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How I feel about the lack of drama this season

Will Tiffany Catch On Before Thursday; Feed Updates

How I feel about the lack of drama this season
How I feel about the lack of drama this season

Good afternoon, everyone! We’re still two days away from another eviction, and the only thing that is going on in the house is the preparation for Frank’s exit next week. Unlike her sister, Tiffany has been surprisingly in the dark about her eviction. To be fair, Vanessa was typically a late worker as she scrambled a lot on Tuesday/Wednesday, but I think she’s really believing her safety right now. That said, I was stuck watching one camera all day yesterday, so it’s very possible Tiff was on anther cam freaking out while I got to listen to stories from Corey about cow tipping or whatever he does in his spare time.


One thing I did notice was the majority of people spent the day bashing Frank whenever he wasn’t around. This made me notice the trend that this house seems to get bored with peace and ends up turning on one person, but behind their back. It feels like I’m watching Mean Girls and by the end of the season we’re going to learn Natalie or Bronte secretly had a ‘burn book’ somewhere. While Victor was annoying, nobody had a huge problem with him while Jozea was in the house. As weird as Victor was, it was kind of sad to see them trash him the second he left the room, and then act like his best friend whenever he was around. I mean they had no problem getting workout training lessons from him right up until he was evicted.

Now, it’s Frank’s turn. As annoying as he may be to the house, it seemed nobody had a problem with it until midweek last week. As I said a few times, nothing excuses him for slapping butts, that’s something he has to live with, but yesterday they were trashing him on everything. Nicole freaked out because he took her seat during the PoV meeting. Michelle was bashing his appearance and then had a mini-orgasm when a bird crapped on his hand. She immediately ran around the house whispering to people how Frank wished a bird would crap on Tiffany’s head. While the irony is fantastic, Michelle’s reaction was like she was in middle school.  On the bright side, with Tiffany out of the house next week, there is nobody Frank suspects would put him on the block, so he is going to realize he’s a target immediately when it happens. I don’t think he’ll take it as well as the first three did.

Before I begin blogging, I have a small announcement. Around mid-August, we’ll be losing Amy as the overnighter, so I am going to be looking for someone to carry the load. Thankfully she’ll be with us until then, but I don’t want to go scrambling last minute. So, if you have experience with wordpress, you watch the feeds a ton, and would like to contribute, please send me a message via the contact form. Depending on donations this season, you can possibly earn a little bit (read about that part here)


Feed Updates:

