripting.

  29. Avatar

    Best moment in BB history was when Christine Brecht from BB16 got booed on the eviction show. That was real TV. I heard that the studio audience is no longer allowed to boo any of the contestants. If that is true CBS needs to grow a set.

  30. Avatar

    Sorry Paul, I voted for AFP and didn’t have enough votes to throw your way. (I am not really sorry)

  31. Avatar

    @stevebeans If they are not letting Dr. Will lead the jury discussion, that will not surprise me and it will further lend to my theory that for some odd reason BB/CBS needs Paul to win and they can’t have anyone mess that up. Dr. Will would surely tell the jury how silly they’ve been and how they were played… and go into how they all have Stockholm Syndrome with Paul and BB/CBS can’t have that. They want Paul to win… and just as they brought no other veteran players back this season who could upset the apple cart and educate the sheep they hand-picked to “play” with Paul… they can’t have a veteran messing it all up at the very end either.

    • Avatar

      When you’re right you’re right Kenn and you’re right. Paul must have nude photos of the show Producer. One day someone will explain to me why it was so damn important for Paul to win this season that they produced the worst show in BB history to ensure this idiot wins.

      * Maybe he won last year but the messed up and said Nicole by mistake.
      * Maybe the realized early they had the worst cast in history and if they didn’t bring in Paul since he was super popular in BB18 to save the ratings they would all be out of a job. So they cut a deal to make him look like the greatest player in BB History and promised him he would 100% win if he agreed to go back on the show.
      * Maybe CBS is just out of ideas and no the show is about done its run and they got lazy and it was easier just to cast him as the winner.
      * Maybe the Producer is sleeping with Paul’s Mom

      Who knows the truth will slip out one day. But for now we are stuck watching this crap play out.

    • Mel

      Kenn, I said that about Dr. Will because I read it on his Twitter. Dr. Will has also said that he doesn’t have a problem with Paul’s game, he has a problem with everyone else’s.

    • Avatar

      I read an interview with Dr Will online somewhere, he is definitely a Paul fan Evel Dick, on the other hand, is not.

  32. Tinkerbell

    Christmas – BE GONE tonight. Enough! Now, the Three Stooges in the kitchen. Christmas said to Josh – “Stop clinking your teeth on your fork . It drives me nuts. I will throw everything off of this table you don’t stop. It’s ONE of my pet peeves. My ex had to re-learn how to eat when he was with me.” B*tch…….that’s just one of the reasons he is your EX. I’ve read that you have several exs…..two of them fiancées. I wish I would have counted how many times this season she voiced about a new pet peeve. Lunatic! Man, she sure is in love with her hair. Flip it, spin it, throw it around. Dimwit! Oh geeez, they are getting champagne now. Turning feeds off.

  33. AIO_7

    Well (YAW N), the feeds are back. Gonna’ be a lot of (mutual) self aggrandizement this week.


  34. hogwild

    Sounds like tonights show is going to be mainly clip show with the start of part one of the HOH.

  35. Mel

    Lindsay, check your msgs when you get a chance.

  36. Avatar

    I think I’ve said enough times that this is my first season watching and that I don’t really care who wins.

    Legitimate question – not meant to incite anyone – but why should I respect Paul’s game play more than Josh’s?

    On the one hand, I know that Paul was the mastermind/puppet master (#STFURaven) and obviously had a strong social game since he was able to pull it off but Josh went from being one of the most hated houseguests likely to be voted off in the first couple of weeks to going alll the way to the end and was smart enough to align himself with Paul/Xmas and do a lot of the dirty work. He was more of the braun and had to have a pretty decent social game to turn the house around to the point that he’s made it to F3. I could do a similar comparison for Christmas in that she broke her foot and had to adjust her game to make it to the end. I know a lot of people hate floaters (not that Josh and Xmas were but just for comparison) but even that is a strategy and if it gets you to the end, then it’s a good one – so since all three of these people are at the end now, obviously their “strategy” worked, regardless of how complicated, simple, vile, friendly, etc. so I’m just not sure why it seems obvious that Paul’s gameplay is more respectable than theirs. And another question, do you think Paul decided early on to take Xmas and Josh to the end or did it just evolve that way? I really thought he had a true alliance with Alex for most of the season.

    • LindsayB

      That’s the great thing about all this, there isn’t anyone’s play you “should” or shouldn’t respect more. It’s completely your decision and you can use or not use any of the factors you stated. You can use or not use any factors anyone on here or any other site has stated. I have really enjoyed and respected all of your comments on here and know that regardless of who’s game you decide you like more I will still think you’re awesome.

      • Avatar

        Thanks @lindsayB I think you’re awesome too. I think I am on board with Paul winning because I respect his strategy more than the others. But I do respect that Josh made a lot out of a little. I would have a hard time with Xmas winning just because I think it’s ridiculous but again, it can’t have been easy to hang in there all season being in pain and limited in what she could do. I have a feeling we’ll see her again. It will definitely be interesting to see how she plays when she’s physically capable.

    • AIO_7

      ” And another question, do you think Paul decided early on to take Xmas and Josh to the end or did it just evolve that way? I really thought he had a true alliance with Alex for most of the season.”

      I’ll answer your second question (well, just my opinion). Alex was never (really) in the equation. Josh is a convenient tag along lug-nut who will be dropped if 12/25 or Gnome get the pick in F2. 12/25 is Paul’s true ride or die; they were hot to trot even before she broke her foot.


      • Avatar

        Interesting. Have you watched that montage on youtube of the two of them? They definitely seem like they both really like each other.

      • Mel

        I have to disagree with that one. I believe Paul 1000% wants to take Josh to the end.

      • Jay H

        I agree Mel. Perception is reality in that house. The mob felt very comfortable unabashedly targeting/bullying Cody, Jess, Mark, and Kevin. When it came to Raven, they felt the public had sympathy for her “diseases”, and most were very cautious for a long time to discuss in a negative way her ridiculous claims. From what I’ve seen, it’s a house consensus that Xmas will win if she’s sitting at the end.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t think even paul had decided who his ride or die was gonna be. He had almost everyone lined up to possibly be in that spot. He adjusted weekly according to how things were going. That may be part of his success up until this point… he didn’t sign off on anyone enough to have an obvious duo.

      • Avatar

        I agree @LindsayB. I saw it more as the season went on but he definitely had it so that the actual person he was aligned with was interchangeable and irrelevant.

      • Avatar

        So Paul hasn’t said on the feeds alone, who he was taking? I’ve heard him tell josh but I haven’t heard him tell Christmas. Last year he did tell us that he was taking Nicole. I didn’t know if I believed it but he did what he said. I think if he had taken James, I think Paul would have won. Just wondering if on feeds he has saiid who he was taking?

      • Mel

        Trudy, Paul’s said several times that he plans to take Josh. he was planning on taking Josh as far back as the pots and pans. Josh made the perfect weapon because he could talk Josh in to doing those things and hurt Josh’s endgame in the process.

      • Avatar

        Mell, has he told Christmas he was taking her?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I just feel that floaters are not interesting to watch. I always say that if BB chose to cast a house full of floaters, this show would have been cancelled years ago. Although I do commend Josh for turning his situation around and making it this far, and I commend Christmas for sticking out what must have been an incredibly tough summer with a broken leg, ultimately neither of them did much this summer (in terms of the game) other than what Paul told/allowed them to do. People have been complaining all summer about how boring this season has been, and I’d argue that’s because we had entirely too many HGs who were like Christmas and Josh (ex. Raven, Matt, Elena, etc.) who contributed very little to the game in terms of strategy, using social prowess to influence others and get ahead in the game, and overall competitiveness.

      Conversely, if we had more HGs like Paul in the house, it would have been an amazing season. I’m not talking about Paul’s personality, as I know a lot of people didn’t like Paul and some of the tactics he’s used this season. Rather, I’m referring to his ability to play the game and his hunger to win it. If we’d had more HGs with Paul’s drive to win, his ability to think strategically, and his social skills, he would never have been able to galvanize a mob of people to do his bidding and “bully” the targets every week (and I know a lot of people hated that). That’s why I like to see the HGs who play harder and embody the original BB spirit win the grand prize in the end. I don’t want to reward floaters with $500K, just so that we can continue getting more seasons full of them like BB19.