  • 2:30pm – A bunch of people are by the pool, including Gidget who appears to be making a homemade game of Mahjong. That may be one of the weirder creations I’ve seen on the feeds, but should be interesting to watch
    • I watch watching the feeds about 2 hours ago for awhile, and Frank had a super long talk with Bronte. That was my segue to mention Bronte and her budding showmance with Beard. I don’t know how much of a showmance it is, but I watched her softly rubbing his back yesterday in bed, and I guess they were together more overnight.
    • Right after typing that, Natalie talks about how the house is full of showmances. She included herself and James in the mix
  • 2:50pm –  Well, I guess Tiffany is going to be campaigning after all. She’s working Paulie right now. The problem is they’re all lying to her and telling her she’s safe.
    • Van2.0 is playing the ‘I’ll do whatever you want, just keep me’ routine. She promises to go after Frank if she stays (everyone is going after Frank). Paulie said she is safe and has the votes
    • They get into a Frank bashing session for another 10 minutes or so before the conversation ends
  • 3:15pm – Update – She’s making a mancala board, not mahjong
  • 3:30pm – Da’Vonne wakes up Michelle and tells her how she told Van2.0 to be someone they want to keep. She took it as helpful around the house, so Tiffany has been cleaning up all day. She cleaned the kitchen when she woke up, and is now doing the bathroom.  Da’Vonne is like “she’s cleaning up for people who are going to send her home!”
    • She also told Tiffany to go up to Nicole right before eviction and say she has a feeling she’s going home, and ask for a sympathy vote. If so, that would be 5 votes.
    • Day wonders why Nicole has gone unnoticed with her showmance. She said she’s eventually going to have to target her girls (Nicole and Z) because she doesn’t want to sit in the jury house watching showmances win it
  • 5:00pm – Frank is hanging out in the bathroom with Corey and Zaki. Not much happening there, just small talk
    • Meanwhile, in the other room, Da’Vonne and Michelle are telling Nicole of the plan to vote out Bronte instead of Tiffany. Nicole said she’s fine with it and can get Corey
    • Tiffany’s season may be saved in this meeting…
    • Frank entered the room and the talk changed. It eventually came around to James and Natalie, and they’re trying to figure out if she really likes or playing him.
    • Nicole mentioned how she hasn’t talked to him in 3 days and one day he even said something like he had to run it by Natalie to see what she was up to
    • Now they’re all gossiping about Natalie and Bronte and their crushes. Natalie liked Corey right away but he shut her down. Bronte has a crush on Paulie. Natalie is boy crazy… all weird talk
    • Frank tells the story how Paulie and Z slept in the same bed cuddling last night, but he woke up early and snuck into his bed
    • Nicole said that Natalie isn’t drinking this season because she gets super flirty and makes out with everyone. They joke that James will want to be sent to jury with her because she said she’ll drink in jury
  • 6:00pm – A lot of whispers going on. They are trying to figure out how they’re going to split the vote. They’re going to try to have James convince Natalie to vote for Paul. This frees up a vote against Tiffany. Zaki is down for voting out Bronte or whoever, and she can probably convince Paulie. Tiffany is looking safer and safer, and I’m sure that will bite them in the ass later in the season.
    • Michelle has been in the room chatting with Frank for awhile. Maybe she’s the one with the ‘Burn Book’ as she seems to flip depending on who she’s talking to
  • 6:25pm – Nicole is talking to James finally.
    • James didn’t guarantee he was voting a certain way, but he would be open to keeping Tiffany
    • Nicole is worried because the votes will obviously show that the house is against Frank, and he’s going to go for the HoH hard.
    • A bunch of people go inside, so Nicole and James talk to Paulie, Corey and Z about the vote.  Paulie makes the argument that Tiffany is the bigger longterm threat, but  he’s ok with majority
  • 8:30pm – Paulie, Nicole and Corey are talking about the Tiffany situation. Nicole is torn on what to do, while Paulie pretty much wants Tiffany out because she is the bigger long term threat
    • paulie3
  • 10:45pm – Took a little break to watch TV.  Corey is chatting privately with Frank
    • Corey is talking about how Natalie keeps flirting with him, and how it makes him feel uncomfortable, especially since she has a ‘showmance’ with James
    • Part of the reason he worries is because James had a thing for Meg who had a thing for Clay. James was the one who put Clay vs Shelly on the block, so he’s worried James will take Natalie’s crush out on him
    • The pair talk more about showmances, how Bronte is messing with Paul’s head, how Corey feels bad about Natalie, etc, etc. Gidget comes in and the convo breaks up
    • Conversation broke up
  • 11:20pm – Z is outside talking with V2 (I like that nickname), Nicole, and Michelle. They’re talking about random crap, like Adele.
    • Paulie and Paul are private talking about how they’re all going to get Frank out
    • Outside, a moth is chillin on Frank’s ankle.  With that, it’s time for bed
    • moth-franksankle

Overnight in the morning


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  1. Avatar

    Did Bridgidiot have a talk with Bronchitis over hot cheetos & tell her why she didn’t use the veto on her?

  2. Jenny M

    I am so disappointed in Nicole for her stupid crush on Corey. I have no idea what she sees in him. I don’t think he’s attractive at all! Vacant stare and stupid fauxhawk hair… there is nothing appealing about the guy.
    I liked Z at first but now.. she’s just a wanna-be Day. I love Day. She’s hilarious and smart. I understand they bonded because BB has never had 2 black women on the same cast, and Z is probably pretty smart too… but yeah, Z is just Day’s lapdog (as someone else pointed out).
    I felt bad for Bridgidiot’s boyfriend after watching the BBAD where she was drunk and cuddled up to Frank in the HOH bed. Frank kept it platonic but I think if he had made a move she might have gone with it and then hated herself when she sobered up.
    Bridgidiot and Natalie… drunk and screaming after their night out… god I had to mute my TV and fast forward to where the cameras changed because I couldn’t stand to listen to them. Actually I think Natalie might have been sober… either way I wanted to slap them both.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Z is slick (the way she’s trying to convince everyone that she’s just playing Paulie when she really likes him “that way”, but she is not smart. There IS a difference 🙂

      Corey reminds me of a dumb jock without the talent/skills.