      • Avatar

        Thanks. I definitely agree that this season would have been more enjoyable with more competitors but there is room for the others because someone has to soften the edges. It would have been nice with more of a balance.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        True, I don’t mind floaters being in the house. We just have WAY too many of them now.

      • HappyHippo

        Yes I agree in the sense that we need people who want and NEED this money. Not followers or fame. I’ve never said hell yea finally the ending of big brother and the start of survivor. Now I am because at least they compete! This was a season of half asses and kiss asses and without power and AC I just want to punch every single person in that house! Ugh!

      • Alda

        I totally agree with you Gerardo.Paul worked his ass off all summer to get here.No one came close to his mental game.

      • Jay H

        Devils advocate, on paper, CBS picked out good competitors…

        Rodeo Clown- very physical, dangerous profession
        Competitive Dancer, owns her own studio, facing life threatening illnesses
        Professional Gamer
        Former Marine
        Power Lifter Orphan
        Female Body Builder Author that worked in NASCAR
        Interrogator for the Military
        Bottle Service Professional:)

        I not advocating any of them as great gamers, but if you look at that list before you saw these knitwits play, you’d think you’d have something good.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You make a good point Jay, and in fact I remember that a lot of us on the board thought the same thing at the beginning of the season (especially when it came to strong female competitors like Alex and Christmas). On the other hand though, just a simple interview with this group had to make it obvious to the casting directors that most of them were much more interested in fame and attention than playing and winning BB. Then the final nail in the coffin was their insistence upon adding a “vet” into the equation yet again this season. Fame-thirsty cast + semi-“famous” vet = bullsh*t season. Simple recipe.

      • Jay H

        Preaching to the choir Gerardo. After the past 2 or 3 seasons and BBOTT, CBS should make some changes to production, IMO.
        There’s no way CBS can be proud of this season. It will be monumentally forgettable in a few years.

      • LindsayB

        Doug will never forget.

    • hogwild

      I don’t really care for Paul or Josh I don’t find Pauls game all that impressive because he had an advantage that keep him from being nominated for eviction for three weeks and most of the rest of the cast is just dumb but I can’t blame Paul for that or the fact most of them really didn’t play all season. As for Josh all he really did was ride pauls coattails the entire season as I have said before I will give Josh credit for selling Paul out in some of those eviction messages of his pretty smart move on the whole I think who wins AFP will be far more interesting than who wins BB.

      • Avatar

        I think if there were other “competitors” in the game, we’d be having a different conversation across the board but out of these houseguests, even though I don’t like Paul, I think strategically he’s played the best game.

      • hogwild

        Probably true the only real competition Paul had was Cody and Jessica and neither of them played very well Cody went all alpha male at the start and honked most of the house off and Jessica second guessed herself and left Ramses on the block when she shouldn’t have. If Cody had been more social at the start of the game like he was at the end when he knew he was going out and Jessica had saved Ramses I think we would have had a much better season Paul might still be where he is tonight but at least it wouldn’t have been such a cakewalk for him.

    • Mel

      Hilary, Paul has know for quite awhile he wanted those two at the end. I say Paul played the best because I think the person who controlled and manipulated the most is the best. Others may think someone who floats but can get to the end was best because they didn’t have to make enemies. I don’t think there’s a right and wrong….explains why we argue on here all the time. Josh has played well except for the a tracks Paul put him up to doing. If here can explain that he was the muscle and actually sell that to the jury, then he will have played the best game. If Josh had a different personality, I think he would have a better chance of selling it. Most of the jury sees him as a shit stirring crybaby, which he is and that image may prevent them from seeing his strategy or believing that he even had one. I think it’s partly what you do in the game, partly how you manage the jury and what you can sell to the ones you didn’t manage well.

  37. Ann

    Omg, I do not want to see this shit, I just want to see the damn comp.

  38. HappyHippo

    Alright guys…I’m back. Irma knocked the shit out of us. Still no power, almost a week! So over it. Got wifi back today.
    The crying montage was the best!! Lolololol
    And Raven saying she pulled the strings?! WTF?! #RavenSTFU
    Kevin Leaving….fuck this season….classy exit interview though. Love him. Not excellent game play, just an awesome person. Especially next to these other assholes.
    Cannot stomach the ending but I’m a fan so how can I not watch

    • hogwild

      Shit no power for a week in Florida this time of year that’s as bad as no power in Texas this time of year hot and humid yuck.

      • HappyHippo

        Yes it sucks. I’m from Houston so I can definitely compare. We have a generator and portable AC but the last 2 days have gotten to 80 inside. Not as bad as some have it but cold showers and no clean clothes really suck. No oven and “fresh” food. Let’s just say I’m so over it. And so over this horrible, horrible cast. I was waiting for this summer and this show And what a disappointment.

      • hogwild

        They what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger of course the idiots who say that aren’t going through what you are hang in there were all pulling for just like everyone was pulling for Houston.

    • Tinkerbell

      @1happyhippo Oh my goodness, that is all so horrible. I’m so-so sorry. Thank you for checking in. We have been worried about you. That is so much to deal with. I hope things will get back to a new normal as soon as possible. I think we have heard from everyone but Feltso. I think his area was hit really bad like your’s. Take good care, so glad you are here.

  39. Avatar

    If the jury isn’t bitter, they should vote for who got them out.
    The last 4 were voted out by 1 vote:

    The first 4 jury members were voted out in blowouts where no one person put them out.
    Cody-Alex was HOH 7-0
    Elena-Jason was HOH 6-1
    Mark-Xmas was HOH 4-2
    Matt-Jason was HOH 6-0

    Unless they are bitter, Xmas has a slight edge over Josh for the finale.Or they could vote for Paul who according to the data above had nothing to do with their actual final nail in the coffin, walk out the door evictions.

    • LindsayB

      I see what you’re saying but it isn’t necessarily the HOH who gets the person out. Just ask Jessica. Once the noms and sometimes POV is over so is their power. It’s the people who vote, and in this case the person who tells the people how to vote that gets the person out. Hence, pawns going home. Sometimes the person influencing the votes is also the HOH but not always. This season, Paul successfull influenced every single vote. In fact, I can’t recall one week where a person went home that wasn’t his choice. I’m hungry so may be forgetting if there was an off week.

      This is one thing I’ve always been frustrated with while watching all seasons of BB. I’ve never understood why HGs are always so concerned about pissing off the HOH by not voting out their target. The HOH has no say in the votes, unless a tie obviously. I understand the ass kissing (although don’t like it) before noms but once POV is done, the ass kissing should be too.

      • Avatar

        I feel like if that wasn’t clear before this season it is blatantly clear now that often times the real power lies in the POV. Paul certainly made that loud and clear.

      • Avatar

        The funny thing is that Paul’s choices went home but if you ask Xmas, Josh and even Raven they were THEIR choices and Paul agreed with them will the jury understand who drove the votes? Raven may actually be hurting Paul by tying to convince the jury all of the evictions were a “group” choice when outside the house we know better.

    • Avatar

      If Paul makes it to the end and doesn’t win, then I think CBS should strip these people of their right to vote.

      This is a game and you are supposed to vote based on gameplay. He DOMINATED the game.

      The only argument I can see that could hurt Paul is Christmas. Christmas did Paul’s dirty work at the end of the game which means she was technically responsible for evicting Jason and Kevin and she played hard and fought through a broken leg. Josh has no shot.

      The other thing that nobody really talks about in jury is Paul’s goodbye messages. Perhaps I am overstating them since they are never brought up. However, when Paul says Christmas went rogue to vote out Kevin he is playing the game too hard. Just give respect and tell them the truth since they are going to find out anyways.