      Gidget wasn’t any drunker than I am right now (and I don’t drink). I would bet my life that was an act to a chance to snuggle up with Frank. Snakey kept it platonic because he probably has no desire for that airhead whatsoever. But since she’s the HOH (in name only), he will ride that train until it pulls into the station next week. And had he made a move, she might feign hating herself when she “sobered up”, but since I think she wouldn’t mind a showmance either at this point, I doubt it.

      The Bobbleheads give a new meaning to the term “hen party”.

    • Avatar

      Is Corey gay? Seems like there were a few hints in the first episodes that he might be.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I noticed that the first night too Brett. He made some remark about a showmance with one of the guys. And Nic seems WAY more into him than he is to her.

        Speaking of Nic…Nicole, Nicole, Nicole….Selling your “friend” Da out like that. You 2 could have gone far.

        On that note, does anyone have the phone number to Orkin? It seems the house is overrun with rats.

      • Avatar

        HEHEHEHEHE…you make me laugh….

      • Jannie

        Yeah, I’m reading Jokers (I’m going to cancel my feeds b/c it’s less painful to read about them than to actually have to watch them) and every post begins like this…
        Nicole tells Gorey…
        Paulie tells Michelle…
        James tells Paul…
        No one can keep their friggin mouths shut!!
        Nicole is afraid not to send Van2.0 home because she “doesn’t want to make Frank mad.”
        WHHHAATT? I thought she wants Frank gone! And now she wants Day out? Day and Van2.0 had no beef with Nicole…what is she thinking?
        Geez people, get a backbone…and a solid plan.

      • Avatar

        I thought so too & am still not sure he’s not. No offense intended.

  3. NKogNeeTow

    If Big Meech, Da, Nic and Z can convince Paulie, James and Gorey to turn, V2 might just have a fighting chance. They only need to get 1 of the boys to have the votes to keep her. If Nic and Z can convince Paulie and Corey that to keep V2 would be keeping out of Frank’s sights for another week, they might pull it off. I’m doubtful of James because he thinks he will at sometime, have a chance to get in Nat’s pants…So he wouldn’t want to destroy her by sending her REAL crush home (Bronchitis).

    But let me just put this out there….Da and V2 are talking big sh!t this week about going after Frank with a venegence (sp), my sweet Dan is rubbing off on me…lol) next week. But if they cop out and neither of them goes after him, then I WANT THEM GONE! Stop selling wolf tickets and go hunting! Time to stop writing checks your ass can’t or WON’T cash! I’m really pulling for those girls, so if they let me down, I’m going to do like the rest of the house and switching my targets…lol

  4. Shivani33

    The decision to vote Bronte out is going to need 5 votes. Day, Z. and Nicole think James will go for it to get himself more Natalie time! Michelle looks to be on board. That could do it. Nicole doesn’t know if Corey would vote Bronte out, as he dislikes Tiffany. One minute Nicole thinks that she can convince him, and the next minute she’s not sure. ( What about Paulie?) Natalie won’t vote against Bronte, nor will Frank. The intention to save Tiffany is strengthening tonight, both to have her anti-Frank vote later and to give him a “double blindside,” as Nicole put it. She likes the idea of showing him through this upcoming vote that the house has turned its support away from his controlling position. I’d hoped this would happen but am still not sure whether it’ll really work. Somebody could agree to vote for Bronte and still not really do it. And people hesitate to confide this plan in Paulie because he has a house history already for not being good at keeping a secret.

  5. Alda

    This is the biggest group of “Misfits”they’ve ever had on BB.I wonder if the real cast got kidnapped right before the season premiere,and they stopped at an insane asylum and picked up these nut jobs! Just a thought.

  6. Elaine

    It is best for the house to get Frank out. Though I had high hopes for him, he just won’t shut up. The house has been smart enough to try to get him out sooner rather than later. The seasons that have talked themselves out of getting a strong player evicted early paid the price. I am just shocked that Frank hasn’t heard something about it. With all of these nimrods, most of them can’t keep a secret. Course the next two will be in the battle back, so who knows how it will all turn out.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve been reading Jokers and it sounds like ole Paulie is gearing up to become the next alpha male in the house. They need to nip that in the bud NOW.

    • Elaine

      I thought about the house if Frank is gone. Either it will be the Island of Misfit Toys or they will all have pissing contests to see who will be Top Dog.

  8. Shivani33

    Many are pissed at Bridgette, Frank’s pet rat, and want to vote her out badly. Paul said he’ll take over as the baker-in -chief. The concensus seems to be that if Frank can’t be gotten out next, Bridgette will be toast. The funny thing is that by the time this group really gets Frank out (if ever), it might be after the Battle Back bunch is full and could stick him in the jury house to simmer. Bridgette might cut off her nose to save her face and not see Frankie-boy again til the finale. Bwahahaha.

  9. Avatar

    I really hope Tiff goes. I honestly cannot watch another season of Vanessa, who was a better player than 2.0 and way, but just as frigging annoying with all the paranoia, crying, and let’s not forget- bullying conversation

  10. Shivani33

    It looks like Nicole changed her so-called mind again and decided to keep with Frank’s plan and vote out Tiffany. She decided that she shouldn’t trust Da’Vonne and might even rat her out to Frank. Paulie insisted too that Tiffany has to go, and Zakiyah wants to support him. Da’Vonne is now a bigger target to Nicole than Frank. Did these waffles get lobotimized just before the Season began?

    • Jannie

      Nicole seems to be the biggest waffler right now. She is talking crap about everyone…except her animal abusing boy toy, Gorey.
      Hmmmm… Maybe SHE needs to go.

    • Colby

      Nichole has been waffling today. She initially agreed to the ‘keep V2.0’ plan. But I think after she thought about it she realized that this is Day’s plan because it is best for Day only, not everyone.
      Everyone in the house was on board to send V2.0 home until Day decided she wanted to keep her, and that Day is having everyone else do her dirty work, just like Frank is. Nichole knows Frank has her back, and doesn’t think Day does because Day has not been talking game with her lately. And truth is that Day will stab anyone in the back to benefit herself. It’s the game. So nobody should fault Nichole for doing what she thinks is best for her game as well.

      • Jannie

        Nicole also said tonight that finding an relationship was more important to her than $500,000.
        Again, she needs to go. So she’s not there to win…Just find a boyfriend.
        Just like she played it last time around with Hayden.
        She may be cute and sweet, and I did like her, but I now get it that she’s more interested in showmance than winning the game.

      • Colby

        Just a FYI. The thumbs down was not from me. 🙂

      • Colby

        I didn’t know that. I haven’t heard her say that. I know earlier in the game she was saying just the opposite. But it is impossible to keep up with everything they say.

      • Jannie

        Ha, Colby! No problems, your’s was not from me either. I never give a thumbs down, lots of thumbs up, but if I don’t agree with a comment, I either give my opinion or just move along…
        Maybe our negative ghoul is back this year ?
        Nicole and Zaki were commiserating about Paulie giving Zaki the cold shoulder…that’s when Nicole said it. How foolish. I want people who want to play and win, not find a boyfriend/girlfriend.
        Sorry, Nicole, you lost me.

      • NKogNeeTow

        She lost me too Jannie. I’m over her now. This is Big Brother not The Bachelorette.

      • Elaine

        Maybe after BB Nicole should apply to the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. Get this women a man! lol

  11. NKogNeeTow

    Somebody stop James rubbing that girl’s hair while she’s asleep. It’s just getting creepy now. He’s already got the ball cap. Now all he needs is a big lollipop, devious smirk and a van with the windows blacked out….. .

    • Jannie

      So disappointed in James this year. He has managed to keep himself off of the radar, but I just don’t like his personality as much this summer.
      So Skank tells Bridgidiot that if she wins RK she has to tell him so he can pick the nomination. She resists at first and then agrees(with that horrible baby giggle).
      And Skank and Nicole think a good final four would be the two of them with Bridgidiot and Gorey. Awwww….ain’t that sweet.
      I bet Skank’s gf and Bridgidiot’s bf would just love that, too.

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, now I’m feeling sorry for V2. The entire house is treating her like a lepper(sp). She tried to talk to Gorey and Snakey on the hammock the other night…very small talk and awkward silence. She tried to talk to Gorey in the bedroom earlier tonight…very small talk and awkward silence. She tried to talk to Nic, Big Meech and Z on the hammock….small talk and awkward silence. Nat, Meech and Z want to stay away from her because they “feel guilty”. They should. She can’t get a chance to talk to James because he can’t keep his nose out of Nat’s butt crack long enough to listen. I was hoping they would keep her, but unless something drastic happens, the writings on the wall for her 🙁

    What’s up with Gorey?!? He decided to finally JOIN the game? He’s a plannin and a plottin with Paul Bunyon and/or Paulie. Now he’s bending Snakey’s ear. He wants to be HOH. You’ve been sleepwalking through this game for 4 weeks now. Go back to sleep.