      • LindsayB

        I hear you with the jury messages but at the same time those messages are still part of the game. His mismanagement of jury last year bit him in the ass. He’s overcompensating now at times but he has no reason to think that they aren’t all still completely fooled. Their heads were so far up his ass the whole time I can see why he would still be playing that role with them. He will have to show all his cards during the jury q & a and his speech but goodbye messages aren’t necessarily the time to do that.

      • Avatar

        Oh I understand why he is doing it and to be fair he has no idea that Josh outed him a couple times, but I think a simple and respectful message to others would go further than just telling them that you weren’t expecting that because everyone knows you do. It is a bit of an overplay, but I don’t think it will hurt him all that much.

      • Avatar

        In my opinion Paul’s goodbye messages were the weakest part of his game. And not even in the message so much as the delivery. None of them sounded sincere. If he had sounded less “enthusiastic” it might have been brilliant. Might have still been overplaying his hand but the delivery definitely didn’t work.

  40. Avatar

    With all this talk about production throwing Paul a gift, I have to say that there was only one time when my family and I really thought production was in on something. Now I don’t have all the inside info that some of you had, but my girls and I swore that when Jess got that Hex it had to be planted. How could America like such a bitch?

  41. Jay H

    I think Paul’s game would be much more appreciated if he actually just owned that he’s working people. Every goodbye message is BS, throwing someone else under the bus. These people are going to realize he’s blowing smoke up their ass at jury.

    Not sure if it’s a game killer or not, but if I was told ” you’re too good of a competitor and I want to win, and I can’t win against you”, I’d be much more likely to vote for that person.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      The only thing with the goodbye messages is that (at least in most seasons) you never know if someone is coming back into the house. So I’ve always struggled with what the right way to handle the messages are when you ended up having to stab someone in the back. However, this season Julie has already told the HGs that there wouldn’t be another battle back, so Paul is obviously not concerned that any of them might come back into the house and use his goodbye message against him in the game. Maybe he was reading this group as one that’s more likely to vote based off emotion rather than strategy?

      • Jay H

        The problem with them voting based off emotion has the possibility of biting him in the ass. Does he think his game is so foolproof that nobody will betray “their alliance” once they are no longer playing? They’re going to talk freely with no concern of his wrath.
        Thank goodness for Paul that Raven is still running stuff for their alliance in jury!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yes, thank goodness he has Raven the Strumpet Master…err I mean Puppet Master to pull strings in the jury house!!!

  42. Tinkerbell

    Hoping for Paul and Josh final 2. Go away Christmas with only your stipend. The kick to your gut will be good enough for me. You need to be taken down at least a thousand notches. First – Josh, Paul second place, again. I never thought it could come to this.

  43. hogwild

    Christmas is almost as annoying as raven.

  44. LindsayB

    I don’t mind tonight’s show so far. I like that they showed Kevin’s temper when Matt blabbed. I also like that they showed Raven and Alex being ridiculous to him. I hate when girls fight with guys and pull the whole “don’t get close to me, don’t point your finger at me” shit then two seconds later start screaming in his face with their fingers pointing all over the place.

    The paul Xmas part was funny. I’m shocked that they showed her late night confession of love.

    Although it hurt my ears to hear Raven again I’m glad they showed how ridiculous she was with the cinnamon milk shit. Seriously, she threw cinnamon in his face. In his eyes. That bitch is violent. And messy. She and Matt are both pathetic.

    That’s all I’ve watched so far.

  45. Avatar

    I think Cody giving the veto win to Alex was his worst move. He went against his alliances wishes causes fractures, he kept a good competitor who worked for Paul in the house all summer plus Alex kept the screws to Jason any time he tried to play his own game instead of Paul’s. And Jessica could never work with Alex which caused additional drama. Alex goes out in Cody’s HOH and things could have went differently.

  46. JadedMage

    Matt better be careful, when he dumps raven after the show she may show up and slash his tires and key some thing nasty into his vehicle! yup she is that kinda cray cray

    I LOVE cody in the jury house….omg if he would have been like that in the house he would have won!

    Paul played one of the best games I have seen yet. love him or hate him you can not deny him his due!

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