    Da is telling James that if she get put on the block, she’s not worried because she has the numbers and Frank will be so pissed. WTH is wrong with these people (we all asked for the 1000th time)? Why do they just ASSUME that they are safe? The only on in the house who has sense enough to be scared is V2, and rightly so.

    • Jannie

      I never had a problem with Van2.0. She never got a chance from the get go. It had to be hard to go in there as Van’s sister, and yet she doesn’t have the devious poker playing cut throat personality of Crazy Eyes. I feel bad that she is being treated like a paraiah. She has done nothing so horrible to be treated that way. I hope she is the one who gets back in the game.
      And that Zaki is a real puke. I guess Paulie told her that they need to cool it, and she feels like she’s “been broken up with.” She then starts ranting about the “ho’s…i.e. Spygirls, because she thinks that Paulie will start flirting with them.
      A lot of talk about who likes who and who should, or shouldn’t be getting close to, or flirting with others.
      This is Gawd awful.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    She and Paulie are pretending to take a break because Meech told him that The Bobbleheads were talking about them being a couple and Bronchitis has had the hots for him since day 1 (that’s why she was giving Z the stink eye a few times).

    Did you hear Nic and Z talking about having Gorey’s and Paulie’s babies? How they thought they would make beautiful babies together. Let Paulie hear THAT one and he’ll try to climb over that backyard wall. I use to think that Nic was at least half way smart but I see that she and Z are just Chickenheads too, plain and simple. The 2 of them just met these boys weeks ago and are already planning babies with them (Nic said she and Gorey both want 3). What’s next? They’ll start writing their names with puffy hearts and doodles? Or maybe write their names 100 times as Mrs…..Sheesh!

    IF V2 leaves (and it’s almost in the bag, at least as of now), then I hope she comes back if only to get under Frank’s skin (if HE”S still there). No matter who comes back in, expect them to burst through the door and yell “I’M BACK BITCHESSSSS!”.

    Steve Beans: I loved it when you nicknamed Tiff Van2.0. V2 came from me being lazy and Gidget was a throwback from that old Sally Field series, because The Bridge was so damn peppy and syrupy “sweet” (didn’t buy it for a moment).

  14. Renee

    Things could get very interesting if they stick with their plans for this week and next. They want V2 out this week and Frank out next week. They are unaware of the Battle Back. Can you imagine if these 2 did get evicted and either one of them came back in. The drama would hopefully be on at that point. So far, the season has been a snooze fest. I have watched every season since it BB1. This is the first year that I could care less about the feeds. Any time I turn them on, I watch for approximately 5 minutes and realize I’m not missing anything. This site remains my favorite place for updates and communication with other BB fans.

  15. Avatar

    wouldn’t it be better for the 8 Pack (-Frank) to keep V2 over Bronte? Bronte is a strong physical competitor and it out to target Nicole and Corey. V2 does not appear to be a good competitor and is out to get Frank. She also appears to be weak-willed, meaning her alliance members could control her noms if she won HOH. Bronte is an independent thinker. No one is going to manage her the way they could V2.

  16. danmtruth

    People people did we not learn from Nicholes last season how spineless she was. To call her a major waffler is an insult t Belgium . She is the Queen of walffaling. Can someone throw a blowupdoll in the house for her. It would be more interesting than the Human Manikin she is drooling after now

    I believe Corey said how he could see him and Paulie in a bromance this season You put your own sexual spin on it . The bromance was his words

  17. JD

    Nic on Bach Franchise would cause this girl a straight jacket fitting. So much male attention and not knowing who to trust. She falls for everyone’s line. By the end she still wouldn’t get a proposal. Just another guy looking for fame from reality tv. Ah Nic what happened to you in life?

  18. Avatar

    This is the sorriest group of returning veterans. All are showing why they did not win their previous season. Apparently none of them learned anything from their first venture at BB.

    Would someone please inform James that the game has started. Like his first season, his game is totally devoid of any strategy other then pulling junior high school pranks. Likeable, but no game. Donny-light! Devonne is on the verge of once again self-destructing as she did the first time she played. Nicole thinks she is a good player but instead is clueless. She serves up more waffles than Perkins. Frank is the only one who is really playing but he is being such a jerk in the process.

    What a bunch of BB losers!

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